The CFNM Locker Room Interview

Since I started writing for the college paper all of my assignments had been campus pieces but since this was my senior year I wanted to do something different. When the editor assigned me to the last football game of the year I jumped at the chance. Little did I know what I had been missing all these years.

I was supposed to interview our star Quarterback Rick. He was the guy all the girls in campus swooned over. He was the typical all American boy. Tall, musclular, blond hair and blue eyed. I have to admit, he was very attractive but I never went for the athletic types. Its safe to say that I've completely changed my mind about that.

I was running late for the interview and when I get to the locker room the security people there gave me a hard time because I wasn't the normal student who handled the sports assignments. After some arguing and a call the school editor, I was finally allowed in. The world of athletes, or better yet, nude athletes was opened to me. I didn't realize that I would be seeing so many naked men. It was amazing. They walked around with nothing on and they didn't care. I actually forget for a moment why I was there. I was transfixed on all the naked asses and swinging cocks. This was a women's dream.

After gathering my breath I finally made my way over to Rick's locker. He was still talking to other reporters, some from major newspapers, other schools and radio. He was still in his uniform. It must have been another 15 minutes before the crowd dispersed and I could get close enough to ask my questions.

"Hi Rick, Gina Walters for the school paper. Can I ask you a few questions". I could sense he was annoyed. He was sitting down and was about to start taking off his cleats when I approached him. He looked up and I thought he was going to say no but he got a good look at me and changed his mind. I guess he liked what he saw of me. I'm not one to brag but I've been told by many guys that I'm quite attractive. I guess Rick fell into that category.

"I guess I could answer a few more" he said. He finished taking off his cleats and stood up. He took off his jersey and shoulder pads. God, he was really put together. "Don't you have some questions to ask" he said. I must have seemed dumbstruck. I couldn't get over his physique. I began asking my list of questions, each time taking the chance to peak at him while he answered.

For awhile he was just standing there in just his football pants. He loosened his waistband and pulled down his pants. He was now standing in his jockstrap. I couldn't believe it. He was almost naked. I was down to my last question so I started coming up with additional questions. "Do you mind if I can continue to get changed, I have to hit the showeres" he said. Mind, was he nuts! I wasn't leaving. "No, go right ahead" I said matter of factly, trying to hide my excitement.

He actually waited there in just his jockstrap, listening to the rest of my phoney questions. I was getting worried that he might think the interview was over. I did my best to throw as many questions in as I could. I also noticed the bulge in his jockstrap. I could see the outline of his cock against the material. He was huge. I was waiting for him to finally pull the jockstrap down. If didn't do it soon I was going to ask him to. Finally, the moment of truth. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his jocksrap, paused to look at me and he slid them down over his ass and down his legs.

His cock flopped out and hung between his legs. It was huge and it wasn't even hard. I gasped and was staring right at it. "Uh, you have anymore questions?". I didn't even hear him at first. I was admiring this beautiful male specimen in all his naked glory. "Gina?". "Hmm, oh, ah yea actually I have a few more" I said. I wasn't about to leave now. "Oh, okay. Tell you what. Let me shower and I'll come back out and we'll finish" he said.

Rick smiled at me as he headed off to the shower room. I watched him as he walked away and admired the tightness of his ass. I began to imagine what it must feel like. What it would be like to touch and stroke his naked body. The thought of it was making me wet.

I realized that the locker room was empty. I was the only one in here and Rick was the only one in the shower. I decided that I wanted to continue this interview but that I wouldn't wait for Rick to return. I headed for the shower room.

It was a large open space with two short walls on either side of the room. The players must have left their towels on these walls because there was only one, Rick's. I walked over to the wall and I noticed Rick was using the shower right behind it. He hadn't heard me approach so I just decided to stay and watch.

The water cascaded down his large muscled frame. He had his back to me and I watched as the soapy water rolled down his back, over his ass and down his legs. He was unbelievably gorgeous. He slowly started to turn, massaging the soap in his hands to work up a lather. He must have been enjoying the warmth of the shower because he never noticed me.

He turned again and now he was facing me. His cock was large and thick and hung low between his legs. He was soaping up his chest and then his stomach, moving slowly down to his groin. I was beginning to feel week. He started washing his cock and balls. I noticed how he took his time. His cock seemed to grow a little as he worked the area. It was then that he opened his eyes and saw me. "Hey", he said and he covered himself up. "the reporters don't come back in here you know". I just grinned as he tried to cover himself.

"I was just waiting for you to finish so we could conclude this interview. I thought I'd ask you some questions here to get it done sooner but when I came in you seemed so content I didn't want to disturb you".

For the first time he seemed a little annoyed. "I thought we agreed to finish this when I came out of the shower. It would be nice to have some privacy".

I just continued to smile. I removed the sport coat I had on to reveal the thin low cut blouse I was wearing. It showed off my ample breasts. Rick was staring at them immediately. "Rick, I've already seen everything. If you want me to leave then I will...its up to you". I was hoping that he said that I could stay.

He frowned. "I guess its alright. Keep this out of the story though".

"No problem" I said. I paused. "Now why don't you finish cleaning that thick cock of yours".

He blushed at my comment. I couldn't believe I was making this stud blush. He slowly moved his hands away. His cock twitched. I could tell her was excited. "Go ahead. Wash you dick. Make sure its good and clean". He started lathering up the soap again. Slowly he took his cock in his hand and started working the shaft. He slowly looked up at me. I let him see on my face how much I was enjoying this.

His cock was growing quickly. It looked enormous in his hand. I decided now was the chance to make my move. I moved around the wall and towards Rick. He stopped stroking himself. "Let me give you a hand". I reached in and took hold of his dick. I led him from the spray of the water so I wouldn't get wet. It felt so powerful to lead such a strong beautiful man by the cock.

I moved him towards the middle of the shower room away from the water. "I think you'll like this". I started moving my hand up and his shaft. Slowly at first then faster. His cock was fully engorged. I moved around behind him, feeling his ass and then his thigh. Once behind him I cupped his balls while stroking his cock. His cock felt warm and hard in my hand.

I could feel Rick breathing heavy. My panties were now soaked. He was beginning to tense. His legs straightened and every muscle was taught. The head of his cock was huge. I knew he was close to orgasm. I began furiously pumping my hand on his cock. He groaned and then thick white jets of cum shot from his cock. His whole body quivered and then relaxed as he went to a knee.

I walked towards the shower wall and picked up my coat. "Wait a minute" he said breathlessly. "Where are you going? he asked.

"I need to type up my story" I said.

"But I was thinking know...maybe we could go back to my place" he said walking towards me, his cock still a raging hard-on, his face flush with excitement.

"I think I've got all I need, thanks Rick. Who knows, maybe we could do another interview" I said smiling with the full intention of trying this again. He just stared at me not believing. I took once last opportunity to look up and down his gorgeous naked body. "Thanks" I said. I winked and then headed out of the locker room.