Julie Chapters 2 & 3


Julie's Date With Bart

As the group arrived back at Dania's, they went out to the pool. The girls ran inside to change into their swimsuits, leaving Tim and Bart waiting at poolside.
"Oh, wouldn't it be nice if WE were going up to change? To even have a swimsuit to wear! I miss the nice trunks I used to have," Tim complained.

"What?!" Bart said, then broke into a wide grin. "You're a little uncomfortable about your body, are you? The girls are getting to you, I think."

"Well, sometimes,-- yes, I suppose. It's just embarassing lately since this leash business got popular with the girls. It was enough to give up clothes when that Male Nudity law went into effect! I was off camping with a buddy, and came home to find that Mom had given all my clothes to the collectors. Then we both had to strip off what we were wearing, and surrender all clothes we had with us from the camping trip. Mom stood there with a bag and made us hand it over, informing us about the new law, and said she was GLAD, because the laundry job would be getting lighter from now on! My poor buddy Jake was quite shocked to have to suddenly face the loss of all clothing, and to have to start out by stripping in front of my Mom! Now, this darned leash thing! It doesn't ever bother you, Bart?"

"Not really, man. Oh, I'll blush a bit, now and then at some of the things the girls want us to do, so they can get their fun. But beyond that, it's not a problem. I grew up in a rather open family, and always swam nude in our pool as a boy, and ran around naked a lot. Mom never minded until I was in high school, and Grandma came to live with us. Then I had to usually wear something, and hated it. I'd still swim nude, Grams would complain and Mom would make me put shorts on. We finally compromised and I could swim nude on weekends. As soon as that law came out, I had my clothes bagged and sitting by the door for the collectors. I was FREE at last! Mom said it was just as well, since she could hardly keep any clothes on me anyway! And the leash -- well, the girls want to show off how they can lead us around; we would usually go, anyway," Bart replied.

The girls returned, clad in white bikinis, which looked great against their nicely tanned skin. "Sorry it took so long, guys, but you know we had to decide which ones to wear, we have so many! Oh, and you don't have to worry about that, do you?" Dania said, loving to needle Tim. She knew he still found it a little uncomfortable to be nude all the time. Bart just grinned.

"Okay, guys. Let's tend to your pubes." She grabbed Tim's cock leash and pulled him to her, as she sat on a patio chair. Julie had not leashed Bart yet, so she just took him by his penis and moved him into position. Both college men were now standing naked and obedient between the knees of their lady friends. The college women had taken up the trend of shaving, trimming, or dyeing the pubic hair of their boyfriends partly for the humorous responses that it got from other girls, and partly to remind the poor naked chaps of who was in charge.
Dania took a small electric groomer and trimmed Tim's crotch carefully, until there was a perfect little square of hair just north of his cock, and all else was bare. She handed the trimmer to Julie, who began to work on Bart's blond crotch. She left a two inch wide plume running from cock to navel, and nothing more. The girls then dyed their artistic work, orange for Tim, and purple for the gorgeously blond Bart. They sat back and examined their work, commanding the naked men to stand in the afternoon sun until their personal regions were dry. they carried on with some girl-talk, until Julie's mom, and Dania's older sis, Shawna came out from the kitchen with drinks.

"Hi, Mom. Meet my new friend, Bart. I met him on my visit to the University today. What do you think of him?"

Cindy walked over to Bart and, taking him by the elbow, she slowly turned the young naked man around, so that she could inspect him all over. Shawna watched as Cindy did this, and both women nodded their approval, with smiles.
"Quite a handsome thing, isn't he, Shawna? My Julie has good taste, wouldn't you say!"
"Definitely!" agreed Shawna.
"He really has a cute ass. I noticed that right away, as I was walking behind him this morning, when we got to CCU," Julie mentioned.
"Absolutely wonderful buns, dear! And a really fine looking cock, too." Looking at him, she asked "Just exactly how long is this dick of yours, young man?" Julie's mom took Bart's long slender manhood in her hand as she asked the question, trying to embarass him.
"Seven inches, ma'am," replied the unflappable young man, with a grin.
"Well, is it really, now!" smirked Shawna.
"Oh, he's not lying! It really is seven inches. I measured him while I was preparing to groom his personal areas," Julie spoke up.
"Certainly outdoes little Timmy here, doesn't it?" remarked Dania, causing Tim to blush uncomfortably, and everyone else laughed, including Bart. Tim shot him a pained look, as if to remind him of their conversation earlier, that he didn't really enjoy being the naked toy for others' amusement. He could see that Bart did like it, and even seemed to enjoy Tim's discomfiture almost as much as the women did. That rattled his cage even more. He had always thought that other guys just endured the continuous nude predicament, and the amusement of the women, as he did. That they were all sort of in the same helpless boat!
And this popular, stunningly good looking friend of his was actually loving it, seeming to soak it up and enjoy the very frequent attention that his naked body received from women. Tim knew, now, why Bart sometimes got a full erection in swim class when the girls came by to watch, and never tried to hide it. Bart loved to show off everything!

Just then, Shawna's husband, Joe, came in the pool gate. His boss, Marie, was with him. She didn't look happy, and neither did Joe.
"What's going on?" asked Shawna. "Is there a problem?"

Chapter 3 - Joe's Trouble

"What's the problem?" Shawna asked, raising one eyebrow as her husband, Joe walked into the pool area, accompanied by his boss, Marie. Joe works as a delivery driver for a major courier service in Capitol City, and Marie is the owner/manager of the local office.

"Well, Shawna, a little problem developed today in regard to Joe's work performance. You know that we have developed a reputation for having the hunkiest deliverymen of any courier in the city, and Joe is one of our most delicious looking studs."

Shawna nodded in agreement with Marie's compliment of Joe. She always thought he was quite a prize, and proud of his handsome body. "Yes, you are highly rated for the appearance, and quality of service, presented by your drivers. So what sort of problem are you referring to?"

"Well, it is a requirement of them that when delivering a parcel, they cannot use it, or their clip-board, or anything else, to obstruct the view of their bodies, intentionally, from any client. Many business-women contract their shipping with us specifically because, in addition to prompt and courteous service, we have the best looking men and expect them to keep in good shape and offer a delightful, full view. We had a complaint today, from a very good client, that Joe violated that rule, and when she specifically requested that he move the clip-board out of the way, well...he flatly refused, and left!" Marie said, "This is totally unacceptable behavior. I don't know what got into him ... he KNOWS the rules!"

Shawna looked sternly at Joe. "What is it -- why did you act that way, Joe?"

"It's just been a tough day, that's all. Heavy traffic everywhere, and an unusually demanding workload, today. And then that particular client! She is always ogling me, and putting her hand on my bum when I'm lifting a heavy box. I just didn't want to deal with it today, with her!" Joe answered.

Marie had a concerned look. "Shawna, my local office has become the leader in the whole franchise, nationally, for giving customer satisfaction. I can't afford to have that record start slipping because one of my drivers gets an attitude. I know the guys can get a little tense about being on display all the time, but men have been under compulsory nudity regulations for long enough that they should be able to get on with things better than this."

"You're right, Marie, and I'm glad you brought him here so we could deal with it openly and properly. Perhaps I've been too lax about keeping Joe properly disciplined," Shawna opined.

"Just what I was thinking. You need to take action, because I would really hate to dismiss him if it continues. Men must get accustomed to the fact that they are kept naked for good reasons. Sure, it started out because of that shortage of materials for clothing a few years back. But even though those problems have been solved, it is just more practical to maintain their permanent nude status."

Tim decided to speak up. "Just why is that, ma'am? Why is it still legally dictated that all males have to be nude ... don't you care that we get embarassed about it?"

"NO! Frankly, young man, I personally don't care if you or any other male creature gets embarassed because you are naked! And I'll tell you why women are keeping you naked, even though there is now plenty of cloth to clothe you.
One...there's that much more clothing available for women, and you know how we like to have a very plentiful choice in our wardrobes, and our shopping. Two...we don't have to spend all that money clothing you, and it is needless since we've all gotten quite used to seeing naked males. is more entertaining to have you males walking around naked, and knowing that YOU know you can't do a thing about it! And fourthly, but most importantly, it is a constant reminder to us and to you, that WE are in charge, not males. The public nudity of males has opened the way to a luxurious world of females rising to more and more power jobs. The government is all female, the upper management of most of the business world is rapidly becoming woman's domain, and men are in the more servile jobs, where they belong. President Powers has made it clear that the ownership and wearing of clothing must remain a feminine privilege, and permanently forbidden to the male gender. If you feel a loss of dignity because you are deprived of clothing, fine with me, if it keeps you submissive. If your male dignity all disappeared with your clothes, maybe you didn't have much to begin with!"

Tim looked cowed by the upbraiding he got from Marie, and she was satisfied that she had done him a favor. He is going to be naked, and had better learn to get over it, she thought.
Turning back to Shawna, she said "I think you ladies need to help these fellows get more exposure. They shouldn't spend the afternoon in the relative privacy of a backyard patio. Get some leashes on those guys, and walk them around the neighborhood, or somewhere else that is public. The cock-leash is a fantastic tool for educating a male about his proper place. It gives you superb control over him. The delicate parts of a male are naturally vulnerable, especially when he is naked, his balls encircled with a leather strap, and the other end of the chain is in your hand. Perfectly bends his strength and energy to your will. But first, Joe and this young male under your sister's leash need to be given a good spanking."

Dania told Julie where the paddles were kept, and she went off to get them. When she had returned, Joe and tim had been turned across the countertop of the wet bar on the patio. Their hands were tied down on one side of the bar, and their feet on the other. Their defenseless bare buttocks were positioned just right for a proper spanking. Marie explained that firm spanking of the male bottom is a necessary part of obedience training. "The adult male may be big on the outside, but he is usually just a little boy on the inside, and not far from a whining cry-baby, in many cases. Their asses may be firm and muscular, but there is still a soft vulnerability about it that responds well to the sharp sting of a paddle, just as much as it did when he was a young boy. The woman who is experienced in spanking can usually bring the manliest stud to tears."
She directed Shawna and Dania as they applied several whacks to Joe and Tim's tender nether regions, rendered so helpless by their position. The bare male bottoms jiggled after each loud whack landed, and reddened quickly after a few well-aimed smacks had been delivered. Tim was crying out in pain and promising obedience, tears streaming down his face. Joe took it with more resolve, but ended up a little teary-eyed, in spite of his best efforts to hold it in.

"Take them out for a walk, now, while the redness of their bums shows as evidence that they've been spanked. You'll start seeing a more compliant attitude from them, I think!" Marie stated, with an authoritative air. "I'll be going, now. See you at the office tomorrow, Joe; and no more concealment from clients, understood?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Joe confirmed quickly.

To be continued...