Cum On Me - A Story Of A Female's Clothed Cum Fetish

Although there's off-topic events described towards the end of this story, it was hot and well-written enough that it deemed appropriate for posting here. Enjoy!


You'd never know it if you were to meet her or see her on the street. But the truth of the matter is, my wife has a cum fetish. I guess everyone has perhaps some sort of fetish. Some are pretty kinky, some are pretty tame, borderline fetish even. But this one...well, I'd have to say it ranks on the higher end of kinky fetishes. And it isn't just the fact Denise loves cum, a lot of women do. But she loves wearing it...in public preferably, and as fresh as possible.

I met Denise at a singles party two years ago. We'd both just gone through a divorce, and though I really wasn't in the mood for any long-term relationships, it had been a while since I'd even had sex with a woman. It was then my best friend Larry told me about this singles club he'd been going to. Most of the women there were simply looking for a good time with no long-term commitments. It sounded like the perfect needed solution. Though that first night when I spotted Denise, Larry warned me away from her, saying that several of the men who'd actually taken her out had found her to be a little too kinky for their tastes. Like I said, to look at her you'd never know. She was average, without looking average. Not drop dead gorgeous, but damn cute. Maybe five foot five, or five foot six perhaps, full breasts, but again neither large nor small. Shoulder length dishwater blonde hair with full lips and a slightly crooked nose that was still as cute as a button. I took an immediate liking to her regardless of anything I'd heard or been told.

"Suit yourself buddy," Larry told me. "But don't say I didn't warn ya!"

She was standing at the bar...alone, watching several of the other couples dancing or milling about in conversation when I approached. As the drinks were part of the admission price, I couldn't very well offer to buy her one. It made the task of meeting someone a bit awkward, but it also made it easier on the other hand as everyone there was in the same position I was.

"Hi...my name's Steven," I told her. "Saw you standing here and thought I'd introduce myself."

I smiled inwardly. "That wasn't so hard," I mused. "Straight forward and to the point."

Denise smiled, but turned back towards the bar setting her empty glass down on the counter.


The bartender took her glass. Now it was awkward. I considered leaving, but waited as the barkeep placed a fresh drink in front of her. She turned towards me.

"You're either new here...or no one's bothered to warn you off me."

"Both, well sorta," I stammered. "I mean this is my first time at the club, but yes...a few of the people here have told me that you have a particular fetish that some find a bit out there." I told her honestly. She smiled.

"But obviously they haven't told you what it is exactly."

"Well...no, they haven't." Even Larry told me that it was something I'd have to find out for myself if I persisted on meeting her. Intrigued, and loving an adventure, which I was certainly in the mood for by this time, I had thrown caution to the wind.

Once again she smiled, sipped her drink, then sat it back down on the bar and looked directly into my eyes. "I have a cum fetish," she explained.

"That much I heard," I informed her. "But I think a lot of women like cum, perhaps more than most might think. Hell...even I..." Denise cut me off from continuing.

"Oh it's not just about tasting it, or even playing in it, though I enjoy doing that too. What I like...is wearing it."

"Wear...wearing it? You mean like enjoying a facial?" That made her laugh.

"That too...but take it another step further than that," she told me candidly. I had no clue.

"Not sure what you mean by that."

"Ok, picture this, one of my ultimate fantasies. Three, four, maybe even five guys cum all over me..."

"Ok...so that's sorta kinky, but once again, I know several women..."

"And I walk naked down the street covered in their cum."

Ok, that shut me up. "Seriously?"

"Seriously! Understand what I mean now when I say wearing it?"

I did.

"I like the feel of it on my skin, especially when it's nice and fresh. I like the smell of it, I like the naughtiness of knowing its there. But what I really enjoy is the shocked look and bewildered expression on people's faces when they realize what it is."

Suddenly the movie "What about Mary" popped into my mind.

"So you're telling me you'd walk around with a big wad of spunk matting your hair? Something like that?"

Once again she laughed. "Nearly everyone I meet mentions that particular movie."

Without saying it, she knew damn well I was thinking about it. I grinned...foolishly. "It was pretty funny."

"Yes, it was. But I don't do it to be funny. I do it because I like it, because it turns me on, and because its harmless, doesn't hurt anyone, and it's a perfectly normal bodily function."

"Yeah, except I don't think it's meant to be worn...externally I mean, well...not out in public perhaps anyway."

She didn't respond to that. "So you don't have any kinks...quirks or fetishes?"

"No...not really I guess. Pretty straight stuff for me."

"Yes you do."

"Excuse me?"

"Everyone does, though most won't admit it, even to themselves. Sure...some are pretty lame, timid, even mild in comparison to some others. But everyone has a fetish or two, even if they don't realize it."

I thought about that finally ordering a drink. "Scotch on the rocks." I turned once again to face her, she hadn't taken her eyes off me since I'd looked at her last. "No...can't think of any, really."

"You like scotch?"

I picked up my drink, took a sip from it and sat it down again. "Guess you could say that, yes."

"Ever drink it any other way? I mean...scotch and water, scotch and soda?"


"Well, there you have it. You have a scotch fetish, you prefer it only one way."

"That doesn't count."

"Sure it does!"

"I meant sexual fetishes!"

That made her laugh again. "Oh, I see...well ok. Let me see if I can figure out your sexual fetish then," she told me.

Admittedly, the conversation was getting interesting now, and she was easy to look at and talk to. "Go for it!" I challenged her.

She looked at me like she was sizing me up for a tailored suit. "You don't look like you're an ass man."

"Maybe I am."

"Nope...you're not. Tits maybe." I smiled. "Ah...so you are a breast man!" I smiled once again. "Big tits?" I grinned, but said nothing. "Certainly not small ones." I tried to remain stone faced. "Ah...so you're a true breast man, you like looking at all shapes and sizes don't you?" She had me there.

"Yeah, you got me on that one. But I certainly don't consider that a fetish."

"Oh? And why not?"

"Well, for one thing I don't think about a woman's breasts all the time, I do look into a woman's eyes occasionally."

That made her laugh again. "Well I'll give you points there, I've only seen you check mine out twice since we started talking."

"Three times...but who's counting? Make that four times...five."

She laughed once again. "So, you're serious about really wanting to go out with me?" she questioned.

"I am."

"Ok, but only on one condition."

"What's that?"

"Escort me to the ladies room, you go into the men's room, jerk yourself off. When you're ready to cum, you open the door and let me in."

"You're serious!"

"I am, unless you're not interested that is." I thought about it, but I was still interested, and curious.

"And?" I knew there was an 'And' in there somewhere. It wasn't just about her watching me jerking myself off, though that would have been ok too.

"And...you squirt a nice juicy load on the front of my blouse, then we walk arm in arm out of here and back to my place."

She was wearing a black blouse.

"Won't it ruin your shirt?"

"I have a good dry cleaner...with a sense of humor," she informed me. "He always addresses me as Miss Lewinsky."

Now it was my turn to laugh. "Fuck...lets go!" She followed, and then led me into the back.

"Remember, all over my blouse, the messier the better." I half wondered what I was really getting myself into. "Don't worry...I'll make it worth your while!"

"Everyone will know!" I stammered with the realization.

"I certainly hope so!" she said grinning.


Larry and I had taken a cab. Neither of us wanted to be the designated driver just in case it turned into nothing more than a drinking night. Denise had done the same. Escorting her back from the restrooms had gone fairly smoothly. Perhaps one or two other couples glanced in our direction as we passed, and though I had certainly done a fairly good job of messing up her blouse, unless you actually examined it, it just looked like someone had spilled something on it.

"You have a nice funky smell."

"Thank you...I think," I told her.

As we stood near the curb waiting to hail a cab, the doorman flagged one for us, and then gave Denise a rather odd look as he stared at the front of her blouse. "Cab," I said softly trying to usher her by the startled looking doorman. If anything, Denise thrust her chest out even further than she had been as though proud of the present she was wearing. But it wasn't a sparkling diamond necklace, closer to a pearl one I'd say.

"Care to make a deposit?" she asked him half seriously. And I knew that had he said he would, she'd have bared her breasts for him to do it, right then and there. Reason I know that...she's done it before. Several times.

We slid into the cab. "Where too?"

Denise gave him the address. He was still looking at her. Actually, he was looking at her blouse, or rather her tits. Somewhere along the way, she'd also managed to undo several button's on her blouse and was busily massaging in some of my not quite dried yet cum-cream. "It's good for the breasts," she announced, which included the cab driver.

"Really? I wonder if my wife would buy into that!" he stated, let out a loud guffaw, then turned and put the cab into gear.

"You have a problem with people having sex in your cab?" she asked him point blank. I thought I was gonna die. I looked up, caught his startled expression in the rear-view mirror.

"Me? Nope! Matter of fact, that would be a first for me. You'd be surprised how many of my buddies have asked me if anyone's done that. And of course, all I hear from them are these wild exaggerated stories about people constantly getting it on in their cabs. So nope...that'd be a first for me. Something to finally tell someone about, so...if that's what you wanna do, you go right ahead. I'll even take a little off the meter for you if you do!"

"Would you mind jerking yourself off for me while you drive?" she asked next.


"I'll double your fare if you do," she told him.

Speechless, I just sat there, dumb founded, now wondering what it was I really had gotten myself into.

"Your husband won't mind?"

Denise chuckled. "He's not my husband, he's my cum-buddy."

"Cum buddy?" The driver asked.

"Yeah, I love cum, especially wearing it...in public. But I enjoy watching it shooting out too. So...like I said, interested?"

"Sure...why the hell not. Especially for twice the fare," he reminded her.

I watched as Denise lowered the zipper on her skirt, removing it. She wore only a matching black thong, allowing the smooth twin cheeks of her ass to hang out there for all the world to see. Not that I minded. Leaning forward over the front seat, she presented a nice view of her lovely looking ass at me. "Steven?" she questioned.


"While I watch this, would you mind jerking off onto my ass for me? Let me know when you're about ready to cum again though, I want to watch it...as well as feel it." I heard the cabdriver snicker. "And as for you...keep your eyes on the road, and your hand on your cock. All you have to do is tell me when you cum, then you get the fare. If I miss it...then the deals off. Capuche?"

Cabby nodded his head without answering. I was glad I couldn't actually see him. I mean it was weird enough as it was. Me in the backseat jerking off, though I was lucky enough to have something to look at while I did, and the cabby in the front seat doing the same thing, while Denise took turns watching the two of us.

"Remember...anyone ready to cum has to tell me," she reminded, then slipped her hand down between her legs and began frigging herself off.

That helped...a lot.


Denise got her wish, or rather wishes if you will. Though I hadn't seen it, I'd heard it. The cab driver must have spurted quite a load as Denise giggled enthusiastically urging him on as he did.

"Oh yeah! Yeah! That's it! Shoot it honey! Shoot it. Here...give me some, let me finish you off!" I watched as she nearly tumbled head over heals into the front seat reaching down in order to finish jacking the guy's dick off, which she must have done. Especially as he reached up and shut the meter off immediately afterwards with a very pleasant looking smile on his face.

And I have to admit, hearing him...hearing her, had triggered my own climax, quite unexpectedly. Not something I had really anticipated nor intended. But in the next instant I was pumping my cock off against her firm ass, watching the trailers of semen arching up against her back, which included now the back of her black blouse, and then down upon her ass. She had just finished pumping off the driver when she turned back around to face me with a pouty expression on her face. "You were supposed to tell me."

"You were busy."

She smiled. "Was it nice and messy?"

"Check the back of your blouse." She did, grinned, then brought her hand back around covered in my cum cream.

"I did feel it on my ass," she informed me.

I caught the cab driver looking at us in the rear view mirror again. He was shaking his head in wonder.

"Feel good?"

"Still does. It's running down my ass."

I felt the cabby slow, then pull next to the curb. "This it?" he asked.

"Yep, this is the place," Denise announced opening the door. Her skirt was still on the floor as she stepped out, her blouse undone, her bare breasts fully exposed. It was late, and the streets were fairly deserted, though I had the feeling had it been noon, she'd have exited the cab in the very same way.

"Would you mind getting my skirt?" she asked. I retrieved it, and then paid the cabby. As I did, I noticed Denise had leaned into the passenger side window. "Here...these are for you." I saw that she held out her black thong towards him. "Now you have proof," she added. The cabby gladly accepted her gift. "Oh, and I made sure there's plenty of pussy juice in the crotch of them too if ya wanna smell them." He did.

"Thanks lady!" he again chuckled. "Though even with these, I'm not sure anyone's gonna believe this."

"Your wife might," I reminded him.

"Oh...yeah." He tucked the black thong between the seats.

"Cumming?" Denise called back towards me as I exited the cab, and followed her near naked cum splattered body up the stairs to her apartment.


"Oh no!" I thought to myself as I scrambled up the stairs just reaching Denise as the doors opened. "Another doorman!"

"Evening Miss Jensen," the man said smiling at her, shaking his head. "Been a while."

"Yes, yes it has Charlie," she answered back brushing past him. Only then did she look back towards me just as I reached the door. "Charlie? This is Steven, my new cum-buddy."

"Evening Sir," he stated tipping his hat in acknowledgement. I merely smiled a rather confused smile towards him as Denise and I then followed him towards the elevators.

"Think you can manage it?"

"I'll give it a go miss," he grinned as we all stepped inside, the doors closing. Almost immediately he reached inside his trousers, unzipping them and produced a rather large angry looking member. It was shinny black, slick with his juices and looked much like some sort of exotic snake rather than some cock sticking between his legs. Almost immediately he began fisting it as the elevator slowly rose. Denise lived on the top floor, he had already pushed the 14th floor for her when stepping in.

"You didn't make it last time," she reminded him. He laughed.

"I know...but this time I've been waiting for you. Been sorta keeping myself primed."

Denise stood slipping a hand between her legs, giving her exposed quim a gentle frig with her fingers, then surprising me as she reached over, unzipping my fly.

The elevator slowly continued to rise, now to the 8th floor. "Halfway there," she announced.

"Almost there," he answered, an obvious grimace of ecstasy beginning to show within his face.

As the elevator indicated the 12th floor, he turned towards her, holding his enormous cobra-like phallus straight out in front of him towards her. "Now!" he groaned. And in that instant, Denise cupped each of her breasts together just as the biggest wad of cream I had ever seen before in my entire life leapt from the head of his prick in a surging thrown rope of jisim that splattered fully against the twin slopes of her breasts. Then came another and another, the forceful ejaculates almost obliterating her flesh as rivers of cum-cream pooled, then began running down the slick valley of Denise's tits to cause her entire chest and stomach to glisten with his pearly spunk.


She stuck a finger in her mouth sucking it, and then passed her other hand, the one that she'd used to frig herself with and ran it beneath his nose, across his lips. "Thank you Charlie," she said teasingly.

"My pleasure," he grinned back at her, slipping his still semi-erect cock back into his pants. "Any time."

"Every time," she shot back as she exited the elevator. All I could do was follow her into the small foyer as she walked towards the door that obviously led into her apartment.

"What the hell was that?" Only then did I notice that my own stiff cock was poking fully from the front of my pants as I followed her into the room.

"Oh, just a fun little game we enjoy playing whenever we get the chance. If he can manage to cum before we get to my floor, then next time I give him a blowjob on the way up. If not, then he eats me on the way up. I know it's a bit silly...but it's fun. It's really a win-win situation either way."

"I see."

"No you don't...but perhaps in time, you will," she explained tossing her purse on the coffee table. "Now...as much as I hate doing this, time to shower, then you and I are going to fuck like rabbits. How's that sound?"

It sounded good.


Over the next several weeks, I was introduced into Denise's wild wacky world of cum play. Never in a million years could I have imagined all the various things one could do involving cum that for her was most certainly the defined definition of a true fetish. Everything from lining up shot-glasses on the coffee table, then standing behind me, pumping my prick and seeing not only how far I could shoot and actually hit one of the glasses before taking it and drinking it down afterwards, to lying beneath the glass table on the floor, and watching my cream splatter against the surface while she happily masturbated below as she watched me.

But as quirky-kinky as all these things might have been, including additional elevator rides with Charlie, it was still going out in public with her to dinner, or to the movies that seemed to hold the most pleasure and excitement for her.

Most often she would wear some sort of dark colored blouse or jacket. We would have dinner in a nice restaurant, then shortly after the waiter or waitress had left the bill, we would depart for the restrooms where she would often slip in behind me once I'd confirmed the coast was clear, standing with me in one of the stalls, jerking my prick until I had splashed a goodly amount of cum cream against her dark blouse, or jacket. Occasionally, when she was really feeling daring, which took me a few times before I was willing to do it, I would cum against her neck, or one side of her face, or leave a few lines of cum streaking up and along side her head into her hair. Then we would walk hand in hand out of the restaurant together. Sometimes people noticed and wondered, sometimes we seemed to pass by without so much as a single look. It didn't matter to her one way or the other. She simply enjoyed the feel of that hot fresh cum sticking against her body, especially as we'd often stroll down the sidewalk towards the car. And we always parked a fair distance away from wherever we were going, just so she could spend that time wearing a partial facial as we strolled slowly down the sidewalk together.

And there was something about her, that look of danger and excitement that was always pervasive, always bubbling just below the surface. And she knew how to use it, how to entice total strangers, people you'd never guess would be so willing and so ready to involve themselves in her weird kinky little games.

One particular evening, we'd gone to see a rather erotic foreign film together. I knew before hand that she was really in one of her moods, as she'd even refrained from touching me or herself for most of the day, which was usually a good sign. As she dressed, she wore only the shortest of skirts, no thong this time, and a sheer white blouse that easily revealed her dark colored nipples beneath. Though she took a matching jacket, she carried it over the shoulder. Passing Charlie at the door, she grinned wickedly towards him. "Might be a late one," she announced.

"I'll be here," he answered holding the door.

We arrived at the theatre, and as I purchased the tickets for the show, I couldn't help but laugh at the fumbling delay as the ticket girl glanced repeatedly towards Denise, who's taut hard nipples pressed obscenely against the sheer white blouse she was wearing.

"Enjoy the show," she smiled knowingly.

"Oh...we will," Denise laughed, then suggestively licked her upper lip as we stepped away from the window and moved on into the theatre.

"You're incorrigible!" I told her.

"I know, but you love me for it anyway."

I stumbled briefly in my step, and realized right then and there, I was beginning to. There were few patrons already seated, much to my relief. It was after all a weeknight, and this wasn't exactly the typical type of movie most attended. Nor was it the type of movie that some guy wearing a trench coat would come to see either. There were enough of those movies around where that wasn't a concern. Believe it or not, Denise did have certain standards that she maintained, if one could call it that.

The show had already started, so we stood at the entryway allowing our eyes to adjust to the darkness. The theatre was sprinkled here and there with several couples, but there were plenty of open seats and enough distance between any of them to ensure some measure of privacy.

"This way," she announced taking my hand. I followed, surprised when she selected a row sitting just off to one side and behind a young couple sitting in front of us.


"Shhh!" she whispered sitting down. I sat. Almost immediately she bunched her skirt up around her waist, fully exposing herself. Had either of the two sitting in front of us looked behind, they'd have seen Denise happily, though quietly petting herself as the movie continued.

As expected, it wasn't long before I felt her hand worming its way into my lap. I'd learned long ago to quit wearing shorts whenever we went out. Feeling the coolness of the air as it reached my exposed prick, I nervously glanced about somewhat relieved to see that no one else would so easily be able to see us, or what we were doing, except for of course the young couple sitting in front of us.

Midway through the movie, I froze, though Denise's hand continued to slowly pump my very hard, very wet slick cock up and down. The young woman in front of us rose, hurriedly heading down the row towards the isle and then back towards the foyer. I wondered, and worried briefly that she might have seen or heard us, and was off to tell someone. The fact that the guy who was sitting with her didn't go along with her as well softened that concern somewhat, though Denise of course didn't indicate any concerns whatsoever. If anything, with the disappearance of the young woman, Denise raised the stakes of this naughty little adventure together. As I said, my prick was glistening with moisture. She'd been milking it for the better part of an hour, I felt I could explode at any moment with any sudden increase of friction or tempo. Which was when she started squeezing it more forcefully, producing even more slippery precum juice. As she did, she now purposely 'squished' it between her fingers and my staff, the sound of which easily reached my ears as she pumped, squished, and milked my prick with obvious abandon and glee. I had sat there, my eyes no longer focused on the movie, but clearly riveted to the back of the guy's head. Sure enough, he turned looking over his shoulder, luckily at first in Denise's direction, then mine. His eyes widened in surprise, that even in the darkness of the theatre I could see.

"Naughty huh?" Denise said grinning as she continued pumping my prick, still making with the squishy juicy sounds that I was sure could be heard all over the auditorium. And had that not been enough, she was wet enough herself that she'd now included the same sort of wicked sounds as her fingers now pummeled her own wet split, adding to the chorus of decadent music our two organs were playing.

"Holy shit!" He said a little too loudly.

"You like?" Denise whispered back a subtle reminder in cautioning him. He grinned.

"Wanna play?"


As usual, whatever she was up to or about to do, I was merely along for the ride.

"Where's your wife?"

"She had to pee."

Once again I nervously scanned the theatre, but they were at least whispering low enough so as not to disturb anyone above the sounds and music of the movie that was playing.

"Go find her, tell her what we're doing. If she's interested, tell her to come sit beside me, then you sit beside her."

"You serious?"

"Very...now go before she returns." He stood up immediately, nearly tripping over himself on the way out.

"What if she freaks?" I asked.

"What if she does?" Denise said rearranging her skirt modestly. "We're not doing anything." I took cue from her and zipped myself up though it wasn't easy.

Moments later I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. To my amazement, the two of them entered the row we were sitting in, the young good looking blonde taking a seat next to Denise. Denise then leaned over, whispered something to her though I couldn't hear it, only the quiet giggle of the young woman a moment later. I could clearly see however as she reached over into her husbands lap, unzipping him and produced a very stiff, very erect looking prick. Likewise, Denise then did the same thing with me. For a few moments I watched, as he did...the two girls quietly sitting there together stroking us. Once again Denise leaned over whispering. And once again I couldn't hear her, but I could hear the young girls response.

"Ok," she grinned. "As long as it's ok with him."

I wasn't sure which 'him' she was referring to, but the young woman then leaned over whispering to her husband, who glanced briefly sideways towards me, and Denise before nodding his head. Simultaneously, both women stood exchanging places. In the next instant, Denise's hand was wrapped around the other guys prick, and the blonde's was wrapped around mine. I could only sit there shaking my head in amazement. This continued for a few moments more until the subtle shifting on the other side of the blonde alerted me that Denise was up to something. Sure enough, she had managed to bunch up her skirt around her waist once again. A millisecond after that, she was inching her hand between the blonde's legs. It took a brief moment of coaxing, but finally she relaxed and actually spread them a little.

"Take them off."


"Your panty hose, take them off."

"It's too dangerous...I can't."

"Rip them off then."

I heard her nervously giggle. "How?"

Once again Denise fumbled briefly reaching into her purse. "Use this," she stated, handing the young woman a nail file. In the next instant, I heard the soft tear of fabric as she tore a piece of the garment away.

"That's better," Denise purred, then slipped her hand back down between the young woman's legs. "Now...do me as well," she whispered.

And there we all sat, Denise contentedly jacking the man's prick with one hand, fingering his wife with the other. She in turn fingering Denise, and pumping me as we pretended to continue watching the movie, which I had lost all track of and knew absolutely nothing about by this time. The only thing I did know for sure, was that the show would be ending soon by the way the movie was heading. Sensing that as well, Denise began jacking the man's cock off much more forcefully, which he immediately warmed too, though by the look on his face, he was also immediately worried and concerned about his impending explosion. He needn't have.

With one sudden movement of her hand, Denise reached up and split away her blouse popping each and every button on it in the process. Now bare-breasted, she offered him the perfect place for depositing his semen, which he took advantage of almost immediately. To my additional surprise, Denise hadn't once removed her hand from between the blonde's legs, and as she and I watched the first hard-felt spurtings of her husbands cock splashing against Denise's tits, I heard her suddenly groan, her legs suddenly coming together in a vice-like grip as Denise continued to pump out the husbands cream as well as the wife's orgasm simultaneously. Unfortunately for me, the blonde had forgotten all about me in her pleasures, though her hand nearly squeezed the head of my dick off when she came.

"Sorry!" she replied sheepishly a moment or so later as she finally recovered. But the lights had already come up and the credits were rolling. Several of the patrons had already stood moving towards the exits. We sat...one gentleman doing a double take as he passed by our row, Denise's breasts in full glorious view as he did, his eyes widening with surprise.

"Good movie huh?" she said grinning back at him.

"Must have been," he answered laughing, then continued on up the isle way.

By now the young couple was obviously nervous and in a hurry to leave, especially with Denise sitting here, her breasts nonchalantly revealed, covered thickly with the guys cum-butter.

"Aren't you going to stay for the climax?" she questioned.

"It's ok," I stated as the blonde stood looking apologetically towards me. "It was still fun."

She hesitated, and then looked about the theatre. It was nearly empty now. "You close?"

"On the edge," I grinned.

She sat back down next to me. "So help me...if anyone comes."

"Hopefully he will," Denise answered with a laugh, sitting down on the other side of me. "When he squirts, just aim it my way."

She did.


Like I said in the beginning, every day with Denise was an adventure. In time, she actually quit referring me to everyone as her "cum-buddy". Eventually, it became "lover" and then "husband". Even the wedding was an adventure, certainly not anything anyone else would ever consider as normal, not by a long shot. But it had become so for us. I was never jealous, nor worried that she didn't love me, or want me...she did. But it was the simple acceptance of who she was, and the fetish she enjoyed. Accepting that, was accepting of her. And I did.

By this time my best friend Larry had also accepted my relationship with Denise. And once I'd better explained to him what it was she enjoyed doing, and why, he understood it a lot better as well. Not to mention the fact that I'd even hinted on occasion that Denise might be willing to include him in one of our private little games.

Neither of us had the typical bachelor, or bachelorette party the night before the wedding. There was no need for that. Each day had been a party of sorts, always something new and exciting, kinky or fun...and yes, even normal. Sometimes we merely fucked just for the pleasure in doing that.

But it was the day of our wedding that I'd say has to go down in the annals of time as being one of the wildest, wettest, and kinkiest yet. Obviously we didn't have one of those typical church weddings, nor did she even wear a wedding dress. The veil yes, but nothing else. She had a friend who was a legal minister and could perform ceremonies, and with whom she had also periodically enjoyed sharing her fetishes with. So he was certainly cool about it. In addition, she had two girlfriends in attendance, and I had brought Larry along as my best man, along with another mutual friend of ours, though he was nervous and hesitant as hell when we told him we'd be wearing nothing more than bow ties at the wedding. But with the certain knowledge there would be plenty of naked available flesh to look at, whatever inhibitions or concerns he might have originally had, simply faded away.

We had picked a favorite spot of ours high up in the mountains in a beautiful meadow that was filled with wildflowers and the warmth of the midsummers sunshine. Secluded as we were, there was no fear or danger that anyone would stumble in upon us, leaving the wedding ceremony very private and very personal. It was interesting to say the least, Denise and I standing together, she in her veil, me in my bowtie, her naked attendants all holding nothing more than flowers, while Larry and Brent stood by nervously ogling all the available eye-candy.

As we'd spent nearly two years together before getting married, I had by that time gotten to know Denise better than I had ever known anyone. And I had also shared with her and learned each and every fantasy, each and every naughty decadent thought she'd ever had, or had ever done. Some of which she still hadn't explored or entertained believe it or not. And so it was that I had planned on a bit of a surprise for her, something that I knew she'd remember and enjoy.

We had just finished the ceremony, now legally wed. Larry was busily uncorking the wine we had brought with us for the celebration afterwards. The girls had spread out several large quilted blankets to sit on where we all sat, basking in the sunlight, sipping our wine and enjoying the view.

One thing that Denise had always wanted to do, but had never done as yet, was actually make love in the out of doors with an audience watching. The stage for that particular little desire was already set. I had no problem with it as we merged together there amongst our friends who watched fondly and with admiration as we pleasured one another towards orgasm. As was usually the case, I had pulled out of her just prior to climaxing, my orgasmic release splashing against her from head to toe as she lay below me, much to her delight and the delight of our friends who witnessed my copious discharge. I had spoken to Charlene, one of Denise's friend's day's earlier. I had mentioned my intentions, my hopes and grinned with delight when she assured me that not only could she satisfy my wish, but so could another friend of theirs who was also invited to the wedding. Moving off, Denise looked up towards me in curious wonder. She knew I was up to something as I quickly motioned for Charlene and Kristy to come over and stand above her.

"Ladies?" I said grinning. "If you please..."

There they stood, reaching over towards one another and began masturbating one another as they stood over her. Even Larry and Brent were caught off guard by this one, as I hadn't informed either one of them of my intentions. Nor did either of them have any clue as to what was happening either, which I figured would melt away whatever inhibitions either one of them might have had for later. Which it did.

It didn't take very long, the girls had been very much aroused most of the day anyway, and the suggestion of my idea, and knowing Denise as well as they did, kept that sexual tension on edge up until this very moment.

"For me?" Denise said grinning, knowing full well what was about to happen. Though I smiled inwardly with both Larry and Brent watching that neither one of them still had a clue.

The girls had switched from mere fingering one another, to now purposely manipulating themselves in whatever fashion or way that it took to produce the desired results. But moments later, as Charlene hard-slapped her own self, and as Kristy more furiously tended to rub her clit like a miniature cock, one after the other began to jettison little streamers of female cum-cream that sprayed out in sparkling clear fluids, almost as though Denise stood beneath the shower at home as her friends bathed her in an abundance of female nectar.

"Fucking A!" Brent exclaimed as he witnessed his first ever female ejaculation.

"You can say that again!" Larry added as he absentmindedly stood there fondling his now very erect prick.

I had figured, and hoped that with the girl's initial involvement that it would more easily pave the way for Larry and Brent to join in as well. Something as I said I had always known Denise had thought and fantasized about quite often. I wasn't sure about her minister friend, but seeing him walking over to watch, cock in hand and hard as a rock, whatever doubts I had about him melted away.

"Where would you like it?" he asked.

"Here...on this one," she said presenting her left breast. "Cover it completely for me if you would...please."

"I'll do my very best," he told her, then proceeded to shower her proffered tit with an abundance of his creamy white nectar a short time afterwards.

"Larry? Brent?" I asked, pointing down towards my wife. Neither one seemed to move all too quickly, still looking and appearing a little unsure, until Charlene joined in, grabbing Larry's cock and leading him forward.

"Allow me," she said grinning. Which he did.

Once again, it didn't take long, not with Charlene jerking my friend's cock anyway. As the minister had done to her left breast, Larry managed to cream her right one. Denise now sat with both breasts fully covered in a rich overabundance of fuck butter. As Larry and Charlene stepped back, Kristy led Brent, also by the cock towards her. Denise merely spread her legs even more fully apart, swirling her clit with her fingers as she did, giving him the perfect target for Kristy to aim at while enjoying the feel of her hand upon him along with the view of my wife's deliciously wet cunt. He was soon after squirting against her, though initially a bit wildly, though Denise didn't seem to mind. The majority of his cream landing directly against her split, much to her delight and pleasure.

"And finally..." she said grinning as I approached.

I had by now managed to work up another nice hard erection. Though it had been relatively easy after having watched everyone getting off ahead of me, especially the two girls, who'd assured me they'd do so again after I'd finished.

"Feed me his prick," Denise told her two girl friends. "Rub it all over me, all over my face, my neck, my tits."

I was only too happy to oblige, enjoying the sensation of it as first one, then the other, sometimes both of them rubbed my rock-hard erection back and forth against my wife where she sometimes sucked it, nibbling it until having it taken away. When I was ready, I announced it of course, and then Charlene placed the head of my dick against Denise's hungrily waiting mouth. The first spurt disappearing inside where she drank it, then shutting her mouth fully, allowing the second massive spurt to splash purposely against her lips, another along the side of her face, still yet another, aimed downwards against her breasts, splashing to mingle with the still slick moisture of previous spendings. As promised, Charlene and Kristy both once again placed themselves over my wife's prostate cream filled body and poured another deluge of their own brand of cum-cream upon her minutes later.

Drenched, sticky, and glistening with sticky goo, the girls now knelt down on the blanket along side her and proceeded to massage the natural lotion into her exposed flesh. Joining them, I soon did the same, delighting in the funky mixture of smells and texture of creams that lay there. To my surprise, even Larry and Brent joined us then, taking hands, legs and feet, not a single square inch of her was left un-caressed, unmassaged, un-probed, or untouched. By now Charlene and Kristy were sucking her breasts, enjoying the erotic wicked taste of my wife's tits as they devoured the mixture of cream still found there. I, devouring her split, tickling her clit, fingering her quim much to her delight as she motioned for, then proceeded to once again fondle and jack off my two friends while her minister friend fed her his cock which she hungrily devoured.

I have no idea how many times everyone came, nor how many partners eventually everyone enjoyed. But as dusk came and the sun dipped below the horizon, Denise and I wandered off alone...together, leaving our still sleeping friends behind.

"Cum on me," I told her. "Lay me down and cum all over me."

She smiled happily...and did just that.



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