Clothed Women at a Nude Male Shoot


The following is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent).

I never thought I would be writing a story for an erotic website such as yours but a recent experience I had has forced me to do so.

Let me first describe myself. I am a 27-year-old brunette with a nice figure and ample breasts. I am told my best feature is my legs, and I take great pride in showing them off - short shorts, short skirts, sexy stockings, you name it.

My attractive figure and pretty face has allowed me to always flirt with hot guys and enjoy their company.

Even though I have a boyfriend, I feel no shame in chatting with a handsome fellow every now and then - hey, it's not cheating.

But anyway, to my recent experience.

My girlfriend Kelly, another attractive brunette who I am always competing with to gain men's attention, called me up one day and told me she had gotten a job photographing nude male models.

I was stunned.

She had long been a photographer for a local newspaper but had gotten bored with that position. She wanted to branch out and do other things.

Photographing hot guys, hot naked guys, didn't seem like a bad gig I guess.

After she had gotten settled in with this new job, she asked me if I would like to join her one day at work.

I laughed and said no way. I actually thought she was joking.

I couldn't imagine sitting in a room with a naked guy, staring at his bod while my friend snapped tons of pictures of him.

She was, however, very persistent, and I finally gave in to her request.

I put on a pair of tight, skimpy jean shorts and a white top and headed out the door one afternoon to take her up on her offer.

I joined her in her studio at her house that day and waited for the models to show up.

She was photographing three different men that day, and she said they were all hunks.

Now my boyfriend is cute and good in bed, but she described these guys as absolute studs.

I felt kind of guilty being there, since I would probably freak if my boyfriend went to a strip club where the women take their clothes off, but I figured what the hell.

It's not like he was going to find out.

Once all the men arrived, Jess, my friend, had them strip down to just jeans and white T-shirts.

The first guy's name was Ronald, about 6-2, great upper body, very sexy. He had dark hair, a lot of muscles in places I didn't know had muscles.

The second guy's name was Rich, a blonde hottie with an even bigger upper body than Ronald's.

Both immediately stripped down to their underwear, and I could see each had nice bulges in front.

The third gentleman intrigued me. He was black.

Now I had never slept with a black man before in my life, and had always been curious about what they say about black guys having bigger dicks than white men.

I thought this afternoon at Jess' would provide me with a nice, innocent way of exploring my curiosities.

The black man approached me and kissed my hand, which I thought was very sweet, He introduced himself as Jamal.

He had green eyes, a shaved head, and a beautiful face.

He had not as muscular an upper body as the other two men but I was about to find out Jamal was a lot different than the other two men when it came to their lower bodies.

Preparing for a set of shots, Ronald and Rich both were told politely by Jess to take off their underwear.

I took a deep breath.

I just still felt awkward and at the same time very aroused about being in a room with two naked guys while I was still clothed. It felt like it was kind of unfair to them, but oh well, why not.

They removed their underwear, and I could see both had nice-sized dicks, plump and long, and both hung down a bit against their balls.

They both remained completely flaccid, as erections are considered a little distasteful by the magazine Jess works for.

I couldn't help but stare at their dicks the whole time Jess took the photos, and Jamal noticed this and sat down next to me.

He was still wearing jeans and a T-shirt, so I felt comfortable talking to him.

It felt good to have at least one clothed guy in the room, just to make things a little normal.

Jamal noticed my green eyes had casually been staring at the two mens' nice-sized cocks, and he said he felt sorry for them having such small penises.

I thought that was kind of odd since I thought Ronald and Rich were pretty well-hung.

Jess finished with her shots of the two white men and asked Jamal to get undressed.

Jess snickered and covered her face with her hands.

I asked her what was so funny and she said “wait til you see this.”

Jamal took off his jeans and out flopped a large black tube that hung down a good distance between his legs.

I gasped. Jess laughed.

The thing could not be a real penis, I thought to myself. It was long, fat, and as thick as my forearm and it wasn't even erect.

I kept saying it couldn't be real, but Jamal and Jess assured me it was.

The other two men looked on and were a bit jealous, but couldn't help but admire Jamal's dong.

I couldn't stop staring at it. I had never seen anything like it. It looked like an optical illusion, something produced by special effects.

But it was in fact real. I was impressed with the sizes of the dicks on Ronald and Rich, but Jamal's dick hung nearly halfway to his knees.

It swung back and forth as he walked.

The next photo shoot they were going to do was entitled “only one muscle counts,” and it was a playful spread of a hot woman admiring the size of Jamal's big dick while the two white men watched jealously.

Both white men had bigger upper bodies than Jamal did, but Jamal had a much larger cock. And the spread was supposed to display that in blatant fashion.

The stunning part of it was that Jess wanted me to be the hot woman in the photos.

At first I denied, since I didn't want my boyfriend to find out I was doing this. But Jess said she would just keep the photos to ourselves and it would just be for fun.

She had me walk back and forth out in front of the three naked men, and had me stare at their dicks like I was comparing sizes.

Of course there was no comparison.

She then had me sit in a chair with my legs crossed and play with Jamal's penis with my bare feet. I would put my foot up underneath it and then let it fall down between his legs. It swung down like a big salami. I couldn't help but comment that he was, as they say, “hung like a horse.”

The two white guys were supposed to stare in fascination at Jamal's donkey dick, and that is what they did. Neither of them had probably seen anything like it either.

Jess kept clicking away as I toyed with Jamal's penis and then she surprised me by telling me to start playing with it with my hands.

Again I hesitated, but gave in. I figured no on would find out.

Jamal's dong was awfully heavy, and so fat and long, and I asked rhetorically how he fit it in his pants.

He actually gave me an explanation.

He told me he rarely wore underwear, that he wore baggy jeans or pants and let his schlong hang down one of the pant legs. He was more comfortable this way.

Further questions about his horse-sized penis came forth from my inquisitive mind, and he obliged me by answering them.

I wondered about when he noticed his special gift, and he said his dick started getting really big when he was like 9 or 10, that he already knew he was kind of different from the other boys.

I asked him with a giggle if it ever was somewhat awkward being so well hung, and he told me it used to be somewhat of a burden when he was on the high school swim team and it looked like he had a grapefruit bulging out in front of his trunks.

The more we talked about his dick, the more aroused he got, and I noticed his dork started getting longer and longer and as a result my strokes got longer and longer.

It felt like I had a baseball bat in my hands, and I started to play around with it by letting it go and seeing his big prick bob up and down in front of him.

I let it settle, and noticed that in its fully erect state it did not point straight up. The laws of gravity did not allow such a huge dick to do so.

The head was enormous, almost as big as my fist. Veins bulged out on the sides of his penis, and because he got so aroused his balls got even bigger and the sack seemed to hang down almost as far as his schlong did earlier.

His balls were huge, almost as big as golf balls.

Now I know not all black men are as endowed as Jamal, and hell, maybe there are some white guys out there that are freakishly well-hung too.

But I just know what I saw, and Jamal had a giant cock. So maybe it is natural for me to now think that black men are huge.

After I played with Jamal's prick and Jess snapped off some shots of me stroking it with both hands (and there was probably room for another pair), she handed me a ruler and asked me to measure his dick.

It was the only prop she brought out for the photos, but it was affective.

She got in close so she could get good shots of me measuring his penis, and as I placed the ruler along the top of his shaft I found it to be almost a full 12 inches.

Wanting to be very accurate, I looked as close as I could and saw that it was 11 and three quarter inches.

Surely the biggest cock I have ever seen.

Not only was the measuring thing good for the photos, but it also satisfied my curiosity about how big Jamal's dick really was.

Now unfortunately the photos stopped there, and after getting so aroused and feeling my nipples starting to stick out, I was sad to see Jamal and the other two men get dressed and leave for the day.

Jamal had to wait for his giant erection to subside, and when it did, he tucked his penis in his pants and headed out the door.

Sorry if you were expecting more, like handjobs and blowjobs, but I don't know if I could ever cheat on my boyfriend.

I plan to see Jamal again at an upcoming shoot, so maybe I will have more to tell.