Nurse Nanci


It's 8:00am and I know Nurse Nanci will breeze in that door any minute now and then it will be time. (I can't even say it in my head, what time it will be. If I did say it, even in my head, it would be the tiniest, faintest whisper...bed bath time.) My heart is pounding and I've got a cold sweat breaking out. It's a mixture of excitement, fear, horniness and shame. I remember what happened last bed bath time, and so does she. We haven't talked about it. It was embarrassing all round. You'd expect the embarrassment to be a deterrent to me being horny again about a bed bath. Unfortunately that's just not the way my body sees it. It's a real battle of the wills here.

In case you're wondering why I'm in hospital, yeah, silly me, I had an accident and broke my leg and both my arms. Hell, that's nothing, you should see my car now! My beautiful Subaru WRX is a crumpled mess - sob. Man, I loved that car, and now she's a write-off.

So that's how I came to be lying here with a full cast on my leg, my leg held up in traction, and full casts on both my arms, from my palms to my armpits. For a fit young guy like me it's a total fall from grace, I can tell you. No, the pain is not too bad any more, thanks for asking. The major thing that's hard to get used to is the vulnerability. I can't use my hands at all. Someone has to cut up my food for me and put it in my mouth. I can't get out of bed yet. I can't dress or undress. And then there's all my private functions that someone (a nurse, and usually female) has to do for me. Yes, I think you get the picture. It's a delicate situation.

Anyway, I am going to describe Nanci for you; she's going to be here in a minute. The first thing to notice about her is her smile which totally lights up the room. She has these big green eyes with dark lashes, and these solid eyebrows which make her look like someone you can't mess with, even though I bet she is secretly a bit of a soft-touch. Her complexion is luminous and healthy-looking, and there's a few light freckles across her face that tell me she likes the outdoors when she's not being a nurse. I bet she goes hiking or something. I love it that Nanci's always in a good mood. It gets pretty stressy around here sometimes, especially when there are not enough nurses and an emergency happens. The worst it ever gets with Nanci is that she gets these little vertical lines in the middle of her forehead. No shouting, no twitchy walk...just a slight frown. But she keeps her hair on. You gotta admire that.

Now for the hard part: Nanci is fucking hot. She has this absolutely beautiful hair. Man, I mean glossy, thick, natural red-brown hair. She wears it in a pony tail and it goes swishing from side to side as she walks. She has a wide mouth with beautiful sensuous lips; very, very kissable lips. Now the tits: gorgeous warm-looking tits. Not a whole lot of cleavage; just enough. I'm guessing she's a 36B or C. She's got a neat little waist that tells me she's fit and she probably plays a sport: maybe a ball-sport on a team with other girls. I'm trying not to get excited over Nanci in a netball uniform -- Ohhhh boy. Failed. Cute pear-shaped ass under the nurse's uniform. Shapely legs and a slightly wiggly walk that she's obviously not aware of because it sends off bleeping "girl-alert" signals to every guy who's heart is still beating. Ahhh, Nanci....

I am lying here all day. I get look at the patch of sky and the clouds through my window, and I get to talk on the phone and watch TV. I get lovely nurses to bring me stuff and feed me and talk to me, and the loveliest of all is Nanci. My insurance pays for everything and my job will be right there when I get back. I only have one real problem:

my cock. I'm young, healthy and horny. A total honey called Nanci is coming to wash me all over several times a week. Normally, your most obvious option, unless you're a sleaze-bag who likes taking advantage of pretty nurses, would be to jerk off. Have a wank, man, and do yourself and everyone else a favour. A nice young girl like Nanci doesn't want your raging hard-on staring her in the face when all she is hired to do is wash it. If she was there to play with it, now that would be a completely different matter. But she isn't. Damn! With casts on my hands, what can I do?

"Hi there Dave, how are we today?" Nanci comes in right on cue, looking fresh and pretty as ever. Holy Smoke, my heart is hammering.

"Hey, Nanci, how ya doin'?"

Nanci checks a few things on my chart, and hoists up my blinds up bit so more sunshine comes in.

"What did you have for breakfast? There was bacon and eggs going around."

"Uh, yeah I had that too."

"Hey Dave, you look a little pale today and you're kind of sweaty. Are you feeling OK?"

"Uh yes, I think I'm feeling OK. Not in any pain."

"I'll take your temperature."

She sits on my bed and holds my wrist companionably while I have the dipstick in my mouth. She looks at her watch. I guess she's taking my pulse. My cock gets hard because she's on my bed. I can smell her cologne, which smells faintly like the sea. I lift up my good leg to hide my erection.

"You're fine," she says, taking the thermometer. She peers at my face with a tiny wrinkle of her beautiful brow, "Are you feeling anxious about something?"

"No, no!" (God, how can I tell her?)

"Sure? OK, now we have to do a bed bath today. Would you like to use the bedpan first?"

"No, I' thanks."

"Right, I'll just go and get the gear."

She's back with towels, water, and so on and she's pulling the curtains around my bed.

Once we are surrounded by curtains, I start to feel a little more comfortable. It's like a little private world. Nanci makes the bed lay all the way down and she spreads towels all around me. She unties my hospital gown and slides the arms carefully over one cast, then the other. She carefully places a towel over my groin before the gown comes off. The towel is fluffy and warm from the drier and it smells clean. My cock appreciates having a fluffy warm towel; it feels snug. Nanci takes a plastic bowl of warm water and uses a facecloth to wash my face. Her touch is gentle, confident. She's a girl with a purpose. As she leans close to me I can smell her breath which is sweet, like mint, and there's something else too, it might be tea. I try not to be dirty and stare down her uniform, but it is hard not to, I mean I'm lying down and she's leaning over me. Her boobs swell forward out of her bra when she leans over me, which she is doing now because she's using the electric shaver to shave my beard. My cock starts to tingle. Uh-oh. I try very hard to think of something not sexy. Clingy, cold wet speedos. Thank God that works.

Nanci washes my shoulders and my armpits as best she can around the casts. She washes my chest and then she winds the bed forward to make me sit up so she can wash my back. The warm facecloth feels very refreshing on my back after all the sweating I've been doing. Then she winds the bed back down again and I'm prone. She washes each of my legs with long, firm strokes and pats them dry. Next is going to be the hard part. I'm resigned now to my fate, now; I have a huge hard erection, which I can't help, and Nanci is going to have to deal with it.

"Ahem," says Nanci when she takes off my groin towel and my cock comes into view. She looks at me. Her look is embarrassed and a little accusatory. She sighs a small, disappointed sigh.

"Look, Nanci, I'm really sorry," I say, "I'm sorry about last time and I'm sorry about this as well. I just can't help it."

Her look is scathing. Wow, those eyebrows really do say 'don't mess with me'.

"Nanci, I hate to do this to you and I know a lot of guys would try it on you,"

"Yes, it happens all the time!" she interrupts.

"But listen, I'm really not like that, and can you think about it for a minute, I've got casts on my arms and my hands, and I can' anything."

Nanci sighs again, but she's not angry any more. I can tell she is starting to sympathize with my situation.

"Let's just get on with it," she says.

She takes a fresh warm washcloth and puts a little liquid soap on it. Without looking at me she soaps up my balls, between my legs, and she wipes my cock from base to tip. Fortunately she only does this once. My cock is still hard but he accepts he's not getting any action and our conversation helped. I mean, last time I didn't see it coming and he got hard and then he got explosively hard and then...well, it was unfortunate. In that film Something About Mary, the guy's cum flew into the air and wound up in his (Ben Stiller's) hair. Believe me, it's not so funny when it happens unintentionally and it winds up in your Nurse's hair. She didn't think so, and neither did I. Right now I am doing nothing but looking up at the sky and thinking of cold wet speedos.

My ass has to get washed too, and she gets me to push up from the bed with my good leg while she reaches underneath and washes me there. This is pretty hot, too, I must admit. When I get out of here I must ask my next girlfriend to occasionally wash my ass with a warm washcloth. It feels so nice.

Finally, it's all done and she pats me dry with more fluffy towels.

After I'm dressed in a fresh gown, she tidies all the used towels into a linen trolley and gets rid of the water. Then a funny thing happens. She comes and sits on my bed again and turns her gorgeous green eyes to me. The curtains are still drawn all around us. In a soft voice which it would be impossible for anyone to overhear, Nanci says,

"You passed the test, Dave."

"Excuse me? I didn't know there was...a test," I stammer.

She looks down at my hand in a cast, which is resting on the bed near her thigh. She places her hand gently over the cast and my fingers. My fingers can feel hers: soft and warm.

"You passed. Next time I'll be washing you more thoroughly. And I'm going to make sure you stay in a private room."

She looks at me and I notice a faint blush spread up her neck and over her cheeks. Her lips part and she takes in a little breath. When she looks at me again from under her lashes, I see her pupils are dilated with desire.

"That is, if you want me to."