Sis Sees Him


I had flown up to my sister's place for a few days vacation after a hectic past few months of work.

My sister, Jane and her hubby, James, who were both 31, had regularly offered for me to come and stay at their place - as I rarely got to see them these days. They lived on the Gold Coast, 1000km north of my home city of Sydney.

Both my sister and her hubby were highly paid professionals, and owned a large house overlooking Palm Beach. It was a great location to get away to, relax and feel totally unwound.

I am a 28 year old, who is very athletic, being heavily into cycling and also enjoying working out at the gym regularly. I always had a huge sex drive, and although I did not have a serious girlfriend at the time of visiting, I had a number of women who enjoyed satisfying my sexual needs back in Sydney. My sex drive had always been high, and I really enjoyed certain sexual acts. For some reason I had always really enjoyed unloading my balls all over a pretty women's face.

I was only going to stay on the Gold Coast for 3 days, as I had to get back to Sydney for some important work that was coming up. Since it was such a short stay, and I didn't know anyone else on the Gold Coast, I presumed that I wouldn't be blessed with a woman's nice wet mouth and woman's hand to relieve my swollen cock and balls. I figured I would have to wank myself off in my sisters spare room that I was staying in, or in the shower in the morning - and just before bed.

I loved wanking. I always loved pleasuring myself. Ever since I began wanking, I loved wanking off. A woman's hand, mouth or wet vagina was a pure blessing, though wanking off at my own pace was heaven in its own right. These days I still loved to jerk my fat cock off with long and slow wank sessions. I love to build up the maximum amount of cum, to shoot as much cum as I can, and experience the maximum pleasure during orgasm.

I always tried to drain my balls in the morning when I got up, and at night before bed. If I missed my early morning or night time wank sessions, I would not be able to function properly. If I missed my morning wank, my balls would be loaded up with so much cum that I would not be able to concentrate on my work. If I missed my night time wank, I would not be able to sleep as my hard on would push into the bed, not allowing me to sleep.

Those days that I did not get to drain my balls in the morning, although frustrating, and clearly affecting my work ability, I really enjoyed as my cum filled balls and dirty mind would tease me all day, so that when I got home id shoot the biggest load of cum when I ejaculated. On these days that I did not get to wank in the morning, my cock would generally thicken up around morning tea time, and id start thinking nasty thoughts, especially when a woman with a nice face was around.

I always had 1 day off work during the week, as my work offered 4 day work weeks. My daily schedule on this day off would be to get up early and go for a bike ride of approximately 50km. After my ride I would usually try to run some errands. I loved going to the shops or the gym after my ride, as my hormones would be raging. I especially loved having my thick dick become semi erect (as I had not yet unloaded my balls), as I thought of shooting my load all over one of the pretty mothers faces walking down the isle of the local grocery shopping centre, or cumming all over the face of one of the ladies at gym that was working out. I loved it. My balls full of cum. Precum oozing out of my thick cock. A pretty woman's face to look at while thinking of my lucky balls unloading all over her face.

Jane and I had had an interesting relationship growing up. She was daddies little girl and always got her way, and I had to accept that she would always generally get her way, even though she often was clearly deceptive when arguing with our parents to get her own way. She was very smart, well educated, very pretty, and had long blonde hair and blue eyes and perfect white skin. All the boys at my primary and high school wanted her, even though she had small tits, they all loved her figure and pretty face. My father and mother thought she was the perfect daughter, as she had also been her Primary School Captain and High School Vice Captain which also gave her added marks.

I always new she had a dark side, and it became clearer to me just how dark that was, when I was listening into a phone conversation she was having with a friend one night when she was 18. She was talking to another girlfriend, and I could just hear the detail of the conversation. They had been talking about their boyfriends. I had heard his name a few times, "Jack", and some other casual talk, and then all of a sudden I heard something that shocked me. I heard my sister say, "Yeah, but he always just wants to shoot his cum in my face". I was shocked. I didn't even know how to masturbate and cum yet, though for some reason the words I just heard stirred some amazing thought sand sensations. Looking back on the day, and now knowing in retrospect, I realize the amazingly erotic feeling was that of my big balls filling up with cum and becoming extra heavy. Not that I knew what to do about it then!

The tone in which she made the statement was quite stable and flowing. She did not seem upset by it, though was just making a comment.

At such a young age, and with my sister being only 18, I had just found out that my sister, with the perfect image - let her boyfriend "Jack" - shoot his load in her face, and regularly by the sounds of it, as she said "always wants to shoot his cum in my face....".

It was 2pm in the afternoon, and my sister Jane and I had been chatting a little, relaxing, and watching the view out to the ocean as their hour overlooked the beautiful Gold Coast beach of Palm Beach. Her hubby James was at work, and she had taken a few days off as well seeing as I was up. That morning I did not get to wank my load out of my cock, as I had bumped into my sister's hubby after my morning toilet stop, and stopped and chatted with him as he got ready for work. As soon as he went I did the dishes, and before I knew it my sister was up and so I quickly got out of my boxers and into my daily clothes. Catching up with James had kept me busy, not allowing me to dump my load onto the sheets in the spare bedroom I was staying in, or even taking an early morning shower where I could dump my load onto the shower floor. My balls would be full of cum today!

Although I hadn't wanked all day, and had an overnights and full morning's worth of cum built up in my balls, I wasn't thinking nasty thoughts as I was just in the company of my sister. My balls were heavy – I knew that, though I wasn't thinking nasty thoughts. All of that changed though during a conversation with Jane.

My sister asked if I was in a relationship. I explained to her that I was not seeing anyone seriously, though I was enjoying my single life. She looked at me and smiled and said,

"I bet you are. I bet that you are only seeing the ones who give good head?."

I was shocked by the forwardness, though we were just joking around and being 100% honest due to the fact we were sister and brother. I replied,

"No that I don't just see the ones that give good head; I am kind of looking for the right woman now."

Then all of a sudden she said with her words trailing off at the end,

"Do need them to take your load in their face as well?"

I couldn't believe what I had just heard.

The "as well" bit was muffled and silently trailed off, as if the shock of actually saying the words had beaten my sisters controlled lips. Though it was without doubt, she had asked if it was important for me for a woman to take my hot load in her face. I did not answer for a second or two, but then replied in a happy joking way,

"That is hot, cumming all over a pretty woman's face".

Jane then replied,

"Nasty. Nasty, nasty, nasty. My little brother is a kinky, naughty boy"

"But it's just so hot. It feels so good when you blow all over a pretty woman's face", I said.

After another few seconds of awkwardness my sister said,

"Well I hope you make a lot, because the more cum you shoot, the hotter it is for the woman as well".

That was it. My cock was now semi erect in my pants, fully loaded with cum and wanting to blow after that 2 minute long conversation, which seemed to linger for a longer period.

I could feel the precum oozing out of my cock head as I watched my sister cut the last few cuts of cucumber with the knife. I watched her hands chop the cucumber quickly, as if trying to make some noise that would cut the quiet that had now occurred, after the explicit conversation my sister and I had just had.

The conversation changed topic, though I did not know what she was saying to me, or I was saying in reply. The words coming out of her mouth, and coming into my ears, were blurred by my brains heinous thoughts. All I could think of was my sister saying that the more cum being blown on the woman's face the better. My balls were aching. My knees were weak from the feeling. I had to shoot the load that had just built up in my balls quickly – or I was sure I would dump it in my pants.

I quickly told my sister,

"I just need to go to the toilet".

She said, "Ok, but don't be too long, lunch is nearly ready".

I went into the laundry next to the kitchen which leads into a toilet. I closed the door behind me and quickly pulled my hard cock out. It was thick. Precum was oozing out. My balls were heavy and totally loaded up with hot cum.

I quickly gave my cock a few good wanks back and forth to give my thick dick the craving it was after. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. It was so nice. Those first few tugs were heaven. My dick was finally happy. It felt so good wanking my cock after listening to my sister say that the more cum blown all over a woman's face the better.

Although I could have blown really quickly, I didn't want to cum too soon, and wanted to enjoy this wank. I thought that I had a maximum 5 minutes in the toilet before my sister would start to wonder what I was doing, so I was able to slow it down a little, with nice big long strokes of my thick cock. Precum was dripping out of the fat purple head.

After a few minutes I heard my sister come into the laundry. She must have been putting a wash on, or taking clothes out of the machine. Either way I was so wound up by now I was wanking hard, though hoping she would not hear by controlling my strokes and not slapping my cock too much back and forth, rather holding firmly and tugging strong and hard.

I thought I was being quiet enough, though then I heard my sister say,

"What are you doing?"

I froze for a second, but the feeling was too good and I just slowly kept wanking.

I replied to her, "ill just be a minute".

I was hoping I would not give myself away, but the sound of my voice gave it away. My voice was so oxygen filled, the way it is when you are in the middle of great sex, that she would have known straight away that I was wanking off. About 30 seconds went by. She had not left the laundry, but I continued wanking hard, hoping to cum quickly so that I could get out of the toilet. The thought of her knowing that I could be wanking was quite a turn on, and my dick was now aching to cum.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Are you enjoying yourself?"

I was busted. She knew.

All of a sudden and coming so naturally I replied,

"Yes, it feels so good".

"That's good to hear" Jane replied.

I was in heaven. I was wanking my fat cock with fully loaded balls, and I knew that my sister knew I was jerking off in her toilet, and that she was actually trying to listen in. It was so kinky and such a turn on.

For some reason – I'm not sure why, but all of a sudden I leant over and turned the door knob and slowly released the door. I didn't fully open it, though released it just enough for my sister to be able to peak in if she wanted to.

It took a few moments, but then there she was. She was looking at me through the small crack of the opened door. She looked down at my fat 7 inch cock and clearly liked what she saw. She was smiling brightly. She grabbed the door and swung it open further so that she could see well.

I stood there looking at her while I wanked. It was hot. It felt so good and so right. I finally realized I was now wanking off for my sister. She was totally engrossed, looking up and down between my eyes and my fat cock.

All of a sudden she walked into the cramped toilet, and pushed me back as she did. I stepped back to accommodate her, continuing to wank my thick cock.

Once enough room was made for her in the cramped toilet space, she knelt down in front of me.

It was pure bliss. My sister was now kneeling in front of me while I was wanking off.

She looked at me, looking at my eyes for a long time while I stroked my big cock. She then turned her face down to be starring at my thick cock as I stroked it, now so ready to cum.

She was now just looking at my cock, watching me wank harder and harder. She knew I was about to cum.

I was ready. My balls were now full of cum and I was about to unload. I needed to drain my balls, and maybe my sister was going to let me drain my bloated balls on her face.

My sister continued to stare at my cock, and must have known I was about to cum from the changes in the strokes. They were now long and slow strokes.

She then looked up at me and nodded.

"Drain your bloated balls over my face. Shoot that wad in my face".

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. My sister had just asked me to drain my balls all over her face.

I was about to get to cream my sister's slut face. She was amazing too look at while jerking my fat cock. Her pretty face, hair pulled back up in a bun and dorky glasses on that looked so hot and would allow me to blow in her face as hard as I could, not worrying about shooting into her eyes. Hopefully she would keep her eyes opened and would let me blow in her face as she watched.

I grabbed her head and guided her to be more underneath my cock head, at the perfect angle to receive my load. She opened her mouth wide, and was staring at me, seemingly urging me on with her eyes. All of a sudden my balls started to unload. My first thick white stream of cum blew out of my cock head and ran up the middle of her head, up her chin, in her mouth and up her nose until shooting into her forehead and into her hair. Her glasses now had a nice thick line of cum running vertically up them. It was the perfect first thick stream of cum, and perfectly aimed as I pulled her head back a little to take it perfectly up her face. A second and third load quickly blew out, and I aimed my dick directly between her eyes to be able to cream her face properly. I blew hard. Her face was covered in my hot load. Cum had begun to drip down off her nose and onto the floor. Then cum on her chin was starting to drip onto her shirt as well.

She kept looking at my cock. It was odd. I never wanted to put my cock in her mouth, and I don't think she wanted to suck my cock, as is normally the case, but she just knelt in front and let me blow all over her face. I didn't want her to wank me either, and nor did she try to wank me. It was as if we both thought that me just standing in front of her and blowing all over her face was nothing incestuous, that we had not broken the lines as we had not touched each other. Which ever perverted logic we both used; it was the perfect excuse for more cum loads to be aimed into my sister's face.

I was now looking at my sister's cum smothered face. It was incredible. She sat there and then just looked up at me and said,

"That was nice".

Jane then ran her fingers over her chin and then ran some cum into her mouth to taste.

"Tastes great too".

I was spent. My dick was now hanging low, after unloading a huge load. I felt incredible, and my sister was sitting below me with my cum all over her face and shirt. She stood up and walked out of the toilet and into the laundry. I walked out a few seconds later after pulling my pants up, and stood watching her clean the cum off her face and shirt with a towel.

I said thank you to her, to which she replied,

"You're welcome, I often dreamed of having you cum all over my face for some reason, as if it was meant to be that one day this day would come".

I was in heaven. My sister had taken my load over her face while fully clothed, and was not upset at all.

"Can I shoot another load over you before James gets home?"

"Yes that would be hot. One more load in my face before he gets home. Then a few more wads tomorrow".

That afternoon at about 4.30pm in the afternoon I blew another load in my sister's face.

The next morning, after James left for work, I covered her 3 times before lunch.

At random times throughout the day she would walk up to me, and then kneel down in front of me anywhere around the house. Id then pull my pants down and pull my cock out, and begin wanking it even if flaccid. I would just wank my dick in front of her face wherever we happened to be in the house. I'd get fat within a few minutes, and just shoot it in her face, her not undressing, not even letting her touch it, or getting her to suck it.

It was perfect.

Every time I was about to blow she would say,

"Unload your balls all over my face".

I can't wait to go back up there again. Hopefully this coming Christmas I'll get back up to paint her face once again.