The Cfnm Saga Of Nicky Strom, The Peeping Tom


Hi, my name is Julia Strom. I am nineteen years old and a Scorpio. That's supposed to make me automatically sensitive, secretive, powerful, and most importantly, hyper sexy. But I don't believe all that astrological crap and neither should you. The reality is: I am all those things, but not because I was born in late October.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am of Italian and German descent; my mother, a highly intelligent, loving, but intransigent woman descended from Roman nobility, and my father, a genial, fun-loving man who loves to tinker with junk metal. I stand 5' 8" tall and have long, straight, platinum-blonde hair and blue eyes—the blue eyes I inherited from my mother; the platinum-blonde hair from my dad. I have an athletic, rather than a voluptuous body, but my tits are a size 38 DD and my ass is of your proverbial "bubble butt' variety, so the guys are always devouring me with their eyes—and my brother Nicky is no exception. Yes, you read it right—my brother!

Nicky is 14 months older than I am and he loves women with big tits. He is so fascinated with huge breasts that he constantly tries to catch me coming out of the shower in the hopes that he'll get a quick glance at my twin beauties. His obsession with big breasts is bad enough, but he suffers from another, far more significant, problem: Nicky is a voyeur, a real "Peeping Tom".

Now let it be understood that I have nothing against guys checking me out. It's flattering and it makes me feel nice. But to be lusted after by your own brother? Now that's fucked up!

Nicky is a very handsome guy with wavy brown hair and green eyes that could melt your heart. He stands about six feet tall and has a lean, muscular body that women love. And the best part? He's a really wonderful guy—intelligent, kind, loving—a sweetheart of a man! But he wants to suck on my tits! Yuck! No way!

And did I mention that he was handsome? Yes, he is—ridiculously so. I usually hate to make comparisons, but if I had to compare his looks with some famous celebrity, I'd say his features were a cross between the rugged handsomeness of a guy like Brad Pitt and that of veteran actor Franco Nero, the Italian film star with the incredibly beautiful face who I absolutely adored in the movie version of "Camelot". Yes, it's true. Nicky is that gorgeous. But as handsome as he is, he could never be accused of being vain or pompous. In fact, he always downplays his looks, saying that they are just an incidence of birth and that it is your character, and not your physical beauty, that is most important to get you through life. On that one issue, we had always agreed.

So to begin my story, let me take you back to when we were both still in junior high. We had just come home from school together and had climbed up the three flights of stairs leading up to our apartment. My mom and dad were both at work. Being that it was mid-July, I usually headed up to the roof to cool off and listen to some music on my radio. I had a folding chair already set up on the rooftop where I could see the entire panorama of the Boston cityscape before me. I took a seat and turned on my radio and closed my eyes.

About a half an hour later I heard some woman's voice calling my name. It was Felicia, a pretty Sicilian lady of about forty-five years old who lived next door. Like me, she also had a few chairs set up on her rooftop and was now arranging them so that they faced away from the sun. She had her two daughters, Regina and Maria aged 23 and 21, respectively, and her mother with her. The two young women were dressed in bikinis and all of them were talking very excitedly.

"Hey Julia!" Felicia shouted. "Come sta?"

"Bene!" I replied. "What's up?"

"We're discussing breast size and I wanted your opinion."

I heard her mother, whose name was Jeanette, say something to her in Italian, but I couldn't make it out.

"What did she just say?" I asked Felicia.

"Oh, my mother is being a pain in the ass, as usual. Right mom?"

"Tell her! Tell her!" her mother replied in broken English.

"She says that men prefer women with large breasts. Do you think that is true?"

"I think some men do," I replied honestly.

"She thinks all men do."

"I don't think I can agree with that."

"Neither can I."

Jeanette must have understood a little of what we were saying because she pointed to her two granddaughters and indicated with her hands the physical distinction in breast size between the two women. She then said something in Italian to explain further.

"She's saying that Regina has had better luck with men because she is big breasted, Felicia said to me. "And Maria has had not so much luck because she is not that big."

"It's not about breast size," Maria said to her mother. "Some guys like legs, some like butts..."

"But most guys like big knockers," Regina concluded.

The grandmother shook her head in agreement.

"Oh, what do you know, ma?" Felicia said.

"I know enough!" the old woman replied.

"You see?" Felicia said to me. "She can speak English when she wants to."

I turned down the sound on my radio and told Felicia that I was going downstairs to get something cool to drink.

"But what do you think?" she asked. "You have big breasts. Does it help you to attract men?"

"Truthfully, I think they're attracted to my looks more than my breasts, or my legs, or my ass."

"So big tits are not the main attraction?"

"As I said, for some guys it is. But do you really think that having big tits is going to compensate for an unattractive face? I don't think so, Felicia."

"That's what I think too!" Maria said emphatically.

I heard the grandmother say something that sounded like a curse word in Italian and indicated that she wanted to go downstairs.

"She has irritable bowel syndrome," Felicia said. "She'll be in the bathroom for the next half hour."

"Oh," I replied. "I thought it was something I said."

"That's possible too."

I took my radio in my hand and started walking to the door.

"I'm going downstairs," I said. "Nice seeing you guys."

"Ciao, Julia!" Felicia replied.

As I opened the door I found my brother on the other side standing against the wall with a sheepish look on his face. He had some tissue paper in his hand.

"Why are you standing there like that?" I asked him.

"I...I was going out onto the roof to join you."

"You've never done that before."

"Well, there's always a first time."

He pulled open the door and walked out without any further explanation. But I could tell that something wasn't quite right. I went downstairs and after getting my drink I walked back up the stairs to see what was up. He must not have heard me because when I reached the landing I could see that he was standing with his body pressed close to the roof door with his head inclined at a 45-degree angle to it, peering out a small hole between the slats. I immediately knew what he was doing.

"You pervert!" I said to him. "Do you come up here just to jerk off to our neighbors?"

My startled brother turned around quickly, the tissues dropping from his hand.

"I'm not doing anything wrong," he said, his face turning beet red.

"You're spying on our friends!"

"So what? They don't know and I'm not hurting anybody."

"That's not the point. You're invading their privacy, Nicky."

"Then they shouldn't be up on the roof in their bikinis."

"They have a right to their roof, just as we do, without being spied upon. Not to mention that what you're doing is disgusting."

My brother hung his head as if ashamed, but I could tell that he was enjoying his belittlement. Maybe some part of him had wanted me to know of his perversion so that he could use my discovery as a prelude to further titillation.

"Please don't tell mom and dad," he said looking up at me with a pathetic face.

"I won't tell them. But if I catch you doing it again..."

"I won't. I promise I won't."

And that was the end of that. So I thought.

I did not catch Nicky spying on our neighbors for a good long time. It is possible that he could have been doing so when I was not home, but I can't prove it. Suffice it to say, I never caught him in his role of "Peeping Tom" again; that is, not until he and I had both graduated high school. I had just turned eighteen in July, and for my birthday I had decided to invite a bunch of my girlfriends over to my apartment for a rooftop celebration. It was just going to be the girls and me—seven of my closest friends from school—and the day was a beautiful, dry and breezy Saturday afternoon.

All my friends were dressed very casually, for the most part, in shorts and tank tops, as was I. We had bought a few pizzas and some soft drinks, and one of my dearest friends Roxy, a girl known in school for her mammoth breasts, brought along a chocolate birthday cake. We sat around for a few hours just eating and drinking and enjoying the temperate weather. Eventually our conversation turned to boys, and one of the girls, Lisa, a tall, lithe brunette with a beautiful complexion, asked me about my brother.

"I hardly see him around anymore," she said. "You two used to hang around all the time."

"We hung around too much. It wasn't healthy," I replied, fondling my glass.

"What do you mean?" Roxy said, halfway through her fourth slice of pizza.

Roxy was a big girl—not chunky, just very voluptuous and big boned. Her tits were massive, making my own 38 DD's pall by comparison. She was one year older than I was and had been active sexually ever since she had turned eighteen. She was not beautiful in the conventional sense, but her face was nonetheless pretty, and possessed great character and intensity. She was not one to be pushed around by anyone.

"Nicky is a great guy, but he's too fond of me. I had to put some distance between us."

"I still don't understand you," my big-breasted friend said between mouthfuls.

"What?" Belinda asked me. "Is he like in love with you or something fucked up like that?"

"Let's just say that he has a thing for big boobs, including mine."

The stout, little redhead screwed up her face into a knot and guffawed.

"He's sexually attracted to you?"

"He was, or maybe he still is. I don't know. But I had to get away from him, as much as I love him."

Alana, a very pretty blonde who had been my friend for many years, stood looking at me with her mouth wide open. "Jesus Christ! Did you ever tell your parents about this obsession of his?"

"No," I replied. "He begged me not to. I told him I wouldn't say anything as long as he left me alone. So far, he hasn't been a problem."

Another old friend of mine, Tiffany, a girl who was by far the most beautiful of all of us and never wasted an opportunity to use her vastly incredible looks to devastate guys, whistled through her teeth.

"Shit, Julia! That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard. Your own brother lusting after you! How perverse is that?"

"Haven't you ever heard of incest?" my next door neighbor, Belle, said to Tiffany.

"Of course I have. But it happens to other people's families, not to your own, or your friends."

"That's ridiculous!" Roxy laughed. "Why do people think they are somehow immune from the frailties that affect others? I don't understand that at all."

"It can happen to anyone, Tiffany," I said to her. "I decided not to make it an issue because it would have hurt my parents to know the truth—as well as my brother."

"You did the right thing."

This opinion was voiced by Jillian, the smartest and most gregarious of the bunch. She was a plain-looking girl of nineteen and had long, mousy hair that was always too long to be manageable. Despite her bookish appearance, guys found her desirable, probably because she had such a winning personality.

"I think so, Jill," I replied. "Since the time I caught him spying on our neighbors, he seems to have kept his urges in check—at least that's how it appears."

"You caught him spying on...?"

"My Sicilian friends next door," I replied. "You know...Regina...the one with..."

"Tits as big as mine?" Roxy interjected. "Yeah, I met her a few times. Nice girl."

"She's very sweet. They all are."

"When did all this happen?" Alana asked me.

"Oh, years ago. I think I told you guys. I caught him spying on them through the hole in the roof door."

"That's right!" Lisa recalled. "You did tell us. But not about the incest part."

"Can we not mention that word?" I said to her. It's over now. I told you and let's just forget it."

"Fine," she replied. "You don't have to get so testy."

"Shut up, Lisa," Roxy said. "It's Julia's birthday for Christ's sake, all right?"

Lisa knew better than to get in an argument with Roxy. Roxy always won, and even if the big girl was found sometimes wanting in the logic department, she always had her huge melons to call into service if anyone made her angry, using them as weapons to shove in anyone's face at any time.

For a while we talked about our future goals and what colleges we might, or might not, be accepted to. We were having a splendid time dancing to the music that loudly blared from my radio, even breaking into some of my father's stash of cold beer to add some excitement to the party. Soon enough we had become a trifle inebriated. Even I, who rarely touched alcohol, had a few beers, which gave me a slight buzz.

Then, suddenly, as if from out of nowhere, we heard a loud yell and the sound of metal clashing upon the rooftop.

"What the fuck is that?" Belle exclaimed, turning her head toward the tiny shed that was situated to the left of the roof door where my father had kept his tools and various pieces of scrap metal.

I ran to the shed, my friends following close behind. I tugged on the door handle but it wouldn't open. The lock was a standard key lock, but I didn't have the key.

"Something must have fallen down," I said. "Don't worry about it."

"There's a little window up there," Tiffany observed, pointing above the shed door. "Maybe we should take a look."

"I doubt you can see anything out of that," I replied, my eyes squinting in the sun. "Let's go."

Just then I heard a low moan come from within the shed. It sounded like a man's voice—a voice I recognized.

"There's someone in there!" Jillian cried.

The girls drew back in fear as I tried to maintain calm. Acting on my presumptions, I knocked on the door, all too certain who the intruder might be.

"Is that you in there, Nicky?" I asked. "If it's you, please come out."

The girls started to giggle anxiously as we heard the sound of metal clamoring on the other side of the door. I heard a few more grunts and then the door opened revealing my brother's face covered in soot.

"I don't believe this!" I said angrily. "You've been spying on us, haven't you?"

He looked at me with apologies written all over his face, the door swung halfway open.

"I'm sorry, sis. I really am."

"Come out of there and close the door. You, you little pervert!"

My brother avoided eye contact with me or my friends as he walked out. His legs and arms had a few scratches on them and there was a rip in his shirt. My friends looked upon him with derision as he stood dejectedly before us, his ego now as much bruised as his body.

"Are you all right?" I asked him. "Did you hurt yourself?"

"No, no. I'm okay. Just ashamed, that's all."

"As well you should be, Nicky!" Roxy said. "Julia told us all about you."

"I know. I heard."

"You heard everything?" I asked him.

"It's okay, Julia. I can live with it."

"He can live with it!" Alana said. "You're such a jerk, Nicky. Do you know that?"

"I guess I am," he replied, avoiding her gaze.

His honesty and genuine expression of shame helped to quell my anger and made my friends react with much less harshness than they might have done had he tried to defend himself. But he had been caught red-handed, and there was nothing much he could do but accept our condemnation.

"I thought you had put this behind you," I told him. "But I guess I was wrong."

"He's a voyeur, that's all," Roxy said, looking straight at him. "He just likes to jerk off watching beautiful women like us."

I couldn't help but laugh, as did everyone else.

"Is that true, Nicky?" Lisa asked him. "Do we turn you on?"

She did a cute little wiggling motion with her ass to taunt him, which made all the girls giggle.

My brother looked at me for the first time and sighed. "I admit I have a problem. And I'm sorry for spying on you guys."

Unconsciously, he reached down with his right hand and adjusted his shorts, letting his hand rest on his genitals for a brief moment.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Isn't it obvious?" Belle said with a snicker. "He's got a hard-on!"

"No, I don't," he protested. "I'm just adjusting...

"You're not adjusting anything!" Alana laughed. "You're sticking out of your shorts!"

Much to my dismay, and to my brother's horror, the tip of his erect penis was jutting out for everyone to see. It was obvious that he had become excited with our discovery of his voyeurism and now everyone was pointing and laughing at his condition.

"I can't believe this!" I exclaimed. "What's the matter with you, Nicky?"

"Oh, leave him alone, Julia!" Roxy said, doubling over with laughter. "This is fucking great!"

"I guess we really do turn you on, don't we, Nicky?" Belinda taunted him.

My brother's face turned beet red as the girls teased him unmercifully. He shifted his body away from us to hide his rampant erection, but he could not hide his shame.

"I'm going downstairs," he said, moving towards the door.

"Why?" I asked him. "So you can jerk off?"

"I'm not going to jerk off."

"I'll bet he is!" Tiffany said, staring at his crotch. "Look at him. He's as big as a horse!"

All my friends now focused their attention on his cock, which forced his shorts to stretch out before him several inches. If this weren't bad enough, his big balls had managed to find their way out of his underwear such that we could see them partially exposed. I had seen my brother nude on several occasions, but that was when we were just little kids. I had no idea that he was so well endowed.

"That's some serious dick!" Roxy commented favorably, as the girls continued to laugh and toy with him.

"I'm going downstairs," he repeated again, turning his back to us as he headed toward the door.

As he approached the door, my friends suddenly descended upon him en masse and pulled him back. He struggled with them but seven girls were too much for him to handle.

"Hey!" he complained. "What's going on?"

"We want to take a closer look at your cock!" Roxy squealed.

"Oh, come on!" I said to my friends. "Let him go and jerk off!"

"I'm not going to jerk off!" he shouted as they dragged him toward the area where we had been sitting.

"Girls!" I said, admonishing them. "Let him go!"

"Come on, Julia," Lisa laughed. "We're just going to have a little fun with him."

"Yeah," Roxy agreed. "He's too fucking hung to ignore!"

It had to have been the liquor that had so emboldened us because I had never seen my friends act so aggressively toward a guy before. Despite my brother's protests, and my own weak admonishments, my friends had now pinned him down and were removing his shorts and underwear. As soon as the boxers came off, his prick sprang into view. It as a monster.

"Jesus!" Belle exclaimed. "What is that like, twelve fucking inches?"

The girls laughed loudly.

"Julia," Roxy said. "Did you know Nicky was hung like this?"

I stood there dumbfounded. I had never seen my brother's penis in its erect state and had to marvel at his circumcised beauty.




"No, of course not," I replied, captivated by the rock-hard monstrosity.

"How big are you, Nicky?" Belinda asked, touching the tip of his penis with her fingers.

My brother tried unsuccessfully to break free of their grasp. But he was pinned down very effectively and could only plead with them to let him free.

"I don't know how big I am!" he cried. "Now let me go! Julia! Tell them to get off!"

By this time I myself had become amused and somewhat aroused by the reactions of my friends towards my handsome brother. I knew they would never hurt him, they just wanted to teach him a lesson, and, to be honest, I was all for it.

"Relax, Nicky," I said, standing directly over him. "They're not going to hurt you. But I really think it's time that you are punished."

"For what?" he cried. "You caught me! Isn't that enough?"

"No, Nicky. That's not enough. Now stop acting like a jerk and take your punishment like a man."

"What fucking punishment are you talking about, Julia?" he asked, looking at me with terror in his eyes.

"I'll let the girls decide."

That was all Roxy needed.

"We're going to make you cum, Nicky," the big breasted girl said. "And we're going to make you cum big time."

My friends reacted with glee to the idea, and Roxy started things off by masturbating him roughly while sticking her huge tits right in his face.

"Since you like big boobs so much," she said to him, "you can start by sucking on mine."

Nicky's face disappeared between the dual mounds of flesh as his cock was now being expertly milked by several other hands.

Seeing my brother's huge cock being fondled by all of my friends really turned me on. At first he fought against the pleasurable feelings of having his cock stroked while sucking on Roxy's nipples, but he soon began to enjoy the sensation.

"Your brother has a really nice dick," Tiffany said to me as she let her index finger casually play with the little strip of flesh under the glans. "Look! I've got some pre-cum girls!"

"I want to see him cum all over your tits, Roxy!" Belle said, as he squeezed Nicky's balls hard.

"Would you like to cum on mommy's big boobies, Nicky?" Roxy asked my brother. "I'll bet you'd just love to splash all your nasty hot juice all over mommy's big nipples, huh?"

"I'll bet he would!" Belle affirmed.

My brother was too busy sucking on Roxy's breasts to answer her, or to offer any resistance to my friend's demands. I sat next to the girls watching them work him over as though he were nothing more than their plaything, forced to comply with their every whim.

"Yeah," Alana agreed. "Let's get some sperm on those big nips of yours, Roxy!"

"Not like they haven't been coated in the stuff many times before!" Lisa joked.

The girls continued to laugh and play with Nicky's body for another half hour before it was decided to make him to cum on Roxy's tits. Forcing him into an upright position, the girls took turns jerking his huge cock as Roxy positioned herself on her knees before him, holding her boobs together in her hands, anxiously awaiting his hot load.

I watched my friends turn into veritable nymphomaniacs as they provoked my brother to shoot his sperm. For his part, Nicky could do little to avoid his fate. He was physically overpowered and realized that it was impossible to fight all of them off. But it also seemed to me that he enjoyed being controlled by these drunken, willful girls, and that he really wanted them to watch him cum.

At that moment the door on my neighbor's roof swung open and Felicia and her two daughters came running out.

"Oh, my God! " Felicia exclaimed. "What are you girls doing?"

"We're jerking off a pervert!" Jill replied. "Want to watch?"

Felicia looked at me in shock. Regina and Maria simply laughed.

"Julia!" Felicia said, finding her voice. "How can you allow this?"

"Nicky is being punished because he was caught spying on us. Now we're giving him a taste of his own medicine."

"Good!" Regina said. "He's been spying on us for years. That's what you get, Nicky!"

"You know about him?" I asked her, amazed that she was aware of his voyeurism.

"Of course!" I used to see him standing over there behind the shed jerking off whenever my sister and me was up here—my mother too. We all know about Nicky, the Peeping Tom."

"Oh, God!" my brother moaned aloud. "And I tried to be so careful!"

I looked at him with renewed anger.

"You little prick!" I said. "So you have been spying on our friends all this time?"

"We knew he was jerking off," Felicia said. "But I told my daughters not to say anything to you or your parents because we didn't want to start any trouble."

"I'm really sorry, Felicia," Nicky said, apologizing. "I really couldn't help myself."

Felicia just looked at him and shook her head. The girls were still masturbating him and invited Felicia and her daughters to watch as they brought him to climax.

"I've always wanted to see how much he shoots," Maria chuckled. "Big load or small load? I never could see before."

"Well, you're going to see any second now!" Roxy assured her.

No sooner had she said this than Nicky roared and threw his head back, his prick ready to fire its full supply of sperm onto Roxy's waiting tits.

His orgasm began just as it was Tiffany's turn to stroke his cock, and this proved efficacious because she had been known to give the best handjobs in town. With her long, strong fingers she grasped Nicky's big pole and stroked it ferociously, provoking him to cum.

"Ah!" he cried. "You're going to make me bust my load!"

Tiffany laughed. "Go ahead you fucking pervert! Shoot that fucking jizz!"

The girls exploded with joy as my brother surrendered his sperm to Tiffany's masterful handjob. The first shot of cum flew over Roxy's head and almost reached as far as where Felicia was standing about twenty feet away. The next shot hit Roxy in the face and made her turn her head away.

"Aim it on my tits, Tif!" Roxy exclaimed. "My tits!"

Tiffany pointed Nicky's cock downward so that the next several volleys all landed directly on Roxy's breasts, coating them effectively with sperm. A few of the blasts splashed onto her big nipples and then shot upwards to land in her open mouth. She swallowed what sperm she could as she watched the remainder drip down from her breasts and chin.

"What a fucking load!" Jillian laughed. "It's like icing a cake!"

Roxy's tits did indeed look like a thick layer of frosting had been applied to them. As Tiffany's hands continued to stroke him, he kept surrendering rope after rope of spunk onto my friend's enormous boobs. I had seen guys cum on my own tits before, but I had never seen anything quite like this. By the time he was finished, Nicky had completely saturated her twin mounds. Roxy stood up and then shoved her cum-soaked tits right in his face.

"That's what you get for spying on us!" she said, defiantly.

The girls let Nicky go and without a word to us he ran downstairs and disappeared. Roxy followed him so that she could get cleaned up. When she got back she told me that Nicky had gone.

"I saw him walking down the street," she said to me. "I think he's learned his lesson."

I wasn't so sure about her conclusion.

"We're going downstairs," Felicia said. "Thanks for the show. It was very entertaining!"

"Big load!" Maria laughed. "Now we know!"

It was a birthday celebration I would never forget.


Sometimes people learn from their mistakes and sometimes they do not. My brother belonged to the latter category. Whatever the cause or causes of his perversion, his compulsion toward voyeurism did not end on the rooftop that fateful summer day. It is true that for a short while he had managed to keep his obsession more or less under control. But the desire must have always burned deep within his psyche, never to be dislodged. So maybe I am wrong to call his perversion a "mistake". Maybe it would be more appropriate to call his condition a mental aberration—a result of hormonal imbalances in the brain over which he had very little control. So, let me continue my story be relating to you the series of events that began very shortly after he had begun college, and which affected me as well since some of my friends and I were attending the same school.

Nicky had already finished his first year at Harvard, pursuing an undergraduate degree in business. He was already very popular in school, not only because of his pristine academic record, but because he was very handsome and charming. It was his charm more than anything else that drew girls to him, and he loved the attention.

Before I go on I should mention that some of my friends also wound up getting accepted to Harvard—Roxy, Belle, Tiffany and Jillian—and I was thrilled to hear that in addition to sharing a similar major (English Literature), we would all be joining the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. The fact that all four girls had been accepted was exemplary in itself; that we all came from the same high school was even more phenomenal. But it was true—we had made it into one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools in the world and nothing could have made us happier. But let me get back to my story.

I, being one full year behind my brother, soon got to see first-hand how popular he really was. It was during the second week of the first semester that I had a chance to meet some of his friends. Most of them were guys, but he also had quite a few female friends as well. And though he wasn't serious with any of them, they enjoyed being in his presence, if for no other reason than they thought he was very hot. I know this because some of them told me so. I had to admit that he was probably the best looking guy on campus, and I'm not saying that just because I'm his little sister. I really mean it.

As the semester wore on I got to hang out with Nicky and his college friends, both male and female. Invariably these chums of his turned out to be highly intelligent, progressive, and outgoing. I actually befriended several of his pals, and I learned a lot about student life outside the ivy walls. It seemed that Harvard did indeed support a rather flourishing underground that supported its students in ways that had nothing at all to do with academics, and this tiny microcosm supported an ethic and a way of life that seemed hardly in line with the refined and pristine image the university portrayed to the world. It was an ethic based upon hedonism and relativism—tenets that no one would admit to embracing openly, but which almost everyone did covertly. At first this image of a world within a world was only hinted at in whispers and hearsay from some of the students I met, but once I had joined the sorority the truth was slowly revealed to me, and it was a revelation.

Although Kappa Alpha Theta had a long and storied reputation, there was no formal initiation ceremony to welcome new initiates. Any girl could become a member. However, in order to stay in the sorority, you had to do certain things. Some of these things were innocuous; some were not. If you failed to obey the sorority leader, you were out—simple as that. By the time Roxy, Belle, Tiffany, Jillian, and myself were to meet with the sorority leaders, all of us had some idea of what to expect. However, none of us were quite prepared for the reality.

My friends and I had agreed to meet with the leader of Kappa Alpha Theta after regular classes had ended. It was a dreary, late October afternoon as we made our way in the pouring rain toward the building that housed our sorority, which was situated on the periphery of the westernmost part of Harvard Yard. Upon entering the building we were escorted by two very pretty girls who led us upstairs to a suite of offices. Within the largest of these sat a beautiful, red-haired girl with flashing green eyes. As soon as she saw us enter she stood and graciously welcomed us. She was rather tall, about 5' 11" and was dressed in a green sweater and black slacks. She reminded me a little of the actress Lucy Lawless, otherwise known as "Zena, the Warrior Princess," and possessed that same smoldering sensuality that made the actress such a perennial favorite of adolescent males. There was a large black and white photo showing the rear view of a nude, muscular, male model pinned to the wall behind her desk.

"Hi guys!" the sorority leader said with a cheery smile. "Welcome to Kappa Alpha Theta!"

She began by shaking our hands in turn and then invited us all to sit down. After all the introductions had been made, she had one of her assistants bring us some cans of soda and then went into a speech.

"My name is Bunny West—yes, it's my real name—but don't let that fool you. I am anything but a timid little rabbit and I was born right here in Boston."

All of us chuckled at her remark, but little did we know how different her persona was from the implications of her sobriquet.

"Now, you guys are here today because you want to join the sorority, right."

"Yes," I replied.

"Okay. You're in."

"Just like that?" Roxy asked.

"Just like that. We don't have any special initiation rites or stupid-ass hazing ceremonies like the guys do. However you do have to perform certain tasks that will be asked of you. If you perform them, and perform them well, you will then be officially indoctrinated."

"What kind of tasks are you talking about?" Tiffany inquired.

"Well from time to time we throw parties and may ask you to serve drinks to our guests. Once in while we have guys pose nude in our art classes and you might be called upon to keep the model dry."

"Dry?" Belle asked, looking straight at me. "Explain that."

"Models have to pose under these big lamps that produce a lot of heat. Sometimes you have to wipe the sweat off their bodies with a towel. Is that a problem?"

"As long as we don't have to wipe know," Jillian giggled.

Bunny didn't smile.

"If their dicks need drying, you do it," the red-haired beauty said flatly.

"What else?" Roxy asked.

At this point Bunny did smile, and as she glanced at us in turn I saw a wickedly mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Next weekend the sorority is hosting a sex education class to be held downstairs in the lounge."

"Is it going to be anything like the sex-ed classes we had to take in high school?" I asked her. "Because if it is..."

"No," Bunny grinned. "This is not about learning how to put a condom on a penis."

"Well, thank God!" Jillian exclaimed. "Those classes were so boring!"

"I assure you that none of you will be bored," Bunny said. "In fact, I think it would be an excellent idea if you all began your indoctrination by coming to the class and helping out."

"Doing what?" Tiffany asked.

"Well, by helping your other sisters with setting up the tables and chairs, putting the slide show together, and stuff like that."

"This doesn't sound too interesting to me," Roxy said looking none too happy. "Do we have to attend?"

"Yes, you do," Bunny replied, still exhibiting that impish look. "Otherwise we should end this conversation right now."

"No, we'll do it," I said, turning to my friends. "Come on, guys. Let's give it a shot. How awful can it be?"

"It's not going to be awful, Julia," Bunny said. "In fact, I think all of you are going to enjoy yourselves quite a bit."

"When is it going to be held?" Belle asked.

"A week from today at 4:00 p.m. From what my assistant Ginger tells me, there's going to be about fifty girls attending. It should be quite a learning experience."

"If you say so," Tiffany said dourly. "It just seems so pedantic."

Bunny threw her head back and laughed.

"Trust me, Tiffany," she said. "It is anything but."

Much to our combined displeasure, Bunny would reveal nothing more to us despite our barrage of questions. She was no doubt playing with our heads. But it was not done in a malicious way, so we tended to write it off as one of those things that new initiates had to endure.

The week went by quickly. I barely had time to see my brother, but on those few occasions when we did meet I noticed that he always seemed preoccupied, as if something heavy were weighing on his mind.

"Care to talk about it?" I asked him one afternoon as we sat under the ivy canopy that sheltered us.

"Not really," he replied, hastily writing something down in his notebook.

"Notes for class?"

"Notes for life!"

"Oh come on, Nicky. What's eating you? All week you've been so distant. It's not like you. Now, what's going on?"

"I just have a lot on my mind. You know, studying, trying to maintain my grades...that's all."

"Are you telling me the truth?"


"It's not something else, is it?"

"Like what?"

"Like, you know. Personal problems."

"Can we drop this Julia? I'm really not in the mood."

With that my brother stood up and dusted off his pants with broad, angry strokes.

"I've got to get to class," he said. "I'll talk to you later, sis."

I watched him as he walked hurriedly away, wondering what on earth could have made him so terribly anxious.

It turned out that the sex education class was not really a class at all, at least not in the official sense. It was being "taught" be none other than Bunny, and was supposed to have been a course that was deemed necessary for the enlightenment of all the sisters. That Bunny herself had no medical background didn't matter. It was going to be an introductory course, presumably implying that no medical training was necessary to impart the precious information.

At 5:00 p.m. my friends and I arrived at the downstairs lounge and helped with the set up of the room. A half hour later the students began to arrive, some looking like they would rather be someplace else, while others seemed quite excited. How anyone could get excited over a slide show presentation was a mystery to me.

The room filled up quickly. Bunny's estimation that there would be about fifty girls attending was proved incorrect when it was found that over one hundred girls—in fact, the entire sorority—was in attendance. I wondered why some of the girls, a good portion of them, seemed to wait with baited breath for the class to begin—after all, it was just some stupid sex-ed class done on a college level. What was the big deal?

My friends and I had seated ourselves in the front row, on the far left next to a blackboard that contained some scientific terminology scribbled in tiny letters across the top of it. In front of us stood the projector screen we had helped to set up earlier. One of Bunny's assistants, a cute girl called Allison, had turned the digital projector on, waiting for the students to settle down and for Bunny to make her arrival.

"I feel like I'm back in Ms. Carangelo's health class," Roxy said to me. "We are students at Harvard, right?"

"Last I checked," I replied, shouting at her over the din. "I wish these girls would shut up!"

"They're excited about something, Jules. Never saw excitement like this back at Ms. Carangelo's."

"Bunny purposely kept us in the dark about this. What's she hiding?"

"You want to know what I think?" Jillian interjected. "I think there's going to be a live demonstration."

"Of what?" Tiffany asked.

"They're going have real people doing stuff, you know."

My friends and I looked at each other open-mouthed for several seconds and then we all burst out laughing.

"Shit!" Tiffany exclaimed. "Do you know this for sure, Jill?"

"I heard one of the girls mention it."

"Doesn't mean it's true," Belle observed.

"Yeah, but they're excited," Roxy once again noted. "I think Jill may be right."

"We'll just have to wait and see, I guess," I said.

We didn't have to wait long. No sooner had I finished my sentence than Bunny came walking in dressed up in a very elegant black, three-piece business suit. She wore her long red hair up and back, and her beautiful green eyes were framed by a gawky pair of black, horn-rimmed glasses. Despite her very academic appearance, she exuded tons of sexuality.




"Okay, okay! Everyone please shut up!" she began, with a sweep of her manicured hand. "As you all know, attendance for this class in not mandatory except for our newest members."She looked directly at me and smiled warmly. "So, welcome to our newest members!"

The audience gave up a generous round of applause.

"You will be introduced to them later. But for now, let's get on with our class. Today our topic is going to be the study of the penis. What it is. What it does. What it can and should do!"

Her last comment provoked the crowd to laughter.

"Allison! Please begin the slideshow!"

The show started off much like the ones we had seen in high school. There were shots of some guy's dick and balls and Bunny provided the requisite dialogue to accompany each picture, read from a cue card every time the picture changed. It was all done in a most tiresome and clinical way that I wished I had not come at all. Some of the girls made some rude comments of their own in an effort to spice things up, but for the most part, the whole affair was an exercise in boredom. Finally after a full ten minutes of explaining the various functions of a man's penis, the show came to a halt.

"I'm sorry," Bunny said, apologizing to the class. "That part was required."

She then turned around to face the door behind her. "Ready!" she shouted.

Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, a man dressed in a black, hooded robe, came out from behind an inter-office door and stood before us with his head down. The crowd of girls went wild.

"I told you! I told you!" Jillian shrieked. "It's a live male model!"

We couldn't see the guy's face because his head was covered, but I suddenly got a strange feeling in my stomach when I saw his legs. I knew whom they belonged to.

"No!" I cried. "Please don't tell me!"

"What?" Roxy exclaimed. "What is it?"

Bunny gingerly waltzed over to the hooded figure, and as he stretched out his arms she gave his robe one quick pull, revealing a completely naked man underneath.

"Nicky!" I screamed. "It's Nicky!"

"Oh, my God!" Roxy laughed, hysterically. "What the fuck is he doing here?"

Tiffany sat with her mouth open, while both Belle and Jillian stood up and applauded with the rest of the crowd.

"This if fucking crazy!" I said to Roxy, my eyes unable to look away at my brother's predicament.

Yet even as Nicky stood there completely naked in front of the cheering audience of girls, he was in no way diminished by the fact that he had no clothes on. In fact, his beautiful, godlike body served to enervate the crowd, rather than to serve as a specimen to be mocked. It took a full five minutes for the crowd to calm down, even despite Bunny's admonitions.

I could not imagine in a million years how my brother had found his way to being put on display for these randy Harvard girls. As I watched him, standing motionless with his head down as the chorus of cheering sisters thundered loudly in the room, I began to think that maybe the reason he had been so non-communicative this past week had something to do with this event now taking place. But what hadn't he told me? What was he hiding?

"Are you done?" Bunny said, addressing the crowd in a not-too-friendly manner. "Shut your fucking mouths will you ladies? This is Kappa Alpha Theta and you will all conduct yourselves accordingly!"

This did the trick. Within seconds the entire room became quiet, with only a few giggles punctuating the silence.

"This naked man you see standing before you is Nicky...something or other...I didn't get his last name. But it doesn't matter. He is a second-year student and he is here today because he is a pervert."

"Holy shit!" Tiffany said under her breath. "They found him out!"

"He was discovered," Bunny continued, "taking a peek at some of the girls in the girl's locker room while they were taking a shower. But even more disturbing, we—meaning Allison and myself—found him jerking off—yes—jerking off the whole time he was committing his act of voyeurism! That's why he is here now—because if he didn't show up I threatened to go to the dean and tell him about the whole affair. Isn't that right Nicky?"

"Yes, miss," I heard my brother mumble, his head hung low.

I was too angry, too disappointed, to acknowledge my kinship to my brother at that moment. He hadn't seen me yet, and I was not about to draw attention to the fact that I was related to him. He had once again allowed his perversion to take control of his life and he was getting what he deserved. Yet I couldn't help but feel pity for him because I knew that it must have been difficult for him to surmount his problem. All I could do was sit and stare at him, wondering what act of redemption he would have to perform to get him off the hook with Bunny and the other sisters.

"I could easily have reported you, Nicky," Bunny resumed. "And you would have faced a lawsuit as well as probable expulsion from school. But I thought about it and decided that humiliation would be a much better punishment. And that's why you are here tonight. And you better perform well or you still might find yourself in deep shit."

My brother never once looked at his accuser, but I could sense the great shame he felt at being put on display for engaging in a perversion over which he had little control.

"This is really fucked up!" Roxy said. "I thought he was done with spying on women."

"It doesn't work that way, Roxy," I replied. "It's a mental problem. It just doesn't go away by itself."

"Aren't you going to do anything about this?" Jillian asked me.

"Do what? Admit to them what they already know—that he's a pervert, a Peeping Tom? He broke the law, Jill. They could have him thrown in jail for what he did. He's lucky this is all he has to suffer."

"I wonder what she's going to make him do," Belle said.

"It has to be better than being thrown out of school," Roxy replied.

There was a great clamor amongst the students as all this was taking place. Some of the girls were arguing for his release from any form of retribution, even though some of them had suffered as a direct result of my brother's actions. But maybe "suffered" is not the right word. Maybe I should say instead that these girls had been inconvenienced by his antics, since all he did was invade their privacy and had done them no physical harm.

I finally had to stand up and say something in his defense. As much as I hated his obsessive voyeurism, he was my brother, and I could not stand by and let his punishment, whatever form it was going to take, be meted out without coming to his defense.

"Nicky! Nicky!" I shouted to him. "Over here!"

My brother lifted his head up and turned toward me, shocked to see my friends and I sitting only a few yards away from him.

"Julia!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"I joined the sorority you big jerk! Why did you spy on those girls?"

"I couldn't help myself."

"You really fucked things up good. What am I going to do with you?"

Just then Bunny walked up to me, curious to find out why I was talking to Nicky.

"Do you two know each other?" she asked me.

"He's my brother."

She smiled wanly. "Yes, of course. Now I recall his last name. Strom. Your brother is a pervert. Do you know that?"

"Of course I know that. The whole fucking school knows it thanks to you."

"I'm sorry," she replied. "But perpetrators of the sorority must be punished. Don't worry. It will be a very light punishment—more like a humiliation really. But it must be done."

"It's okay sis," Nicky said. "I know what she wants me to do. I'm not crazy about it but it's either their way or it's goodbye Harvard."

I shook my head and frowned. "You're such a dickhead, Nicky. All this could have been avoided if you had just kept your dick in your pants."

"My dick has a mind of its own," he replied with a smirk.

"And we're going to put it to good use, right Nicky?" Bunny said teasingly.

"Whatever you say."

I gave him another nasty look before taking my seat. The girls in the audience were getting restless.

"So how are you going to punish the son of a bitch, Bunny?" said one grim, butch-like girl in the row behind me. "String him up by the balls?"

The entire audience erupted into laughter.

"No," Bunny replied. "Since this is a sex education class, we're going to use Nicky here to show us how the male reproductive system works. He will do this by providing us with a sperm sample."

At first everyone was struck silent by her remark, and then suddenly burst out laughing once the idea took hold. Bunny was going to have Nicky masturbate himself in front of the entire audience, and she was going to catch his ejaculate into a dish. It would be a fitting punishment for his outlandish crime.

My brother stood there dumbstruck at the thought of wanking himself in front of so many girls. But Bunny's authoritarian manner was such that when she ordered him to start jerking off, he did so without any objection.

"When you're ready to shoot," she said to him, "let Allison know and she'll catch your sperm in this container."

She held the plastic dish in front of her so that he could see it and then called Allison over to sit in a chair next to him. She gave the dish to the girl and stood to one side to watch him masturbate himself while Allison kept one hand outstretched, ready to capture his ejaculate.

The girls in the audience were enjoying every minute of it. Not only was the perpetrator being punished for his foolishness, but they were also deriving a prurient thrill from watching him tug away on his foot-long cock. And the fact that he was so handsome and well built only added to their titillation.

"Stroke it Nicky!" a voice said from the back of the room. "Shoot a big load for us!"

"Nicky Strom is a pervert! Nicky Strom is a pervert!" a girl who sat directly behind me started chanting.

My brother's cock was getting hard. And the more nasty comments hurled his way only served to make his dick grow even bigger.

"We've got a twelve-incher here girls!" Bunny laughed as my brother's dick grew to full size under his assiduous stroking. "Do you tend to shoot big loads?" she asked him.

"Very big loads," he replied without breaking his stride.

"Good," Bunny smiled. "The bigger, the better."

It would be difficult to describe the level of sexual tension in the room at that moment, and more difficult still to estimate the emotional level of the girls themselves. Some of them were clearly amazed to see a naked man standing before them masturbating, while others found the scene intensely erotic. A few made snide remarks while others remained silent, afraid to offer any comment at all. They just watched intently, probably experiencing the first public sexual ritual of their lives and were captivated by it.

For my part, Nicky's punishment was a tough pill to swallow and I had mixed feelings about the entire affair. I hated to see my brother put on display and humiliated in such a fashion. Yet I knew that he deserved it and that some part of him felt that he deserved it too. For all I knew, he was probably enjoying the humiliation. After all, he loved jerking off while looking at women, so this was not unlike what he had been doing in a covert way by spying on them. My friends, no doubt in deference to me, tried to accept his punishment with equanimity. But I could tell that all of them were enjoying the sight of seeing my handsome brother whack off in front of them, anticipating one of his huge orgasms.

"He really has a beautiful cock," Tiffany said to me without taking her eyes off my brother. "And look at how big his balls are."

"Probably really full of cum by now," Belle guessed. "Can't wait to see him spurt."

"I don't think these girls can wait much longer either," I replied.

"Bet he shoots one of his epic loads," Roxy said.

Jillian laughed. "You know he will. With all the girls in this room egging him on it's going to be hot cream deluxe in here tonight!"

"And look at Allison," Tiffany said. "She can't take her fucking eyes of his prick. I think she's in love with it."

"I think she's in love with Nicky," Jillian replied. "Your brother is too god damn handsome for his own good, Julia."

"Fuck," Roxy exclaimed. "I'm in love with him myself! But look at these girls! They're going fucking nuts over him!"

Roxy couldn't have put it any better. The girls were indeed in an uproar. As Nicky continued to masturbate himself under the watchful supervision of Bunny, I took a moment to look around the room to see exactly who these jeering girls were.

At one end of the front row were several dedicated collegiates, many of them former preppies, outfitted in the latest Harvard accoutrements: matching crimson skirt and top; penny loafers; backpack; and the ubiquitous hooded jacket with the words "Harvard" spelled out on the front in large, white, block letters. Everything about them was neat and formulated to project a clean and fashionable image. They formed their own cheering section and treated the spectacle as if it were a football game, shouting words of masturbatory encouragement to my brother.

Then you had the "gothic chick" section, those girls who formed a small but radical movement of leather-clad, spiked hair, biker boots, nose-ring wearing female intimidators, the inheritors of the ultra-progressive, ultra-left-wing section of the once formidable Radcliffe feminist community. They sat somewhere in the middle of the room. On a physical scale I found them less than attractive. The only thing they had going for them was their incredibly shocking vocabulary, which contained the most reprehensible vulgarity that ever issued from any girl's mouth. And this filth was heaped upon my brother with such intentional and vociferous devotion that if he had been easily intimidated, I think he would have lost his erection then and there.

And then of course were the typical Harvard intellectual types, dressed in corduroy pants and heavy woolen sweaters, invariably burdened with too many books and possessed of a particular brand of Ivy League snobbery that made the less confident of their peers feel inferior in their exalted presence. These so-called mental behemoths sat and enjoyed Nicky's masturbation show as if they were watching a soap opera unfold on a television screen—titillated by the sexual deviance it offered, but reluctant to let their natural sexual passions overwhelm their logical sensibilities lest, by doing so, they start to resemble the jeering maniacs all around them.

Finally, there was us—the average college student that formed the backbone of the academic intelligentsia. Girls like us didn't form groups or huddle together as if the rest of the world didn't exist. We were a varied lot, spread out amongst the room like breakers amongst the tide, finding fun in the spectacle but never forgetting that we were not beasts but human beings, and that even such punishments did invoke limits against utter cruelty.

About five minutes had now passed and it was clear that Nicky was about to ejaculate. The sexual intensity had risen to the point where a few of the girls were openly masturbating themselves while they watched my brother bring himself off before their eyes. Even Jillian, who was the most demure of my friends, mumbled that she was getting "wet" watching Nicky's huge cock prepare to shoot off.

"I can't help it," she confessed to us. "I love watching guys squirt. It makes me so fucking horny!"

As she said this, she drew her legs together and cringed, making all of us laugh.

"I get turned on by it too," Tiffany admitted. "I love the look on their faces just as they are about to cream. Priceless!"

"Well, forgive me if I don't get too excited," I said. "He's my damn brother after all!"

"Well, forgive us if we do!" Roxy replied. "Nicky is the hottest piece of male ass in this fucking school."

"And of course you would fuck him if given half a chance."

"Yes, Julia. I would. But he never looked at me that way, even when he came all over my tits that time up on your roof. Remember?"

"I remember."

My friend put her arm around me and whispered in my ear.

"You have to admit, it is a real turn-on to watch a guy jerk off in front of you—even if it is your brother."

"Okay, it does turn me on, all right? Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Yes," she replied satisfactorily. "You're honest, Julia. That's why I love you so much."

She took my hand and pressed it hard in her hand and then resumed watching Nicky stroke his prick, which was now on the verge of relinquishing its heavy cream for the audience.

"He's going to cum any second now!" Belle exclaimed.

She was right. How she knew I could not fathom, but Bunny knew it too and stood directly to one side of him, laughing and cajoling him to surrender his sperm for the girls.

"I'm going to cum!" my brother screamed, shutting his eyes from the leering faces that now strained forward to watch him hurl his hot and sticky seed up into the air.

Allison immediately brought the little plastic dish directly in front of his prick as he violently threw his hips forward and froze into position.

"Shoot it you fucking pervert!" Bunny screamed at my brother. "Shoot that fucking cum!"

The first rope of sperm shot out of Nicky's prick and went flying into the third row of seats over twenty feet away. The girls roared their approval not only for the incredible distance of the cumshot, but because the sticky white mass landed squarely in the face so some foul-mouthed gothic bitch who had been especially robust in her condemnation of my brother.

I stood up and looked directly at her, laughing with joy as she scrambled to find anything with which to wipe the sperm from her face.

"Serves you right you little shit!" I shouted at her over the din.

Roxy and my other friends laughed too, but not for very long. My brother was getting ready to launch another salvo of his hot seed.

Allison and Bunny had been just as shocked as their audience upon seeing Nicky's immense cumshot and were now hoping to see more. They didn't have to wait long.

Pulling on his mammoth prick with great speed, his body bent over and wracked with intense pleasure, Nicky let go with a series of massive cum blasts, each one just as creamy and thick as the one before it.

"Ah!" he cried, as the sperm sailed out into the screaming audience of girls.

Allison had absolutely no chance of capturing any of Nicky's hot seed, seeing that his ejaculations were so unbelievably robust and voluminous. She therefore pulled her chair back and sat there watching his prick explode violently, every spasm releasing a fountain of thick white froth that would simply not subside.

"Can you believe this?" she said to Bunny, who was just as astonished as her assistant. "There's so much of it!"

Bunny looked down on the spurting tool and laughed uncontrollably. She had never seen a guy orgasm like this and it made her delirious with joy.

"I love it! I love it!" she squealed as the stringy ropes of my brother's semen shot out into the crowd of screaming girls, splashing into their faces, hair, or anything else in its way.

Even my own friends, who had witnessed first-hand what Nicky's cock could do, sat in absolute amazement as his multiple ejaculations fired off one after another without pause. For a time it seemed as if his supply of semen, and the unending roars of laughter following each milky burst, would never end.

"I counted over twenty ropes so far," Tiffany said, never taking her eyes of Nicky's dick.

"She's counting them now!" Roxy laughed. "You're too fucking much, Tif!"

"There's goes another, that makes twenty-three!" Tiffany exclaimed. "Shit! Where does it all come from?"

"From his huge fucking balls, that's where!" Belle replied, watching open-mouthed as yet another long rope of sperm was launched into the crowd.




I just had to shake my head in wonderment. Never had I seen Nicky cum so much and so hard. Throughout the entire time, he stood there masturbating wildly for the girls, never moving a muscle. Only his right arm, pulled in close to his body and moving up and down like a fulcrum, made any movement, his hand firmly grasped around the base of the glans, forcing out one monstrous load after another while his eyes drank in the incredibly lusty scene before him.

There was no doubt in my mind that the girls' provocative remarks, coupled with the opportunity to finally have them share openly in his perversion, was driving Nicky to such climactic heights of ecstasy. By the time he had shot close to his thirtieth wad of sperm, according to Tiffany's random calculations, the crowd of girls were standing up and applauding him, shouting his name in unison. Bunny and Allison, along with everyone else in the room, had been won over by my brother's incredible performance. With the floor in front of him slick with cum, his prick still dripping with semen, Nicky fell to the floor in a heap, completely covered with sweat. As the deafening applause washed over him like a tidal wave, he smiled at the audience and then looked up at me. I smiled back and watched as Bunny and Allison helped him to his feet, congratulating him on his performance.

Although Nicky's wonderful sperm exhibition had been exemplary, his punishment was far from concluded. As Bunny explained to me the following day, my brother would have to undergo several more "punishments" before he could consider himself exonerated of his crime. She told me that there were going to be several more events that Nicky would have to attend in which to showcase his "talent". Once those requirements had been fulfilled, he would be off the hook.

The first of these events was the sorority's annual Roman toga party to be held the following weekend in the main room of the sorority. The girls from the other two sororities had been invited and several strippers from one of Boston's premier strip clubs had been hired to entertain. Bunny promised me that it was going to be a phenomenal event.

"These strippers," she told me one afternoon as we sat drinking cappuccino in her office, "are really fucking amazing. They got these huge dicks and they can fill a bucket with cum. You're going to love it!"

"I can't wait," I replied. "I've never been to a strip club before."

"This is better!" she said excitedly. "Much better because you don't have to pay a cent. And you get all the booze and cum you want—for nothing!"

"And we get to dress up like Roman matrons. I've always wanted to go around wearing only a bed sheet!"

Bunny laughed and got up to refill her cup.

"Does the faculty know what goes on here?" I asked her. "I mean people must talk."

"The faculty has their fucking heads up their asses," she replied with a sneer. "And if people talk, no one is listening. I guess the top brass has an idea that we do naughty things here, but they turn their heads the other way because we're bringing in so much fucking money to the school."

"Really?" I said. "I thought Harvard was an uptight, prim and proper kind of college."

"It is!" she assured me. "It really is! But why rock the boat? We aren't hurting anyone are we? We aren't breaking the rules. Because even if we were, do you really think the president of the school wants to draw negative media attention to this historic, prestigious, prim and proper Ivy League bastion of academic excellence? I don't fucking think so."

"So, you're saying that the big wigs don't really pay any attention to what we do because it could hurt them more if they publicized the fact than if they didn't?"

"Bingo! You got it, Julia! Hypocrites our leaders may be, but that's the truth—just like you said."

The more I talked to Bunny, the more I liked her. At first I thought she was a bit phony, but that was just a defense mechanism she employed when she met new people. Once I got her to warm up, she proved herself to be a witty and gregarious person who had no trouble speaking the truth.

"Oh, I have to admit that I'm not one of those people who wear their heart on their sleeve," she admitted. "But once you get to know me, I can talk your head off!"

She laughed and put her feet up on her desk. She indicated that I should do the same.

"Relax," she said, as I put my feet up next to hers. "We study hard enough. We should play just as hard."

It's funny how fast bad news travels. But good news can travel just as fast. Within days the other sororities had heard of my brother's stunning masturbatory performance and were now anxiously awaiting the Roman toga party, which was to take place in a few days. I found it a bit disconcerting that girls would come up to me asking about my brother—how big his cock was, could he really do the multiple ejaculation thing, did I ever fantasize about him...the list went on and on. It seemed as if the entire campus was abuzz about Nicky's amazing cock.

I got to witness some of this rampant enthusiasm up close when I was in art class the day before the toga party was to take place. The subject of the class was drawing the male nude and the class, although large, was composed entirely of females. Someone had put out the word that Nicky was to be the model, and it was filled to capacity.

Sure enough, the art teacher, Ms. Evans, acting under instructions from Bunny, entered the room with Nicky following close behind her dressed in nothing but a short white robe. She told him to stand on a foot-high pedestal near the window and to remove his clothing, which he did without question. He saw me, smiled, but said nothing.

"This student is Nicky Strom," Ms. Evans said to the class. She was a tall, thin blonde with a very pretty face and seemed very pleased to have such a handsome man as her subject. "He was found guilty of spying on some of our students while they were taking a shower at Kappa Alpha Theta. He is modeling for us today as part of his punishment. Please begin."

Most of these girls had not seen Nicky before, and when he took off his robe the entire class sat there with their mouths open. By now his name was well known on campus as the guy with the big prick who could climax multiple times, but more importantly to them, he was simply a gorgeous piece of ass. I had to laugh to myself at all the attention he was getting from the teacher and students. The girls moved their chairs and easels as close to him as possible to drink in every inch of his incredible body, and Ms. Evans herself remained by the window where he posed, looking like she might pounce upon him at any second.

Nicky looked a little uncomfortable at first, unused to his body being visually devoured by a bunch of strange females. But he soon grew accustomed to the incessant gawking and giggles, until at last, the class fell to the task for which they were there: to render a charcoal drawing of my famous brother, and this finally put him at ease.

The class was a two-hour affair with a twenty-minute break in between. It was during this interlude that Nicky and I got a chance to talk and have something to drink before class resumed. He seemed a little tired from posing but otherwise his attitude was positive.

"They have a strange way of punishing people around here," he said, gulping down a mouthful of ginger ale. "Very strange."

"But at least you're going to stay in school," I reminded him.

"Well, that's the good thing. The bad thing is that the whole damn campus knows who I am and what the size of my cock is."

I had to laugh at his observation.

"Your reputation precedes you brother."

"Yeah, by about twelve inches," he chuckled. "You must be enjoying all this."

"I am," I confessed. "But it's not that bad. Bunny told me that she was ready to report you to the campus police with a detailed report of your actions. She could have put you in jail."

"I am thankful to her that she didn't. She's a tough cookie but she plays fair. I guess I should count myself lucky."

"Yes, you should."

"Can I take a look at your drawing?"

I turned the canvas around to face him and his eyes opened wide.

"Fucking excellent sis!" he exclaimed, admiring my work. "You really have a great eye. But you drew me with an erection."

"I know," I giggled. "I like when your dick is big and fat."

Nicky looked at me with his eyebrows raised.

"You're too much sis. But is my dick really that big?"

"It looks bigger on canvas," I replied, snickering. "What's wrong? Think I should make it smaller?"

"No. It's fine the way it is. I just hope I don't get an erection."

"Why? Do you feel like you're going to get one?"

"I don't know. That Ms. Evans...she's so fucking gorgeous. If she keeps staring at me like that..."

"You just like her because she has really big boobs."

He laughed. "That's the second reason."

We talked until the teacher returned to class and told Nicky to resume his position on the pedestal.

After about a half an hour had passed I noticed that Ms. Evans had started to draw Nicky herself. She had taken a chair next to him and sat only a few feet away with her lovely long legs crossed, affording Nicky an uncompromised view of her thighs. This was enough to cause a reaction in him, and before long his cock began to grow to full size even as Ms. Evans and the rest of the class looked on with total astonishment.

"I'm sorry," my brother blurted out to the teacher's amusement. "I can't help it."

"It's okay, Nicky," Ms. Evans replied, obviously enjoying his discomfort. "It happens to all models at some point.

The girls were laughing openly now, and I felt terrible for my brother who was turning all shades of red.

"Settle down. Settle down," Ms. Evans said to her students. "We are all adults here I hope. Mr. Strom has an erection. It happens. You now have a choice to draw our subject with or without an erection. Now please get back to work. We have only fifteen minutes to go."

It was those final fifteen minutes that were responsible for adding another astounding dimension to my brother's sexual escapades at Harvard. In fact, I would go further and say that those particular fifteen minutes were responsible for creating a legacy that would live far beyond his four-year attendance at the school. And it all began with a simple move—the removal of a sweater.

Sitting next to Nicky as she was, Ms. Evans soon began to feel warm, no doubt due to her sexual attraction to my brother. As she removed her sweater, she exposed her ample bosom to him, and standing over her as he was, he was able to see her nipples partially exposed through her dress. She had no bra. He was already stiff as a board and her decision to showcase her cleavage to him only served to put him over the edge.

Soon the girls started to giggle loudly all over again, one pretty brunette even mentioning that there was something sticky on the tip of his cock.

"It's pre-cum," another girl laughed. "He's going to cum!"

Ms. Evans looked up and saw that the girl was indeed correct. Nicky was going to shoot his load right there in class in front of all of us.

"Are you kidding?" Ms. Evans said to my brother. "Are you for real?"

"Oh fuck!" Nicky screamed. "I can't help myself! Your tits are so fucking big!"

The entire class burst out laughing and, Ms. Evans, instead of reprimanding him or getting out her chair and leaving, sat there quite contentedly waiting for the explosion of sperm she knew was about to happen. So entranced was she by the sight of my brother's huge twitching cock that she invited the girls to come closer to enjoy the experience of watching him cum. I remained in my seat however, and just looked on in abject wonder, stupefied that my brother had absolutely no control over his penis.

"It's okay, Nicky," Ms. Evans said as the girls closed around him. "Let it go. We know all about you. Just let it go. Shoot it all over us. I really don't care."

"Can I stoke it?" he asked her, his breath coming in short gasps.

"No," she laughed. "A hands-free cumshot would be much nicer."

And that's exactly what happened. As the girls watched, Nicky's big knob twitched up and down violently, sending a long rope of sperm high up into the air and over Ms. Evan's head, splashing down onto the top of a desk only a few rows behind her. This was followed by a dozen continuous shots of spunk that fouled the front of the teacher's work apron and sent the other students seeking cover behind anything they could find—even their own canvases.

I watched in awe as Nicky's tool spurted out the white wads without any direct support from him. This had been the first time I had seen a prick release its load unaided and I found it quite erotic.

"Jesus!" Ms. Evans exclaimed. "Bunny was right about you, Nicky! I'm sure you're going to be a big hit at the toga party tomorrow night."

Nicky watched his cum shoot out with total disbelief. The desk in front of him, the easel to his right, and even the light fixture above his head, were all covered in his sperm. By the time he finished ejaculating the entire class was in hysterics.

The news of Nicky's "demonstration" in art class spread like wildfire around the campus. The idea that he was still being "punished" for being a "Peeping Tom" soon became nothing more than a foolish anachronism; his feats of sexual prowess having superseded any notion that he was once such a lowly, perverse creature. Nicky now bathed in the heady glow of fame, a hero to his male friends and, to the females, a yardstick by which all other males would have to be measured.

The following day my friends Roxy, Tiffany, Belle, Jillian and I had lunch at the Hong King Chinese restaurant on Massachusetts Ave., which was across the street from Harvard Yard. It had been there for many years and had excellent food, and had become a hangout for many of the students. From there we stopped at the Harvard Coop and spent a few hours browsing the book store and then going upstairs to the restaurant for some ice cream and coffee. As we sat down to eat, I saw my brother appear with a few of his friends. When he saw me he came over to our table and sat down. Many of the people in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and regarded him with amused curiosity. I suddenly found out why.

"There's a blurb about you in the 'Crimson' today, Nicky," Roxy said, toying with her ice cream. "They didn't go into details but Julia kind of filled us in."

"In the paper already?" I asked. "God, news travels fast around here!"

My brother looked intently at Roxy for a moment and then at his buddies who were waiting in line to be served. He had a faint smile on his face.

"Sorry you weren't there, Rox?" he asked her.

"Are you kidding? I was mad at Julia for not inviting me to class. I would have loved to have seen you posing nude."

"Me too," Tiffany said. "Especially the finale."

"That wasn't supposed to happen," Nicky said to the beautiful temptress.

"But it did," Belle said to him. "You came all over Ms. Evan's tits."

"More like he came all over the fucking room!" Jillian laughed.

"Will you keep it down?" I said, raising my voice.

"It's not like the whole school doesn't know about it."

"I don't give a shit what they do or do not know," I said angrily. "Now leave my brother alone. He's been through enough already."

"Okay. Okay." Jillian replied, looking annoyed. "It's just common knowledge for fuck's sake."

"Oh, will you just try and keep your lips together, Jill!" Roxy snapped. "You know, the ones up here that control that big mouth of yours?"

"Yeah, because she can't keep the other ones shut at all!" Belle joked.

"Fuck the both of you!" Jill said, taking a drink of her soda.

Nicky looked at me and shrugged.

"So, I'm a big celebrity on campus now."

"Yup," I said. "And all because of your dick."

"And a very nice dick it is too," Roxy added.

"You think it's nice because you want to suck on it."

Roxy laughed. "I admit it, it's true. Sorry, Nicky. I don't want to embarrass you."

"You couldn't embarrass me any more than what they did to me yesterday."

"But yet you still managed to get off in front of everyone, embarrassed or not."

"My dick has a mind of its own I guess," he replied, watching her eat her ice cream.

Well, anytime it wants some action, you know where to come," she said, fixing her eyes upon him in a predatory way.

"Roxy!" I exclaimed, hitting her gently on her arm. "Must you act like a slut?"

"Always," she laughed, keeping her eyes on my brother.

Nicky didn't seem at all bothered by her bawdy comment. I secretly think he wanted to fuck her because, of all my friends, she was the most honest and direct. You always knew where you stood with Roxy, and Nicky admired her for that quality.

"I'll keep that in mind, Rox," he said to her as he got up to rejoin his friends. "See you guys tonight at the toga party."

"Whom are you coming as," I asked him. "Julius Caesar?"

"Bunny didn't tell me much. I guess she wants to keep it a surprise."

"I don't care how you come, Nicky," Roxy said. "As long as you cum!"

We all laughed at her comment. Even Nicky found the joke amusing. As he walked away I could only imagine what Bunny had in mind for his final humiliation.

My friends and I arrived at Kappa Alpha Theta house promptly at 9:00 p.m. and were escorted to the main room by some strange girl we had never seen before. She was a timid creature with long, brown hair that covered most of her face, making it impossible to see her features. She left us standing together amidst a huge crowd that was growing bigger every minute. I heard my brother's name mentioned more than once, and always with reference to his having modeled for Ms. Evan's art class.

Many of the girls were already at the bar drinking heavily, every single one of them dressed in some variation of the Roman stola, the traditional garment worn by ancient Roman women. We had dressed ourselves in the same fashion but had added certain decorative features like jewelry, sandals, and other accoutrements to give our costumes more character.

Bunny and Allison appeared not long after we arrived, both of them looking stunning in their respective blue- and green-dyed stolae, working the crowd as if they were some latter-day impresarios hired to amuse the mob in preparation for the main event.

"The whole fucking school is here tonight!" Bunny said to me, her eyes flashing with excitement. "Well, not the whole school, but all three sororities. That's over three hundred sisters! And your brother's name is on everyone's lips!"

"I know. It's really wild. He's become like a local celebrity."

"After tonight he's going to become the most famous person on campus," Allison shouted in my ear.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"You'll have to wait and see," Bunny replied, grinning broadly. "You're going to love it. Got to go. See you shortly!"

The sorority leader and her assistant gingerly made their way through the crowd, soon disappearing within the masses of bodies heaving to and fro under the influence of the abundant liquor and loud music.

"I wonder what the fuck she's up to," Roxy said.

"His final punishment, I hope," I replied. "I can't take this anymore."

"You?" Roxy laughed, looking at me as if I had no right to feel troubled over my brother's condition. "What about Nicky? Don't you think he's had enough of this retribution thing?"

"Of course I do. I'm his sister. I just want it to end here, tonight."

She didn't say much after that, realizing that I did have a point.

An hour or so later the strippers appeared—seven really nice looking and well-built guys from the local strip club who got things going by doing a splendid dance routine that ended with every piece of their clothing winding up on the floor of the main room. They jumped around the room swinging their large but flaccid pricks in everyone's face, sticking their faces between half-exposed breasts, and acting in every way like a stripper would act if he were performing in an adult venue. It was absolute mayhem and the girls were enjoying every minute of it.




As part of Nicky's ongoing punishment, his basic function that evening was to serve as a gopher for any girl who needed something. He served people drinks, wiped up the messes they created, fetched anything that needed fetching, and overall acted pretty much like an obsequious lackey. It must have been degrading for him to have to wait upon these females, some of whom were quite insulting to him despite his recent elevation to notoriety, hand and foot, but that's exactly what he did, and Bunny and Allison made certain that he did not vacillate in this regard.

However, his foray into the arena of servitude did not last long because the strippers, now enervated by the constant attention their libidos were receiving at the hands of three hundred lusting students, were ready to show these girls exactly what their huge and meaty cocks could do.

The real show began when several very drunk girls started sucking on the stripper's pricks in round robin fashion, which soon got each man hard as a rock. It wasn't long after this that some of the girls were being fucked by the men right in the open, their stolae pulled up over their tits, their asses stuck up high in the air with either one, or both, orifices stuffed with man meat. The men took their pick of the dozen or so girls that exposed themselves in this fashion and soon the air with filled with loud and lustful moans of pleasure. For the moment Nicky was forgotten, and he came to sit next to me as we watched girl after girl orgasm right in front of us.

"This is fucking wild!" my brother said to me as a cute blonde's ass, only a few feet from our faces, rose up and down on a stripper's monstrous prick.

"Who would have thought such things occurred here at Harvard!" I laughed. "It's unreal!"

"If you think this is unreal, wait until you see what Bunny's got in store for me."

"And what would that be?"

"I can't tell you. Sorry. But it's going to be fucking outrageous. I just hope my sperm bank can hold out."

I had to laugh at his comment. "I think she wants to drain every drop of cum out of you."

"She just might get her wish tonight," he replied, covering his ears as the blonde next to us screamed as she reached orgasm.

My other friends soon joined us at my table, looking as though they might participate in the ribald action at any time. Roxy purposely sat next to Nicky, while Tiffany, Belle and Jillian sat at the table directly next to us. The stripper, who had just fucked the little blonde, pulled out of her pussy and stroked his prick for all of us to see. The girl stuck her big tits under his cock, urging him to shoot his hot seed all over them.

"I want to see it!" she begged him. "Shoot it all over me!"

"What a fucking whore!" Roxy laughed, turning her head to watch the guy cum.

It was a huge blast that erupted onto the blonde's twin mounds, so much so that the long jets of semen bounced off her huge nipples and splashed onto our table, missing me by inches. My friends laughed when they saw me shift my body to avoid being hit, and my brother quickly took some napkins to wipe the sperm from our table.

"If that was you," Roxy said to my brother, "we'd all be soaking wet by now!"

"The night is still young, Rox," he retorted.

The stripper deposited a few more creamy salvos onto the blonde's tits and then rushed off into the crowd.

"Look at that!" Tiffany announced, as we turned our heads in the direction she was pointing. "She looks, it can't be! Guys! Come on!"

A very pretty brunette with shoulder-length hair was sitting on one of the stripper's faces while her mouth was sucking voraciously on another stripper's cock. From my position I couldn't see much of her face, but she was wailing loudly, causing quite a commotion. A crowd soon gathered around them, effectively blocking our view.

"I want to see this," Belle said, moving toward the rapidly enclosing circle.

"Fuck!" Roxy complained. "I want to see it too!"

As she rose from her chair, the rest of us got up and followed her. We fought our way to the front row of spectators and were startled to discover that the pretty brunette was, in fact, Mrs. Wendt, our English literature professor, minus her tacky tweed suit and oversized glasses. Her cunt was being devoured by a huge black stripper while another black man was shoving his huge organ in and out of her mouth. She paid absolutely no attention to the people around her.

"Another dozen strokes and he's done for," Roxy said, watching intently. "I wonder if she's going to swallow it or have him cream her face."

"I hope he gives her a facial," Jillian said. "I think they're so hot."

"Fuck!" Belle said. "Forget about that! This is Mrs. Wendt, remember? Our professor!"

Nicky was standing next to me, highly amused at seeing one of our teachers getting fucked by a stripper. I could tell he was excited because his cock was sticking straight out, the tip of it just touching my ass.

"Do you mind?" I said to him, moving away from the offending member.

"Sorry, sis," he replied. "Occupational hazard."

"You better save your jizz for Bunny," I reminded him.

Ms. Wendt suddenly pulled the huge prick out of her mouth and stroked it with all her might.

"Looks like you're going to get your facial, Jillian!" Tiffany laughed.

The stripper cried out as Ms. Wendt expertly coaxed the sperm out of his enormous balls. He shot one creamy load after the other, completely covering every inch of her upturned face. She even opened her mouth wide to allow some of the semen to go in, swallowing what she could before she was forced to close her lips to the unending flow of sticky goo. A few spurts shot up over her head and landed on a few of the spectators. One of the girls looking on received several volleys of cum, which landed in her hair. She reached up and took some of the sperm in her fingers and rubbed it into her hands.

"The Romans used it to keep their skin soft and young," she laughed as she applied the white paste to her face.

Ms. Wendt received an enormous round of applause from the students as she stood up. The stripper who had had the pleasure of eating her pussy begged her for a handjob, which she eagerly performed. In less than ten seconds his fat prick shot out several arcs of sperm, which flew up high up into the air above our heads. His orgasm actually lasted for only a few seconds, but the ratio of sperm to the amount of time it took him to orgasm made it seem as though he had been saving it up for weeks.

"What a load of jizz!" I said, watching the cum shoot out like lotion from an oversized dispenser bottle.

"Don't you just love that?" Belle said to me. "It's kind of like watching you cum, Nicky."

My brother smiled but said nothing.

We watched a few other guys shoot their loads for the girls. Sometimes the sperm was deposited directly into someone's gaping mouth and at other times it was shot into some girl's face or hands. The girls kept demanding more and more from the strippers, sometimes forcing them to cum two or three times in order to placate their rampant lust for sperm. Just as one of the guys unloaded himself in front of us, Bunny approached my brother and whispered something in his ear.

"Got to go," he said to me. "See you in a few."

He followed Bunny through one of the doors leading to an adjacent room. When he came out, or I should say, was rolled out, several minutes later, every person in the room paused in the middle of what they were doing and looked up. I could not believe what I was seeing.

Nicky had been tied down onto a table filled with fruit, pastries, and other delicacies. His huge prick, the centerpiece of this lavish display, jutted out high above the rest of the foodstuffs, begging to be stroked by anyone bold enough to do so. The crowd laughed as he was rolled into the main room, his face reflecting his calm acceptance of his humiliation, knowing that this was the last time he would have to suffer the indignity of being treated like a piece of meat. Apples, oranges, pineapples, grapes, tarts, scones, cupcakes, banana bread, was a veritable smorgasbord of delightful deserts.

"I'll bet none of you have ever seen a Vienna table like this!" Bunny laughed gaily as she and Allison positioned the table only a few feet before us. "I think Nicky's banana needs a little whipped cream!"

Holding a can of the sugary white stuff in her hand, Bunny directed the jets onto Nicky's massive boner, completely covering it over. He winced a bit as the cold confection hit his skin, but he found himself enjoying the experience, especially since he knew that no girl was going to waste the opportunity of sucking the delectable cream off his beautiful cock.

"I love whipped cream!" Roxy declared, shoving her face in my brother's crotch.

Nicky groaned with pleasure as my friend's sexy mouth closed itself over his manhood. Roxy sucked him for all she was worth, removing every tiny bit of whipped cream before coming up for air.

"Great fucking cock!" she said to me. "You don't know what you're missing."

"Oh, yes I do," I replied. "He's my brother, remember?"

"If he was my brother, I'd suck him off every day!" she laughed.

"You're disgusting," I said, watching her lick her fingers of the remaining cream.

At that point someone took the can and reapplied the whipped cream to Nicky's cock. The girls immediately in his vicinity started to take some initiative and began stroking or sucking his rigid pole. From behind us, the crowd kept pressing us further inward until we could move no more, our bodies literally almost on top of Nicky. It was then that I discovered that Bunny was masturbating him, her huge breasts shoved in his face.

"I think Nicky has paid his debt to our sorority, don't you girls?"

An enthusiastic "yes!" rang out, reverberating throughout the room.

"You're a big name around here now, Nicky," she continued. "And we're going to hire you for all our future parties!"

Again, the girls let go with a loud cheer.

"And why are we going to do this?"

Nicky looked up at Bunny, realizing that the question was directed at him and that she was expecting an answer.

"Because I can cum like a horse?"

"Exactly!" she laughed, jerking him off now with two hands.

The entire room roared its approval.

"Okay," Bunny said, realizing that he was now coming close to shooting his load. "Give us your best shot baby!"

He needed no further encouragement. I watched in awe as his balls swelled up and rose up high in his scrotum, ready to supply whatever sperm was necessary from Bunny's incessant stroking. Suddenly, Nicky screamed aloud as he was gripped by a powerful orgasm.

We watched in awe as giant squirts of cum flew out of his prick fast and furiously as each hard pumping movement of Bunny's fast-moving fist provoked one intense burst of cream after another, each shot flying high up into the air like a hot-water geyser. With each upward pull on his shaft another sticky wad of spunk was released, some of the ejaculate hitting the unsuspecting girls in the front row—me being one of them. Roxy laughed with joy when she saw the cum splash into my hair and face, but she too was hit with the errant white spray, as were all my friends, including Bunny and dozens of other students who, because they were hemmed in by the girls behind them, had no place to hide from the spermatic assault.

Nicky was surrounded by girls on every side, touching him, kissing him, eating fruit and pastries off his body with which Bunny and Allison had so judiciously adorned. Cum was flying everywhere now, and the response to this masturbatory spectacle was a deafening roar from the spectators, who could not believe that one guy could shoot so much jizz. Even the strippers, forced to stand at the back of the crowd but tall enough to see what was going on, looked on in wonder at the long arcs of cum that sailed over the heads of those closest to Nicky.

My brother's body remained rigid as Bunny's violent handjob drove the sperm from his body. At intervals other hands sought to replace hers, but she wouldn't allow it, insisting to be the one to milk him completely dry. Roxy took advantage of Nicky's continuous orgasm to expose her two mammoth breasts to the creamy effluence, laughing with joy as both of her beautiful, large nipples got coated with his sticky sauce. Tiffany got so turned on that she even bent over to suck my brother's cock, catching a mouthful of semen in the process. She looked at me and showed me the gooey mass in her mouth, then swallowed the entire mouthful with a satisfied grin.

By this time both of Bunny's hands were completely saturated with Nicky's sperm, yet she continued to milk him, insisting that he give up every last ounce of semen in his balls. Judging by the amount of ejaculate released thus far, I would have to conclude that Nicky was having one orgasm after another as a result of being so turned on from having hundreds of girls watch him climax. It was what he had always wanted if you think about it, and it makes perfect sense. Too shy to expose himself openly in front of girls, he was forced to spy on them and jerk off in secret to satisfy his perversion. But now it was no longer necessary to hide from the objects of his desire—they were right here, all around him, and they wanted to watch him cum.

Three minutes had gone by and my brother looked like he was going to pass out. The shots of cum were becoming less robust until they became nothing more than a tiny dribble under the expert guidance of Bunny's forceful hands. At last, the great prick was drained, and the entire crowd erupted into applause at his exemplary performance. Nicky Strom had now become a Harvard legacy.

I'm afraid that I am going to have to end my story here. Suffice it to say that my brother's sexual exploits were only just beginning, and that Kappa Alpha Theta would host many other events in which Nicky would play a starring role. But I think it best to save these stories for another time. However, there is one thing I can tell you. Nicky and Roxy are dating now, and I've never seen the two of them so happy. They've been together for just over a year and have even talked of getting married once they graduate from school. My brother told me the other day that he no longer has any compulsion to play the role of a "Peeping Tom." But every once in a while he'll whip out his enormous prick and jerk it off in front of my friends and I. Only this time, we're the ones calling—and watching— the shots.




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I am the author of "Nicky Strom and have no problem with your posting my story on your blog. I am delighted that you think well enough of it to expose it to a larger audience. Thank you!

ATCFNM said...

Wow, I'm completely flabbergasted to see you posting a comment here on the very story you wrote. I'm very excited to see that not only do you approve of my posting your words here, but that you also endorsed it. Thanks so much for that.

I would like to extend an open invitation to you for an interview of some sort, via email. Would you be interested perhaps? If so, be sure to email me at whenever you see fit.

Thanks so much once again.

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I will be in touch with you shortly via email. Thank you once again!