Cfnm Story Submission - CFNM Cuckold – My First CFNM Experience

This particular submission comes from an avid Cfnm fan and actual participant in an active lifestyle that involves Cfnm for pleasure and for monetary gain. Yes, he has marketed himself to be paid to be in Cfnm situations! He's got his own website actually, which you can check out for yourself here: Vince Harrington Cfnm. Now, onto his story (which I really hope he finishes!)


As a performer in erotic movies…I have several ads in papers and on-line advertising my services as a nude waiter or bartender, entertainer or “companion”, and being Bi, I cater to a variety of clientele.

So it was no surprise to get an email from a gentleman who had seen my ad and was hunting for someone with a sizable cock. What was a surprise was that he was seeking a large penis, not for himself, but for his wife.

I thought perhaps they were looking for a bit of 3-way companionship, but such was not the case. Seems the wife really enjoyed playing with big dicks, and the husband was lacking in that department.

He wanted to make her a present of my cock. She only wanted to look at it and play with it. Probably watching me jack off, and possibly giving me a hand job. Nothing else was involved, and she would stay fully dressed.

Since he wanted this to be a surprise for her, we arranged that I would pretend to be a friend from his health club coming over to help him hook up some computer stuff. He was a rather large man and I could get underneath the desk and get at the wires and connectors easier.

He had me wear a tight muscle-t-shirt and spandex bike shorts, so there would be no doubt what I was packing.

I arrived, he introduced us and he and I went upstairs to the bedroom, which also contained their home office. She was coming up shortly with some cokes. I got myself under the desk so that I was showing from the waist down…I made sure to “fluff” myself so that she would get a real eyeful.

I was almost fully hard, and my cock stretched along my right thigh. The bike shorts were very thin, and you could see the outline of the mushroom head.

I heard her come in to the room. “Oh my gawd!,” she gasped, “WHAT is THAT?”

She knelt down on the floor next to me and spoke to her husband, “Honey, what did you bring me? It looks HUGE!” She laughed and ran her fingers along the outline of my cock, which turned me on even more.

“I think Vince needs to get out here so I can see his cock better.”

I crawled out from under the desk and stood before her. Her husband went over to the far side of the room to sit and watch.

“I think you need to take off that shirt.”

I did as I was told and peeled off the muscle-t.

“You have a beautiful chest,” she reached in the nightstand drawer and produced a large bottle of baby oil. “I want to oil you…do you like oil?”

I told her that I did. In fact baby oil is one of my big turn-ons.

“Don’t move, unless I tell you to” She grabbed the bottle and began drizzling me with oil, along my shoulders, down my arms, along my back, and all over my chest. Standing there, with oil dripping down my body was getting me very hot. My cock was throbbing.

She began massaging my torso, making me flex my biceps and pecs as she spread the oil over me. She worked her way behind me and put her hands on my chest. She started kneading my pecs, making me flex and pump them for her, and then she carefully took her thumb and forefinger and tweaked my nipples with her nails.

It wasn’t enough to really hurt, but enough to make me squirm and let out a moan.

“Mmmmm, I knew you’d like that.”

“Yes, ma’am, I like it a lot.”

“I bet it made you even harder.”

With that she grabbed the waistband of my bike shorts with one hand and slid the other down my body until she grabbed my hard cock.

As she whispered in my ear, “You ARE a bad boy,” she began rubbing her well oiled palm along my penis. “I like to play with bad boys with big dicks.”

To Be Continued: