Hard For Women Ch. 3 & 4


About a week later, we made the Let Me Help recording. It was an extremely enjoyable experience. It was almost as enjoyable when I got to watch it. I'll never forget Jo Jo's face. It was months after the shoot, and I was doing something in the kitchen one morning, when Jo Jo came bursting into the room.

'You really did it, didn't you?' she said. 'It really is you.'

'What are you talking about?' I asked, knowing full well.

'I've just got the latest Let Me Help,' she said. 'You're in it.'

I smiled and asked her what she thought.

'I've only just switched it in. I switched it off again when I saw it was you. I was sure, but I had to check.'

We watched the video together.

Zoe had decided she wanted to play opposite me herself. She'd also decided that the video would be shot outdoors. It was filmed beside the swimming pool in her enormous back garden. And that's what we saw when Jo Jo started the video.

I was coming out of the house with Zoe, clad in a yellow T-shirt and the inevitable denim cut-offs. Zoe was wearing a bikini and matching sarong. We spread towels on the grass near the pool and lay down to sunbathe. A brief conversation established the scenario. Zoe was the owner of a large company. I was one of her employees, working in a branch office in the sticks. I and a number of my colleagues had come up to head office for some training. Zoe was kindly putting us up in her house. Today was Saturday, and the others were off shopping in Oxford Street. Apart from this initial conversation, we hadn't worked anything out. I was going to be (literally) in Zoe's hands.

Suddenly, she said: 'Why don't you slip out of your T-shirt and shorts. Get yourself a decent tan.

I took off my T-shirt, but kept my shorts on.

Zoe looked at me. 'Aren't you wearing any underwear?' she asked.

'Yes, but…'

'Don't be shy,' she said. 'After all, I'm wearing a bikini, in case you hadn't noticed.'

'I know, but…but…'

'But what?'

'Nothing,' I said.

I undid my cut-offs and wriggled out of them, trying to hide the fact that I was wearing a thong. A tiny purple cotton thong.

'Ah! How nice!' Zoe said. 'I do like young men in thongs. They do so flatter the physique, don't you think?'

I laughed sheepishly.

'Here,' she said, handing me a bottle of suncream. 'Put some of this on.'

I rubbed some cream into my arms and legs, and then my front. I lay down in the sun. Zoe sat watching me for a few moments.

'Let me do your back,' she said.

I looked at her for a moment and then rolled over onto my stomach. My rear view filled the screen – tanned back, purple waistband, the y-shaped understrap disappearing between my equally tanned buttocks.

'Do you sunbathe in the nude?' Zoe asked.

'Not quite,' I said.


Zoe rubbed suncream into my back and then squeezed some onto my buttocks. She massaged my ass cheeks with her palms. The pressure was gentle at first, but grew in intensity until she was pushing down firmly onto my flesh. Up on the screen, my buttocks were being flattened and kneaded, and I remembered how my prick had been crushed against the towel so enjoyably. Now Zoe was squeezing my butt cheeks and brazenly pulling them apart. After about twenty seconds of this squeezing and pulling, she paused, my buns as far apart as they would go. Still more brazenly, she stared at the understrap of my thong. The crinkled edges of my butt hole were clearly revealed.

'There,' she said at last. 'All done.'

I rolled onto my back, and the bulge in my pouch had visibly grown.

'I do believe you enjoyed that,' Zoe said.

I didn't reply, but she was determined to find out, and she lowered her right palm onto my pouch and lightly pressed.

'I thought so,' she said. 'You're getting hard.'

She continued to fondle my dick through the thong. The bulge grew ever more prominent.

'Why don't you let me help you?' she said.

I looked at her.

She rolled me onto my stomach and raised me up on my hands and knees. She pulled my knees wide apart. She fondled and kneaded my ass then slipped her hand between my legs. She gently rubbed my balls through the thong then firmly cupped my penis in her palm. She moved her hand from side to side and squeezed. Again she fondled my ass and even slipped her second finger into my butt crack and ran her finger tip up and down the understrap. Suddenly, in a breathtaking close-up, my ass filled the screen, and we watched Zoe's finger cheekily rubbing the puckered skin around my hidden anus. Jo Jo was mesmerised. In a medium shot, I was seen on my hands and knees, Zoe's finger still dabbling in my butt crack.

'Nice butt,' Zoe said, and with that, she lightly spanked my rear. Not an S&M sort of spank, but just a little playful petting. Five or six times she gently spanked me, and then she was kneading and squeezing again and pulling my butt cheeks apart. With a final squeeze between my legs, she told me to lie on my back.

The bulge in my thong was enormous by this time, and a little damp patch had appeared. Jo Jo had a little intake of breath. Zoe pushed my knees up to my chest and put her face close to my butt. She blew straight at my barely covered anus. I remembered her hot breath on the skin between my buttocks. Again and again she blew.

She told me to stand up. I did so. She remained kneeling beside me, her head inches from my hips. Slowly, she pulled down my thong. Bit by bit, my stiff shaft was revealed until my prick leapt up as it escaped from the pouch. Zoe lowered my thong to my ankles and I stepped out of it. She tossed it onto the towel. I made to sit down, but she wouldn't let me. She picked up the suncream and squeezed some onto my prick. She massaged my shaft lasciviously. And then she was squeezing and pinching my glans, which was purple and bulging beneath her fingers.

'Okay,' she said at last. 'Sit down.'

I sat. Zoe pushed me onto my back and slid my feet up the towel so that my knees were sticking up in the air. Gently, and with great relish, she applied suncream to my shaven balls. She touched the tiny patch of pubic hair at the base of my prick.

'Nicely clipped,' she said. 'Very fetching.'

She pulled on my prick for a while, gently but firmly wanking me with her hand. The sensation was deeply pleasant. At length, she had me on all fours again, my knees wide apart on the towel. She parted my ass cheeks and blatantly feasted her eyes on my hole. Another close-up. Hanging balls, tight anus fully exposed. She squeezed some sun cream into my crack and massaged it into my sensitive skin. She wantonly tapped my anus and then pressed it lightly with her fingertip. She moved her fingertip around in little circles and tapped again at that tiny entrance. My anal sphincter visibly tightened and relaxed. I groaned.

Zoe got me to stand up and led me by the prick to a sunlounger near the pool. She brought a towel with her and spread it on the sunlounger. I lay down on it on my back. Zoe knelt beside me, her nose inches from my prick.

'Ah!' she said outrageously. 'Horny scent!'

She raised my knees to my chest so that my asshole was cruelly revealed. Again, she massaged my cleft, lingering with great pleasure on my hole. And then she coated her second and third fingers with suncream. She tapped her second finger tip at the entrance. And then, slowly, gently, she inserted her second finger into my hole. As she advanced a millimetre at a time, my anal sphincter seemed to suck on her finger. Finally, she was in up to her knuckle and she moved her finger about deliciously.

Now she bent her fingertip and pulled back a little. Pre-cum oozed out of my penis. Now she revolved her whole finger and my asshole stung. She continued to probe the depths of my anus, encouraged by my mounting moans. And then, incredibly, she slipped her third finger in beside her second, much quicker this time. First she bent her fingertips in unison. Then she employed a sort of running motion, her two fingers sprinting deep inside my hole. And there, up there on the screen, my poor little sphincter stretched and gulped around the base of those two probing fingers. Jo Jo gasped.

Finally, after a prolonged exploration, Zoe withdrew her fingers. She led me, again towel in hand, to a garden table near the pool. She spread the towel on the table and once more I lay down on my back. She wanked my gently for a while, the head of my penis glistening in the sun.

'Have you ever tasted your semen?' she suddenly asked.

I looked at her, unable to speak.

She paused in her wanking and asked again.

'N-n-no,' I replied.

'But you must,' she said. 'What could be more delicious?'

And with that, she pulled my knees up to my chest and kept going until my ass lifted off the table and rose up into the air. Suddenly, I was face to face with my prick.

'Open your mouth,' Zoe said.

I opened it.

Zoe wanked me ferociously this time until I was snorting and moaning with delight. Faster and faster she pulled until I let out a loud grunt of ecstasy. With great precision, Zoe aimed my penis at my mouth and a hot spurt of semen cascaded onto my tongue. Another spurt followed. And another. The tangy salt taste seemed to fill my mouth. And then, as the spurts began to subside, Zoe changed her aim, and the semen splashed down on my cheeks, my nose, my lips. Finally, it was over.

Zoe sat me up on the table.

'Open up,' she said.

I opened my mouth. White semen bubbled on my tongue.

'Good,' she said. 'Now swallow it down.'

I swallowed.

'Show!' Zoe said.

I opened my mouth once more. The semen had disappeared.

'Now lick your lips clean,' she said, 'and swallow it down.'

I did so.

Zoe scooped the remainder of the semen from my lips and nose onto her finger tip.

'Lick it up,' she said.

Again, I did as I was told.

'Good boy,' Zoe said.

She led me back to the pool, and we both lay down to sunbathe. My prick lay back on my belly. The camera zoomed in to show a few late globules of semen gathering on my stomach and drying in the sun.

Jo Jo switched off the video.

'You were great,' she said. 'Fantastic. Absolutely bloody outrageous, in fact. One of the dirtiest, raunchiest videos I've ever seen. I can't wait to show my friends.'

I gasped.

Chapter 4

The day finally came round for the Spank The Guy shoot. I’d agreed with Zoe that purple would be all right, and as it would probably take about three days to recover, I told Jo Jo that I was off to stay with an old schoolfriend for a few days. In reality, I checked into a hotel.

I turned up at the studio on the day of the recording, pretty apprehensive but also turned-on.

My opposite number was a woman of about forty – not so young, but still attractive. Her name was Nikki. As usual, Zoe, Jenny and Claudia were to operate the cameras.

We had a quick coffee together, and then I got changed for my part. The scenario was pretty ridiculous. I was supposed to be a professional tennis player and Nikki was my coach. Anyway, I got changed into my tennis kit and rejoined the women in the studio. They’d transformed one corner into a mock-up of a changing-room. Locker, wooden bench, that sort of thing. Nikki was in a tracksuit.

Zoe said ‘Action’ and Nikki and I stood facing each other.

‘You lost again,’ said Nikki. ‘I can’t believe it. I spend hours and hours working on your backhand and it’s as if I’d never bothered.’

‘I’m sorry,’ I said. ‘He was just too good for me.’

‘Sorry won’t cut any ice,’ Nikki said. ‘I warned you what would happen if you lost again. I’m going to give you the tanning of a lifetime.’

‘Please don’t,’ I said.

‘It’s no good trying to get round me. Take your shorts off! Now!’

Sheepishly, I undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them. I was wearing a yellow thong.

Nikki pulled me across to the bench. She sat down.

‘Now get yourself over my knee,’ she said.

I got myself into position.

Nikki grabbed my right wrist in her left hand and pulled it behind my back. She stroked my buttocks gently with her right hand.

‘This little butt of yours is going to smart,’ she said. ‘It’s going to burn like hell. You’ll be literally glowing when I’ve finished with you.’

She paused to let her words sink in. Raised her hand above her head. Paused again. And then she brought her hand down sharply. A loud crack echoed round the room. My right buttock stung like hell. Again, she raised her hand and waited. And then there was another loud crack, and this time my left buttock stung. Slowly but relentlessly she continued, smacking me again and again. My butt cheeks got hotter and hotter. I wriggled about in real pain.

‘Keep still!’ Nikki barked, and slapped my ass yet again.

After about five minutes, she told me to stand up. She led me to a large mirror on the ‘changing-room’ wall. She made me look over my shoulder at what she had done. My butt was quite red.

‘Now get back to the bench,’ she said.

She forced me to bend over and place the palms of my hands on the bench. Suddenly, she yanked down my thong and pulled my ankles out of it one by one. She went to the locker and took out a bottle of baby oil.

‘This will make it sting even more,’ she said, as she liberally applied the oil to my burning buttocks. Lingeringly, she massaged the oil in, occasionally pinching my buttocks quite hard. ‘And don’t think you’re in for another spanking,’ she said. ‘That was just the warm-up. You’re going to be paddled my boy.’

And with that, she returned to the locker. I glanced over my shoulder. She brought out a wooden paddle. Involuntarily, I took in a sharp intake of breath.

‘Oh yes,’ she said. ‘You might gasp.’

She stood above me for a moment, then brought the paddle down hard on my right buttock. A sharp explosion of pain lit up my ass.

‘Arrgh!’ I involuntarily yelled.

Instantly, Nikki laid into my left buttock. Again I cried out.

She continued to paddle me slowly and hard. The thwacks sounded deafening. What had started as a feeling of warmth across my ass slowly grew into a searing, burning rawness. I was breathing long and deep, my head thrown back, teeth clenched, but the pain was overwhelming.

After about five minutes, Nikki suddenly pulled my ankles wide apart. She grabbed my butt cheeks and opened them.

‘Nice and hot,’ she said. ‘But the skin between your butt cheeks is quite white. We’ll have to do something about that. Hold them apart!’

I didn’t do anything. A huge thwack of the paddle cracked into my buttocks. I quickly pulled my butt cheeks wide apart.

What happened next was almost surreal. It was hard to imagine how Nikki had come up with the idea. She fetched a clear plastic ruler, about two feet long and fairly thick. She held this close to my butt cleft, aiming at the inner skin of my left buttock. She pulled the tip of the ruler right back and let go. It twanged against my flesh with a horrible smack. The pain was unbelievable. She turned her attention to my right buttock and repeated her attack. Again and again she applied the ruler – left, right, left, right – gradually working down from the area at the top of my crack to the skin on either side of my butt hole. I was practically bucking.

But worse was to come. Next, she fetched a curious invention of her own. It was about the same length as the ruler, and was also made of clear plastic, but only about a centimetre wide. To my horror, she poised it above my butt hole. Again, she pulled the tip back, but not as far as before, and let it go. She obviously knew what she was doing, because I’d never have been able to bear a sharper pain, and I don’t think my sphincter would have stood a sharper blow.

‘Oh shit!’ I bawled as a sharp pain shot up my spine.

Three times she did that, and it was enough.

She told me to lie on my back on the bench. She lifted my knees up, rather as if she were going to change a diaper, and spanked my buttocks hard. She paddled me in the same position, extending her strokes to the tops of my thighs.

When I thought she’d done, she led me once more to the mirror. My ass cheeks were dark red.

‘Now get back into your things,’ she said, promptly leaving the ‘room’.

Still reeling from my latest paddling, I somehow got myself into my thong and tennis shorts.

Nikki reappeared with a women I’d never met before. She was in her early twenties and was absolutely gorgeous. Stunning, in fact. She too was wearing a tennis kit - tight white top, incredibly short white skirt, white socks and tennis shoes. She was holding a tennis racket.

‘This is Andy,’ Nikki improvised. ‘Andy - Veronica. Veronica would like me to act as her coach.’

Absurdly, we shook hands.

‘Now the thing is, Veronica,’ Nikki immediately shot out, ‘I told you my methods were…unusual. But I wanted you to see for yourself. I’ve been punishing Andy for his far too sloppy approach.’

Nikki eyed me for a moment.

‘Turn round and lower your shorts,’ she barked.

‘What?!’ I spluttered.

‘I said turn round and lower your shorts!’

Sheepishly, I turned my back on the women and did as I had been told.

‘This is what you can expect if you let me down,’ she explained. ‘As you can see, his pert little butt is quite red. It is not, however, by any means red enough.’

And with that, she bent me forcefully over the bench again. I couldn’t believe I was in for yet more correction.

‘Now show me your forehand,’ she commanded.

I looked over my shoulder in horror. Veronica, with a look of delightfully feigned confusion, struck an imaginary tennis ball in mid air.

‘No, no, no!’ Nikki scoffed. ‘Not like that! On his ass!’

Veronica paused. ‘Are you serious?’ she finally inquired.


Veronica walked towards me. I watched her, mesmerised. She planted her feet firmly on the floor behind me and leant forward slightly. Slowly, she swung her racket back and wiggled her butt. I felt my eyes widen. She struck.

Now, don’t get me wrong. She didn’t hit me as hard as you would strike a tennis ball. No doubt she would have injured me if she had. No, no. Nothing like that. But she knew what she was doing. She didn’t go gently either. Oh yes, she knew what she was about.

It’s difficult to describe the sensation. When you’re spanked, you feel the heat on a small area of your buttock. It’s the same when you’re paddled, except the sting, of course, is much much sharper. But with a tennis racket! Man, the whole of my right buttock seemed to burst with pain.

‘Keep going,’ Nikki ordered.

Veronica thwacked my right buttock about twenty times before being instructed to demonstrate her backhand. This she did on my left buttock. At least another twenty thwacks. The pain seemed to creep up my spine till it reached my neck. I bucked and snorted, rocked about and moaned.

‘Okay,’ Nikki finally prompted. ‘Let’s see how we’re doing.’

And with that, she started fondling my butt cheeks, encouraging Veronica to do likewise.

‘Mm! Nice! Very warm,’ Nikki said.

‘Warm?’ Veronica blurted out. ‘His ass is practically on fire.’

‘No, no,’ Nikki responded. ‘Not quite yet.’

I sighed.

‘And in any case, I want you to have a vague idea what it feels like. Could you bend over the bench, please?’

Veronica and I both looked at Nikki to make sure she really meant what we thought she meant.

‘Oh, don’t worry,’ Nikki said to Veronica. I’m not actually going to spank you. You haven’t done anything wrong yet.’

We all laughed at the ‘yet’ as Veronica assumed the position.

‘Stand up, Andy,’ Nikki ordered.

I did so.

‘Now, let’s see,’ she said to Veronica. ‘I hope you’re wearing what I told you to wear.’

And with that, she lifted Veronica’s skirt, revealing, to my amazement, the strappy little back of a lovely white thong and a pair of deliciously tanned buttocks. The thought of Veronica serving make my prick twitch.

‘Ah, good!’ Nikki said.

She positioned me behind Veronica and pushed me forward till my thong pouch nestled between her ass cheeks, my straining dick nestling against the fabric that covered her butt hole.

Nikki pulled my ankles wide apart and bent me over Veronica’s back. She picked up the paddle from the bench.

‘And now you’re really going to learn your lesson,’ she observed.

Man, did she paddle me - long and hard, till my ass cheeks were searing with pain. I was snorting and sweating, and each time she laid into me, my prick firmly stabbed at Veronica’s ass hole.

Finally, I could take it no longer and I felt the semen burst from my tip.

‘Oh, my God!’ Veronica complained, ‘I can feel something wet between my cheeks!’

Nikki pulled me back angrily and checked. Sure enough, the front of my pouch and the skin between Veronica’s butt cheeks were soaked.

‘Oh, you bad boy!’ Nikki snarled.

She pushed me down onto the bench and again forced me into the position of a baby being changed.

With Veronica holding my knees to my chest, Nikki paddled my ass and thighs again and again. Finally, I really was purple.

Veronica released my legs and Nikki unexpectedly whipped off my thong. My cum-festooned prick slapped against my stomach, visibly post-tumescent.

Nikki got Veronica to pull my legs back again and spread my butt cheeks wide. This she achieved by straddling the bench, sitting on my face, bending forward and trapping my legs with her chest, and pulling my ass cheeks apart with her hands. I could taste my semen and Veronica’s juices on her thong.

I couldn’t see anything, but guessed what was going to happen. And sure enough, Nikki retrieved that thin plastic thing and let my sphincter have it once more - or five times more, to be precise. My legs jerked and convulsed uncontrollably beneath Veronica’s chest and I think I came pretty close to passing out.

As Veronica finally climbed off me and one of the cameras moved in close, I felt the hot tears streaming from my eyes. Even so, I managed a cheeky smile.