A Personal CFNM Submission By Kehneh

One of my most embarrassing CFNM experiences ever was in front of a girl I had known for a couple of years but had never really been naked in front of her. She had seen pics of me though which was a turn on but not like seeing me in the flesh. The thing is, I had sort of grown in to being submissive to girls and had a lot of CFNM experiences that came from that. I mean if a dominant girl says to strip. ..I strip. ..no matter when or where.

Nicole was her name, quite a bit younger then me and quite attractive. I hadn't seen her in a while but we met at a small pub for a bite to eat and a beer. After we finished I said I needed a washroom break before we left. She said that was fine but if I was with her then I had no choice but to use the ladies room with her. I was instantly excited about the thoughts of this and started getting hard. She sent me in first to make the risk a little higher, telling me to just walk in and if I got caught...too bad.

Luckily I didn't get caught but when Nicole closed the stall door and then slipped past me and sat down on the toilet...I was both turned on and nervous. Get your pants off she ordered. Let's see this big cock up close, she said. She was only about a foot away from me at eye level with my cock as I unzipped my pants. Just at that same second though, we heard footsteps coming toward the door. She quickly said to stand on the toilet so my feet didn't show under the stall door. I did just what she said just in time.

A girl walked into the room and was searching for an empty stall. Our door rattled and then she went to the next stall and we could hear her unfastening her pants etc. That's when I looked down and realized that Nicole now had my cock shoved right in her face and she was examining every bit of me. I grabbed it and slowly jerked off in front of her until the other girl finally left but I was blushing more then I had ever blushed I think. Nicole giggles at my embarrassment and then thanked me for the show and got up and left me there. Naked and hard in the ladies room. Embarrassed and too scared to try to sneak out alone, but I made out ok.

She told me afterwards, as we walked down the street, me still fully hard, that she originally had planned on keeping my clothes and leaving me there naked. She still teases me about the show she got. Practically a lap dance haha.



Summer At Mountain Farm - A CFNM Experience

Summer at mountain farm

By Lars Lupin


The summer I was sent to Mountain Farm, I was in my late mid-teens. A had for a couple of years already been soiling the sheets with my nightly juices almost every night and my attention to schoolwork and helping out at home had become more and more distracted by my growing and constantly aching cock and balls. The actual trigger was when my mother surprised me twice one afternoon when I was happily stroking my member in the family bathroom but had forgotten to lock the door. It did not help that both times I simply carried on while staring back at my mother’s horrified face as I was simply much to horny to stop or even decrease my stroking action. I might even have been staring at her heavy breasts while continuing.

Arrangements were soon made to send me to visit my mother’s distant cousin Helena at her remote mountain farm, where she was living with her two teenage daughters. I was to spend a couple of months of the summer there to “learn to be more useful”. I don’t think my father or my brothers were told the true purpose of my trip. Neither was I.


I took the long voyage by myself. Having taken the early morning train from our home town, which itself felt like it was in the very periphery of civilization, I arrived in late afternoon at the tiny and desolate train station in the valley closest to the mountain farm. There I was taken as the only passenger by an elderly farmer in his horse carriage upwards and onwards along the winding mountain paths. It was a hot and humid day, even as we ascended into the higher altitudes, and there were only the sounds of birds and insects, buzzing lazily in the warmth of the summer day. After a few hours we came across a large wooden sign by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. It was written in the local dialect and thus incomprehensible to me as was the mumbling of the farmer (apparently he also only spoke the local dialect) as he pointed and gestured somewhat nervously indicating that this was my stop. Standing on the road side with the one backpack, I brought, I watched him quickly turn around the carriage hurrying off in the same direction as we came, decidedly much faster than when we arrived. I remember wondering what this was all about.

A little while later, I heard a smaller carriage approach from the road in front of me, as my mother’s cousin and her two teenage daughters came to pick me up. I had never met any of them, but they fit the description, although all off them much more beautiful than I thought. They were all wearing loose, white summer dresses contrasting with the long red hair and pale, freckled skin, which all three of them had. The mother, Helena, was a very beautiful woman in her early forties, with a low-cut dress showing of her large, firm breasts, and her long red hair kept in a loose knot under a large white hat that provided shadow to her beautiful blue eyes and perfect mouth. Her eldest daughter, Heidi, was a bit older than me, and almost a fully flowered woman, although more modestly endowed than her mother. The youngest, Ida, almost my age but more shy and timid, was thinner and smaller than her sister and flat-chested at that, but still very, very beautiful. Both had sparkling green eyes. I was immediately attracted to them all, and I noticed that my always restive cock was stirring in crotch of my pants.

“David? Get on board.” Helena said without letting down the reins, and I climbed up on the seat behind her and Heidi, next to Ida. Helena turned the carriage around, and we went back from where they’ve come. I immediately noticed their perfumes which engulfed me in a heavenly and intoxicating smell of flowers and…something else, not quite distinguishable. I imagined it was some natural healthy scent of sexually mature women. I certainly aroused me in a way I didn’t usually experience at home.

It turned out that Heidi and Ida only spoke the local dialect or that they were otherwise too shy to speak anything else. But they both smiled and gestured to me in a friendly manner and they laughed disarmingly whenever I would try to repeat what they’d said in my attempt to understand the unfamiliar sounds. So after a while only Helena spoke. “You’ll find that things are different here in the mountains than at home. Although our lives are comfortable up here,” she said, “everyone must do their utmost to be useful in their own way, if things are to work out. That is the most important rule for each and every one of us. I suppose that is what your mother wants you to learn from us while you’re here?” I supposed as well with some nervousness. Mother was always alluding to the supposedly privileged life I was living, and had over the years mentioned the hard lessons learned by the frontier life led by her ancestors in the mountain region I was now entering, and the family members still living here, such as Helena and her daughters. However, my mother hadn’t given me anything but very vague clues about exactly what kind of life I would live or what kind of usefulness I would provide while here. “I have made a number of arrangements for your stay, and I must confess that I have built up rather significant hopes for what grand things we may be able to achieve together, the four of us this summer,” she concluded without further specifying what she actually meant by that. I was to learn soon enough.

Chapter 1: Getting prepared

Not much else was said on the ride. It was already getting late when we arrived at the farm and the sun was beginning to set. The mountain farm was a small three-winged building with a separate barn opposite all situated on a gently sloping grass field with a grand view of the valley below with the train station where I’d arrived earlier that day. Around the farm house on the slope grazed goats, and chickens and geese ran across the yard. I was installed in a small room up under the roof in one of the side wings, where I put my backpack down on the floor. Helena and the girls had prepared a cold supper when I returned downstairs. While they had bread with honey and jam, I was offered a generous portion of a kind of rich cottage cheese unfamiliar to me, almost meaty in consistence. “Goat’s milk”, Helena said, “A local specialty in these parts, although I’ve gone to great lengths in refining the recipe to produce the desired results”. It tasted alright. Nothing more was said, but they all sneaked strange glances at me while I ate it and I was wondering what it all was about. Afterwards, it was lights out, and I went to my room where I quickly fell asleep, probably due the mountain air.

Next morning I awoke early by the sound of a cock’s crow, and I was a bit disoriented at first. I have had some very wet dreams, although I couldn’t recall the details, and my cock was aching more than usual. It seemed that my balls were slightly bigger than normal, which at the time I disregarded as a figment of my too vivid teenage boy imagination. My backpack was now nowhere to be seen, so I went downstairs in my night shirt. I discovered that Helena and Ida had already left for some chores unknown to me, and only Heidi was there, so I didn’t manage to find the whereabouts of my backpack for now, as she couldn’t understand my questions or else couldn’t answer them in any way I understood. Heidi had prepared a morning meal for me: Another ample portion of the rich cottage cheese.

Afterwards, it got awkward. Heidi beckoned me to come into the adjacent room, a kind of scullery with tiled floors and walls, where I was seated in a strangely looking heavy wooden chair standing in the middle of the room. I figured from Heidi’s gesturing and what I thought I understood of her dialect that I was about to get a haircut. My slightly wavy dark hair had indeed been growing a bit long in the weeks before my departure from home. As soon as I sat, Heidi drew my shirt over my head in a quick motion leaving me only in my briefs. Struck by the surprise and by the long speech in her incomprehensible language she was giving in the meantime, I simply rested passive and puzzled, as she then fixated me to the seat by first a thick leather belt around my torso, then four metal buckles locking my wrists and ankles to the armrests and legs of the chair and finally two straps going around each of my thighs individually. She then tilted the seat backwards with great ease as it turned out it was mounted on a kind of smooth hinging mechanism. The seat came apart, spreading my legs wide, and I suddenly found myself on my back in the seat in a position similar to a female patient at her gynecologist.

Heidi didn’t respond to my protests with other than more incomprehensible gestures and words in the local dialect. But she tried to calm me by placing her warm hand on my chest and running her fingers through my hair, maintaining for a few seconds my na├»ve illusion that she was about to cut the hair on my head. She did produce a pair of large scissors, but instead gently began cutting my briefs apart. Imagine my embarrassment when she then pulled away the remaining pieces of slashed cloths throwing them in the bin and leaving me completely exposed in the chair as naked as good had created me. There she stood, the beautiful redhead girl in her loose white dress and looking at me in my nakedness with alert, emerald eyes and a smile and laugh from her pretty, white face freckled by the sun. She was clearly in charge. She had the air of a professional, as if this really was as mundane as a normal haircut, but she nonetheless stole quite a few anticipating glances at my revealed cock as she prepared the next steps. Her flower perfume and womanly scent filled the room and my nostrils to great effect. My cock was still aching as were by now also my balls and my manhood therefore slowly rose towards her as I lay there completely helpless. I could feel this would be an almost raging hard-on as my swollen cock gradually began to throb and pulsate.

She began by first snipping away my pubic hair with new smaller scissors. Very methodically and thoroughly she chipped away my dark genital bush and in the process moving my now fully erect cock and aching balls around to make room. I constantly felt her warm breath on my crotch and anus as she absorbed herself in the task and my cock was by now fully erect and dripping with pre-cum. It took her about half an hour or more all the while that my massively hardened cock was almost constantly encircled by her girlish fingers.

When she had cut down as much hair as was possible with the scissors, she soaped in my cock, balls and anus with flower scented foam and began shaving my intimate areas with a handheld razor blade. Just as methodically and thoroughly and with her face just as close to the action as before, she shaved away the remaining public and anus hair, removing even the smallest most insignificant stubble on her way. She was clearly an expert with the sharp blade, as there was no accidental cuts whatsoever. She washed of the soap with splashes of lukewarm water revealing my cock (which was at this point as hard as it’s ever been and absolutely drooling with thick threads of pre-cum) in all its pink and naked glory. She then ran her slender soft fingers slowly over the shaven areas to feel for stubbles, that she might have missed, and once or twice redid the shaving where she found any imperfections. She even used her tongue to verify the smoothness of the shaving, which immediately sent electrical jolts of pleasure though my boner, especially when her fine, red probing tongue tongue circled my anus to check the shaving there. She was clearly pleased that this produced a visible bobbing of my cock, and she continued the circling more than what was probably necessary to check the shaving. Now completely smooth around my genitals and anus, she gently rubbed in some scented oil or lotion to moisten my exposed skin.

She finished up by dressing me in a sort of leather thong. It tightly encircled the basis of my penis below the balls almost as a cock ring. It then went around the hips with two string joined on the back just above my ass cheeks and a string from there buried in the crack of my ass and attached to the lower part of the cock ring. Before closing and tightening the thong, Heidi fastened a sort of small butt plug on the leather string in the back. She gently oiled my anus with her middle finger with which also penetrated deeper and deeper into it, oiling the ring muscle thoroughly. She then oiled the butt-plug, inserted it effortlessly into my anus and closed and tightened the thong good and proper so that it the cock ring was firmly pressed into the skin around the base of my throbbing cock and balls and the butt-plug was driven deeply into my anus.

Heidi tilted the chair back onto its feet and released me from the seat. Embarrassingly, any initial protests I’ve had had completely disappeared by now, and I was completely pacified by her sensual treatment and the intense pleasure from the tight cock ring and the butt-plug that kept me on a permanent edge. Heidi was clearly pleased with my subservience and she kissed me gently on my forehead and caressed my cock with a couple of strokes along its length as a kind of encouragement. However with telling gestures and ultimately a painful squeezing of my balls, Heidi impressed on me the clear message that I was under no circumstances to touch my own genitals, let alone try to get myself off, should I contemplate anything selfish and disrespectful like that.

Helena and Ida returned soon after that, and I discovered that my treatment and current predicament was not some crazy idea of Heidi’s but as integrated and natural a part of the farm’s daily routine as was cleaning, cooking, goat herding and so on. Helena scarcely took notice of my nakedness and my protruding cock, while Ida, obviously less familiar with the male anatomy, could hardly stop herself from gawking at my thick manhood and the glistening threads of pre-cum that occasionally dripped to the hardwood floor in the kitchen as I clumsily tried to help out with whatever tasks the three women were doing.

I carefully tried to prod Helena with questions that could clarify the purpose of this treatment, what I was meant to do to be “useful” and whether this would not seem strange to neighbors or strangers passing by. Helena mostly laughed heartily at my questions, but never gave away any useful clues. “You will find out soon enough”, she said mysteriously. “Most importantly,” she reiterated Heidi’s warning, “you should refrain from playing with your dick at any time. You will risk ejaculation which will not at all be useful to anybody and therefore punishable by intense pain. I think Heidi has impressed upon you in a very small scale the pain this will imply for you,” The tone of her voice indicated that she was not kidding.

Chapter 2: Afternoons in the sun

For all meals, I slurped up increasingly large portions of the special cottage cheese. I was beginning to like it very much. I thought it was my imagination, but shortly after eating it, I always felt a slight tingling sensation in my aching balls, even more now where their sensitivity was increased by the leather cock ring and the tight thong I wore all the time. My cock went like a pendulum from stiffly erect to semi-erect, but it never went completely soft at any time. It felt like I leaked several liters of pre-cum a day on every floor all over the farm house. My cock and balls were aching more and more for release for every passing hour and day, but I didn’t dare to disobey the warnings in any way.

Once in a while, Heidi put me in the chair in the scullery, took off my “harness” and redid the shaving to remove any budding pubic hairs and always gave me a good, long circling of her tongue around and inside my anus as a reward, so that her saliva would afterwards be dripping from my anus to the floor and mix with my many droplets of pre-cum.

The day after my first treatment, I was sent out into the open fields under the dark blue summer sky to watch over the farm’s goats grazing nearby. I was initially horrified by the thought of being seen by passersby’s. However, it turned out that the very remoteness of the mountain farm meant that only guests explicitly intending to go to the farm itself would come within viewing distance of the areas where I walked around in my splendid nakedness. And guests were not so frequent before some time later during my stay. These were a couple of good days, and a managed to work up an almost all-over-tan. I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my cock and balls (always smoothly shaven) as I lay for hours on my back in the grass fields or on the warm rocks. I could see the trains come and go far down in the valley as distant as the surface of the moon. I was usually sent out after a breakfast of plenty of cottage cheese perhaps only after a renewed intimate shaving. Ida or Heidi would bring me cold glasses of milk during the day, and often also my cottage cheese lunch to eat amongst the goats. In the evening, before sunset, I would be called in with the goats for an ample dinner before lights-off. My stay so far in no way felt like the punishment I had thought my mother intended it to be. Come to think of it, it felt like I was as much the domesticated farm animal as the goats I was supposed to be watching over. My cock now only ached occasionally as the permanent hardness seemed to gradually provide for some sort of make-believe relief. However, my balls were growing almost visibly heavier and heavier by the day. It was as if all I ate these days went directly into my balls and increasing their weight.

Both Heidi and Ida would in turn take their lunch with me in the open. They always came alone, always without the other and always without Helena. The language barrier prevented small-talk with the two girls, but we nonetheless got along very well together. When Heidi brought lunch, we would sometimes lie together in silence in the semi-shadow of a tree after eating. She would remove her light white dress which I found was the only fabric she wore, and pack it under her head as a pillow letting her long, curly red hair spread out over it. That allowed me to watch her beautiful body in its entire adolescent splendor. She had perfect mounds of white flesh for breasts with fragile looking pink nipples which gained a discernible stiffness as we lay there together naked. She had a neatly trimmed red bush, suitable for an expert public hair dresser, above her almost glowing pink pussy lips which protruded from between her legs and whose color stood out in contrast to the marble-like whiteness of the rest of her body. I spend hours watching her and thinking about the imagined tightness of her cunt. In those moments, my cock would almost stretch out beyond its normal length, and I would more clearly feel in my anus the butt-plug penetrating from the leather strips of my thong.

When Ida brought me lunch, she engorged even more freely in looking at my swollen cock and balls than she did in the seemingly constricting presence of her sister or mother in the house. I would perhaps lie on my back in the sun, and she would lie beside me (fully dressed), lying on her side, her head resting on her arm, face towards me at the level of my dick, so she could have a clear view of my perpetually stiffening manhood. She would often touch the tip of the purple cock-head drawing long threads of pre-cum to see how long they could be made, before licking it from her fingertips in her mouth. She would perhaps also run one of her long, polished and coated nails gently up and down the length of my shaft, or she would cup one or two hands under my swollen balls as if to secretly guess their increase in weigh. She sometimes spoke to herself in the local dialect and once in a while tried to teach me some of its words, but I failed miserably to learn any of them. I, on the other hand taught her the words “cock”, “balls” and “pre-cum”, which she afterwards freely used around me as exclamations, but never in the presence of her sister or mother.

Chapter 2: Becuming useful

Then came the first harvest time: One morning after breakfast, instead of wandering of into the fields, Helena and Heidi led me to the barn across the yard. There I was placed with my back against a wooden plate with a large hole where my ass was placed. Helena spread out my arms and legs and fixated them with numerous metal buckles rendering me almost immovable. She now removed my leather thong, my dick slapping back up against my stomach flinging pre-cum around as she pulled away the cock ring. Heidi then passed onto her some mechanical contraption that looked like a set of metal shorts. They opened and Helena prepared to fasten it around my bottom half. In my anus went another butt-plug, but somehow flexible and inflatable (and much larger) to provide much more precise anal stimulus than the plug I had now been wearing for days. Around the base of my cock under my balls was placed another cock-ring likewise flexible. My balls were wrapped in a small velvety soft bag. My cock was dressed in a kind of condom with a tube on its end. Along the length of the shaft a series of rubber rings were fastened around the cock on the outside of the condom. The rings were connected by a metal finger running along the length of the cock along with different kinds of valves and mechanics. The contraption was now closed around me, and connected via cables to what seemed like a bicycle. The tube at the end of the condom was connected to a small glass container.

“So,” Helena said, “now it’s your turn to be useful to this farm. In return for the carefree days and meals you’ve had in the last couple of days, sprawling on your back under the mountain sun, you now need to deliver a valuable harvest that we have built up some rather high hopes for.” She was talking while checking the machinery and gently yanking the tubes and cables as expertly as an engineer would. “As you will find out soon enough,” she began, “this region is normally a strictly females only society. This is our chosen way. Even though we have managed to live comfortably and in peace for generations without needing any men around, not even for sexual pleasure, I’m sure you can guess that at least one thing provided by men is necessary to uphold our way of life in the longer run.” Heidi was now making sure that I was fully erect and ready within the condom, and she was using the flexible butt-plug buried in my anus to ensure it and checking visually and by hand that it had the desired effect, which was immensely pleasuring. Nevertheless, I managed to listen to Helena carrying on. “Till now the necessary quantities of male sperm has been provided from outside of our community, but now we will try to build a greater degree of self-sufficiency in this crucial area. It has been agreed to allow one male specimen into the region for this purpose, and I secured our mountain farm as the site for the experiment, as I have developed a few competitive advantages in this area in the anticipation of the arrival of a qualified candidate like you. I hope to build up a supply not only for the obvious essential purposes but also allowing for a little conspicuous luxury consumption previously unthinkable, if you know what I mean. So you will be our first try.” It was getting hot and humid in the barn, and small beads of sweat appeared on the necks and foreheads of both Helena and Heidi, as they worked to configure the contraptions. Helena wiped her forehead with her arm, but then decided to button down her dress allowing me full view to her cleavage as a side-effect. My cock jolted, momentarily confusing Heidi’s attempt to calibrate the exact stiffness between my legs.

Heidi said something to Helena and gave her thumbs up. Helena ordered Heidi on the bike where she immediately began treading its pedals. I instantly felt a wave of pleasure as I now discovered that the intricate contraption was simply a sophisticated machine to jerk me off. “Your mother has vouched personally for your above average ability to produce large quantities of sperm and your shamelessness in your attempts to relieve your balls from their payload in almost every waking hour. She was kind enough to offer you as a much-needed kick-start to our program. Bur I dare not take any chances. I gather you have already guessed that our creamy and fulfilling cottage cheese – a secret and very special invention of my own – is meant to produce large amounts of sperm in your balls, so that our production is more likely to hit the critical mass. Just from observing the growing size and drooping heaviness of your balls with the naked ey, I’d say we’re on to something important with it.” She smiled broadly. “So now, just leant back and enjoy. If it turns out a success you can look forward to many happy weeks in the grass fields eating sperm boosting cottage cheese and watching and fantasizing about my daughters from morning till evening”. Her words confused as well as delighted me. The jerking off together with the view of her sweaty cleavage and the vision as myself and my cock and balls as simply a piece of cattle to be milked, aroused me like nothing else, I had ever experienced.

As Heidi pedaled and the contraption pumped away along the entire length of my incredible hardened cock shaft and kept on stimulating my anus and prostate as never before, I was already drifting rapidly towards my first climax in almost a week. Mind you, this after being erect or semi-erect for every waking hour, surrounded by three very beautiful women, one showing herself of naked and regularly shaving my cock, balls and anus, another playing with my balls and pre-cum and sipping it up from her fingers between her beautiful lips. On top of that I had been fed loads and loads of the special cottage cheese that was clearly and visibly accelerating and multiplying my already powerful sperm generation capacity beyond my own wildest fantasy.

I think I actually managed to hold on for a few minutes by the sheer difficulty of letting myself go after this much restraint and now overpowering stimulation. But then I did cum as powerfully as I’d never experienced before. I saw myself almost from the outside and I saw the thick gooey cum continuously squirt and squirt from my twitching and throbbing cock and into the tube, and dripping down in the glass container in cascades. The first time I came, I think I shot five or six large jets of thick white sperm, before it stopped. Heidi and Helena were both smiling and talking excitedly between them. They were repeatedly pointing to the glass container being gradually filled with every jizz from my red hot cock and balls, clearly impressed with everything.

After my first ejaculation ended, Heidi simply pedaled on, without mercy, urged on by Helena in her buttoned down dress. However, I very quickly recovered, and the cottage cheese must have had an even more amazing effect than I thought possible, because I soon ejaculated again even more powerfully and voluminously than the first time. This continued for a number of times until my balls were utterly emptied and the glass container seemed almost filled to the brim. Helena and Heidi released me from the contraption and the buckles, strapped on my regular leather thong, walked me to the hammock in the back garden while lovingly caressing my ass, cock and balls. There I soon fell into a deep and refreshing sleep.

Chapter 3: Hands on

Life went on in that way for a while: Eating loads of cottage cheese and feeling my balls swell gradually in the shadow of my always fully or semi erect cock dripping ropes of pre-cum, sunbathing among the other domesticated animals often in the company of the two beautiful girls that would either be looking at my manhood or being looked upon in their nakedness. I was brought in to be milked in the barn every other or third day, releasing my growing loads of thick, creamy cum into the waiting glass container. After the milking began, Helena even came around with lunch herself sometimes, unaccompanied by her daughters. She talked more freely now, obviously treasuring my presence on the farm more and more, even if only for selfish reasons. She also fondled me, particularly enjoying weighting my swelling balls in her hands, her eyes glowing like a proud beekeeper. Once, she even kissed them, and afterwards ran her probing tongue up and down my shaft a couple of times and sipped up some pre-cum for her to taste and swallow. She had the air of a very successful and determined woman.

It turned out my sperm was being put on small marmalade jugs and sold to neighboring farms for a handsome price. In the beginning this was mostly for eating which was the luxury consumption mentioned by Helena. Long deprived of a natural source of sperm and daring only to bring into the community by barter only the minimum amount of foreign sperm necessary for the essential purpose of procreating, there was a very high demand for sperm to consume in more wasteful ways. Some enjoyed swallowing it as refreshment. Some rubbed it on their tits and bodies as a lotion or sunscreen. Some even used it to simulate the male ejaculation with the help of specially designed strap-on dildos when the beautiful women of the region regularly made love to each other. It turned out, that the special cottage cheese also endowed my now much more plentiful sperm with an especially fresh and seductive taste that made the product my mother’s cousin produced with the help of my cock and balls in extremely high demand. In this way gallons of sperm ejaculated from my balls that summer found its way to the mouths, skins and pussies of hundreds of beautiful women in the region around mountain farm. I’m sure Helena and the girls greedily sampled the goods as well.

Helena even introduced a new addition to my diet. It was a rich and tasty juice made of a mixture of berries and flowers found only in the vicinity of the mountain farm. Its effect was to increase the probability of my sperm producing only female offspring, a highly desirable quality from the point of view of Helena as it would reduce the likelihood of spawning male children that could eventually grow up to break the monopoly of mountain farm in its niche in the highly profitable market for fresh sperm. I would not be the one to undercut my own value. Normally, boys would be sent away to families in the outside world, but even the slightest possibility of someone getting the cleaver idea to keep a male offspring of such a prized stud like me, for future sperm production was not something Helena was going to risk.

Almost no one visited the farm in the first week of my stay, except for the two or three occasions where good girlfriends of Helena came by to have lesbian sex with her. These tended to be hour-long tender sessions of mutual oral pleasing and finger fucking, mostly in rooms on the ground floor or even just outside the farm house where Helena was sure I (and the girls) would be able to observe them.

However, numerous women in all ages now began to pass through the farm yard to pick up the valuable merchandise at mountain farm’s small outlet. Business was open in the hours before lunch, and Helena encouraged me to hang around the fields close to the farm house on those hours, obviously to let customers catch a sight of the prime stud and increase sales. I obliged, particularly as the glaring looks of the many beautiful women in all ages invariably sent powerful electric tingles of pleasure all the way down into the deepest reaches of my pouch. I liked to lie on my back in the sun, legs towards the footpath leading up to the farm, and spread widely apart, so that my towering cock and heavy-hanging balls would be on clear display for any visitors.

This eventually led naturally into another profitable business enterprise for mountain farm. One afternoon, Helena, Heidi and Ida took me into a room in the ground floor of the north wing of the farm house, resembling a small class room. There I was fastened to a table in the middle of the room and the leather thong removed. If the constant tight pressure of the strips, the cock ring and the butt-plug had kept me erect during the preceding days, their removal curiously had the exact same effect, but even more so. Being freed from all reins, lying flat on my back on the school room table with my cock and balls to hover freely in every which direction they pleased, proved a very powerful stimulant. I imagined I grew even more than usual.

Soon, paying guests arrived. This was an offer to feel up the source of all that wonderful sperm they had greedily been consuming. The guests were usually mothers bringing along their teenage daughters to see for themselves what a man’s genitals actually looked like. They were mostly shy about touching at first, but Helena was always there, urging them on by her own demonstrations. She would fondle my balls, point my cock shaft in different directions, and even give it a couple of gentle strokes. Of course, she could not allow any ejaculation to take place as it would diminish the harvest of my sperm. But she had a technique, where a hard squeeze of the shaft by the fingers right below the purple head could halt any approaching ejaculation in its course. This allowed her and the more and more daring guests to give me hand-jobs and even suck my dick-head, shaft and balls, which was all immensely exciting for me. I particularly enjoyed when Helena or a guest sneaked a finger or even two into my receptive anus and probed around for and found my prostate to gently massage. This felt like increasing the sensitivity of everything else and heightening the tension in my cock shaft and ball-sack to the point of the almost unbearable. As the gift of foretelling the ejaculation was by far greatest with Helena, she constantly hovered around any hand-jobs or blow-jobs to prevent any mishaps with her squeezing fingers. I sometimes came very close to cumming at the hands or mouths of particularly beautiful guests, but Helena always managed to avert any disasters.

I can’t tell how many hands and mouths caressed my genitals and anus in that way, but the most memorable times were when the women of the household took turns. For Helena, it was clearly mostly a catalyzer to encourage guests to assume their own stroking, licking and probing rather than a purpose onto itself. For Heidi, it was obviously just a genuine and undiluted pleasure, while for Ida, it was a question of learning how to handle the manly tools as expertly as her sister and her mother. It so excited me when Helena would take a truly maternal interest in teaching Ida to understand with her own fingers and tongue how to bring me to the very edge of cumming either by sensuous stroking of my glistening member, by the playful dance of her young soft tongue on my cock head or on my balls, or by the gentle prodding of her finger in my anus, before sqeezing hard to abort an approaching blast of sperm. These tutorials often took place in longer and longer sessions in the presence of all three women after the ride was closed for outside visitors and the paying guests had left. There was a lot of talking between them in the local dialect to explain the dos and don’ts but obviously none of it directed at me. I was just the stallion that was being saddled and tamed by these three enthusiastic cow-girls.

Chapter 4: Out and about

All these routines provided a happy and varied existence for me at mountain farm. Alternately eating and being fondled, sucked, masturbated and milked was all a boy like me could really dream of. However, inevitably customers’ requests for even more were brought to Helena’s attention. After a while, she gave in, and launched the concept of “house calls”. However, the forfeit of so much sperm for the pleasure of one single customer meant that the price was out of reach for all but the most affluent. So it only took place very few times.

Helena would take me to the customer herself and monitor the act itself, wanting to make sure her price stud would not be harmed in any way. However, I suspect she was also quite the voyeur and relished at the sight of my glistening cock pumping deeply into the wet pussies of other women. The general rule was that no sharing or “cock-pooling” was allowed, so as not to erode the exclusiveness of the market. However, there was an exception for women within the same household, as long as it was limited to what could be managed within the space of three hours. One of the few visits I made was actually to a farm with two mothers and three daughters, who would all join in. That was the most intense pleasure I’d experienced until then, not least because Helena was watching keenly from a comfortable armchair behind me, and because I from the corner of my eye saw her unashamedly masturbating her dripping pussy under a full red bush, with her white dress pulled up to her waist and buttoned down to release her full breast with hard dark nipples, and her legs spread wide apart, each pointing up in the air or lying across the armrests. This was obviously a woman with a healthy sexual appetite and the object of her desires were clearly me and the many ways I was pleasing this female family of five by fucking their many wonderful pussies, cleavages, mouths, hands, thighs, ass-cheeks and ass-holes.

I had somehow built up an incredible stamina from the many hands-on demonstrations in the classroom. Whenever I would approach an ejaculation but not feel like I wanted to grant it, I would simply think of the hard squeezing of the fingers just below the cock-head and it would immediately feel as if Helena’s slender fingers had actually intervened even though her hands would instead be a few meters behind me, busily fingering her own, dripping wet pussy and bringing it towards one of many mind-numbing orgasms. This would allow me to continue uninterrupted with undiminished strength in the same position, a new position or in a new hole of the same woman or of another beautiful woman.

These women made love like animals, either riding or pumping my cock hovering above me, or taking it from behind, always very untamed in their lust for living male organs in places that were usually only served by fellow female fingers, hands or tongues, or the occasional innate object such as dildo’s or similar. It was like their pussies, assholes and mouths sucked me and my cock into them with such magnetism that I was positively drawn to and addicted to it and were happy to fuck on and on and on as long as time permitted. Although for clients, my numerous explosive ejaculations must have been a major part of the service provision, it was only a minor part of my own pleasure. I would cum 8 or even 10 times in the space of three hours, and the clients planned their turns around it, so that if an entire household was involved, everyone would get their share of my sperm.

Almost all my ejaculations were equally powerful, but the first ones tended to be more so and thus usually reserved for the leading lady of the house, or for the member of the household whom it was judged to be most urgent to impregnate, if not the same. I took a special pleasure in imagining how my first explosion inside the cunt of this deserving client would shoot numerous long thick ropes of cum deep into her uterus and shower her eggs with my plentiful and virile sperm. Very few fertile women could withstand this onslaught of jizz, and in the end I believe I managed to make almost all of the clients I fucked this way pregnant with healthy, beautiful girls. The cottage cheese and the berry juices even seemed to have prolonged the life cycle of my sperm so that it could drift around inside these women’s uteruses for weeks with undiminished strength.

On the way back to the mountain farm, Helena would always hold my hand and stroke my dick casually so that any tendency for it to soften after the momentous efforts would be neutralized and I would be fully erect and again eagerly dripping pre-cum long before we arrived home. It also helped immensely on my erection that Helena would by then be oozing with the sweet and seductive smell of her own sweat and cunt juices resulting from her previous vigorous masturbation while watching me fuck away at strangers.

Chapter 5: Departing gifts

The summer limped towards its end, and my visit would come to a close for this year. I understood that the arrangement governing my presence in the mountain region explicitly provided only for a limited number of months per year in the summer time as a reward for the hard work of the previous season. Apparently, the responsible decision-makers had concluded that a more permanent presence of such an ample supply of sperm as me in the community would gradually have eroded the working moral similar to the damage that alcohol and drugs had havocked in other communities. No one would be tending to their farms, fields or animals, and ultimately poverty, unrest and the destruction of this unique community would ensue.

In the days before my departure my sadness at my impending farewell was however strongly diminished by a special going away present from my host family. My secret dreams would come through, as I would be allowed to fuck Helena, Heidi and Ida in those very last days. Each of them would have one day dedicated for sexual pleasures with me, starting with Helena.

The day was different than normal says, as I was not wearing my leather thong and that we were alone inside the house. The girls had already left, when I got up, and I was greeted by a stark-naked Helena in the kitchen. The many glimpses of her in the preceding days had allowed me to piece together a complete picture of her naked body in my head, but the real thing was even more beautiful. Her fiery red bush and her wonderfully big and firm breasts together with her long red hair, beautiful blue eyes and glowing smile somehow matched each other perfectly and magically.

She first gave me an expert massage and a blow-job, where her greedy lips and tongue would cover every square millimeter of my cock, balls and anus. She then mounted me, sliding my massively erect and glistening cock into her warm, wet cunt, her pussy lips looking like a drooling mouth receiving my thick shaft. There she would stay riding me for what seemed like hours. At no point did I ejaculate, visualizing her pinching fingers below my cock head whenever I wanted to step away from cumming. We continued this routine of alternating blowjobs and riding many times that day only interrupted by silent meals of cottage cheese and berry juices. Our genitals and bodies were dripping with a mixture of womanly juices, pre-cum and sweat as we pounded away in perfect harmonic unison. I also did her orally, letting my eager mouth and tongue explore every part of her lower body for hours and slowly probing her cave and anus with my fingers, which were completely wet with saliva, woman-juice and pre-cum. This was the best and most raw fuck I ever had.

Late in the evening, as the sun set, by silent mutual consent, I came inside her. As I approached ejaculation, knowing that I would not turn back, my mind was chiming with wonderful electrical waves of pleasure, and I was completely absorbed in pumping my cock in and out of her slurping cunt from behind, my heavy greasy balls again and again pounding against her swollen, wet and red-glowing pussy lips. By the last push, I hammered my dick deeper into her than I thought physically possible, and I released what was perhaps the single most plentiful jizz in my entire sexual career into the depths of this beautiful woman that had provided for me such a magical summer. I even felt floods of my own sperm gushing out from around my shaft still deeply buried within her and running down over my emptying balls and onto the sheets below.

Next day was with Heidi. We were again home alone the two of us, with no sights of the other two. After breakfast, we went outside and walked to a large oak tree a bit higher further up in the mountains which had an even more spectacular view over the distant valley. There in the semi-shadow of the tree, Heidi stepped out of her white dress and stood before me as naked as I was. Her pale white skin almost glittered in the rays of sun slipping through the leaves, and her curly red hair blew about her head and face as the gentle summer wind played with it. Her breasts were just as white, her small pinkish nipples again stiffening notably, as she looked at me and my erect manhood, now freed from the bondage of the leather thong.

She gently pushed me into the grass on my back, and she turned around facing in the direction of my feet and lowered her glowing pink pussy with the trimmed red hair onto my face, and I pierced her cunt with my greedy tongue. She had the sweetest and most erotic taste, I’ve ever dreamed of, and her woman juices slowly dripped onto my face and tongue and into my mouth. I alternately licked her pussy and her asshole, probing my tongue in there as she had done to me so many times after shaving my cock, balls and anus. After I while of riding my face like this, she bend over and took my hard member into her mouth in the most sensuous blow-job yet. Gradually, she fitted more and more of my long, thick cock shaft into her mouth, and I felt her swallow me all the way down to my smooth balls. Her lips now rested firmly around the very base of my cock, her nose buried deeply in the folds of my ball-sack. Once there, she gently rocked back and forth allowing me to penetrate her deep into her throat. I lost track of time as we 69’ed each other perpetually this way, feeling only the sweet taste of her wet cunt on my face and tongue and the very tight sensation around my swelling cock-head now deeply lodged into Heidi’s throat.

I had multiple orgasms and ejaculations this way in the course of the day. She was evidently preparing herself for taking my jizz explosion directly into her throat, but she was careful not to do so before she was truly ready and could do it effortlessly without gagging. A number of times, she just pulled me out of her throat to let my exploding cock rest in her mouth on her the cushion of her soft wet tongue. From there the thick ropes of sperm gushed out and out and filled her tiny mouth completely. Almost every time she managed to swallow my entire load of sperm as it came in almost a continual stream, looking like a foie gras-goose being force-fed over and over. However, once or twice, she would not manage, resulting in a thick drizzle of white sperm flowing down over her chin like a thick, sweet frosting and dripping down on the skin of my belly. Finally, she managed to do the same with my cock-head buried deep down her swollen throat, and I could hear and feel the frantic sinking movement of her throat muscles. She must have swallowed almost one liter of cum during the day.

As the night approached, we left the mutual oral satisfaction and she dropped back onto her back, and led me fuck her missionary style with her long white legs and arms folded around my back and my legs. I again lost track of time as I was lost in a fairy tale world between the closeness of her face, her panting and moaning and the feeling of her wet pussy lips around my cock. Then I exploded with the same deep intensity as I had already done the day before with her mother, and I shoot a final voluminous load far, far into her insides and feeling small gushes of it passing around my cock and flowing down my balls and onto the damp ground below us.

The final day was with Ida. She had obviously learned many things in the last couple of weeks not least thanks to her mother’s and sister’s thoughtful instruction performed on my most willing cock and balls. The day with her was a tour de force of all she had learnt: The gentle prostate massage, the tender hand-job and the soft, wet licking and sucking of my cock-head, shaft and balls. She had learned from the masters and she was playing it all like a virtuous incomparable with what could be expected from a new-beginner as she. We were inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs and she performed both fully clothed and completely naked, allowing me to admire her growing adolescence and her beautiful, beautiful untouched body.

In one significant respect she was still a virgin, as none had yet poked their fingers or cocks into her tight pussy hole. The honor was mine, and I looked forward to it during the day with increasing anticipation. Finally, as the sun was setting, she pushed me back and placed her tiny pussy above my hovering dick. From there, she slowly, slowly lowered herself, taking in the length of my cock in miniscule steps. She was tight, but she was soaking wet. I again lost track of time as I was gradually pushing into her pussy-hole. When she finally rested her bottom on my thighs, her pussy lips wide open and stretched and expanded to their utmost around the base of my cock, I almost fainted from pleasure, as I think she dis as well. There she sat for a long moment, taking in and saving the intense pleasure. When she finally moved up and down to fuck me, it was as if my shaft was being squeezed and hugged by a thousand small hands and I quickly erupted far up into her innermost womanhood. She must have felt like being impaled by a massive trunk of meat and as I ejaculated, the base and shaft of my cock widened stretching her tight pussy walls so much outwards, that none of my sperm cascades could manage to escape out from where I came. She must have felt like being stuffed full of warm vigorous sperm, and were it not physiologically impossible, I would have expected my fountain of white goo to come gushing out from her mouth and nose. She screamed with intense pleasure as her pussy hugged my cock tightly for what felt like minutes after that.

*** The day after, I bid them all farewell and left the farm the same way I had come. Soon, I was back to my old life, the memories of my days at mountain farm floating around in my mind as a strange dream. I never really learned how to be useful in any other sense than what I’d been at the farm, and that not really a kind of usefulness immediately in demand in the rest of the world. However, the experiences distilled in me a sense of duty to others, and I felt bad, when I was of use to no one. I was left looking forward to next summer, where I hoped I might return to mountain farm.


Mrs. Carrington and Her Son

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The Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, Final Chapter


Sorry to do this, but this is the final chapter of this story as it's been written thus far. I thought there was a conclusionary chapter to this story, but there isn't. When/if it does ever get written I'll be sure to add it! In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the story!:

Continued from Chapter 5 and 6 of this story through this link here.

Mrs. Carrington's eyes opened softly into the morning light. A warm breeze wafted through the slightly opened window, causing her sheer curtains to dance slowly as she watched.

She loved the early morning, just at sunrise, on a summer day's beginning. Especially with the warm muscular body of the young man lying nude next to her. Her nephew Thomas had just turned 18 and she hoped that he would be accepted to the Larraine Institute in the fall, as did her sister Jane.

Her mind wandered as she dozed comfortably next to the boy, letting her hand wander carefully down his smooth belly until her fingertips found the root of his delightfully large penis. She imagined in her mind's eye how young Thomas looked the previous evening at his unveiling. He had been so nervous and cute.

Jane Alexander, Mrs. Carrington's younger sister, was a credit to the Institute. She ruled her home and husband very well and had raised her two daughters and her son according to the precepts of Nouveau Femme. Mrs. Carrington was proud of her.

As Thomas was now 18, it was time for his full unveiling as a properly-raised young man. Jane had invited select friends and family, all ladies, to her home for cocktails and treats and she was beaming with pride over her handsome son.

Thomas was wearing a beautiful white thong pouch panty as he greeted each lady or group of ladies at the door, taking their coats and escorting them into the home as a gentleman should. Once they had all arrived, he circulated in the room with a tray of crackers and brie, and refilling wine glasses until his mother told him it was time.

Like a good boy, he stood in the center of the room, took a deep breath as he was blushing profusely, and lowered his little sheer pouch letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it. Jane smiled proudly as all the ladies broke into polite applause as they admired her son's smooth muscular body and his generous endowment, unhindered by even the slightest stubble of hair.

Jane had always been a stickler about male pubic hair - she just couldn't abide it - and she always made sure that all of her males were kept properly and completely bare. She believed, as all good 'Larraine Institute Ladies' did, that male genitals were precious and appealing and should be clearly visible to a woman's eye.

Mrs. Carrington's hand slid lower to cup young Thomas's full testicles, feeling the smooth softness of his bare scrotum as she intimately explored the shape of his egg-like testes. She felt the nubs where his vas deferens attached and she noted how each male's testes were unique in shape, as were their penises. Mrs. Carrington just adored genital variety - it just made every day at the Institute a fresh delight to see all the different boys with their beautiful genitals on display. The variation of size, shape, pinkness, etc. was just enchanting...

She sat up in bed, smiling at the memory of her sister as she had proudly taken her naked son with a gentle grip on his penis, and led him to the center of the living room as all her guests gathered round for a closer view.

Jane had stood to his side and began to stroke her son's semi-erect penis, bringing him to erection quickly. She had said, "I'm glad you can all be here for Thomas's unveiling party. I know a few of you are family and have supervised my sweet boy in the past, but tonight he is 18 and we will all share the experience of his first fully-public ejaculation."

There was light applause, and a few comments of encouragement for the boy, who smiled in response.

Jane continued, "And now, Thomas, I hope you will show all my lady friends what a good boy you are, just close your eyes and make nice big spurts of semen for mommy..."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered.

Jane expertly stroked her son's erect penis, which was pleasingly plump and with a beautiful pink and swollen head, whispering secret things into his ear as she stimulated him. His legs began to twitch and his breathing became shallow in response to her experienced hand.

Jane stroked her son's penis more quickly as she whispered, loud enough for the gathered women to hear, "That's it honey, all the ladies are watching me rub your penis..."

A little gasp escaped his quivering lips, and it was a struggle for him to hold still as his mother stimulated him so skillfully.

"Yes, dear, almost there," said the proud mother, "you're being such a good boy...now I want you to spurt your semen for all of us, sweetheart...come for mommy...come for mommy..."

At that moment, Thomas's oldest sister Karen stepped up to his other side and held a glass bowl in front of his penis so as to catch his semen when he ejaculated, leaving about eight inches of space so that all the ladies would have a clear view of each spurt as it launched out of his darkly-swollen pink head.

Karen purred lovingly to her brother, "We're all ready, Tommy, you can come for us..." With her free hand, Karen began to caress her brother's bottom with a gentle encouraging touch.

"Yes, honey," said Jane as she slid her dainty hand up to focus short strokes against the ridge of his corona to maximize the stimulation of her son's penis, "come for mommy...come for mommy...come for mommy..."

Thomas's body stiffened and he gasped, and then a perfect pearlescent rope of semen thrust forth from the boy's stiff and straining young penis to splash into the bowl as the silent crowd of mature women burst into cheers and applause. "Good boy!" "That's it, Tommy!" "Beautiful!" and "Well done!" rang out across the room as spurt after spurt rushed forth into the glass bowl.

Jane's hand kept up a steady long stroke, working her son's penis without pause to wring every last drop of semen from his body. She cooed with a grin, "That's my good boy, you're doing great honey, don't stop now, keep coming for mommy and make all her friends jealous..."

Karen's free hand continued to caress and squeeze her brother's bottom as she too cheered him on. "Oooh, that's so nice Tommy, you're making such a big cum in the bowl, I'm proud of you honey."

After a few more moments, Thomas's body relaxed and Jane then slowed her strokes, but she continued to milk his penis from root-to-tip, forcing little pulses and dribbles of semen to add themselves to the already-respectable contents of the bowl.

"Let's make sure we get every drop, honey," said his mother Jane, "just like always..."

"Yes, Ma'am," the boy whispered.

Jane kept at it, sometimes having to work three or four strokes until she could express another drop from her son's spent and softening penis. She wanted to make this milking very complete and thorough so that her son wouldn't be too 'drippy' once they finished.

When she was satisfied, Jane released her son's nearly flaccid penis and stepped back. There was another round of polite applause and the many women moved forward to congratulate Thomas on his fine 'coming of age ejaculation'.

Thomas's Aunt's, Cousins, and his mother's friends all took turns giving Thomas an affectionate kiss on the cheek, and an equally affectionate caress of his bottom or gentle cupping of his testes along with a compliment or other word of congratulation.

Jane had then taken over bar-duty, refreshing the ladies' wine glasses as she became the center of her guests' attention once more as she basked in their congratulations of having raised such a worthy young man.

Twenty-two-year-old Karen and her twenty-one year old sister Penny then took their little brother by the hand and led him to his room. There, they did the sisterly thing of cleaning up his penis of any leftover semen that might still be present, so that the boy wouldn't drip on their mother's expensive carpet.

While both girls grinned, Penny simply dropped to her knees in front of her little brother and gently took his flaccid penis into her mouth. As softly as she could, she ran her tongue around his sensitive pink glans to cleanse any residue, and applied gentle suction for a couple moments to be sure he was empty.

The girls were proud how their brother endured this necessary procedure on his sensitive penis, and they finished quickly with a warm wash cloth and a dry towel with gentle hands. Penny said with a grin, "Delicious as always, Tommy..."

The two girls led their naked brother back into the festivities and he spent the rest of the evening nude in a room full of smartly dressed women who would be free at any time to look at and touch his body, especially his bottom and genitals, in any way they wished. That was a thing he would now have to get used to.

So........ The evening progressed nicely, and once all the other women had gone home and the place was cleaned up, Mrs. Carrington was left with Jane sitting at the kitchen table as Thomas put the last of the dishes into the washer.

"So Carrie," said Jane, "What do you think we should do with Thomas for the night? Seems a shame to waste him by just sending him off to bed..."

"Hmm," smiled Mrs. Carrington, "now that you mention it, I suppose I might have a use for him. I'd have to return him early in the morning as I'm due to hand off my charge Craig to his Aunt for the weekend this morning."

"Oh, well that's fine," said Jane, then she giggled, "But won't your two fine gentlemen be jealous? And I don't know how you could handle a third male anyway..."

"Well," said Mrs. Carrington knowingly, "I think I do just fine. I hear no complaints, not that I'd allow them anyway. And your Tommy has learned his new skills pretty well, and of course he needs constant practice, so I guess I could take him off your hands. I am feeling kind of frisky this evening."

And so it was that Mrs. Carrington had taken young Thomas home with her and into her bed.

Upon arrival to her home, she sent the young boy into her bedroom with instructions to undress and get under the covers. She then went down to the game room and found her husband Edward, and her long-time live-in lover Jonathan, watching the end of an extra-inning baseball game.

She paused on the stairway and smiled with satisfaction at her two men, sitting on the sofa in their matching powder blue pouch panties under short work-out tee shirts. She scowled happily in mock anger as her boys argued and punched each other's shoulders, throwing popcorn in disgust when the Yankees defeated the Red Sox for like the zillionth time.

She was happy that they got along so well, but they were so much like brothers that they were forever insulting, hitting, and playing practical jokes on each other. Boys will be boys, no matter how well they are trained, she thought, with an equal warmth of love in her heart for both of them.

When she was a young girl of 25, Mrs. Carrington, "Carrie" to all her family and friends, had the strange twist of fate that she had fallen in love with two boys. Edward, then aged 20, and his next-door-neighbor Jonathan, then 18. She had dated them both concurrently, and when Edward graduated from the Larraine Institute, they had married.

But with an understanding.

The understanding was that Carrie would continue to date Jonathan, and that upon his graduation from the Institute, he would also move in with she and Edward. And they would live together as a family.

Such an arrangement was rare, even for graduates of the Institute, but it was the right thing to do. Legally, she could only marry one of them, so Edward Carrington received that honor by virtue of his earlier graduation. Legally, there was no reason why consenting adults could not form a lifestyle of their own choosing, and so effectively, Carrie had two "husbands".

And even at their ages, now in their mid-fifties, they still behaved like high school boys. They had lived together in perfect harmony for over 30 years. And of course, Carrie had had other lovers from time to time, for that was also part of the arrangement. Somehow, she managed to enjoy many men over the course of her life and it was a tribute to her intellect and femininity that she had always managed her men very well.

She couldn't help but smile.

She took a few more steps into the room as her boys realized her presence for the first time and jumped to their feet, spilling even more popcorn.

"Hi, honey," they said in unison, then Edward said, "how was the party?"

"The party was fine, boys. I've brought Thomas home to spend the night with me, so you can both bunk in the extra bedroom tonight. And I expect this room to be a clean as every other when I wake up."

"Yes, Ma'am," the boys said in unison again.

Carrie stepped forward and took Jonathan in her arms, planting a full and juicy kiss on his lips. She purred, "Are you going to miss me tonight, Jon?"

He hugged her tightly, burying his face in her neck as he whispered, "You have no idea how much..."

She smiled and released him, then she took Edward into her embrace and kissed him equally. "And you?" she asked playfully.

"Can't you tell?" smirked Edward.

Carrie leaned back enough to take one of her hands off of his shoulder and slide it down between their groins, cupping her husband's genitals in her soft hand and feeling his stirrings of erection. "Oh, my, is that for me?" she asked.

He nodded.

She stepped back, still holding Edward's genitals, and she reached out to cup Jonathan's nicely full pouch with her other hand.

"My, my," she said, "how does one girl get lucky enough to have all of this?" She gave them each a kiss on their smiling cheeks, and said, "You boys hold that thought. I know I've been so busy lately that I haven't been keeping up the proper maintenance of these gorgeous penises, but I'll be home early tomorrow afternoon, and I'll take both of you to bed for a marathon, I promise."

Her boys said, "Yes, Ma'am," and "Can't wait", as she sauntered back up stairs, letting her fine ass sway just a little extra for them in her clingy dress. She smiled to herself, my cup runneth over... she thought.

As she reached her bedroom doorway, she looked in and found a masculine-shaped lump with eyes peering from under her covers in the darkness of the room. She smiled and said, "Just a moment and I'll be ready for bed, Thomas."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered with obvious nervousness.

Carrie giggled to herself as she closed the door to the master bathroom. She slipped out of her pumps and hung her cocktail dress in the walk in closet, dropped her matching bra and panties in the laundry hamper, and stood naked before the sink as she removed her makeup.

After relieving herself, she opened a drawer and chose a sheer lace burgundy negligee robe with matching panties. She emerged into the dark bedroom, and sliding under the covers, she sat against the padded headboard looking down at the young man and caressing his hair.

"Do you want to please me, Tommy?" she said firmly, the darkness of the room hiding the grin on her lips as she noticed the tent in the bed covers at the boy's groin. Young boys are just insatiable, she thought. That's what makes them so much fun...

"Oh yes, Aunt Carrie, very much," said the young man. She looked at his face and caught his young eyes fixed upon her full and mature breasts, the outline of which were visible in the scant moonlight and the sheerness of her negligee.

"And how have I taught you a Lady likes to be pleased, Tommy?" she cooed.

His eyes shot up to hers and grew wide, "Well, um, with uh, my mouth, Aunt Carrie."

She smiled and pushed back a lock of hair from his eye. "Yes, Tommy, a Lady likes to be pleased by a young man's mouth."

She reached down and lifted the covers up and parted her legs, giving the boy raised eyebrows as an encouragement.

Tommy said, "Yes, Ma'am," and carefully climbed over her near leg and laid on his tummy between them.

Mrs. Carrington let the covers fall down over Tommy's head, wrapping the boy in darkness between her legs. She had taught him to please a woman this same way, never really letting him see her naked, but giving him enough guidance and access to pleasure her properly.

The boy's eager mouth was quickly at work between her thighs, and she raised her knees and parted them, slouching down a little in the bed so that he could do his best work. She let one hand fall on top of his head, over the covers, to give him encouragement and a little guidance when the time came. Her other hand reached under the covers and found his, enclosing it as an additional point of contact, and somehow she liked that better as she felt a more intimate connection by holding hands with the boy.

Ahh. The eager mouth of the young man gobbled and licked and nibbled at her core with great enthusiasm. Carrie was happy that this particular panty was very thin and sheer, and therefore did little to mask the pleasure of the boy's lips and tongue upon her pussy.

Mrs. Carrington adored cunnilingus and had trained herself to endure it for hours on end. With her two husbands, she had the means to receive such pleasure continually as her boys could trade off when exhausted. She had once spent almost an entire weekend with her two men licking her body without ceasing, and there was nothing like receiving oral love at the same time as her other man kissed her breasts and suckled greedily at her nipples.

But she wanted to orgasm. Now. And she decided that since it was Tommy's unveiling night and he had been such a good obedient boy, she would allow him a treat.

She removed her hand from his head and slid it under the covers to her panties. Tommy raised his head in confusion and she took the opportunity to slide the sopping narrow crotch of the panty to one side, allowing the boy his first-ever direct contact with her naked pussy lips.

She kept her mound of pubic hair groomed neatly, but she kept her labia shaved clean, as it increased her pleasure when receiving oral services. She squeezed Tommy's hand to signal him back to his duties and she felt a gasp and a moan leave her throat involuntarily as the boy's tongue began again to serve her.

It felt wickedly delicious to feel the boy's young tongue sliding up and down each side of her, dancing momentarily upon her clitoris, and then up and down again. Up and down one side, up and down the other, up the center and circle her pleasure button. Again. Again.

"Rrrrrrhhhh," she growled, "such a good boy..."

Mrs. Carrington's hips soon began to rotate slightly, interrupting the boy's pattern and causing unexpected sensations to occur. Very yummy...Ooooh yes....Ahhhh.

Her motions became more urgent. Tommy's worship of her mature labia became equally more urgent, licking and gobbling and sucking gently here and there. Ahhh..... yessssss... very nice...

Carrie sought pleasure more ardently with the experienced motions of her hips, the grinding of her womanhood against the boy's soft face increased in tempo. Mmmmm.... Oooooohhh...

She put her hand on his head and pressed him into her body as her hips rode him, seeking pleasure heaped upon pleasure, feeling the surges and sparkles of joy begin to radiate from her pelvis into the outer reaches of her body. Her nipples were taut and sensitive as the fabric of her negligee slide back and forth over their tips.

Ghhhhhhrrrrr..... Mmmmm..... Nnnnnnn...... Ohhhhhhhh.... Yesssssss....


The Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, Chapters 4 and 5


Continued from Chapter 1 of this story through this link here.

Craig left the room with a red and tingling bottom.

He hadn't been handled like that before, and he secretly admitted to himself that being spanked was quite an erotic experience. It made him feel like he had been a naughty boy, and had his bottom spanked for it, even though throughout the spanking and the interview, Gwen had told him he was being a 'good boy' for her.

Her questions had mostly been about his family life, and how he had come to be enrolled at the institute. She seemed pleased with the answers, and her mother had smiled and nodded often, but he didn't know what the real outcome would be and the dean had told him not to worry but to just carry on with his normal schedule.

Craig had to walk back to his room naked. The dean led him by the hand, as it always seemed that boys were never left alone at the Institute.

In his room, he was given another small pair of pouch panties to put on, and then three mature women appeared at the door of his room and greeted the dean.

They were all in their 50's or 60's, well dressed as usual, and introduced themselves as Mrs. Carrington, Mrs. Wrightwell, and Mrs. Douglass. Each woman wore a summer dress and strappy sandals with matching purses and sharp hats.

Mrs. Carrington said, "Hello, Craig, we are assigned to take care of your midday milking and then we'll take you to lunch."

"Uh...yes, Ma'am," Craig said, realizing that he'd be milked by these ladies, which was a very intimate thing, and he'd been feeling quite violated already that day.

"So, let's all go to our assigned milking room and get started, shall we?" She reached down and cupped his pouch in her hand, hefting and feeling his genitals, "Very nice, Craig, and your testes do feel nice and full like a boy's should. We'll just take care of any excess fullness you may be feeling, dear, ok?"

Without letting him answer, she took his hand and the ladies led him down the hallway again, this time to another sidelong hall with many doors on either side. Each door had a boy's name on it and they found Craig's room half way down on the right side.

Mrs. Carrington opened the door and ushered the boy inside, followed by the other two ladies, all smiling happily.

In the room Craig saw a medical exam table with the usual straps and stirrups prepared to hold a boy in position for his milking. The three women stood around Craig and Mrs. Wrightwell bent down and began to lower Craig's pouch panties, letting them fall to his ankles and helping him step out of them.

Mrs. Douglass was behind him and giggled, saying, "Have you been a naughty boy, Craig? Your cute bottom is so pretty and pink from an obvious spanking..."

All three women took turns examining, fondling, and commenting on the state of Craig's bottom. They all seemed delighted that he had received some swats, saying things like, "It's good for a boy to have his bottom swatted, so that he can be on his best behavior."

No amount of explanation by Craig seemed to change their minds. They just 'knew' he had been somehow naughty, needed a spanking, and received one, as is proper for boys. They assured him that having his bottom swatted was a good and normal lifelong experience for a boy, as they helped him onto the exam table and began strapping him in securely.

Craig was embarrassed by everything, especially the fact that his penis was already starting to show signs of erection, with little throbs, and a little thickening and lengthening.

"Oh, what an adorable penis you have, Craig," said Mrs. Wrightwell.

"Oh, yes, I love the shape and pretty pink color of your head Craig," said Mrs. Douglass, and Craig blushed at receiving such intimate praise, which only served to quicken his growing erection.

Mrs. Carrington said, "Now that we have you nice and comfortable on the table, dear, we must begin your milking because we don't have a lot of time before lunch. It's important for you to have a nice big ejaculation for us before lunch so you can keep on your proper milking schedule."

"Yes, we must keep you on schedule, Craig," agreed Mrs. Wrightwell.

The three women took up their positions, Mrs. Wrightwell at his right hip, Mrs. Douglass at his left hip, and Mrs. Carrington pulled up a rolling stool and sat between the boy's raised and spread thighs, in position to attend to his plump exposed genitals.

Each of the women at his sides took one his testicles in their warm soft hands and began to massage them, lifting and spreading his testes apart so that they were each being fondled separately in different ways by the two attending women. With their other hands, the two mature ladies began to caress and play with one of his nipples.

Mrs. Carrington pressed the soft tips of the fingers of one hand into the base of his scrotum, finding the stiffening root of his penis and began to slowly massage it up and down, admiring its girth and growing stiffness. With her other hand, she pushed her knuckles against the boy's little pink anus and began to move in a circular motion, stimulating the outside of his rectum.

All of this stimulation sped up the rate at which Craig's penis was becoming erect and he throbbed powerfully to full erection in seconds.

All three women's eyes were fixed on his stiffening shaft and swelling glans, as Mrs. Carrington said, "Look's like we'll have you fully erect in just a few seconds, dear, so just relax and breathe deeply for us."

Mrs. Douglass giggled, "Oh, Craig, you have such a big penis, so long and thick and so beautiful. We shall enjoy taking care of your ejaculatory needs this week very much."

"Oh yes," said Mrs. Wrightwell, "we are very pleased to help with your genital development. It's so nice to work with a handsome, polite boy's penis to help him reach his full potential."

Craig closed his eyes and nodded. He could feel all of the separate stimulations all over his body as each woman used each of her hands in a different ways, and it was working. He was suddenly feeling very slutty. Their compliments made him feel special, and he felt that he would be well taken-care-of by these nice mature ladies.

He'd had feelings of wantonness before, when his Aunt Irene, or the many other women whom his Aunt had invited to help, had taken a turn to force him to ejaculate, but this time it was more intense. He felt abandon, wantonness, sluttiness, and he was beginning to revel in the emotions of being an interactive toy for the pleasure and entertainment of the mature women.

Having so many mature ladies, focusing so much of their attention on his penis and testicles, made him want even more attention. He was proud that they liked to look at him and touch him and make him ejaculate. He was amazed at how many times a day the women that took care of him made him spurt.

They clearly knew how to make a boy become instantly and intensely aroused! Craig could feel the blood rushing into his penis, filling it up and making his shaft as long and thick and hard as it had ever been. He reveled in the heavy, stiff feeling of his erection, and really enjoyed the way the three women were touching him and smiling at him and complimenting his penis.

In all his months of scheduled milkings, he had never felt so naked, exposed, humiliated, and objectified before. And he loved it. He surrendered to the feelings of the women stimulating his body, taking unimaginable liberties with his restrained body. He felt completely at their mercy, which he was, and he knew they would force every drop of semen from him.

But he really wanted them to do it. He wanted to please them with spurt after spurt of his semen – to surrender and submit himself to them and to feel ever more used and taken as they forced him to ejaculate again and again.

After several minutes of the exquisite torment of the three pairs of mature hands stimulating him in new and amazing ways, Mrs. Carrington seemed satisfied with the effect.

She said, "Well, it seems that you've offered us a very nice erection, Craig. Now I think it's time to start working with your delightful penis and see what wonderful spurts you can give us."

Craig gasped, "Yes, Ma'am," between his involuntary moans and sighs. The boy couldn't help but wiggle against his bonds, even though he was fully immobilized at wrists, chest, hips, thighs and ankles. The teasing stimulations were forcing his body to respond on its own and he couldn't help it.

Mrs. Douglas noticed him blushing and whispered softly, "We know it's hard for a boy to hold still, honey, that's why you're properly secured. It's ok for a boy to wiggle and moan, Craig, we know it's good for you. And we know you like it, honey. We know you want us to make you spurt, and of course, that will embarrass you. It's as it should be, dear. Just let us play with your body and let it happen. It's good for you, dear."

"Yes," said Mrs. Wrightwell, "When a boy's body is properly stimulated, he can't help feeling very naughty and slutty. It's good for you to have those feelings, Craig, so just relax and enjoy how wanton you feel. We'll take good care of your penis and testicles for you, sweetheart, so don't worry."

Mrs. Carrington moved her hand from deep within his scrotum, and made a ring with her thumb and forefinger around the base of his glans, just capturing the edge of his corona in her grasp.

She cooed, "Ah, what a nice penis, dear, your head is turning a delightful purple color, in preparation for ejaculation. Now I'm going to stimulate just the most sensitive parts of your penis, and we'll see if you respond for us like a good boy should."

"Ahhrrrggggg..." gasped Craig as she began to twist and stroke lightly just under his head. The stimulation was very dramatic, sending shockwaves of intense sensation shooting through his penis, testicles, and nipples. It seemed like all the energy in his body was centering itself in his genitals as he writhed and gasped uncontrollably.

"That's a good boy, give in to the sensations, honey, and just let them take over. You know it's good for you to be milked, and we're going to take good care of you, dear." Said Mrs. Carrington as she continued to stimulate his anus and the corona of his penis, quickly reducing the boy to a gasping, moaning, wiggling wreck of nerve endings set on fire.

"Mmmm," said Mrs. Douglass, "It's good for you to be a naughty, wanton boy, sweetheart. We know what you need and we'll take good care of you. Just imagine how you look, all naked and splayed open for us, so vulnerable and submissive like a good boy, and we're doing such deliciously naughty things to your sweet young body..."

"Yes," said Mrs. Wrightwell, "Such naughty things to your penis and testicles and little nipples and bottom – and you like it – you want us to do this to you, don't you dear?"

Craig couldn't help but nod his head as he moaned and writhed under the onslaught of way-too-much sensation. He felt completely naked and vulnerable and exploited and used and he loved it. He could feel his ejaculation approaching quickly, but he could feel the ladies grip on his testes tighten as they continued to pull and spread his testicles.

"Ah," said Mrs. Wrightwell, "You want to spurt for us honey, and your big swollen testes want to pull up to your body – but we want to play with your testicles, dear, they are so cute and full and firm."

Mrs. Carrington increased the speed and urgency of her hand motions, twisting, pulling, with little fast strokes that made her fingers stimulate his corona more and more as she expertly began driving him toward ejaculation.

"Tell us you like it, Craig," said Mrs. Carrington firmly.

"Ooohhhh," moaned Craig.

"No, we need you to use your words, dear," she said, "We want to hear your voice confess that you are a naughty slut-boy."

As one, the three women removed their hands from his body, leaving him tingling all over, and very desperate that they continue. His enormous erection throbbed and pulsed in frantic need for just a little more stimulation. His body writhed against his bonds, wishing for more of the mature ladies' touch. An involuntary whimper of disappointment escaped his lips causing the three mature women to giggle.

Craig knew more or less what they wanted him to say, but he was too embarrassed to bring himself to verbally admit that he was a naughty, wanton, slut of a boy. He just couldn't make his mouth say the words.

Mrs. Douglass leaned over and he felt the soft breath on his ear as she whispered, "Oh, come on, honey, you don't want us to stop do you? It's easy, you just need to confess to us how much you like being strapped down and helpless as we play with your body and make you spurt. That's all, it's no big deal, honey."

Mrs. Carrington said, "Craig, would you like us to continue playing with you, or would you rather just go to lunch."

"Please..."he pleaded desperately, "please continue..."

"Ok, we can do that, sweetheart, but you just need to tell us why."

Craig tried to put it into words and finally gathered up his courage, "Because I like it..." he whispered.

"Tell us more, Craig," said Mrs. Douglass, "Tell us that you are a naughty penis-boy and you want us to make you spurt."

"Beg us to continue, honey," whispered Mrs. Wrightwell, "tell us how much you need to be milked and how much you liked having us touch you..."

"I want it.... I need you to milk me... please make me spurt... I can't help but love what you're doing..." the boy's gasping voice rasped out the words as his body writhed to prove the truth of them.

"That's nice honey," said Mrs. Carrington, "Now just admit that you are a slut. Confess that you are willing to pull down your pants and let any mature woman have her way with your penis and testicles. Admit that you want us to milk you and take your semen..."

"I do... I confess..." he gasped, "I can't help it... I'm a slut for you... please milk my penis and make me spurt!!!"

Six hands were suddenly on his body again, resuming the stimulation as the three women all said "good boy."

Mrs. Carrington cooed, "Now, Craig, just answer my questions, and as long as you say "yes, Ma'am" to each of my questions, we'll continue to touch you and play with you and we'll let you spurt for us. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped.

"Good boy. Now then, you liked it when Mrs. Wrightwell pulled down your pouch panties and exposed your naked penis to us, didn't you dear?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he admitted as he whimpered and writhed against his bonds.

"You like having all of the mature women here at the Institute see your naked penis and testicles, don't you, sweetheart."

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped.

Mrs. Carrington continued interrogating him, forcing him to admit all the naughty nasty secrets of his submissive heart. To each of her questions, he couldn't help himself but answer "Yes, Ma'am."

She said things like: "Do you like the feeling of being naked around women?" "Do you like to feel a woman's eyes on your body?", "Do you like the fact that your genitals are shaved – so that you're even more naked?" "Do you like to let all the women touch your naked body?"

She continued: "Don't you feel embarrassed to get an erection in front of the Ladies – and see them all looking at your penis and smiling?" "Don't you secretly enjoy being helplessly strapped down – so we can do whatever we want with you?" "You like the sheer pouch panties, don't you Craig?" "You like the swimming pouches because they are transparent when wet, don't you?"

Mrs. Wrightwell asked: "You love to feel helpless as a woman milks your penis and makes you spurt, right Craig?" "Don't you secretly desire to be a naughty little slut-boy and give yourself to any woman that wants to fondle and caress your genitals?"

Mrs. Douglass added: "You want to spurt for us now, don't you dear?" "You want to see the smiles on our faces when you spurt your semen – you want to please us with your semen, don't you honey?"

When Craig nodded emphatically to that last question, "Yesssss..... Ma'aaaammmmm", after having humiliated himself with affirmative answers to all of the other questions, Mrs. Carrington gripped the full shaft of his penis firmly and began to stroke long and hard – quickly driving him over the edge to ejaculation.

The boy's body writhed against the straps and he wailed and whimpered in submissive ecstasy as the first spurt of semen flew from his turgid straining shaft, to the delight of the three mature women.

Craig was surprised as the two women at his sides released his nipples and testicles and began dipping their fingertips into the little pools of semen that had fallen onto his belly, and putting their fingers quickly into their mouths, making pleased and satisfied noises in their throats.

He was further surprised to feel Mrs. Carrington place the head of his penis on her extended flat tongue and stroke the next several spurts right into her mouth, and making her own satisfied noises.

Somehow, the way the women treated his semen – as a delightful treat to which they had every right to enjoy as they saw fit – made him swoon with submissive feelings. He felt as though he was merely a body whose spurting fluids were being harvested for the benefit of the women, and this made him fall into a deeper sea of submissive feelings.

More than being restrained and helpless. More than having to beg and plead for them to force his ejaculation. More than having to confess that he was in fact a completely naughty and wanton slutboy. More than all of that, the way the three mature women treated his semen made him feel more helpless and vulnerable and powerless than anything else.

He felt like he was not only their personal play-toy, but that his semen wasn't even his. It belonged to them the same way that a cow's milk belonged to its owner. He was just a boy whose penis was being milked for the pleasure and enjoyment of the ladies. They were in charge of him. They took care of him. They controlled him.

With his last spurt, merely a dribble, he collapsed exhausted. His body felt completely warm, worn out, used, taken, exploited, dominated, and 'had'. He felt a depth of submission he'd never felt before. He felt as though he belonged to the women in the institute and that he would obey and let them do with his body whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

His genitals felt completely empty and used up as his penis softened to a flaccid and exhausted state.

He could feel one of the women still stroking and pulling and milking his soft penis, and a tongue occasionally licked a little drop of leftover semen from the tip. It seemed right and normal somehow, since all of his semen was theirs for the taking, and no longer his own.

They had every right to every last drop, and he knew it. He waited patiently for them to finish with him and then he felt his bonds being loosed and opened his eyes as he felt Mrs. Carrington, still between his spread thighs, massaging the special genital development cream onto his penis and scrotum as was always done after a milking.

He found the three smiling faces of the attractive mature women. They silently helped him up off of the table without saying a word. They helped him back into his pouch panties, making sure that his spent genitals were properly positioned in the pouch.

They helped him out of the room and down the hall to the lunch room.

The door opened into a large mess area, with small tables for 4 spread around the room. Many of the boys of the school were already seated and eating their lunch with three mature women. His matrons led him to his table and sat him down.

Through his bleary eyes, Craig noticed that at many tables the mature 'caretakers' of the other boys were feeding them with one hand while caressing the boys' inner thighs and genitals with the other. All of the tables had at least one Lady whispering to the boy, and the boy nodding obediently.

Once the foursome was seated, a young female waitress came to the table and delivered the day's lunch meals of roast turkey and salad. Craig was told to keep his hands at his sides and Mrs. Carrington began to feed him one small bite at a time as she talked to him from across the table.

While Mrs. Carrington spoke, the other two mature ladies sat close by his sides, smiling and nodding as they caressed his thighs. Craig found his legs involuntarily spreading apart, allowing the ladies full access to his soft pouch, without even thinking. It just seemed right.

Mrs. Carrington said, "After lunch, we have a fun activity planned for the boys, Craig."

She fed him another bite, and continued. "Each boy will be taken by his Ladies to the assembly hall where we'll set you up on another exam table. The summer biology class from the girl's academy will be coming by to study male anatomy and the girls will each get to examine a naked boy so that they can get a good score on their exam."

Mrs. Carrington grinned, "The Girl's Academy has a special summer program called "Introduction to Male Genital Development", and only their best and brightest 18-year-old students are allowed into this special program. So isn't it nice that our Dean has volunteered the swim-camp boys to be the genital models for the girls to study?"

Craig blushed, "Um...I guess so..."

"Yes, it is very good for the young Ladies to be able to examine the genitals real live boys. Pictures of naked boys, and movies of naked boys having their penises stimulated to ejaculation are shown every day in the classes at the Girls' Academy. But images just don't do justice to real male genitals, which are quite interactive. So it is best for the girls to have firsthand experience touching, feeling, examining, and milking a cooperative naked boy, don't you think?"

"Uh...Yes, Ma'am." Craig blushed at the thought of a Girls' School that had a summer program completely focused on male genitalia.

Mrs. Carrington continued, "And, we'll be expecting our boys to make a good showing for the sweet young ladies of the Girl's Academy, and give them a full experience of male genital function. This will serve as our boys' 2pm scheduled milking. A very nice 2-for-1, don't you think?"

Craig realized what she meant and asked, trembling, "Do you mean..."

"Yes, of course, dear," said Mrs. Carrington, "You'll have a randomly selected young lady from the Girls' Academy examine and explore your genitals, which will of course make you erect. After satisfying her curiosity about your penis and testicles, she'll stimulate your penis and make you spurt out your semen. It's important for you to give her a very educational ejaculation that she can observe and study. But don't worry, we'll all be there to give her guidance and help so that she'll feel confident in performing her first clinical penis milking, honey. It will work out just fine, I'm sure..."

Craig was surprised to feel his penis throbbing and getting a little stiffer. He'd only just ejaculated for the Ladies a half hour ago, and already he could be aroused again. He realized that the special lotion and the pill they gave him must be working to increase his semen production and ease of arousal.

He nodded bashfully to Mrs. Carrington, after all, there was nothing he could do about it. He was enrolled in the institute and couldn't leave even if he wanted to. Of course, he was becoming aware that he really didn't want to leave. Quite the contrary. He never wanted to leave.

He knew in his heart that he wanted these women to continue 'taking care' of his penis and making sure his semen was properly milked from his body. He needed to ejaculate many times a day now, and he could always feel a subtle need to spurt growing in his groin at all times. He realized he could no longer imagine a life without his Aunt Irene and her friends, or his wonderful three caretakers, constantly milking his enormous production of semen from his overlarge and over-productive genitals.

Soon lunch was over and the ladies led him to a large hall, fitted with more than 20 examination tables complete with stirrups and restraints. These tables also had an additional feature - there was a white sheet set on an angle from the middle of the table.

Craig instantly realized that the sheet would cover a boy from the waist up, so that the young ladies would not see the faces of their assigned boys. He supposed this was so that the girls could do their studies in a more 'clinical' environment without making any sort of attachment with the boy they would milk.

Anonymous milking by young untrained female hands. Yet another humiliation for the boys.

The room was already filling up as trios of mature ladies, all dressed smartly in skirts and dresses, helped their boys into position on the tables, and adjusting the sheets to keep their boys anonymous.

Craig's Matrons took him to his appointed examination table and helped him into position. They strapped him down securely but comfortably, and placed the sheet appropriately so that his assigned girl from the Academy would not be able to see him.

She would be able to hear all of his moans of pleasure and whimpers of submission, and she'd see his body writhe against his bonds, but she would not be able to see his face as she played with his genitals and eventually forced yet another ejaculation from his productive penis.

Soon all the boys were in position, secured behind the anonymous sheets on their respective tables. All the mature female handlers stood by their boys, caressing them and cooing encouragements and praise.

Then, at the end of the great hall, the double doors were opened and the Dean entered, followed by several instructors from the Girl's Academy, and then the young 18-year-old female students filed in, wide-eyed and grinning in amazement as looked around the room.

Obviously, none of the young ladies, all recent graduates of the high school level of the Girl's Academy, had ever been in a room full of naked males. Their young roving eyes took in the scene of so many tables, with boys strapped down naked with their thighs spread wide and offering their young virile genitals for the girls to study and examine.

It was like a parade as the single file line of girls walked slowly around the room, passing close by each table in the circuit. By this, each girl was able to take a few moments to see each boy's genitals, all shaved bare for their complete naked offering to the girl's view.

The girls were meant to appreciate all the differences from one boy to the next. Some boys were already erect. Some boys only partly so, and some flaccid. Some were longer, thicker, more pink, more brown. Some penis heads were plumper than the shaft, some less so.

But all of the boys were handpicked for the larger-than-average size of their endowments, so all of the boys presented very large genitals for the girls to look at, and giggle, whispering softly to one another.

The room was silent as the girls filed past each boy. Each girl pausing a moment to gaze between his spread thighs, and hold silent secret thoughts in her heart.

After two complete circuits of 'viewing', the girls all moved to their assigned boy, which they knew by the numbers on the tables to be matched to the slip of paper they each had been handed by their instructor.

The head of the Girl's Academy summer program, Mrs. Peterson, addressed the young ladies as they each stood at the ready, between the spread legs of their assigned boy.

"Ladies," she said, "let us give a round of applause for Headmistress Dawson who has so generously offered us the use of her boys this afternoon." All the girls gave polite but enthusiastic applause, smiling as the Headmistress of the Larraine Institute gave a slight bow in acknowledgement.

Dean Peterson of the Girls' Academy continued. "Ladies, you each have been assigned a boy to examine and should by now be standing in front of him. As you look at your boy's presented genitalia, I want to begin by reminding you of many things we have already covered in our Summer Classes so far."

Craig, like every other boy in the room, could 'feel' the anonymous girl standing between his legs, and looking at his vulnerable penis and testicles. It was an arousing feeling, and he blushed as he felt his penis throbbing toward erection. His matrons all stood by him, caressing his face and chest, murmuring softly to 'relax dear', and 'it's alright', and 'good boy'.

Dean Peterson said, "As you young ladies can see, the male's legs are large and muscular, his abdomen is tautly muscled. The overall size and shape of the male body shows that it is designed to do heavy work, and to do battle to protect his female..."

She looked around the room as the girls were all smiling and nodding in appreciation of this knowledge.

"But unlike the softer, more voluptuous body of the female," Dean Peterson went on, "the male is actually more vulnerable in many ways than the female. There, between his spread thighs, you can see how his most tender and precious organs are outside his body, where you can see and touch and enjoy them. Just imagine, girls, if your ovaries were hanging out between your thighs - so vulnerable and exposed to injury - as are the boy's testicles..."

Again, the young girls' faces were somber, showing compassion at the boys' plight, and nodding sagely that what the dean spoke was certainly true.

Dean Peterson continued, "And so, ladies, we females must always keep in mind that our boys' testes are susceptible to pain and harm. We shall always treat them with nurturing tenderness as only a wise female is able to do."

The girls were all nodding in agreement and smiling with friendly, appreciative looks on their faces.

"And now," said the Dean, "Let us draw our attention to the penis, that most delightful of appendages, so soft and delicate one minute, and then engorged and firm with arousal the next. I can see that most of your boys are already well on their way to full erection, if not there already. For those of you who have a boy who is still mostly soft, do not worry, he is probably just nervous. Once you begin to touch him and talk to him, he will certainly firm up for you nicely. That's one of the wonderful things you will learn about boys - they are quite easily aroused - and they are therefore so much fun to play with."

There were twitters and giggles at this last comment, which were quickly hushed by the Dean, as she stifled her own smile, attempting to keep up good decorum.

She continued, "Now ladies, you may pull out the little stool you'll find under the exam table, and you may sit on it and adjust the height so that your boy's genitals are at your elbow height. Remember, as we have discussed in class, good ergonomics must always be observed when examining a boy."

There were little squeaks of wheels and the hiss of pistons all around the room as the girls positioned their respective stools properly and sat down between the raised and spread thighs of their assigned boys.

"Alright girls," said the Dean, "you may now place the flat palms of your hands on the boy's inner thighs, near his knees."

The girls all carefully did so.

The Dean looked around the room, seeing all the seated girls with their hands dutifully in their laps and their eyes fixed on the male genitals displayed in front of them. "Now you may begin to caress your boy's thighs, sliding your hands gently to his inner thigh and back, but do not make contact with his genitals. This is a comforting gesture on your part to show the boy that you mean no harm and that you appreciate him. You may introduce yourself by your middle name only, and praise your boy as we have practiced in class."

Craig jumped a little in surprise as he felt the small soft hands of a girl touch his thighs and begin to gently caress him. He heard a tentative little voice say, "Hi, my name is Sally, and I'll be examining you today."

Craig whispered, "Hi", not knowing what else to say, and Mrs. Carrington leaned over and murmured in his ear, "It's not necessary for you to respond, dear, just enjoy her hands and her words."

He nodded, feeling the girl's hands on him and feeling his penis throbbing and his testicles pulling up automatically when her hands approached the upward reaches of his thighs, so close to his genitals, but not touching. He hoped she would touch him soon.

Dean Peterson spoke. "Now girls, I'm sure you can see how your boy's genitals respond as you caress his thighs. You are probably seeing his penis and testicles react to your touch, even though you're only touching his legs. Isn't that adorable?"

There were soft murmurs of approval from around the room.

"Now ladies," said the Dean, "you must always to remember to compliment your boy. Find something, or many things, that you like about his genitals and compliment him. Boys need consistent feminine approval to be truly happy, just as they need consistent feminine attention to their genitals."

The girls all practiced saying nice things to their boys. All around the room were heard young female voices saying things like, "I like how pretty pink your penis is," or, "I like how big and full your testes look," or, "Your penis is nice and big and stiff, it looks very nice."

Sally cleared her throat and said to Craig, "You have a very pretty penis and testicles." Then she thought she could do better, "I like how your penis throbs and your head is a darker pink color, it's very nice."

She smiled as she was rewarded with a nice throb of Craig's penis, making his head puff out momentarily and turn even darker - almost purple. "Oooh," she said, "that was very fun to watch. Your penis is just lovely."

Craig felt comforted that the girl was being so nice to him. He hadn't known what to expect, and he was pleased that she found his genitals attractive.

The dean spoke. "Girls, now you may begin your examinations by touching your boy's testicles. Take one of his testes in each hand gently, and roll them softly in your fingers. This will feel good to your boy, and you can also feel the oblong shape of real testicles, and you can feel the bumpy area where the cord that connects his testicles to his body attach. Try to feel the seminal ducts if your boy's scrotum is relaxed enough."

The girls all spent several minutes fondling and examining their boy's testes, eliciting the occasional sigh or soft moan of pleasure from their boys. The girls also noted that each boy's penis throbbed to fully stiff erectness as they fondled their testes.

"Compliments, ladies, always let your boy know that you accept him and approve of his genitals..." cautioned the dean.

The room filled with small female voices praising their male charges' testes and scrotum.

Craig's Sally said, "I really like how soft your scrotum is, and I like that it is shaved nice and bare. It feels soft and nice in my hands. I also think your big testicles are just adorable. They're nice and firm, but I know they are also delicate and I'm doing my best to be very gentle..." She giggled to herself and added, "And I'm imagining your testes are very busy, working hard to make sperm for your upcoming ejaculation. They feel nice and healthy, and I'm happy to have the chance to examine them."

That was so nice, Craig thought, and he gave a little moan of appreciation for his young lady examiner.

The Dean spoke again, "Now ladies, you may gently take hold of your boy's shaft and begin to softly stroke up and down. This will bring pleasure to his penis, so don't be alarmed if he can't help but wiggle in his bonds or gasp and moan. That is all perfectly normal and to be expected."

Craig's Matrons looked at Sally's hand on his erect penis, gently beginning to stroke him. Mrs. Douglass leaned over and whispered, "It's ok to grip more firmly, love, and give a nice stroke all the way up so that your fingers rub against the crown of his head... Yes, that's it, well done..."

Sally smiled and improved her technique as Mrs. Douglass had suggested, and she was very pleased to see her boy wiggle a bit more and moan in obvious pleasure. Sally smiled, 'this is so amazingly fun!' she thought to herself.

As all the girls in the room stroked their boy's penis, the dean encouraged them to keep feeling the boy's testes with their free hand, and to continue complimenting their boy on how nice his penis was responding to stimulation.

Male throats gasped and moaned and whimpered all over the room. A few of the more adventurous girls would lean forward when the Dean wasn't looking, and give the head of their boy's penis a quick furtive lick, usually followed by a desperate whimper from their boys, which of course pleased the young lady very much.

Smiling girls busily stroked penises all over the room, sometimes looking over to the girls next to them, watching for any special techniques they might try.

The Dean, now walking about the room to look over her girls' shoulders and assess their work, gave further instruction.

"Now girls, don't be alarmed if your boy develops a dollop of clear fluid at the tip of his penis. This is perfectly normal, and is a good sign. As you know, boys will leak pre-seminal fluid as they become aroused, and this is a clear lubricant produced in their urethra so that their semen can slip out more freely when they boy ejaculates. You can cause him to dribble more of it by making the upward stroke on his penis with a stronger grip than the downward stroke."

She strolled around a little more as the girls all tried to make their boys drippy with the clear fluid, to varying degrees of success. After a moment, the Dean giggled, "I know what you girls are thinking, and yes, it is perfectly alright for you to dab his dribbles with your tongues. You'll find this clear fluid relatively pleasing, as it usually has a hint of sweetness..."

Male moans and gasps were heard all over the room, as well as the satisfied smacking of youthful female lips as the girls tasted their first male juices.

"While you are there, girls," said the Dean, "Take a moment to put your nose right into his scrotum between his testicles and inhale his male scent. You'll find it entirely unusual, yet strangely attractive. There's just something splendid about the smell of male genitalia. You'll remember this smell for the rest of your lives..."

The girls sniffed, sampled, and in some cases deeply inhaled their boys' scents, each girl reacting in her own way, some ambivalent, some pleased, and some fascinated.

The dean indicated that the girls should now all increase the speed of their stroking, increasing the stimulation of their boys' penises in preparation for forcing his ejaculation. Boy's wiggled and writhed and gasped and whimpered and moaned all across the hall.

"That's it, girls," said the Dean, "your boys will ejaculate soon, and when they do, you should be very proud. Now, it is important for these boys' training, as well as your own practice, that you now begin to focus your boy's thoughts. A good boy has submissive thoughts and feelings when he spurts his semen as an offering to his Mistress. For a brief moment, you will each become the Mistress of your boy - in total control of his genitals - you are going to make him ejaculate and it must happen on your terms. This means, he must spurt submissively for you. That is good for him and good for you."

The Dean looked around the room to see determined young faces, getting serious about stroking their boys and making their penises spurt.

The Dean said, "Now is the time for you to give them dominant talk - just as we have practiced in class so many times. You girls know what to say to your boys and you drive them over the edge and force them to ejaculate. Now is the time that you exert your feminine power and make your boy spurt while you control what you allow him to think about."

All over the room, young female voices took on powerful authoritative, yet nurturing tones as they guided their boy's to ejaculation with their hands and their words.

Sally began to rub Craig's penis with greater vigor one moment, then slowly yet firmly the next, as she spoke to him.

"I'm going to make you spurt out all your semen for me, young man," she said, "now I want you to be a good obedient boy for me, and when I give you my permission, I expect you to ejaculate within ten strokes of my hand on your penis. Can you be a good boy for me?"

She took Craig's gasp and whimper as a fine submissive response. "Yes, I'm sure you are a good boy, and you'll be nice and obedient for me. I have complete control of your penis, so it's best for you to just surrender to me and let me have what I want. I'm going to take your semen, and you are going to obediently give it to me on command. Yes, good boy, all tied down on this table, helpless as I stroke your beautiful penis... You can't help but submit your genitals to my care... You know it's good for you to yield yourself completely to me... Yes, good boy... I can see your hips struggling to wiggle, but you're completely bound and helpless.... I think you're ready.... I'm rubbing your penis and I'm watching carefully.... I want to see you spurt for me, my good boy... yes, such a good boy with such a pretty penis, all stiff and pink and ready to spurt for me..."

Craig was beside himself with the agony and ecstasy of her hands and words. He felt completely submissive to her and he knew she would make him ejaculate very hard. He knew she was going to drain him completely dry and leave him weak and spent and very limp...

"Now, my good boy," said Sally, "I am going to make you ejaculate. Your penis is ready to spurt your offering of semen for me, and I am ready to receive it. I'm going to count down from ten, and you will spurt for me."

Craig whimpered in surrender, writhing and moaning much to the delight of his young female captor.

"Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six..." With each number, Sally stroked Craig's penis longer, letting her hand rub against and over the ridge of his crown further and further, increasing the stimulation of the boy's penis tenfold.

"Five... Almost ready," she said. "Four... Yes, good boy..."

"Three... You're head is so swollen and purple, I can't wait to make you spurt."

"Two... Good boy, here it comes..."

"One. You may now spurt for me and show me what a good boy you are."

Sally's hand simply gripped around the ridge of his penis and stroked fast in little jerks - localizing the intense stimulation right at his most sensitive and vulnerable area.

In response, Craig's body went completely stiff and he cried out in despair as his first jet of semen vaulted from the tormented purple head of his penis, to be followed by several more spurts of equal power and volume.

Sally giggled with delight and triumph, amazed at how forcefully her boy was spurting his slimy white juices into the air above her hand. She directed the aim of his penis so that his semen went onto his belly and accidentally onto the white sheet.

Sally was completely excited and happy to have caused her first ejaculation - and such a nice big one - from such a nice boy with such beautiful genitals. It was a day she would treasure all of her life. She loved to feel his penis pulse in her hand as it spurted, and she loved the feeling of the last of her boy's warm semen as it dribbled onto her hand and ran down her wrist.

Sally, following the instructions that all the girls had received, continued to hold her boy's shaft in her hand and gently stroke it as it slowly pulsed and softened over the course of two or three minutes. She loved how she could keep milking just one more drop from his penis, and then just one more, and again.

It just seemed like the boy was so full of the wonderful warm juices, and she kept looking at the drops that were on her hand, hoping to soon have her first tasted of a boy's offering...

The Dean praised the girls - each one having very successfully masturbated her boy to ejaculation. Many of the girls had lost a bit of control and had at least one spurt in their hair, or on their blouse or skirt, but it was all in good fun, and while embarrassed by the mess, the girls were also proud to wear the signs of their victorious handling of their first boy.

The Dean encouraged the girls to leave their boy with a little kiss, and most girls used the opportunity to plant their lips softly on the sensitive head of their boy's penis, thanking him for being a good boy, and then stepping away from the table politely.

Sally's hand still had a good deal of semen, and she couldn't wait any longer, bringing it to her mouth and lapping up the pearlescent remembrance of her time with her boy. Her first taste of semen was strange but not completely unpleasant, more acceptable because of what it represented, rather than being particularly enjoyable.

Over the next several weeks, however, Sally would continue to remember, and celebrate in her mind, the wonderful feeling of her boy's penis in her hand, his pulsing as he ejaculated, and the taste of his youthful semen that she could always easily recall to her lips...

For Craig's part, after all the girls left the hall, his matrons unfastened him and cleaned him up. They took him back to his room for his three o'clock nap, and each told him how proud they were of him and what a good boy he was.

All he knew was that it was extremely arousing to have his genitals milked by a woman that he couldn't see. Being used so anonymously was very exciting and only increased his feelings of being exploited and completely submissive to female dominance.

As Craig drifted off to a much needed nap he wondered what would be in store for the evening...





Mrs. Douglas was delighted that she had drawn the duty of waking young Craig from his nap, and quietly entered his little room, seating herself on a small chair next to his bed. She had pushed the covers down to reveal Craig's nakedness as he slept, and she had just looked at him for a while before she began to massage his testicles in her warm experienced hand.

She simply adored well endowed young men. They were so beautiful to look at, so pleasurable to touch and explore, and wickedly delightful to dominate and control. And most especially delightful to see them writhe and whimper when an experienced woman makes them spurt out all their semen - and young men could be made to produce a lot of semen!

Particularly, she thought, the boys at the Larraine Institute, who were specially chosen for their large genitals and submissive tendencies. And the special pill that the boys took each day worked wonders to increase their semen production, causing a boy to have a physiological requirement of at least six to ten ejaculations each day.

She also had become quite impressed with the special 'genital development' cream that was massaged into the penis and scrotum of the boys at the institute after each ejaculation. It was clear to her that the skin of a boy's genitals grew increasingly sensitive to stimulation over time, and though it was difficult to believe, she knew that these well-endowed boys were continuing to somehow grow and become even larger.

She felt herself thrice-blessed to have worked her way up from a novice Booster of the boys' swim team to the exalted position as a Matron, and now was able to care for a boy, alongside her team members. The stated goal of the Matron team was to take care of 4 or 5 milkings a day, and to see to it that each milking served to feed the boy's submissive tendencies. She felt her team was doing a wonderful job, working together to control Craig's sexual pleasure so that every ejaculation the boy experienced reinforced his submissive feelings.

Mrs. Douglas just adored the feeling of making a penis go from soft to hard in her hand, and caressing it properly so as to cause ejaculation. The exhilaration of forcing a male, especially a younger one, to spurt whether he wanted to or not (and they always wanted to, she giggled to herself) was priceless.

As she caressed the soft hairless scrotum of her young 19-year-old charge Craig, she looked down at his cherubic face lovingly, whispering, "I'll take good care of you, dear, and you'll be a good boy for me...", her mind went back to earlier years and the thrill of taking her first young man in hand...

20 years earlier...

When Mrs. Douglas was just turned forty, she was feeling sort of down. Her rich husband was off in Europe somewhere on an extended business trip, leaving her home and alone to face the benchmark birthday.

Sitting in Mrs. Douglas' kitchen and having tea with her neighbor Ellen, a fifty-something elegant woman who had become a very close friend, they were discussing birthdays that end in zeros. Ellen was compassionate about Mrs. Douglas' feelings about her fortieth, but suggested a solution.

"Darla," said Ellen, "there's nothing magic about turning forty, or fifty, or sixty. You're still a woman, and a beautiful one at that. The only question is, are you enjoying life? At any age, that's what matters."

Mrs. Douglas took in this sage wisdom and answered, "Well, I'm bored and lonely."

Ellen understood, and with a wise grin she leaned close and whispered. "So, Darla, have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying a young man? A much younger man?"

"I'm married," said Darla Douglas, "Of course not."

"Pity," said Ellen, "they are quite delightful. And honestly dear, they are far more available than you might think. Why, just a few years ago, I invited my pool boy in for tea, and one thing led to another... Eventually every Saturday for several years, after he finished with the pool, he would sit with me for tea and I became intimately acquainted with his charms. I enjoyed him very much."

"What do you mean?" Darla responded in shock, "You didn't have sex with him, did you?"

Ellen giggled, "No, dear, I didn't do anything of the sort. But, I did ask him to sit for tea with me, in... ah... shall we say, a state of undress."

Darla sat back, "You don't mean he was...naked..."

"I most certainly do, dear. I'd have Billy come into my parlor every Saturday, once he'd finished with his work, and I'd have him take off his clothes for me, and have his tea with me in the nude. I of course remained fully clothed at all times." Ellen smiled at Darla's incredulous expression. "I assure you it is true, and it was very easy to get him to do it the first time. He was such a precious boy. I also had him pose for my paintings. You should come over and see them some time."

Darla was silent for a moment, and then with resolve she said, "I'm not sure I understand, so perhaps you should tell me exactly what goes on, in detail." A small grin played at the edges of Darla's mouth.

Ellen, the handsome 50-something woman, explained how her special relationship with Billy the Pool Boy started and progressed.

One day, many years ago, Ellen had looked out the window and saw that there was a new young man cleaning her pool. She had not changed the maintenance company, but they had changed the personnel. He was wearing a small pair of tight gym shorts, displaying the tanned and muscular physique of his legs, arms, and torso very nicely in the midday sun.

She watched him work and saw that, in addition to nicely developed muscles and a handsome face, they boy had a very cute bottom and a pronounced bulge in the front of his clingy shorts. She felt her heart beating and realized that she was interested to see the boy without the unneeded shorts on.

Ellen was an aggressive woman, a woman before her time those twenty years ago, and Darla knew she subscribed to Playgirl Magazine since she had seen them on her coffee table. Ellen also painted very well, and her specialty was to paint portraits. Her favorite subjects were men, and she usually painted them nude. She had a few of them on her walls and many in her studio...

Ellen decided she would invite the young 18-year-old gentleman in for some tea and see how things progressed. If they got on well, she might invite him to pose for her as she painted him. She asked him in and sat him down in the parlor, where there were several recent editions of Playgirl on the coffee table, and her best male nude painting on the wall.

She sat across from the boy so that he would see the painting over her shoulder, which was of a young man about his age, lying on silk sheets with his thighs apart so that his large hairless genitals were fully and magnificently displayed. The trap was set and she would see how the boy reacted.

They chatted amicably for quite a while, and she had time to notice his furtive glances as the painting and at the Playgirl magazines displayed on a nearby table. She could see that they made him a little uncomfortable, but perhaps not in a bad way. He sat casually as boys do, never able to keep his thighs from parting, and this gave Ellen an enjoyable view of his genital bulges, which sometimes betrayed a little swelling - much to her delight.

Ellen guided the conversation to the painting when she caught the boy obviously looking at it, and asked if he liked her work. Of course he was very complimentary, so she led him into her studio where she had set up many of her paintings on easels for easy viewing. They were all male nudes.

She took the boy by the hand around the room, pausing in front of each painting. They were of different young men, in different poses, but all of the paintings depicted the boys' genitals in full and explicit detail. Several of the paintings were of boys Billy's age, between 18 and 20 years old, with erections - making them even more inflammatory.

She adored asking the boy to tell her his thoughts on each painting, and she reveled in his obvious blushing embarrassment. But he did not, she noted, run screaming from the room, and his little shorts could not hide the fact that he was experiencing some embarrassing firmness and swelling in his groin area. Therefore at the end of the tour she took him back for more tea in the parlor to ask the question.

"How would you feel about sitting for me, Billy, and letting me paint you? Provided of course, that you prove to be a exceptional model. I do pay an hourly fee of $25 to my models..."

Ellen watched his eyes fill with surprise, fear, embarrassment, and just a hint of excitement. Perfectly natural. Without waiting for an answer, she simply moved forward. "Billy," she said firmly, "Please stand up and lower your shorts for me so I can have a look at you."

The boy was frozen, his eyes wide.

She stood and stepped to him, offering him her hand. He automatically took it and she lifted so that he would follow her hand and stand. "There, that's better," she said smiling, "Now let's have the shorts down to your knees, Billy, that's a good boy..."

She let go of his hand and just stood expectantly, waiting for him to obey.

Finally after a pause, he did it. It was amazing for Ellen to see how pliable young males are, as always.

The boy pushed his shorts down and they fell to his ankles, and he stood up straight with his hands at his sides. It was so cute that he was blushing and squeezing his eyes shut, afraid to look at Ellen as her eyes slowly roamed up and down his body several times, finally coming to rest on what was hanging between the boy's thighs.

She smiled as she focused her attention on his plump circumcised penis, throbbing just slightly as the boy couldn't help but become aroused. His testes were nice and big, hanging low in his soft scrotum.

He was delightfully endowed.

"Very nice, Billy," she said, "now I'd like you to step out of your shorts, leave them on the ground, and take your seat again in the chair.

He opened his eyes and moved to sit down, this time with his hands in his lap and his thighs close together, trying to hide his genitals and the embarrassing fact of his growing erection.

"Now Billy," she said, "It's not good for a boy to be so modest. You need to get used to being undressed in a Lady's presence, so I want you to take your hands out of your lap and stop squeezing your legs together. Now be a good boy for me and open your thighs and put your hands on the arms of the chair."

He sheepishly obeyed, blushing profusely and breathing shallowly. "That's a good boy," she said, "just relax and get used to freely exposing your body. Don't worry if you have an erection, that's perfectly normal for a boy and nothing for you to be ashamed of. That's it, good boy." She eyed the beautiful shapes between his spread thighs and said, "You look very nice without any clothes, Billy. I think I'd like you to be undressed whenever we are together. It's good for you to relax and let a lady look at your body."

She smiled as she could see his muscles slowly become less tense as he let her look at him, but he still felt quite embarrassed to let her watch as his penis slowly filled out and stiffened. They sat in silence together as he watched her watch him come to full erection, with his youthful penis standing up from his groin all thick and long and crowned with a swollen pink head.

"Very nice," said Ellen again, "you have a beautiful body, Billy, and you should be proud to let me look at you. Here, have some more tea, dear."

They again drank tea and chatted for a while, deciding what days and at what times Billy might be free to come and pose for Ellen's painting. They decided on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Once it was all decided, Ellen said, "Billy, I wonder if you'd feel comfortable if sometimes, when you come to pose, we could just spend time together? Occasionally, I won't have the right creative feeling to paint, but I would like you to arrive for your appointment and undress for me, and then just stay the two hours like we planned. I enjoy having a handsome young man around, and a boy is at his best when he is naked, in my opinion."

"I guess so..." he answered.

"Now Billy, I know you have to go and do other people's pools, and I've already made you late. But, in gratitude for your cooperation today, and in view of your present condition, I feel obligated to relieve the pressures a young man can feel..."

It was clear that Billy had no idea what she meant, so Ellen smiled and explained it better.

"Billy," she said in a very maternal voice, "You obviously have an erection, which will make it difficult for you to put on your shorts properly. I am offering to help to relieve your erection. Would you like that dear? Would you like me to caress your penis and draw out a nice ejaculation? I'm sure you must be feeling lots of pressure, with your youthful buildup of semen, so I think it would be best if I helped your penis to relax..."

His eyes went wide, but he certainly looked interested, and his penis throbbed in his lap to betray that this idea was exciting for him. He carefully nodded his assent.

"Yes, I thought you'd like that. Good boy."

Ellen stood and took Billy by the hand, leading him from the parlor to the kitchen. She had him stand with his back to the wall, and his penis jutting right out toward her, as she set a towel down across the kitchen table. "I want you to lie back on the table for me, Billy, so that I can help relieve your stiffness."

Billy laid down on his back across the table, next to the edge where Ellen had laid the towel, and once he was in position, Ellen stood next to his right hip and took hold of his penis in her soft, warm hand. As she gently stroked the shaft of his penis, she marveled how it's girth filled her hand so that her fingers couldn't touch, and she had to stroke long to cover the length of his beautiful shaft.

"My, you have a very nice penis, Billy," she said softly. "Whenever I have a young man spend time undressed in my presence, I always feel it is my duty to take care of his needs ejaculatory. Whenever a naked boy gets an erection, I always lay him down and take good care of his penis."

She smiled down at the boy, "So, from now on, whenever you're with me and you have an erection, don't ever be shy, Billy. I know that a young 19 year old is full of genital energy, and I'm always happy to help a boy to relax his genitals in this perfectly natural way. So you must always let me know whenever your pretty penis is beginning to feel stiff, so that I can rub it and make it all better. Can you do that for me, Billy?"

He nodded yes.

With her other hand, she began to feel the firm roundness of his testicles, each big enough to fill her palm. They felt warm and heavy as she rolled them between her fingers, relishing the soft texture of his scrotum, lightly dusted with hairs.

"Next Tuesday," she said, "when you come to pose for me, I'd like you to have shaved off all of your pubic hair. As you can see from my paintings, I feel that even a light dusting of pubic hair is unnecessary on males as it hides their beauty. I think boys look best when they are completely bare. If you are afraid to do it yourself, I can do it for you before you begin to pose. Ok, Billy?"

He nodded, moaning slightly as Ellen's ministrations to his stiff organ began to do their magic.

"Good boy," she said.

She stroked his penis for a while, slowly increasing tempo and pressure, and soon she had the boy writhing on the table and gasping and moaning.

"Shhhh," said Ellen, "take deep breaths and try to hold still for me, dear. I know it's difficult, but you need to learn to lie back and trust me to take good care of you. That's a good boy. You're approaching ejaculation, Billy, so I want you to do your best to relax. You'll soon learn that it's good for you to let go and surrender yourself to me completely. That's better, good boy, just let it happen..."

Suddenly with a gasp, Billy's body tensed and Ellen was rewarded with an enormous spurt of youthful semen that flew several feet into the air before landing on the boy's chest. There followed many more distinct spurts, each a little smaller and weaker, and then finally the last few pulses of semen simply flowed out of his penis as Ellen continued to milk his shaft with gentleness and affection.

"Oh, Billy, you did very well dear, I'm very proud of you," said Ellen warmly. "You gave me such fine spurts and you produced so much semen. You're a very good boy, Billy. Now just relax and let me milk out the last few drops, and then I'll get you cleaned up."

He nodded imperceptibly as Ellen continued to stroke his softening shaft in a root-to-tip motion, to express any remaining semen from the boy's penis. She obtained several last pearlescent drops, which pleased her greatly, and she enjoyed feeling the boy's penis as it became slowly softer and smaller in her hand.

Finally, she laid his penis down on his belly and warmed a washcloth at the sink. Returning, she gently and lovingly wiped up all of Billy's semen from his genitals, thighs, belly, and chest.

Once he was clean, she cooed at him to lie still a little longer, as she casually caressed his soft penis and emptied testicles with her soft, knowing hand. She comforted the post-orgasmic boy, massaging his genitals and caressing his face as she cooed soft encouraging words.

Ellen whispered, "There, there, dear, just rest now and let me take care of you. You're a very good boy and I am proud of you for giving me such a nice ejaculation. Just rest and let yourself surrender, knowing that I understand that a good boy needs to have his penis cared for. I know how to take proper care of your genitals to keep them healthy. You can trust me..."

When finally he'd rested enough, she helped him off of the table and held his little shorts for him to step into.

She gently cupped his genitals in her hand, gave him a peck on the cheek, and lovingly patted his bottom as she sent him out the door. "See you next Tuesday, Billy," she said happily, "and remember to be a good boy for me and shave off all your naughty hair so that your pretty genitals will look fresh and clean for me..."

In the ensuing years, Billy continued to pose twice a week for Ellen, and also continued to clean her pool on Saturdays.

He posed nude for her in whatever position she desired, and she painted many portraits of his beautiful body, always featuring his naked genitals prominently. She especially enjoyed having him pose with an erection, because that required that he stroke his penis from time to time to maintain the proper stiffness.

After each posing session, Ellen would lead her naked young man by the hand into her parlor, where she would take her time to play with and pleasure his penis with her hands. She adored bringing the boy to a writhing, gasping ejaculation, and would always coo sweet encouragements in his ear as he spurted for her.

On 'pool days' he was always quick to come inside when he'd finished his work, and take off his shorts to have tea with Ellen. She marveled that her young man was always so eager to undress, eager to have her eyes on his nakedness, and ever so eager to lie down and offer his genitals for her to touch and pleasure. Ellen was always gracious and happy to massage his penis and bring him to a much needed and relaxing ejaculation.

As time passed, Billy learned to overcome his natural modesty and embarrassment when one or more of Ellen's lady friends would drop by while Billy was posing nude. At Ellen's insistence, he always posed with his thighs spread wide to expose his large pink genitals completely, as was Ellen's trademark in her artwork.

Within the first year, Ellen had painted nudes of Billy for each of her closest friends - the ladies of her bridge club - and she additionally hired Billy to act as 'waiter' at their card games. Of course, since each woman had seen him pose nude several times, and each owned a detailed portrait of his nude body, the ladies agreed that Billy should wait on them in a state of complete undress.

The Bridge Club ladies enjoyed their youthful waiter very much, constantly ordering tea or sugar or a cookie, causing young Billy to walk back and forth to the kitchen under their delighted gaze. When Billy wasn't running an errand for one of the ladies, his job was to stand next to each lady, giving them an opportunity to feel, caress, and fondle him.

The ladies hands were ever caressing his shapely bottom, fondling his big firm testicles, and stroking the shaft of his penis to keep him erect during their games. This of course, was distracting and often caused a team to lose a hand, due to their attention being drawn away from the game, but no matter - they liked to have Billy attend them.

At the end of each bridge game, the winners had the honor of relieving the young man's erection. Billy was required to lie down on the card table as the ladies of the winning team played with his penis and testicles, bringing the boy to ejaculation as all the ladies watched and cheered him with encouraging and complimentary words.

After four years, Billy completed college, and got a job in a far away city, and so had to bid goodbye to Ellen and her bridge club ladies. They were sad to see him go, since they'd all enjoyed having him serve them nude, and each Bridge Club gal had enjoyed stroking the boy's penis to ejaculation many times.

Then, one evening, the ladies' bridge club added a new member named Martha. Martha's son was enrolled in a nearby exclusive boys' school - the Larraine Institute for Young Gentleman. Martha recommended to Ellen that she join the 'Booster Club' at the Institute, as she would find the way they trained the boys at the Institute to be very enlightened.

Ellen had gone with Martha to a swimming event and seen the delicious spectacle of all the 18-21 year old boys swimming in their special 'uniform' suits. She couldn't keep the smile off her face as the well-endowed young males walked around with the sheer and see-through pouches of the little uniforms wiggling to and fro.

Enthralled with the program, Ellen had joined the Boosters and remained a stalwart supporter of the boys to this day.

Some years later, Mrs. Darla Douglas had moved into Ellen's neighborhood, joined the ladies' bridge club, and subsequently was led into her association with the Larraine Institute, along with the rest of the ladies in the club...

All of these things went through Darla Douglas' mind as she casually massaged young Craig's testicles. She knew that boys in the special summer program needed good testicle massage to help the testes continue to grow and develop to produce ever more testosterone and sperm.

She noticed that Craig was beginning to awaken, shifting a bit in his light sleep. She also noticed that his penis was beginning to lengthen and thicken. She looked at her watch. 5.30pm. It was almost time for the boy's next scheduled milking, so she would take Craig to see Nurse Wanda.

Mrs. Douglas helped Craig to fully awaken, and she helped him into his little pouch panties, pale green in color, and led him by the hand toward the nurse's office.

Upon entering, Nurse Wanda took charge of Craig and led him to one of the small clinical milking rooms with one of the 'Y' shaped milking tables. Wanda's assistant for this shift was Ms. Peters, a pretty woman in her early 50's with short blond hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Ms. Peters helped Craig off with his pouch panties, and up onto the milking table, strapping him in and adjusting the leg supports to spread his thighs wide apart. When she was finished, she caressed the boy's naked bottom and said, "The Nurse will be in shortly to milk you, Craig. Just try to relax, dear."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said quietly.

Nurse Wanda soon came in and said, "Hi Craig, it's nice to have you back on my table for your six o'clock. Just be a good boy for me and we'll always get along well."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now Craig," she said as she pulled a stool up to sit on at his left hip, "I am responsible to see that each boy in our Institute stays properly free of pubic hair, and I give each boy at least one of his six scheduled milkings every day. That way I can stay in touch with his genital development, and see that his semen is continuing to flow nicely."

"Yes, Ma'am," Craig said.

"So, I'm a very busy woman and I have Ms. Peters to assist me. I'm going to milk you very thoroughly, and then turn you over to Ms. Peters who will take you into the grooming room to inspect your genitals for any stubble, and shave you."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered, feeling quite humiliated in the way the women treated him, but at the same time, his penis was stiffening to full erection.

"When I give each boy their milking, once a day, I also milk the boy's prostate gland to really make sure I empty his pipes, so to speak. This will be different than the usual penis stimulation, Craig. We're going to insert a vibrating device into your bottom, and press it against your prostate gland as I stroke your penis. This will cause you to ejaculate rather quickly, and really quite involuntarily. Your ejaculation will also last longer than normal and hopefully, you'll produce an unusually large amount of semen for me. Since this is your first time for a daily prostate milking, I thought I should explain everything for you."

"Yes, thank you, Ma'am."

"Good boy," said Wanda, then she turned to Ms. Peters, "Please prep him for the prostate gland treatment, and you may insert the prostate wand when you're ready since his penis has already firmed up nicely."

"Yes, Nurse," said Ms. Peters.

As Nurse Wanda began to use both hands, going hand-over-hand with a downward motion on Craig's erect penis, the boy felt Ms. Peters' gloved and lubricated fingers probing the opening of his bottom.

Ms. Peters said, "Try to relax, dear, and let me slip my fingers inside. I need to lubricate your bottom properly to accept the vibration device."

"Ooohhh!" gasped Craig as he relaxed a little and felt Ms. Peters' cool lubricated finger slip inside his bottom. She wasted no time in pressing deeply and finding his walnut-shaped prostate gland, which she began to massage. Craig felt embarrassed at having his bottom penetrated, but he also found the feeling of prostate massage very interesting.

Soon, Ms. Peters removed her finger and inserted the prostate stimulator, pressing around until she had it right on top of his gland. She turned on the vibration, and Craig felt the bulbous head of the wand wiggle and vibrate against his swollen gland.

Nurse Wanda said, "Craig, I want you to relax and just let your ejaculation happen naturally. I do this with scores of boys each day, and I'm confident you'll be spurting and flowing within a minute or less. It will feel different in many ways. Just don't fight it."

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped as his hips wiggled against their bonds. He'd never felt anything like this. It was as though, with the dual stimulation of both his penis and prostate gland, his semen was quickly reaching threshold and was ready for release.

He didn't even have time to process his feelings before he felt his genitals react, and his first spurt came gushing out of his penis and into the measurement beaker. "Ahhhh..." he moaned, as his body reacted completely on its own, taking his mind with it. He felt spurt after spurt leave his body, and then a sort of trickling flow as Ms. Peters increased the pressure against his throbbing prostate.

"That's it, good boy Craig," said Nurse Wanda, "you spurted nicely, and now you just let it flow. We'll still get more semen from you, honey, so just relax and let it happen."

Craig could feel a sensation inside his penis, sort of like urination, but more pleasurable as his prostate was milked by the stimulation device and his semen kept dripping out of his penis. Nurse Wanda carried on with the milking motions, coaxing the boy's semen down his dangling penis and out into the beaker drop by drop as Ms. Peters kept up the vibrating pressure on his prostate.

Craig couldn't see his penis or the beaker due to being restrained onto the 'Y' table, but the Nurse and her assistant continued to stroke and vibrate against his sexual organs and he continued to feel the sensation in his urethra that semen was passing from his body.

He blushed with renewed embarrassment. Never before in all of his humiliating treatment at the hands of his Aunt Irene, her friends, and the women of the Institute, had he felt so completely used. He felt like he was merely livestock, an animal to be milked and exploited. Deep feelings of submission flowed through his body and mind as he imagined how he must look - tied down with legs spread wide, as his genitals were forcibly drained of semen by trained clinicians.

So naked, exploited, exposed, vulnerable, used, plundered, helpless, surrendered, was he. He felt so vulnerable, completely submitted into the hands of these women, all of them in powerful control over him. But somehow deep inside, he trusted them. He wanted to lie voluntarily upon their tables, feel the straps restrain him, feel their hands and eyes on his exposed vulnerable genitals.

He briefly wondered how this had all happened. How had he become so addicted to these women's control over his mind and body. He was their slave, their property, to do with as they wished. And he realized that he wanted to be just that - he wanted to give himself in complete submission...

Ms. Peters used her free hand to cup his testes and she massaged them. Having already delivered their sperm in his initial spurts, his testes were now relaxed and Ms. Peters thought they deserved some attention too. She knew that the Institute's employee guidelines encouraged the staff to "give constant, gentle, affectionate attention to the male's genitalia at all times. Always keep your attention focused to look at, touch, and talk to the boy about his genitals, keeping the focus of attention on his growing ability to produce semen."

After a few minutes of prostate milking, Nurse Wanda said, "There, I think we're through, Craig. You're not producing anything more now, so we'll stop."

The skilled hands and the vibrator were removed from his body, and he was unstrapped. Never in his life had Craig felt so 'empty' in his pelvic region. He knew that the skilled women had fully drained him and he wondered how long it would take for him to build up enough semen to ejaculate again.

Ms. Peters led him into an adjacent room, with a now-very-familiar medical exam table complete with the usual straps and stirrups. She smiled to him as she strapped him into the table and stirrups, saying, "Craig, you were a very good boy for your milking, and you produced a lot of semen for us today. Nurse Wanda is very pleased with you."

"Thank you, Ma'am," he said, smiling. Somehow, he found that he very much wanted to please the women who took care of him. He realized that each ejaculation he produced, caused the ladies' faces to light up with smiles and their lips to breathe out compliments. He wanted to make them happy and proud of him. He needed them to be pleased.

Ms. Peters took a safety razor, shaving foam, and a towel from a tray and "touched up" Craig's genital area. She gently sought out any stubble of re-growth and shaved it off, leaving him fresh and clean as a whistle.

She said, "You look very nice now, dear, all cleaned up. I hope you'll consider letting me do some waxing and electrolysis this winter. I recommend that you don't shave during Christmas break, and when you come back, I'll start with the wax treatments. By the end of January, we'll have you completely and permanently hair-free down here, which is just the way a boy should be."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said. Then he asked, "Does it hurt a lot?"

Ms. Peters smiled, "No, dear, not too bad. All the boys have it done and you'll do fine, I'm sure."

It sounded scary, but Ms. Peters seemed insistent that this was a thing to be done, so he said, "Yes, Ma'am."

She poured some of the special cream onto her hand and began to rub it into Craig's penis and scrotum as she chatted.

"So, Craig, tell me. Are you enjoying the swim camp?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

"What is your favorite thing about the Institute?"

He thought how he should answer, and said, "All of the ladies take such good care of us boys..."

She smiled knowingly and whispered, "Tell me the truth - your favorite part is having so many milkings every day, isn't it?"

Craig blushed, "Well, uh, I guess, um, that's a good part." He couldn't keep the grin off of his face.

Ms. Peters was finished with him and after wiping him with a towel, she unstrapped him and gave him a little hug.

"It's ok, honey," she said, "I know you boys like having your penises played with. Don't be ashamed that you like having women play with your penis and make you spurt. That's perfectly natural for a boy, and that's an important part of the Institute's vision and philosophy."

She hugged him tightly again, and reached down to cup his soft genitals in her hand. "Just be a good cooperative boy, and we'll take good care of you."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

She helped him into his pouch panties and gave his bottom a pat as she shooed him out the door into the reception area.

He found Mrs. Carrington waiting for him. She smiled brightly, gave him a hug, and took him by the hand. "I'm taking you to a special session tonight," she said.

"Headmistress Dawson will be giving a lecture on the subject of Nouveau Femme - the philosophy underlying the principals of the Larraine Institute. It is a talk she is giving tonight for the Aunts and Mothers of prospective new enrollees, as well as staff and the Boosters. There will also be many staff and students from our sister school, the Girls' Academy. We Matrons can bring our boys to attend as well."

"Thank you Ma'am," said Craig. He remembered the Headmistress from his initial interview, and she had mentioned some of the principals of the Institute. He was surprised that he was actually quite interested to hear her talk. "Is it to start soon?" he asked.

"Yes, dear," said Mrs. Carrington, "I'm taking you to your room to get dressed, and then I'll take you straight away to the auditorium."

Upon reaching his little room, he was surprised to see a shirt, pants, and sandals laid out on his bed. Mrs. Carrington said, "Yes, tonight is very formal, so we'll be dressing the boys up nice and proper."

She helped him out of his pouch panties, and into the shirt, pants, and sandals.

The pants were particularly unusual, as they buttoned up the sides and were quite tight and form-fitting, of some sort of black stretchy fabric. At the crotch, there was a pouch of thinner, gauzy fabric, and he discovered that the pouch was removable, held to the pants by a few small snaps.

"Aren't these pants delightful?" asked Mrs. Carrington, "I love the integral pouch because it can be removed at any time - so if a boy has an erection, he can be conveniently taken care of without having to take off his pants. A wonderful invention..."

Craig gulped, "Yes, Ma'am," he said.

Once dressed, Mrs. Carrington took Craig on her arm and escorted him through several new hallways and to the entrance of the Auditorium. There they found hundreds of women. All the Matrons, staff, and Boosters of the Institute were there, dressed very nicely. A few of the Matrons could be seen with a boy on their arm, and those boys were the only males in attendance.

Craig also saw several girls his age, dressed in the Navy blue dresses of students from the Girls' Academy, along with staff from the sister school. Mrs. Carrington pointed out that there were many sponsors from both the Girls' academy and the Institute attending as well. A Sponsor was the woman who had enrolled her son or nephew into the Institute, or her daughter or niece into the Academy.

In this sea of women, talking softly and filing gracefully into the Auditorium, Craig could feel their eyes on him as all the nearby females gave him the once-over, and always holding their gaze at his crotch for a few seconds before carrying on with whatever they were doing.

He felt very much 'on display' in the crowd of women, and as Mrs. Carrington led him into the crush of the crowd, Craig began to feel anonymous feminine hands caress, squeeze, and pinch his bottom in the crowd. He also felt a few more aggressive female hands cop a quick feel, cupping his genitals momentarily, or merely caress his pouch provocatively.

Mrs. Carrington giggled when she noticed Craig's surprised reaction, and she said, "Relax, dear. Girls will be girls, and there are so few boys around that sometimes they just have to satisfy their curiosity. It's perfectly normal and you just enjoy it."

All the way to their seats, in the crush of the crowd, Craig's bottom and genitals were groped and fondled wickedly by the anonymous hands. Mrs. Carrington told him it was impolite for him to react, and that he should keep his eyes straight ahead and just act like nothing was happening.

Finally, they reached their seats in the middle of the Auditorium and sat down. It just so happened that the woman at Craig's right was a Sponsor, Mrs. Blake. She was the mother of a boy whom she hoped to enroll into the Institute in the fall. She shook Craig's and Mrs. Carrington's hands and introduced her 24-year-old daughter, Rebecca, a recent graduate of the Girls' Academy, sitting on her other side.

To Mrs. Carrington's left was another Matron, Mrs. Holbrook, and in the next seat over, Craig's classmate William.

Once the introductions were completed, the lights of the Auditorium began to dim, and the elegant figure of Headmistress Dawson appeared at a podium under a spotlight. She was greeted with tremendous applause as the audience rose in adoration.

Craig's eyes went wide as he felt Mrs. Blake's hand caressing his bottom as he stood clapping. He couldn't help but glance at her and she smiled and nodded at him. He smiled back politely, and continued clapping as the strange woman fondled his bottom. It seemed very strange to him, but in a way he liked it. He found he couldn't help but enjoy being the object of female attention and appreciation.

He worried when he felt a small stirring in his groin. Having been groped and fondled in the crowd, as exciting as it was, had not overcome the 'emptiness' he felt due to the recent exhaustive prostate milking he had received from Nurse Wanda and Ms. Peters. But the very intimate way Mrs. Blake was touching his bottom somehow made him begin to feel arousal. It was some distance away, but it was lurking there...

Headmistress Dawson raised a hand to calm the crowd, and once the applause settled, the audience sat back down quietly to await the Headmistress' wisdom.

On a large screen behind the Headmistress, there was a projection of the title of her talk. "Nouveau Femme - an introduction to the philosophy" was its title. She sipped a glass of water and began to speak.

"Ladies of the Larraine Institute and of the Girls' Academy, welcome. To our few but precious Young Gentlemen, welcome as well. And to our Sponsors of prospective students, let me say that this talk is really for you, and you are so very welcome this evening."

He watched as she grinned and her hand reached down to touch the tip of his penis with only a single finger of her graceful hand. Her finger rose to show Craig that she had captured a pearlescent drop of pre-seminal fluid from his penis. She casually slipped the finger into her mouth, gliding the fluid across the pad of her tongue. "Yummy boy," she said, and then she walked away.

Such experiences were happening all over the large room, wherever the swim team members stood. Each boy's genitals were dangling freely naked from the opening of their tight stretchy pants, since all of their pouches had been removed. Women of all ages, but mostly older more mature women, were circulating through the crowd, and having their turns to look at, touch, and talk to the boys.

Most of the boys were erect; their long thick penises standing proudly displayed for the viewing and fondling pleasure of all the ladies. The boys were all blushing and embarrassed, feeling the humiliation of their youthful genitals being displayed for the shoppers, like sides of meat in a market.

Suddenly there was a hush in the crowd that began in a far corner. Female heads turned all in that direction, but Craig couldn't see anything. Then he heard it. There was a gasping moan from a young man's voice, and a panting breathing sound could be heard in the instantaneous silence of the crowd.

Women's faces lit up with devious smiles and nods to each other of knowing satisfaction.

Another moan was heard, followed by an "Oh!... ooohhh.... ahhhhh... please....." Craig realized that a boy was making the kind of sounds that happen when his semen is being coaxed from his body. There must be a boy over in that corner being milked by a woman from the crowd!

Craig heard a woman whisper behind him, "Sheryl, it sounds like somebody is breaking the rules over there."

Another woman giggled, "I was never so fond of the rules anyway... Just look around, we're all thinking about the same thing, aren't we?"

Yet another woman whispered, "I say opportunity is knocking. If we don't do it, someone else will..."

Craig heard another sound from a different corner of the room. It was the distinct slapping sound of an experienced female hand firmly swatting a boy's needy bottom. The smacking was firm and regular at a swift tempo, and followed quickly by a muffled "Oooh.... Ahhh.... Uhhhhmmmm...." In a boy's voice.

Female smiles turned toward the new sound all over the room. Some women casually moved closer to the noise. But Craig realized that there were many women moving toward him, and they were looking at him.

Suddenly, Craig found himself surrounded by a cluster of ladies. He felt several hands firmly gripping his wrists and arms and guiding them behind his back. Two women close in front of him took hold of his erect penis and began to stroke as a team with one hand above the other. Another two women each took a testicle in their hands and began to massage them.

He felt hands at the back of his waist band that began to work his pants down in back to reveal his bottom. "SMACK" he felt a swat on one bottom cheek. "SLAP" another swat to the other cheek.

Craig realized that he was completely overwhelmed by so many women. He was helpless to resist, but also knew that he would resist because he didn't want to. He liked the feeling of being overpowered and taken advantage of. His body began to relax in submission and his knees nearly buckled.

Though lidded eyes, Craig could see that the throng of ladies around him was 4 or 5 women deep, for perhaps a total of more than 30 ladies of all ages. Perhaps 7 or 8 of them had a hand or two on his body, and the others were watching his degradation.

The women working his penis were expert in their knowledge of stimulation techniques, and his penis was being well-pleasured which caused moans to escape his lips. At the same time, the swats that were landing on his bottom stung well, and a fiery heat was building up.

The spanking pain in his bottom was at war against the pleasure of having his penis expertly rubbed, and it held him in a limbo between pain and pleasure.

The swats made his hips buck forward, to 'offer' his penis with little thrusts. Another woman appeared before him. She seemed in her 60's, with black/grey hair and blue eyes. She winked at him as she drew the palm of her hand across her wet tongue, and then placed her wet palm upon just the head of his engorged penis.

The intense sensation as she let her palm twist a little against his sensitive pink glans was so much that his hips withdrew involuntarily, only to be thrust again forward to escape the wicked swats on his tender pink bottom.

Back and forth his hips rocked, lost in a never-ending futile attempt to avoid the pain of the spanking and the intense over-stimulation to the head of his penis.

He was only slightly aware of the female voices around him, cheering, jeering, making nasty comments about him being a 'slut boy' and 'loving it'. His voice was locked in a cycle of gasps, moans, and a sort of begging whimper of helplessness, which seemed to excite the women to further heights of glee and determination to drive him out of his mind.

Craig was not aware that, all over the room, groups of women were surrounding all of the boys, and each group was dealing with their captive in their own manner, according to the tastes of the boldest among them.

Boys were being spanked and masturbated, some boys' penises were being sucked upon, some boys' testicles were being stretched and squeezed until they yelped, some boys' bottoms were being penetrated with probing fingers or a vibrator from a nearby purse.

Throughout the room there were laughs and giggles, cheers and coaching encouragements, and the sounds of boy's voices in agony or ecstasy or both.

Craig could hear nearby women, some who touched him and some farther away, calling out to him. "Do you like that, dear?" "You can take it, honey!" "Are you going to ejaculate for us, you naughty boy?" "Stroke his penis harder!" "Swat that cute bottom!" "Make him come!" "Let's see some big spurts!"

The swats on his bottom, each well-delivered to slap just right and sting like a swarm of bees, were building into a hot glow of searing pain, and yet the pain was changing into something else. He could feel pleasure in the swats - not pleasure itself, but a kind of wellbeing and surrender. As if accepting and embracing the submissive feelings of being spanked as a naughty boy was fulfilling and good.

His penis was throbbing, swelling, his head was tormented with the most exquisite sensations - far too stimulating to endure, but yet he must yield to it and give himself to it, and thereby it became wonderful.

The two hands, as a team, pulling and gliding on his stiff shaft were coaxing him to ejaculation relentlessly. It was irresistible. It was inevitable.

There were soft lips against his ear, warm breath breathing out small whispered words of silk that wrapped around and captured his mind. With a sultry, feminine, gentle voice, those lips said soft words that caressed him, overpowered him, and took him.

The Voice said, "You must give us your semen..." "Your penis must obey us..." "You must obey me..." "You have no choice, dear."

Craig whimpered and almost lost his balance, feeling hands all around helping to hold him up.

The Voice. Its tongue flicked out against his ear. "Penis, testicles, semen...all mine..."

Craig gasped as he felt his ejaculation begin in the deepest regions of his pelvis, boiling upward slowly, relentlessly...

The Voice. "Naughty bottom swats..." Another lick. "Helpless boy..." A kiss. "Rubbing your penis...stiff...naked..." Another lick. "You know you have to do it..." A soft breath. "You want to do it...for me..." A kiss. "Come for me now..."

The last firm but loving whisper ended his endurance.

Craig's body shuddered. A moaning wail of surrender bolted from his throat. His muscles contracted and his hips thrust forward lewdly.

The first gush of semen spilled forth against the wet hand that had so wickedly stimulated and tormented his glans. Semen dripped out to the floor. The hand withdrew only to be replaced by another, cupped to capture the second spurt.

Anonymous hands took turns collecting spurt after spurt, as the women rubbing his penis never let up in the slightest, nor did the hands that swatted his bright pink searing bottom.

He didn't notice the delighted female voices that chimed in as he ejaculated. "Oh my!" "Oh yes!" "That's it!" "Good boy!" "Wow!" "Look at that!" "So much semen!" "What a lovely cum!" "Don't stop!" "Yesssss!" "My goodness..." "How delightful!"

Spurt after maddening spurt of rich warm boy juice continued to pour forth from his penis as the women milked him relentlessly. Soon his urethra was delivering mere pulses of semen, only a few drops at a time, which were wiped from the tip of his penis by eager fingers, one after another.

Spasms of ejaculation wracked his body and his penis continued to spurt and pulse and drool the pearly drops of his soul. When finally, there was nothing more to milk and coax from his softening shaft, his penis was released to dangle and throb softly alone.

Women started filtering away from the group, as Craig fought the urge to collapse on the floor.

Someone pulled his pants up in back, and patted his sore bottom affectionately. "Good boy," was whispered in his ear.

As he stood catching his breath, a hand would appear momentarily to give his soft and tender penis two or three milking strokes, collect a little dab of semen on a fingertip, and move on in the crowd.

As he came to himself, he realized that there was still one woman at his side, and slightly behind him holing her hand at the small of his back to lend support. He turned his head and saw that it was Rebecca Blake.

She smiled, "Are you ok now dear?"

He nodded and gave her a weak smile of gratitude.

"Ok," she said softly, then she leaned in and whispered in his ear. "I quite enjoyed out time together, Craig..."

She casually walked off, leaving the spent boy alone to recover himself.

Craig's eyes opened wide. He realized something.

The Voice.

The Voice was Rebecca.

Oh, my.

Half an hour later, when Mrs. Wrightwell put him to bed, she said, "I suppose I should feel sad that you've already had your nighttime milking, honey. But I know it was good for your training when things got sort of out of hand in the reception hall. All the boys gave a good ejaculation, and I heard yours was exceptional."

She leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead, caressing his naked genitals with her hand. "Sleep well, dear, and we'll have you up early for swimming practice in the morning."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered.

As he began to fall asleep, he thought of the Voice. The Voice made him feel safe and special. The Voice was so warm and caring and nurturing and wonderful. He wanted to obey The Voice.

His penis gave a small twitch as he thought of Rebecca. He wondered what it would be like for her to be a Roman noblewoman and he her naked slave. It would be wonderful to serve her...

Sleep took him and he dreamed of Rebecca. The Voice. He hoped she could milk him sometime soon...