Trouble At Work


It had all started innocently. I'd opened the door to the photocopier room and seen Laura, the office junior, in the process of removing her blouse. The fact that she was eighteen, gorgeous and with a fantastic trim figure meant that she instantly grabbed my attention.

I quickly closed the door, leaving a small crack which I could see her through. Having removed her white blouse she reached inside a bag to take out a newly bought top. All the time she did this I was focused on her white bra, from which her breasts were threatening to spill out from. I was completely transfixed by the sight and oblivious to the figure approaching from behind me.

"What are you up to?" said Louise, one of the supervisors.

I mumbled an unconvincing excuse, but she brushed past me and opened the door. There stood a startled Laura and from the look on Louise's face it was obvious I was in serious trouble.

I'd stammered all kinds of excuses but to no avail, and so I found myself summoned to the managers office. I had to wait for an hour before my allotted time, and spent this trying to think up further excuses, all of which were equally implausible.

I approached the managers door with an intense feeling of dread and had to swallow hard before knocking. I was asked to enter and found the manager Julie sitting behind her desk, Louise was also present and Julie's personal assistant Carol was sat in the far corner, notebook and pen in hand.

I stood there, shoulders slumped, feeling sick and embarrassed. Julie spoke first, she was an attractive blonde haired woman in her early forties, dressed in a light grey suit.

"What we have is a very serious allegation against you, young man," she paused, allowing the seriousness of the situation to sink in. "Do you have anything to say in defence of these allegations?"

I shook my head, and looked down at my feet, desperately wanting the floor to open up beneath me.

"Before I make any decision on your punishment, I think it is only fair that you first apologise to Laura for your actions," Julie added.

With this Carol was signalled to go and get Laura. She returned quickly and I found myself stood next to Laura, who was once again wearing her white blouse.

I muttered my apology to Laura, and added that it had all been a terrible accident. She looked far from impressed, merely glaring at me.

"Rest assured," said Julie to Laura. "That we will be taking the strongest action in this case, but we also feel that you, as the one that has suffered, should have your input into the punishment that he recieves. Do you have any suggestions that you would like to make?"

Although Laura's looks suggested a demure, respectful young lady, she was anything but. She had already acquired a reputation around the office for her bluntness and willingness to voice her opinion on the crudest of topics, indeed, this was part of her attraction.

"Well saying as I've been humiliated and ogled by this pervert, I think it's only fair he should be made to feel the same way".

I was a bit taken aback by her outburst, as obviously the others were.

"What exactly do you mean, Laura?" enquired Julie.

"He should be made to strip in front of me," she spat the comment out, with deadly seriousness.

Julie looked as bewildered as I felt, and she looked around to Louise and Carol for advice. Before any could be issued, Laura added.

"It's either that or I want the Police brought in". A real fear was now setting in to me. I looked pleadingly around at everyone, but they still looked in a state of

It was Louise that spoke next. "Well I suppose that it must be one or the other if that's what Laura wants".

Julie nodded and then presented the options to me, "Either you agree to what Laura proposes, or we will have to involve the Police, the decision is yours".

My brain had turned to jelly, what was I supposed to do, the thought of the Police
and then it appearing in the papers was too horrible to contemplate.

"I'll do what she says, as long as the Police aren't involved," my voice barely audible.

"Right, go on then strip!" Laura had moved to the same side of the desk as the others, and was stood with her arms folded across her chest, a look of menace in her eyes.

I didn't have a clue what she expected, so I undid my tie and placed it on the desk, before unbuttoning my shirt. I awkwardly removed this and dropped it on the floor.
Standing before them with my arms hanging by my side. At nineteen I was a year older than Laura, but in many ways I looked much youger. I glanced across at the four of them, they sat staring intently at my hairless chest.

"And the rest," barked Laura.

"But it was only your top I saw you without," I blurted. I hadn't realised it was supposed to go further than this.

"Don't be stupid," she sneered,"All of it, unless you'd rather explain yourself to the Police."

I looked pleadingly at the others. Carol then spoke, she was the eldest of the four in her early fifties, but she always dressed in a way that revealed large amounts of her ample bosom.

"It was agreed that Laura could set the punishment." A flushedness apparent in her face.

Julie listened and then looked at louise who nodded her approval.

"It's only fair that you take it all off," Julie said, "too feel the embarrassment that Laura had to endure".

I glanced at Laura who was looking anything but embarrassed, she stood defiantly with a smug expression on her face, revelling in my predicament.

I bent down and removed my shoes and socks, all the time aware that my trousers would be next. I stood upright and looked around for a helpful face, but by now they all seemed absorbed by the spectacle unfolding, this was reinforced by Julie, who nodded at my belt.

I slowly undid the buckle and then the buttons on my trousers, before ushering them down to my ankles. I was know stood before them in only my white boxer shorts, my hands positioned in front of my groin. "Is this not enough, I really am very sorry."

I pleaded to Laura.

In response to this she made her way around the desk. I was confused by her advancement, especially when she picked up a ruler from the desk.

On reaching me she sneered. "Get it all off!"

And with that she whacked me with the ruler in my groin. My hands instantly grabbed my penis through my shorts as an intense tingling soared through my genitals.

Laura on seeing my discomfort then added a further couple of blows to my buttocks, causing me to clench them noticeably, and sending a further tingle up my body and forcing me to jerk forward.

She then returned to join the others. Who were all looking enthralled in my direction. By now I was in an utter state of confusion. The whacks issued by Laura, in addition to my hands clutching my genitals had caused a unmistakeable feeling within my teenage groin. To my horror I could feel my penis hardening in my hand. I loosened my grip but to no avail, my dick was rapidly expanding.

"Get them off NOW!" commanded Laura.

"You did agree to this punishment," added Julie, who was looking as flushed as Carol.

"But, but..." I stammered, aware that my penis was reaching a fully erect state.

"It's either this or the alternative," Louise reminded me.

I slowly moved my hand away hoping that my state might evoke some sympathy. A sound of exclamation filled the rooms as they all focused in on the erection trying to force itself out through the cotton shorts. I looked around each of them but none met my eyes. They were now transfixed by the sight in front of them.

"You're nearly there, just take them off," Julie said, as if oblivious to my condition.

"You're not kidding, he's nearly there, he looks like he's in danger of exploding," Louise laughed.

I took a deep breath and then pulled at the sides of my shorts, unfortunately as I took them down in this way it caused my penis to be pulled forward by the waistband, before slapping back upwards against my stomach, once free from its confinement.

I now stood in front of four women with the hardest erection I'd ever felt. My cock lurching lewdly under their watchful gaze.

"Right then, let's put this ruler to use."

Laura once again moved towards me, only this time she had a wicked grin on her face.

I stood there in a dazed state as she positioned the ruler next to my erect cock.

"Not like that, you have to place it against the base of the penis," exclaimed Louise, also coming around the desk.

She then took the ruler and pushed it into the base of my dick, holding it parallel to the floor.

"Now line your cock against it," she commanded.

I did so automatically, pulling my erection down so it was also parallel to the floor. Such was the hardness of my cock that pulling down to this angle was quite painful.

I lined it up against the markings on the ruler. Laura and Louise stood either side trying to read the measurement, while Julie and Carol had gotten out of their seats and stood staring expectantly.

"Just under six inches," voiced Laura.

She once again took the ruler and then gave my bottom another whack with it, causing my hands to reach around in protection and my cock to once again snap bolt upright, slapping once again against my stomach.

"He seems to like that doesn't he," she laughed.

She seemed to be right, the whole situation was getting too much for me, highlighted by the large pearl of pre-cum which had forced it's way out of the tip of my penis and was sitting precariously on the tip of my dick.

"Oh my God, he's going to cum," roared Laura on seeing the emerging pre-cum.

At the same time giving me another whack, which caused my cock to lurch around violently, and the pre-cum to dangle from my bell-end.

"You dirty bastard, you really do needing punishing, give me a hand Louise." She beckoned as she pushed me into the chair behind me.

Louise did as she was told and held me in place as Laura ordered Julie to pass the cellophane tape from the desk. It was obvious the office junior was now in charge.

Having got the tape Laura strapped my right wrist to the chair arm before getting

Louise to do the same with my left. They then added tape to my mouth. I was now completely helpless, sat in front of my colleagues with a raging hard-on, smothered in pre-cum.

"Right you dirty bastard, now you really get punished," sneered Laura, grabbing my right nipple and twisting it with unconcealed glee.

This was incredibly painful, but at the same time it sent a powerful surge to my groin which resulted in my cock twitching violently and more pre-cum seeping from my cock. This wasn't lost on Laura.

"Look, he fucking loves it. Go on Lou, you give him some," she urged.

With this Louise took hold of my left nipple and twisted, although not as violently as Laura, the result was much the same, my cock lurched infront of the watching audience, much to their amusement.

Laura then motioned to Carol and Julie, "Come on you two, don't just stand there watching."

They made their way, as instructed, around the table and each pinched a nipple, causing me to let out a muffled howl in pain. As before, though, the pain was accompanied by an obvious response in my dick.

This seemed to particularly excite Carol, who reached down to my balls. At first she lightly brushed against my testicles, adding to the pleasureable sensations. Then without warning she gripped my balls.

"Let's see if he likes this!" she exclaimed.

The wickedness on Carol's face was only matched by the force of her grip, which caused me to take a sharp intake of breath and a feeling of nausea to spread through my body. This was reflected in my penis which began to visibly soften under the attack.

"Hey, your not allowed to go soft," snapped Laura, smacking my wilting dick with the ruler.

It was hopeless, my cock shrank and shrivelled as I fought back the feeling of sickness.

"Oh dear, I think I've killed it," scoffed Carol.

Laura wasn't happy about this turn of events and moved in close to snarl at me.

"You'd better get your tiny, little cock hard again, or I'll smack it so hard with this ruler that it will never get hard again."

Her words though were lost on me, I'd found myself staring intently at her breasts.

Her nipples were clearly erect and poking through her bra and white blouse.

"Have you seen it, staring at my titties, that's what got it in trouble in the first

I was oblivious, and she realised it, another smack with the ruler to my dick.

"Do you like my titties then?"

The next smack with the ruler to my flaccid dick demanded an answer, I nodded a response.

"Well then let's see if you like this," she whispered.

With this she moved in front of me and unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse.
Then she placed her hands on my shoulders and lent towards me, I was left with a clear view of her pert, small breasts, encased within the white bra I'd seen earlier.

I was transfixed.

The effect this had on my penis was clear for them all to see, I could feel the blood surging to my cock.

"Well done, nurse Laura, the patient seems to be responding," joked Louise.

"I thought this might work, now let's see if he likes this."

With this Laura reached up and pushed her breasts together forming a cleavage inches from my face. I moaned audibly.

"Oh, you do like that don't you titty-boy. Is your cock getting all hard?" breathed Laura.

I could feel my cock rising as she spoke to me.

"Well if he likes my tits he'll love yours Carol. Go on give him a treat", urged Laura. "Just leave his balls alone."

With this she stepped away, and Carol moved in front of me. Carol always displayed a large amount of flesh, and I'd had many a wank thinking of her ample tits. Now they were thrust in my face, and my cock showed its appreciation by standing to full attention.

I could see Carol glance down at my member and this only made me throb even more. She reached up to her top and pull down the material providing me with an amazing view of her fleshy tits bursting out of the black bra that held them in place.

"Do you like them then?"

My taped mouth moved forward, as I tried to get to Carol's tits.

Then she also pushed them together, forming a massive cleavage and jiggling them up and down in my face.

"That's enough Carol," said Louise, "He looks like he might explode. Come on Julie, it's your turn".

Up until now Julie had been a peripheral figure, seemingly taken aback by the events that had unfolded before her. Now she stepped forward like an obedient child.

I was way past caring at this point and fixed my gaze upon her chest. She began by removing her suit jacket and then began to unbutton her blouse. She not only undid the top buttons but carried on unbuttoning them all, leaving her pink bra exposed to my lustful gaze.

I ached for relief all over and as my cock twitched violently, my taped mouth strained to reach Julie's tantalising breasts. As if in a trance, Julie responded to this by reaching up and cupping her breasts infront of my pleading eyes. I jerked violenty, desperate to free my hand so I could provide my aching cock with the relief it needed.

"Blimey, he looks like he's going to shoot his load," exclaimed Carol.

This seemed to break Julie's trance and she stepped away, revealing my engorged purple member, glistening with pre-cum.

"Fuckin' hell," said Louise, "Someone put the poor bugger out of his misery".

I looked around pleadingly, my hips thrusting up and down as I sought relief. Then

Laura moved to my right-hand side and reached over to take hold of my aching cock. The sight of her small fingers around by penis nearly made me shoot my load instantly, but somehow I held off.

As she struck a steady rhythm with her hand, she looked towards Julie.

"Come on Julie, give me a target to aim for," she ordered.

Julie, again did as she was told, kneeling down in front of me. As she did this Carol reached behind her.

"Let's see if you can hit these Laura?" Carol laughed as she unclipped and yanked away Julie's bra.

Julie's breasts jiggled in front of me and I lifted my hips up to get my cock even nearer to her luscious tits.

I looked down to see Laura's hand flashing up and down my throbbing cock. I was aching for release.

The final straw came, when Laura paused with her wanking to unleash a large amount of spittle onto my rampant cock, it slid down my penis, in which the purple veins looked liked they would burst.

As she grasped my cock and began to slide her fingers up and down its freshly lubricated length I stretched my legs out and tensed every muscle to try and delay the inevitable ejaculation.

It was pointless, I moaned and writhed, and sensing my predicament Laura pointed my cock towards Julie's tits as she continued to wank me furiously. In addition to this Carol had reached around and was now holding a dazed Julie's breasts expectantly.

I thrust my hips causing the first stream of cum to blast out, it flew over Julie's shoulder and landed on Carol behind her, causing her to let out a squeal of objection. The next surge landed directly on Julie's left breast, leaving a streak of white jism on her skin.

This was followed by jet after jet, which left Julie's tit's glistening and drenched in cum, and still Laura wanked me until the last dregs seeped out of my bell-end and dribbled down her fingers.

My body twitched and I was left drained, satisfied and completely punished.