The Four D’s and a Road Trip Chps. 1-2

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As all these stories seem to start off with the proclamation that “this is a true story” , I will make this one no exception, and add no “names have been changed to protect the innocent”, because no one is innocent. I swear! Now that that is out of the way... this is simply what happened to me, several years ago, (let's say more than 20 years ago) on my way to the Florida Beaches with four college friends of mine, Denise, Dana, Donna and Diana. All four girls and I were out of college at the end of the winter semester, late in the spring of '78 and decided on a impromptu road trip to Florida. Diana was a 20 year old drop-dead gorgeous red head, kinda' tall with long shapely legs leading up to a firm tight ass and had the most beautifully bright, sparkling and mischievous eyes. Diana was the one I knew best and the one that put together our little outing. She and I had had a few classes together over the past 3 years and shared several lunches together but that was about all. We flirted a lot with each other but no dates and no sex. We were just the best of buds. One I could share all my girl and/or school problems with, as very often she shared with me.

Dana was a friend of Diana's from school or sorority I guess. I did not know her real well. She had always been friendly when I had spoken with her but only in a polite sort of way. She was never as sociable or talkative as the other girls I met in classes. She was always kind of distant and quiet, keeping to herself mostly and not to trying to fit in as much. Dana was however a knockout brunette and prone to wearing the shortest shorts and tightest halters. [Remember... this was the 70's, shorts were very short... for girls and guys.] She seemed the type that didn't want you to touch anything, but sure didn't mind showing it off.

Denise was just the opposite of Dana, very outgoing, very friendly and always in a good mood. She was a bit heavier than the other girls, but that says very little, as the others were all on the thin side. Denise did have the largest most perfectly shaped set of boobs I had ever had the pleasure being introduced to however. I say "introduced" because after a few Tequilas one night, she brought them out to meet me. She introduced them as Beth and Mary, whom she said wanted very much to make my acquaintance.

"The girls both want to give you a small peck on the cheek." "Would that be OK?" she drunkenly purred in my ear.

"Sure thing." Absolutely." "Anytime." I blurted out, trying to sound cool and not too eager. However, after the twins had lavished their bit of affection on me, the three of them promptly fell asleep on the couch.

Donna I really didn't know. I had seen around campus but that was all. She's a short girl and very cute; though she was 18, she looked like she was 13-14 years old. The best adjective I can think of to describe her is devilish or maybe pixie-like. She always looked like "the cat that just ate the canary" and was waiting for you to look the other way to grab another one.

Anyway... we all piled into Denise's '73 Chevy four-door. We were packed in tighter than sardines. Most of our junk was in the trunk; but girls being girls, we were overloaded. Half of the floor in the back was covered with coolers and stuff for easy access. Denise was driving. Dana sat up front to keep her company. I was in the back with Donna on my left and Diana on my right. After driving 30 minutes to an hour, Donna had already fallen asleep on a pillow leaning against the window on her side of the car. Dana and Denise were chatting 90 to nothing in the front seat, when Diana and I decided to follow Donna's lead and get some rest as well. I leaned on Donna and Diana leaned on me. Diana and I were really getting bored with the chit chat up front anyway and wanted to be well rested when we got to the beach.

I woke up a bit later with a stiff back, being stuck in one position for so long. I tried to shift my weight some, but I was unable to move due to the cramped quarters. I also noticed that my back wasn't all that had gotten stiff. My dick was stiff too and starting to poke out from under the right leg of my gym shorts. I was just an average college kid with an average 6-7" dong. No monster at all; but I was proud of it just the same. It was just that I customarily don't wear underwear and as I said... shorts were real short back then. There was simply no way to squirm around to hide it without waking everyone in the back seat. To make matters worse, Diana's right hand lay right up against it and it was only getting longer. I knew it was going to wake her sooner or later. I figured the safest thing to do was to play dumb and pretend I was still asleep. Maybe it would go back down if I ignored it. Yes I know... how stupid is that? The more I ignored it, the more it craved attention. The more it craved attention, the harder it got. And the harder it got, the more uncomfortable my pants became. The more uncomfortable it became the more I squirmed, until I finally woke up Diana.

The first thing she did as she awoke was to press down with her right arm to sit up... right onto my rock hard, average length, male member. She didn't yelp like I figured or ridicule me for being such a pervert. She left her hand right where it was and simply peaked up at me to see if I was awake. I continued to play dumb, eyes closed and very still. Denial was going to be my strategy. Then she really surprised me. She grabbed it tighter, wrapping her fingers all the way around it. With that squeeze, it jumped up off my leg into her soft fingers and got even harder. I didn't think that was possible. It was so hard already it hurt. Unfortunately, she could only reach the 1-2 inches at the tip; the rest was still hidden in my pants leg. With her right thumb on the underside, just under the head, and her palm on the top, she began short, gentle tugs on the purple head. After a tug or two, she'd look up at me to check my reaction. I was still playing dead. But, the dead were beginning to come to life. I was breathing faster and I was sure my heart was going to jump out of my chest with each beat.

"Dana. Denise. Look at this." she whispered to the girls up front as she laid her head back on my shoulder. Dana turned around to peer over the seat and Denise cranked the rearview mirror down to see what she was whispering about. Dana glanced at my swollen penis head and then up at me and back at my dick.

"Leave that thing alone. You'll wake him up." Dana insisted.

"No don't. Keep it up." Denise giggled at her own pun. Adding, "I mean... Keep massaging it. See what it'll do."

"Keep your eyes on the road Denise" Dana complained.

"I'll tell you what it'll do. It'll spit sperm all over the back seat." Diana explained, still slowly tugging at the head of my dick.

"Well, see how long you can keep it up then. At least keep it up till it's Dana's turn to drive so I can come back there. I want to play with it some" Denise pleaded.

"OK, what if I wake him before then? I don't see how he can take this and not wake up sometime soon", Diana inquired.

"Tie him up, and strip him," Denise offered.

"Like that's not gonna wake him up knothead. Just go slow with it. Slow as you can... it'll stay stiff. Get some lotion out of my purse there on the floor and rub that on it. It'll keep the friction down and maybe help some", Dana said.

"What makes you the dick scholar Dana?", Denise demanded to know.

"I've massaged my share of pricks, girlfriend. Don't you worry," came the retort.

Diana proceeded to get the hand lotion out of Dana's bag and apply some to my exposed 2 inches. She then resumed her stroking, this time more round and round only the tip of the head itself. With all the pre-come and lotion mixed, things were quite lubricated and I was in heaven. I was still playing dead. I was afraid to wake up; I knew they would quit if I did. This continued for another hour or so. Diana never seemed to get bored with my penis. She wouldn't make it come, but she wouldn't let it go limp either. It was ecstasy and torture at the same time. I didn't want it to end and I wanted to come. Diana would just keep her head on my shoulder, staring down at my dick and sighing occasionally as she stroked.

Well what finally got the best of me was my back. I had to move. Which meant, I had to stop playing dead. I moaned as I stretched and feigned waking up. Rubbing the fake sleep from my eyes, I asked, "What are you doing Diana?" as if I didn't know. I tried to act embarrassed, which I was, and a little upset with them for taking advantage, which I wasn't.

"What does it look like dumbass. Your dick stuck it's head out of your drawers. I didn't pull it out. You want me to quit," Diana questioned. I noticed Denise intently peering at me through the rearview mirror.

"Well......... No...........It feels good.........I'm sorry......... I didn't mean to..."

"Take your pants off!" Diana ordered, cutting off my stammering.

"And your shirt too," Denise added, as Dana rolled her eyes at her.

"Or no more penis massage, no nothing" Diana threatened.

"On top of that... if you don't do all we say... as we say it... when we say it, when we get back I'll tell everybody on campus you did it anyway. Besides, you are enjoying yourself aren't you?," Diana went on to add…

"Rule number one: you say nothing unless spoken to, unless we say otherwise.

Rule number two: your naked body has to remain naked the entire time, unless we say otherwise.

Rule number three: we get access to your bod whenever and however we want.

Rule number four: you don’t touch your dick, not even to pee, anywhere, anytime unless we say otherwise.

Rule number five: any disobedience will punished in a way WE see fit and at our discretion

Rule number six: uhmmm… I guess there is no rule six… for now.”

After a few seconds thought I agreed to their demands and took off all my clothes without saying a word. Now I am totally open to them, vulnerable. I am a plaything to do with as they please. How bad can that be? ... right? Orgasm after orgasm sounds great. I had to stop my musing as Diana was now pulling on my entire well lubed shaft a little faster and a little more aggressively. My eyes rolled back in my head as I pushed my penis further into her hand.

Denise yelled from the front seat, "Slow down! You will make it shoot, and I won't get a chance to play with it." Diana slowed almost to a stop.

Dana, still staring straight ahead, said, "You can always get it back up and make it shoot again Denise. As many times as you want if you know how... at least until he passes out that is," she said with a wicked smile. She then attempted to explained penis behavior to Denise, as if everybody should know whatever she knew about penis management.

I am quietly thinking... hummmm.... passing out from cumming too much.... I'll give it a try if you guys will. Diana stopped totally. She didn't let go she just stopped and held it firmly in her fist. I began to panic. Contemplating very dark blue balls, "Don't quit Diana" I started to say. I got as far as "Doh" and Diana and Dana both instructed in unison..."NO TALKING!"

I shut up and sat still. After she had slid her hand up and off my slippery snake, Diana turned her hand over and started a slow side back down. Now she was milking my dick up into the air; no more pumping with her fist. She would pull it up with a tight grip and come back down with a loose one, then repeat.

"Denise. You might want to pull over and so you can watch this. I am going to make him come. Then we can each take turns making him shoot till he passes out like Dana said. K?"

"K. Time to swap drivers anyway. I'll come around there so I can see better without breaking my neck" Denise agreed as she pulled onto the side of the interstate. She gets out of the car and comes around to Diana's side door as Diana is still milking me. I feel like I am about to pass out as my dick is going to blow apart, shooting my insides everywhere. Denise opens the door, leans in and asks "Why don't you get him out here so he won't make a mess in my car. Besides I wanna see better."

Diana says nothing as she slides out, pulling me by my dick after her. I stand with my naked butt facing the back of the car as Diana shifts back into furious fisting mode. Denise crouches to her knees facing my dick on my right and Diana is bent over at the waist jacking for all she is worth on my left. Her fist is a blur. At least I assume it is but I can't see a thing. My eyes are closed. My hands are on my ass. My back is arched back as if to push my dick further into Diana's palm. I am up on my toes and my knees are shaking so badly that Denise extends her left arm out to my waist to help steady me before I fall.

"Here he goes," Diana says to all. Diana, Denise, and now Dana, stare straight my hard dick (I peeked) as I shoot stream after stream of jism straight out onto the side of the road. Load after load blasts forth soaking a line four feet long on the pavement narrowly missing Denise and the car door. I try not to utter a word as per their instructions. All I do is moan loudly and attempt to catch my breath. As the fourth and fifth shots subside to a dribble by the seventh, Denise says excitedly,

"That was coooooool. You better be sure I can get him to do that again Dana or I'm gonna be pissed."

Diana continues to pump my member for more sperm, more slowly now until she can get no more. She drops my softening dick to plop against my leg and says to Denise, "He's all yours now."

Opening the front passenger door she orders Dana over to the drivers seat. Denise helps me back into the back seat as if I was an invalid. I felt like one. I could barely walk. I was dizzy. My legs felt like rubber. My dick was slowly beginning to shrink and my balls were slowly beginning to drop out of my stomach. After three hours of constant penile "abuse", I wasn't sure if they would ever drop to where they belonged. Denise tells me to have a seat as we both get in the back.

As she closes the door, Donna finally wakes up and asks "What the hell have you guys been doing? Why is he naked?" Nobody answers. As we merge into traffic, Denise takes her turn and starts to massage a little more of her hand lotion onto my member.

"No time off, Honey. My turn now. I am sure I can out do Diana. Right?" My penis answers by starting to straighten back out. "Yeah... I thought so."

Donna murmurs, "Oh... I know what you guys are up to. Cool. I get to play with it too… right?" The girls then explain the rules to Donna as she nods her understanding and approval.


As we get back on the highway, Denise has begun masterfully stroking my now steel hard shaft of man meat [I love those euphemisms in stories like this] with her well lubricated fingers, her head resting on my right shoulder. Donna is carefully juggling my balls in her left hand. As her chin rests on the palm of her right hand, her nose sits only a few inches from prick. Her eyes are glued to Denise's hand and my dick. She never seems to blink as if making mental notes and afraid to miss anything. Talk in the front seat turns to lunch and a break from the drive. They turn into a fast food joint and get out for their break.

Denise yells out from the back seat, "What are we going to do with him? He can't go inside like this," as she gestures toward my stiff dick.

The two girls stop in their tracks. Donna stops opening the car door on her side and settles back into her seat.

"OK. OK. OK. We'll jus' go through the drive-thru then," Dana offers. "What do we care if they get a glimpse of him in the back seat. We will be gone before they can do anything. Right?"

Everyone orders up... mine is ordered for me. We drive around to the window to pay and wait for our food. I am laying back in the back seat, unmoving as per their instructions, with my eyes closed. I really don't care who sees what because Denise is apparently rapidly gaining some experience in dick massage. My dick feels hard as it ever could and I sense she is about to bring forth another gusher. My balls have already disappeared into my stomach (leaving little for Donna to play with). I feel my dick is about to pop from the building pressure. I am in heaven. NO... I am in heaven's heaven.

I hear Dana place the orders and the girl in the window begin to repeat the orders back. Half way through repeating the orders, she stops. I peek through half closed eyes to see a cute girl staring through the window over Dana's shoulder into the back seat, with a very stunned look on her face. After a second or two she appeared to shake herself out of her trance and finish repeating the order. She calmly took our money and, with one more glance at two girls massaging a penis in the back seat of a Chevy, turned to get our order.

After she leaves, all four D’s begin to chuckle and giggle themselves silly.

"I thought she would drop her teeth" Diana said.

"That was priceless," Diana added.

Denise then advised the others, sounding quite please with herself, "He feels like he has another load to go. I think it is about as hard as it was before and it looks even bigger, fatter than before. The head is all purple and puffed up. And his balls are gone!" With that both Dana and Diana turned around in their seats to see, as if to pass judgment on Denise’s observations. Diana only adds, "Yep, looks like it."

"I'll see if I can get him to shoot when she comes back," never slowing or altering her wonderful strokes on my dripping rod. My legs are out straight and stiff, and my toes are almost curled over backwards. I have a butt cheek in each hand holding my ass up off the seat and pushing my dick up as high as I could get it.

Another two girls come to the window and inquire if we would like extra ketchup with our fries. They totally ignore Dana's answer to their question as they break their necks to gawk into the back seat. Denise ignores them and continues her wonderful stroking, though she seems to have a little tighter grip and a little faster tempo now. Donna is still staring at my crotch waiting for the eruption as she slowly caresses my shrunken, empty sack. As the two girls turn to go you can hear plenty of snickers and whispers.

After a minute, maybe two, all three girls return with our food. Hamburgers, fries and cokes were handed across to Dana through the drivers window as each girl continues to stare into the back seat watching Denise and my cock. All three have a huge smile on their face and, as if after hours of practice, chime in unison... "Have a nice day".

Right on cue, as if to punctuate that statement with a BIG exclamation point, my dick lets go with a shower of sperm. It seems to shoot even farther than before and with more volume. My balls felt as if they were shooting out through my dick with the come. Come began to cover Denise's hand and the back of the front seat. It shot into Diana's red hair and over the seat into Diana's lap. It landed in the floor at my feet and all over both my legs. Donna was obviously caught by surprise, and too slow to dodge the shot right to the center of her forehead. The snickers have stopped from the fast food window and are replaced by gasps as Dana answers... "I think we will. Thank you."

As we slowly begin to drive away, my penis continues it's shower. Shot after shot after shot; spasm after wonderful spasm as Denise continues to pump my pulsing member. When I think there can be no more to come from within me, Denise proves me wrong with another shot into her palm (or onto the seatback). I can not describe the ecstasy. I had never before (or since) had a handjob SOOOOO intense or an orgasm SOOOOO long lasting or shot SOOOOO much sperm as I did that time with Denise. And although I am not allowed to talk just then (I don't think I could have anyway), I wanted so badly to tell Denise that she was the best... that orgasm was the best... ever. I kept quiet of course, but I believe she knew. As we merged back onto the highway, she slowed her strokes somewhat and gave me a sweet, knowing and pleased-with-herself smile. She continued her slow and easy strokes for several miles down the road until Donna had cleaned up, finished her lunch, and was able to take over for her. It may have been my imagination, but she seemed to hand my penis over to Donna only very reluctantly. She didn't seem to want to let go. Obviously that wouldn't have satisfied Donna. Donna snatched it from her hands, very eager to start her turn. Swallowing her last bite of burger, Donna advised Denise to "take a break. Let me see what I can get out of him." She advised me to try to suck down some burger and coke as fast as I could as I was "going to need it". I had no doubt of that!