Caught in the Act

Although this story is more of a mutual masturbation in public scenario, the Cfnm aesthetic is strong enough that I feel it's a great read for fans of it. Either way, it's hot. Hope you think so too.


Every once in a while, we are jolted out of our contented, self-centered world by being caught in the act of doing something society frowns upon. Usually, being caught breaking one of society's taboos is an unwelcome event marked by, at best, sheer embarrassment, or, at worst, being subjected to the machinations of the judicial system.

Being unintentionally caught masturbating in public has the potential for being a life-changing event. If it doesn't land one in jail, cost one his job or get one's nose broken, then the Gods must have been smiling that day.

Well, I was caught in the act late this summer, and the Gods clearly were smiling on me that day.

It was a hot, dry summer's day. I decided to go for a hard run on the mountain trails about a mile from my office in a mid-sized Western college town. By noon that day, it already had been a stressful, yet boring day. My mind and body were eager for some time to cut loose and leave the work drudgery behind.

After changing into my running clothes at a nearby gym, I hit the pavement running toward the trails of a local open space park. Once my shoes left pavement and the familiar crunch of gravel and dirt greeted my ears, thoughts of work and conference calls disappeared. As my heart rate increased along with the grade of the trail, my mind began to wander into the realm of naked women and fantasies of erotic couplings with strangers. The next thing I knew, my loins were aching and thoughts of orgasmic release filled my head.

I decided I should find a secluded spot, well off the trail to take a break and jack off. As I neared the top of a long climb to a ridge line, I slowed and began walking the final stretch to the top. I slipped my hand down the front of my light running shorts and fondled my penis until I had an erection. Once I crested the ridge, I started scanning the hillsides and rock outcroppings for a relatively flat spot in the sun that offered a vantage point where I would see someone approaching before they would see me. I am no exhibitionist and didn't want to find myself in the position of exposing myself and frightening anyone.

After a few minutes of scanning the vicinity, I eyed another ridge line that angled away from the ridge upon which I was walking. I made my way through the ponderosa pines and sagebrush to the top of this ridge. The sun, angling from the West, was beating down on my shoulders as I found a nice-sized, flat rock obscured from behind by a large rock outcropping. The spot overlooked a pine cloaked gully, well out of sight of the trail.

I stood on the rock, stripped off my shirt and carefully scanned the area for any signs of movement and people. Seeing no one, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my running shorts and slid them off my hips and dropped them at my feet and quickly stepped out of them. I kicked them next to my shirt and with my hands on my now naked hips, I again scanned the area to make sure no one was around.

I was alone. My dick was now standing fully at attention. I took it in my hand and slowing stroked it and caressed my shaved balls. (I began shaving my balls and closely trimming my pubic hair about a year ago after a girlfriend convinced me to do it. Her argument, and one I had no bright retort to, was that since she shaved her pussy, I should reciprocate.) After another quick glance around, I laid down on the warm flat rock.

With my bare ass absorbing the rock's warmth, I again took my dick in hand and got down to business. With mental images of a nude woman shaving her pussy as I looked on filling my head, I began pumping my dick up and down with my right hand. I brought my left hand to my mouth and took a glob of saliva and used it to coat my asshole. I slipped my middle finger inside myself, working in some of the saliva to serve as lubricant. Still pumping my cock, I coated my left middle finger with more saliva and slipped it in above the knuckle, deep into my ass.

I began to work both hands in tandem, raising my ass off the rock, allowing me to slip the entire length of my finger inside. I was getting close to cumming. The sun was beating down on my naked body. My dick was hard as a rock and ready to explode. My finger was up my ass.

Then, the unimaginable happened. Just as I was about to let go, I heard a gasp followed by a female voice exclaiming, "Oh my God!"

With my dick still in my right hand and my left index finger up my ass, I looked up and saw two women peering over the rock outcropping I was so convinced would shield me from prying eyes. My heart leapt into my throat. I popped my finger out of my ass, let go of my cock and quickly stood up scrambling to figure out how to get out of this incredibly uncomfortable situation.

As I looked quickly down at my clothes, some 10 feet away, I stammered an apology and used my splayed right hand to cover my still hard cock.

Both women now were standing a top the rock outcropping and I could tell they both were college aged and attractive. They were both clad in hiking clothes -- tan shorts, sports bras and hiking shoes. Both of them had their hair tied up in pony tails. The taller of the two, wearing a black sports bra, had blonde hair and was several inches taller than the other one, who had long, straight brown hair.

The blonde spoke next. "Holly shit, what in the world are you doing? We should report you." She turned to the brunette and said, "Come on, Sarah, let's get the hell out of here."

Sarah didn't meet the blonde's gaze. She was studiously looking me up and down. I thought I detected a quick, wry smirk as she muttered, "Relax Tina, what's he going to do, chase after us bare-assed?"

Sensing she wanted a better look at my most private parts, I dropped my hands to my side. My dick had lost some of its erection, but had just enough life left in it to give it a nice large, thick appearance. That coupled with the fact that I trim back my pubic hair must have made my average-sized cock look quite large to her.

Staring right at my exposed cock, Tina nodded in my direction and said, "Were you pretty close before we scared you?"

"Yeah, I was just about to let go," I said. I couldn't believe I was having this conversation while standing naked as a jaybird in front of two college girls in the middle of the woods.

"Can I watch you finish up," Tina asked, to my astonishment.

I wasn't sure how to respond. Heck, I wasn't sure I could masturbate in front of two strange women. I think I was still red with embarrassment, anyway. After all, I had been caught jacking off in public, with my finger up my ass no less. Seemingly reading my mind, Tina said, "I especially liked what you were doing with your left hand."

Aaaargh. Shit. They had seen me playing with my own ass. Man, I was turning shades of red previously unknown to even the most daring artists.

As I was wallowing in my embarrassment, I quickly noticed Tina was awaiting a response. Sarah was looking around uncomfortably and clearly looked like she wanted to get the hell out of there.

"I guess you could watch," I said meekly. "But, I don't want to do anything to make you uncomfortable," I added, looking at Sarah.

"She'll be fine," Tina quickly retorted as she climbed down from the rock outcropping and moved toward a good sitting rock about five feet from where I was standing. Sarah timidly followed and muttered, "This is unbelievable. I don't know if this is smart, Tina."

"You're not going to do anything to us, are you," Tina asked me.

"No," I said. "I think I'm too paralyzed with embarrassment to move more than two feet in any direction," I replied making a valiant attempt to muster a light-hearted tone and a smile.

Tina sat down on the rock as Sarah made her way down and found a spot standing next to Tina.

"Go ahead," Tina said. "Don't let us hold you up any more. It looks like you are ready anyway."

I looked down and realized my dick was totally hard again. I had, almost unconsciously, been getting more and more turned on as the notion of two strange women looking at my naked body sunk in. I took my dick back in my right hand and began lightly stroking it. I was concentrating on what my hand was doing when my rhythm was interrupted, again, by Tina.

"I like the way you trim you hair down there," she said looking intently at my crotch. "So hot. Hey, you don't have any hair on your balls either. Wow."

I didn't say anything. I was getting really hot having these two women watching me. My embarrassment was rapidly evacuating and being replaced by lust. I turned fully toward my two onlookers, spread my feet about should length apart and began jacking off in earnest. As I worked my cock, I looked each woman up and down, pausing to focus on their breasts, concealed behind tight sports bras, and their long, tan legs emerging from short hiking shorts. Every few seconds I would glance at their faces. Our eyes never met because they were staring only at my crotch. Both of them were unconsciously leaning forward, eyes wide.

After about five minutes of this, Tina said, "I can't believe you haven't cum yet. Maybe you need some visuals to help. Sarah, show him your tits."

With Tina's laugh still lingering in the air, Sarah turned to her and slowly and ponderously said, "I can'" In mid-sentence, still staring at my cock, she seemed to visibly reconsider. Never averting her gaze, she lifted her hands to the bottom of her sports bra and pulled it up above her breasts and left it there, dropping her hands to her sides. She quickly glanced down at her exposed breasts and over at Tina. Tina stood there looking at Sarah with her mouth agape.

"Holly shit, Sarah, I didn't think you really would do that."

"Yeah, well, I, uh, I dunno," was all she could get out. I could tell Sarah was really turned on. I saw an opening and decided to try and up the ante.

"Please take your top the rest of the way off," I said to Sarah. Almost obediently, she complied by pulling the top off over her head, being careful to get it around her pony tail. She brought her hands up to her breasts, as if to cover them. Instead, she just held them in her hands and lightly pinched her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers before dropping her hands, again to her sides.

I gazed hungrily at her. Her breasts were small, but a full, wonderful round shape. Her nipples were small and noticeably erect.

"Sarah, you are a wild woman," Tina exclaimed. "No one is going to believe this."

That comment snapped Sarah out of her sexual stupor. "Tina," she said with her eyes flashing. "No one is going to hear about this!"

Just as Sarah finished her almost angry pronouncement, she bent down and before Tina could react, slipped Tina's sports bra up above her breasts, exposing them to me. Sarah then said, "If I'm going to do this, so are you."

Tina, realizing she had angered her friend, contritely explained she didn't mean she would tell anyone. As she spoke, she completely removed her top and stood up next to Sarah. "Sorry about that."

With everyone happy again, and now with two pairs of amazing naked breasts before me, I began concentrating on giving the girls a show. My mindset had shifted. I now was totally into giving them a show, purposely jacking off in front of them to satisfy my own sexual cravings and new-found desire to expose myself.

Realizing I was not getting much closer to cumming in my standing position, I decided to lay back down on the warm, flat rock. Without saying a word, I sat down, feeling the rock's warmth again on my bare ass. I laid back on my back with my knees in the air and spread my legs. With both of them framed perfectly between my raised knees, I took my cock again in my right hand and began pumping it up and down. In this position, I felt so exposed. Nothing was left to the imagination. From their vantage point, they could see my erect cock in my hand, my shaved balls swinging side to side between my legs and my asshole just below my balls.

I was really getting into it when I saw Tina lean over to Sarah and whisper something. I didn't care what she was saying. I was taking in the sexy sight of her breasts gently swaying with each subtle movement. When she finished whispering, Sarah reared back wide-eyed and said, "No way. You are not." Tina smiled and unbutton her shorts and let them drop to the ground. She must have had keys in one of the pockets because the shorts hit the rock with a thud. She quickly stepped out of the shorts and stood before me wearing only a tiny pair of pink g-string panties. She hooked her thumbs under the thin strip of material snaking up over her hips from what I presumed was an equally thin strip of material running up her ass crack. As she pulled up on the g-string, the tiny pink triangle of material concealing the folds of her pussy perfectly conformed to shape of her mound. I could make out her slit. I noted nary a hair was peaking out around her tiny panties.

"Wow, that is so sexy," was all I could muster. She smiled as she looked down on me, still masturbating flat on my back. Without letting the smile fade from her lips, she turned around and bent over, giving me a close up view of her ass and the thin strip of material concealing what must have been a perfect, tight asshole.

"Do you like this view," she needlessly inquired. I professed my love of the color pink and of the view she was providing. I quickly glanced at Sarah who was looking uncomfortable again. Tina, on the other hand, was just hitting her stride.

Just as Sarah asked Tina what she was doing, Tina quickly slipped off her panties and took a step closer to where I was laying. I couldn't believe what was happening. Tina now was totally nude. Her pussy was as gorgeous and awe inspiring as were her breasts. She was almost totally shaved down there, except for a thin strip of hair starting at the top of her slit.

"Don't get any ideas," Tina said. "Let's just watch each other. No touching. Okay?"

I wasn't going to do anything to ruin this fantasy come true. I agreed there would be no touching.

"Just keep doing what you are doing," Tina said. With her words still handing in the air, she closed the distance between us with one hand gently rubbing her sweet spot. She came up right next to me. From my vantage point, laying on my back, she looked so tall. Her next move was unbelievable. She came around and stepped on either side of my head, facing my feet. Looking up, I had a full-on view of her shaved pussy lips and the arch of her butt cheeks curving up to her back. As I was gazing at her pussy, she slid a hand between her legs and began masturbating.

With this sight before me, my own masturbating was reinvigorated. I began working my dick fast and furiously. Every now and again, I would pry my gaze from Tina's masturbation show to glance at Sarah. She had slipped her hand down the front of her shorts and clearly was masturbating as well, her breasts jiggling with every movement of her hand.

Seeing Sarah in the act sent me right to the edge of cumming. Like someone out of a bad porno movie, I actually said out loud, "I'm going to cum."

"Yay!" Tina said. "Watch Sarah."

Still staring intently at Tina's hand rubbing her pussy, I let go. Cum shot into the air and landed in big globs on my chest and stomach. I kept pumping milking the orgasm for everything I had. It was, possibly, the most intense orgasm I ever had.

After I came, Tina exclaimed how hot my cum shot was and continued rubbing her clit. Still standing over me, she quickened her masturbation pace and seemed to be close to orgasm herself. The next thing I remember was Tina rearing her head back, letting out two deep sighs, slightly bending her knees and nearly stumbling as her orgasm washed over her.

Once she regain her composure, Tina stepped over me and quickly gathered up her clothes and got dressed. Watching her slip on her tiny pink panties was so hot. I propped myself up on my elbows, still on my back and watched her put on the rest of her clothes. It was then I noticed Sarah still had her hands down the front of her shorts. Tina must have realized it at about the same time.

"Come on, Sarah, you can cum. Let go. It feels so good. Just look at his cock. Look at the cum on his chest. Doesn't what your doing to yourself in front of me and this total stranger feel incredible?"

Sarah let out a barely audible, "Uh-huh," and she came. Like Tina, Sarah kind of bobbed forward a couple of times, closed her eyes tight and let out two quiet uhs. Once her orgasm subsided, she covered her face with her hands and said, "That felt so good. Oh my God, I can't believe I did that in front of you guys."

I just smiled and stood up to gather my own clothes. Sarah and I dressed together. Once we were all clothed again, Tina said how exciting this experience had been. She said she really enjoyed just watching and masturbating in front of someone she didn't know. Offhandedly, I said, "We should do it again."

Sarah, again, looked concerned. Tina, being a smart, careful woman, said, "Well, I don't know. Maybe. Give me your e-mail address and we will see.

Sarah opened a small hip pack she had been carrying and handed me a pen and a scrap of paper. I wrote down my e-mail address,, and handed the pen and paper to Tina.

We said our goodbyes and each headed off in opposite directions. They went back over the rock outcropping and I made my way back to the trail, and, eventually, back to work. Oh, what a day.