The Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, Chapters 2 and 3


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All too soon, it was Monday morning and Craig was nervous as he got up and made his bed. Aunt Irene happened to be walking by the doorless entry of his small bedroom and paused to smile and watch the boy's cute bottom and dangling testicles as he bent across the bed to pull the covers up.

It occurred to her that she was neglecting her nephews round boyish bottom, just begging for a few swats to warm each cheek to a pink and tingling glow. Since and occasional bare-bottomed spanking was recommended as an additional help in bringing out a boy's submissive nature, she reminded herself to come up with an excuse to have him across her lap...

But right now it was 7AM, and time for Craig's morning milking session. Over the many weeks of his stay with his Aunt Irene, his body had grown accustomed to the scheduled milkings he received from his Aunt several times a day. Due to this, and due to being only just 18, he had a fine erection already standing out from the juncture of his thighs, wiggling delightfully with his every move.

Irene had brought Craig's morning pill with her, as well as the genital development cream, so that his daily regimen could begin as ordered by Dr. Andre. The good doctor had prescribed the daily pill, the regularly scheduled milking of young Craig's copiously produced semen, and the application of the genital development cream, in order to facilitate full and healthy development of Craig's genitals.

Irene never got tired of seeing the boy naked. He was so young and fresh and clean-looking, especially since she had begun to keep his genitals and tummy shaved free of all pubic hair. His large genitalia looked just wonderful so naked and bare and vulnerable, and keeping a boy bare helped make him feel continually 'naked' and furthered his submissive feelings.

She loved how soft the bare skin of his scrotum felt in her hands, and the velvet-over-iron feel of his young erect penis. At 58 years old, Irene had never imagined that she would be so lucky as to have her young nephew living with her, going nude in her home or doing chores while wearing the delightful pouch-panties in pretty colors for her never-ending visual enjoyment...

She did think that his genitals were responding well to the therapy program. They certainly seemed bigger than they were before, and it was the size of his genitals that first attracted her to her nephew. She had always wondered what a truly bigger-than-average penis was like, and she certainly was well acquainted with Craig's endowment now. And she liked his extra-large size very much, and she was also fascinated with his shape as well as his size.

His hairless genitals seemed almost out of proportion with his slight build. He was muscular, but thin, and his boy-parts seemed just enormous as they hung and swung from his taunt groin. Whether flaccid or stiff, or especially pleasing at is throbbed between those two states, Irene just adored every shape of the boy's penis.

Craig finished making the bed and looked up to see his Aunt standing in the open doorway. Even now, after all this time of being seen naked by his Aunt, he blushed and tried to cover his erect penis with his hands. Still a delightfully bashful boy, Irene thought.

She said, "Craig, dear, you know the rule in my house about covering your you be a good boy and stand up straight with your hands at your sides like a gentleman." Irene's lips curled into a grin as she realized what a lovely excuse for a spanking it would be whenever Craig tried to hide his nakedness from her - or from any of her female friends, for that matter...

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, blushing and looking at the floor as his hands fell to his sides to reveal his lewdly jutting erection and heavily dangling testicles to her view.

"That's my good boy, now come here and take your pill, dear," said Irene. She happily watched the boy's large penis swaying stiffly with each step and involuntarily licked her lips. Not for the first time, she imagined her lips on the boy's turgid purple head, just at the moment of his ejaculation.

She wondered if feeling his hot jets of semen splash against her tongue, tasting his precious offering, and swallowing the nutritious boy-juice he would give her would be wrong. Certainly she could estimate his quantity of ejaculation based upon previous mornings for the logbook... and then nobody would know except her and Craig...

But she decided to control her urges and satisfy herself with the enjoyment of milking her young nephew, which duty she would happily perform in only moments.

She decided to change his milking position this time, because variety was good for the boy, she thought. And she had been thinking of how nice and helpless he looked when she brought her nephew in for a 'check up' at the Andre Clinic for Male Genital Health - because they put him on an examination table complete with stirrups!

She really enjoyed watching her boy being milked by the professional women at the clinic, especially in that special oh-so-helpless position.

Her mind wandered to the Larraine Institute, where Craig was due to arrive at 9AM sharp to begin the summer swimming camp. She was very proud that he had been admitted, and she looked forward to being a part of the prestigious institution as Craig's Guardian.

She was sure that the wise and mature women of the Institute must have many wonderful ways to milk the penises of the boys in their charge, since they had 12 young men to care for. Especially considering that the Institute had 'principals' to abide by - principals that included regularly relieving young men of their semen - how delicious!

Craig dutifully took his pill with the water Irene gave him, and then Aunt Irene took his hand and led him into the hallway. She was now well versed in using her words to help develop the boy's submissive feelings and keep his embarrassment peaked during and between his milkings. It was an important part of his therapy and she enjoyed the mind-play very much.

As Irene led her young nephew down the hallway, she started in with her little chat, to help the boy feel very self-conscious and frame his arousal in a male-submissive way so as to imprint his mind with the right connections between female-dominance and the pleasure of ejaculation.

Dr. Andre had encouraged Irene to work this angle relentlessly. She had said, "The best ejaculation comes from a boy with a whimper of surrender - as though he has no choice but to obediently submit to your will, and give his semen at your command. If you imprint him properly, he'll learn that only a mature, caring, and loving woman can properly take care of a young man's genitals."

To pursue that goal, Irene spoke to her young nephew, Craig.

"Craig, honey, I see that you have a very nice erection this morning. Your penis looks so pretty and pink when you are erect. Are you ready to have me milk your penis and get some nice big spurts of semen?"

Craig bashfully croaked, "Yes, Ma'am," feeling embarrassed as he did every time his Aunt or one of her friends spoke to him like that. Her voice had a maternal quality as though talking to a young boy, and it made him feel timid and insecure - which was of course Irene's plan.

"I think it will be very nice this morning for you to lie on your back," she said, as she led him into her own bedroom. "I want you to sit on the edge of the bed and lie back, dear, and then grab hold beneath your knees and make them high and wide for me. Can you do that, honey?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered. He felt it was strange how whenever his Aunt or another mature woman gave him instructions, he felt the need to obey, especially if the instruction was embarrassing. And being spoken to like that also seemed to increase his arousal as he felt his penis throb and stiffen even more.

It was like having his Aunt tell him that it was time for his bath, or it was time to go to bed. As though it was a normal and natural thing for her to tell him that it was time for her to milk his penis and make him spurt out all of his semen. Somehow it made him fell 'cared for' when his Aunt announced that she would milk him, and it gave him a warm feeling.

Irene helped the boy to sit at the edge of the bed and lie back, enjoying the sight of his big, stiff penis pointing straight up and throbbing nicely. She brought a little chair over from her vanity and set it between the boy's spread legs.

"Now, honey, I need you to lift your legs up and grab behind your knees with your hands... That's it, good boy, now spread your thighs nice and wide... Now pull your knees up more... Yes, that's very nice, Craig, I like how openly you are displaying your penis and testicles for me. Very good..."

She sat down between his wide-open legs so that his penis was presented to her and easily accessible. She began to massage his testes as she spoke to him in a calm, motherly tone.

"Isn't it nice to present your genitals to me this way, honey?"

He nodded.

"Use your words, dear."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered.

"Good boy," she said, continuing to massage and roll his testicles in her experienced hands, marveling at their size and weight.

"Now, Craig," she cooed softly, "I want you to rock your pelvis forward so that you are voluntarily offering your genitals for me to care for. Can you do that, honey? Ah, yes, that's my good boy, offering his penis and testicles to his Aunt Irene very nicely."

She smiled warmly in approval and gave his testes a more vigorous, yet loving massage. "Doesn't it feel nice for you to open up for me like this?" He nodded.

She said, "And when your thighs are nice and wide for me, so that I can take good care of your penis and testicles, doesn't it feel good to surrender yourself like this to me, dear?"

He whispered, "Yes, Ma'am," closing his eyes and blushing again, much to his Aunt's delight.

"Good boy," she said, "It's good for you to be in a nice open and vulnerable position like this. It shows that you are trusting me and submitting yourself to me. See how good it feels to voluntarily submit your genitals to my care?"

He nodded and whispered "Yes, Ma'am," as his hips wiggled under her caresses and fondling.

Irene just relaxed on her stool and enjoyed a few quiet moments alone with her nephew's genitals, enjoying the feel of his stiff penis, the fullness and firmness of his youthful testicles, and the smooth softness of his bare scrotum.

She loved spending casual time just enjoying the boy's nakedness - feeling unhurried so that she could take the time to explore every little feature of his genitals with her hands and eyes. And of course, it pleased her to watch his body's reactions to her touch as he wiggled and occasionally sighed under her mature and knowing hands.

"This morning I'm going to rub your penis so that you can make me some nice big-boy spurts, dear. But before I make you spurt for me, I'll be working on your sensitivity training. Do you understand, honey?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he moaned as she slowly began to stroke his fully swollen and stiff shaft.

She continued, "Now, when I rub your penis, I'm going to work on expanding the amount of stimulation you can endure on the head of your penis. It is very good for a boy to have the head of his penis stimulated, don't you agree, dear?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered as Irene licked the palm of her left hand and gently capped his swollen pink head, letting the stroking motion of her right hand provide just a little movement to begin to stimulate his glans.

"Yes, it's very good for you, honey. And when I stimulate the head of your penis, and the sensations are overwhelming for you, I need you to keep your hips rocked up like a good boy, so that you are fully participating in the therapy. If you let your hips fall back naturally, it would be like you're being a naughty boy and not fully cooperating with your treatments."

She gripped his stiff penis in her hand more tightly and began to move in long strokes from base to tip to base, smiling as he closed his eyes and gasped slightly. She said, "Craig dear, I need to hear you promise me you'll keep your thighs nice and wide apart, and your hips rocked up so that you are intentionally offering your penis to me for therapy and milking. Tell me you promise, honey..."

"I promise," he gasped, already having difficulty holding still for his mature Aunt.

She cooed, "Yes, very good. A good boy keeps his hips up, and offers his genitals properly, dear. A bad boy tries to pull away. I want you to be a good boy for me and keep your knees high and wide and your hips up in 'offering' position, no matter how intensely I stimulate your pretty purple penis head. Can you do that for me, dear?"

"I'll try," he whispered, as he wiggled involuntarily in response to Irene's hands at play upon his naked genitals.

Irene stroked his penis slowly but firmly with one hand, and fondled his big testicles with the other to give the head of his penis a small rest, all the time smiling and cooing encouraging sounds to the boy.

Noting his difficulty in holding the proper position, she kept encouraging him, knowing that her words and the requirement of his 'proper position' were excellent imprinting words to maximize his helpless and submissive feelings.

She said, "Craig, keep your thighs spread wide, honey, and keep your hips up. Remember we talked about that you need to participate willingly by staying in 'offering' position? And you promised me you would be a good boy and keep offering your penis to me. Now tell your Aunt Irene what it is to properly 'offer' your genitals, dear."

Irene purposefully increased the urgency of her stroking on his penis, and she moistened her hand again and started gently twisting her fist around the corona of his head with each stroke to increase the stimulation.

"I have to... uh...uh... keep my... legs spread wide...and... ugh...ooohhh... keep my hips up...aaahhhh... so that I.... ooohh... offer my penis.... ahhhhh... and testicles... uhooooohh... to you.... Ma'am.... oooohhh."

"That's very good, honey, and you're doing a good job." She did so love to make a boy answer a question while his penis was being played with. Boys were so cute when their penises had wise and mature feminine hands at work on them...

Irene reached into her pocket and took out a small tube of genital development cream. She paused to lather a portion onto her right hand, and then gripped Craig's head like a door knob in her hand and began to turn back and forth.

The lubrication made it possible for her to grip firmly and yet her hand slid easily on his glans.

This sent the boy into shivers and convulsions, writhing and rocking and gasping. Irene loved how such a small movement of her soft little hand could cause her nephew to react so vigorously. She stifled a giggle.

"Breathe, Craig," she cooed lovingly, "Try to relax honey, I know you can do it. Just relax and concentrate on your offering position. I know it's difficult to hold still for me, but this is an important part of the therapy we have to do together, dear. You can take it, honey, just breathe."

His movements slowed and his thighs opened wider again and his hips rocked upward as he tried hard to fully surrender his penis. Irene could see the concentration on his brow as he fought the urge to withdraw his penis from her hand's torturous stimulation.

He could hold the position for a few moments, and then he'd lose control and let go of a leg or pull his pelvis down. These things never deterred Irene from continuing the stimulation of his penis, but she would calmly remind him that he was out of position, and watch gleefully as he fought his natural responses and pulled his thighs wide, bringing his hips forward again as he gasped and moaned loudly.

It was a battle inside young Craig - to keep his body voluntarily surrendered and offered while enduring the overwhelming stimulation on the head of his penis. It was as though the development cream made his glans even more sensitive to stimulation - which was a thought that pleased Irene.

He was moaning and writing as his Aunt relentlessly played with the young boy's penis, scrambling the circuits of his brain with contradictory inputs. Her voice continued lovingly insisting that he hold the 'offering position', while her hands made doing so virtually impossible.

With her hands, she was overwhelming the boy with stimulation that he couldn't handle, and with her words she was cooing, encouraging, and demanding that he hold his offering position still and endure the torturous pleasure/pain that was just too much.

He tried to obey, but every time he succeeded in spreading wide for his Aunt and pushing his genitals up towards her in 'offering', she would praise him but at the same time increase the stimulation and force him to fail.

"Be a good boy, Craig, open your thighs wide and push your hips up for me. Offer me your penis, dear, even though it's it seems too much for you - i know you can do it. You can open up for me... yes, good boy... oh honey, now don't close your legs, keep them nice and wide for me, that's it... now bring your hips up... push your penis forward for me... that's a good boy... yes, now hold that position... very nice.... you can take more, honey, that's a good boy... give your penis to Aunt Irene... Yes... I know it's so hard to do.... yes, my sweet little nephew can give me his penis so I can play with it..."

On and on the cycles of surrender and retreat played out until the boy was covered in sweat and panting hard as he struggled to obey against the onslaught of over-stimulation Irene was forcing upon the delicate and oh-so-sensitive purple head of his penis.

She continued to coo and whisper and cajole and command that he surrender completely and take it.

"Just open up and relax, honey, and let Aunt Irene play with your penis... yes, give me your penis, honey... you need to get used to this, dear, because lots of different women at your new school will need to take their turn with you.... you'll be milked at least 6 times a day, dear... it will make me so proud when they say you were a good boy and stayed in position as they touched and felt and played with your pretty penis..."

The boy just continued to writhe and moan and fight to hold the offering position, pleasing Irene very much with his efforts to be a good boy and obey.

Then she had a thought. She slowed the onslaught her hands were prosecuting on the boy's tender and sensitive penis enough so that he calmed down a bit more.

She grinned to herself and said, "Now honey, I want you to get into a good offering position... Yes, that's it, good boy... And now, I want you to hold your position and ask me for more. I want to hear you ask me to keep playing with your penis more vigorously for as long as I want. i know you can be a good boy and do that for me..."

Craig pulled himself into position, lewdly raising and spreading his knees and pushing his pelvis upward toward his Aunt's hands.

He gasped, "Please Aunt Irene, please play with my penis more - as much as you want to... Ahhhhh.... oooooooooh..."

She said, "Yes dear, thank you for being a good boy and asking for more," as she doubled her attentions to the swollen head of his penis, twirling and rolling the palm of her hand across his glans as she pumped his thick shaft.

Finally, after driving the boy near the breaking point, Irene stopped stimulating the head of his penis and returned her hand to stroking his shaft lovingly.

"There, there, dear, you've been very good for me, and now you can relax while I make all your semen spurt out."

The boy collapsed in a mixture of relief and despair, his mind completely turned to mush from the mixed signals of intense overstimulation and the coaching to 'offer' his genitals for more stimulation, and yet at the same time to 'relax' - which was impossible! His breathing was deep and ragged and his heart was beating a mile a minute.

Irene smiled as she sped up her stroking. Just a few moments, she thought, and he'll be spurting nice juicy spurts of fresh warm semen for her enjoyment. She didn't care about getting the measuring cup because she didn't want to disturb the flow of stimulation she was applying to the boy.

Again, she looked at the swollen purple puffy head of the boy's penis and licked her lips. Dare I? No, she thought firmly, I won't do that.

She began to stroke fast and hard, making the boy's body bounce and shake on the bed as she worked his big stiff penis. His head moved side to side and he moaned incoherently in response.

He began to whimper helplessly, his eyes screwed shut and his mouth locked open at the edge of ejaculation. Irene pointed his penis toward his navel and gripped his big testicles, giving them a firm squeeze.

"Surrender, Craig," she cooed softly, "surrender your semen, just let it happen. You know you can't stop it. I'm making you ejaculate, honey, so just let it happen. Just relax and surrender to your Aunt Irene. I'm making your penis spurt, dear, so just fully submit to me and you may come for me."

He let out a long and truly soulful moan and it was followed by the whimpers of despair and helplessness that Irene wanted to hear. She smiled as the first spurt of semen flowed from his penis. It was a good spurt in volume, but it wasn't a truly powerful spurt. It was more of a gush and flow, and only traveled a few inches before falling on his bare shaved tummy.

There followed another big gush, and another, and another, accompanied by plaintive and helpless-sounding whimpers. Each gush and flow was weaker than the previous one, but there were many and he was producing a very large amount of fluid, which pleased Irene greatly.

She wondered about the over-stimulation of his glans affecting the boy's ability to shoot his sperm in the usual way. But she decided she liked this method, and enjoyed that his ejaculation was different and no less interesting than every other.

This was a slower and somehow more intimate ejaculation, taking longer between spurts, and Irene stroked him more slowly as he came, keeping time with the relaxed tempo. The boy continued to moan softly and make the most delightfully helpless whimpers through his pouting lips as Irene caressed and coaxed his semen out with long slow strokes.

She felt it was a very intimate ejaculation, perhaps the most intimate they had yet shared, and she marveled at how sweet and tender it was to feel each slow pulse in her hand and watch the white fluid continue to flow and dribble from the boy's pink and purple penis.

Fully half of the boy's ejaculate merely dripped and pooled on her fingers as it continued to slowly flow out of him as she milked him fully of each precious drop. She felt as though his ejaculation took more than a full minute from the first gush to the last dribbles.

When she was sure there was no more semen to be coaxed from the boy's exhausted and half-erect penis, she laid his member softly against his belly and stepped into the bathroom to clean her hands and get a warm wet towel to clean him up.

It's so messy this way without the collection cup, she thought as she smiled at her semen soaked fingers, but it's very nice too. When she milked him on his hands and knees, making him spurt into the measuring cup, she seldom had to wipe him at all, let alone clean her own hands. But this morning both she and the boy were messy with his warm offering.

She looked at the warm pearly fluid, squishy between her fingers, and her mouth watered involuntarily. It seemed so intimate to have her hand so drenched with her nephew's warm and rich semen.

I suppose it wouldn't matter if I just had a taste of the boy, she thought, as she lifted her hand to her face and took a deep sniff of his scent. It was vaguely bleachy and very male, she thought. It made her wonder more about its possible flavor.

Without thinking further, she slipped the tip of her tongue out toward her small hand, and let it dab at her nephew's boy-juices. Just a little taste won't hurt anything.

She couldn't taste or feel anything on her tongue, the sample was just too small. She turned her head to confirm that the doorway to the bathroom didn't reveal her to the boy on the bed. She turned back and opened her mouth, watching herself in the mirror as she let two semen-laden fingers slip in.

Irene watched her lips close on her fingers, and she watched her fingers slowly drawn out. Her fingers were now clean - her tongue had even slid between her digits of its own accord so as not to waste a drop.

There was taste now and she could feel the thick consistency of the gooey fluid, unusual and rare.

She decided that it was nice, and it made her feel warm inside. She was affectionate toward her nephew, and this little private intimacy with him felt very special to her. She rolled the boy's semen around in her mouth, examining its flavor and texture as it quickly dissolved and she swallowed.

She decided she liked it quite well.

Irene repeated the process, licking her nephew's semen from the rest of her hand. Soon she had cleaned the boy's juices thoroughly from her hand, and had savored and swallowed every last bit.

She quickly washed her hands and brought the wet towel back to her nephew and cleaned the semi-conscious boy gently and lovingly.

She sat on the side of the bed next to him and caressed his face for a few minutes, letting him recover from what she thought was a truly special time together.

When the boy roused, she helped him up and shooed him into the shower and then made breakfast. After they had eaten, she got him dressed and out the door.

As they pulled up to the entrance of the Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, she gave her invitation to the guard at the gate, and drove to the parking area.

"Well, here we are, Craig," she said, "Are you ready?"

"I'm nervous," he said, looking at her for support.

"Don't worry dear," she said as she gave him a hug, "I'm sure the nice ladies here will take good care of you. Just be a good boy and do whatever they say."

She gave him a peck on the cheek and then he was out of the car and going up the steps toward his new adventure.

Irene called from the car's open window, "I'll see you tomorrow night, honey."

"I'll see you then, Aunt Irene," he called back waving.

And then he disappeared through the massive oak doors...


Craig & Irene - the Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, Ch.03

Inside the Mansion:

Craig walked through the big oak doors and found a very comfortable reception area with warm and homey furnishings. There were three well dressed women, seemingly near the age of his Aunt Irene, sitting in various chairs and the sofa while sipping tea and chatting.

The ladies looked up to see Craig entering with a look of wonder and confusion on his face. They smiled at him and a buxom brunette in a red dress and a black hat said, "Don't worry, dear, the reception area for boys is just down the hall. Is this your first time here?"

He nodded, and the three women grinned again knowingly. "Well," said the brunette as she eyed him up and down, "I'm sure you'll make a wonderful addition to the swim team."

Just then, a young girl of about 25 dressed in a white nursing uniform walked up, her white heels clicking on the parquet flooring and her large bosom jiggling with each step.

The brunette said, "Ah, there's Caroline now, she'll take charge of you dear." The women all smiled at the boy and the brunette added, "I'm sure we'll see you again soon, as there's a scheduled swimming practice within the hour."

The young girl in white had now made her way to them and, taking Craig by the hand she said, "Hi Craig, you can call me Caroline. I'll be taking you to Nurse Wanda right away so that we can get your physical exam and grooming taken care of before swimming practice starts."

The young nurse was smiling, and Craig thought he heard the slightest twitter of a giggle from one of the seated mature ladies, but he thought nothing of it.

He let himself be led by Caroline down the hallway and into a large room. This must have been a conservatory, thought Craig, since the Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen was fashioned from an enormous turn-of-the-century mansion. The room was brightly lit, bathed in white paint and with a white floor. There were white metal chairs set up in sort of a 'gallery', capable of seating about a dozen persons. Opposite the chairs, in the middle of a wide-open space, was a white medical exam table, complete with stirrups and straps.

Craig knew all about that sort of table from his previous 'treatments' at the Andre Clinic for Male Genital Health - it was there that he was first milked, and the doctor had prescribed his milking schedule and the application of his genital development cream and his daily pill.

He got a sort of 'falling' sensation in his tummy as Caroline led him straight away toward the table as she said, "Nurse Wanda is in charge of all the boys' personal grooming, and she will be in shortly to examine you and see to it that you are suitably clean and fresh like all our boys must be. She'll see to it that all your pubic hair is removed from your genital area - and I'm sure you'll look very nice, dear."

The girl's eyes sparkled as she said this with a smile, making everything seem so normal and natural. She continued, "Let's get you out of your clothes so that you're ready to go when Nurse Wanda arrives."

"Uh, ok," mumbled Craig.

It felt strange to have someone help him undress, but it seemed that Caroline was in a hurry. Her hands were all over him, unbuttoning, unfastening, unzipping, and pulling things off and pulling things down. Craig hardly had to lift a finger before he found himself standing before Caroline in nothing save his little pink pouch panties.

The young woman smiled when she saw them, "Oh, your pouch panties are very pretty, Craig," she said. "They are such a wonderful invention the way they present a boy's genitals so nicely. In fact, all our swimming uniforms are based on the pouch-concept of presenting male genitals properly for the visual enjoyment of our Boosters. Isn't that nice?"

"Uh, I guess so..." mumbled Craig, feeling quite embarrassed and beginning to blush.

"Ah, here they come," said Caroline, as she looked over Craig's shoulder. Craig turned his head to see a mature, petite brunette woman in a lab coat walking into the room from a side door, smiling happily at Craig. She was followed by 6 or 8 well dressed women in their 50's and 60's. Craig noticed that the three women he had seen in the lobby were not among this crowd.

Caroline said, "Why Craig, how nice, Nurse Wanda has a few of our Boosters with her. They will be observing your exam and grooming, and perhaps they'll even lend a hand to prepare you for swimming. Our Boosters are very involved and active with our swim club, and they take an intimate interest in each of our boys. I'm sure you'll be meeting every one of them soon."

"Oh..." said Craig, as he watched the mature ladies file in and take their seats very gracefully. They were all dressed in beautiful summer dresses of every pastel color and pattern. Some wore gloves and hats, and all of them were smiling and nodding greetings towards the boy. He smiled back sheepishly, blushing, and his hands accidentally found themselves crossed in front of him to hide his sheer pink pouch.

"Now, Craig," said Caroline as she gave a 'tsk' sound with her tongue, "good boys keep their hands at their sides like a gentleman. Good boys never try to hide or cover their genitals, dear..."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered as his hands dropped back to his sides.

Nurse Wanda drew his attention, "Hi Craig, I'm Nurse Wanda and I'll be performing your exam and handling your grooming needs, sweetie. All the boy's call me 'Nursey', and you're welcome to do so as well."

The mature nurse seemed to be in her late 50's, and was a handsome brunette. He hardly had time to give her a good looking over before Nursey moved behind him and was bending down and taking hold of the waist band of his pouch panties.

She said, "Hold still honey, and we'll get your pouch-panties down for the ladies. Just relax and feel proud that all us girls are interested in your beautiful penis and testicles."

Nurse Wanda bent down with her knees tight together and squatted in a very ladylike way as she slipped Craig's underwear slowly down, revealing his naked genitals to the gallery of boosters. Craig noted that she had positioned him to be facing the gallery, and he saw that all the seated ladies, and Caroline too, were looking at his groin.

Nurse Wanda took her time carefully drawing the panties down and helping Craig step slowly out of them, almost as if she was making it take extra time for the benefit of the Boosters, who all seemed to be happily enjoying the view.

Wanda left Craig standing there completely naked, facing the gallery, as she took her time putting his pouch panties neatly folded on the pile of his other clothes. Once she had done so, Caroline picked them up with a smile and took them out of the room by the same side door.

Craig now had no clothing in a room filled with mature women. He felt those submissive feelings in his tummy as he stood there, letting all the women look at his pink penis and testicles as they dangled in front of his pale thighs. At least it seemed that his audience liked what they saw.

Nurse Wanda took his arm and led him to the table. "Hop up here, dear," she said kindly, "and we'll get you situated in the stirrups properly."

Craig soon found himself on his back with his legs high and wide in the air. His genitals, bottom, and entire groin area were lewdly exposed to the gallery of Booster ladies, who were seated just a few feet away.

Wanda chatted as she went around Craig's reclining body, fixing the leather straps firmly, but not too tight. "So, dear, what I'm going to do this morning is a very normal part of your stay here at the Institute. I'm going to shave you below the waist today, and tomorrow I'll do your upper body. It's important for a good swimmer to be free of body hair as he glides frictionless through the water."

She finished strapping him in, and then rolled a tray with water, towels, foam and razors near to the exam table.

She continued speaking as she began to wipe foam onto his feet and legs, and then set to with the razor. "I'll remove the hair from your legs first, which will make you look just delightful, by the way. Then, I'll take my time to be very careful as I remove all your pubic hair stubble. It is best for a good boy to have very clean and fresh genitals, without any nasty hairs or stubble in the way."

There were slight murmurs of approval emanating from the gallery, but since he was strapped down to the exam table, Craig couldn't see the women who were no doubt staring between his spread thighs and whispering to one another.

Soon Nurse Wanda had finished with his legs and she began to put the shaving foam all over his tummy, his inner thighs and crotch, and on his genitals. He felt the razor begin its round-about journey as Nurse Wanda worked from the outer regions ever closer to his tender and vulnerable private parts.

She was obviously expert, because in what seemed a very short time, she had finished everything but his penis and scrotum themselves.

Craig felt the mature woman's gentle hands as she efficiently manipulated his soft genitals into positions to afford the razor to do its work. Rather quickly, she was wiping him down with a warm wet cloth.

Craig thought she was finished, but then he felt Wanda's hands on his genitals again, applying some sort of lotion.

She said, "Almost through, dear, but we must have a second go at your pretty penis and testicles so that we leave no stubble. I'm going to ask a few of the Boosters to come and help make sure your genitals are properly bare."

In a flash there were two women standing with smiling faces on either side of Craig's hips and another was next to Wanda between his spread thighs. Wanda said, "These nice ladies will help me find any areas that need another go, and help hold you in a good position for very close shaving."

The ladies all bent over and used their sharp eyes to examine every millimeter of his genitals, prodding and pulling with their soft and warm hands as they searched for any offending hairs. They found many areas that needed a touch up, and they were very helpful to stretch his skin so that the razor could pass safely, amid copious whispering and giggling.

Honestly, it was like these mature mothers and grandmothers were high school girls, seeing and touching their first naked boy - such was their obvious delight with their important and helpful duties. With all the attention, Craig felt the stirrings of arousal in his groin, even though he had been thoroughly milked by his Aunt Irene just more than an hour ago.

Again the wiping with the wet cloth was accomplished, and Nurse Wanda pronounced Craig to be well groomed and completely bare down there.

Craig thought the ordeal was completed, and his arousal was soooo embarrassing. He felt very helpless as his penis began to throb and lengthen right before the women's eyes. Then Nursey produced a bottle of special 'after-genital-shaving" lotion, and asked the boosters to help apply it.

For the next 15 minutes, an unknown number of hands took turns 'helping' apply the lotion and rub it in thoroughly. Needless to say, this resulted in Craig's penis becoming fully erect under the tender and affectionate care of the mature women.

"Oh, my," said Nurse Wanda with mock surprise, "Your penis is erect, Craig." She looked at her watch, and said, "I guess it is time for you to be milked, isn't it dear? And that will be good since you'll be going directly to swim class from here, and our uniforms really don't have space for an erect boy..."

The whole team of Boosters assisted Nurse Wanda in unfastening Craig's bonds and releasing him from the table. He was surrounded by smiling Boosters as Nurse Wanda led him to the next room with his erect penis throbbing and bobbing with his every step - much to the delight of the diligently attentive boosters. Craig felt so embarrassed to be erect in front of these women, and he blushed profusely.

It was another room, completely white, with another gallery of chairs set opposite a strange padded table-looking thing covered in white leather as had been the medical exam table he'd just come from. The table was in the shape of a "Y", with the spread arms of the 'Y' facing the gallery. There were straps on every part of the table.

After puzzling a few seconds, Craig noticed a small glass beaker in a stand just below where the arms of the 'Y' parted. His tummy rolled as he realized that this was some sort of specially designed milking table, and that he was about to be strapped to the table and milked as the Boosters watched, and possibly even participated.

A chill ran up his spine as nurse Wanda did indeed begin to help him onto the table.

She said, "Craig, this is our special milking table. It is designed so that a boy's semen can be taken very comfortably and efficiently. I'm sure you'll get used to it, because you'll have many milkings here on this table."

Once they had trussed him up completely, he found himself completely helpless and immobilized. Lying face down on the table, with his wrists cuffed above his head on the long stalk of the 'Y'. There were straps around his upper back and across his hips just above the cleft of his bottom.

From there, his legs were spread in a wide 'V' on the two arms of the 'Y', and there were straps across his thighs and ankles. The juncture of the 'Y' had an extra rounded opening, such that his genitals were hanging completely bare and accessible, directly over the semen collection beaker.

He was completely at the mercy of Nurse Wanda and the enthusiastic and supportive Boosters, with his erect penis and full testes hanging freely beneath his prone and restrained body. He knew that the women could do anything they wanted with his genitals and he would be helpless to resist.

Nurse Wanda turned a crank a few times and Craig's legs were forced even wider apart as the arms of the 'Y' spread wider, making him feel ever more open and vulnerable to the women's eyes and hands. Wanda pulled up a stool and sat down just beside Craig's left hip, and gently began to fondle the boy's large and stiffly erect penis.

He was so helpless as his legs were forced apart. In so doing, the cheeks of his bottom were also forced apart, revealing the tender pink valley between them and the dark rosette of his anus. He closed his eyes and shivered at the feeling of being so helplessly exposed to the interested eyes and caressing fingers of Nurse Wanda and her Booster Club helpers.

Wanda said, "Craig, I want you to relax and breathe deeply for us. That's a good boy. Now just keep your mind on the fact of how utterly naked and helpless you are. We are all looking at your delicious genitals and cute bottom, and I am caressing your swollen and stiff penis. We can all see your throbbing purple head clearly, and you're already leaking little pearls of pre-seminal fluid..."

He felt her soft and warm hand caressing his shaft and encircling the ridge of his head as she slowly massaged him. She said, "Since we don't have a lot of time, I'm going to have make you ejaculate quickly, dear. But don't worry, at other times, we can spend as much as an hour taking semen from you, and we'll have that chance soon enough."

She took a firm grip on his shaft and began to pump downward, hand-over-hand in very much the same way as his Aunt Irene would do. He tried to relax, but the stimulation to his penis was very strong and he could already feel the urgency begin to grow for ejaculation.

He couldn't help but gasp, "Oooohhh..." when he felt another set of hands take his testes and begin to massage them between warm knowing fingers. Other hands soon joined them, to caress his inner thighs, his bottom, his back and even his shoulders. He opened his eyes to confirm that the boosters were surrounding him, caressing him everywhere on his bound and helpless body.

Many mature voices began to say soft comforting things, in no certain rhythm or formula, but the cooing voices were very nurturing and brought up greater feelings of weakness and submission for Craig. He felt his body relaxing under their experienced touch and their comforting voices.

He felt soft fingers exploring the tender cleft of his bottom with gentle caresses. He moaned as the careful hands stretched his testicles just a little, as a voice said, "Deep breaths for us, honey..."

The voices said things as the hands caressed his body, such as, "Sweet boy," "nice soft bottom," "full manly testes," "make big juicy spurts for us, dear," "relax and just let it happen," "we'll take good care of your genitals," "you can do it, honey," "such a stiff penis," "be a good boy," and "let nurse Wanda have your semen, dear."

It only took a few minutes with all this stimulation, and he could feel his ejaculation approaching. He began to pant and moan, writhing against his bonds and gasping as the Nurse's expert hands increased their speed and pressure, pleasuring the boy's penis and driving him right to the edge and beyond.

Wanda said, "Make us proud with big spurts, Craig, we know you can do it."

The other voices chimed it, "Yes, big spurts, dear" "make a nice big cum for us with your big juicy penis, honey," "don't hold back, sweetheart," "be a good boy and give us some big-boy spurts,".

"Urghhhhhh...." Craig groaned, as his first spurt of semen splashed into the beaker, followed by several more as Nurse Wanda worked his stiff cock and milked him thoroughly.

The Boosters all made gleeful noises and praised the boy for his spurts of rich boy juice, and a couple of them gave him playful swats on his round white bottom in time with his spurts and spurring him on with nurturing encouragement to spurt again and again for them.

When he finally could give no more spurts, all the hands caressed him more gently. The hands on his testicles continued to massage softly, and Nurse Wanda continued to slowly stroke his softening penis downward, eliciting little pearls of extra semen every few strokes.

This 'after-ejaculation' time lasted quite a while, with Craig feeling very much loved and cared for by the Nurse and the Boosters. They never ceased whispering compliments and encouraging things into his ears as they caressed the spent and relaxed boy.

"Such a good boy," "We're very proud of you, honey," "That was a very good ejaculation, dear," "You gave so much semen, sweetheart," "My, what a manly cum, we are so pleased with you," "You're a very good boy, dear..."

The boy was completely relaxed and spent as he lay under the soft caresses and nurturing whispers of the ladies. His genitals felt very well-cared-for, fully emptied and relieved of pressure. Even soft now, he still enjoyed how the mature hands were taking turns feeling his genitals so tenderly and with so much care, as yet other hands caressed his bottom and inner thighs as soft voices continued to praise him.

For their part, the mature women had greatly enjoyed the boy's ejaculation. Letting their hands roam all over his young muscular flesh, copping feels of his intimate and tender boy-parts at will, and most of them had bent over to watch his youthful and virile spurts of semen as they poured from the head of his penis into the collection beaker.

The ladies looked at each other and winked, silently mouthing "Oh, my" and "big penis" to each other with gleeful expressions on their faces.

Nurse Wanda finally broke the spell as she began to un-strap the boy's restraints, and many of the ladies' hands helped him gently off the table until he stood before them on shaky legs, with his limp penis still stretched out and dangling over his low-hanging testicles.

Craig just relaxed and stood silently, allowing the women to feast their eyes on his sated, relaxed nakedness.

Slowly, he was led again to another door, with the mature ladies' hands on his bottom, hips, and shoulders helping guide him to his next destination.

The door opened and Craig found himself in a large locker room. There were many padded benches around the floor and a few lockers here and there against the walls, leaving the room completely open. There were several other mature women in pretty dresses walking around, carrying towels or swimming gear.

Across the room was a shower area, without walls or doors, where several boys about Craig's age were showering under the watchful eyes of the various ladies who were holding towels patiently. A few boys were just out of the showers, standing with legs apart and arms raised as two or three mature women wiped them down with towels.

Craig saw that all the other boys were not only naked, but they too were shaved of hair, and all the boys had genitals that seemed a little large compared to their relatively slight but muscular bodies. He noted that their builds were similar to his, and their genitals were large like his.

One wall, across from the showers, was completely mirrored and Craig saw his reflection. He looked at himself, fully naked and surrounded by mature well-dressed women. He saw that his skin was almost uniformly pale, now that there was no visible darker hair below his waist, with the exception of his genitals, which were clearly a darker shade and sort of pink.

His penis and scrotum were identical in color, with just his head a little darker pink. The overall effect was to further amplify his explicit nakedness. He noticed that the eyes of the women with him were also studying his body in the mirror, and he felt at least three hands busy caressing his bottom as he stood. It was a little unnerving to realize that he had no idea which of the smiling ladies in the mirror were fondling him.

Nurse Wanda broke the silence, "Dear, I'm going to leave you in the capable hands of Mrs. Cahey. She'll be in charge of you while you get ready to swim." With that, Wanda left.

Craig looked up to see a smiling red-head, possibly in her early 60's, who said, "Hi, Craig, I'm Mrs. Cahey. Let's get you into the shower, shall we?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, and he let her guide him toward the showers.

Mrs. Cahey and 3 other ladies watched him soap up and rinse off, while they held towels at the ready. Craig came out and, taking note of what the other boys had done, stood with spread legs and raised arms, allowing the ladies to dry him off. He noticed Mrs. Cahey was in front of him and spent the entire time making sure his tummy, inner thighs, and especially his genitals were nice and dry while the other ladies saw to the rest of him.

While being dried off, Craig had the chance to look around the room more, seeing each of perhaps 6 other boys being taken care of by groups of 2 or 3 mature Boosters. Some boys were being helped into their swimming practice costumes, which made Craig's tummy flip with submissive feelings.

The little swimming costume that the boys were being dressed in consisted of nothing but little pale yellow strings attached to a little yellow pouch. The pouches had the usual elastic band at the opening, and were of a completely sheer, thin, and clingy pale yellow fabric.

So, when a boy was dressed and guided out the door toward the pool, he was effectively naked, with just his genitals enclosed in a sheer pouch. Craig shivered at the thought of walking around in one of those pouches, in front of who knows how many mature female strangers...

Craig noticed that one boy was being gotten back out of his pouch by his handlers, and then he was led over to lie down on a padded bench in the corner. Once the boy had laid down on his back, it was obvious that he was beginning to have an erection.

One of the boy's Matrons sat on a bench next to his hips and proceeded to begin to stroke his penis vigorously as the other two women looked on.

One of Craig's Matrons whispered into his ear from behind. "Thomas has had a little stiffness, which is not appropriate for swimming practice. Mrs. Anderson is going to help him be a good boy by relieving his seminal pressures. His penis is Mrs. Anderson's responsibility today, so she'll take care of him quickly, and he'll be right along, I'm sure."

"Yes, Ma'am," Craig whispered back, thinking how embarrassing it would be to have an erection and have to be 'relieved' right in front of everyone.

Guessing his thoughts, the lady behind him whispered, "It's quite normal, dear. We ladies all know that our boys can't control their penises, and we're more than happy to care for our boy's genital needs."

"Yes, Ma'am," said Craig, swallowing hard and still feeling nervous as he watched Thomas begin to writhe and moan under the experienced ministrations of Mrs. Anderson. Thomas's other two Matrons put gentle hands on his body, helping him lie still and not fall from the bench as his ejaculation approached.

In seconds, the boy gasped and stiffened on the bench as Mrs. Anderson stroked his turgid penis yet more vigorously, forcing his first spurt of semen to splash onto his belly. She continued to work the boy's penis, drawing spurt after spurt of semen from him, as she seemed to roll and squeeze his testicles with her other hand.

The two matrons had to use both hands on his chest and thighs to hold the boy down still as his body convulsed and flexed in ejaculation. Once his last spurt had been pulled out of his body, he relaxed with a large exhalation as Mrs. Anderson expertly milked additional pearly drops to the last.

As Craig was led away toward his locker, he noted that the three Matrons attending to the boy Thomas, were each sliding their fingers along his belly, wiping up the semen the boy had spilled upon himself. Craig didn't see any cloths or tissues in evidence, and wondered what the ladies were planning to do with the semen they were wiping up with their hands...

Craig stopped in front of a small locker, with his name on it. Mrs. Cahey opened the unlocked door and took out the two items that were inside on a shelf. One item was a tube of lotion, marked "Andre Genital Development". Craig was familiar with this product.

The ladies each took a glob on their fingers, and four hands began to compete for space as they rubbed the lotion into every tiny nook and crevice of his genitalia. Craig felt the usual tingle associated with the lotion, but having already been well-milked twice before 10AM, he felt no swelling or throbbing in his penis, though he suspected that the ladies were secretly trying to elicit a little stiffening.

After the lotion was applied, the ladies helped Craig step between the strings of the little g-string pouch, and then Mrs. Cahey took her time to hold the elastic open while tucking his large but soft genitals into the easily-expandable sheer pouch.

The ladies positioned the strings properly on his hips and the cleft of his bottom, and he was ready. He looked again at himself in the mirror, seeing now that his very naked pale body had a yellow pouch of genitals dangling between his thighs instead of a pink penis and testicles.

Mrs. Cahey said, "Ok, Craig, let's go out to the pool."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, as the ladies led him out the pool doorway.

They emerged into an arena with an Olympic pool in the center and bleachers on either side. The bleachers were about half full with perhaps as many as 50 women on each side, all dressed nicely, and all mature ladies in their 40's, 50's, and 60's.

Sprinkled here and there in the crowd were perhaps a dozen younger gals, in their 20's and 30's, which Craig rightly assumed were guests of the Booster members. These women were daughters, nieces, and close family friends of the Boosters.

Craig felt very strangely weak as so many of the eyes of the women turned to examine him as he emerged from the doorway, with his pale yellow pouch wiggling in front of his thighs as he stepped. He felt so exposed before so many women, and while it made his tummy flip and his knees feel weak, he couldn't help but feel that it was good to be so nearly naked in front of all the fully dressed women.

The women in the half-full bleachers were all pushed toward the ends of the seating nearest the starting blocks, so as Craig approached Coach Mathews, all the women in attendance were no more than 30 feet from him.

The coach was a nice looking woman of about 55, with short blond hair and sparkling green eyes. She smiled at Craig and motioned him closer.

"Hi, Craig, you're our last team member for the summer. Welcome aboard. I see you've been assigned Mrs. Cahey, she's a great Booster and will surely take good care of you today. I want you to go ahead and take lane five and just swim some freestyle warm-up laps at perhaps half speed. Once you feel good, go ahead and report back to me."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

Craig saw that of the 8 lanes, 6 were already filled with boys swimming slowly to warm up. One boy was climbing the ladder out of the pool and Craig noticed that the women on that side of the pool were all turning their attention to that boy.

He saw the women's faces turn from focused interest to focused happiness as one when the boy stepped clear of the water. The Ladies were all smiling and their heads swiveled as one as the boy came toward them and then passed, as the ladies looked at the groin and then the naked bottom of the wet boy.

Only when the boy rounded the corner of the pool as he walked toward the coach did Craig see him from the front. Not only was this blond boy very well endowed, but his now-wet pouch was completely see-through, hiding nothing at all. The boy's fat penis was clearly visible, capped with a dark pink head that seemed swollen because of the exaggerated ridge of his crown. The big pink penis sat atop big swollen testicles, and his genitals hung low and swung widely with his fast steps.

No wonder the women liked to attend swimming practice - they effectively would get to view the boys so nearly naked that the pouch was just a procedural requirement and did nothing to diminish the ladies' viewing pleasure as they ogled the young male genitals and bottoms.

Craig noticed something else - something that he'd barely given thought to when he saw several boys in the shower. This boy seemed to have little blotches of pinkness on his bottom, which Craig couldn't understand. It was almost like he had fallen and a bruise or two were almost cleared up. Oh well, things happen...

Craig swam more and then it was time to get out. He took a deep breath as he began to climb the ladder, determined not to look down at his transparent pouch, nor to watch the faces of the women who were about to ogle his nakedness.

But once he was out of the water, he couldn't help but glance to see if the ladies were in fact looking at him. In the short glance, he saw happy faces and female eyes fixed just a little below his navel as he walked. He felt proud and nervous at the same time.

Secretly he hoped they liked looking at him, and he hoped they would all want to keep looking at his body. And super-secretly, he also hoped that the women would be imagining having their hands on him, caressing, fondling, feeling, and eventually milking him of his semen. He blushed at the fact that he liked the idea of all the women wanting to touch and feel his body.

Once he approached the Coach, she glanced at his sheer pouch and smiled. "You look very nice in your swimming suit, Craig."

The boy blushed, "If you say so, Ma'am," he said, looking down and seeing that his pouch was very transparent and knowing that the Coach was basically seeing his naked genitals. He fought the instinct to cover his exposure with his hands, but he knew not to do it.

Coach Mathews said, "You have a nice stroke, and I think you'll do fine. But I just got a note that you're required in the Dean's office. Probably some small administrative thing. You're certainly not in trouble as far as I know. So just go right to the Dean - Mrs. Cahey will take you there."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, almost disappointed that he wouldn't get to make that walk past all the women in the bleachers again.

Mrs. Cahey appeared at Craig's side and led him back through the locker room and out into a hallway toward the front of the house. Craig sort of thought he'd be allowed to dress in something other than the little pouch, but apparently not.

All the way to the dean's office, Craig and Mrs. Cahey passed various women of various ages, all of whom made no effort to cover the fact that they were staring him directly in the groin, enjoying the view of his genitals in the little sheer pouch.

Arriving at the Dean's office, Mrs. Cahey opened the door and ushered Craig inside. She put her arm around him and whispered in his ear "You're a good boy. I'll see you in a little while." She gave him a little kiss on the cheek and left Craig standing in front of a large mahogany desk.

A mature woman entered the room, followed by two other ladies of younger ages. The severely dressed woman was Head Mistress Elizabeth Dawson, the queen of the institute, whom Craig had met at his interview before the board of regents, and who was certainly in her late 60's.

The other women seemed to be about mid 40's and mid 20's, possibly a mother and daughter, Craig thought.

Mrs. Dawson spoke. "Craig, this is Mrs. Powell, and her daughter Gwendolyn. Mrs. Powell is a Legacy Matron of the Institute, which is a rare and high honor." The two Powell women gracefully took their seats on chairs in front of Craig, as Mrs. Dawson sat behind her grand desk.

She continued, "A Legacy Matron is rare, Craig, but Mrs. Powell is a 4th generation legacy, and if all goes well, her daughter Gwendolyn will be the first 5th generation legacy."

A woman entered the room, delivering tea on a tray to the Dean and the Powell ladies, and then she left.

As the ladies sipped tea, the Dean spoke again. "Being a legacy, means that a woman's mother was a Junior Booster here at the Institute, and her father was a graduate as well. Mrs. Powell's husband is, of course a graduate, as were her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Mrs. Powell's brothers, and her son, are also graduates of the Institute. Gwendolyn has now decided to begin to interview boys as potential husbands upon their graduation, and such a process is best served when begun early."

After sipping again, the Dean said, "She has had a chance to interview each boy here for the summer, but since you have only now arrived, she will now interview you. As a submissive boy in training, I expect you to be on your best and most compliant behavior. Answer all of her questions truthfully and obey all of her instructions. Gwen's mother, Mrs. Powell, will also be present during the interview. Do you understand everything I've said?"

"Yes, Ma'am," said Craig, feeling very trapped under the control of the dominant women here at the institute. He also felt very naked and vulnerable standing in his little sheer pouch as the women examined him with their eyes.

"Good," said Mrs. Dawson, "Then Gwendolyn will now take charge of you." The dean nodded at the two blond women, mother and daughter, and the pair stood as one.

The younger woman, the daughter Gwen, took Craig's hand with a smile and led him to a small room aside from the dean's office. Her mother followed and closed the door after them.

The room was warm and well furnished in subdued colors with a small couch and two padded chairs. The Mother took a seat in a chair, and the daughter sat on the sofa, pulling Craig to stand in front of her with his pouch now at her eye level.

The twenty-something Gwen, probably ten years Craig's senior, smiled up at him as she reached for the strings at his hips and began to tug them down.

"Let's have this off, Craig, I want to see you fully naked."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, moving his hips and spreading his stance to help her as she pulled down his pouch and helped him step out of it before she slipped the little pouch into her purse. Craig obediently stood naked in front of her, hands at his sides, letting her feast her eyes on his genitals from only a foot away.

Slowly, she began to touch his genitals, probing and exploring his penis and testicles from every angle, pulling, pushing, prodding, and feeling every little bit. "He's bigger and lighter pink than daddy," she said to her mother, who smiled and nodded back to her daughter.

She looked up at Craig, and smiling she said, "Turn around please."

The boy turned to face the mother, whose eyes moved to his bare genitals and never moved from their focused examination.

Gwen said, "Bend over with your hands on your knees, Craig, and spread your feet well apart."

As he did so, he felt the young woman's hand reach between his thighs and cup his testicles in her palm, feeling their weight and shape. Her other hand caressed and fondled his bottom, exploring the tender pink flesh of his cleft as well as the roundness of his pale cheeks.

He felt her hand grip his testes firmly as she said, "Craig, I want you to hold still for me. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

Just as the words passed his lips, he heard the SMACK of her hand coming down with a practiced swat upon his offered bottom. The stinging heat registered and he gasped in surprise but did well to hold still.

Gwen swatted his bottom again and again, building the stinging pain and heat of the spanking into his bottom and his mind. She expertly swatted into the cleft between his cheeks, spreading the stinging fiercely - as the sensation was twice as harsh on the tender pinkness between his bottom cheeks. This woman knew how to spank a male - how to get and hold his complete attention.

Between swats, she began to question the boy as she began the interview...




Anonymous said...

Nothng males a boy more vulnerable than anal penetration. Hipe that makes the story in some fashion! Love your writing!

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes a boy more vulnerable than anal penetration. Hope that makes it into the story! Love reading your work!!

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"Aaaaargh" ???!!!
Oii you stupid f@g why do you always have to mess up a good story writeup by shoving something up the guy's ar$e and going..AAAaaarghhhh, it kind of always gives your gay a$$ away.lol__ What are you trying to do?? Trying to indirectly brain-wash everyone one slowly and subtly into being a homo like yourself..LOL!!

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First off, I don't write any of these stories... I search the Internet looking for them and bring them here. Secondly, there really are no authors that specifically write CFNM stories on a prolific basis. So really, what we are left with, is very slim pickings. So I'm sorry that there was anal play in this story, but because there was, it doesn't make me or you or anybody gay. It's a story. Lighten up.

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Hey, i liked every aspect of the story! i can't wait for the interview to begin in earnest! The spanking set the stage perfectly!

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I really love the caring dominant women.Its great that most of them are older and very experienced.

What is also good is the generatinal thing.Its nice to read whole families and generations controling their males.

They are very lucky to have cradle to grave control.

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These are the best CFNM stories I have ever read!! I can't wait to continue reading.