The Guessing Game


Before I start my story, I should give a little background info first. I am seeing Adam and although it is certainly not an exclusive relationship; we both just like to have "fun." Rachel is also kinda dating Mark. To describe what me and Rachel look like, I am 5'3", I weigh about 110 pounds, have brown hair, brown eyes, and kinda dark skin (I tan very quickly and easily). Rachel is taller than me, she's about 5'5" I think, weighs about 115 pounds, has blonde hair, brown eyes, and is a 34 full C cup.

Two weeks ago, me, Rachel, and our friend Lisa were drinking at Adam's fraternity house. Lisa was going out with one of Adam's fraternity brothers also. His name was Andrew and they had been dating for about a year. It was a Friday night and most of the guys in the house had gone out to the bars to go drinking. The six of us decided to stay in and watch TV and drink by ourselves in Mark's room, which was pretty big and had couches and stuff.

After a few hours of drinking we were all pretty drunk, and somehow we started talking about penis size. Rachel joked "You've seen one you've seen em' all!"

Andrew chimed in "Not mine! Mine's special." We giggled, but Lisa came to his support and said that Andrew had a really good sized dick.

The conversation about dicks continued and eventually Adam said, "I bet you couldn't tell Andrew's dick from mine or Mark's."

Lisa turned bright red and said "Sure I could, even in the dark!" We laughed some more and Adam told them about how I had grabbed him and jerked him off in the shower even before I had ever kissed him. Andrew and Lisa laughed really hard because they had never heard about how I had "met" Adam. Adam, being a little drunk himself said "Amy could tell my dick apart too, can't you Amy?" I looked at him and blushed, I felt my skin get turn red hot, and said, "Yeah, I bet I could if I had to."

It seemed as if that was all I had to say. Rachel, feeling left out and outdone, immediately blurted out "I could pick out Mark's dick blindfolded."

I could tell the guys started getting excited. I saw Andrew lean over and whisper something in Adam's ear as he looked over at me.

Adam nodded and said, "Sure, if its ok with Amy, yeah." I asked them what was going on and they both started giggling like a couple of 15 year olds.

Andrew said, "Lets try it then. If you guys are so sure, how bout we blindfold each of you and you have to see if you can tell us apart?"

"How do you mean?" asked Lisa. Andrew suggested that they get a piece of cardboard, cut three holes in it for each of them. They would pull down their pants and put their dicks through each of the holes and we would have to pick our respective boyfriends out blindfolded. Lisa immediately said she would do it. Apparently Andrew really did have a big dick and she was sure she would be able to pick it out.

Rachel, know for getting us into trouble, said, "Wait, we grab one of you guys with our hands, guess, and what happens if we are right or wrong? What's the big deal?"

Andrew formed a devilish smile and said, "Once you think you have guessed which one you think we are, without taking off your blindfold, you have to give the guy you guess a blowjob."

Rachel and I said "No way!" at the same time. I was only dating Adam for a little while and didn't want our relationship to head in the wrong direction. He looked at me and seemed to know what my concerns were. He said, "Amy can I talk to you outside?"

"Sure," I said and followed him into the hall. In the hallway he said he completely understood if I didn't want to do it. He added, that no matter what happened he wouldn't be mad. I said, "Come on Adam, you know I really don't have a problem giving you a blowjob in front of them, but I really don't want to blow Andrew or Mark!!"

Adam said, "Ok, no problem, I have an idea, I will go to the bathroom and put cologne on my dick, that way you will be able to tell which one is me!" It was a really good idea. After a little convincing, I yielded to the sexy look in his eyes and realized that after all of this talk I really did want to give him a blowjob. I said, "That's a great idea, ok, I'll do that."

We went back into the room to find that Rachel had also been talked into it. Mark and Adam went to the bathroom and Andrew went searching the house for a big piece of cardboard. With the guys gone, Lisa told us in confidence not to worry about Andrew. She said his dick was about 9 inches long. I said "That should be easy, Adam is only about 6 or 7 inches."

"That should narrow it down to two for me and Rachel," I said, secretly knowing that I was going to know which one was Adam anyway.

When the guys returned, Andrew had a large piece of cardboard that was about 4 feet by six feet. He gave it to Mark and then went to the bathroom himself and told Mark to cut the holes. Mark asked me to get on my knees next to the cardboard which he propped up on the middle of the room. I did and he cut two holes, the same height as my face, near each end, and one in the middle.

He was cutting the holes kinda big and looked over at us and said "We need room for the whole package, don't we?" We giggled again and I realized that I was starting to get nervous. When Andrew got back, Rachel said, "Hey wait a minute! If we guess wrong, you guys are gonna see, us giving the wrong guy a blowjob!" Realizing how unfair that was, and also realizing they would be busted for getting pleasure from the wrong one of us knowingly, they guys agreed to wear blindfolds also. We all agreed to that and Mark went and got six t-shirts to use as the blindfolds.

I looked at Adam and he gave me a wink. I smiled back and gave him a 'are you sure you want me to do this" expression. He gave me a quick nod and another smile. Me, Rachel and Lisa got in a straight line on our knees, perpendicular to the cardboard. Mark went to the door and locked it. "Good idea," Adam said.

The guys put a blindfold on each of us and then told us and then told us that they were blindfolding themselves. We hear them putting them on and then move around the room. I heard the sound of three pairs of zippers being undone and then three sets of jeans, one by one hit the floor. Even though the guys were the ones naked and exposed to all three of us girls, I felt very nervous! My blood was racing, I could feel my skin get hot again and I started shaking slightly. We heard Andrew say, "Ok, we're ready." The three of us slid on our knees toward the cardboard.

I told the girls I was going to the right, and Rachel said she was going left, and Lisa took the middle. I slid over to the right and forward and accidentally bumped face first into the cardboard. I felt around further to the right with my hand and felt the opening of the hole. My heart still racing, I reached over some more and grabbed onto what was unmistakably a rock hard 8 or 9 inch dick! I pulled my hand away in fear for a moment then smiled to myself and said, "Somebody's got a hard on already over here!" I heard everyone laugh, and Rachel and Lisa said their first guesses were hard too. I said to Lisa, "I don't think this one is Adam, let's switch." She agreed. I shuffled on my knees around her and felt around for the middle hole.

When I found it I grabbed onto my second dick. It was also rock hard, and actually felt like it was wet on the tip! It felt much more like the size of Adam's dick, but since I knew that Mark was around the same size, I leaned forward with my face and sniffed to see if I could smell any cologne. Much to my relief, the smell of a strong cologne filled my nose. Grabbing the dick with both hands and rubbing it a little bit, I realized that it was definitely Adam. The guys were being deadly silent, so as not to give away any clues. Lisa said, "Well I found mine!" I heard Rachel, say from my left, "I am pretty sure I have mine too!" Knowing that I had found Adam. Lisa said, "Alright, lets get this over with then, start blowing!" The three of us laughed but the guys remained silent still.

Since I was sure that I had picked Adam, I leaned forward and planted a kiss on the head of his dick. I felt his dick shudder as I kissed it up and down. I then opened my mouth and took him all in and started giving him a fast and furious blowjob. Adam is always asking me to lick and suck on his balls, and since I knew he liked it so much, I stopped sucking on him and moved my head down to his balls and took them in my mouth.

I heard the sound of Rachel and Lisa slurping away to my left and right. After sucking on Adam's balls for about a minute or two, I felt him wobble and spread his legs apart. I had only done this a few times for him, but I took my cue and began to slide my tongue up and down the area between his balls and his asshole. The smell of the cologne quenched any bad smell I would have otherwise encountered and I continued to lick back and forth with my tongue, each time stopping just before his asshole. After another minute I went back to blowing him. His dick felt so good in my mouth I quickly gained speed and jerked my head up and down on his dick as fast as I could. I could feel him get really into it and he began thrusting in time with my head, until he was basically fucking my face. After another two minutes, I felt him explode in my mouth. Although I usually never swallow and had never swallowed Adam after a blowjob, the thought of having Mark and Andrew see me with a mouth full of cum, or with any on my face was just too embarrassing. So I just let him cum in my mouth until he stopped and gulped it down as quickly as I could before I had a chance of gagging.

About 10 seconds later I heard what sounded like Andrew moan and then heard Lisa swallowing and making loud gulping noises herself. When I was done I liked the tip of his dick off and wiped my mouth off with my hand and waited for Rachel to finish. A few minutes passed and we finally heard her gasp loudly and then seconds later say, "We're done, you guys?" Me and Lisa both said yes.

Andrew said, "Alright, on the count of three everyone take off their blindfolds ok? One, two, three!" We each took off our blindfold and I saw what was the most horrifying and most thrilling sight! I had been blowing Mark!!! Rachel had been blowing Adam!!!! Lisa was the only one who guessed right! Me and Rachel let out a scream and burst out laughing. Mark and Adam looked at each other in confusion. Adam suddenly got very serious and said "Wait just a minute! Amy! I thought we had a deal! Mark looked at Adam in similar horror and disgust. I looked at Adam, then Mark, then Adam again, and yelled, "He's wearing cologne too!!" Mark looked at Adam and said, "Awe no, you too?!" They both started laughing too and I was relieved to see that Adam had stopped being mad at me. Until he studied my face that is.

"Wait," Adam said studying my face and chin and neck. "You swallowed him? You never even swallow me?" I turned bright red and said, "I didn't want Mark and Andrew to see me with cum in my mouth or on my face, what was I supposed to do? I mean, I didn't wanna look like Rachel the porn star over there!" That's when they all realized that Rachel had let Adam shoot his load on her. She quickly tried wiping the evidence from her chin, but there were wads still on clinging to her shirt. Everyone started laughing and Adam finally appreciated the comedy of the situation.

We all had a good laugh and kept on hanging out and drinking for a couple more hours. It was awkward, as you can imagine, but we all made sure to talk about anything other than what we'd done. However, Adam wouldn't kiss me for the whole following week. The interesting part was that Mark later thanked me in private, jokingly of course, for licking his balls so much. Even though he was joking, it was still very embarrassing! Until my next story, thanks for reading!

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