A Weekend With Billy Ch. 5


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The following day, I asked my six women friends round for lunch. Knowing that Billy would still be there, they accepted my invitation eagerly. Billy too was glad that they would be seeing him again.

As it was a hot day, we decided to have a barbecue in the garden. Billy cooked for us in nothing but the tiny white waiter's apron I'd got him to wear the day before. Needless to say, his cute firm ass was deliciously exposed, and we could clearly see the line of his prick pulled tight beneath the white cotton fabric at the front.

Once we'd finished our ribs and tuna steaks, I asked Billy to come inside with me and help prepare dessert. He followed me into the house. I told him to wait for me in the dining-room and went into the kitchen to fetch the fruit. When I returned with it, together with one of those pressurised cans of whipped cream, I was pleased to see that Billy had spread a tablecloth on the dining-table.

'What a nice boy!' I thought. 'His mother would be proud.'

I removed Billy's apron and got him to lie on the table, stark naked. Years before, I'd read of Japanese businessmen eating food off women spread out naked in front of them. Now it was going to be the women's turn.

First, I sprayed cream all over Billy's prick and balls, obscuring them completely. Then I peeled four bananas and lay them in the bed of cream.

'Looks as if I've got four dicks,' Billy laughed.

'Exactly,' I said.

I cut the tips off two strawberries and scooped some of the flesh out, making two little wells. These I filled with whipped cream. Then I stuck the tips on Billy's nipples.

'Now, now,' I said. 'I hope you haven't been fondling your breasts, Billy.'

'What do you mean,' he asked.

'Your nipples are quite erect.'

I sprayed small islands of cream onto his ribcage and stomach and placed slices of kiwi fruit on each of them. Finally, I sprayed cream into his stomach button and pushed a strawberry into it, tip first.

When I brought the women in from the garden, they laughed at the spectacle that confronted them.

'Oh my God!' said Jean. 'You've turned him into a sweet trolley.'

I decided to impose a little rule on my friends.

'Now, of course you can eat up all the fruit,' I said. 'And the cream. But you can't use your hands. You can only use your mouths and tongues. And I want Billy's body to be spotless when you've finished. Spotless all over.'

Judy was the first to dive in. She bent over Billy's left nipple and took the strawberry tip into her mouth. Having eaten it, she licked Billy's nipple clean, lasciviously circling the little brown bud and its halo with her tongue.

Helen dealt with Billy's right nipple in a similar fashion, except that, instead of licking the cream up, she kissed and sucked his nipple until no traces remained. Then, with a series of great slurps, she sucked harder, like a child at her mother's breast. On and on she nibbled and sucked, and it was obvious that Billy was enjoying the experience, as certain stirrings became evident beneath the bananas and cream.

Jean and Angela dispatched the kiwi fruit between them and licked the cream from his torso. Polly ate the final strawberry and cleaned out his belly button with the tip of her tongue.

Only the bananas remained. With some difficulty, Jennifer ate the first two and I consumed the final pair, laughing and squirming as our noses and cheeks and chins became smeared with cream.

I gallantly let Jennifer remove the cream from Billy's dick and balls. First, she licked up as much as she could with her tongue, and Billy's genitals were rapidly revealed. Then she took his entire ball-sac into her mouth and sucked at it gently. His penis, already approaching full erection, instantly turned rock hard. Once his balls were clean, she licked his shaft like a cat and then took his helmet into her mouth. Billy gasped and sat up.

Jennifer released his glans and stood up to survey the results of her labors. Billy appeared entirely clean, but I wasn't convinced. I pushed him back down onto the table and brazenly lifted his knees up to his chest. I then pulled his butt cheeks wide apart. Sure enough, cream had trickled down his butt cleft and nestled on that dark red puckered asshole of his.

I got Judy and Angela to hold his knees in place and then I lowered my face to his ass. Repeatedly, I licked between his butt cheeks and then licked and sucked on his asshole. I used the tips of my thumbs and forefingers to spread his cheeks as wide as possible and continued licking and sucking until long after all traces of cream had been removed.

When Billy was well and truly spotless, it was his turn to eat. I presented him with a small bowl of strawberries.

'You'll have to produce your own cream for yourself,' I informed him. 'The real stuff has run out. And you'll have to produce it right here and now in front of us.'

Billy needed little encouragement and little time to deliver what was needed. He clutched the bowl of strawberries in his left hand in front of his penis and grasped his stiff shaft with his right hand.

Jennifer and I had obviously done our jobs, because Billy immediately started pumping himself furiously. He only lasted thirty seconds or so, and then a great spurt of semen squirted out over the strawberries. A prodigious amount of sperm gushed out of him in seven full spurts before his ejaculation began to subside.

'You realise those strawberries must all be eaten?' I checked.

'Of course,' he replied.

And with that, he picked one from the bowl and nonchalantly popped it in his mouth. He sucked on it, then chewed it and swallowed it down.

What a guy! He really enjoyed those strawberries, licking them and sucking them and chewing them. And even when he got down to the last of them and discovered that it was entirely without cream, he remained undaunted. He lifted his flaccid dick and lowered the strawberry to the tip of his glans. A few late droplets of sperm had gathered there, and these Billy smeared onto the strawberry. He then put the strawberry in his mouth and polished it off.

After lunch, we all went back out into the garden, Billy still naked as the day he was born. It was then that I made my confession.

'To tell you the truth,' I said, 'I didn't just ask you here for lunch. There's something I'd like to ask you to do.'

I told them about Billy's performance in the club the night before and the business of the guy chickening out at the end.

'Just before we left,' I said, 'I had a word with the manager. I felt a bit sorry for her. Anyway, the point is, I offered to put on a kind of show tonight. By way of compensation, if you see what I mean.'

'In the club?' Polly asked.

'Of course. They're offering a professional male strip show tonight, but there's an interval which we're free to use.'


'I want some of us to take part in an erotic improvisation. Billy, of course, if he doesn't mind.'

'Of course he doesn't mind,' said Angela.

Billy laughed.

'And then I was thinking maybe you, Angela, and you, Polly, and myself.'

'We don't have to get naked, do we?' Polly asked.

'Of course not. That's Billy's department.'

'What sort of improvisation are you thinking of?' Angela inquired.

'Well, that's what I want to discuss. But Billy, I want it to be a surprise for you, so if you could leave us to it, that would be brilliant.'

'Sounds fun,' Billy said. 'I'll go and have a shower.'

He made for the house, then suddenly turned round and came back again.

'Just a couple of things,' he said, Columbo-like.

'What's that?' I asked.

'First, I'd really like to do something outrageous this time.'

'This time?!' I asked, incredulous.

'And the other thing is…'

He paused, as if he hardly dared say it.

'And the other thing is what?' I inquired.

'I'd like to be caned.'

I looked at him.

'I don't think that's such a good idea,' I finally said.

'But I want to try it.'

'No,' I said. 'An ex-boyfriend of mine once asked me to cane him and he really regretted it. Not only was it far more painful than he'd realised, but it left welts that lasted for ages. And apart from anything else, don't forget you've got a job interview tomorrow. You don't want to be shifting about in your seat.'

'But I really want to try it,' Billy insisted.

'We'll see,' I said.

The professional strippers were really kind. They brought some furniture from the club manager's office - a couple of desks, a couple of desk chairs, a filing cabinet - and set them up on the stage. Then they disappeared for their break and, once I'd put a few props in place, we were ready to begin.

At the start of our piece, Angela and I were sitting at our desks, trying to get some work done. Billy, however, was sitting on Angela's desk, drinking a cup of coffee and attempting, unsuccessfully, to flirt with her. He was wearing his business suit. Angela was wearing a knee-length white summer dress with a floral design in pink - all very sweet and demur. For my own part, I was dressed in a white blouse, black mid-thigh-length skirt and black stockings.

Polly came into the 'office' with a manila file under her arm.

'All right if I put this back in the filing cabinet?' she asked.

'Of course,' I said.

She walked up to the cabinet and bent down to open the bottom drawer. As a result, her incredibly short black miniskirt rode up somewhat, revealing the lower part of what appeared to be two naked buttocks.

Billy leered at Polly's ass in delight.

'What the hell are you gawking at?' I asked.

'What do you mean?' Billy lamely responded.

'Polly,' I said. 'Can you believe this? Billy's staring at your butt.'

Polly stood up indignantly.

'What?!' she shouted.

'Well, what do you expect?' Billy said defiantly. 'Coming to work in a barely-there miniskirt and a thong. It's hardly appropriate, is it?'

'Excuse me? Did you say "thong"?'

'Oh, come on! It's obvious.'

'Who's wearing a thong?' Polly snapped.

She was so furious, she lifted her skirt to reveal the black tanga she was wearing underneath. The rear panel had ridden up her butt cleft, but this was now deftly retrieved.

'Who's wearing a thong?' she repeated, turning her back on Billy so that he could see the truth.

'Well, anyway, it still isn't appropriate,' Billy said.

'What isn't?'

'That skirt.'

'It's your behaviour that isn't appropriate,' Angela interrupted. 'What a nerve! Day in, day out, you undress us with your eyes, and now you have the cheek to tell us what clothes are appropriate.'

'Undress you with my eyes? That's garbage, and you know it.'

'You do it all the time. You were doing it just now when you were talking to me before Polly came in.'

'I was not!' Billy insisted.

'Of course you were. I could feel it. I could feel it as you mentally undressed me. It's humiliating.'

'You're living in a world of your own imagining,' Billy scoffed. 'And besides, even if I did mentally undress you, which I don't, what's it got to do with you? Thought's free, isn't it?

'Wo, wo, wo, here we go!' Angela mocked. 'All right, Mr Free Thinker, if thought's free, mentally undress me. Go ahead! What underwear am I wearing?'

'I'm not playing along with this,' Billy protested.

'Come on, Thought's Free! What underwear am I wearing?'

'Well, since you ask,' Billy sneered, 'I know exactly what underwear you're wearing.'

'What's that, then?'

'A sensible white bra and sensible white panties,'

I couldn't help laughing out loud at that one.

'Is that so?' asked Angela. 'Is that so? Quite large, then, these panties?'

'Sensibly large, yes,' Billy insisted.

'Well, let's see, then,' said Angela.

And with that, she undid the buttons down the front of her dress and let it fall open. She was wearing a tiny bright red bra, from which her ample breasts seemed about to burst out, and an even tinier bright red g-string. It barely covered her sex.

The contrast was undoubtedly startling - that innocent-looking, cool summer dress, and those hot pieces of underwear.

Angela lifted her dress and turned round to confirm that she was wearing a g-string. Then she released the dress and turned to face Billy again.

'So what do you say to that, then? Is that appropriate?' she asked.

Billy was lost for words as Angela slowly did up her dress.

'Well, since we've started,' I said, 'I think we should all do it. So what about me, Billy? What am I wearing?'

'A white blouse and black skirt. With tights or stockings,' he replied.

'But that's the point, isn't it? Which are they? Undress me, Billy. Undress me with your eyes. Are they tights or stockings?'


'And what about the rest of my underwear?' I pursued.

'White bra and white tanga briefs.'

I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. I was wearing one of those black bras that do wonders for your bust.

'White bra?' I mocked.

Coolly, I unzipped my skirt and slipped out of it. Black suspender-belt, black tanga briefs, black stockings.

'Not very close, Billy, were you?'

'Well, you're wearing tanga briefs.'

'Ooh! One out of four! Impressive!'

Angela and Polly laughed.

'And now it's out turn,' I said. 'What do you think, girls? What's he wearing?'

'Sensible white y-fronts,' said Angela.

'Hideous grey midi briefs,' said Polly.

'No, no!' I corrected. 'Boxer shorts, definitely. With some sort of ridiculous design. Dogs or baseball players or violins. You know the sort of thing.'

'Yeah,' said Angela.

'Well, you'll never know, will you?' Billy jeered.

'Oh, we'll know. We'll know,' I retorted. 'We'll know in a matter of seconds.'

And with that, the three of us ganged up on him. Billy pantomimed a show of resistance, but we soon had him out of his jacket. Next, we removed his tie, and then his shirt.

'No undershirt,' Polly observed.

Angela and Polly pinned Billy's arms behind his back. I undid his belt and unzipped his suit pants. I bent down and took off his shoes. Finally, I undid the fastener at his waist and pulled his suit pants down. Again, I bent down and tugged them off his feet.

Angela and Polly sprang forward. We all looked at Billy's crutch.

'Well, there's a surprise! Bikini briefs!' I said.

'With blue and white stripes!' said Polly.

'Daring cut,' I said. 'What would you say, girls? Appropriate?'

'I'm not complaining,' Polly replied.

'Hang on a minute!' Angela interrupted. 'Hang on a minute!'

She walked up to Billy and forcefully turned him round.

'My God!' she said. 'It's a thong! Can you believe that? After all he said, the guy's standing here in a fucking thong! Can you beat that?'

And sure enough, Billy was wearing the blue and white thong I'd bought for him the day before. (Of course he was! I'd told him to wear it!)

'He accuses Polly of wearing a thong,' Angela continued. 'He's stunned when I turn out to be wearing a g-string. He hasn't got a clue what you're wearing. And all the time, he's standing there in that thing! What can you say?'

'You're right,' I agreed. 'It's outrageous. I'm sorry, Billy, I'm going to have to punish you.'

'Yeah, right,' Billy mocked.

'Bend him over my desk, girls.'

Angela and Polly dragged Billy over to my desk. The bent him over it. I squatted down and pulled his feet apart, looking up to savour the cute curvaceous butt that was more or less level with my head.

I stood at his side and gently fondled and stroked his butt cheeks.

'It's going to sting,' I said. 'Here and here and here.'

I squeezed different parts of his buttocks.

'And it isn't going to be like this,' I said.

I lightly spanked his left buttock.

'No, it isn't going to be like this,' I repeated.

I lightly spanked his right buttock.

'No, no. I'm going to spank you hard. But the question is, when? How long will you have to wait? How long will you have to wait for the first smack? And the next? And the next?

I raised my right hand high above my head and paused. Up to this point, the audience had been fairly raucous - laughing in the right places, jeering at Billy's chauvinist comments, cheering when his pants came down, bursting into laughter and applause when the thong back was revealed. Now they were completely silent.

I waited for a good thirty seconds, then brought my hand down on Billy's left buttock very hard. A loud smack was heard as his ass cheek rippled. Again, I raised my hand and paused - this time for about twenty seconds - before spanking his right cheek equally hard.

Sometimes I paused for thirty seconds, sometimes for only five or so, sometimes not at all. Often I would alternate pauses with bursts of continuous spanking.





On and on for minutes.

I formulated a plan in my mind. I would spank Billy until his buttocks were a deep red. I would then spank him thirty more times. That way, I could be sure that his buttocks were truly burning.

I carried out this plan and then paused.

'I should think he's had enough, girls. Wouldn't you?' I asked.

They agreed.

'What do you say Billy? Have you had enough?'

'Yes,' he groaned.

'Good, because I haven't!'

And with that, I yanked his thong under-strap up his back and spanked him again a further thirty times, very hard.

When I'd finally finished, I left Billy bent over the desk for about a minute. The audience clapped and cheered. Then I got Angela and Polly to stand Billy up and turn him round.

'My God!' I said. 'The guy's got a hard-on.'

And sure enough, Billy prick had produced an enormous bulge in his pouch.

'I suppose you'd like to fuck us, wouldn't you?' Angela asked. 'That's what you do in your head every day. Undress us and fuck us. Don't you?'

'Well, this time, we will fuck him,' I said.

Without warning, I yanked down his thong. His penis sprang up with a jerk.

'Lie him on my desk,' I commanded.

Polly and Angela dragged him to the desk and forced him to lie back on it. His thong hung from his ankles. I whipped it off.

'Now raise your knees and spread 'em!' I ordered.

'What?' Billy asked, incredulous.

'You heard me. Raise your knees and spread 'em like a little whore!'

Billy didn't move.

'Do you want another spanking,' I asked.

Billy raised his knees and spread his legs wide apart. His dark red anus was deliciously revealed beneath his swelling balls.

'Hold his knees,' I instructed.

Angela and Polly grasped them firmly and held them in place.

I opened the desk drawer and took out a bottle of baby oil. I opened the cap and aimed the nozzle at Billy's asshole. I squeezed the bottle hard. A powerful jet of baby oil smacked against his hole. I fired another jet, and another, until his anus was sopping and the oil had dribbled down and pooled on the desk.

'Look at that,' I said. 'He's soaking. His little cunt's simply gagging for it.'

Once more I reached into the drawer, this time bringing out a dildo. It was an exact replica of a penis, about seven inches long, complete with balls. I placed it on Billy's stomach.

'What the hell's that?' he asked.

'It's my prick,' I said. 'I'm going to fuck you.'

I rummaged in the drawer and brought out the tube of lubricant I'd placed there with the other props before the start of the show. This too I lay on Billy's stomach, next to the dildo.

'But first,' I said, 'we mustn't forget the foreplay.'

I circled and dabbed at the top of Billy's asshole with my finger.

'Do you like that?' I asked. 'Do you like it when I massage your clitoris? Of course you do. You love it. Look at how wet your cunt is! You're loving it!'

I continued with this 'clitoral' stimulation for about a minute, then paused.

'And now would you like to feel my finger inside you? Would you? Would you like that?'

I coated my middle finger in lubricant and slowly inserted it into Billy's anus.

'In…in…in…all the way,' I said. 'I can feel your ass against my knuckles. Oh, darling, how warm you feel! Shall I try to find your G-spot?'

I squeezed my finger against Billy's prostate gland. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Pre-cum coursed out of his prick.

'Oh, look!' I said. 'Wetter and wetter! You like that, darling, don't you?'

And with my free hand, I massaged the pre-cum into his stomach.

Finally, I removed my finger from his asshole and picked up the dildo.

'Oh, darling!' I said. 'I need to be inside you. I need to be inside you.'

I coated the dildo in lubricant in front of Billy's face, then moved it down to his butt-hole.

'Oh, please! Now! Let me in. Let me IN!' I said.

I nudged the tip of the dildo against Billy's asshole. A sharp intake of breath from Billy. Slowly, slowly, slowly, I pushed the tip of the dildo into Billy anus. I paused.

'Oh, Billy!' I said. 'I love the sight of my prick just entering your cunt. But I want to be in you. I want to be IN you.'

Gently, I pushed the dildo further up his ass. Further and further. All the way.

Billy moaned.

Slowly, I pulled the dildo back out till just the tip was engulfed, then pushed it all the way back in again. Deeply but gently, slowly but rhythmically, I fucked Billy's ass.

'Oh yes! Oh yes!' I moaned. 'Your cunt feels so tight. You're so tight.'

I must have gone on fucking his ass like that for about five minutes. And all the while I kept talking to him.

'I'm fucking you, Billy. I'm fucking you, Billy. Just like you fuck me in your head. I'm filling your cunt with my prick, Billy. Do you like that? Is that what you'd like to do to me? Is it? Like that? And like that?'

When I'd finally done with him, I left his anus impaled on the dildo and asked Polly and Angela to spin him round on his back so that his head was facing the audience.

I looked down into Billy's eyes.

'Do you know what you're going to do now?' I asked him.

He shook his head.

I got Angela and Polly to lift his butt off the desk until his prick was hanging above his head.

'Do you know what you're going to do now?' I asked again. 'You're going to come in your mouth. You're going to make yourself come in your own mouth. You're going to jerk off and shoot your load into your mouth. Now do it!'

Billy remained motionless.

I moved round to the other side of the desk and gave each buttock the hardest spank I could muster.

Billy grabbed his prick in his right hand. I retraced my steps round the desk and knelt beside him, our faces inches apart. I looked up at his hand on his dick. He began to jerk off.

It was an amazing sight - the dildo still sticking up from between his ass cheeks, his balls hanging down, his glistening erect penis in his hand. Gently, he squeezed his glans. His eyelet opened, and a thin strand of pre-cum slowly dropped towards his mouth. He squeezed again. Slowly, the pre-cum descended until it finally entered his mouth and pooled on his waiting tongue.

Billy closed his mouth and tasted. Swallowed. Milked some more pre-cum onto his tongue. Tasted and swallowed again and again. I was mesmerised at the sight of it, knowing how excited Billy must be feeling to produce such a quantity of fluid.

Then Billy started to jerk off slowly. I looked up at his foreskin moving back and forth across his glans. Sometimes he pumped his shaft, sometimes he squeezed his helmet, sometimes he rubbed and pinched the ridges of his glans. But he always returned to his finger-and-thumb grip and fucked his foreskin with his helmet.

He masturbated for a good five minutes, and then suddenly began pumping furiously. This went on for a further two minutes or so, and then he began grunting uncontrollably. Almost immediately, a jet of semen coursed down into his mouth. Another followed. Another, and another.

Billy's aim was pretty good. Most of his spurts hit their target, so that I wondered if he'd done this a few times before. Even so, one spurt hit his nose, one his chin, and one landed on his right cheek.

When he was finally spent, I removed the dildo from his asshole, Polly and Angela lowering him back down to the desk.

I told him to stand up and open his mouth.

He did so, staggering a little at first.

I looked at the semen inside his mouth.

'Good,' I said. 'Now rinse your mouth with it.'

Billy swished the semen about in his mouth. The sound it made was out of this world.

'Now show me again,' I said.

He opened his mouth. The semen, mixed with his saliva, bubbled and frothed.

'Now swallow it down,' I commanded.

He obeyed. A beautiful gulping sound reached my ears.

We stood and feasted our eyes on the aftermath - the sperm on Billy's nose and cheek and chin, his post-tumescent cock still glistening and sticky, his ass cheeks still red from his spanking.

I turned to Angela.

'Could you give me your g-string?' I asked.

'Sure,' she said, not batting an eyelid.

She deftly removed her g-string under her dress without revealing anything. She stepped out of it and handed it to me. I made Billy step into it and then pulled it up. It was tiny - no more than a sling for his prick. He looked surreal.

I took off my suspender belt and stockings and got Billy into them.

'Do you know what I'm going to do now?' I asked.

Billy shook his head.

I retrieved the cane that, unknown to him, I'd hidden under the desk before the performance began.

'I'm going to cane you,' I said.

Billy's eyes widened, but he was silent for a moment.

'I guess I deserve it,' he finally said.

'Of course you deserve it. Now bend over my desk.'

Billy complied.

He looked fantastic, his red ass cheeks framed by the suspender belt, the suspenders and the stocking tops below. The red g-string was the icing on the cake.

I picked up the bottle of baby oil and squirted a liberal quantity on his butt cheeks. With gentle caresses I massaged it in.

'This will make you even more sensitive,' I observed.

Then I whispered something into Billy's ear. He nodded.

I raised the cane, waiting for a moment, then brought it down sharply.


'Argh!' Billy cried, as a livid red welt appeared across his buttocks.



Another welt.


'I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I won't strip you with my eyes again.'





Five red stripes decorated his ass. I paused and looked at them for ten seconds or so. Then I raised the cane and brought it down still harder than before.


'Blue! Blue!'

It was hardly more than a whisper, but I heard it. It was the 'safe' word I'd whispered into Billy's ear before striping his ass.

I wasn't surprised. I'd warned him how painful it would be in the garden after lunch. I was annoyed that he'd insisted so stubbornly and felt like giving him another stripe by way of punishment. But a safe word is a safe word and trust is trust, so of course I resisted the temptation.

I looked once more at the six welts across his butt. Silly Billy!

'Have you learnt your lesson?' I asked.

'Yes. Yes.'

I believed him.

'Okay. You can stand up now.'

Billy raised himself up and faced me. His eyes were watering slightly, but he shook my hand.

I put on my skirt and blouse then picked up Billy's suit pants.

'Polly,' I said, 'could you take off your miniskirt? You can wear these.'

She stepped out of her miniskirt and handed it to me. Then she put on the pants.

I easily got Billy into the miniskirt. He was truly like putty in my hands.

'You can stay like that for the rest of the day,' I said. 'Maybe we'll strip you with our eyes from time to time. Contemplate your hot sticky prick in its tiny red sling. Dream of those dark red stripes across you well-oiled ass.'

Polly and Angela laughed.

And with that, we all lined up in front of the audience and took a bow. They went wild, clapping and cheering and baying. When we took our second bow, Billy gamely turned his back to the audience and raised his skirt. We had one last glimpse of those six stripes. They were livid.

The following Thursday, Billy phoned me. He'd got the job. He'd be moving down to London in about a month.

'Where are you going to live?' I asked.

'I don't know yet.'

'Why don't you stay with me while you're looking?'

'That's really kind of you. Are you sure it's okay?'

'Oh yes. It'll be fun.'

'You can be certain of that,' Billy laughed.

'How's that ass of yours?'

'It's getting there.'

'I did warn you.'

'I know you did. But I really wanted to try it. Actually, I'm glad I did.'

I hoped Billy would be staying with me for a very long time.