Amy, the Cockteasing Nurse's Aide Chps. 1-2


Bill Mitchell was a lucky man. He had been in a serious motorcycle accident and had some severe injuries, but it was all in his arms and legs. Nothing internal, no head injury, and he would end up with only one scar, that being on his thigh. He had been very lucky indeed. But right now he was confined to a hospital bed with all four limbs immobile in one way or another. Casts, traction, splints, you name it, he had them. Doctors told him he'd recover fully. His golf swing might suffer, but other than that he'd be fine.

He'd been in this place for two weeks now and since he was finally off all pain medication except for some Tylenol and Advil, he was starting to go a little nuts. The doctors had told him it would be at least three more weeks before he could get out of there. Being relatively new in town he didn't have many friends, certainly no real close ones. A few work friends had stopped by a couple of times, but mostly he was lonely and very, very bored. For that very reason he had been happy that Amy, the volunteer nurse's aide had started visiting him a few days ago. Once he didn't need regular nursing care, the hospital had a program for volunteers to come by and visit with, read to and feed (since Bill could in no way feed himself) patients like himself.

Amy was an attractive young woman, girl would be more like it. He guessed she was sixteen, though she had explained that she'd wanted to be a volunteer all through high school, but the hospital had strict rules that you had to be at least 18. Her 18th birthday had been just two months ago. Bill wasn't sure he believed that, she looked no more than 16. Amy had curly strawberry blond hair, eyes the color of emeralds, freckles all over her face, and it was just the right combination to call her extremely cute. She was rather slender and tall and one thing Bill had noticed about her right away were her long, slender fingers. Her hands looked as if she were born to play the piano, though she'd told him she never had. Her breasts were small, but noticeable. But for an ass man like Bill, she was a knockout. She had long, shapely legs that came together to form a tight round ass that would attract attention from any man. And she dressed to show off her attributes to their best. Tight, tight short, shorts. Short skirts. Occasionally very lightweight tight stretch pants. And God what she did to a too small pair of jeans.

Bill even felt guilty when he had any lewd thoughts about the girl. At 36 he was twice her age, and she was a very nice companion. She told him she only had a couple of patients she was assigned to. She planned to go into nursing and really enjoyed the practical experience. She spent at least a couple of hours a day with him. Talking, feeding, reading him the newspaper. He enjoyed it because she seemed much older than her years, it was not like visiting with a teenager. And he couldn't help but have sexual fantasies about her. It was a combination of that great ass and the fact he had not had any sexual relief in a long time. He knew that it was ridiculous, but he couldn't help himself. But he was very glad for the company.

Bill noticed a subtle change since her first visit. Amy seemed to be having more physical contact with him. Touching him when she laughed, brushing against him in some way while she was feeding him, things like that. Also the conversations became much more personal. It's to be expected that when you get to know someone better, that you open up, but this was more of a sexual nature. She would ask him about girlfriends (they had established early on that he'd never been married) things like that. But more significantly, Amy was starting to tell Bill about her romantic life. It wasn't long before she'd made it clear she was no virgin. It wasn't terribly overt, but it was starting to get to Bill. Amy seemed to sense, and smile, when Bill would start to shift and squirm because he was having trouble waiting until she left for the fantasies to start running through his brain.

Because they couldn't change any clothes on Bill due to the casts, traction devices and so on, they just left him naked in bed and well covered. Since it was summer and warm out, during the day it was often just a thin sheet over him. When Amy would touch and obviously flirt with him, which she did more and more each day, his cock would react. To Bill's credit he didn't want this to happen and was able to largely control it. But he couldn't keep it from at least starting to swell.

Now would be the time to tell you something about Bill. If you look up the word 'hung' in the dictionary you will see Bill's picture. Bill is not one of these guys you read about who has a foot long dick as thick as a beer can (I doubt there are really men like that, but if there are they are damn rare). Bill has a huge cock! It is an honest ten inches long and about the diameter of the cardboard tube on a roll of toilet paper. This does not make the Guinness Book of Records, but it is a big damn cock. When fully engorged the head is the size of a small plumb. His balls are also very large, each about the size of a golf ball. These are not the dimensions you read about in porn stories, these are the dimensions of a real guy who has a huge package.

The fateful day Amy was discussing her boyfriend issues with Bill and asked him "Bill, do you think size matters?"

Quite taken aback, Bill replied "I'm not sure what you mean, in what way?"

"Well, I have pretty small tits, and guys obviously like girls with bigger ones. Some of my boyfriends have even told me that they wish my tits were bigger. Maybe its why I let them have sex with me. I've even, well well, I've even, uh you know, oh Hell, I've even given the ones I really like blow jobs. You know to make up for disappointing them with my small tits."

Now Bill was totally out of his element. He really had no idea what to say. My God, this was a girl. And she had befriended him, and now trusted him to be this honest. He was really afraid of messing up. "Well Amy, boys your age may be obsessed with breast size, but its only because they are so immature. They haven't yet learned that the attraction in women takes many forms. Large breasts are a turn on to one man, while something else is more important to another." Bill was sweating a bit, but felt like he had handled that well.

"Well what about in men?"

Now Bill's head was completely spinning, "I'm sorry Amy, you've lost me. What are you asking now?"

"What about size in men, does it make a difference. Look, I overheard the nurses. They didn't know I could hear, but they were talking about how big your cock is."

Bill blushed deeply.

With that she grabbed the sheet and turned it down so Bill's semi hard cock was completely exposed. " I've known it was really big, even through the sheet. I've never been with a boy that had a cock anywhere near that big and all total, I've either fucked or sucked ten different guys. The biggest wasn't nearly this size (she said pointing so as to almost touch it) and you aren't even hard yet. And I want to see what its like to play with a really big one."

Bill was stunned and mortified, "Amy, DO NOT DO THIS, pull that sheet up now!" Bill's cock was definitely starting to shrink. While he may have had his fantasies about Amy, this was out of control and he knew it.

"Aw, Bill. Please let me just have a look. I need to know about this if I'm going to be a nurse. Besides, we're friends now, and after all this time you must be very horny. All the guys I know about want to cum every day or so. You aren't that much older, surely you must be horny after being tied up her for weeks, aren't you?" Amy said all of this with a wicked smile.

Bill tried to regain some control of the situation, but that was not to be "Amy, this isn't right. Please, cover me back up, NOW! Please"

Amy finally reached down and just touched his cock. In spite of Bill's anxiety, Amy had done what she intended during her visits, and as she just rested her hand on Bill's cock, it began to harden. "Wow, its going to get much bigger than I thought. Wow" she really was getting wide eyed. Amy had no frame of reference. She never imagined a cock could really get this big. She slipped her other hand under it so that she now held it with one hand below and one above, and was just lifting it up to look at. This was more than Bill could stand and his massive cock continued to grow.

"Amy, this isn't right, you really need to stop." Bill couldn't help his reaction, but he still had enough control left to realize this was a bad situation.

"Bill, I've given lots of hand jobs in my life. Surely you could use one, couldn't you?" She looked straight into his eyes as she said this, and with an expertise he would never have imagined out of one so young, she slowly pumped his cock. She touched all the right places and she was quickly moving him toward a massive orgasm.

Somehow, against all his male urges, he said "Amy, I really want you to stop, now!" Bill was on the verge of cumming any second. He knew if she didn't stop now he would. As much as he needed to, he really didn't want this to happen.

As she slowed her stroking, for the moment looking at his massive cock, her eyes tracing from one end to the other, then back, she finally said, "Bill, I don't want to do anything you don't want, but I'd love to see this thing cum. Do you really want me to stop now?" But the stroking continued as she looked back to his eyes with a look of complete lust on her face.

Bill was about to lose it. Of course he didn't want her to stop. He wanted to, Hell needed to, cum in the worst way, but he held on to his sense of right and wrong and blurted "Stop!, Yes Amy I want you to stop, NOW!"

She stroked him about four more times. One more and there was no way he could have kept from cumming, though he was trying not to as hard as he could. "Okay, if that's what you want, I will. But we are both going to regret this. And I better go now, we'll talk about it tomorrow." With that she was up and gone. She left him uncovered, but fortunately for Bill, by the time a nurse came in (which was much, much later) he had calmed, and softened to normal, so the nurse just covered him without comment. Evidently assuming someone else had just made sure he was comfortable in the heat.

Amy - the Nurse's Aide Part 2

Amy showed up as usual the next day. As she came through the door Bill's pulse went up. She was wearing very tight, very short shorts, a tight tee-shirt that barely came below her small breasts (and even from across the room it was obvious she had nothing on under it) and a pair of those high-heel platform sandals, that made her legs look great! Bill was confused by his feelings, but he was definitely getting turned on.

"Hi, are you mad at me?" she started out, in a little girl way.

"You mean about yesterday? No, I'm not mad at you, but what happened was wrong." He had decided he was going to be direct. She had, and that seemed the best way to deal with this.

"Why?" Amy asked rather forcefully.

He wasn't prepared for this response. He had expected she would be contrite and admit it was wrong, apologize and that would be the end of it. That wasn't going to happen. Consequently he was at a lost for a reply, and he just muttered without saying anything.

"Did you not like it? Did it not feel good? Why was it wrong? Is it because I don't turn you on, are my tits too small, why was it wrong? Its okay, just tell me you aren't turned on by me and it won't happen again, okay?"

It took Bill a couple of seconds to figure out what Amy had said. He couldn't lie to her. Hell, he was so turned on by her it didn't know how to deal with it. And the thin sheets in his lap made it hard to hide. He was getting hard quickly, even though he felt very guilty about it.

She had a bold smile on her face as she finally came over to the edge of the bed. He had still said nothing. "But unless you tell me that I don't turn you on, I'm going to do it again" she said.

"No Amy, I can't tell you that, and you know it. Its obvious you turn me on. But I'm twice your age, that's why we can't do this."

"Good, I'm glad its not that I don't turn you on!" and then she turned and walked to the door and closed it. When she returned to the bed, she turned down the sheet that was now tenting quite a bit "Wow, I can see that turning you on isn't the problem." she giggled as she watched his cock get harder and harder right before her eyes. "Bill, you could yell for someone and I'm sure they would come, and it would be obvious from the circumstances that if anyone had done something wrong it would be me. You could hardly be thought to have 'made' me do anything in your circumstances. So either yell, or lie back and enjoy this!" And with that she started to run her finger tip up and down the shaft of his cock. It gave him a shiver.

He wanted to let this happen. She had given him a need. He knew he should stop this, but damn it he didn't want to. He didn't have the will power to. And she was making him harder by the minute. She was now stroking his cock with both hands again. Her top hand, she made sure, slid all the way up over his head and when it reached the top of the stroke she did a wrist rotation that caused her fingers to rub right around the crown of his corona. She did this two or three times each stroke. She quickly had him on the edge of cumming. He had done as she suggested. He was lying back and enjoying it. He still hadn't said anything since his one sentence response to her initial question. He closed his eyes just as he reached the point of orgasm. She immediately stopped even touching him.

Bill's eyes flew open. Her saw that smile on her face. "Bill, I want you to watch." His eyes lowered to look at her hands, which she then put back around his cock. He could see the long slender fingers wrap around his shaft. Even her long fingers barely reached all the way around. She very slowly and lightly started to stroke him some more. The pause hadn't been long enough. He was again back at the edge of cumming in a matter of seconds. He was moaning softly. His balls were boiling and his cock was hard as steel. It felt as big as it had ever been. One more time she stopped just as he was positive he would explode. Precum flowed freely from the tip and his balls were contracted nearly up into his stomach, but he didn't get off. He groaned loudly and looked pleadingly into her eyes.

Amy just smiled and this time she wrapped those fingers around his balls and started to roll each one back and forth. He thought it felt like someone and started to shoot electricity through them. He was squirming something fierce. She just kept playing with his balls. "Bill, you haven't said anything. You're obviously turned on, but is it me that turns you one or just the fact that your cock is being stroked?"

She had destroyed any chance he had to resists this. He now needed to cum badly. And it was true that it was she, sure it was she stroking his cock, but still she herself turned him on greatly. "Amy, you turn me on very much."

She stopped completely again, "Do I really or is it just that you want to get your rocks off?"

"No Amy, that's not it" he was having a very hard time thinking or focusing.

"If you really want me to believe I turn you on, you have to tell me what it is about me that does it."

He blurted it out without thinking, "You have a great ass! Well, I mean, uh...damn, you have such nice legs and, ... oh Hell, you have a great ass!" He could hardly talk.

She turned her ass toward him and looked over her shoulder at him and while standing on her tiptoes (which just happened to tighten her ass even more) said, "Do you really think so?"

Yes, he really thought so. And now he wanted her to go back to stroking his cock which was throbbing. "Yes Amy, I really do"

"I've always known it was my best attribute" she said smugly. And she went back to just feeling his balls. It made him moan. "Does that feel good Bill?"

He had lost any hope of control now, "Yes it feels very good, but I, uh, I can't... well I can't cum that way."

"But Bill yesterday you told me you didn't want me to make you cum. Males! You can never make up your mind" she said in an obviously teasing manner. "I told you I've sucked off guys I really like, and I really like you Bill! I bet you could cum if I put your cock in my mouth and sucked on it, couldn't you?"

The very thought of it make his balls tighten even more. Because of the size of his cock, Bill had rarely received a blow job, but now that Amy had put the thought in his head it made his need to cum even greater. "I'm sure it would Amy" not knowing what else to say.

And with that she bent her lips to his cock. At first she just licked around the head, soon she was giving his entire cock a tongue bath. He was moaning non-stop. It felt so good he was going crazy. He couldn't help himself, he kept thrusting his hips.

"Okay, now try and hold still, its awful big, but I'm going to try" with that she cupped his balls in one hand and put her other hand so she was pushing down on his stomach to hold him still and keeping his massive dick sticking straight up. She slowly slid her lips over the head of his cock and was licking and sucking at the same time. Bill was trying to hold still but couldn't. Amy was pushing down hard to keep his movement to a minimum. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down and back and forth all at once. The head of Bills cock was being stimulated so much it was pulsing. Once again she had him racing toward an orgasm. To his total amazement Amy let almost all of his cock slide out of her mouth so that her lips were just kissing the very tip of his cock and then she began to slowly slide it back in, but this time she didn't stop when she had the whole head in. She kept slowly engulfing the shaft too. No woman had ever been able to take this much of Bill's cock in her mouth. Amy had almost half of it in. Bill could feel the very back of her mouth and still she managed to take in more. She had about two thirds of it in and Bill could tell that the tip was actually slightly into her throat. He couldn't believe it! Slowly she slid back up his pole, when her lips were just at the base of the head so that only it was in her mouths she started back down. This time he swore it was even more that she took. She did this very slowly about four times. Bill was going to cum NOW!

She came back up again, but kept going all the way until Bill's cock popped out of her mouth. She stopped touching him altogether. A loud groan came out of him.

"No, oh God, I was so close, ohh" he moaned. Bill realized that compared to Amy, he'd never had a 'real' blow job in his whole life.

He looked at Amy's face and she was grinning like the Cheshire cat. "I just couldn't do it any longer, I'm really sorry Bill." But she didn't look one damn bit sorry, nor did he believe she couldn't have gone on. She simply knew he was about to shoot his load and didn't want that to happen yet. This girl was a cock teaser extraordinaire as Bill was finally figuring out.

She reached over and hefted his swollen balls in her palm. "My these are getting heavy, they must be very full" she giggled. She just let them lay in her hands while Bill's orgasm slipped away, but not far away.

"Amy, please!" he was getting desperate.

She gently eased his balls down and wasn't touching him at all as she asked with fake innocence "Please what Bill? Do you want me to put it in my mouth again? I really don't think I can handle any more of that right now. You aren't one of those guys who would want me to do something that I wasn't even enjoying are you? I'll be really disappointed if you are."

"No, Amy, I definitely wouldn't want that," but he really didn't care at this moment, he just wanted to cum anyway possible. "I just want you to, well you know"

"No Bill I don't, tell me, what do you want?" she teased some more.

"Amy, please! You know what I want." It was becoming obvious she was going to make him beg.

"I want you to tell me."

She won, "Amy, please make me cum, please."

"There, that wasn't so hard was it? But Bill I don't think you know what you want. Besides, I think you're so horny your let any woman get you off, even that old hag of a nurse that works here in the afternoon, wouldn't you?"

"No Amy, I want you to make me cum, really I do, please!"

"Bill, yesterday I wanted to make you cum and you said no. I want to make you cum today too, but I'm worried that you'll regret it afterwards. I think you're just so horny you may not be thinking straight. And I don't want to be responsible for any remorse on your part, so here is what we're going to do. When I first get her tomorrow we'll talk. You think about it until then and if before we start you tell me that you still want me to make you cum, I'll give you a surprise you will never forget, okay?" And with that she covered him up.

"Oh Amy, I won't regret it, I promise. I really want you to make me cum, really. Please. I can't wait until tomorrow. You have me so turned on. I need you to make me cum, please don't do this" he was begging and she was loving it!

"No Bill, we're going to do it my way or not at all. Also, I've been waiting to tell you this, but tomorrow is the last time I can come here. The following day I leave for college across the state. So I'm afraid It will be our last time together. If you had let me make you cum yesterday it could have happened three times, now tomorrow will be our only chance. So you think about that before our talk and be sure what you want."

"NO! Amy, please. At least if you make me cum now we could have twice. Please don't leave me like this. I really have a bad case of blue balls now."

She smiled that pretty, wicked smile at him and said "Yes, I know." Then she turned and walked across the room, opened the door and left.

"Amy, AMY, AMY PLEASE" he called after her, but she never paused or turned back. He damn near wept. She had made it so he would not be able to think of anything else until she returned tomorrow. And the blow job she had given him would probably haunt him he rest of his life!

Bill's cock was twitching and pulsing. He had the worst case of blue balls of his life. He had to be ready when Amy arrived tomorrow, not getting his rocks off was simply not an option.

To be continued...