Fem-Dom Island - The CFNM Chronicles - Chapter 5


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Chapter 5: The Pick Up Bar

We walked into the club together. I politely opened the door for Lori, allowed her to pass, and then quickly leapt up to join her. We walked side-by-side into the room.

"Wow!" She spoke with merriment as soon as her eyes caught sight of the pleasant scene that awaited her. "Nice! I think I'm going to like this place."

It was similar to any normal, run-of-the-mill club on the mainland. A bar stood along one wall, tables and booths positioned against the others, and a dance floor stood in the middle. I looked for a band but saw only a DJ with stacks of CDs up against the wall behind her. Loud, raucous music played from overhead speakers. A hundred shouting voices sounded in my ear all at once.

The club was filled with a lot of people, perhaps a hundred in all, but it was still far from capacity. Only three couples occupied the dance floor. Half the booths stood empty.

The time was early evening. People still talked more than partied. I suspected they talked about the same things normal people talked about in the night clubs back home: sport teams, friends, or maybe about a particularly hard time they had at work that day. The compliment of men and women looked to be roughly equal. Most sat. Only a few stood around.

All seemed perfectly normal, except for one important difference common to all public facilities on the island of Femdom. The difference was in the men, for they all lacked clothing. Not a single stitch of clothing lay on any man in the room. They were clothed, but clothed naked.

I, likewise, stood naked, waiting beside Lori at the entrance of the bar as she looked around. It felt awkward being naked in a public place, but I was gradually becoming accustomed to the nude status of all the men on the island.

Lori showed off. She wore little in the way of clothing, electing instead to wear the sexy little outfit she had picked out the day before in the clothing store. We had returned to the store early that morning so Lori could keep her word and pay what she owed. It didn't take long for me to find myself in the back storeroom where the young Yuka taught my girlfriend a couple of new and interesting techniques.

If not for Yuka's earlier milking, I certainly would have been erect at the mere sight of the big-breasted Lori. She had tit sticking out all over. Not only down the center of her chest, but I caught sight of her tits from the side too. And not just her tits, but she also wore the added benefit of a panty-like bottom with a g-string running up the center of her ass. She looked hot and sexy, like she wore an invitation for any man to come up and fuck her. Little did I know that's exactly what she wanted.

Men turned their heads to express brief looks of interest. Women more brazenly looked at me to express a more devious interest. It was like walking through a pick-up bar back home, but here the women were free to check out every detail I had to offer. As best I could, I tried to follow close beside to Lori to block my exposure from their sight. I was getting accustomed to the island, but not that accustomed!

We sat down and Lori ordered drinks for the both of us. She had to pay, naturally, because she was the only one who carried any money. The bartender was male, which meant Lori had to be served by a naked man, but she didn't seem to mind in the least. Like me, she was getting used to the place. She seemed to enjoy being served by naked men.

"Rather nice place, don't you think?" She had to lean over close and almost yell into my ear to be heard.

"Very nice," I yelled back.

"Sort-of an interesting take-off on a meat market back on the mainland," Lori continued. "But where the ladies are allowed to check out the details."

She giggled as she said this, and then looked around to the rest of the room as if to demonstrate. A smile formed on her lips as she took a hard stare at one of the booths in particular. Two naked men sat together. I wondered if she was contemplating doing it with both of them at once.

"Most of the ladies don't look too bad either," She gave me a slight nudge into the ribs. "It looks like a lot of them are dressed in order to get the men excited and check them out in their fullest extension."

The giggling went on, and I understood what she meant. In fact, I noticed it as soon as we walked in. Lori's outfit looked to be the most risqué in the room, but I noticed many of the women followed only a slight distance behind. Some wore small tops. Others bikinis. A few looked like they were dressed in the equivalent of negligées. Several asses came into view when I looked around. They all looked sexy, as though they were trying to get a rise out of the men - quite literally. I suspected some of the men sitting at the tables had already risen to the occasion.

Lori was one of the sexiest women in the bar not so much because of what she wore, but because of her trim figure and oversized tits. The fact that I knew her probably added to my own excitement. I couldn't wait to finally get a close-up look at her big tits in the bare. I had already seen so much, yet hadn't seen her topless.

"Feel free to excite yourself, if you want," She leaned up close a second time to yell into my ear. "I don't mind, really! You have my permission if you wish."

"I'm not exactly in the mood right now," I expressed calm. "Not after what Yuka all did to me!"

"Oh yes," Lori smiled, pretending like she had forgotten about it. "She certainly was a creative little saleslady, wasn't she?"

She referred, of course, to my earlier ejaculation administered by the young Yuka. She took the two of us into a back room, back in a storeroom. It took almost two hours in all because she kept getting interrupted by customers coming into the store. Between customers she spent her time masturbating me, but she never masturbated me enough to make me cumm. Instead, she waited until Lori returned at the end.

"I personally liked it best when she played doctor," Lori pressed her body up close to mine as the music died down between songs. "I really liked it when she gave you that cock and ball exam."

Our thighs touched. She slid almost onto my barstool. I recalled the earlier episode where the two of them stepped into the storeroom wearing white doctor gowns and nothing else.

"And then when she checked out your sperming quantity," She continued. "You sure looked like you had a good time."

I turned back around to the bar out of embarrassment. She didn't need to say any more. I took a deep breath. Yes, it was a lot of fun, I had to admit. I enjoyed it when Lori offered up my cock for others to use. She offered me up as though she owned my cock, as if it was her property to do with as she pleased. Thoughts of Yuka and the storage room made me want to get hard, yet the earlier abuse of her hand kept me mostly soft.

Lori turned back around along with me. Our bodies separated. Our drinks arrived. She talked about possibly again meeting up with Yuka later in the week, which only made me that much more excited. I feared the encounter, yet at the same time looked forward to it!

And then she started talking about another fantasy she wanted to try with me. It had something to do with being in a prison, but I had a hard time hearing over the next song. I think she was shy about admitting her sexual fantasies to a man, even if it was only me. The music became louder. Her voice naturally turned soft. It was as though she didn't want others to hear.

We drake most of our drinks and talked for a few minutes more. Lori did most of the talking. She stopped only when interrupted in mid-sentence by a fellow patron standing up at the bar along side her ordering a drink.

"Hello beautiful," I heard him yell into her ear. "I saw you sitting up here and just had to come up and compliment you on a terrific ass."

Lori immediately looked away and went red with embarrassment. She had apparently forgotten about the g-string that barely covered her backside. As we faced the bar, I realized her ass stood out. It was elevated up on the barstool and on full display for everyone to see.

"I'm sorry," He apologized. "I didn't realize you were taken."

He started to turn away, but then Lori quickly stopped him from going. "That's all right," She spoke. "It was just the alcohol. Thank you for the compliment."

He didn't leave. "My name is Jason," He introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Lori," She introduced back, and then did the same for me. "Don't worry, John is just a friend of mine."

He took turns shaking each of our hands.

"And now that I see the rest of you," Jason complimented as he boldly looked down at Lori's chest without any apparent shame. "You have a very pretty face and I must say, and a rather sizeable set of tits."

I think Lori turned red again, although this time I couldn't see because her face was turned away. She was looking at him, and she had a lot to look at. He was a muscular man with a handsome face and long blond hair that came down just past his shoulders. He was also naked, of course, which Lori seemed to relish. She didn't seem disturbed in the least about talking to a naked man.

They proceeded to engage in small talk as he waited for his drink. I heard them first ask were the other was from, and then if they came to the club often. After that, I'm not sure what they said. The next song turned the music louder. I saw lips move but heard little of what came out.

I also couldn't help but notice the way he looked at her. I could see him take long looks at her big tits, and I could tell Lori was taken by his looks as well. I also noticed her becoming a bit flustered. I think it was because she couldn't check out his most important feature. He stood too close up to both her and the bar. She couldn't see his lower half.

"Why don't the two of you join me over at a table?" I finally heard him yell to the both of us over the drone of the music. "I've got a friend I'd like you to meet."

Lori glanced at me as though to ask my opinion, but then didn't bother waiting for my response. "Sounds like a good idea!" She accepted for both of us. We hopped off the barstools and turned to follow him to his table.

It was then that I saw it.

And Lori saw it too. "Oh my God!" She cried out in shock.

As he turned around I saw one of the biggest erections I had ever seen. It stuck out upright and at attention. The thing had to be nearly a foot long. And not only long, but plenty thick too. He looked like he had the base of a tree trunk sticking out from between his legs. It reminded me of some of the cocks in the museum, but in the museum they stood behind bars. This one lay free just in front of us.

Lori almost tripped. She stepped back into me out of shock. I supported her, holding her by the arm and shoulder, thinking she might faint.

"Did you see that thing?" She turned to ask of me. "Or did I just imagine it?"

Jason went ahead of us, walking across the dance floor and towards a booth in the corner. The booth another had a man sitting in it. Only the bare ass of Jason showed the way.

Lori quickly followed to get another look. I distinctly noticed her eyes pointed downward, most obviously at his naked ass.

"A fucking monster!" She spoke to me in disbelief as we walked. "I saw a fucking monster!"

She got her next look when we reached the table and he turned to introduce his friend.

"This is my friend Charles," He pointed with his hand. His incredibly long cock seemed to point too.

"Glad to meet you," Lori had to momentarily take her eyes off his cock to shake hands with the friend. I shook his hand too.

Just as a polite gentleman should, Jason allowed Lori to sit down first. She accepted, which placed her between the two men. She sat between two naked men, one of which wore a giant erection. I had to pull up a chair and sit on the side.

And then I noticed it. To both my surprise and Lori's delight, the table had a glass-covered top. I hadn't noticed it before, but I took a quick glance around and saw all the tables had glass table-tops.

"It's a bit more quite back here," Charles made conversation.

"Those speakers can sometimes be just too damn loud!" Jason agreed.

I noticed it too. We no longer had to shout. Lori's new friends could speak at normal volume.

"I'll say it one more time," Jason took a sip of his drink and then spoke. "You have a terrific set of tits. They are just so, well, big."

"Yes!" Charles agreed. "And I really like that outfit! It does an excellent job a showing them off."

Lori blushed, but then she quickly turned brave again. "You're not so bad yourself either," She boldly returned the compliment by first looking down at Jason and then over to Charles.

"Yes, that's what all the women say," Jason answered. "As you can see, it likes your tits too. So does Charles'."

I looked to see Charles rise too. Both of them rose to compliment her body. The glass table-top made it easy to see. I could see, and Lori could see even better. Neither man made any move to cover himself. I noticed they even placed their drinks to the side to provide her an unencumbered view.

"Twelve by five," Jason said blankly. "That's my measurements, if you are interested. My member is 12 inches long by 5 inches around when it's excited, as it is now."

"So it is," Lori looked down at it along with him.

"Ten by five," Charles took his turn next. She looked directly at his cock through the open tabletop. It wasn't hard yet, but was clearly on its way.

"Do you like big cocks?" Jason asked.

"Do you like being fucked by big cocks?" Charles added.

Lori took a moment to answer. It took a few seconds for the question to register in her mind. When she did answer, she did so with only the slightest nod of her head and then a barely audible "yes" out of her lips.

"What do you like best about them?" Jason went on to ask.

"Yes, what do you like best about big cocks?" Charles added with a smile. "What do you like best about our big cocks?"

Again, it took Lori a moment to answer. She started to speak, but then stopped, and then she tried a second time. It took only a minute before she found herself sitting between two fully engorged and very large young men. I could understand why she hesitated.

"I guess the way they fill me up," She answered eventually and to the amusement of both men.

Jason nodded. "Interesting!" His cock nodded too.

"Very interesting!" Charles added. "But what about the plentiful orgasms produced by a big cock?"

"The multiple orgasms?"

"The repetitive orgasms?"

"That too!" She interrupted their exchange with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Jason expressed doubt as he turned to his friend. "Because I suspect you never experienced a big cock."

"Never before?"

"I don't think ever before!"

The men exchanged words like a torch being passed at a marathon. First Jason, and then Charles spoke.

"You're probably right."

"A virgin!"

"A virgin of big cock!"

Lori let out a moan of delight.

"Tell us the truth Lori," Jason took the lead.

"Yes, tell us!"

"Tell us if you ever had a cock as big as mine?"

"Or even as big as mine?" The two of them took turns to look down upon themselves to ask.

Lori looked along with them. First at one, and then she turned to the other. Her voice no longer worked. She could only sit back with her mouth agape. No words came out.

"Please Lori," Jason moved in close and took her by the hand. "Tell us, what's the biggest cock you ever experienced?"

Charles did the same from the opposite side. They shuffled closer. I noticed hips touch. Both men took a hand, and then they slowly pulled at her hands. Lori's breathing increased as they pulled her hands first to the edge of the table and then beneath it.

"Oh fuck!" She resisted, but only lightly. I could see where her hands were going.

"Perhaps your biggest was your friend?" Jason glanced over to me to indicate the person he spoke about.

"Six inches," Charles looked too.

"Perhaps seven," Jason gave me a little more credit.

They pulled her hands closer. Simultaneously they opened her fingers, and then they placed her palm around each of their members.

"Oh fuck!" Lori gasped.

The men let go. She needed no further help.

"That's the way!" They encourage. "That's perfect!"

"Yes they are!" Lori agreed. Gently, she closed her fingers around them. She needed no more help and continued to hold on, holding an erect cock in each her hands.

"How does that feel?" Jason question.

"Does that feel good?" Charles asked.

"Oh fuck!" Lori gasped again. Her mouth hung open. Her head leaned back. She looked like she was in heaven. I could tell she wanted to. She had to be feeling a tremendous desire to masturbate on both men at once. Not just cocks, but she held a pair of big cocks in her hands.

Perhaps it was the public forum. Maybe it had something to do with them being total strangers. Whatever the reason, she held back. Lori instead held them simply. She casually sat at the table holding two big pricks in her hands at one time.

"Are you all right?" Jason asked.

"Do you like us?" Charles questioned.

Yes, of course she liked them! Any woman would, but especially a horny woman like Lori. Yet she did not say anything, at least not at first. It was as though she had to wait for her brain to catch up to reality. She could not quite accept the objects held by her fingers.

A second woman in the bar interrupted our exchange. "Oh my!" A gasp sounded behind me.

It was inevitable, I suppose. We were in a public place, and with the glass tabletop and all. It was inevitable that an interested stranger happened to be walking by. She caught a glimpse of what Lori was holding, and then stopped to take a closer look. A blond haired stranger stepped up and looked upon Lori as though dreaming of sitting in her place.

"Go ahead!" Jason took the lead.

"Yes, go ahead and show her!" Charles agreed.

"We know you want to."

"You want to stroke!"

To my surprise, she started. The stranger gave her the confidence, or perhaps she just enjoyed stroking men in public. Whatever the reason, she slowly started up. Her hands seemed to no longer obey her wishes. The men were in control.

"Yes!" Both men spoke in unison.

First up and then back down their impressive lengths she stroked. Lori stroked once, and then she stroked again. She masturbated on both men at once, masturbating them in unison. It didn't take long for her to take advantage of their full lengths. She elongated her strokes over their cock-heads. She used her fingers to spread the resulting wetness all around.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" She cried out when they started to pre-cumm. First one, and then the other quickly followed. It didn't take them long to start. I could see it for myself along their lengths. I could almost hear the squishing of her hand above the music.

Except for the music, all went silent as she stroked. Neither man spoke. Nether did Lori. Even the interested stranger just stood at the back of my chair and watched without talking.

As for Lori, I figured she first had to recover, and then she had to get accustomed to the feel of such massive cocks in her hands. But recover she eventually did! I noticed her hands pick up the pace. She seemed to jerk faster, and then I was sure of it. It only took her a short while to get accustomed to their size.

"Oh fuck!" She left none of us any doubt. "Oh fuck! You're both so BIG!"

"Lucky girl!" The interested woman paid a final compliment, and then she moved on. It was a strange experience, they way she acted so normal. The stranger behaved as if nothing was unusual about seeing a woman stroking off a pair of cocks in a bar. I wondered if she even noticed me, the male sitting in the chair down at her side. By now, I now too sported an erection. Not nearly as long as Jason or Charles, but long enough for anyone to see.

The stranger left, but Lori continued. The interested stranger seemed to have pulled away her inhibitions. She stroked on two fully engorged and soaking wet cocks.

"Just relax," Jason finally worked up enough effort to speak a minute later.

"Yes, just relax!" The other agreed with effort sounding in his voice. "Just relax and tell us!"

"Tell us your biggest."

"How deep is your virginity?"

Lori smiled at their question. She knew what they meant, and she seemed anxious to tell them. "Seven," She answered them with little reluctance.

"Seven inches?" They grew excited at her response.

"Only seven!"

"A virgin!"

"Her cunt will be like a virgin to our cocks!"

The interested woman returned only a short time later. I thought she had seen enough, but this time she brought a friend to show. Her friend's half-hard cock lay in her hand.

"That's the kind of party I want!" She pointed out to her slave. "You and one of your coworkers."

I glanced up behind me to see the slave return a look of dread. He appeared not like this; not at all. I suddenly felt sorry for him, but then thought about my own predicament.

"That's the kind of party I want!" The interested stranger repeated herself. "It looks like quite a party!"

"It is!" Lori turned more aggressive when another woman stood close by. "They're both coming to my party!"

"No doubt they will be," The stranger giggled at the hint of what was going to be done to the two men. "This one looks especially fertile," She gave her professional opinion of Jason's condition, even leaning forward to take a closer look. She seemed especially interested in Jason, no doubt interested mostly in his size. Lori held it so it pointed straight up as if to emphasize its already impressive length.

"It's hard to tell," Lori answered bravely. "It's always so damn hard to tell with big boys."

The stranger nodded and smiled. She watched for about two minutes more, and then turned away. "Have fun!" she left us with her slave still in her hand.

Through all this, Lori continued her relentless stroking action. Not fast, but not allow them relief either. They were forced to endure the pleasant punishment of her fingers.

I could tell they would not be able to endure for long. Both men stopped speaking. Their breathing turned harder. First moaning, and then panting, I noticed beads of sweat form on their faces. They were probably hoping she would stop, I figured, but I knew Lori better than either of them.

"You boys have any plans for later tonight?" She slowed when it looked like they were about done.

"We're coming home with you," Jason spoke in gasps.

"You're going to take us home with you," Charles agreed with equal difficulty.

Lori stroked faster, and then slowed again. She seemed to like their answer. "And then what do you have planned?"

"Not our plans!" Jason resisted. "It's not a question of what we have planned."

Charles added: "It's a question of what you have planned for us."

Lori liked this even more, for then she started twisted. I noticed her hand twist around each cock as she stroked. The men started to squirm in their seats. It looked like she was squeezing them pretty hard too.

"Both of you?" She questioned.

"Both of us," They answered with difficulty, one-by-one.

"Then don't cumm," She instructed them. "Wait until later. Don't cumm until you can cumm inside me."

Her words came as a surprise. Not just to me, but I saw it register in their eyes too. I also saw they weren't going to last much longer. Both men looked to be on the brink. It was as if Lori was giving them a test.

"I fuck only long-lasting men," He words gave me a shock. "I want the two of you to take turns."

She jerked them with little hesitance. I wanted to start jerking on myself just looking at them. One at a time, back and forth she would go. I imagined Lori being fucked again and again, and then perhaps even being fucked in multiples places at the same time.

"But first I better stop," She stopped seemingly just in time. "We better go."

Quickly we left. Lori walked out the bar with an erect cock in each hand. I followed with my own erection close behind, holding the door open for them while still other women watched. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night. The couch was comfortable enough, but there was all that racket coming out of the bedroom. They seemed to go at it half the night.

To be continued...