Mrs. Carrington and Her Son

Mrs. Carrington's eyes opened softly into the morning light. A warm breeze wafted through the slightly opened window, causing her sheer curtains to dance slowly as she watched.

She loved the early morning, just at sunrise, on a summer day's beginning. Especially with the warm muscular body of the young man lying nude next to her. Her nephew Thomas had just turned 18 and she hoped that he would be accepted to the Larraine Institute in the fall, as did her sister Jane.

Her mind wandered as she dozed comfortably next to the boy, letting her hand wander carefully down his smooth belly until her fingertips found the root of his delightfully large penis. She imagined in her mind's eye how young Thomas looked the previous evening at his unveiling. He had been so nervous and cute.

Jane Alexander, Mrs. Carrington's younger sister, was a credit to the Institute. She ruled her home and husband very well and had raised her two daughters and her son according to the precepts of Nouveau Femme. Mrs. Carrington was proud of her.

As Thomas was now 18, it was time for his full unveiling as a properly-raised young man. Jane had invited select friends and family, all ladies, to her home for cocktails and treats and she was beaming with pride over her handsome son.

Thomas was wearing a beautiful white thong pouch panty as he greeted each lady or group of ladies at the door, taking their coats and escorting them into the home as a gentleman should. Once they had all arrived, he circulated in the room with a tray of crackers and brie, and refilling wine glasses until his mother told him it was time.

Like a good boy, he stood in the center of the room, took a deep breath as he was blushing profusely, and lowered his little sheer pouch letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it. Jane smiled proudly as all the ladies broke into polite applause as they admired her son's smooth muscular body and his generous endowment, unhindered by even the slightest stubble of hair.

Jane had always been a stickler about male pubic hair - she just couldn't abide it - and she always made sure that all of her males were kept properly and completely bare. She believed, as all good 'Larraine Institute Ladies' did, that male genitals were precious and appealing and should be clearly visible to a woman's eye.

Mrs. Carrington's hand slid lower to cup young Thomas's full testicles, feeling the smooth softness of his bare scrotum as she intimately explored the shape of his egg-like testes. She felt the nubs where his vas deferens attached and she noted how each male's testes were unique in shape, as were their penises. Mrs. Carrington just adored genital variety - it just made every day at the Institute a fresh delight to see all the different boys with their beautiful genitals on display. The variation of size, shape, pinkness, etc. was just enchanting...

She sat up in bed, smiling at the memory of her sister as she had proudly taken her naked son with a gentle grip on his penis, and led him to the center of the living room as all her guests gathered round for a closer view.

Jane had stood to his side and began to stroke her son's semi-erect penis, bringing him to erection quickly. She had said, "I'm glad you can all be here for Thomas's unveiling party. I know a few of you are family and have supervised my sweet boy in the past, but tonight he is 18 and we will all share the experience of his first fully-public ejaculation."

There was light applause, and a few comments of encouragement for the boy, who smiled in response.

Jane continued, "And now, Thomas, I hope you will show all my lady friends what a good boy you are, just close your eyes and make nice big spurts of semen for mommy..."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered.

Jane expertly stroked her son's erect penis, which was pleasingly plump and with a beautiful pink and swollen head, whispering secret things into his ear as she stimulated him. His legs began to twitch and his breathing became shallow in response to her experienced hand.

Jane stroked her son's penis more quickly as she whispered, loud enough for the gathered women to hear, "That's it honey, all the ladies are watching me rub your penis..."

A little gasp escaped his quivering lips, and it was a struggle for him to hold still as his mother stimulated him so skillfully.

"Yes, dear, almost there," said the proud mother, "you're being such a good I want you to spurt your semen for all of us, sweetheart...come for mommy...come for mommy..."

At that moment, Thomas's oldest sister Karen stepped up to his other side and held a glass bowl in front of his penis so as to catch his semen when he ejaculated, leaving about eight inches of space so that all the ladies would have a clear view of each spurt as it launched out of his darkly-swollen pink head.

Karen purred lovingly to her brother, "We're all ready, Tommy, you can come for us..." With her free hand, Karen began to caress her brother's bottom with a gentle encouraging touch.

"Yes, honey," said Jane as she slid her dainty hand up to focus short strokes against the ridge of his corona to maximize the stimulation of her son's penis, "come for mommy...come for mommy...come for mommy..."

Thomas's body stiffened and he gasped, and then a perfect pearlescent rope of semen thrust forth from the boy's stiff and straining young penis to splash into the bowl as the silent crowd of mature women burst into cheers and applause. "Good boy!" "That's it, Tommy!" "Beautiful!" and "Well done!" rang out across the room as spurt after spurt rushed forth into the glass bowl.

Jane's hand kept up a steady long stroke, working her son's penis without pause to wring every last drop of semen from his body. She cooed with a grin, "That's my good boy, you're doing great honey, don't stop now, keep coming for mommy and make all her friends jealous..."

Karen's free hand continued to caress and squeeze her brother's bottom as she too cheered him on. "Oooh, that's so nice Tommy, you're making such a big cum in the bowl, I'm proud of you honey."

After a few more moments, Thomas's body relaxed and Jane then slowed her strokes, but she continued to milk his penis from root-to-tip, forcing little pulses and dribbles of semen to add themselves to the already-respectable contents of the bowl.

"Let's make sure we get every drop, honey," said his mother Jane, "just like always..."

"Yes, Ma'am," the boy whispered.

Jane kept at it, sometimes having to work three or four strokes until she could express another drop from her son's spent and softening penis. She wanted to make this milking very complete and thorough so that her son wouldn't be too 'drippy' once they finished.

When she was satisfied, Jane released her son's nearly flaccid penis and stepped back. There was another round of polite applause and the many women moved forward to congratulate Thomas on his fine 'coming of age ejaculation'.

Thomas's Aunt's, Cousins, and his mother's friends all took turns giving Thomas an affectionate kiss on the cheek, and an equally affectionate caress of his bottom or gentle cupping of his testes along with a compliment or other word of congratulation.

Jane had then taken over bar-duty, refreshing the ladies' wine glasses as she became the center of her guests' attention once more as she basked in their congratulations of having raised such a worthy young man.

Twenty-two-year-old Karen and her twenty-one year old sister Penny then took their little brother by the hand and led him to his room. There, they did the sisterly thing of cleaning up his penis of any leftover semen that might still be present, so that the boy wouldn't drip on their mother's expensive carpet.

While both girls grinned, Penny simply dropped to her knees in front of her little brother and gently took his flaccid penis into her mouth. As softly as she could, she ran her tongue around his sensitive pink glans to cleanse any residue, and applied gentle suction for a couple moments to be sure he was empty.

The girls were proud how their brother endured this necessary procedure on his sensitive penis, and they finished quickly with a warm wash cloth and a dry towel with gentle hands. Penny said with a grin, "Delicious as always, Tommy..."

The two girls led their naked brother back into the festivities and he spent the rest of the evening nude in a room full of smartly dressed women who would be free at any time to look at and touch his body, especially his bottom and genitals, in any way they wished. That was a thing he would now have to get used to.

So........ The evening progressed nicely, and once all the other women had gone home and the place was cleaned up, Mrs. Carrington was left with Jane sitting at the kitchen table as Thomas put the last of the dishes into the washer.

"So Carrie," said Jane, "What do you think we should do with Thomas for the night? Seems a shame to waste him by just sending him off to bed..."

"Hmm," smiled Mrs. Carrington, "now that you mention it, I suppose I might have a use for him. I'd have to return him early in the morning as I'm due to hand off my charge Craig to his Aunt for the weekend this morning."

"Oh, well that's fine," said Jane, then she giggled, "But won't your two fine gentlemen be jealous? And I don't know how you could handle a third male anyway..."

"Well," said Mrs. Carrington knowingly, "I think I do just fine. I hear no complaints, not that I'd allow them anyway. And your Tommy has learned his new skills pretty well, and of course he needs constant practice, so I guess I could take him off your hands. I am feeling kind of frisky this evening."

And so it was that Mrs. Carrington had taken young Thomas home with her and into her bed.

Upon arrival to her home, she sent the young boy into her bedroom with instructions to undress and get under the covers. She then went down to the game room and found her husband Edward, and her long-time live-in lover Jonathan, watching the end of an extra-inning baseball game.

She paused on the stairway and smiled with satisfaction at her two men, sitting on the sofa in their matching powder blue pouch panties under short work-out tee shirts. She scowled happily in mock anger as her boys argued and punched each other's shoulders, throwing popcorn in disgust when the Yankees defeated the Red Sox for like the zillionth time.

She was happy that they got along so well, but they were so much like brothers that they were forever insulting, hitting, and playing practical jokes on each other. Boys will be boys, no matter how well they are trained, she thought, with an equal warmth of love in her heart for both of them.

When she was a young girl of 25, Mrs. Carrington, "Carrie" to all her family and friends, had the strange twist of fate that she had fallen in love with two boys. Edward, then aged 20, and his next-door-neighbor Jonathan, then 18. She had dated them both concurrently, and when Edward graduated from the Larraine Institute, they had married.

But with an understanding.

The understanding was that Carrie would continue to date Jonathan, and that upon his graduation from the Institute, he would also move in with she and Edward. And they would live together as a family.

Such an arrangement was rare, even for graduates of the Institute, but it was the right thing to do. Legally, she could only marry one of them, so Edward Carrington received that honor by virtue of his earlier graduation. Legally, there was no reason why consenting adults could not form a lifestyle of their own choosing, and so effectively, Carrie had two "husbands".

And even at their ages, now in their mid-fifties, they still behaved like high school boys. They had lived together in perfect harmony for over 30 years. And of course, Carrie had had other lovers from time to time, for that was also part of the arrangement. Somehow, she managed to enjoy many men over the course of her life and it was a tribute to her intellect and femininity that she had always managed her men very well.

She couldn't help but smile.

She took a few more steps into the room as her boys realized her presence for the first time and jumped to their feet, spilling even more popcorn.

"Hi, honey," they said in unison, then Edward said, "how was the party?"

"The party was fine, boys. I've brought Thomas home to spend the night with me, so you can both bunk in the extra bedroom tonight. And I expect this room to be a clean as every other when I wake up."

"Yes, Ma'am," the boys said in unison again.

Carrie stepped forward and took Jonathan in her arms, planting a full and juicy kiss on his lips. She purred, "Are you going to miss me tonight, Jon?"

He hugged her tightly, burying his face in her neck as he whispered, "You have no idea how much..."

She smiled and released him, then she took Edward into her embrace and kissed him equally. "And you?" she asked playfully.

"Can't you tell?" smirked Edward.

Carrie leaned back enough to take one of her hands off of his shoulder and slide it down between their groins, cupping her husband's genitals in her soft hand and feeling his stirrings of erection. "Oh, my, is that for me?" she asked.

He nodded.

She stepped back, still holding Edward's genitals, and she reached out to cup Jonathan's nicely full pouch with her other hand.

"My, my," she said, "how does one girl get lucky enough to have all of this?" She gave them each a kiss on their smiling cheeks, and said, "You boys hold that thought. I know I've been so busy lately that I haven't been keeping up the proper maintenance of these gorgeous penises, but I'll be home early tomorrow afternoon, and I'll take both of you to bed for a marathon, I promise."

Her boys said, "Yes, Ma'am," and "Can't wait", as she sauntered back up stairs, letting her fine ass sway just a little extra for them in her clingy dress. She smiled to herself, my cup runneth over... she thought.

As she reached her bedroom doorway, she looked in and found a masculine-shaped lump with eyes peering from under her covers in the darkness of the room. She smiled and said, "Just a moment and I'll be ready for bed, Thomas."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered with obvious nervousness.

Carrie giggled to herself as she closed the door to the master bathroom. She slipped out of her pumps and hung her cocktail dress in the walk in closet, dropped her matching bra and panties in the laundry hamper, and stood naked before the sink as she removed her makeup.

After relieving herself, she opened a drawer and chose a sheer lace burgundy negligee robe with matching panties. She emerged into the dark bedroom, and sliding under the covers, she sat against the padded headboard looking down at the young man and caressing his hair.

"Do you want to please me, Tommy?" she said firmly, the darkness of the room hiding the grin on her lips as she noticed the tent in the bed covers at the boy's groin. Young boys are just insatiable, she thought. That's what makes them so much fun...

"Oh yes, Aunt Carrie, very much," said the young man. She looked at his face and caught his young eyes fixed upon her full and mature breasts, the outline of which were visible in the scant moonlight and the sheerness of her negligee.

"And how have I taught you a Lady likes to be pleased, Tommy?" she cooed.

His eyes shot up to hers and grew wide, "Well, um, with uh, my mouth, Aunt Carrie."

She smiled and pushed back a lock of hair from his eye. "Yes, Tommy, a Lady likes to be pleased by a young man's mouth."

She reached down and lifted the covers up and parted her legs, giving the boy raised eyebrows as an encouragement.

Tommy said, "Yes, Ma'am," and carefully climbed over her near leg and laid on his tummy between them.

Mrs. Carrington let the covers fall down over Tommy's head, wrapping the boy in darkness between her legs. She had taught him to please a woman this same way, never really letting him see her naked, but giving him enough guidance and access to pleasure her properly.

The boy's eager mouth was quickly at work between her thighs, and she raised her knees and parted them, slouching down a little in the bed so that he could do his best work. She let one hand fall on top of his head, over the covers, to give him encouragement and a little guidance when the time came. Her other hand reached under the covers and found his, enclosing it as an additional point of contact, and somehow she liked that better as she felt a more intimate connection by holding hands with the boy.

Ahh. The eager mouth of the young man gobbled and licked and nibbled at her core with great enthusiasm. Carrie was happy that this particular panty was very thin and sheer, and therefore did little to mask the pleasure of the boy's lips and tongue upon her pussy.

Mrs. Carrington adored cunnilingus and had trained herself to endure it for hours on end. With her two husbands, she had the means to receive such pleasure continually as her boys could trade off when exhausted. She had once spent almost an entire weekend with her two men licking her body without ceasing, and there was nothing like receiving oral love at the same time as her other man kissed her breasts and suckled greedily at her nipples.

But she wanted to orgasm. Now. And she decided that since it was Tommy's unveiling night and he had been such a good obedient boy, she would allow him a treat.

She removed her hand from his head and slid it under the covers to her panties. Tommy raised his head in confusion and she took the opportunity to slide the sopping narrow crotch of the panty to one side, allowing the boy his first-ever direct contact with her naked pussy lips.

She kept her mound of pubic hair groomed neatly, but she kept her labia shaved clean, as it increased her pleasure when receiving oral services. She squeezed Tommy's hand to signal him back to his duties and she felt a gasp and a moan leave her throat involuntarily as the boy's tongue began again to serve her.

It felt wickedly delicious to feel the boy's young tongue sliding up and down each side of her, dancing momentarily upon her clitoris, and then up and down again. Up and down one side, up and down the other, up the center and circle her pleasure button. Again. Again.

"Rrrrrrhhhh," she growled, "such a good boy..."

Mrs. Carrington's hips soon began to rotate slightly, interrupting the boy's pattern and causing unexpected sensations to occur. Very yummy...Ooooh yes....Ahhhh.

Her motions became more urgent. Tommy's worship of her mature labia became equally more urgent, licking and gobbling and sucking gently here and there. Ahhh..... yessssss... very nice...

Carrie sought pleasure more ardently with the experienced motions of her hips, the grinding of her womanhood against the boy's soft face increased in tempo. Mmmmm.... Oooooohhh...

She put her hand on his head and pressed him into her body as her hips rode him, seeking pleasure heaped upon pleasure, feeling the surges and sparkles of joy begin to radiate from her pelvis into the outer reaches of her body. Her nipples were taut and sensitive as the fabric of her negligee slide back and forth over their tips.

Ghhhhhhrrrrr..... Mmmmm..... Nnnnnnn...... Ohhhhhhhh.... Yesssssss....

Mrs. Carrington ground her pelvis into the boy's face, her hips gyrating lewdly. Tommy's tongue, which was in fact gloriously long, slithered into her body, forcing a gasp of new pleasure from her lips. She rocked her hips urgently up and down, rubbing her clitoris directly on his nose as he toungued her silken tunnel.

Suddenly, as if the boy really knew what he was doing, he slid upward slightly and wrapped his lips around the uppermost portion of her labia, and began to suck her lips and clitoris into his mouth. Even better his deft little tongue began to flick quickly and mercilessly across the swollen tip of her clitoris, sending shockwaves of electric pleasure that resonated through her womb, through her breasts and nipples, up her neck, and dragged a wail of pleasure out across her tongue.

Mrs. Carrington was exceptionally loud as she came. She didn't care. She just writhed on the bed - her body torn between the need to escape the intimate delicacy of too much pleasure, and the greed for yet more.

She came and came and came. She bellowed. She wiggled. She screamed. She shook from head to toe.

She finally collapsed.

Tommy was properly trained to hold perfectly still, keeping his warm lips upon her without suction, awaiting her recovery and next instruction. Her eyes closed, just for a moment.

When Mrs. Carrington finally came to her senses again. There was this young boy, her 18-year-old nephew lying in her arms and grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary. He had right to be proud of himself. She was very pleased with him.

Her breathing slowly became normal again. She smiled. "My, my, it seems you have been practicing without me, Tommy."

He nodded.

She presumed his sisters had probably been lending a hand in his education of late.

Regardless, that had been one of the best orgasms she'd had in a while.

She grinned when she felt her nephew's erection against her thigh. Oh, yes, the boy has a penis, and of course, it's stiff again. What to do?

Mrs. Carrington felt deep affection for her young nephew, particularly heightened due to his latest exploits. She rolled up onto one elbow facing him and lifted the covers, peering into the darkness in search of a nice stiff penis. There it is.

She motioned for him to lie down on his back and she pushed the covers aside to reveal his long, thick, erect, throbbing penis. Delicious.

She put her hand on it and began to stroke him up and down. "Are you going to come quickly for me like a good boy, Tommy?" she asked.

He nodded, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Be a good boy and spurt quickly, honey, I'm tired."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She pulled his head closer and slipped a shoulder strap down, "Close your eyes and come for me, Tommy." She guided his face to her breast and gave him her nipple to suckle as she rubbed his penis, knowing that young men can't handle that much woman-ness.

She was rewarded in less than a minute with a nice spurt of semen, followed by two more. She rubbed a few more pulses from the head of his youthful penis, and then sent him off to the bathroom to clean up.

While he was gone, she licked his juices from her hand, relishing the youthful flavor. She adjusted her panties and the bed covers, and upon his return she spooned him from behind and bid him good night.

And so.....Mrs. Carrington awoke the next morning to the earliest of summer's light through her sheer curtains.

She had to take Thomas back to her sister, and get to the Institute by 9am to escort young Craig back into the capable hands of his Aunt Irene, who would keep him for the weekend.

And then, she would come back home to her two men, in her mind her two husbands, and she would have them both make love to her all afternoon until they were both completely spent and exhausted.

It should be a fun day... she thought.