Reader-Submitted Story: The Physicals


This story was submitted by a female reader of the blog. However she didn't give me any information beyond this story, so, if you're reading this, thank-you and please submit more stories!

Dave Daly was a doctor in a large medical firm. Since his firm had a contract with the local school board it was part of his duties to give physicals to all of the student athletes. Dave had a sister who was a biology teacher in one of the schools. Since was had been an olympic swimmer in college, she was also the school’s swim coach. One of her other duties as a teacher was as an advisor to the school’s medical careers club.

When it came time for the swim team physicals she asked her brother if it wouldn’t be possible for her medical careers members to help with the physicals for the swim team. He said that he didn’t see why not as long as the boys didn’t mind. She then asked the members of the swim team if they minded the medical careers club members assisting with their physicals. No one objected so Susan Daly concluded told her medical career club members, all girls, that they would be assisting with the physicals of the swim team, all boys.

When it came for the time of the physicals Dave was called out on an emergency so he gave the secretary a message to tell the newest member of the medical group, Cynthia Johnson, to do the physicals for him. As part of the message Cynthia was also informed that his sister’s medical careers club would be assisting with the physicals. Nothing was told to Cynthia what she was supposed to do when it came time to check for inguinal hernias.

When Cynthia reported to the school the medical careers club were waiting. Together, she and they were taken to the boy’s locker room. The boys became alarmed when they saw the doctor was female but Susan Daly calmed them down by pointing out that Cynthia was a doctor and this was a routine matter for her. Susan then discreetly left

First, Cynthia asked the boys to strip to their shorts. When some objected that there were girls present Cynthia said that if they didn’t wish the girls to participate, she would excuse them and conduct their physical later. Most of the boys delighted with the attention they were getting from the girls quickly stripped to their shorts. The others quickly followed. After the boys were in their shorts Cynthia taught the girls some of the rudiments of conducting a physical. She taught them how to use a stethoscope, how to check reflexes to listen for heart tones, to check breathing and others.

Finally it came time to check for boys for an inguinal hernia. At first Cynthia hesitated but then she remembered that she had told the boys that they could refuse to participate if they wished. She sat the girls on a bench and lined the boys in front of them. She then said, “Now lower your shorts.” At that moment a messenger arrived from the office and informed Cynthia that she had an emergency phone call. She left immediately. When she left Bob Smith saw his chance for major cfnm and pulled his shorts down exposing his cock and balls right in front of Sally Jones’ face.

Bob Smith continued to stand exposed in front of Sally Jones enjoying both his exposure to her and to the other girls who now were staring at him. Sally for her part immediately was taken aback by Bob’s package being exposed right in front of her face, but quickly recovered and was fascinated by what she saw. She could not help herself when her hand slowly reached out and touched the end of Bob’s penis. Then she grasped it. Then she exclaimed, “Oh my god, it’s growing.” But she didn’t pull away; she continued to examine it closely. When it continued to grow, she said, “Look girls, how big it’s getting.” She then looked up a Bob’s face and smiled. When Bob rewarded her with a roaring hard on she wrapped her hand around his cock and exclaimed, “Oh, it’s really hard now.”

That was all it took for the other boys. One by one they all pulled their pants down so that they were fully exposed in front of the examining girl. One by one each girl responded as did Sally touching the boy’s cock and each time it had the same effect, a roaring hard on. With each hard on the girl always wrapped her hand around the cock and felt its hardness. Some of the girls then took the liberty of feeling to boys’ balls as well.

One of the girls, Nancy Nelson, was experienced with playing with cocks and took advantage of the opportunity and began to stroke the David Dill’s cock in front of her. When she caressed the David’s balls he began to rock back and forth and moan. Soon all the girls were stroking the boys with one hand and caressing his balls with the other while the boys moaned and rocked back and forth and as the girl stroked him. Nancy could feel David cock harden even further and knew he was about to cum. Before he did she repeated, “Cum for me, cum for me.” He did. As he did she let the cum shoot up in the air and fall on the floor while she continued to milk him until he was dry. Soon the other girls all were saying cum for me , cum for me. All the boys accommodated them. Then the girls cleaned up the mess and pulled the boys shorts back up.

At that point Cynthia returned to the locker room and found the student exactly as she had left them. She then said again, “Now lower your shorts.” Without hesitation all the boys lowered their shorts. When they did the girls looked on without expression. Sally then told her girls how to look for an inguinal hernia after they told the boys how to turn their head and cough. When they did it they were unemotional, deliberate and matter of fact as were the boys. When it was over she told the boys to pull their shorts back up. She could not get over how adult both the boys and girls had been at such an intrusive examination.



Anonymous said...

Good story! Just as Bob rewarded Sally, I rewarded you, as I read your story. Please write more.

Anonymous said...

Great story, deserves a sequel. Boys go through several sequels which end up swimming naked with the properly swimsuited girls swim team.