Backstage With The Strippers


Even though they had joked about going to see male strippers for years, Dale and Kathy still couldn't believe they were actually sitting in the club waiting for the show to begin. At 49 and a grandmother, Kathy had never done anything even remotely like this. Dale, her 40 year old sister-in-law, had been to a couple of shows with her girlfriends, and had been the instigator in convincing Kathy to come out with her. They were both nervous, and were already into their second drink when the show began. From their vantage point at the small table along the wall, they clapped and hooted as the first dancer came on the stage.

While Dale knew what to expect, Kathy was totally surprised when the stripper didn't stay on the stage, but moved into the audience. She gulped down her drink and ordered another when she saw him waving his stiff cock in the face of a young woman in the front row. Her eyes opened wide when the young woman proceeded to take the stripper's cock into her mouth and suck on it, allowing him to pump in and out for several strokes. As the stripper bent over and kissed the girl, Dale cheered and clapped loudly.

"Holy shit!" Kathy exclaimed looking at Dale. Dale just looked back at her and winked. "Holy shit!" Kathy repeated as the next round of drinks arrived. She tipped the waiter and took a large gulp of the drink. "Better bring us another, sweetheart," she told him. Dale held up her glass to Kathy and the women toasted each other. "Gotta pee," Kathy muttered to Dale and rose slowly. "Be right back."

Kathy went into the ladies room feeling very light headed and excited. She took several minutes to take care of business, and then, looking at her panties around her ankles, laughed and slid them completely off. She stood and picked them up, depositing them in the waste basket by the sink. As she preened in the mirror, she still couldn't believe what she had seen. She went back out into the club and headed toward her table.

To her surprise, the dancer was standing by the table in front of Dale. As she moved closer, Kathy could see Dale's head bobbing slightly, and she knew that the stripper was having his cock sucked. Kathy sat down and looked on as Dale continued to suck the gorgeous cock in front of her. When she realized Kathy had returned, she pulled back and let it slip from her mouth. She took the stiff prick in her hand and pulled the stripper toward Kathy. Kathy shook her head as the cock approached her face, her eyes getting wide again. Dale continued to guide the cock toward her sister-in-laws mouth, and when it touched her lips, Kathy opened her mouth and let it slide in.

Dale let go and watched as the stripper placed one hand behind Kathy's head. Slowly, he pushed forward, holding her head in place, sliding his cock into her hot mouth. Kathy's eyes closed and her hand reached up to grasp the prick that was fucking her face. It was so much bigger than her husband's cock, and she loved the way it felt as it moved deeper with each stroke. After about a dozen strokes, he pulled back and gave her the obligatory kiss before moving to another table.

Kathy sat there, her face flushed, feeling her pussy getting wet. She had almost cum right there at the table. "Oh my God!" say muttered, looking at Dale. "I don't believe I just did that!" Dale smiled at Kathy and held up what looked like two tickets. "What are those?" she asked as she took another gulp from her drink.

"Back stage passes for both of us," Dale answered wickedly. Kathy looked at her dumbly for a minute, then a smile began to spread over her face. She reached across the table and gave Dale a high five. The rest of the show seemed to drag on, as she waited for it to end.

Dale and Kathy were ushered to a dressing room by one of the waiters. As they went inside, they saw two of the strippers wearing short terry cloth bath robes, sitting in a couple of overstuffed chairs. Wordlessly, they both rose and moved toward the women. The waiter who had brought them in, stayed in the room and closed the door and picked up a video camera. One of the strippers, a tall blonde haired stud, went over to Dale and put his arms around her, kissing her full on the lips. He then led her over to the chair and bent her forward over the arm. He raised her skirt and Kathy noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties either. "Here we go, love," he said as he opened his robe and exposed his stiff cock. He moved forward and slid into her pussy effortlessly. Dale moaned and pushed back against him. "Oh yeah," she moaned. "Fuck me big boy." Kathy watched as the stripper began to slowly fuck her sister-in-law. Dale's head turned back and forth and she moaned some more.

Kathy felt a hand on her shoulder, pushing her down, and she realized the other stripper was standing in front of her. He was about the same size as the stud that was fucking dale, but he was black. Kathy had never fucked a black man before, but she was beyond any sort of rational thought at this point. She dropped to her knees and began to suck his massive cock, bringing it to full erection. When he was hard, he raised her up and led Kathy to the other chair, turning her so she could sit in it. He the got on his knees between her legs, placing her ankles on his shoulders. Her skirt fell up around her waist. Deliberately, he took his huge cock in hand and placed it against the sopping lips of her pussy. Slowly he pushed forward, the bulbous head spreading the wet lips. As he kept pushing, they slid around the head and engulfed it and it disappeared from sight inside of her pussy. Kathy had never felt anything so good as that cock beginning its penetration of her throbbing pussy. She could feel each inch as he entered her, and she had an orgasm when he was only a few inches into her. He paused and let her cum, enjoying the feel of her internal muscles contracting on his cock.

Dale was now moaning in a steady cadence as her stripper fucked her with long strokes. He slowly built up the tempo and his balls mad an audible slapping noise against her ass every time he buried himself in her. She came with a loud moan, her legs quivering and almost falling into the chair. She looked over at Kathy just in time to see the last few inches of black cock slide into her sister-in-law. Kathy reached out and grabbed his hips, pulling him even deeper. loving the feel of his huge prick so far inside of her. The waiter with the video camera made sure he caught all of this, so it could be posted to their web site later. This was good shit and people paid big bucks to watch wives cheating on their husbands in public.

The black stripper began sawing his cock in and out of Kathy, fucking her with long hard strokes. She came twice more in the next few minutes, and was virtually incoherent. She barely noticed when the two strippers switched. When the waiter with the video camera stood by her head and offered her his cock, she greedily began to suck him. He came after just a few seconds, pulling out of her mouth and spraying her face with ropey spurts of thick cum. She reached up and scooped it into her mouth, savoring the taste of his seed, as the blonde stripper pounded her pussy. Next to her, the black stripper had seated Dale in the chair and was fucking her with her ankles on his shoulders. He was pistoning in and out and groaning. Kathy loved the sight of the massive black cock, slick with pussy juice, sliding in and out of Dale's pale white pussy. The waiter turned with the camera just as the stripper pulled his big cock out of Dale and stroked it violently. A stream of cum erupted and almost hit Dale in the chin. The next spurt splashed on her right tit, and the third, fourth and fifth on her ample belly, pooling in her navel. His last few spurts left a coating of sperm in her pubic hair.

As if spurred on by his partner, the blonde stripper fucking Kathy pulled out of her and moved by her head. "Open up, bitch!" he hissed at her. Kathy opened her mouth as wide as she could just as the first spurt of cum came blasting from his cock. The waiter timed it perfectly, and caught the scene as sperm flew from his cock and landed directly in Kathy's waiting mouth! His own cum was still splattered on her face, as he watched her taking this load. The stripper moved closer until his cock was only inches from Kathy's still open mouth. The next spurt also landed in her mouth, again caught perfectly by the camera, and then the stripper shoved the head into her mouth. Kathy greedily sucked the remaining cum from cock, draining his balls of every drop.

When they were done, the two strippers put their robes back on and left the dressing room. The waiter helped the two women to their feet and guided them to the dressing table. Drunk, and disoriented, he had both women sign releases, stating that they agreed to the posting of the video to a web site. The waiter then ushered them to the rear door of the club and closed and locked the door behind them. Dale fished her cell phone from her purse and called a taxi. In 24 hours, the video was posted to the site, and in three days, Kathy's husband was watching it in disbelief while he jerked off to it!