Paula & Pool Man Cfnm Fun Ch. 01


It was 2:00pm on a Thursday afternoon and Paula was waiting for the new pool man to come. Paula was never keen on having a pool in her backyard because of the time it took to clean. Paula vowed to her husband Phil, at the time when the pool was being dug, that “If you put in a pool, I ain’t cleaning it”. Of course, Phil had wanted it for the kids, but now they had grown up and the pool was hardly used. At least, the kids from next door would come over and make use of it on a Saturday.

Since Phil worked 6 days a week and never had a spare moment, and Paula vowed never to clean it, they hired a pool man to come weekly to look after the pool. The last pool man was a friend of the family, but the man has since retired, and a new pool man was going to replace him. The new pool man works at the local public swimming pool. Because the pool man starts early and finishes early, the pool man was eager to make some more money, which is why he took up the offer of cleaning this private pool.

At 48, Paula had stopped working, and decided that Phil and herself had made enough money to live off one income producing partner. She preferred to take it easy, although the usual house work was enough to keep her busy. Paula was ironing in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. It must be Rod, the new pool man, she thought. She opened the door and was greeted by a friendly face.

“Hello, you must be Paula” Rod said.

“And you must be Rod, how are you, do come in.” Paula said.

“Great, lovely day isn’t it?” Rod replied, as the two went into small talk. After minutes of conversation Paula was impressed to find out this man was only 23 years old and was running his own business. Rob explained the work he would be doing each week. “I can assure you Paula, your pool will be well looked after.”

“Fantastic” Paula replied.

“Basically when I finished my work for the day, I’ll come back inside and sign you a receipt” Rod said.

“Okey, in that case you can start. If you need anything, just give me a yell. Oh, you can’t miss the pool shed, it’s right up against the left fence. I’ve also left some cold drinks in the garage fridge, so take anything you like”. Paula added.

“Great, I’ll unload all my gear from the car and start work. Ah, one more thing, I hope you don’t mind. I usually like to strip down a bit because of the hot whether out there. Almost makes me want to swim, if you know what I mean. At the public pools I have to wear my business T-shirt, but I thought here I could be a little more free and not worry about that.” Rod said.

Thinking nothing of it, Paula replied “Make yourself at home darling”.

Paula went back to her ironing. She had the iron positioned in the kitchen so that she could see out the window and into the backyard, just to check on the pool man. Rod got all his equipment from the van, and dragged it into the yard through the side gate. Paula watched as she ironed, and saw him standing over the pool. He stood there with a floating device, and placed it in the water. Probably some high-tech gadget she thought, which tested the concentration of the water. He let the device float. He stood on the edge of the pool, and Paula watched as stretched his arms, and took his T-shirt off. He had a firm and fit looking body, with a nice tan. He was at least 6 foot 1. But what surprised Paula more as she watched from the kitchen window, was that he reached for his shorts and underwear and pulled them down and threw them to the ground. She couldn’t believe her eyes. This young man was standing naked over her pool.

Paula’s throat went dry. She couldn’t believe the sight. Her first reaction was to kick this man out. But then she looked at him as he picked up the pool net to remove leaves from the water, and she started thinking otherwise. Just by gazing at this naked man was making her shake. Paula gazed down at Rod’s penis and was impressed by the size. His penis hung down, and was not hard, although at least made 6 inches without an erection. A mouthful indeed she thought. But quickly she looked away incase he noticed her looking. She started ironing and tried not to look. Her hands were shaking, she could barely hold the iron. Her panties were become increasingly wet.

An hour had passed, and Paula wasn’t sure if she should go out and check on him. She decided not to, and waited inside, constantly finding an excuse to look out the window at this pool cleaner. His cock would just dangle lick a pendulum with every move. She watched as Rod pulled his shorts back on and collected his equipment. He approached the back door, and Paula pretended she was busy. “Finished” Rod remarked.
“Oh already” Paula said, which she thought had a double meaning. “Good work” Paula said as she looked out the back door to inspect the pool. Rod was at the kitchen bench signing a receipt and Paula had the money already on the bench. They said their goodbyes, and Paula closed the door, and rushed for the shower. She was so wet in her panties’ that she needed to calm down. She didn’t know what to do. Should she tell Phil her husband? She decided not to, at least for now. She couldn’t stop thinking about his naked body, and waited for next week.

As next Thursday came, Paula had since fantasized about Rod, and his rod. Deep down, she didn’t mind seeing him naked. In fact, it made her horny to know that her pool man was an exhibitionist. It might not be a moral thing for a married wife to think about, but she was only human. This time Rod entered the side gate and commenced work immediately. Paula watched from upstairs, and saw him strip. First taking his shirt off, and his shorts. Throwing them all to the ground. She was already hot.

She looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She wasn’t bad for 48 she thought. She started from her feet, which were placed in her corked sandals. She liked the way sandals allowed full view of her heels. She gazed at her smooth tanned legs. They had a little bit of meat on them, which had come with age. She wore nicely tight cream colored shorts that had very little length to make her legs look longer. She was about 5 foot 1. Her eyes traveled to her curvy backside. Although a little plum she thought, her bum cheeks protruded well. She moved her eyes on to her tight dark blue t-shirt. What her husband admired most about her, was her large breasts. Her breasts were large for her height. She would often complain about their weight. But after two kids, her breasts had swollen up, dropped a little, and made her husband a very happy man. Phil would always complement the size of her breasts. Under this tight shirt, she decided to go without a bra, as her breasts were held in well by the tight shirt, while her nipples poked through the cotton. She didn’t want to make it too obvious that she was interested in this man. But it would make Paula very happy if she could give him a hard on.

Paula stormed out the back door and said “Oh hello Rod, good to see you”.

Rod almost fell into the water as she scared him. “Oh hello, Paula.” He replied.

“Just got to get a few things off the clothes line.” She did her best walk firmly, to bounce her tits as she walked to the line. Her breasts jumped from side to side beneath her t-shirt rhythmically. Rod gave a big smile to Paula as she walked. But she couldn’t tell if this was giving him a hard on as his leg covered his cock. He didn’t seem to react to the fact he was naked, he just continued working like he was clothed. Paula turned the clothes line around so she faced him as she reached for the line. She looked now and again. She could see him in all kinds of positions. She liked the way he would bend over on his knees and she could see his hanging balls from behind.

But she still wasn’t doing enough to get his attention. After she finished mucking about the line. She walked over to his side of the pool where he was standing on the edge. His back side faced to her. She bent down to pick up his shorts and underpants, and said “Boys will be boys” in a joking fashion.

Rod turned his head around, with his cock facing the other way and grinned a “Thanks”. He looked down at Paula, catching a small glimpse of her protruding chest through the tight fabric of her shirt, and couldn’t help but like what he saw.

“You can pick them up from inside” Paula said cunningly as she took his shorts and underwear and placed them on the rack inside the house. It meant that he would have to enter the house to get his clothes.

Paula wasted time in the kitchen waiting for him to finish. When Rod did, he grabbed his receipt book and entered the kitchen. Paula was sitting at the kitchen table reading as he entered. She couldn’t believe this young man was naked in her house! “Oh Paula” Rod said. “Have you got a pen?”
“Yeah right here Rod” she said as he walked over to the kitchen table. His cock was not by any means erect. Paula noticed this as he grabbed the pen and bent down on to the kitchen table to write Paula a receipt. Paula stood firm and let her breasts be seen. She kept her eyes on his cock.

“What’s the date Paula?” Rod asked as he looked at her large cotton-covered breasts for an answer. They were siting over the table in such a way that he couldn’t help but look.

“The 15th” Paula said as Rod continued to write. His cock was starting to grow. As he ripped the receipt off, Paula pushed forward and let her breasts touch his arm. His penis grew into a curved shape as it pointed towards Paula. It was approaching full erection.

Rod was quick to drawn any attention away and headed for his shorts. He walked over to the rack and grabbed his underwear and shorts. He faced Paula as he slid his underpants on. His cock struggled to get in as he grabbed hold of it and placed his underwear over it. By this time he was fully erect, with the tip of his cock visible. It looked like a banana had been shoved down his underwear. He then put his shorts on, which was far easier since his cock was held back by his underpants. Paula couldn't help but gently touch one of her nipples through her tight shirt as they stiffened. Rod gave her breasts another noticeable glance as he left.

"Mission accomplished," Paula thought, and couldn't wait until next week...




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I really do like these stories. Thank you for posting them; please, keep it up!

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No problem... there's many more to come...