CFNM Massage Parlour


This story is a contribution from a female Cfnm fan who not only digs reading stories like these, but obviously likes to write about Cfnm fantasies as well.

My name is Sarah Smith. I am a 21 year old girl. I have brown hair, I am 5 foot 2, I weigh 105 lbs. and I have never been popular with the boys. One day while visiting Las Vegas I passed a establishment named CFNM Massage Parlour. I stopped for a moment because I didn’t know what CFNM was. I read the advertisement posted on the window. It said, “Lady voyeurs welcome to come in and visit.” Well, I knew what a voyeur was so I surmised it meant that it meant that I could come in and see naked men. Since, I was raised with sisters and had never seen a live adult man naked in my life I began to think about it. Since I had fantasized about having naked men under my control for years I quickly went inside.

Inside I pushed a button and a young lady came to the window. I said, “Your window said that ladies are welcome to come inside and watch.”
She said, “Indeed, they are” and she opened the door to a small waiting room. She said, “Have a seat until a customer comes in.”

In only a few minutes the buzzer rang. A few minutes later a middle aged man came into the waiting room where I was sitting. He was trim, averaged sized man nondescript in his looks. I looked at his crotch trying to imagine what he looked like nude. The masseuse said to him, “We have a young lady who would like to observe your massage. Do you mind?”

“Not at all, he responded.

The masseuse said, “Would you both follow me?” She then led us both into a private massage room. “Very well,” she said, “Would you like us to undress you?”

“Yes,” he responded.

She began to unbutton his shirt and said to me, “Why don’t to take off his shoes?

He lifted up his right foot and I took off his shoe. Then I took off his sock. He lifted his left foot and I took off his left shoe and sock.

The masseuse had taken off the man’s shirt and was now removing his undershirt over his head when she said, “Now take off his pants.”

Without hesitation I unbuckled his belt. Then I unsnapped his pants and lowered his zipper. With a little help his pants slid below his knees. He lifted his right leg and I pulled his pants over his right leg. Then he lifted his left leg and I pulled his pants over his left leg. The masseuse had now removed his undershirt and the man now stood before us clad only in his undershorts. They were briefs. I hesitated for a minute. The masseuse said, “Go ahead.” My hands were trembling as I hooked my finger over the top of his briefs and started to pull down. He did not stop me but instead watched me intently. I pulled his briefs quickly over his hips and his cock and balls came into view. I avoided looking at them immediately and pulled them quickly to his ankles. He stepped out of his briefs. He was now fully naked in front of the masseuse and me.

Now I took my time to take in his nakedness. He was small in comparison to the men I had seen in Playgirl but still nicely developed. I noted immediately that he was circumsized and that his cock had already started to grow. I wanted to reach out and touch it but I thought I had better not. This was the first time that I had ever seen a total stranger completely naked in front of me and I was enjoying it immensely. Here I was fully clothed and he was fully naked and exposed in front of me. Better than that I had undressed him and he was growing a hard on. I could feel the juices flowing inside me and I could see that he was responding to me as well. I could feel him watching me watch him.

The masseuse said to him, “Would you like to be given a shower?”

“Yes,” he responded.

I was overjoyed at the thought. If I had been allowed to undress him, I would also be asked to help give him a shower. I wondered if I was going to handle his cock and balls. This was just too good to be true.

We went to another room where he was told to lie down on a table facing down. He did so. The masseuse said to me, “Why don’t you wash him and I will tell you what to do?”

I was in heaven. I could not believe it. I was going to get to rub my hands all over this naked man’s body and I knew by now that it would include his cock and his balls. I was going to have a total stranger naked in front of me and be able to feel and touch his most intimate parts.

The masseuse took a shower head connected to a long hose and adjusted the temperature of the water until she was satisfied. She then handed the shower head to me and said, “Now wet him down.” I sprayed water liberally over all of the backside of his body.

The masseuse then handed me a bottle of softsoap and said, “I presume you know what to do.” I took the softsoap and sprayed some on one had. I clasped my hands together to get soap on both hands. I put both hands of the man’s shoulder and began to suds his back. When his back was fully sudsed I took some more softsoap and sudsed hit buttocks. As I did so the masseuse said, “Make sure you wash deep into his buttcrack, we want to give him a thorough washing.” I obliged her immediately putting my fingers deep into his buttcrack. As I did so I could feel his anus and his balls with the tips of my fingers. By know I was fully aroused and I wondered if my subject was the same. I proceeded to his thighs. I made sure that I washed high on his thighs so that I could feel his balls or his cock as I washed him. I could hardly wait until he turned over. When I finished with his feet the masseuse handed me the shower head and I rinsed his off.

The masseuse said to him, “Please turn over.” As he did so I immediately looked at his cock and saw that it was fully erect. He was as excited as I. It excited me even further. I wanted to reach out and grab his cock with one hand and squeeze to see how hard he was. I restrained myself.

Again I started near the top of his body, his chest. When I had thoroughly sudsed his chest I wanted to go to his feet so that I could end up with his cock but I had a better idea. I could go to his cock and balls now and still end up with them. This way I could play with them twice. I went to his cock and balls and sudsed them thoroughly. It felt so good to have a nice hard cock in my hands and was he hard. Before I had even touched it, it stuck straight out from his body supporting its own weight. With my left hand I grasped him tightly around his cock while I sudsed his balls. I didn’t stroke his cock because I was afraid he would cum before I wanted him to. I did take my time with his balls and I sudsed them thoroughly. I did notice that despite the hardness of his cock, the head of his cock remained soft.

I then went to his thighs. Each time I washed up on his thighs I made sure that my hands brushed his balls. Each time I did so I could see his cock twitch from my brush. I went to his lower legs and feet but I scarcely took my eyes away from his cock and balls as I did so. He was full erect, his cock supporting its own weight and his scrotum was shrunk with his balls held tightly to his body. When I finished with his feet I pulled his legs apart and washed the inside of his thighs once again because I wanted to see him with his legs apart, fully vulnerable, completely exposed. He was mine, he was fully under my control. His hard on was there because I had given it to him, his balls were tight against his body because I had played with them. I would make him cum but only when I wanted him to. I grasped his balls in my hand squeezed slightly and said to him, “I have your balls in my hand. I can give you pain or I can give you pleasure. I control your fate as a man which is it that you desire?”

His legs splayed even more widely apart and he said, “Yes, yes, my balls are yours to play with, do with them you desire but give them pleasure.”

I rolled his balls between my fingers watching roll back and forth under the pressure of my fingers. I knew they were filled with cum waiting to spurt over my hands at my command. It squeezed his balls a little tighter enough, I thought, to make it hurt a little but he only groaned with desire. I decided to play more with his cock.

I returned to his side, I grasped his hard cock with the left hand and closed my right hand around his balls. For the first time I began to stroke his cock. When I felt his cock suddenly grow even harder I squeezed his balls and dug my fingernails into his skrotum until I knew it hurt. His cock erupted in front of me and squirted cum across his chest. I continued to stroke him until he was finished. I milked him until he was completely dry. As I slowed my stroking the masseuse said to me, “If you make a mess you have to clean it up.” She then handed me some toilet paper which I used to sop up his cum. After I sopped up the cum I took some more softsoap and rewashed the area. The masseuse again handed me the shower head and I rinsed him off.

When I finished rinsing him off, he got off the table and the masseuse handed me a towel. I proceeded to towel him dry paying special attention to his cock and balls which were now deflating. I noticed that when I paid his cock and balls special attention his cock stopped deflating and reinflated. I made sure that when I was finished with him his cock was still standing at attention. I wanted to grab his cock and take him naked outside to show the world my complete control over his cock but I knew it was over, I had had my fun. It was time to let him go. When I left the room with the masseuse in front of me I pulled on his cock and let it slap back against his stomach in triumph. His cock, his balls had belonged to me, I controlled them, not him and it was only out of kindness that I was returning them to him, slightly used.

It was great fun, I had enjoyed myself enormously, perhaps too much. Now anytime I see an attractive man I imagine him nude with an enormous erection, his balls held tightly in my grip, totally in my control, ready to spurt cum all over my hands at my desire.


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Anonymous said...

Nice story, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Talk more about playing with him, but not about hurting him.

Anonymous said...

I really liked it please write and post more!

Anonymous said...

Excellent story -- write another.

Anonymous said...

Great story, Sarah.

It must give you a good feeling to know that you are exciting all us guys out here!

Write more and excite us more.

Anonymous said...

Great story Sarah, I only wish that I had been that man. Write more!!!!

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avinaashvvc said...

hi sarah if you want to control me pls mail at