Aunt Jan's Hot Tub Chapter 2


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Wednesday night at 7:30, Aunt Jan called to remind me of her Thursday evening CFNM party. She told me she wanted me there no later than 6:30.

"But I thought the party started at 7:30." I protested.

"Well, yeah, but you need to come by sooner. I've got some things I need help with." Aunt Jan explained.

"All right. I guess I can do it at 6:30." I replied.

"Good." Aunt Jan said while giggling.


The next morning I got up early and headed to class, but Aunt Jan's party was still on my mind. I was looking forward to another mind-blowing orgasm at the hands of some hot friend of my cousin, Sarah. The day passed slowly, but my last class wrapped up at 2:30. I headed back to my apartment to get ready for the party. I went for a quick jog, took a shower, then shaved.

I slipped into a pair of grey boxer briefs I picked up at the trendy department store in town. The picture of the model on the front showed his bulge nicely, so I thought these would go over well at Aunt Jan's. I put on my jeans, and a cotton polo shirts, watched a little TV then headed out. I arrived at Aunt Jan's a little before 6:30. I knocked on the door, and she answered wearing a thin terry cloth robe.

"You're early!" She laughed.

"Yeah, I guess so." I said.

"That's ok. Are you ready for another great party?" She asked.

"Oh yeah. I've been waiting all week." I answered.

"Well come in here." She grabbed my arm and pulled me in the door.

"What did you need help with? Do you need me to help set up?" I asked.

"On no. Come in here." She replied. Aunt Jan still had a hold of my arm, and she was leading me toward her bedroom. She pushed me through the door. She took my hand and led me to her bed.

"Have a seat." She said. I sat down as she closed the bedroom door. Next, she slipped off her thin robe revealing a sexy red lace bra and panty set. The bra was pushing up her massive cleavage and the panties were a see thru mesh thong. Aunt Jan paraded around her room as if she were searching for something, all the while letting me check out her sexy MILF body.

"There's what I'm looking for." She smiled as she pulled a box of Trojan magnums out of her drawer. She pulled out one of the remaining two condoms. Clearly, my auntie had been getting some BIG action. She sauntered toward me with a seductive smile on her face.

When she reached my position at the bed, she knelt before me. She gently pushed my knees apart. Slowly she stroked my cock, which was no doubt stretching the denim covering it. She deftly unbuckled my belt and worked my jeans down my legs. I stood up to make it easier for her. I sensed it was all wrong, but I couldn't stop. I slipped my polo over my head. Now I was standing before her in only my tight boxer briefs.

"Oh big boy. I've been waiting for this." She grinned as she pushed me back down on the bed. She yanked off my underwear and gently kissed my erect cock. Soon she was bobbing on it like a champion. I was moaning softly enjoying the vision of this sexy older woman getting me off.

Just then, she stopped sucking my dick. Aunt Jan stood up, unclasped her bra, and slid it off. Her 38C tits were magnificent. She laid me back on the bed and straddled my face. I knew what she wanted. I kissed her pussy thru the thin material of her thong. Looking up, I could see she was fondling her tits--gently twisting each nipple as she let out soft moans. I was turned on by the fact that her shaved pussy was visible thru the mesh.

"All right, let's put this on." She said as she wrapped the XL condom. She gave my bare cock a few more licks before wrapping it up. She stood up and slipped her thong off. As she laid down, I tried to roll over on top of her. "Oh no!" She scolded me, "I'm on top tonight."

With that, she laid me back down and straddle my cock cowgirl style. She rubbed the head across her clit sending waves of pleasure thru her body and relentlessly teasing mine. "Please fuck me." I cried in agony. I was dying for her bright pink pussy. Slowly she worked my 8 incher inside her puss. Soon she was bucking and grinding on top of me. I've had sex with a few girls, but Aunt Jan was my first WOMAN. She definitely knew what she was doing. After about 15 minutes, I was cumming ropes of spunk into that magnum condom.

"Was that a good load for me, baby?" She asked. Aunt Jan knew I blew my load based on my moans and heavy breathing.

"Oh hell yeah." I mumbled. Aunt Jan continued grinding on my ever-shrinking dick until she was moaning in her own orgasm. When she finished, she rolled off of me. I could see her faced was flushed and her sexy tits were covered in sweat. She sat up and pulled the condom off my dick. "Wow, what a load." She admired the volume of cum in the rubber. "We should get cleaned up before the other guests arrive." She said as she went into the bathroom.

A moment or two later, she reemerged wearing a light blue one-piece swimsuit that was remarkably low cut.

"Damn, I love those tits." I said.

Aunt Jan laughed and said, "Go get ready."

"Get ready for what. Its CFNM. I'm the naked man, and I'm all ready naked." I laughed.

"You need to take a shower. I'm sure some girl is going to suck that huge dick tonight and I don't want her tasting my pussy when she does. Hurry up! Its 7:15." Aunt Jan demanded.

I got up and jumped in her shower.


I was feeling great in the shower. My dick hung limp, but victorious as I scrubbed down and washed up. "Man that was fucking unbelievable. What a MILF!" I chuckled. I was a little worried the romp took too much out of me to perform later, but I figured hot college freshman in bikinis would get me back up.

I finished my shower and hopped out. While I was toweling off, I could hear a couple female voices through the door. I recognized Aunt Jan, and I figured another party guest had arrived. I wanted to wait until they left before exiting the bathroom though.

Just then, Aunt Jan yelled "Larry get out here!" I walked through the door with my large white towel wrapped around my waist. My aunt was sitting on her bed in her low cut swimsuit with a woman who looked to be about the same age. My aunt is gorgeous, but this woman was smoking hot. She was a bit shorter than my aunt, but had huge boobs and dark hair with a gorgeous tan. To top it off, she was wearing a white, halter bikini that had little pink hearts covering it. I could feel a stirring in my loins. Was I getting hard again so soon?

"What's with that towel?" My aunt asked as she leapt to her feet. "Show Denise the goods!" With a quick yank, Aunt Jan removed the towel, exposing me to her hot brunette friend.

"Damn, you got a divorce and all of a sudden you have boy toys like this in your shower. You lucky bitch!" Denise chuckled. As she laughed, her sweet tits bounced in her tight bikini top. "I could have some fun with you." Denise winked at me.

Then, the doorbell rang. "Oh, looks like we have more guests!" My aunt jumped off the bed and headed for the living room.

Denise stood up and grabbed a hold of my expanding cock. I looked down and saw she had on a huge rock that matched her huge tits. Not only was I going to get some from my gorgeous aunt, now I might get to hook up with this married slut. Denise took me by the cock and led my out the back door towards the hot tub. It was time for some CFNM fun . . . . .