Aunt Katherine & Her Slaves Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Katherine

Katherine stepped into her elegant living room and took a book from the shelf. She sat in a plush lounge chair, specifically selecting a chair in the back corner of the room next to an old dumbwaiter that was once used to ferry delicious meals from the downstairs kitchen to the dining room table. She planned to read the book for a short while, but she already knew her attention would soon be diverted. Tonight the dumbwaiter would once again be placed into service, except this time it would be used for her sexual pleasure. She was soon going to hear most everything below her.

It took longer than expected. For the first 10 minutes she heard nothing. She figured Nikki wanted to experiment first, perhaps feeling his boner's hardness, slapping it, making it bob up and down, and doing whatever else a young, 16 year old girl could think about to do with a bound cock at her disposal. It was Nikki's first cock, after all, so it would take time. She could easily imagine Jonathan taking it all in, patiently waiting and pre-cumming like an elephant in her hand.

The audio entertainment began with weak moans. Katherine knew what was happening because she knew Jonathan. She had raped him many times herself. He had this natural tendency to moan whenever he was being pumped. She hardly heard him at first, but then they gradually became louder and louder and Nikki's pumping was sure to continue.

A few minutes later the moans turned into words. "Please! Please!" He started to beg. "Oh my cock!"

He wasn't supposed to talk, but she couldn't blame him. He had been without release for almost a week. As soon as she heard of Nikki's pending arrival, she knew that Jonathan would be perfect for her first time experience. She had purposely masturbated him twice per day over a two-week period. And then, a week before Nikki's arrival, she stopped and prevented him from experiencing an orgasm since.

"Oh please! Oh, please don't squeeze so tight!"

Katherine knew the man had swelling and acing balls, and she also knew Nikki was soon going to milk his sperm right out of them. He would hold out for as long as he could, but there was only so much any man could take. By the sound of his voice coming up from his secured position, she guessed he didn't have much time left.

"Oh God! Not so fast! Please, my cock can't take much more."

And when he did cumm, he was really going to cumm. Jonathan was a large quantity spermer. That's what she liked to call her men, spermers, and Jonathan could sperm with the best of them. And after a week's hold, he had to be extremely ripe for sperming.

"Oh my cock! Oh, my poor cock!"

He would be primed to explode into six or maybe up to nine powerful squirts. The first would be the best. By the sound of his voice, she wondered if it might even be powerful enough to shoot across the room.

"Please Nikki, let go of my cock. Oh please Nikki; stop pumping it so hard. Slow down!"

Katherine worried about giving him to a virgin, but it was not Jonathan that she worried about. She worried Nikki might feel sympathy for him. The inexperienced, timid young girl might slow down her strokes. Or maybe she might stop squeezing after he started to beg.

"Oh my cock! You don't know what you're doing to my cock! I can't hold it much longer."

But that was this morning. By what she heard now, it sounded as though her concerns were unfounded. It sounded as though Nikki wasn't about to let up at all. In fact, by the sound of Jonathan's pleading voice, she suspected Nikki might actually be enjoying his begging.

"And not so tight. Oh God Nikki, I can't take it much longer! I'm going to shoot!"

Suddenly, there was a new voice. "You better not!" Katherine heard her niece. "Not yet, you male slut! You better not shoot until I order it."

"Then stop! Oh please, you have to stop."

"You're not hot enough yet," Nikki kept talking. "It's my cock and I want to make sure it's plenty hot before I see it squirt! When this thing goes off, I want it to go off like a fire hose."

This was unexpected. Kathryn hadn't considered the possibility that Nikki might talk back to him. It sounded as though she was going wild on his cock. I liked it.

"No, no, no! Oh my cock!" He began panting, probably in rhythm with her strokes. "Oh God, it's going to shoot!"

"You fucking bastard, you better not!" Nikki yelled back. "I don't care that I'm pumping on your hose as fast as I can, I said no!"

Katherine started to get turned on. This was definitely much better than expected.

"Oh God!" Jonathan almost let out a squeal. "Oh God, not my balls too! Oh God, let go of my nuts!"

What do you mean, your nuts?" Nikki quickly picked up on this little error. "These are my nuts! Your balls are mine! And so are the juices inside."

"Don't squeeze!" He immediately reacted, again, almost in a squeal. "I'm sorry! You are right. They are your balls! My cock and my balls are yours."

"That's right," Nikki now spoke in a more sneaky tone. "And what about the juices inside?"

"My juices are yours too," Jonathan quickly accepted. "My sperm is yours to milk whenever you want, but only when you to choose to milk it. Without the command, I must keep my sperm inside my nuts for however long you desire it."

Katherine really liked this. Not until her early training sessions had she ever been able to get Jonathan to say such things. Nikki was bringing out the best in him.

"I don't want to see a single drop of sperm, not yet!" Nikki went on. "I'm having too much fun pumping you. I want you to stay hard and let me pump you longer."

"But not much longer. Please, I can't hold out much longer!" He was almost crying.

"And when I do finish you off," Nikki spoke in return. "I want to squeeze on your balls at the same time. I want to make sure I milk out every drop."

Katherine decided it was time to go downstairs and rescue him, at least for a short while. She didn't want him damaged.

* * * * *

"How are you enjoying him so far?" Katherine asked from the bottom of the stairs.

She had watched for several seconds without Nikki noticing. It was fun to watch them, especially Jonathan. His face rolled in sweat. His big cock looked even bigger than before. He looked positively exhausted.

Nikki didn't look much different. She looked almost just as exhausted. The young girl knelt in front of him with his pole in her hand, continuously stroking it up and down without letup. And she didn't stroke him slow either. She really went at it. Somewhere along the line she had taken off the dress and now knelt in her bra and panty.

Nikki suddenly let go and stopped stroking at the sight of her Aunt in the room. "Oh! I didn't hear you enter," She looked embarrassment.

"Of course you didn't," Katherine smiled. "With all the racket you were making with his cock, how could you?"

Nikki smiled back, and then she laughed a little. "I guess I was being kind-of loud."

Jonathan looked even better than before. Without the hand of her young niece to get in the way, she could see him unencumbered. His hard-on stood up at attention. All nine inches of his hard cock stood upright. It throbbed and pulsed into the open air, desperate for release but unable to do it. It was wet, almost shiny, covered in a thick layer of well-lubricated pre-cumm. It visibly twitched as the two girls looked at it.

"You didn't answer my original question," Katherine reminded her niece. "I asked if you are enjoying it. How do you like masturbating on a man?"

"Oh, he's incredible!" Nikki answered. "And you were right about Jonathan. He is trained! No matter how much I masturbate on him, I can't get him off."

Nikki looked almost as tired and exhausted as Jonathan. She too was sweating, but for different reasons. She was getting quite a workout. Her exercise equipment was the big cock before her.

"I'm glad you are enjoying your male sex slave," Katherine glanced into his eyes long enough to see his reaction. "Tell me, is he still tied up OK?"

"Oh yes," Nikki answered. "He's tied up just fine. I can do anything I want to him, and he can't move a muscle to stop me."

For a brief moment, Katherine thought about taking Jonathan for herself. She thought about removing her own clothing, much like Nikki had nearly done herself, and then forcibly raping him. He was lubricated enough to easily slip in, despite his large size. And the sperm he must have stored in those balls! She thought to herself. He would be able to release great quantities. She fantasized it running out and sliding down her inner thighs.

But then the moment passed. It would be unfair to steal him away, especially after Nikki had already done so much work to prepare him. He was Nikki's sex slave for the night. He was hers to stroke or fuck or do whenever she wanted. Besides, it was more exciting to listen and watch Nikki do it. It was exhilarating to think about what was going through Jonathan's mind. A girl he had never met before, a complete stranger, was jacking him off.

"And his cock?" Katherine went on to ask. "I hope his dong is long enough for you."

"Oh yes," Nikki lowered her head to look at the still engorged member. "I like his dong. He's really got a long pecker!" A slight giggle came from her lips. After she spoke the words, she seemed to laugh at him.

"And is he producing enough pre-cumm for you?" Katherine questioned. "I mean, is he sufficiently lubricated?"

"Yes, plenty of pre-cumm," Nikki spoke happily. "I never knew a man could pre-cumm so much. There is almost too much of it. It's starting to drip off."

"It sounds like the two of you are getting along just fine," Katherine spoke, pleased. Jonathan was one of her best-trained males, which is why she gave him to Nikki. She knew that it would take a lot to satisfy a girl like Nikki. It was a good thing Jonathan had the fortitude to put up with her.

"It sounds like you are giving Jonathan quite a pumping," Katherine spoke. "I mean, for him to have so much pre-cumm, you must really be going at it."

"Oh yes!" Nikki spoke gleefully. "I was a little shy at first and started slow. But after I got accustomed to his size and his hardness, I really went at it. I squeezed and stroked him faster and faster. This last series of strokes were about as fast as I could go, and I think I pumped for a good ten minutes!"

Ten minutes! Katherine thought to herself. For a brief moment, she felt sorry for the young man, but the moment quickly passed. It was a good thing she chose Jonathan. Any other slave would never make it. Even though he was trained, there were limits. Ten minutes of cock pumping at full speed was certainly very close to that limit.

"I don't know if I will be able to stroke him for much longer," Nikki added.

"Really?" Katherine questioned. "Why do you say that?"

"Because he said he was very close," Nikki immediately answered. "I mean, he begged me to let him. Towards the end, he pleaded with me to finish him off."

He certainly was close, Katherine thought to herself. She could see it in his eyes, but she wasn't about to tell Nikki.

"And not only that," Nikki continued. "But I could feel it – or at least I think I could. For a short while, it felt as though his organ was letting out these little spasms."

Katherine almost choked at hearing the words. She thought back when she felt him spasm herself. She imagined how much he would spasm and throb when he finally was allowed to eject.

"You need not worry," Katherine caught herself. "He can take more. It is all part of the act, you know. Jonathan is trained to beg and plead to make it more exciting for you. It's designed to mimic the sensation of a male rape."

"A male rape?" Nikki looked back in surprise. There was a look of shock on her face, and then pleasure. Then she began to laugh.

"I never thought of it that way," Nikki continued. "But I guess I am raping him! I never thought a male rape was possible, but I guess that's what I'm doing."

"Of course you are raping him!" Katherine spoke the obvious. "You are taking advantage of his male sex organ and controlling his sexual function. That is exactly what a male rape is!"

Nikki laughed some more. "I just never thought of it that way, but you're right! I'm raping Jonathan. I'm doing a male rape!"

"Yes, you are raping his cock," Katherine repeated because she liked the sound of the words. "Or at least that is what I call one form of a male rape. There is another. Maybe we can try the other type tomorrow night."

"You mean!" Nikki turned to her in shock, almost unable to finish. "You mean . . . from behind!"

"Yes, that's right," Katherine confirmed her suspicion. "There are actually two methods of raping a man. You can forcibly jack him off, or you can fuck him up the ass. Maybe tomorrow night I can loan you my strap on dildo and you can try the opposite approach."

Nikki looked at his cock and then back to Katherine. "Tomorrow night?" She spoke impatiently. "Why do I have to wait until tomorrow night? Why can't I fuck him up the ass right now."

Katherine stepped back with surprise. She had created a monster.

She heard Jonathan at the same time. He let out a low moan, and when she looked up he was shaking his head. He obviously didn't want to be butt fucked tonight, although it really didn't matter. It wasn't as though he could do anything about it.

Katherine seriously considered the suggestion for a moment, but then thought it better to wait a day. Jonathan had already been through quite a bit, and it would be better to ramp her up slowly, like most young girls.

"Tomorrow night!" Katherine laid down the rules. "We will take it one step at a time. Tonight, I let you have his cock. And tomorrow night, I will hand over his ass for you to do with as you wish."

"Oh yes!" Nikki spoke as she gave him a hard slap on the behind.

"So for tonight," She finished her instruction. "Go ahead and finish off his cock. The reason I came down is to check if you are ready to watch him squirt yet."

"Oh no!" Nikki agreed. "Please, not yet! I'm not done playing with him yet. I want to play with his pecker for awhile longer."

"Do not worry!" Katherine tried to reassure her. "I am not telling you to stop now! I will let you play on Jonathan's cock for a while longer, but remember you do have to get to bed soon. I won't let you play with your sex toy all night."

"I understand!" Nikki nodded her head. "I promise to be done real soon. I just want to pump on his pole for a little longer, and then maybe suck on it for a while too! I've never sucked on a man's thing before. I've always wanted to know what it would feel like in my mouth! And I want to stroke on it some more too!"

Jonathan let out another low moan. Katherine heard it, and then she tried to imagine what was going through his mind. He was already horny as hell and desperately wanted to eject, and now a young virgin girl wanted to suck on his organ too. It was a good thing he was so well trained.

"Very well," Katherine agreed. "I'll give you another twenty minutes, but no more."

"No!" Jonathan suddenly cried out without permission. It was the first word he said to her in a long time. "No, please! Not twenty minutes!" He almost cried.

Katherine turned to leave.

"Please Katherine! No!" He continued to cry. "Please, don't leave! Please, don't leave me alone with Nikki any longer. Oh God! Her hand is bad enough. I won't be able to take her mouth too! Oh, you don't know what she's going to do to my cock if you leave."

Katherine could tell by his words there was no possible way he was going to last another twenty minutes, which gave her an idea.

"By the way," She turned to see his organ already grasped by Nikki's hand. "Just in case he does cumm before he is given permission, I need you to punish him for me."

Jonathan let out an audible moan.

Nikki smiled. "Punish him?" She asked back.

"Yes, punish him," Katherine told her. "It is always best if the punishment is immediate and without delay. That is, if you don't mind?"

"Oh no," Nikki continued smiling. "I don't mind at all! I think I might even like to punish him, depending on what the punishment is?"

"His balls!" Katherine said simply. "I want you to punish him with his balls."

Jonathan let out another moan. He knew what the punishment would be.

"If you think he is about to cumm before you give him permission," Katherine went on to explain. "I want you to grab his nuts by your hand. And then, if he does cumm, I want you to squeeze down on him."

"Oh no!" Jonathan cried. "Please, not that!"

"Oh yes!" Nikki voiced her opposite opinion. "You mean his nuts, I assume? You mean I'm supposed to squeeze down on his balls?"

"Exactly!" Katherine answered. "And don't be gentle about it either. Squeeze down hard. If he cumms before you give him permission, give them a hard squeeze with your hand."

"Don't worry," Nikki spoke excitedly. "You don't have to worry about me. I'll crush his balls!"

She looked up as she said it, looking up to Jonathan's face. He didn't say anything now, only whimpered, and he was sweating profusely.

Katherine ignored him. His whimpers made her feel very hot inside, but she forced herself to ignore him.

"Remember," She turned and resumed her trek up the stairs. "His begging and pleading is all part of the act."

"I know," Nikki yelled back.

* * * * *

It didn't take long before she heard them again.

"No! No! Oh God, no!" Jonathan began to cry out. "Let go! Please, not so fast!"

"Yes! Yes!" Nikki yelled back. "Oh, I love your big cock! And now I can't wait until tomorrow night when I can have your ass too!"

As Katherine sat calmly down, she could easily picture Nikki going crazy on his long erection. She's pumping on him furiously now, She thought to herself. She's running her hand up and down his soaking wet member as though her life is dependent on it.

"Please, I can't take it any longer," Jonathan yelled louder. "Oh my cock! Oh Nikki, please, my cock! Stop squeezing it so tight while you stroke. I can't take it any more!"

"But you will!" Nikki told him in return, her voice now sounding as though she was breathing hard from all the effort of her hand. "Don't squirt! You better not squirt! Not yet. I haven't sucked on it yet."

Katherine waited for him to eject. She expected him to do it at any moment. There was no way Jonathan could last much longer. There was no way any man could hold out much longer for such a wild girl like Nikki, especially when she talked about sucking it too. Katherine could almost picture him accidentally doing it in her hand, suddenly squirting without permission. It might be the first ejaculation Nikki has ever seen, She thought to herself while wondering if she really would hand out the punishment as instructed.

But he did hold out.

"Oh God! No! Not your mouth too! Oh Nikki. Oh God!"

He certainly was impressive. She figured Nikki was now both sucking and stroking on him. She pictured the girl making short, tight strokes with her hand as the tip of his cock stayed in her mouth.

"Oh God Nikki, please! Please let me squirt!"

"Yummy," Nikki answered in reply. "What a delicious wiener you have. It's like licking on a lollypop."

"Oh God!" He cried out again as she pictured Nikki going back down on it. "Oh you're tongue! Stop flicking it like that!"

"Katherine!" Katherine suddenly heard her own name being called out. "Oh Katherine, please! If you can hear me, please help," He tried to call out for her rescue. "Oh God, Nikki's ravaging my cock."

"Yummy," Nikki said in reply. "I really like your cream! Your cream is delicious. And if your cream is this delicious, I bet you're sperm is going to taste even better!"

"No! Not those too!" Jonathan cried. "Oh God Nikki, not those too."

Katherine was confused. For a moment, she didn't know what Jonathan was talking about, but the sound of his voice gave her the answer.

"Oh God, not those too," He cried. "Not my nuts! Please, not both hands and your mouth all at once. Oh, I can't stand it."

"I can't wait to eat out what's inside these two big balls," She heard Nikki say, followed by loud slurping sounds coming from the open door to the dumbwaiter leading to the basement.

"Please help me!" Jonathan cried. "She's got my cock in her mouth! Oh Katherine, please come rescue my poor, aching cock! I can't hold out any longer."

Katherine couldn't believe he had held out for as long as he did. She couldn't believe how well behaved he was and figured it was time to give him a reward.

"No! No!" He was crying out. "It's not a tube steak! Oh God Nikki, stop biting on my shaft."

A moment later Nikki and Jonathan howled out a cry in unison. Nikki's was more muffled, as though something was interfering with her voice; like, for instance, I big cock stuck in her mouth.

Jonathan's cry was more like a scream. In fact, it was a scream.

From the comfortable armchair in the living room, Katherine understood what happened. She knew the moment when Jonathan gave her a big, tasty treat. He had ejected without permission and a moment later was given a ball-crushing. The squeezing of his nut sack probably caused additional sperm to spray out. She was sure Nikki got quite a mouthful.

Katherine couldn't wait to give Nikki a turn at her other male slaves too, but that could wait until tomorrow night.