A Male Escort Learns About CFNM


It's funny how a lot of guys think that the best job in the world would be to work as a gigolo, a male prostitute. I certainly did and that's why I started a couple of years back.

I very quickly learned that while there was good money to be made the actual work was not at all as I had imagined it. When a guy goes to see a hooker it's usually a case of wham, bam, thankyou ma'am and he leaves feeling rather happy and satisfied. When a gigolo sees a client the session last much longer.

Most of the time is spent in touching and kissing, caressing and cuddling and very little time is spent in actual fucking. Then there are some women that, well, aren't the most attractive and you really have to hold your breath when you go down on them but … it's a living and a way to make money.

Most of the bookings are fairly straightforward and it's usually just the lady and me. I've never done a lady and her husband and I've never been asked to do two ladies but I did get a rather different request a couple of months back from an older woman who I had been seeing for nearly a year.

It sounded different and the money she offered was certainly enough to make it worth my while but I probably would have turned it down except I didn't want to run the risk of losing her as a client. She paid well, she was rather attractive and she was one of the few who actually wanted to spend most of the time just fucking and boy could she fuck!

Anyway I agreed to do the gig and at the appointed time I turned up at her house. She showed me in and took me into the main bedroom where I was to get changed into what she called 'the costume'.

The costume consisted of nothing more than a very large dog collar and a leash. That was it; that was all I was allowed to wear.

When I was ready she took me into the lounge room and introduced me to the ladies from her tennis club. I crawled into the room on my hands and knees, wearing nothing but the dog collar and firmly attached to the leash she was holding.

I also noticed that somewhere along the way she had picked up a very nasty looking riding crop and that had not been part of the bargain.

The 6 women in the room must known what to expect because there was the usual oohs and aaahs as they looked at a naked man but no one seemed very surprised or shocked.

The only person, who was surprised, was me. The original plan as it had been explained to me was that I was to be brought in on the leash to pleasure one lucky lady who had won me as a raffle prize.

The amended plan was quite different and I very quickly understood why my client was holding the riding crop. I wasn't to touch the women at all; they were all going to touch me. They would take it in turns to give me a five-minute blowjob and if I blew my load before all 6 had enjoyed the taste of my cock then I would get one stroke of the riding crop across my bare ass from every lady who missed out.

When that was explained I became a little concerned and while the general noise of conversation covered her, my client leaned down and whispered in my ear that there would be an additional 150 in it for me.

It's funny how money can ease the pain of a potential flogging.

With the details out of the way I was ordered up off the floor and told to sit in chair and just to encourage me I got a tickler across my legs courtesy of the riding crop.

I sat there looking around at the gathered women and was pleasantly surprised. Although they would have all been in their forties or fifties they were a damn fine looking bunch of old broads and my cock began to show a bit of interest.

I don't know how they chose the order in which they would have me but the first to take up the challenge was a blonde babe with the sort of look in her eye that said that I was in for a workout and I was.

She started by slowly sliding her skirt up over her hips to reveal a pair of red satin panties. She slowly rubbed the crotch of the panties into her pussy and I could smell the unmistakable scent of a horny woman. A wet patch appeared on her panties and when she was satisfied that they were wet enough she slipped them off and knelt in front of me.

She wrapped the panties around my shaft and began to stroke it and at the same time she let her tongue slip around the base of my knob.

Now I'm told that male pornstars have a little mental trick that they play to prevent them from blowing their load before it is required.

Unfortunately I haven't quite mastered that trick yet and her slow licking and stroking with those shiny red, wet panties was almost too much to bear.

When she realised that she almost had me on the edge of blowing my load she leant right over my cock and without hesitation took the entire length of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. Just to prove it she then closed her teeth around the base of my cock.

I really felt the pressure begin to build, my cock was tingling, I was having trouble catching my breath and I was just about to blow my load down her throat when I remembered the riding crop and the thought of pain multiplied by 5 was enough to bring me back from the edge.

When she realised her time was up, I managed to heave a sigh of relief.

It wasn't hard to keep myself under control with number 2. She was really rather hopeless and never took more than the tip of my cock into her mouth. I think she was probably there just because she wanted to be with the in crowd and I think she was more relieved than me when her time had expired.

Number three though was my downfall. She didn't rely on her panties, in fact she stayed fully clothed but God did she know how to use her tongue and lips and teeth. She built me up and kept me hanging and when she was ready she pushed me over the edge.

She started gently enough just by running her fingers over the tip of my cock and then she leaned forward and let some of her saliva fall onto the head as she gently stroked it into the tip and shaft.

Her fingers were like magic as they glided over every part of my cock, her tongue joined in and she followed with her lips, letting them slide up and down the shaft while her fingers danced over the knob.

All the while she was performing she looked up at me with big round innocent eyes that teased and taunted me.

My cock reacted, as she knew it would. It grew hard and long and I could feel my juices building up deep down in my balls. She set her lips in way that must have looked strange for anyone watching but I knew what she was doing. She rested her lips on the top of my cock and then slowly went down on it till she had the full length of my cock in her mouth.

It might have looked strange from the outside but for me it felt as though my cock had just sunk into the tightest and wettest cunt it had ever had. Her tongue curled around my cock and sent waves of pleasure pounding through me.

Slowly she withdrew. I moaned with pleasure and the moans got louder as she pumped my shaft with her hand and at the same time she tried to suck my brains out through the end of my cock.

Pain or no pain I just had to blow my load. I couldn't control it any longer and I let a flood of cum flood her mouth. She took every drop from every spurt I pumped into her and she swallowed it all licking her lips greedily to make sure that she got every last drop.

The pain of the riding crop was nothing compared to the pleasure that I had from that old cocksucker and I would take the pain and the humiliation any day just for another chance to fill her mouth with my jizz.