Amy, the Cockteasing Nurse's Aide Chps. 9-10

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She led Scott straight to his parents' bedroom. It had a large king sized bed with a four poster canopy. Scott and Amy had spent many evenings petting on this very bed during their junior year. Scott seemed much more at ease being in here now than he had back then. He was always worried his parents would come home and find him and Amy in their room. In fact Amy had often insisted that she and Scott use this room rather than the family room or even Scott's bedroom if he wanted to do more than hold hands. The reason of course was exactly because it did make Scott so nervous that his parents would come home at an inopportune time and catch the two of them in the act. At critical moments Amy had more than once suggested that she heard the car pulling in and they would race to straighten up and run out to the family room, ending the evening's festivities! It was usually just a ploy on Amy's part to leave Scott hanging one more time. Often there was no car and Amy knew it, but Scott was so apprehensive that it always worked, no matter how crucial the moment. It was one of Amy's favorite teases! And Amy seemed to have an uncanny knack for having Scott right at the brink when his parents actually would pull into the driveway.

Anyway, Amy and Scott found themselves back in his parents bedroom one more time. Amy sat on the edge of the bed, still holding Scott by the dick. She had positioned him so that her legs were between his which caused his feet to be spread wide apart. Giving Amy perfect access to his cock and balls. She was lightly rubbing her hands all over his rock hard equipment and had Scott on the verge of cumming within minutes.

Amy had continued to act out on Bill's cock that which she was describing to him. "Then I finally did this to the poor boy, Bill." And with that she bent over the bed and began to demonstrate on Bill's cock what she had put Scott through.

She began by licking the most sensitive part of his cock just below the head, all the while stoking his balls. She went from this to licking from the very base of his shaft up the entire length and licking the head like an ice cream cone before sliding her tongue back down and even licking his balls. Finally after several minutes of this she said, "Then Bill, at last I put his cock in my mouth" and as she said it she slid Bill's mammoth cock head between her lips and engulfed the whole thing sucking gently as she did so.

It had taken only a very short time before she felt Scott's balls tighten and she knew he was going to cum any second. When she reached this point Scott couldn't help himself, he started to thrust and reached out and put his hands on Amy's head. Naturally Amy stopped immediately. "Scott! If you are going to do that I'm going to stop completely and go home. Now don't do that again!" Scott had never had a chance, Amy had known exactly what would happen and had planned on it.

As Amy described this to Bill she stopped giving his cock any attention either. He had been seconds away from cumming in her mouth when she did. He just groaned in increased agony.

Scott began apologizing and begging Amy not to stop. He promised he wouldn't do it again, but he didn't even know for sure what "it" was! Amy acted as if she was giving in reluctantly, but as was usually the case this was precisely what Amy had scripted. She had prolonged this break enough that the pause and the fear that she really would stop had backed Scott off so that she could continue for a while more without pushing him over the edge, but Amy knew he wasn't going to be able to stand much more. Amy began to suck Scott's cock in earnest, but slowly. And she kept taking him more and more deeply until she was deep-throating his entire cock. Scott was doing his damnedest to keep still and not break the perceived rules. Amy had been leaving his balls alone for fear of not being able to control him well enough in his eruptive state. Finally just as she felt the head of his cock swell inside her mouth she stopped again. Scott nearly screamed in agony begging her to continue. Telling her how close he had been (as if she didn't know) and how badly he needed to cum. He babbled on for quite awhile before Amy finally stopped him with "Scott, this is being really one sided, if you think your going to get a wonderful blow job and I just sit here dressed and ignored, I really am going to leave. I don't like that you are paying me no attention at all other than to feel your cock in my mouth. I'm not some cheap whore or something, but that's how you're treating me." Amy was actually able to pout while saying this, despite the fact that she was about to burst out laughing.

Scott immediately did his best to make amends. Naturally the last thing he wanted was for Amy to leave. Little did he know how unlikely that was. After making him literally grovel Amy appeared to relent somewhat. She stood up and moved very close to Scott, rubbing against his throbbing cock some more. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him. "It seems wrong that I'm the only one dressed" Amy quipped. Scott needed no more encouragement than that. Albeit clumsily he managed to get Amy's blouse undone and off. She held his head and smothered his face between her small breasts. Scott was soon giving her nipples some very welcome attention with his mouth. Amy was moaning with genuine pleasure. Soon she slipped out of her skirt and laid back on the bed. Patting the space next to her she indicated that Scott should lie down as well. Amy made it clear to Scott she wanted some cuddling and kissing. Scott was directed to pay plenty of attention to Amy's sensitive nipples, which he did with vigor.

Amy carefully avoided any contact with Scott's cock for quite a while. Though his state of arousal was in no way diminishing as he was trying to hump his enraged cock against her.

Amy laughed. "What are you trying to do Scott?"

"Uh, oh Amy, you know!"

"If you want something, you have to ask." Amy teased.

"Okay.. uh.. Damn.. Amy, please, please what you promised, please!"

"And what is that Scott?" Amy continued to tease.

"Uh, you know, please!"

"Scott, if you won't even ask, you must not want it that bad."

"Oh God Amy please, please suck me off!" Scott was reluctant to actually ask for a blow job, but by now he was quite desperate.

Amy began to describe to Bill what happened next, but during this part of her story she was looking Bill straight in the eyes and wasn't touching him at all.

"Bill, he was so desperate to cum, and having teased him so much I felt he had earned it. So I scooted around and slowly took his big cock in my mouth and slid my lips all the way down his shaft until his whole cock was in my mouth. Then I slowly started bobbing up and down, nice and steady and slow. I could feel him quickly building up to an orgasm, but this time I didn't tease him or slow down at all. I just kept up a nice steady pace. In just a matter of seconds I could feel his balls tighten and his cock started to pulse and I just kept sucking and sucking and soon, Wham! He was cumming in gushes. At first I didn't think I'd be able to handle it all, but I swallowed fast and hard and got every single drop. God it was amazing and he screamed so loud with relief. When he finally stopped cumming I licked him clean and we just lay there holding each other for a while. Can you imagine what he felt like Bill?" Amy knew the effect she was have on Bill. This was probably the worst torture yet. Here he was so completely frantic to cum and she was describing having given Scott a mind blowing orgasm.

Amy had the biggest shit eating grin imaginable.

"Amy, you've been teasing me for more than a week now, but won't let me cum. Yet after only a few hours last night you suck off your old boyfriend, why?" Bill asked out of total frustration.

"Oh Bill, it's only because of you that I even went out with him. I have gotten so turned on by you that I just couldn't stand it any more. I only sucked him off so he'd last longer for what I really had in mind. You didn't think that was the end of the story did you?" Amy giggled gleefully.

"You can't even imagine the look on his face when after a few minutes of rest I said to him, 'Scott, if you can get it up again, I want you to fuck me'. He started to get hard almost instantly. I played with his cock for just long enough to get it rock hard again then told him to climb on."

Bill was groaning rather loudly by now, without even realizing it. His cock was rock hard and twitching even though Amy hadn't touched it for quite some time. Amy knew she was driving Bill wild, and she was loving it.

"Anyway, I was a little worried about the size of Scott. Even though he isn't nearly as big as you, he is much larger than any guy I've ever had experience with before. So as he was putting it in me, I closed my eyes and pretended it was you Bill. And you know what? I didn't have any problem at all with the size of Scott. In fact now I'm positive I won't have any problem with even that monster of yours!" Amy had continued to look straight into Bill's eyes the whole time. She was positively giddy that his upper lip and forehead and little beads of sweat on them.

Amy continued to describe in detail about how Scott fucked her brains out. The end of her story made Bill very wary, however.

"I was surprised how quickly he came again after the blowjob I'd given him. And while I had one great orgasm, I wasn't satisfied. And since I didn't really want Scott going away expecting that this was the beginning of things to come I did something kinda mean! I told him that I really wanted more and asked him to eat me. The look on his face was exactly what I expected, and he started to stammer. I acted like I was really mad, even though I'd gotten exactly what I wanted out of the evening. I told him if he was that insensitive that we were definitely through. I quickly dressed and headed for the door and just before I slammed it I turned and said 'Scott, you just had the best blowjob of your life and the best fuck too. Too bad you are never going to get anything like it again!' And with that I left. The look he had was so amazing, he realized he had just blown the best deal of his young life." Amy was laughing as she said this.

Then she got serious and asked, "Bill, if I let you fuck me, you wouldn't be reluctant to eat me afterward, would you?"

Bill was just sure this was 'The' question. And he knew he better not hesitate to answer it either. The truth was, like most guys, Bill found the thought of licking his own cum out of a woman's pussy, even a pussy as sweet and young as Amy's, pretty much of a turn off. He also was sure if he said no he was screwed!

Bill decided he was going to risk the truth, "Amy, to be honest, I've never done anything like that before. And the thought of it isn't exactly a turn on for me, BUT I would definitely do it for you!"

"Hmmm... I think I better ask you some more questions before we go any further this morning" Amy said with what was obviously less than enthusiasm about Bill's response.

Amy - the Nurse's Aide Part 10

Bill was very worried about Amy's reaction to his answer. Now he was second guessing himself about his truthful approach. In his crazed state he completely missed the mirth in Amy's eyes. She loved his answer, but she was continuing to play the role. Bill was not capable of reading the more subtle signs!

"Bill, who is the sexiest, Mary or Sally ... or me?" Amy asked this with a very serious voice, but again with a dazzling twinkle in her eyes that Bill also completely missed.

Bill was now weary. He knew he couldn't even think clearly, so he figured telling the truth was the best bet, but he was really worried about his last answer. This one was easy though. He really did find Amy far sexier than either the older Mary or the prettier, bustier Sally. "You Amy, without question!"

"Hmm," Amy said in that serious unenthusiastic voice, though she was mentally turning handsprings, for she could tell Bill was in fact telling the truth.

"Well, which of the three of us do you think has the nicest figure?" Amy queried.

Again Bill could answer without hesitation "Amy, I definitely think you do."

Amy loved this answer too. A young woman of her age wanted to hear these answers from Bill, and since he was so sincere, she was certain he wasn't just telling her what he thought she wanted to hear, but what he really felt.

In spite of that she sternly said, "Bill, don't just tell me what you think I want to hear. Tell me the truth. Both Mary and Sally have much bigger tits than me. Surely you can't be serious in saying I have the best figure!" Amy was on the verge of bursting out laughing looking at Bill's pained expression. She knew he was petrified that one of these were 'the' question, and she was going to make it as hard on him as she could. Amy was becoming addicted to pushing Bill's buttons!

Bill started slowly, and very sincerely. Though as Amy knew, he was worried that one of these was 'the' question, he had regained his composure enough to stick to the truth as his best course of action.

"Amy, you asked me who I think has the nicest figure. And that is definitely you. Big tits don't necessarily make for a better figure. You have the nicest legs and ass I've ever seen! I find you much sexier than either Mary or Sally, really!" he said almost pleading.

Amy really believed that Bill found her more attractive and sexy than either Mary or Sally, and this pleased her greatly. But she was trying her damnedest to make Bill believe that he had disappointed her with his answers. It was working. Bill was so desperate, he was also tentative and afraid!

"Well, okay" Amy said, trying to act pouty "that's enough questions for now. Do you know which one was 'it'?" this final question she asked in her best vixen voice.

Again Bill didn't play games, "No, I don't, but did I answer it correctly?" He was so desperate he couldn't hide his anxiety.

"Oh, you'll just have to wait and see about that. Besides, I may not have even asked 'it' yet for all you know!" Amy quipped.

Bill just groaned. He hadn't even thought of that.

"But its time to move on." And with that Amy picked up the massage lube from the bedside table and poured a big glob in her palm.

"Are you ready to cum Bill?" she giggled.

Bill couldn't help himself, "Oh GOD yes, please Amy, PLEASE!"

"Well, don't forget, if you hold back you might just miss your chance!"

Amy still hadn't touched him. She just held that big glob of lube in her palm, warming it. In clear sight of Bill.

"Bill, do you know the difference between being made to cum and being allowed to cum?" Amy asked with a disconcerting nonchalance.

Bill was now scared stiff every time Amy asked him any question. He knew she would love for him to miss 'the' question and just go on teasing him past lunch. And now he wasn't sure which question it would be.

"No Amy, I don't know that I do."

"Well, if I bring you to the point of cumming and then stroke you a little more, your orgasm would be inevitable and you would cum, right?"

Cautiously Bill answered yes.

"But if after the first squirt or two, if I stopped stroking, you'd keep cumming, but it would be a pretty disappointing cum and the jism would just squirt out, but you wouldn't feel wonderful like if I kept pumping while you came and drained you dry, right?"

"I see what you mean now. No, that would be very disappointing as opposed to making me cum hard by continuing to stroke me as I came. Amy, please, don't do that. When you finally do, please MAKE me cum, don't just let me cum. Please, Amy, PLEASE!" Bill was begging and nearly whimpering again.

It brought an insuppressible smile to Amy's face. "Well, then you try to cum as hard as you can, every time you get even close, okay?"

"I promise!" Bill said with the utmost sincerity.

As Amy started to spread the lube all over Bill's cock she kept up a running dialogue. "Do you think you answered 'The' question correctly Bill?" without giving Bill a chance to answer she continued, "If you did, this might be it. Do you think this is the time you get to cum?" she teased.

"Well, uh, I..." Bill started stammering.

Amy laughed, "Oh Bill, I don't expect an answer to that, just be sure you don't hold back. Just release all control to little Amy!"

Bill's cock was completely hard already. Amy could see that Bill's state was such that she was going to have to reduce the stimulation and shorten each cycle considerably if she were to keep Bill from cumming. But she was positive she could get in at least two more good teases before she'd have to make him cum if she wanted to continue. She had plans to make the next two memorable!

Amy hadn't even started to stroke Bill yet, she had just spread the lube all over his dick, concentrating on head play. She was now holding his cock right under the head and spreading the mixture of lube and precum all over his glans. Bill was already moaning and squirming.

As she slowly started to stroke him, lightly and slowly, building him up as slow as she could she started taunting "Do you think this time is it, Bill? You must really, really need to cum by now! Remember, don't hold back, try to cum as hard as you can. This might be the time. It has to be soon you know, its getting close to noon. And I promised. I never break a promise. This could be the time Bill. Oh God you feel hard, I don't think I can resist making you cum this time." At this point she slid one hand down and cupped his balls "Oh God these are full, I think we have to drain them soon! Of course you still don't know if you answered the question correctly, do you? If not we might have to wait until tomorrow. Could you stand that Bill?"

Bill nearly screamed "NO! For God' sake Amy, you've got to make me cum!"

Amy kept building Bill towards orgasm. He was very close now. She slowed down even more, paying careful attention. Holding his balls, feeling them tighten. "It would be so easy to make you explode now. It would feel so good, wouldn't it? Well, do you think this is the time Bill?"

Bill just groaned.

"Answer me Bill, do you think this is it?" Amy asked as she very slowly continued to push Bill even closer. A few more strokes and it would be over she knew.

"Amy, please, for God's sake PLEASE make it this time, please!" Bill begged.

Bill was there, if she kept it up he would cum. Instead she started just barely touching and stimulating those most sensitive spots she and Mary had discovered. Holding Bill on the very brink. Not enough to trigger his cumming, but enough to keep him from backing off at all either.

"Oh I love this part Bill, I can keep you right on the edge for a very long time. Then I can either just stop, or I could give you some good firm strokes and you'd have the most intense orgasm of your life, wouldn't you?" Amy just kept touching and touching his cockhead and corona. And gently massaging his balls. "Are you trying to cum Bill, don't forget to try!" She teased some more.

Bill couldn't believe the sensation. This was the closest he'd been yet. There was no way she could stop. He strained to cum. Just a little bit more.

Then Amy said "Okay" and wrapped both hand around his shaft and started to pump. Bill tensed, this was it he was positive. One stroke, a second... then NOTHING!

Amy laughed "Oh GOD that makes me wet, Bill you are such a gem. You really were trying to cum at last, see what a difference it makes!"

Bills cock was twitching more than Amy had ever seen. The little spasms and contractions lasted for nearly a minute. Amy was right, Bill had been truly trying to cum, not holding back as before. It made his frustration much greater when she finally stopped this time. His body sagged. He actually sighed so hard he sobbed.

"Amy, this is too much." he finally managed to get out.

"I know, I really do, but I had to stop that time" Amy paused and then continued "because I haven't asked you "the" question yet!" Amy was giggling "But I will right now."

Bill shuddered a bit. He was petrified that he would mess up here. In fact he was positive that Amy planned for him to get the answer wrong so she could go on teasing him for another day without breaking her promise. Bill didn't think he could stand that!

Bill thought he had steeled himself for almost anything. And expected some double meaning, trick question, so imagine his surprise when Amy asked "Bill, do you want to see me again after you get out of the hospital?"

Bill was silent, he was sure he was missing something, this was too easy. Too obvious.

"Bill?" Amy finally brought him out of his daze.

"Of course I want to see you again. My God, why wouldn't I Amy. I can't imagine NOT seeing you again!" Bill was positive this couldn't be the wrong answer to 'the' question!

Amy burst into a huge smile. "Oh Bill, I think our friend here is going to like that answer" Amy giggled as she gently patted Bill's still rock hard cock.

To be continued...