A High School Life to Remember Ch. 4


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Ms. Gerard looks over the scene before her and moans just slightly. Inside her head, all she can think about is how she keeps coming across these scenes involving David, but she is never a direct participant. "My my my, Mrs. Hart, I never thought you would have made a move this quickly. What ever am I to do? And you, David, why must you always be showing me the aftermath of the action? Don't you think that a young woman like me will get jealous?"

"Well, I... I really didn't even know." Ms. Gerard dropped to her knees quickly next to Mrs. Hart and stared down the now limp cock. "What... what do you have in mind?"

"I'm not going to pass up another opportunity to get a hold of this cock, I know you won't mind." She says this not seeming to be directing it to anyone in the room. She reaches out and grabs a hold of my softened dick and starts to stroke it back and forth. She massages it and also moves her other hand down to my balls. "Don't you want to give me your man cream? I know that I want it, bad. You wouldn't want to let your teacher down now would you?" As she says this I moan and watch as she takes my cock and rubs it across her face. Her face is silky smooth and her blonde hair hangs down and tickles my penis. She does this while moving her fist up and down across my rod. As I watch, she is muttering to herself and moaning slightly; I see the remains of my cum slowly drizzle out of the head onto her cheeks and over her nose. "That's it, give momma what she wants. My skin needs a treatment that I think you can easily provide."

Although this scene is turning me on greatly, I feel so intimidated seeing her and Mrs. Hart to her left, already covered in my cum. My penis fails me in my moment of need. It continues to stay soft and I can see Ms. Gerard beginning to work on it furiously, massaging my balls and stroking me harder. One of Mrs. Hart's hands has gone down under her white skirt, and I am certain of what she is doing. Sadly though, my penis does not revive.

Abruptly, Ms. Gerard stands up and let's go of my penis, her breasts jiggle underneath of her tightly fitting sport coat. "Mrs. Hart's body is good enough to please you but mine isn't! I can't believe I even started to think of you in such a way. My man will please me just fine! Goodbye!" She thinks in her head how much of a lie that last statement was, but she is so frustrated by what has transpired here. She storms out of the room before I or Mrs. Hart has a chance to react.


Mrs. Hart and I trade looks for several minutes, she sees that I am saddened by the recent events and I think she decides to leave it alone for now.

A few minutes after Ms. Gerard left the room, the silence is finally lifted. As I thought, she decides to leave the topic alone.

"Okay, so you don't have a cum build up or anything like that. You are right, I did say some bullshit, but protection won't protect a girl from your semen. At the rate that it fires out of your penis, and the sheer potency of it, I doubt that any form of birth control would help a girl."

"So, what you are telling me is that I can't actually have sex with a girl?" I stare at her and tilt my head to the side and let out a sigh that at least some of my plans would now have to change.

Mrs. Hart runs her hand through my shiny black hair. She has a look of sympathy in her eyes. "You will find girls that you can please in other ways. As long as you keep them happy, they shouldn't mind too much. I mean..." she locks her hands together and pushes them down into her lap, causing her overflowing tits to press together and form such deep cleavage that I almost lose myself. "Some of us girls like things that are done in places other than our pussies."

"Well, to be honest with you, I think the idea of anal is kind of gross, I don't think I could ever really enjoy that," I say as I close my legs to hide my newly growing erection. She notices my motion and smiles as if she is happy in a way that she has not been in some time. I don't know anything about her private life, maybe she is unhappy with her partner, or her partner is unhappy with her.

"Actually, I wasn't referring to anal sex. If you must know I was referring to having a man with a big slab of meat between his legs shoving it between my bouncing jugs. If you must know in such an eloquent way," Mrs. Hart says to me and stares into my eyes. I look back directly into her hazel eyes and almost see them welling up and then she looks away.

I slowly reach out for her face with my hand, but she turns it away with one of her own, the touch between our hands sends a jolt down my body and my cock lurches with excitement. "Is everything alright? You seem somehow distant."

"Well, it's just that you seem like such a great guy, I am sorry that I had to disappoint you that you can't have proper sex with a girl."

"Mrs. Hart, what is your first name anyway?"

"Oh," she looks around the room and her hands are dancing around her lap, "its Helene."

I have a look of surprise on my face for a moment and then it dies down.

She notices the look and asks, "What is it? That name seems to hold some meaning to you."

"Well, it's just that this girl that I really like has the same name. It reminded me of her, and now I am wondering how I can really like her if I have been doing so much with you and Ms. Gerard." My mind starts to wonder about, thinking of all the times lately that I have been getting lucky and all the times I have seen Helene.

She thinks for a few seconds before she speaks, "I wouldn't worry about it too much. Think of it this way, we will train you and make you the best you could be for her." In a way she almost seems to say it with desperation, as if continuing to make excuses so that I will do things with her.

I start to feel guilty that I will make this Helene feel sad. From that I start to think about how I am probably making Lindsay feel sad too from avoiding her. I need to do the best that I can to make all of these girls happy. I look back to Mrs. Hart, "I won't forget what you have done for me, I will be sure to use your guidance to take care of my health. You are the school nurse after all."

She turns her head up towards me and moves her hands up to squeeze her 38EE breasts and then moves her hands to close up her top. "Thanks, but I think it is time that I get back to work." She stands up from her subservient position and starts to head out into the main nurse's office with the dried cum still all over her face and tits.

I stand up and finally finish getting dressed. I hope I did the right thing with saying what I did to her. I want her to be happy. As I leave the nurse's office I wave to her and give her a quick thank you.


The next few days are rather normal. I spend my time in classes working a little bit on school work but mostly I think about the current role-playing games that my boys and I are playing. Matt and I hang out a little every day and we go and play RPGs with our friends, whenever Matt is not hanging out with a girl or doing some form of drug. I have never really liked drugs, but I do like company, so I have gone with him for some of these excursions. I always figure that it will be a good experience to see what it is like.

Occasionally, throughout the rest of the week I think of the incident that I had with Mrs. Helene Hart. It always gets me hard the moment her voluptuous body comes to my mind, her slick brown her framing her face with my cum dripping in strands all over it. I think of the conversation we had. I think of Helene. I ran into her once during the week and she spoke to me a little bit, the most I managed to get out was a stuttering hello and a quiet how are you. Not much of an impression, I embarrassed myself. My face felt like it was on fire and I may as well have tripped over my own shoe laces. This causes me to think back to the conversation with Mrs. Hart and then of my eventual resolution to try to make everyone happy as best as I can.

One night, after playing an intense game of vampire the masquerade, I wonder to myself how hot it would be to role-play with a girl and to make up a situation that involved vampires. Hell, my mind wonders even more and I think how great it would be to do role-playing with a girl, and then throw in some sex. That's it! The next time I try to make a girl happy, that is how I will make it really fun.


Another night, it is rainy and dreary outside. I don't feel like going anywhere. My mom makes a nice dinner and we eat in front of the TV watching all kinds of junk. As my parents and I are sitting there watching Babylon 5, my dad changes the channel during a commercial break. He has a tendency to do this when we watch TV, but he is good about getting back to the shows before they start. This time is different from most however; he turns it to one of the movie channels. I guess it must have been skinemax or something like it, because the sight that is before us is one of a young woman with short blonde hair and some of the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. He laughs and makes a comment that it is some movie he hasn't seen in a while. My parents seem to pay it no mind. By the time the episode of Babylon 5 is over, I have been constantly thinking of the visual that I saw. My penis has been rubbing against my sweat pants the rest of the episode and I have to get some release. As soon as the episode is over, I head up stairs to my room as discreetly and quickly as possible.

Once I am in there and the door is closed, I jump onto the bed and yank my sweat pants down to my knees. My penis is so hard that it is actually pulsing up and down slowly with each passing thought of the sexy scene I saw. I reach under my bed and grab one of the magazines that I found, which belong to my dad. I spit on my hand and start to slowly rub my penis up and down, paying close attention to the tip. I find a nice story about a young boy and his older sister who has brought him into her trap. It is such a turn on and the pictures just add to the whole effect. I jack off furiously while reading the pages of the story. The slickness of the spit on my hand starts to make sounds that are like sex. With each pulse of my cock, I moan slightly as I feel the imminent release. Then finally, my back lurches up off of the bed and my cock practically leaps out of my hand. Cum begins to shoot all over my legs, my balls, and my stomach. I quickly regain control and begin to stroke it some more. More cum now pours out of the head of my dick and starts to cover my hand like a Victorian fountain. I close my eyes and think of covering a girl, like the girl in the story, or like Helen, or who knows who.

After I have finished cleaning up, I vow to myself that I will make things different, and that I will make things better. My time to shine has come, or perhaps cum.


One morning, at the nerd corner, there are a jumble of different conversations going on about anime's, sci-fi, and computer talk. Matt has yet to arrive, I think to myself that he has probably slept in. My friend John, with whom I play several RPGs with, walks up to the corner with the giant window that, overlooks the track. John is a shrimpy guy compared to pretty much all the rest of my friends. He is tall, but sometimes I wonder if he has a muscle on him, and we always make jokes that he only has one dot in strength.

"Hey Dave, how's it going?" he says as he approaches me and brushes his curly brown hair out of his face.

I lean against the wall and allow my back pack to slip down to the ground. My big blue eyes squint as I look up and try to adjust to being awake still. "I am doing pretty well I suppose. Werewolf was pretty lame last night. I don't think I wanna play it anymore. We should do some sci-fi."

"Whatever man, yeah, you are right, it was kind of boring, we just got caught in a never ending treadmill. Vampire has been more fun." His hand brushes over his hint of facial hair as if he can improve his looks this morning. He could probably look a lot better if he worked just a little bit at it.

I reminisce the battle that I put them through the last time we played. Then, coming down the hallway, I see Lindsay. She seems to be heading for the stair well as if she is to completely ignore me. I know she does not like the little 'nerd corner' but I can't believe that my ignoring her must be hurting her so badly. Over the last couple of weeks she has been getting enough attention from other guys.

"Dude, snap out of it. Did you hear any of what I said, you need to wake up, stop playing with yourself all night." John looks annoyed at the fact that I am zoning out.

At the last moment, Lindsay stares over at me; her back pack's straps are close over the front of her chest and push her balloon like tits together. This forms a deep cleavage that I have started to grow accustomed to seeing with her. It is hard for me to see the expression in her eyes through her glasses. As my eyes meet her and she sees my eyes drift down to her breasts she changes directions and makes a b line for me.

Before I even have the chance to speak, John cuts in, "oh great, here comes one of the new school sluts now. Why don't you go peddle your wears elsewhere you whore?" He says these words almost too casually. Lindsay looks up at him with a look of disgust. I also look over at him and shake my head; I wonder why he feels the need to always be such an asshole.

She looks as if she is about to mouth off at him, but she then just turns and looks at me. "David, is it possible that we could maybe hang out today. I mean I know that you have your games, but I don't know, maybe I could come along and play or something."

I look to John who is obviously hoping for a no from me. Then I look back to one of the hottest social rejects in the school. "Yeah, sure that would be cool. Come pick me up after school so I don't have to walk, okay?" John sighs and stares up towards the ceiling. He looks pissed off as he walks over to a couple of the other people that are chatting in the nerd corner. She quickly moves towards me and embraces me in a hug that brings her bulging cleavage directly up towards my face.

"Thanks David! I am so happy now!" her long curly red-blonde hair dangles across my shoulders and tickles my neck. "See you tonight." She turns around on her toes and runs cheerfully into the stair well.


Little to my knowledge, Helene is standing at the end of the hallway with some of her friends and staring down at me this whole morning. She had dreams about me all night last night, and now, just to my luck, she sees the actions between me and Lindsay. She starts to think in her head that I must be taken and that she must still keep watching from where she is. Her friends would make fun of her so much if she went after a guy like me for real, especially if she had to compete over someone of my caliber. She smiles at seeing me make some sort of progress with a girl.


I masturbate one time before leaving my parents house to go play some vampire. I think about what I did several nights earlier, about covering a young girl in barrels of my thick cum. As these thoughts cross my mind, I have finished cleaning up my messing, and packing up my books for the evening's session of Vampire, the fancy car that belongs to Lindsay pulls up out front.

I run out to the car with a back pack full of dice and role-playing materials, ready for my night, or at least for part of it. Lindsay was wearing a beautiful Victorian style corset and one of those larger than life rimmed dresses that looked right out of the Victorian age. The colors on it were vibrant and, my god, her tits were practically overflowing out onto her lap. The smoothness of her slightly tanned skin was incredible to the eyes, and I start to wonder if it would be for the hands as well. Her hair is also done up in curls at the sides of her face and the rest is combed straight and hanging long in the back. Truly a sight to behold. After a long moment I sit down and put my book bag down by my feet.

"You didn't actually have to dress up you know?"

"You bet I did have to. I wouldn't miss this opportunity." I also notice that she is not wearing her glasses.

Lindsay and I ride over to John's parent's house in mostly silence. I am thinking about what I will do and what she will let me do with her. I stare at her almost uncontrollably during the journey, when she glances over at me I look away at the scenery flying by, embarrassed that I am looking at her in such a way.

When we arrive and make our way into the basement, where the nerd fun will begin, all of the guys look over and sigh a little bit before looking down. They do not look happy that I would dare interrupt a good night of role-playing with a girl's presence.

I look over to Lindsay and move a bean bag over to the table that is in the dimly lit basement room. "We don't have any extra chairs, but you can sit next to me here on this bean bag if you want." I see oblivious to offering her my own seat, and the other guys don't seem to want to. This sort of obvious detail or some of the things I always miss to screw things up.

She plops down into the bean bag, next to where I am sitting. Her boobs are just barely at about the table ledge level as she sits up. She leans in a little bit to grab some D10's and her boobs press into the table and the flesh molds to the surface in a sexy manner. I think I almost here Matt groan inwardly at the sight, meanwhile the other guys seem more annoyed than excited.

As time goes on and we play through the session late into the night, the guys seem to get more comfortable with her presence. We made her up a character but she does not really do anything, she just sits there, so we leave her be. She rolls some dice on the table non challantly and stares at the sheet, reading its contents. She does seem to be enjoying the story line. The players are helping a clan Ventrue group defend the princedom of the city from clan Tremere insurgents.

The sun has long set and everyone has leaned back a little bit, relaxing while playing. By this point, Lindsay's hand rubs against my leg that is closest to her. Due to where she is seated, no one can really see what is going on over there. Her hand rubs my thigh harder and harder throughout the next few minutes.

After a particularly brutal and exciting action scene, she seems even more fired up. Her hand grows bolder and moves over the now painful bulge in the front of my pants. She rubs it around, back and forth, up and down.

She does not actually seem to know too much about what she is doing. She is almost acting like she is experimenting with every move that she takes.

The way she acts at times makes her seem like she is experienced, but now I can truly tell that she is not. She tries many different techniques of moving her hands and fingers along my crotch. She uses just the tips of her fingers to massage in small circles all along the bulge. For a couple minutes more, she just moves her fingers along the tip through my pants. She cups under my package with her hands and squeezes my balls. She takes a single finger nail and outlines my cock. This is all very exciting. I am more into the game now than ever and the boys are truly having a blast. The best part about it is that I seem to be completely ignoring her, and yet she is truly having what seems to be a great time.

By the time the night is coming to an end, my penis is harder than ever before. Pre cum has soaked the front of my pants. I pull my books up to hide that fact from my friends as I quickly make my exit with Lindsay. We get out to her car after what seemed to be a great session. Now it is time for the session of another kind to start.

"You are so sexy when you tell the other guys what to do and what is going on. And I love the way your thing feels. Even John seemed to stop minding my presence so much, and by that I mean that he just ignored me instead of making shitty comments."

"Yeah, I am sorry that he does that. I decided to invite you to show him up for being such a dick to you. It shut him up." There I go, opening my big mouth in the wrong way again. She gives me a slightly disappointed look, and then unlocks the car. I deposit my books in the back seat this time and look across the car at her before we move to sit down inside it.

After we have both gotten down into the car, she stares over at me. "I don't know much and I am sorry. I have never actually done all that much with a guy before. I have watched a lot of porno's to try to learn some things though. I hope I didn't make hurt from touching it so much."

I look over at her with a look of slight shock on my face. "No, no that is not it at all, that felt great. Your hand moving on my pants I mean. I..." I look at her and can see that she seems a little bit upset. "... I didn't mean to say that I only brought you because of someone else. I am very glad that you came, it made tonight really special."

"Oh, special, okay, I am glad to hear it." She looks down towards her lap, which basically puts her head right down into her corset covered tits.

"Well, I was hoping to keep the special part of the night going now... if you want to that is." I start to blush and I can not believe that I have been so forward with Lindsay.

"So you mean, you still want to have something to do with me?" She leans towards me a bit and her breasts push together nicely, my head could fit on top of them nicely like a soft pillow. Then I smile with an idea.

"I want to have something to do with you alright..." I move my head down and do just that, I lay my head right on top of the exposed part of her boobs. I lie there for a few minutes quietly. I can feel her gaze upon me and I see her hands reach down and caress the side of my face. Slowly her hand creeps down the side of my body, first tickling my ribs, then resting upon my pelvis, and then moving down to the tent in my pants.

I start to grow bold as well. I move my hand up the side of the stiff corset and it reaches the lump of her large fake breast. I then descend upon it for the attack, "oh no I fell over." My hand lands on her breast and I squeeze it strongly. She lets out a deep moan and her head rolls back. This also forces her hand to squeeze upon my prick.

Several minutes of this nearly innocent groping continues when I notice that Lindsay decides to grow bolder. I feel her undo my pants with a shaky hand, then the other hand, equally as shaky, reaches in and grabs a hold of my bare prick. Her hand is soft and velvety. She rubs it all over my cock, from top to bottom and all over my balls. As she does this, I also capitalize on the situation. I reach in and not only rub her nipples and grab a hold of her boobs, I also lift them almost all the way out of the corset. The nipples peak over the top of the Victorian pattern and I lean my face over and lick near the nipple.

I stand up a little bit to raise my butt off of the seat and she pulls my pants and underwear down to below my knees. Both of her hands now surround my dick and she begins to pound on me up and down a little. Without any wetness though, it slowly starts to chafe me, even with the good feeling. "Could you spit on your hands that would make it feel really good?" She does this, licking both of her hands, finger by finger. My cock jumps a little bit from the sexy sight. I then watch her hands engulf my prick, which I then begin to piston in and out of as if her fists were a pussy, nice and slick for my cock. "Ooohh, yeah, I like the way your hands feel on me. Keep that up, oh please... please, yes, close your fists just a little bit tighter. Woah, that feels good... WOAH!"

At this loud exclamation she stops and loosens her grasp. "Did I hurt you? Did... did I screw up?"

"No, you are doing fine," I pant, "in fact I was about to cum. You should probably stop now."

"But why, don't you want to release yourself?" She strokes me a little bit more playfully.

"I do, but I do cum a lot, it will... make quite a mess... of everything."

"So what you are telling me is... that I will smell like your cum for a while?" I nod silently in response, and at that she seems to have a light bulb go off in her head. "I have an idea, to not have the cum go everywhere."

"What is that?"

"Well, in this video I saw once, the girl pushed her boobs together, and the guy put his cock between her tits. If we did that and then you came down imbetween my tits and under the corset, there would be no mess." I stop and start to contemplate it. She seems to be very excited, and I need to keep my vow, I will satisfy and make her happy. I do need a release anyway.

"Okay... let's get out of the car for some more room, you lean against it and I will stand in front of you... sound good?"

"Oh yeah darling... I can't wait. You can shove that cock between these new tits of mine, and cover my body in your cum." She says this, seeming to feel like the bolder Lindsay that I have known from the past.

She positions herself against her car door and I approach her, naked from the waste down. She finishes pulling her tits out of the corset and holds them on display for me. The look of the bright Victorian corset and her tits excite me and my cock jumps again. At seeing this, she laughs in a deep sexy tone and nods for me to come closer. "Give that dick to my tits. And then give me your cum." I step to nearly inches in front of her body. My cock is level with her fake white tits. I lean over and my cock fits snuggle in the tight valley between her voluptuous mountains. She spits on them just as I asked her to do for the hand job and then looks up and smiles at me. I start to slide my cock back and forth between her tits.

"Oh my god, it feels... so good. I can't believe it... I am actually fucking your tits. It feels like I am floating... in the clouds." My dick moves furiously between her breasts, each time I have fully extended my cock into her tits, my thighs slam against the sides of her breasts. She holds them tightly together from the sides. The pillowy flesh is folded over the top of my cock. The wetness of her spit is glistening off of my head and the sides of her tits. The pre cum joins her spit in wettening the sides of her cavern.

"Fuck my tits! Fuck them hard! I like your thighs slapping against my tits. Do you like the feel of them?"

"Hell yeah, Hel... Lindsay. They feel so soft and they form around my cock so tightly." I slam back and forth between her breasts time after time. It seems to last forever, but I know that only seconds have passed. With my inexperience and excited ness, I feel my cum rising quickly from my heavy balls.

"Fucking hell! I am cumming! I am cumming!" She smiles and she seems so into the titfuck that she does not want to stop. "Here it comes!" One last moan and one last thrust and then I halt my movements for a moment as a thick white viscous jet of white cum shoots up onto the front of her face as she stares at my dick. The next strand fires across her neck and the sticky substance clings to her breast as I push it back up with another thrust. Her tits are starting to lose their grip on my dick as I see her moaning and her eyes practically rolling back into her head. I jostle my dick around in her cleavage on my way up for another burst; this burst lasting so long that some cum is stuck between her tits as well as another load across one cheek and into her eye. After this, she finally pants, grabs my prick and shoves it down the other way between her tits. My cock fires more strands of cum between her tits and down onto her stomach, underneath of the corset. After a few more strokes of my cock between her huge jugs, my cock finally regains control of itself.

"Wow, you were not kidding about the mess part were you. This is really something to remember. We better get out of here before we are seen. Thanks David, you made me feel hot as hell. Do you like my tits?"

"Oh you betcha I do. I won't forget them anytime soon, or you either." I look down and marvel at the mess that I have made, the strands of my cum connect between her breasts like a spider web. The thick juice on her face is easy to see from quite far. It shines in the moonlight. We both get back into the car and she starts to drive us both away. As we go, she starts to scoop the cum up off of her face and from her breasts. Some of it, she eats, and some of the rest she simply rolls and rubs around on her body.

I wish Lindsay goodnight, she is too distracted to say much. I head up to bed and pass out almost instantly, relieved from all my stresses.

To be continued...