Catching My Brother


This was a few years back now when I still lived at home with my parents, and so did my younger brother. I was 18 or 19, he was 16 or 17. He spent most of his time in his room playing an old Nintendo console, so one day, for no other reason than I was making myself a coffee, I thought I may as well make him a coffee as well. It was the middle of the day, parents were both out at work, he was unemployed and at the time I was on college vacation. So, I go upstairs with his coffee, and being the middle of the day just assumed he'd be dressed and playing his console, or watching TV, whatever.

Didn't bother knocking, just opened the door, and there he was, watching a porno, stark naked on the bed with the covers opened, stroking away like a goodun. He didn't notice me due to the angle of the bed/TV etc, and I stood there a bit shell-shocked for a few moments, before realising it was quite erotic watching him wanking, completely oblivious.

I waited maybe another 10 seconds or so, and walked in properly, and said something like 'good porno is it?' or some such remark designed to embarrass him. Well, he must have near on had a heart attack, he bolted upright, tried to cover his erection, said 'fucking hell' or words to that effect, and asked what the hell I wanted. A bit annoyed, due to the fact I'd made him a drink, and was stood there holding it, I told him I was just bringing him a drink, and he sort of said 'oh right, thanks, put it on the side' etc.

The weird thing at the time is that he seemed not as embarrassed once the initial shock died down, and said 'sorry about that', but was now sitting upright on the edge of the bed, hardon still poking upright, porno on the TV still, and reached over to get a cigarette to have with his coffee. I asked him why he wasn't covering up, and his reply was 'well you've seen it now, and now you are going I'm going to carry on'.

I'm not really sure WHY, but I was a bit curious to see a guy wanking - I'd had sexual experience, and seen a few guys naked etc, but not seen one have an actual wank, and said to him 'Who says I'm going now?', to which he said 'well stay then, I'm still going to carry on'. It was a bit of a rush, I'm pretty sure he wanted me to watch, but couldn't say so, and I wanted to watch, but also couldn't say so. Like I said, I'd seen a few guys naked with erections, and frankly, my brother had quite a big cock, and fat too.

We kinda 'sparred' for a few minutes, with me saying no way am I going, you'll have to cover up and give me a cigarette have a chat etc, and him saying you can have a cigarette, but I'm into this porno now, feel horny, and need to finish my wank. I took a cigarette, lit it, sat down on the chair next to his bed and said 'go on then, but I bet you won't be able to cum with me in the room'. Well, was I ever wrong lol.

He lay back again, with the TV to his right, and me to the left, with his shoulders/head against the wall, and starting wanking, varying his gaze from the porn flick, to me, to see if I was watching. I was watching, and was both fascinated and I have to admit, a little turned on seeing my brother stroke an impressive cock. It lasted maybe 3 minutes more, I saw him tense up and knew he was about to cum, he turned to look at me, I was intently watching him rub his shaft, and he spurted right up in the air, with a good amount of cum landing on his chest and stomach.

I by now, as it had finished, was the one embarrassed, and said something along the lines of 'wow, that was a big cum', and he sheepishly laughed and said yes, and would I do him a favor and fetch some tissues. I did, and let him clean up etc.

From that day on I never bothered knocking to go into his room, and many a time saw him naked, he'd get changed in front of me etc. without any embarrassment, and I did always still have a peek at his cock and balls, and to this day, whenever I visit him, if he has a shower or whatever, or is getting ready, is comfortable being naked in front of me.

So there's my dark secret!