The Cum Flasher


I am pretty sure that this story belongs here since it doesn't involve nudity, so I think this is the most appropriate place for it to be shared. Last week I went to visit the guy I am dating, Adam. We were hanging out alone at his parent's house (they were out) and we decided to order pizza. While waiting for the pizza we started to fool around a little bit in his living room, and I ended up giving him a blowjob. I was really getting into it (Adam's always into it!) when the doorbell rang. I immediately stopped and pulled my face away. At that same moment Adam ejaculated unexpectedly. After the first "shot" hit me on the side of my cheek, I turned my head so as not to get hit with any more. The rest of his cum landed in my hair and a couple shots got on my t-shirt. We both started laughing and realized that one of us had to get the door. Since Adam had no pants or boxers on and I was fully dressed he told me go and pay for the pizza.

"I can't go to the door like this!" I said laughing. "Sure you can, I certainly can't go like this," he said as he pointed down at his still hard dick and naked legs. I knew he had a point and started to quickly wipe my face against my sleeve to clean off. The doorbell rang again and without thinking, I grabbed the money off of the coffee table and ran to the door. When I opened it I immediately realized I hadn't cleaned off fully and I still had a stream of cum on my face and lots in my hair.

The pizza guy was about 20 years old and gave me a weird but excited look when he saw me open the door. Feeling a drop of cum slide down my cheek, I quickly wiped my face against my shoulder again. "Uh, sorry" I said, "I was sort of in the middle of something."

"It looks like you finished to me," he replied with a devilish smile. I took the pizza, paid him and gave him a five dollar tip and closed the door as quickly as I could. I ran back over to Adam and saw him laughing hysterically. "That was not funny!" I yelled, but I started laughing too. "I kinda liked that," he said. "We should do that again sometime!" We laughed about it some more and I went to fully clean up.

A few days later we were driving home from a restaurant when Adam said he needed to get some gasoline. He asked me if I minded going a few minutes out of the way. I said no, and he turned off the main road to take a shortcut across town to the gas station. On the way Adam said, "Hey, I dare you to do what you did the other day and go into the gas station to pay for the gas."

"What?!" I said taken aback. "You mean you dare me to pay for the gas with cum on my face?"

"Yeah" he said, "what's the matter, don't have the nerve?" From what I he saw me do in his fraternity shower and what he heard I had to do on spring break, he knew I had the nerve. "What's in it for me?" I asked with a grin. "If you do it, I'll eat you out for half an hour," he said. I thought about it for a second and without answering him, I leaned over and undid the button and zipper of his pants.

Adam rolled down the windows as I reached in and grabbed his dick, pulling it through the fly in his boxers and freeing it from his pants. I put my head down and started licking up and down him, and after a few seconds, I had him fully in my mouth. I didn't know how far away the gas station was so I began to suck on him as hard as I could, moving my head up and down really fast. After about a minute I felt the car make a sharp turn and go up a ramp which felt like some sort of driveway. I figured that we were at the gas station so I took my hand and reached into his shorts and grabbed his balls to try to get him to finish more quickly. I heard a mans voice which sounded like it was coming from a few feet away and I immediately froze, mid thrust. "Its ok," Adam said, "Keep going, its not a cop, its just some guy." I resumed bouncing my head up and down on him until he whispered, "I am going to cum." He then pulled my head up and ejaculated all over my face. Just my luck, he squirted a little more than he usually does. His cum caught my eyebrow over my right eye, my right cheek and hair the most. It ran down the corner of my eye and began to streak down from my temple. The cum on my cheek also streaked down and stopped just at my chin.

I opened my eyes and pulled my head up and looked at Adam. He had a huge grin on his face from ear to ear. "Thanks, that felt sooooo goooooood" he said. I looked around, and to my horror, standing about 5 feet from Adam's window was the guy who's voice I heard. He looked like he was about 30 years old, and he was standing with a woman, about the same age. He started clapping when he saw me notice him and said, "Not too bad there!" He and the woman were both laughing and then they walked away to their car. I looked at Adam and said "Very funny jerk! Did you know they were there?"

"No he said, I thought they walked away, honest, I didn't know they were still watching. I'm sorry." When my embarrassment subsided I looked up into the mirror on the visor to get a look at my face. It looked horrible. I had streaks of cum from my eye down my face and from my cheek down to my chin. I also had a lot of cum in the hair on the top of my head which was clearly visible. "Well?" Adam said, "Still wanna go through with it?"

I looked into the gas station minimart, and saw that there was only one guy in there, about 25 years old. Since I had already been seen by the couple, I figured one more guy couldn't' be so bad. If I went in and out quickly, it would be over. "Yeah, I'll do it, but you promise, a half hour at least ok?" He nodded, "But you can't wipe it off at all, ok?" I said ok. Adam then got out of the car and opened up the gas tank. I looked around to see that there were no cars turning into the gas station and broke for it. I went into the minimart and ran up to the attendant who was sitting behind the counter. I thrust $20 across the counter and said, "Fill it, please." The guy looked up. He was handsome and rugged, definitely hot. He looked up at my face and seemed to go into shock. He looked out and saw Adam waiting outside. "Um, excuse me he said, but would you like a tissue or something?" I looked him in the eye, turned bright red, and said, "No thanks, I am not allowed to, it's sort of a dare, long story." He smiled and moved his head from side to side, trying to get a full and complete look at the sides of my face and hair. "I see, it looks like you are pretty good at something" I smiled back and said "Very funny!"

We giggled together and I looked outside to see if Adam was finished so that I could get the change and leave. Just then a car pulled into the station. Three guys jumped out and started heading for the minimart. They walked in and I immediately turned my back to them so they wouldn't see my face. I heard them talking, they were looking for food, and were definitely stoned. I looked at Adam though the window and I could see he was laughing. I gave him the middle finger as a joked and laughed back. The three guys picked out food and walked towards the counter. As they walked around me they turned and looked right at me. I turned five more shades of red.

"Holy shit man!" one guy said, "She's got cum on her face! Look!" The other two guys' jaws dropped and they began cracking up. One guy said "Hey baby, wanna do that for me too?"

The gas station attendant said "Take it easy guys, her boyfriend is outside, no trouble ok?" They shrugged their shoulders and put their candy and chips on the counter to pay, but never took their eyes off of me. I could feel Adam's cum hanging there, sticky and gooey on my eyebrown, cheek and chin. Some of it dripped off my chin and landed on my boot. That brought some "eeeeewwwees!" from the guys. I looked out at Adam who was putting the pump nozzle back on the pump. The gas station attendant handed me my change. I said thanks and quickly walked out back to Adam.

He was hysterically laughing and said "Sorry about those guys honey, you did great, lets get out of here" We jumped into the car and drove to his house. On the way home, my embarrassment tuned into lust, as I realized what I had coming to me. I ran inside and cleaned off. When I was done, Adam honored his word pulled off my jeans and panties, and then treated me to the best oral sex of my life.