A New Family Comes To Capitol Hill, Chap. 5 & 6


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Chapter 5: Diego At The Barbecue

"Diego, meet my neighbor, Dania, and this is her big sister, Shawna. This is Joe, Shawna's husband." And everyone was introduced all around.

"Diego's family just moved here, and he is having trouble getting used to his required state of nudity," Julie told them. "We're trying to help him, and circulate him as much as possible. Making friends will help him settle into it."

"Absolutely correct!" said Shawna, handing Diego a cold soda. "You must come to grips with it, young man, because I assure you that you'll never own clothes again! Male nudity has become so widely accepted and enjoyed by the women here, that men have no chance of regaining clothing privileges. Polls I have conducted on a national scale show that women now believe the current status of males is the practical and natural order of things, and they intend to keep it so."
"But I don't see why. Surely a lot of guys are embarassed, as I am," Diego said.
"And me!" Tim spoke up. Dania's boyfriend often objected to his helpless state of undress.

Shawna looked them over, casually, before continuing. "Do you feel that you are at a disadvantage because you are naked? Do you feel vulnerable to the eye of every woman, and of a lower status than them, because you have no clothes? Do you stand there, willingly subservient to her, as a woman places her leash around your unshielded manhood, and leads your helpless bare ass around wherever she pleases, totally obedient to the chain that tugs your groin?"

Diego saw the amusement in her eyes as she deliberately phrased the questions in such a manner. He looked at Tim, and glanced around at the others before answering, "Yes. All of that is true."

"Then you have your answer. That is why we do it. And will continue to keep you in your state of nakedness, always." Joe was standing beside Shawna's chair as she spoke, his flaccid penis hanging in full view of everyone, and just inches from his wife's arm. She reached out and cupped his testicles in her hand, liking the weight of them in her palm. She lifted them gently and then let them settle back to their natural position. She put her hand on his buttock and lightly stroked its soft curves. This began to stir a reaction in his dick, and it stiffened slowly, rising to stand out, and then up, as it reached full bloom.
Joe was a reasonably well endowed man, but no one there measured up to Bart's proud member, which Julie had stirred to a full erection also.

Dania fondled Tim's diminutive penis, and remarked that he may not be as big as the competition, but could put on a good show, anyway. She liked picking at him about his small willie.
Evita took Diego's fat, uncircumcised member in her hand. This was the first time she had handled it with the intent of fully arousing him. She had watched him pleasure himself, for the first time, in the soccer team showers, today. Now, she intended to enjoy playing with it directly. His fat shaft began to lengthen, and the head began to ease itself out of the hood of his foreskin.She delighted in watching the way it changed, and in knowing that she was causing this, and in control of him. Diego was blushing, and feeling insecure about having this happen, but stood there docile, allowing her to enjoy showing off his personal anatomy.
Nate and Billy, unaccompanied by girls, knew better than to stand back and avoid attention. When women want a show of erections, every guy had better participate. Nate massaged his prick to throbbing fulness, and indulged himself without reservation, and Billy gripped his cock at the base, slapping it against his belly with a loud smacking sound, distracting Evita momentarily from Diego's hardness. She wanted to go over and help the boy, but this was her first chance to manipulate her handsome cousin to an orgasm, and she couldn't pass it up. Nate came first, followed by Bart. These two were shameless in their display of arousal, and loved to show their stuff. Tim was leaning back in a lounger, and Dania's fingers brought his explosion of jizz raining down all over his chest and belly. She smeared it around even more.

Diego felt the tension in his body reach a peak, and groaned, bucking his hips, noticing the delight of having Evita's free hand pressing against his hairy young bottom, cupping his left buttock's lower curve with her thumb nestling in the cleavage of his ass. He shot a glob of pearly white cum three feet in front of him, followed by two shorter bursts, and a few dribbles. Evita was beaming with delight from causing this orgasmic eruption in her sexy boy cousin.

Thus far, Shawna had held back from bringing Joe to climax. She kept him aroused, though, playing with everything except his raging pole. It was twitching up and down with horny excitement, begging for attention. He knew better than to do it himself. Shawna didn't allow him to play with his dick. She insisted that it was HER toy, not his. He moaned with desire for release, and when all others had finished, and could give their attention to Joe's squirming urge for ejaculation, she curled her fingers around his pulsing shaft and with a few short, gentle moves, had him gushing with splooge and shivering with pleasure, as everyone watched. The women all sat back and sipped their drinks, watching smugly as the males all knelt to clean up the puddles of goo their performance had left on the pool deck. The women grinned at each other, enjoying the display of the rear view of male anatomy, as the men bent forward to clean up the mess. Julie slipped her foot between Bart's legs, her toes lifting his testicles in their shaved pouch. He smiled, knowing how much she was enjoying the view of his unprotected nether regions. He wiggled his butt, just for her amusement, and she chuckled at this amazingly beautiful man.


Chapter 6: Dad Arrives In Capitol Hill

"Diego, your father is coming today, and should be here soon. He just phoned from the airport to let me know to expect him shortly.

Diego looked forward to his Dad's arrival here. He had hoped at first that Dad would do something about this nudity issue, but the reality that this was to be his permanent condition had finally settled into his mind. Hopefully, Dad could help him cope with it better, and maybe help tame Evita's new control-freak attitude.

Soon, he heard the cab stop in front of the house, bringing his Dad from the airport. Looking out his bedroom window, he was surprised to see Juan Ramirez, his handsome father, standing naked in the driveway, paying the cab fare. He ran downstairs to greet his Dad at the front door.

"Diego, my son! Great to see you! How are you getting along in our new home? How is the soccer working out, my son?" Juan inquired.

"Dad!" he said, with excitement. "Welcome home. I didn't expect you to be ARRIVING naked! No suitcases, just one little valise?"

"Well, son, I do have to conform to the laws here, just as you do. I did not bring any clothes except what I wore on the plane, and I surrendered them at the airport. Most of my personal effects came over with you and your mother.By the way, she told me you were having some difficulty adjusting to your lack of clothing. Is it getting better, yet?"

"A little, Dad. I am making new friends, and I did make the soccer team, so it is helping. It still seems just...weird, I guess. Why did you agree to transfer to a country where we would have to be naked, and a second-class citizen because of simply being male?" Diego asked his father.

"Son, this is a very good assignment for me, and it will be good for the family. We can expect to be here for seven years."

"But, Dad! That is the rest of my high school and college years! And I will be 23 years old before I can return home and...and..have some pants to cover my bare ass again!"

Juan chuckled in his deep voice, and said, "There is nothing wrong with your ass, my son! It is as good as anyone else's, and every guy here is just as naked as you, including me! I have no problem with the nudity here. You see, it was on a nude beach, in the south of Spain, that I met your mother. In my younger years, I would go there frequently. After getting busy with career and family, I didn't have much time for it, anymore. I regret not taking you there, so you could have found it easier to handle something like this. No son of mine should have such a big problem with simply being nude. Now that I am here, I will help you deal with it."

"But...but, Dad! That's not the worst. Males are some sort of second-class persons here. ONLY the males are naked, and always subject to the women. They even lead us around with leashes...around our dicks! And they tease us. A girl at school told me she calls it the 'penis penalty,' whatever that means."

"I know what that means," Evita said, entering the room with Diego's leash in her hand. "It means that your silly male genitals, hanging there on the outside of the male body, are vulnerable and virtually defenseless, particularly when you are naked. They are sensitive and delicate, your perfect weakness by which a woman can control you, once your manhood has been harnessed in a cock leash! That is the 'penis penalty.' Woman has become superior over man by making the most of her delicious opportunity to deprive him of clothes and take his manhood captive to her will by leashing his cock. A male with his cock and balls in chains wouldn't dare disobey the woman holding the reins!" She unabashedly slipped it around Diego's privates and snugged the fit, grinning broadly at him. She loved the helpless and obedient demeanor he had when his most intimate parts were under her command.

"She is ruthless with this thing, Dad! Can't you do something about it?"

"No, son! Women have that privilege, and Evita is enjoying her new ascent in status, and your decline. She likes trying out the reins of control, and it is perfectly natural to expect her to do so. Your mother and I trust Evita not to take it too far. She adores you like a brother. You are man enough to take it, and let her indulge in a little fun, among the girls here," his father replied.

Luisa walked into the room and hugged her handsome husband. "We have a little time before dinner, dear. Let's walk around the neighborhood," she suggested.
She withdrew a leash from the drawer of a side table, and snugly placed it around the ample genitalia of her man. He was uncut, like his son. She let her fingers linger on his penis, feeling it grow in response. She wanted to show him off to the other women in the neighborhood, and wanted it to be impressive. The father put his arm around Diego's shoulders, and encouraged him to accept the challenges he was facing. Off they went, the two males in front, with leashes trailing between their bronzed legs and into the delicate feminine hands that now dominated their masculine virility with such expertise.