The New Owner, Chapters 1 & 2


She looked stunning. Her face, it was gorgeous. Her golden blond hair, so beautiful. Deep blue eyes sparkled off the overhead lights. Ruby red lips brought warmth to the chilly underground room. She looked to be the most gorgeous young lady I had ever set my eyes upon; like a Goddess! The simple act of her walking into the room made an otherwise dull and dreary place light up with her presence.

The rest of the men thought so too. We all looked, all five of us, turning our heads almost in unison when she entered. The long slender legs, the high rising heals. Her walk put a trance on us. So graceful! So rich! The pure white mink draped about her body made her look like an angel. I almost expected wings to be hidden beneath.

"Here I keep my most prized selections," Queen Lucy introduced all of us at once.

I hardly noticed the Queen as she directed the Goddess into the room. Quite a beauty in her own right, but no match for the gorgeous guest walking along side. Lucy expressed a more mature, older look. While she had to resort to makeup, her guest expressed it naturally.

We knew Queen Lucy well. She was our Queen! She took care of us. She gave us a home, provided our meals, kept us well exercised. She took care of all our needs - provided we took care of hers. We long ago became accustomed to her presence, so we hardly noticed her in contrast to the younger lady walking beside.

In response, the Goddess said nothing; only looked. She stood on the descending stone steps and looked down upon all five of us. She glanced one way and then back down the other. She behaved as if she wanted to take a close look at each of us.

"Princess Carol," Lucy finally let us know the name of the Goddess. "Please step down. They can't hurt you."

We remained obediently standing and allowed the Princess Carol to look - not that we had a choice! Our hands were pulled immobile over our heads. Our legs were kept splayed by a pair of bolts anchored to the floor. She could look, and the beautiful princess could look all she wanted. None of us possessed the ability to turn away from her gaze. Even without the restraints, I'm not sure if any of us would have. Her beauty possessed an unseen force. We lacked the inner fortitude to turn from her gaze.

"Please Carol," Lucy invited a second time. "Take a look. Come on down and take a closer look at each of them."

To our delight, this time the Goddess named Carol decided to indeed take a look. She stepped down, however slowly, using caution as if afraid her heals might slip on the wet stone that lay at her feet.

We looked in turn. Her face, it was perfection. Her tanned skin, it looked radiant. She wore little in the way of jewelry, only a single green pendant around her neck. Her rich white mink looked so much in contrast to the dull gray stone all around us.

It had been a long time since my eyes glanced upon such a gorgeous creature. It had been a long time for all of us, all five of us. It was six months since our capture. Many weeks passed before our eyes gazed upon any female other than the Queen.

It had apparently been a long time for the Princess too, as we could tell. We could see it in her eyes. It showed in the way she looked at us. First one and then the next, to each of us she gave a long, hard stare upon our finely sculptured bodies, our broad shoulders, our muscular arms and legs. The hard days of forced labor over the last six months had created living monuments. The hot, burning sun had produced deep tans. The sledgehammers of the quarry had inflated our muscles to near the point of bursting. We worked hard, and the hard work showed. Princess Carol seemed delighted to witness the result.

It took her a long, long while to reach the last step and stand among us. Up close, she looked young - younger than I first guessed. She couldn't have been more than 20 years of age. She might have even been in her teens. She was also short. The top of her head only rose to the middle of our chests. She looked like a little girl compared to us - even in her high heals.

From the far end of the line, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Carol stepped up and stood before the first of us. Straining her neck, she admired his handsome face. Pointing her eyes forward, she gazed upon his firm chest. And then she continued down. She allowed her eyes to lower. She looked at the remainder of his muscular form. She looked all the way down, pausing in the middle, and then continued all the way to his shackled ankles. She took her time to admire the first of us, and then stepped over to admire the second.

As she looked, she could tell! We all knew she could tell! It had been a long time for any of us. Exactly how long, she probably didn't know, but she could easily see that it had been a while. Several days at least. More accurately, two weeks. The young Princess named Carol could see that it had been a long time for all of us by the size of the swollen nuts that lay exposed before her.

None of us wore clothing. None of the males in the room wore anything at all. All five of us stood naked and bound before her. Worse of all, we stood facing her, our restraints preventing us from turning away or covering our modesty. We were forced to face her head-on while she remained free to look for as long as she wanted.

Princess Carol failed to show even the slightest hint of embarrassment as she looked. She did not turn away. She did not show shame. It was as though she was accustomed to it, of walking into a room of bound and naked men. If anything, she showed interest. The Princess looked upon us as if she wanted to look. Perhaps she owned a harem of her own? Maybe she was accustomed to seeing naked men in her dungeon too? Whatever the reason, she seemed most interested in just one part of our being. I noticed it in the way she looked at the first man. And then she repeated it again when she looked at the second and the third.

Yes, she looked up into each of their eyes. She also admired their biceps, their chest, perhaps the strength of their muscles and maybe even the golden brown of their tans. Carol looked over each of the men carefully, but she looked mostly down upon them, down upon the one object she was interested in the most. She stayed concentrated on each of their pricks for an obscenely long time - not just looking, but staring! I wondered what kind of erotic image flowed through her mind. Was she trying to picture how big each of them would get? Was she fantasizing about what she wanted to do with us? Or even worse, perhaps she imagined each of us back in her own dungeon, free for her to carry out every fantasy she ever desired.

We all stood in awe at her. Queen Lucy had showed us to other female dignitaries before. Usually they acted shocked. They were always surprised at our number and form. Few women owned harems of 5 males, much less 5 strong men of such stature. All previous women expressed awe, but none expressed the total lack of hesitance like this one. Clearly, Princess Carol was experienced! She appeared to know what she wanted despite her young age. And she was not embarrassed about showing it.

Princess Carol continued on down the line. She checked out each naked body and then closely examined the exposed prick of each man in turn. Closer and closer she came, closer to my own restrained form. I stood last in line, like dessert after a delicious meal.

To my neighbor she spoke her first words. She spoke it in the form of a moan and then a low-toned "yes!" as her eyes traveled down. Something about his body pleased her. Something about his prick pleased her even more. Was it his size? Could it be some erotic fantasy that played out in her mind? I could not know, but couldn't help but wonder what she might do with us. This was an obviously experienced young woman. She liked naked men, and she knew what she wanted from them. She was clearly a mistress who knew how to play men to get exactly what she wanted.

Finally, she turned to me, the last person standing in line. Queen Lucy positioned me last for good reason, and the Princess immediately discovered the reason why.

"Nice prick!" She first mentioned it. "He's the best!"

The sound of her voice surprised me. It was a soft, sexy voice. She spoke it almost in a whisper. What it said surprised me even more, for I stood in awe that someone so young could be so abrupt, so sure of herself. She liked my dick, and she didn't express any hesitance to say so.

"You have a good eye," Queen Lucy immediately picked up on her words. "John's the biggest, you know, the biggest of the bunch."

"I can tell!" Princess Carol expressed interest. "He looks impressive!"

I held my breath. I couldn't believe it! She checked out my prick, and she checked it for what seemed to be a very long time. Carol looked at me a lot longer than any of the others. What was she doing? Was she fantasizing about it? Could she be imagining what it might feel like?

As Carol looked, I couldn't help but look back at her. It was the closest look so far: Her fair complexion, deep blue eyes, red-ruby lips. She looked so gorgeous, easily the most gorgeous woman I had seen in 6 months. Perhaps the most gorgeous creature I had ever seen! And the way her eyes pointed down at me, I couldn't believe it! The cold temperature of the dungeon was soon gone. I started to sweat. My heart began to pound.

The room was cold for good reason. It was supposed to keep us limp. That's the way it was supposed to work, but I could already start to feel it in front of Carol. The princess was too much! Her looks too gorgeous; her voice too sexy to oppose.

"Oh yes!" Princess Carol let me know that she noticed it too. "I see he likes to show it off!"

"He's not supposed to!" Queen Lucy immediately reprimanded me. "He's trained! He should know better!"

The snarling voice of the Queen reminded me. It put images of pain in my mind. It made me look away. I tried to think of heavy labor in place of the Princess, but it was already too late.

"No, don't!" Princess Carol held up her hand and let out a playful laugh. "Let him show it off! I was just trying to figure out how long he must get, so let him show it off for himself."

She did not make it easy. My suspicions had been correct. She had been fantasizing about my size. Princess Carol made it damned near impossible for me to stay limp! I had to look away and try not to think about the gorgeous Goddess standing just in front of me.

"I still don't want him to!" Queen Lucy insisted. "He won't! He's been trained!"

"Oh, I don't know about that!" Princess Carol countered. "There are always ways, aren't there John?"

I turned my head to look at her. She knew my name! The sound of my own name made me look. I naturally glanced back at the source of my spoken name. It was a natural reaction.

"Oh God!" I gasped at what I saw. It looked so beautiful! It swelled out so round! It looked to be of the perfect size! Best of all, the cold room made the peak stand out!

To my shock and total disbelief, Princess Carol parted her mink for me. To my further shock, she did not wear a top beneath. I found myself staring back at her swollen tit and hardened nipple.

"Oh my God!" I cried out again.

Princess Carol wore no bra! Neither did she wear any other clothing under the top of the mink. Staring in disbelief, only a few feet in front of me, I saw her firm, naked breast. She must have still been in her teens to have a breast of such firmness. I couldn't help but lock my eyes and gawk at the sexiest tit I had ever seen.

"See!" Carol laughed. "I told you! He's showing it off for me!"

My body no longer obeyed me. My cock took on a mind of its own. Instead of looking away, I continued to look. It was as if my eyes no longer obeyed me.

"John!" Queen Lucy tried to discipline. "Go soft!"

Princess Carol laughed as if she knew how useless the command was. She knew the affect of her naked tit on a man. She understood I had no choice.

"He's ripening!" She exerted her full control instead. "Now let's see how ripe he can get!"

My breathing increased. My heart raced. She put me into heat, yet had not even touched me. Never before had I seen a woman exert such total control. The cold air of the room was replaced by a burning desire.

"Oh yes!" Princess Carol reminded me of the display before her. "Now that's what I call a cock! He's ripening rather well!"

To my delight, the gorgeous young princess stayed standing in front of me and allowed me to look. Not both tits, but just one, and she allowed only me to look. From the angle of her body and her position to the other men, only I could see. Only I was given the opportunity.

The best part was the way her tit stood out at the peak, the tip of her swelling mound. To my delight, she showed me her entire breast, including her wonderful nipple. The cold air of the room made it hard. I couldn't help but imagine my lips puckered up and sucking upon it.

"That's not just a cock!" Princess Carol complimented. "That's a real cock! He truly is big, much bigger than most."

Queen Lucy snarled once more before giving up. Finally, she realized it too. She stepped around to see the naked tit for herself. She already saw what effect it was having on me.

"There goes eight!" Princess Carol giggled. "He should easily pass nine!"

I grew in size as she called out my length. It was as though she was an announcer at a sports competition. My cock was the main event, and a long length was the object of the game. Never before had a girl been brazen enough to call out my length as I inflated.

"Now he's coming up on ten!" Her voice turned from humor to sounding genuinely impressed. "Might we have eleven? Might this turn into a full eleven inches?"

I couldn't help it. Her body was too much; her bare tit too sexy.

"Oh yes! Oh my!" She sounded delighted. "Very nice! Almost there! Just a little bit more!"

It felt heavy. It always did - my cock that is. It always felt heavy when it was fully erect. It protruded up from my waist like a steel girder. I could actually feel the weight of the thing pulling me forward.

"He has quite a monument!" Princess Carol sounded genuinely impressed. "It's been a long time since I've been so honored."

"He's my biggest," Queen Lucy confirmed.

"I can tell!" The Princess continued to look at it, first straight-on, and then stepping over to look at it from the side. But before turning, I noticed her cover her tit again. Her tit was only for my eyes, the eyes of the longest male. To the others she would not show.

"Eleven inches," She spoke in such a lovely voice. "And so firm! He's so hard! It looks to be made out of steal."

"It is!" Queen Lucy assured her. "Go ahead if you want."

I gasped. I couldn't believe it! For a moment, I didn't understand the meaning of the words, not at first, not until I felt her.

"I think I will," Princess Carol stepped forward and touched me. I couldn't believe a woman could do such a thing. She actually reached out and touched it! I momentarily stopped breathing as her fingers tickled along the front side of my steel-hard cock.

Finally, I knew for certain. I need not look at it myself. Her fingers told me all I needed to know. Yes, indeed I was fully erect. I not only presented a full hard-on, but I was showing it off to a stranger too. My cock pointed firm and hard up into the air as if I wanted to display it in its most marvelous glory.

The Princess easily kept it that way with her fingers. She erotically tickled the front of my cock, the underside that now faced her.

"Oh my cock!" I couldn't hold back any longer. I wasn't supposed to say anything. I hadn't been given permission to speak, but the Princess was too much. I couldn't help but cry out when she touched me.

"Oh fuck!" I made yet another mistake when she pulled it down. Unbelievably, Princess Carol reached up and took the back of my cock-head. She reached up and went around the sensitive head of my cock, and then reached the back of it with two fingers. Her fingers took advantage of the natural rim. Like a convenient handle, she used it to pull me down, down far enough to point my cock straight out from my waist.

"And he looks even longer this way," She paused for a few seconds to admire it, and then let go. "And so very hard too!"

"Oh my cock!" I couldn't help it. I realized she was testing my hardness. She was examining me, giving me the equivalent of a cock-exam. My prick immediately snapped back up as soon as she let go, returning to its naturally erect position. It snapped but hardly bounced at all. I could clearly feel its hardness.

"Hard as a rock!" Princess Carol felt it too. She spoke with an air of amusement. She behaved as if she was accustomed to giving cock-exams every day.

It was difficult to keep quiet when she did it a second time and then yet a third. Each time she pulled my cock down just a little bit further. The third attempt made an audible slap as it smacked back up against my stomach, which I could tell she enjoyed by the delightful sigh that escaped her lips.

"He's so damned hard!" Princess Carol expressed glee. "And he's so thick too! Look how I can only fit my fingers half-way around."

I felt her demonstrate. She grabbed just under the head of my cock with two fingers. Her thumb went around in one direction, her index finger around in the other. She held my erect cock in her hand and tried to squeeze it, as though trying to get her fingers to meet on the opposite side. It wasn't even close, but she tried anyway.

"Yes, you are right!" Lucy stepped up to take a look at the bare cock exposed between her two fingers.

"His pork sausage is one of the thickest I have ever seen!" Carol giggled at her own crude remarks as she showed me off. "This is the baloney of a real man!"

As she talked about my hardness, her fingers went back to keeping it that way. She tickled the front side again, and then made it snap back a couple more times.

I enjoyed it too, I have to admit. Despite the embarrassment I felt and the humiliation dished out to me at the hands of this stranger, her fingers did an expert job at keeping me hard. My heart kept racing. My body sweat harder. I had to endure several more minutes of playing before she finally stepped back to take a detailed look at it once again.

I don't know how long Princess Carol played in all, but it was awhile. She seemed to enjoy its long length. She appeared to like the sensation brought upon by its hardness. I couldn't believe any woman could be brazen enough to actually step up to a man and play her fingers upon his naked cock.

I let out a deep breath as soon as she finally let go. I attempted to relax. I tried to regain my composure, but Princess Carol gave me little time to regain much of anything.

"He's so ripe," She next aroused me with her voice. "He's so ripe that he's getting juicy!"

A second later I felt it. I also saw it through the smile on her face and the wide-opened expression in her eyes. I couldn't help it! This girl was too much. Not only her beautiful face and tit, but her playful hand as well. It was inevitable that Carol would create wetness on the tip of my cock.

"Oh no!" I said in dread as I realized what I was doing for this stranger. "Oh please," I tried to get her to look away.

As I could have predicted, she refused to take her eyes away. The stranger looked directly at it. Princess Carol watched as I started to pre-cumm. And not only watch, but I could tell she enjoyed the display. It was as if I was a male stripper entertaining her on a stage.




"There's plenty more where that's cumming from," Queen Lucy let out a playful laugh from my side.

I had almost forgotten about the Queen. I nearly forgot she was in the room, and I almost forgot about the other men too. Four men stood to my left. I wondered what they were thinking as this beautiful young vixen teased my cock to pre-cumm.

"Oh, I'm sure he's got a whole lot more!" Carol laughed in reply.

The two of them continued to look as I attempted to will myself not to pre-cumm. At one point I even tried to close my eyes and pretend like the women had left the room, but the only vision on my eyelids was that of Carol's wondrous tit.

"He seems too thick," The Princess soon reminded me that she hadn't gone anywhere. "How could a girl even fit such a thick stalk inside her?"

Her words gave me a start. Inside her? Inside where? I knew what they were talking about, of course, but couldn't believe they were talking about intercourse right in front of me.

"Oh, he fits!" The Queen assured. "He fits tight, but he most certainly will fit. You just have to take your time and work it on in for awhile."

I gasped! I couldn't believe it. Yes, they were talking about intercourse! They were talking about intercourse right in front of me?

"And then there's his length too!" The Princess went on. "I could never take anything so long. He would bottom out inside me!"

"You'll be surprised," Queen Lucy assured her once again. "You're cunt is much deeper than what you think. All women are. I'm sure you'll be able to take all of him."

I gasped again. I couldn't believe it. These two young women were actually talking about using my cock for what it was meant to be used for! Naturally, it pre-cummed even more. There was no possible way it was going to soften now, not for several more hours. I felt like I was never going to go flaccid ever again.

"I don't know!" Princess Carol continued to express doubt. "His pork sausage is just so damned long! He looks long enough to push all the way up inside me and then extend up my throat."

Queen Lucy laughed at this. "Not quite that long," She assured the young princess. "But he is long. Having John fuck you is like being fucked as a virgin all over again." "Oh God!" I could hardly stand it. I struggled at the bonds. I wanted to break free. I needed to touch myself.

"Like a virgin!" Carol fulfilled the need for me. A second later, I felt her once again. This time I felt fingers at the tip of my cock, at its very head. Still with my eyes closed, I opened them to confirm the source of the fingers. The Princess stood close, less than a foot away. Her eyes looked straight down.

"Oh my cock!" I couldn't help but start to pant. "Oh my cock!" I couldn't help but cry out at the realization that the fingers I felt belonged to this beautiful stranger.

"He seems to like me," Princess Carol spoke in a jovial tone as her fingers surfed through my wetness. "I think he likes me a lot!"

"He certainly does!" Queen Lucy agreed.

"Or at least his cock likes me," The Princess turned more specific. "I don't know about the rest of him, but his pork sword seems to really like me."

"I can see it even from back here," The Queen watched from the background.

"Oh! Oh!" I could hardly stand it. "Oh my cock!" It was so hard. I needed to cumm so bad. The more she played it, the more I continued to pre-cumm. Carol slithered her fingers through the wetness and than spread it all around. I felt her travel down and then back up along the long length of my erection, and then her fingers slithered around the tip as if to grab another load of wetness.

"He looks even better this way," She concluded after giving it a complete coating. "It looks so wet and shiny, like his salami just popped out of my mouth."

"Oh God!" I moaned at the mention of her mouth in combination with my cock. Yes, indeed I wanted to pop out of her. First in, and then out again. I desperately wanted her to suck it. And I wanted to do other things to her too. If untied, I would have attacked and raped her. Hell, I would have been a happy man just to be untied long enough to jerk myself off, but what I really wanted was a fuck. I would have done anything just for the opportunity to fuck her.

"Why don't you go ahead and give him a try?" Queen Lucy offered.

My heart skipped a beat. My lungs stopped breathing. What? What did I hear? Did the Queen actually make the suggestion I thought?

"I couldn't," Princess Carol looked up into my eyes. "But he certainly looks tempting!"

She sounded shy but behaved aggressive. Her fingers continued to play. A big smile covered her face.

"Go ahead," Queen Lucy offered again. "Go ahead and try out his cock if you want."

"Oh, I couldn't," She continued to look me in the eye. "He's so big! He's so long! I could never fit him inside me."

I couldn't stand the tease. Not only her fingers, but now with words too. I didn't know exactly what Lucy was offering, but it had to be either one of two suggestions, either her mouth or... I couldn't believe it! She teased me into thinking I might actually get to fuck this gorgeous beauty.

"Then you will never know your limit?" Queen Lucy asked her. "He might indeed be too big for you, but you'll never know the answer if you don't give him a try."

Carol's smile turned bigger. Her body drew closer. I felt the soft fur of her mink brush against my sensitive cock-head.

"Yes, it would be fun!" She agreed.

Her left hand reached up. Nails racked across my chest. Two fingers pinched my nipple. She seemed entranced by my chest. Carol liked playing with my nipples.

"Then go ahead," Queen Lucy kept pushing her. She had never pushed anyone so far before. Teasing yes, but fucking no. She would never allow another woman to use my cock for pleasure.

"I think I will!" Carol jumped. She made a single lunge. Her right hand grabbed my shoulder and hung on. The fingers of her left hand wrapped themselves around the base of my shaft.

"What?" I couldn't believe it. This couldn't be happening! It had to be a tease!

My mind momentarily left the land of reality as she pulled herself up with one hand while adjusting the aim of my cock with the other. Her breasts pressed against my chest. Her right leg wrapped itself around my ass.

"Oh God!" We spoke in unison when I felt it. To my shock, she wore no panties either! I immediately felt her. The mink parted and my cock entered. I knew it right away! The feeling was unmistakable! I felt her slit.

"Oh God!" I couldn't believe it.

"Oh yes!" She expressed pleasure.

Carol allowed herself to lower. She wiggled around, adjusted the aim of my cock, and then slowly lowered herself down upon it. Additional wetness formed on the head of my cock. Thighs squeezed along both sides.

"So wide!" She liked it. "So thick!"

I still couldn't believe it! It wasn't possible, yet I could feel it happening. The feeling was unmistakable!

"He's really spreading me!" Her hand left me. It was no longer needed. She firmly had me inserted.

"Oh God!" I still couldn't believe it.

Both her legs wrapped themselves around my thighs. Both her arms reached up to take me by the shoulders. Carol hung on like I was a new ride at the amusement park.

"And he's spreading me so wide!" She came down on me, devouring me, first coming down just a little, then bouncing, and then giving me a couple short strokes. It was as though she had to grow accustomed to me. She had to let her cunt grow accustomed to my oversized organ.

"Her cunt!" I screamed to myself. I was feeling her cunt! My cock was in her pussy. Her hole was squeezing me tight. I was actually fucking her, I realized - or rather, she was fucking me. It didn't really matter. I just felt the elation of my cock being used for what it was intended.

"Oh yes!" Carol spoke each time she allowed me to enter just a little bit further. "Oh, oh yes! Oh yes!" Pleasant to my surprise, she liked to voice out her desire.

"Ah!" I wasn't afraid to express myself either. She looked so gorgeous. Her cunt felt so tight. Never before had I fucked such beauty.

"He certainly is a long one," She informed Lucy as she kept coming down on me, little by little, inch by slow inch. Soon, she no longer had to bounce. I did it for her. I thrust my hips up and down. She rode along with me. My cock exalted a need to enter her fully. My body expressed a desire to explode deep inside.

"Oh Fuck!" I could hardly stand it. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I yelled out with each stroke, realizing I was actually fucking the pussy of this gorgeous young woman. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met. She was certainly the most beautiful I had ever fucked - or forced to fuck.

"And it even talks," Carol liked my vocalizations.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" I couldn't help but cry out some more.

"And I think he even likes me," She actually laughed in the middle of it all.

With each thrust, she rose. It was difficult to get effective friction. First I tried to thrust harder, but she just rose ever higher. Then I tried to stagger, but she kept rising in perfect time. I entered, but Carol allowed me to enter only slowly. She remained in control. This little vixen was clearly well practiced. She was an expert. Princess Carol was a mistress!

It must have taken ten minutes before our stomachs finally touched. Her naked chest pressed against my own. I could feel each tit push into me.

"Oh yes!" She let out a screech when I reached bottom. Finally, I could go no deeper. I froze in position with my cock inserted fully inside her.

"Now that's what I call a man!" She complimented my deep length.

Her hands loosened their grip on my shoulders. I felt her weight descend on my rod. It was as though I was holding her up, her entire body balanced on the strength of my rock hard cock. It so much needed to cumm. I wanted her to start fucking, to start gyrating her hips. I wanted to stroke my cock in and out, yet couldn't. She kept so much weight upon it. My shackled form held me still. I could do nothing but wait for her to take action. Carol stayed in total control.

"Oh yes!" She lifted herself up and then stabbed down.

Finally! I couldn't believe it. I was actually fucking her - or rather, it was more like she was fucking me. But no matter! It felt so good, her pussy so tight. I couldn't believe I was actually fucking the cunt of the gorgeous creature that had entered the room just a few minutes before.

"Yes, he should make the perfect fuck toy," Carol lifted herself up and then stabbed back down two more times to force my full length all the way inside her.

And then she did the unthinkable!

"No!" I cried out.

She pulled herself up and then pulled away. I tried to resist, first standing up on my toes and then pushing out my waist in an attempt to stay inside her. But she did it so fast. She was quick. Before I knew it, I was out. She left me only empty air.

Yet I couldn't stop. My hips, I tried to thrust out to her. My cock, it attempted to find her. I fucked into thin air, my shaft exposed and now glistening. It thrust up into the air like a giant snake on the prowl for a victim.

And a second later I felt it. My cock started to throb. It felt like it grew an extra inch.

"No!" I yelled out, yet did nothing to stop myself. My hips gyrated. My cock flew. I felt like a horny male stripper intent of giving the best possible show to the audience.

"A surprise!" Carol cried out and continued to watch. She knew what was going to happen. They both did!

"It looks as though we're about to go into extra innings," Queen Lucy laughed as she watched too.

I thrust for a few seconds more, and then I did it. Naked, tied, and hard; and with two women standing to either side with their eyes focused clearly upon me, I spewed forward a rope of cumm.

"Oh yes!" Carol cried out as it flew past her.

"Good boy!" Lucy gave me thanks like I was no more than a child.

I felt embarrassed, humiliated, and completely used. It was like I was on display, nor more than a stripper on stage. But more than a stripper, a male stripper who was showing off not just my cock but what I could do with it.

Despite what I felt, I couldn't stop it. My hips continued thrusting. My cock continued spurting.

"He's good!" Carol liked it.

"Like a fire-hose," Lucy laughed.

I spewed forth load after load while the girls watched. Each shot up in a high arch, extending nearly above my head, and then landing with a loud splatter on the floor before me. The first was the most powerful. The second nearly the same, but by the third they had already diminished. I cummed more than average, but still had my limit.

"He's really good!" Carol was not accustomed to such a forceful display.

"Yes he is," Lucy naturally agreed, as if she would say anything else.

"I just have to have him," Carol then spoke the words that should have disturbed me most of all.

"And so you will!" Lucy gave a hint at things to come, but I was too occupied at the moment to give it much thought. I cummed a few more times, each a smaller spurt than the one previous, until finally I started to diminish.

Looking down as if to verify that it had really happened, I saw the last few were nothing more the dribbles. The thick shaft of my cock gave out a little shiver and then gave up a little cumm. It drooled out in a weak stream, dripped down the length, and then eventually fell to the floor.

"Oh, look at it!" Carol admired.

It took only a few seconds for my shaft to be fully drenched. Sticky white beads of sperm were positioned along its length. Some slowly ran down like thick molasses. A few dribbled to the floor. Most noticeable were the thick white globs of it held onto the top surface.

"Does he always cumm so well?" Carol asked at last.

"John's a very talented cummer," Lucy informed the guest of my talents. "Provided you first starve him awhile."

Carol laughed at this. "That might be a problem," I looked up just in time to see her return a smile. "At least for the first couple of weeks."

Lucy laughed along with her.

I let out a shiver as I remembered their earlier words. The sale was complete. I had been sold to a new mistress.

The End