Bare Guys & Nasty Gals

Some of the most exciting and arousing times of my life occurred during my days as a male stripper. Dancing naked in front of screaming, ogling women is a pleasure any guy could enjoy, if he has the guts -- and the balls -- to do it. It was especially heaven for an exhibitionist like me, who enjoyed waving my wand in front of wide-eyed girls' faces.

My favorite night was when my ex-girlfriend Kathy stopped in to see me perform. She had heard from friends that I was bouncing around in the buff at a local club and she wanted to see for herself. At 40, she was a few years older than me, but still a dynamite brunette with beautiful, sexy legs.

When I saw her in the audience I got an instant erection on stage, and when I walked up to her afterwards, she pretended to be shocked by my performance. I had to remind her that it was actually her idea, when we were dating and I was looking for work, that I should get a job as a male stripper.

"Yeah, but I never thought you'd take me up on it," she insisted. I was standing by her table, still naked except for a small towel I held in front of my crotch, when she introduced me to her daughter Colleen, who just turned 18 and was out on the town to get an eyeful of manly cocks. I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed because I'd remembered her daughter when she was just a kid. But that uneasiness eventually turned to excitement, especially when Colleen introduced me to her friend Tracy, who was also having a ball looking at the abundance of male meat in the club.

It gave me another erection. It was a good thing I was holding the towel in front of me, but even the women could tell I was having a "hard" time.

The girls had a few drinks and were getting a little bit loose with their talk. Kathy even leaned over to me to whisper, "Keep your weenie out of my daughter's face," then broke out in laughter. She knew me too well. Many a time during our courtship I got a big thrill out of exposing myself to Kathy. She was aware of my love for exhibitionism and would often pleasure me with one of her fantastic hand jobs.

I wasn't expecting that to happen tonight, but I invited myself to join the girls at their table. I placed the towel on the chair next to Kathy and sat down to watch the other strippers as the women looked on and cheered enthusiastically.

One of the dancers that the women in the place couldn't keep their eyes off was Hal, probably because he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It could have been a foot long, and I could only imagine what it looked like hard.

Colleen's friend Tracy seemed particularly entranced with Mr. Big, making several comments as he danced.

"I'd like to see that thing when it's angry," she said, giggling. And she made it clear that she wanted to get to know him better. I told her I'd introduce her to him when he finished his performance.

When he got off the stage I motioned for him to come on over. The girls seemed somewhat embarrassed, but I could also tell they were excited.

"How are you girls doing tonight," Hal said, completely ignoring the huge cock that seemed to be winking at them.

"We're doing great," Tracy volunteered, giving Hal the eye.

I told Hal that Tracy wanted to get to know him. She protested, laughing, but didn't really deny it. Kathy gave me an elbow, indicating that I was being naughty.

Hal suggested they go out to the parking lot where it wasn't as noisy as the club. To my surprise, Tracy immediately said yes. She got up to walk out with him, and Kathy, Colleen and I followed them. Normally, the guys aren't supposed to walk outside in the nude, but Hal led the way to a side door near the dressing room and walked out to a secluded part of the parking lot. I think he was expecting a good BJ or fucking. The rest of us tagged along.

I couldn't believe I was walking around naked outside with three hot-looking babes. We talked out there for a while, but Colleen decided to go back inside. She might have felt uncomfortable being there with her mother. But Tracy stayed to be with Hal, and I persuaded Kathy to stick around for a while.

Pretty soon I had a hard-on again, and one thing was leading to another. I had an arm around Kathy and she was rubbing her hand over my belly and down to my crotch. Tracy, to our surprise, was suddenly on her knees opening her big mouth around Hal's enormous cock, which was now hard and bigger than ever. The sight of Tracy trying to swallow the entire length of his monster dick along with slurping sounds of her hungry mouth was making me hot and horny. I closed Kathy's hand around my stiff member and started moving it up and down.

In no time at all, Hal was laying Tracy down on a patch of grass near the lot and was pulling off her panties, ready to plunge his dick into her. Kathy and I watched in amazement as Hal entered her tight pussy and slowly pushed his cock inside her. Tracy had her dress up and her lean legs wrapped around him, begging him to enter her further. She seemed in pain at times, but soon her moans turned to obvious joy as Hal rammed his cock into her deeper and deeper.

Kathy was jerking me off as we watched, and her strokes got faster and faster as she got hotter watching them.

"Oh God, give it to me," Tracy was yelling. "Harder, harder! Fuck me good. Don't stop. I love that cock of yours! Fill me up good." We couldn't believe she could take him all in, but soon she had the whole thing buried in her tender twat.

Hal slammed into her harder and harder with each stroke. I could hear Tracy scream in orgasm at one time, then Hal followed, filling Tracy's young hot pussy with spurt after spurt of cum. You could see some of it dripping out of her cunt as Hal pulled out.

Kathy was still rubbing my cock. "Don't stop, Kathy," I pleaded. "I love you. I love your soft hands on my cock!"

As I could feel my self getting closer to orgasm, I grabbed my cock myself and inched my way over to where Tracy was lying down after her good fucking. I jerked off over her, then shot a hot load all over her pretty, young face, cum dripping down her nose, cheeks and chin.

Kathy gasped. Despite her experience, she was a tad old-fashioned. She would never give me a blow job (though she made up for it with her skilled hand jobs) and I'm sure the sight of me cumming on Tracy's face must have shocked her. Still, Tracy wasn't complaining and obviously enjoyed it as she rubbed my cream into her face, before getting up, taking some tissue from her purse and cleaning up.

"I'm glad Colleen didn't see that," Kathy whispered again to me. But I guessed Colleen was more experienced than her mom thought. I made a mental note to check her out some time.

Hal walked back into the club with Tracy following him. I talked Kathy into staying outside a little longer so we could discuss what happened. She even seemed stunned by what she did herself.

"Can you believe I jerked you off while we watched two people do it!"

"Yeah!" I replied. "I'll never forget it." She chuckled nervously.

I was so horny in a few minutes my cock sprang up again to full attention. I tried to move Kathy's hand on it, but she said enough was enough, and she wanted to go back inside. I asked her if she would stay outside a little longer while I jacked off. She pretended to be reluctant, but finally said OK.

I rubbed my cock furiously while Kathy voluntarily tickled and rubbed my balls. It wasn't long before I felt my balls tingling and my cock starting to expand. My whole body turned warm and orgasmic. I shot another healthy hot load all over the ground, just as a car was entering the parking lot and coming closer to us. I quickly ran behind a nearby car while Kathy acted as lookout. The car parked and two girls walked out. I was tempted to call them over, but figured they'd get their share of cock inside.

When the coast was clear I hurried back into the club, Kathy following me closely and making jokes about my "bouncing, bareass fanny."

It was the last time we got really close. I guess she was kind of embarrassed by what happened, and didn't want to be reminded of that slutty night. So we didn't ever date again.

But her daughter popped into the club a couple of times after that. We had some interesting evenings. Her blow jobs were as good as her mom's hand jobs.