A Letter: The CFNM Party


Dear Ann,

Have you ever been to a CFNM party? If not, then you just have got to go. Every young woman should go at least once in her life. And once you go, you'll want to go again and again. A CFNM party is the ultimate in female domination over the male form. They are the best and latest idea for bachlorette parties, and they can be especially thrilling for the occasional hen's night out for the female office staff.

If you don't already know, CFNM stands for "Clothed Female, Naked Male." That's right! It's a party where the women stay clothed and the men get naked. And when I mean naked, I mean they go all the way. No thongs or fishnet briefs are acceptable. Well, except maybe for the first few minutes, I mean before they strip. But once they strip down, they have to remain bare.

The women, meanwhile, remain clothed for the entire evening. They don't even have to wear any particularly provocative or sexy clothing, although some of them do wear outfits that allow them to remove a few articles of clothing to cool down as the party heats up. In any case, it's important that every woman keep all her important parts covered. This somehow makes it more erotic, you know, when naked men walk around in the presence of dressed women. To make it a little extra erotic, it's always good to invite at least one younger, less experienced girl to also enjoy the sight of men, which I'll get to in a moment.

Meanwhile, I do mean men, as in the plural form. A CFNM party always has multiple men, usually three or four, but it can be almost any number. The only important rule to follow is to make sure the women outnumber the men by at least a 3-to-1 ratio. This makes the women feel more dominate. It also makes the men feel more vulnerable, like they can be attacked and forced to succumb to the wishes of the women at any time. Your higher class CFNM parties have additional men, but the extra males are kept backstage or sometimes in cages so they can watch the action. They are only let out as the women "finish" with the men on the dance floor, which I'll explain later. In any case, a typical, normal CFNM party will consist of about a dozen females with three or four young men.

Now you may think this is no big deal. I mean it sounds a lot like a male strip show, right?

Well, you're wrong! There's actually a lot more to it than that. For you see, after the men get naked, the women are invited to touch. That's right! They are free to touch! Unlike a male strip show where a drunken woman would be thrown out the back door by the bouncer if she dared touch one of the men on stage, the women at a CFNM party are free to touch. In fact, they are encouraged to touch. The naked men walk between the tables, and the women are invited to touch, feel, and grab the males as much as they want. They can slap their asses, feel up their hairy chests, play with their nipples, squeeze their thighs, and then they eventually get around to touching the more interesting parts too.

Yes, you're right again! I'm talking about their cocks. The women at a CFNM party are free to touch, feel, grab, and pull at the exposed pricks walking amongst them. Sometimes it can turn into a real raucous, if you know what I mean, with women grabbing cocks all around.

But still, it's not over yet, for all of this touching naturally starts to have an effect on the men, an effect the women greatly enjoy - as I'm sure you can imagine. The effect increases as the evening progresses and the women become increasingly brazen in their actions. So despite the best efforts of the men, they can't help but become excited.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, and your thinking is correct! The naked men slowly but inevitably start to grow. And they grow where us women like to see them grow the best. Not taller! And they certainly do not grow fatter with beer bellies. These are young, fit young men, who exercise regularly and are filled with an ample supply of testosterone! They also prove to be ample in another department, as us women soon discover. For you see, the men used for CFNM parties must meet a set of minimum requirements. Well, actually, when you get right down to it, they really have to meet only one requirement, but then they must also be young, handsome, and in good physical condition. The only remaining requirement is length.

Anyway, as I was saying, the young men start to grow as they dance, and they grow in the most interesting place. I'm talking about down below! You know, below their tummies but above their meaty thighs. They inevitably start to grow for the women. And they grow where us women like to see them to grow best and where we enjoy watching them grow the longest, in the place where us women extract our greatest pleasures from our subservient men. They grow from having flaccid, useless dicks; to long, valuable erections.

It does not take long to happen, and it usually happens almost in a cascading fashion amongst the men. One of them will start to grow on stage or between the tables as a woman constantly gropes him. This only makes the women want to grope him some more, not only to the hardening man, but to all the other naked men as well. The increased handling amplifies the effect and makes him grow even more. So once one prick starts to lengthen, it quickly lengthens all the way. And once it happens for one guy, it soon repeats for all of them. They get longer, and then they start to rise, and then they grow longer still. It's like the men can't wait to show off what they've got, and the women can't wait to see it. It turns into a party of hardening male members. Usually it takes only a few minutes to bring every man in the room to a full erection.

What heightens the entertainment even more for the women, as I hinted before, is the length of the men. The men at a CFNM party must meet a minimum length requirement.

Yes! That's right! The males have to be long where it counts the most: in the cock department. The minimum requirement is at least 7 inches in length so as to make it more entertaining for the women. The men are most certainly longer than average. And then there are your more prestigious parties, where they will have a minimum length requirement of 8 inches. Even better, your high class parties might have even 9 inches. And remember, that's just the minimum. Some men will inevitably be longer, like 10, 11, and maybe even a full foot long in length. There's usually at least one man at every party who will serve as the equivalent as the main attraction at a sporting event. He'll invariably be a black man, naturally, and he'll have the largest cock of the lot. I don't know what it is about black men, but damn do they have some long cocks! I've once seen one with a full 12- incher. They're rare, I know, but they are out there.

The length of the men makes it all worth it, especially when you see the reaction in the eyes or the pleasant screams in the voices of the girls who have never seen a long cock before. All get excited. Some go absolutely wild: fidgeting in their chairs, bouncing up and down, arms flying in all directions. I especially like the young ones, the girls with little or no experience with the male cock. Now don't get me wrong hear. I don't mean little girls! That would be kind-of gross, not to mention probably illegal. There is a minimum age requirement for the girls at a CFNM party too, but you can still get away with bringing in some young ones. I'm talking about high school girls, like between the ages of 16 to 18, or maybe slightly younger. It's always entertaining to invite a couple of young girls just to see their reaction at the sight of one of the big cocks. It also has an entertaining effect on the men, for they seem able to sense the young ones, the possible virgins in the audience. The men try to avoid them at first, turning away or not walking up to their tables as much as everyone else, but the more experienced women don't let them get away with it for long. Soon the young virgins are feeling up the men as much as anyone else.

Now you might think the party is over at this point. I mean after all the men get big and hard, what else is there? But no, not by a long shot! There's a lot more. In fact, the party has only just begun. For the same rule still apply as before: I mean the rule about touching. The women remain free to touch, grope, and grab as much as they want; except now the men have a lot more to take hold of. Women get to feel up the impressive hard-ons before them, which further reinforces the arousal of the men and keeps them hard. It's especially entertaining to watch the girls who have never seen a big man before. In fact, sometimes the girls are almost as entertaining as the men - almost. Most will touch the men carefully at first, treating the long snakes like they really be snakes, as though they fear the big things might jump out and somehow bite with their swollen mushroom dick-heads.

Now we do other things to the men too. In addition to touching, we like to bounce and slap them too. It is inevitable that one of the girls will eventually try to bounce one of them by pulling down and then letting go, or maybe she will just slap his big dick with her hand and watch it bounce. We bounce their hard cocks up and down and then back and forth, getting a rhythm going to it. Sometimes we make the men do it all by themselves by swaying their hips, although I've always found it more entertaining to participate myself. There's nothing like the sight of an eight-inch erection bouncing up and down or swaying back and forth.

It is as though we get to play a game with them, and then we really do play games. We play games that all somehow involve their mighty cocks. One of my favorite games is to simply dance up on stage with one of the naked men. There are few experiences more erotic than to dance with a guy sporting a full erection in a crowd, especially when it is an impressively long erection. It's great the way it presses up against you during a slow song, or the way it flies around when rocking to a faster beat. And to top it off with a little extra excitement, you can always reach out and grab the thing whenever you want during the dance, which helps keep it at an entertaining length.

Another game we like to often play at CFNM parties goes by the simple name, "Tape Measure." It's really not so much of a game; more like a competition between the men. More precisely, it's a competition between the men's cocks for who has the biggest. If you haven't guessed it already by the little hint given by the title of the game, we measure their cocks with a tape measure. In fact, us girls make very detailed measurements of both their length and also their width at various positions along their length. And I do mean, "us girls." The men at a CFNM party are never allowed to measure their own cocks. All measurement is done by the women.

We play other games with the men too - or to be more accurate, I should really say that we play games with the men's cocks. We don't much care about the men themselves; only their long cocks. It's like the men don't hardly exist; only their cocks. It's great when you are free to squeeze, stroke, pull, slap, or do whatever you want to the big male cock just in front of you. You are also free, if you so choose, to lick and suck too, which many women elect to do.

All of this naturally starts to have further effects on the men. That's right, the men get further aroused. The cocks inevitably start to leak and then they get wet. It usually happens when they are stroked. A woman will scream out as she's stroking a cock, let go, and you are greeted with a greased male pole. Sometimes it's hard to tell, especially when it happens as a result of a girl licking or sucking on the big dick. They only way to really tell for certain is to take a lick or a suck for yourself to taste the results of your efforts. Many women are shy about lapping or sucking up his pre-cumm in public, but there's always a few who are more than willing.

There is always at least one young lady who likes to reach down lower and get a little rough with the guys too. The rest of us girls affectionately call her the "Ball Girl." I think you can guess what that means! She is easy to pick out by the man who lets out a loud "Oh!" and then shrivels at her feet. As soon as one of the guys discovers her, the rest will try to avoid her table at all cost. Of course, it is impossible to avoid her completely, and by the end of the evening just about all the guys have felt her mean little fingers tighten around their nuts at least once.

Now you might be wondering how long a party like this lasts. Well, if it was up to the girls, it would last all night. I mean given a cock to do with as however they please, a group of horny young women can play with them until dawn. The trouble is, the guys can't last that long. Their cocks can only take so much arousal before they explode, and I do mean explode. That's right, for at a CFNM party, first the girls entertain themselves with hardened male cocks, and then the guys entertain us with one last performance of their own. They show off what their cocks can do for us, except they show us on stage, out in the open, with nothing to get in the way of us watching them do it. What I'm talking about, if you haven't figured it out already, is that we make the men cumm for us.

That's right! At the end of every CFNM party is what is referred to as "The Cumming." That is, us girls watch as the men give us one final performance.

Usually we take turns. We do the men one at a time so all the girls can watch. The way it works is really very simple. A man will be taken on stage when he gets close. One of the girls will take him up, usually by pulling him by his dick, announce his impending orgasm, and then she will stroke on him until he cumms. She will do one of the guys, and then soon after another girl will do a second guy. One by one we get to watch the guys as they are forced to blow their loads up on stage.

Sometimes the games even continue right up to the point of cumming. One popular game is to bring two men up on stage at once. This can either be done with one girl using both her hands, or more often done with two girls. Whatever the case, the game is again a competition, a competition between cocks. Each man is pumped at the same rate and at the same rhythm, but he is instructed not to cumm. The guy who blows his load first is the looser, and as punishment is introduced to the Ball Girl once again. I think you can pretty much guess what the punishment is. Let me just say she gives new meaning to the term "manhandled."

We play other cumm games too, all of which are very entertaining. A guy can actually hold back a cumm for a surprising long time given the proper incentive (it's just that most of the time they have no incentive!). I've seen men pumped rather vigorously for up to ten full minutes. And let me tell you, when a guy cumms after his cock is pumped for that long, well, let me tell you he can really shoot out a big load - and I mean both in quantity and distance!

It's great, really! It's like the ultimate in female domination. It's especially arousing for us girls to see the men's humiliation after they finally do it. Usually they don't put up much of a fight beforehand because they are just so horny they want to cumm. But afterwards, after they realize what they have done, a lot of the guys really turn red with embarrassment.

Now your higher class CFNM parties will have additional men available to take over when the women "finish" with the first group. What I mean is, as soon as one man is jerked and his sperm harvested (oh, that's such a cold way of putting it!), another man takes his place in the audience or up on stage. Usually the extra men are kept in cages so they can both watch the action and give them the opportunity to know what to expect. They are kept naked, of course, and in a position where us women get to watch them in return. This makes their cocks hard and wet before they are ever released, yet still fresh. There's nothing better than a hard, wet, and very horny young man just after he is released from a cage. Sometimes we'll even reach through the bars and stroke a guy while he is still in the cage, while he remains helpless to stop us. Maybe it's just me, but I love stroking the cock of a caged man, imagining each of them a virgin.

Anyway, the women immediately start in on these new cocks, stroking, squeezing, and generally doing whatever they want to them. Best of all, these are fresh cocks, meaning the women get to start up again. It takes a long while and an incessant amount of stroking, squeezing, beating, and other abuse to get them off. Also, this second set of cocks are already hard, the men having witnessed what was all done to the cocks proceeding them. The women therefore do not need to busy themselves with arousing the men, but can instead start right up on a ripe instrument.

Well, there you have it. That's a CFNM party. Hope you soon have the opportunity to soon participate yourselves,

Yours Truly,