The CFNM Job Interview


Waiting for more of these examinations is boring. First a lineup that reminded me of the Army. Fifty men all standing shoulder to shoulder and each one of buckass naked. Across from stunning nurses who seemed to be comparing us. They would disappear into an office giggling at our embarrasment. One time a tall brunette came out gave us a quick look and then would excuse us.

Everyday, Me and few others would be included in another group of fifty men, but everyday a few men would drop off until I noticed that I was the only left that they kept asking to come back. I didn't mind. After all, I got paid a hundred bucks for about a half hour of standing. Besides the Ad had caught my eye and I was unemployed.

Must be strong, intelligent and
able to lift over 50lbs. Open
minded men need only apply. Must
be able to take orders from female
only staff. No experience needed.
Salaried 50+k to start.

I saw the ad, applied and took a battery of pyschological tests. Well Somehow, I lucked out and squeezed through the system and I seemed to be the only one left. I was immediately put on some type of probation doing some kind gopher job and was told I still had to see the nurse.

"Watson, come here."

Immediately I dropped the report I was working on and entered her office. Cheryl Stokes was well known for being the typical high heeled bitch and I had received more then one warning from my coworkers about working with her. Apparently she enjoyed hiring new male secretaries, use them up and discard them.

I had seen Cheryl for the first time when I was in the office, taking my physical exam. The company had thought it cheaper to hire their own nurse and even administer their own drug tests. Tha's when I saw Cheryl talking to the nurse. I couldn't hear what they were discussing but the nurse was angry with Cheryl but gave in over something. I took in her beauty as she left the nurse and sauntered over toward me.

"You are the new temp?"

Stokes had enough looks that I would've spoken to her anyway, but as being I was new, I made sure I was on my best behavior. "Yes I am."

"Yes ma'am will do."

In todays politically correct workplaces? Oh well, I didn't know her, but knew enough to start kissing ass a little early. "Oh. Yes Ma'am."

Cheryl teetered on her three inch heels. She was so tall, she really didn't need them. She seemed to be checking me out like I was a piece of meat. She extended her arm and handed me a small plastic bottle. "You need a witness for your urine test. That way." She pointed toward the door.

"Ma'am I..."

"You can call me Ms. Stokes"

"Er...but what about my witness?"

She smirked a bit. "That would be me unless you something to hide."

She pointed to the door and looked at my crotch. "By the way, Today would be nice, tiny."

GEEZ! She didn't need to include the "tiny" insult, besides I wear briefs cuz the're cheaper anyway. The tiny remark shouldn't have even bothered me anyway. I'm over six feet and kept in great shape, well ok, good shape. Okay I wasn't going to have a stroke.

"Yes Ms. Stokes."

I entered the door and saw the urinal and headed toward it. Cheryl stopped at the door. I guess she was there to make sure I didn't pull a switch or something. I turned slightly to hide myself from her, but instead I heard a click click click sound that echoed in the empty bathroom. Cheryl had sauntered over and stood right beside me as I was about to unzip.

She made eyecontact with me. "I have to make sure you don't cheat on the test."

I nodded and shrugged. Her eye contact was getting to me. Cheryl had large blue eyes that seemed to be turning me on. I felt that slight twinge and decided that if Cheryl wanted to watch, I would give her something to see. In one swift motion, I unzipped, hitched down the top of my underwear and pulled them down just below my ass cheeks.

"OH!" Cheryl's hands flew to her mouth, her eyes opened wide as and she made audible gasp. I could see her eyes travel back and forth, as she measured my endowment with her eyes. Fortunately, I have been quite blessed with a much larger then average manhood. Subtlely speaking, I have what can only be described as a big ol' dick. You know, one of those ten inchers that everyone brags about but noone has. Yup, I'm at the top of the cock scale. It hasn't gotten me too much extra pussy, but once I have managed to get laid, it's always a kick to see a how woman
greets one of the big ones.

After seeing her shock at the size of my member, I heard her mumble something under her breath. Now it was my turn for a little fun.

"Something wrong, Ms. Stokes?" She said nothing. Her large blue eyes seemed hypnotized by my prick.

She regained her composure and I could sense a bit of the bitch creep back to her voice. "No...Usually employees don't get hard over a simple urine test."

"But Ms. Stokes. I'm not hard."

"Don't lie to me. It''s too big not be hard. I have seen a few...specimens. Some of them don't really rise, just harden. I mean... it, if it's not hard then prove it."

I heard her but couldn't believe my ears. "Ms. Stokes, you may check for hardness if you don't...?"

Cheryl interrupted me. "At least six inches long and fat. I am sorry you have a control problem. But getting hard over a simple urine test ...I'm sorry, but you can't work here. You'd be constantly spying on or harrasing our female employees. See payroll about your severance pay." With that she turned and started clicking toward the door.

What a total bitch! "But Ms. Stokes,!"

She stopped for a second, and I could feel her rolling her eyes as she quickly walked back to me with a no nonsense look on her face. "Okay, Prove it!" She folded her arms with a look of disdain.

What could I do?

"Alright then, Ms Stokes." I directly stared into her eyes. You see, I have found that few things turn me on more then to look into a womans beautiful big eyes and Cheryl had quite a pair. They appeared larger then normal, sky blue diamonds on a sea of white. The fact that her her eyes were so large meant she had my favorite look naturally. Whenever I would look at her she always seemed to be in a state of surprise. She wasn't, but the effect was the same. My twinge grew greater and when her eyes darted down to my member again, I could feel the blood rushing in, filling my limp member as it thickened in small jerks in right in front of her face.

I could see Cheryl's breathing becoming labored. I grasped my log in my paw and starting slow grinding strokes. I would squeeze the base and make the whole thing really fat. I felt like I was ready to burst looking at Cheryl, her mouth left open in amazement. I could see her big blue eyes traveling back and forth along my schlong.

" weren't lying. (whew)I...I guess."

I kept pumping myself off till I became steel rock hard. I strained my buttocks making my hardon buck and up down slightly."Ms. Stokes. Now this is my fully erect state."

I could see almost a look of surrender and fulfillment in her eyes.

"Large. Big. You have a huge one. I guess won't call you tiny anymore. How big is that...that monster" Her eyes locked on mine and a felt a gentle caress. "Geez, my won't fit around it."

"Now Ms. Stokes..."

"I know all men can't help it. You all have to measure your penis and then name it."

I have to tell you, it was quite a turn on, having this powerful womans tiny perfectly manicured hands (all bitches have perfect hands...I wonder why?) And she was right. I had measured my penis several times and knew exactly how big it was. "Yes Ms. Stokes. It's ten inches long."

"...And really fat." I looked at wonder on her face. It had just turned from one of surprise to an expression of contentment. "A ten inch dick. At last. Yes...yes you'll do quite nicely." She continued to stroke me gently. Not enough to make me blast, but enough to keep me rock hard. "...and the name."

I looked her right in the eye. "Name? I named it...Bossfucker."

She released her gentle touch, and then a smirk as she returned my stare. "You wish. I know you big dick types. Something this will be perfect for blotting my lipstick and other things."

I wondered what other things she meant. But if she wanted to use my dick to wipe her mouth I sure wasn't going to stop her. I didn't have time to ask as she took the urine sample bottle from me. "Come with me."

I watched her enter the urinal, then slam the door in my face. A few seconds later, the sound of trickling pee could be heard. She presented herself a moment later with a full urine bottle. She handed me the bottle. "You passed your urine test. If you pass the second test,be here tomorrow. Be on time. Wait for the nurse."

The second test?

She swayed sexily toward the door, making the same high heeled click sounds that she made when she entered. She never bothered to look back, leaving me with a hardon and my pants bunched around my ankles.

The nurse came in almost as I putting myself back in. Her eyes darted down, got wide for a second and then she cleared her throat. " about that. Cheryl demands on checking out all male employees for ...for size."

The poor nurse. She seemed to be embarrassed by the whole situation. "For size? You mean..."

The nurse produced a second vial. "Yes. All of the men who worked for Cheryl are measured for size and volume. She says..." The nurse hesitated too embarrased to continue.

Alright. Fine. It had been an interesting morning. I got to show off my pussy stretcher to a beautiful woman. But I hadn't been allowed to cum and that pissed me off right there. Now there was to some sort of mystery? ", What is your name?"

The nurse seemed to be relaxed at the thought of normal conversation.

"Brooks. Barbie Brooks. Kal, I have to warn you of something. It's about Cheryl. If you haven't noticed, she is your division head and a real bitch. She goes through about one new male secretary every month and a half. She will use you and dump you with poor references."

I thought, 'hmmm, sexy female boss, use me up!' "Really Barbara, it doesn't sound too bad. I get paid for waiting on a beautiful woman, Life could be worse."

"It will be worse. You have no idea what she is like." She waited a second. "Come closer, Kal. I need a sample please."

"I already gave a urine sample."

"Um...Cheryl wants a sperm sample."


Barbara rolled her eyes as if this was something she didn't really want to say or do. "You must measure at least eight inches long and three inches around or you wouldn't have made this far. She likes to do the measuring herself. She has done this so many times, Cheryl knows how you guys like to boast your penis size and its a little hard to lie about your...dimensions when she is staring at it. She also demands that your emmisions be well above average as well." Barbara marked the halfway point on urine sample cup. "If you want to you quit now, I wouldn't blame you."

Like I'm going to give up a chance at 50 grand a year because my boss is a size queen. Right. "Nurse...Barbara, I have been walking around with a hardon for most of the morning. I need to get off anyway. Where do I go?"

"You can fill it right here."

Help? "Really Barb? And how do I do that?" I just happened to be looking right at her chest. Barbara herself wasn't bad. Though She had nothing on Cheryl. Barbara had a few features that put a passing thought in my head. She was short, I liked that. Pretty Plump, A slight roll in her belly and powerful large calves of a big cute woman. But being overweight, it appeared that all of her excess weight went into her tits.

I could see the nipples hardening through her nurses outfit.

I could tell that she knew where I was looking and what I thinking.

"Go behind the curtain in the corner, there are some magazines there."

Going behind the curtain, I saw nothing there. "Nurse, I think you've been robbed."

Barbara groaned. "Not Again!" She went on to explain that several times a week, she had to go the corner store and pick new skin mags.

This was something else she wasn't happy with. She looked up at me.

"Can't you just close your eyes and think of something?"

"Sure. Just gimme about a half hour and some hand lotion." The weirdness of the whole situation was beginning to wear off. Apparently I wasn't being hired as file clerk, but as some kinda big toy for Cheryl to use and discard. Well, I needed the money and the thought of being a sex toy wasn't all that bad.

Barb frowned. "I have other candidates in here for other jobs. I need that sample faster then that." She sighed for a second. "Watson, please undo your pants. I guess I'll just have to collect the sample."

Our eyes locked. I could see her blush. I unbuckled again and sighed myself as I released my member in front of her. I watched for the usual reaction and got it.

" No wonder...I mean...Geezus, it''re really big. No wonder you said a half an hour. The really big ones take longer to cum."

"Gee Nurse, do you time them too?"

"Normally, yes. But A size queen like Cheryl will keep you around for a while just because of your size. Now cum in my cup please."


The look in her eyes had changed from that a medical professional to that of lusty woman to one who had thoughts concerning me. Her hands reached out and I noticed a wedding ring on her left hand.

"I said, cum for me, Kal. Fill my cup. Go ahead, stroke yourself. You know you want to cum don't you."

Her voice was nothing like a professional nurse. From where I was looking all could see was Barbara, with her cleavage threatening to burst out. All it was a pretty woman with oversized tits, begging me to cum.

What the hell?

"That's it nurse. Keep talking." I did as she asked and started to stroke myself off in long grinding pulls right in front of her face. I saw her put the cup down.

"Oh, I have to talk about such a large cock. Cum for me please. C'mon, big boy."

Her hand reached out and tried to cup my balls. "Uhnn, yea, squeeze my balls, yea geezus what a soft touch, you must have one lucky husband."

Barb stopped for just a second and continued. "If he were luckier he'd have a dick like this. I can't even hold your sack, it keeps spilling over if I use one hand. Damn, you are so big...I...Here."

With that, her soft hand joined mine. She picked up my pace and had me squirming about in her gentle caress. I could feel my nuts tightening in her hand, something that wasn't lost on her. She increased my pleasure by squeezing them just right.


"I know. You're ready to cum aren't you? I can feel your sack filling in my hand. You're shifting. Getting ready to explode. Go ahead, cum."

I held back for a second. "Barb, I'm pointed right at..."

"My face? Yea, C'mon, cum on my face big boy. Cum on my face...NOW!"

I couldn't help it. Barb had pumped me expertly and I love giving facials. I threw my head back and exploded. "AAAARgh!"

The release was as always, exquisite. After my initial blasts, I looked down to survey my handiwork. Barb was smiling, a single thick shot of my jism was just across her nose and cheek. But she was holding a cup overflowing with my sperm. She had a smirk that showed she had done this many times before. "I always get my
sample." She looked at the clock. "Hmmm, only a few minutes. You'll have to do better then that. You put that kinda load on Cheryls face and you'll be gone quick. But..."

"But what?" I felt relieved but miffed that she was really watching the clock the whole time.

"Well, I said, you had to fill the cup to the halfway point. Look at this. You filled the cup so that it overflows. Damn, you even got some on my wedding ring." I looked and saw that my sperm had indeed overflowed the cup, spilled over her knuckles and soaked her hand, including her wedding ring. "Cheryl will love this report." The whole time she had been gently pumping me. She released me. "Be on time tomorrow."

I nodded. "Thanks. Thanks for everything."

Barb actually blushed. "I'd say anytime, but my husband wouldn't like it. Just remember to be on time."

I nodded again. Was she kidding? I wouldn't miss my first day on THIS job for anything.

THE END..........??????


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