Aunt Jan's Hot Tub Chapter 1


"Hello Larry! Thanks for coming by with these." My aunt welcomed me as she opened her front door.

My aunt and her daughter lived in a small town, which was about half way from my parents' house to my college. My aunt worked in a feed store and my cousin, Sarah, lived at home while she attended the local junior college. She was a freshman. My aunt wanted to borrow couple of my mom's cookbooks, so I dropped them off on m way back to school.

My aunt was wearing a white terry cloth robe, and she was all wet. I figured she must have been hanging out in her new hot tub. She had divorced my jerk ass uncle about two months prior and to celebrate she bought a new hot tub.

"Mom said to keep the books as long as you need." I said.

"Great. I'll drop them off for her when I go visit your grandparents next weekend. How have you been?" Aunt Jan asked.

"Oh, ok. Not much new really. What's new with you?" I asked.

"Well not much new with me either. Sarah and I are just relaxing in the hot tub with some friends tonight." She said.

"Oh, that's nice. I'll let you get back to it. See you later." I said as I turned for the door.

"Hey Larry, have you seen the hot tub yet? I don't think you have. Are you in a hurry? You should hop in with us for a while." Aunt Jan said.

"Oh well, I don't want to interrupt your fun." I said.

"All right then, but why don't you come out and check it out? Its really cool before you go." She persisted.

"Well, ok." I said. I figured it was better to just humor her. She always like showing off when she got something new, so I wasn't surprised when she wanted to show me her new hot tub.

She led me out to the deck overlooking the hot tub. I was surprised to see my cousin Sarah, a couple girls her age and a lady my aunt's age sitting in the huge tub with an older man and a guy my cousin's age. I figured it was just an all girl party I guess.

"Are you sure you don't want to get in? It’s great for sore muscles." Aunt Jan asked.

"Oh, well, I don't have a swimsuit or anything and I'm wearing whitey tighties tonight's, so I don't think..." I explained.

Just then the patio door opened behind us and there stood a naked man. I guessed he was about my cousin's age. He was well built with a pretty good-sized dick. I was a bit stunned that my aunt was letting this naked dude roam around her house. I was more stunned that she looked at his dick swinging between his legs as I passed us on his was back to the hot tub.

"Ron, is everything ok?" My aunt asked.

Ron turned around and faced us again and said, "Oh yeah, I just went to the bathroom. Is this a new tub partier?"

"This is my nephew, Larry. Larry this is Ron he's friends with your cousin, Sarah." Jan introduced us.

Ron stuck out his hand, and I reluctantly shook the hand of the naked man.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

Ron turned and headed back to the hot tub. He stopped next to the tub and pulled a couple beers out of a cooler. He handed one to the older guy in the tub and then opened one for himself. I noticed all the women in the tub checking out his cock hanging down between his legs.

"Well, I guess you can see swimsuits aren't required for guys. Sure you don't want to hop in" Jan laughed.

"Uh, well, since you're my aunt and Sarah is down there. I don't know if I want you two to see..."

"Nonsense Larry, I've seen at least 100 cocks in my life. Don't worry about me seeing one more. Sarah's working on catching my record too!" She interrupted.

"Well I think I ought to go..." I said.

"Oh all right then, but come down and say hi to your cousin before you go." Aunt Jan said. Jan and I walked down the path to her hot tub. Sarah was wearing a pink and brown halter bikini and she was showing a lot of cleavage. I was kind of surprised.

"Hi Larry, are you going to join us?" Sarah asked.

"I don't think so Sarah, I have to..."

"Ah come on. We're having a great time." She said.

"Well, I..."

"Grab a beer and get in here. This is Mark and Loretta. They are our neighbors. They live over there." Sarah said pointing at the older couple and then to their house next door.

"Nice to meet you." Mark said as he stood up to shake my hand. Mark was naked also. Now I was really uncomfortable. Mark was a bit pudgy and had a beer belly. Not that I looked but he had a relatively small penis. I could see the steam rising off the water, so I doubt it was shrinkage. I shook Mark's hand. Loretta had a nice set of jugs, which were constrained by her blue one-piece suit. Her large nipples were very pointy in the night air.

"Larry that's Leeza and that's Mary. They are freshmen in Sarah's college too." Aunt Jan said pointing to the two younger girls in the tub.

Leeza was wearing a red bikini. She had a really tight body, but her tits must only have been A cups. Not that As aren't ok. Small boobs are kind of a turn on sometimes.

Mary on the other hand was a little chubby, but she had massive milk cannons that were enclosed by a lime green halter bikini top. If you looked closely you could see the edge of her left nipple creeping out the side of the bikini top.

"And that's Franks." Aunt Jan said pointing to the other young man in the tub.

"Fat Francis you mean!" Mary laughed.

At first I didn't understand because he looked very slender. Then, Frank stood up. I couldn't help but look down at the huge tube steak between his legs. It hung half way to his knees and was as thick as my ankle.

"Frank's the life of most of our parties." My aunt winked at me.

"Get out of your clothes and join us fella!" Mark shouted to me.

"I, I, well, I should get going." I stammered.

"Oh, c'mon Larry." Sarah begged.

"Well I guess I could for a little while." I consented.

"Great Larry! I was hoping you'd join us!" Jan said.

"You can go into my bedroom to undress if you want. Just leave your clothes on the bed." Jan directed as she removed her robe to reveal her red one-piece suit. She had an all right body for a 42-year-old woman. Her suit was interesting. It looked like one of those sexy one pieces Victoria's Secret sells-the kind that looked so good on my girlfriend.

"Uh, ok. I'll be right out." I said and headed for the bedroom.

I reached the bedroom and began to undress. I took off my shirt then my jeans. Soon I was standing in my briefs folding my clothes and placing them on the bed. "What am I doing?" I asked myself in disbelief.

I noticed my aunt's clothes on the floor. Her bra was lying there and out of curiosity I checked the size. It was a red lacy number. The Victoria's Secret size label said 38 C. "Pretty nice." I said under my breath. I noticed a red thong lying on top of her jeans. I could believe my 40-something aunt wore thongs. My cock reacted the way it generally does when I think about a woman in a lacy thong. I was straining the material of my briefs. I slid them down my leg to give my cock some room.

I didn't want to go back down to the hot tub with an erection so I splashed a little cool water on my hard-on before wrapping a towel around my waist and heading outside. My plan was to discretely drop the towel as I entered the water to minimize my exposure.

However, my plan failed. When I got back to the hot tub. Mary was standing by the cooler.

"Here Larry, have a cold one!" Mary said extending a beer to me.

As I reached out for it, Mary grabbed my towel and whipped it off my body. I'm not the most hunky of guys, but my body isn't too bad. I try to keep in shape.

"Whew! Are all the men in your family like your cousin Sarah?" Mary laughed as she looked at my cock.

"That is a nice one!" Loretta said as she gazed on.

"How big is it Larry?" My aunt asked.

I couldn't believe this was happening, especially my aunt and cousin discussing my penis size.

"Uh, I don't know." I mumbled.

"Bullshit! All guys know how big they are!" Leeza exclaimed.

"Yeah, they all measure." Aunt Jan said, "My ex was about five inches. The puny piece was laughable."

The women all laughed at that comment.

"We know you guys measure. We know the stats of all the other guys here. Mark is 7 and a half long and 4 around. Ron is about 7 and 6 around, and Fat Francis is a whopping 10 inches long and 5 and a half around." Loretta said.

"Yeah, so how big are you?" Mary asked.

"Well, I'm about 8 inches when I'm hard, you know." I stammered.

"That's pretty nice. How about girth Larry?" Sarah asked.

"Uh, about 5, a little more actually." I said.

"Well, I for one am glad you trim your pubes. There's noting that turns my off more than a guy who lets has hair down South grow wild." Loretta said.

"C'mon get in here, buddy." Mark said motioning me over to the tub.

I hopped in and sat between Mary and Loretta. I felt myself getting an erection from the steamy conversation about what turned the women on and getting good looks at the women's tits. I was glad the water was so bubbly so no one could see my hard member.

Just then, Leeza who was directly opposite me reached behind her head and grabbed one of those disposable waterproof cameras. She quickly stuck it below the water and with a bright flash of light she took a picture of my hard cock under the water. Then she snapped one of Ron under the water.

"Don't do that under water shit with me babe. Take a picture of this!" Frank said standing up.

I relaxed a little when I realized his cock was as hard as mine was. He did a muscle man pose then sank back into the tub.

"You're next Mark." Mary laughed.

Mark stood up with his dick in his hand and Leeza snapped a picture.

"All right, Larry I need one of you out of the water now!" Leeza said.

What could I do but stand up and pose? I place my hands on my hips and turned a little side ways so my length the visible.

"He's a natural Jan! Thanks for bringing him out." Loretta laughed.

"Hey let's see that." Mary said reaching out and grabbing my hard-on.

"Damn its firm!" Mary said as she squeezed my cock.

"You've definitely got the hardest cock in the tub!" Mary proclaimed.

"Let's see." Loretta said as she reached up and took a hold of my cock. I looked at her husband, but he just smiled and winked at me.

"Yeah, it’s hard as granite!" Loretta said.

"Well then, everybody has something they are known for." My aunt said with a laugh.

"Yeah, Larry's hard as a rock, Frank's hung like a donkey..." Sarah said.

"...Mark's is the prettiest and Ron's is the thickest." Leeza finished the sentence.

"Boys, sit you on the side of the tub so we can get a good look at all of you." Aunt Jan demanded.

The men in the tub complied with her request.

"Damn, I love your parties Jan!" Mary laughed.

"What do you think girls? Should we let these guys relieve themselves?" Jan asked.

"Yeah, if I had a long stiff flagpole between my legs I'd want it to subside too." Sarah laughed.

Jan jumped out of the tub and returned with a tub of petroleum jelly. She gave it to Mark, who took a big dip and handed it to Ron who did the same and handed it to me. I followed suit and gave it to Frank.

Mark and Ron were already stroking their hard cocks, so I started too. I couldn't believe I was stroking off in front of five women, two of whom I'd know for my entire life.

"I'm going to help this one." Loretta said taking a hold of Mark's erection.

"Ooooh." Her husband moaned as she gave him a hand job.

Mary then reached up and started stroking me after about five minutes Leeza, who was working Ron's cock over switched with Mary.

I noticed all the women switching places at random times. Eventually Sarah was between my legs pumping my cock.

"Damn its big Larry." She said, "I remember seeing you naked when we were both in elementary school, but I didn't really it was this big back then."

She stood up and rubbed my cock on her tits. For the first time, I could tell my cousin was wear a matching pink and brown thong with her bikini top. I had to hold back to prevent myself from cumming on my cousin. I looked over at my aunt who was sitting back enjoying the sights and sipping a beer.

"Aren't you glad you stayed?" Jan asked me, "Looks like Sarah is!"

Sarah and I both laughed. Jan went over and began stroking Mark, which left Loretta the odd woman out.

Loretta took her place next to Leeza and they started double teaming Frank. They could put all four of their hands on his monster cock, but their hands weren't big enough to wrap completely around.

I looked over at my aunt and Mark. Jan had pulled her swimsuit down over her tits and was rubbing Mark's cock across her nipples. Her 36Cs were incredible.

Mary was stroking Ron with her right hand while her left was buried inside her lime green, thong bikini bottom.

The sight was too much. I felt my release building in my loins.

"Oh shit, cum for me Larry!" Sarah said, "No, wait!"

Sarah gripped my cock hard to prevent my ejaculation. She reached around and untied the top her halter bikini top. It fell and exposed her perky 36C tits. The matched her mother's golden brown jugs perfectly.

My cum broke free of her grip and I moaned loudly as my hot jets struck my cousin's tits.

Soon my orgy was complete. Sarah and I watched the rest of the cocks get off. Mark gave Aunt Jan a pearl necklace to match the one I gave Sarah. Then Ron shot his load straight up into the air and it plopped into the water.

Mary was licking Frank's balls with her thonged ass stuck up in the air. Loretta furiously stroked his massive cock. Fat Francis finally let loose all over Mary's smooth back and across Loretta's blue swimsuit.

We all drank a few more beers and Leeza took a few more pictures of us naked guys posing all around the yard and house.

The party wound down around 10:30 PM. I got dressed in my aunt's room where I left my clothes. Her eyes stayed focused on my cock the entire time it was exposed. As I pulled up my briefs she walked over and grabbed it. She stuffed it in my briefs for me. As she rubbed my bulge, she said "damn, you're a big boy. We're having another party Thursday night if you want to come?"

I said, "Sure, tonight was great, but please don't tell Mom."

"Oh don't worry Larry. I don't want her to know she might want in on some of the big cock I'm getting." She said as she squeezed my cock one last time through my briefs.

I left her house and went back to college. Needless to say I couldn't wait until Thursday!