Home For Spring Break (by Katrina)


Lying in bed last night, I thought about a CFNM event that I was lucky enough to participate in. Even though it happened several years ago, I know I’ll never forget it. It was with my sometime boyfriend, (Bobby), back in my last year of college. I was home from spring break and all of my friends had gone to Ft. Lauderdale. I was saving my money for a car, so I couldn't afford to go with them this time. So I went back home and stayed at my parent’s house in Atlanta for the week. The house had a big backyard with an in-ground pool with a nice, high fence around it. My parents were going out of town next weekend to go to a wedding, so I got the great idea of secretly inviting my part-time/sometime boyfriend Bobby over for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

Bobby and I really weren't "boyfriend & girlfriend", but we had dated off and on, and we did some light petting at a drunken high school party once. All I remember is him feeling me up over my shirt and I rubbed his rock hard bulge a few times. But since I went off to college and he stayed back in Atlanta and went to a community college, we didn’t see too much of each other. He was a hot looking, athletic guy with short blonde hair. All of my friends drooled over him, but I thought he was full of himself and a little too macho for my shy girl tastes. Anyway, he wasn't doing anything next Saturday, so he said he would come over, bring a few hundred beers, and get a tan with me.

Well, Saturday shows up, and so does Bobby, just after noon time. I was already laying out in a lounge chair next to the pool in my black bikini, listening to the radio. I had a pretty good figure then, thin and tanned, but my boobs were barely a B cup. (and that was before the Wonder Bra). So Bobby comes through the gate, says hello, makes a comment about how nice I'm looking these days, takes off his shirt, spreads out his towel, and lays down. I make sure he knows that everybody in the house is gone until tomorrow. (I'm sure this gets his wheels turning, as he probably thought I had invited him over for some hot poolside sex). Truth be told, I just wanted some male companionship. As luck would have it, I was on my period that weekend. (I know, I know, perfect timing).

Well, after a few hours of talking, tanning, swimming, and drinking, Bobby starts flirting and cuddling up to me while we were swimming in the deep end of the pool. We hugged and I could feel his familiar rock hard bulge through his trunks. Since I had a few drinks in me and was feeling no pain, I made some funny comment like, "is that a snorkel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me ?". He laughed and said it was the effect of him squeezing my ass under the water and not having sex for a long time. I asked him if he ever skinny-dipped, and he said yeah, sure, but never with any girls. So I said, well, here's your chance, tiger.

We went back and forth about who would drop our suits first, but eventually he caved in. But he would only get naked on the promise that I would get naked after he did. (I'm such a good liar). Sure enough, he goes to the deep end (about 5 feet deep), and pulls off his trunks and throws them on the lounge chair about 6 feet away from the edge of the pool, (big mistake). I quickly jump out and grab them, dancing to the radio and waving them in the air. I thought for sure he would get pissed, but he didn't. He just looked startled and started laughing. (probably at the thought of knowing he’d have to get out of the pool and wrestle them away from me).
I sat down at the table at the other end of the pool and just laughed and waved his trunks in the air. I kept asking him to come and get them, but he just kept smiling, begging me to give them back to him. Since he was standing in the deep end of the pool, facing the wall, I could only see his white ass cheeks through the water, when I went around to the other side of the pool. I told him that he's got nothing to be ashamed of, and that his ass looked good.

I also told him that I was sure that the other side was nothing to be ashamed of either, remembering the rock hard bulge I rubbed one night in high school. He said something about the cold water and I asked him if shrinkage had become an issue. He said something like, he's never been accused of being small, but the cold water was having an effect on him, as well as the alcohol. I said, yeah, you guys always seem have all the excuses.

Well, that was enough for him, because without warning, he jumped out of the pool, with his hands covering his privates, and ran over to where his trunks were. I quickly grabbed his trunks and ran around to the other side of the pool, screaming and laughing. So now he's naked, a little drunk, hunched over, covering his crotch with his bare ass on display. I've never laughed so hard in my life.
He kept chasing me around the pool, but since he was covering his privates with one hand, he couldn't run very fast. All I remember is how muscular his legs and ass cheeks were. Jesus, if my parents came home now with a naked guy chasing me around the pool, that would be curtains for the both of us ! His hands weren't doing a very good job of covering his blonde pubic hair and balls either.

Eventually, he got tired of chasing me and not catching me, so he just laid down on his lounge chair and covered up with his towel. Having a few beers in me, I suddenly felt ballsy enough to tell him that he had to show "it" to me before I gave him his trunks back, otherwise I would throw his trunks on the roof of the house. He said fine, go ahead, do it, he didn't care anymore, and to just keep his trunks. So I said, fine also, if he wanted to be naked for the rest of the afternoon, that was fine with me.

So I walked over to my lounge chair, moved it away from him, (so he wouldn't try anything tricky), and laid back down facing him, with his trunks rolled up in my hand. I could see him checking out my camel toe and the effect it was having on him. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge protruding from underneath his towel and made another comment about it. I think I said something about shrinkage again and that it doesn't seem to be one of his problems. He just smiled and laid back with his eyes closed, sunning himself in the hot sun, with the towel only covering him from the waist down.

Well, after about 15 minutes of me asking him to show it to me, and downing another beer, he caved in again and started to tease me with it. He would hum the stripper song, while pushing the towel down far enough for me to see his blonde pubic hair, then he would pull the towel back up real quick and swallow another gulp of beer, cracking up the whole time. I was giggling and getting excited at the idea of him teasing me with his penis, which looked like he had become more than semi-erect from the attention.

The anticipation was killing me. He could see that I was getting into it, big time, and so was he. I had seen a few penises by then, and I wasn't exactly a virgin, but that day, with the alcohol and the heat from the sun, (and my wet bikini bottoms), I wanted to see this hunk's dick "BAD". He knew it too, because he kept pushing his towel down further and further each time, moving it side to side, showing more and more of his shaft, smiling and laughing the whole time. Not wanting to miss a second of this rare opportunity, I moved my lounge chair closer to him, to get a better look. I’m sure he noticed that I was starting to get really excited because I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

Finally, I said, come on, let it out !, So he cleared his throat, and slowly, inch by inch, he pushed the towel down farther and farther, moving it side to side, showing more and more of his shaft, until the pink head finally flopped out, completely exposing his cock and balls. He threw the towel aside, opened his legs, and placed his hands around the base of his dick, which made it stick straight up in the air, waving it around a bit. This guy knew how to display his dick for a female audience, that's for sure.

I just sat there awe struck and amazed. How did I get this hunk to lay in front of me naked, with his hard dick sticking straight up, waving it around at me, in broad daylight ? I told him that, see, he had nothing to be ashamed of, just as I thought. If I had to guess, it was about 7 inches long, maybe longer, with a nice girth to it and circumcised. It had a nice dark, pink head with a small mole near the tip. He asked me if I was going to get naked too, to which I then told him about having my period.

For the next half hour, I kept glancing over as we talked and gulped Bud Light, me staring at his penis and balls from behind my sunglasses. I just laid there, studying his long shaft, which stayed in a semi-erect state the whole time. I loved how his pubic hair was so blonde and thick. How his balls were so big and his ball sack so tight, pushing his dick up and out of the way, making it lay back, flat on his stomach. He seemed to be totally at ease lying there next to me naked and me in my black bikini. The alcohol in him must have had a calming effect because he would occasionally reach down and touch himself, scratching his balls or gently rubbing his penis. This, of course, caused me to watch with absolute concentration. I think he sensed this, as every time he did it, I would stop talking or sipping beer and watch with absolute fascination.

I joked about his Cindy Crawford mole next to his pee slit. He just looked down and lifted his penis up and looked at it. (I almost choked on my beer !) He jokingly said he’s never really paid much attention to it, but if I liked it, that’s all that matters. I moved in closer to get a better look at the small mole. In doing so, I could smell his wonderful manly musk coming from his balls. The smell almost put me in a hypnotic trance. He arched his back slightly, closed his eyes, and opened his legs a little, so I could get a better look at his soft, fuzzy ball sack and the little blonde hairs that followed into his ass crack. This guy was enjoying me enjoying him, no doubt about it.

Not many girls my age get to enjoy a cfnm situation like this, I thought. But here I was, in the back yard that I grew up in, watching this naked hunk lay next to me with all of his secrets out on display. (I’ll never look at the backyard the same again). After awhile, I told him that he should turn over because he didn't want to burn his pinky winky. He chuckled and agreed, so he turned over, giving me the great opportunity to check out his tight ass.

Here again is where I got my beer courage up and without asking, I started pouring on some suntan lotion and rubbing it in. First on his back and shoulders, and then, holding my breath, I started rubbing it lower and lower, until I was rubbing lotion on his muscular ass cheeks, YES ! All I could think of was how tight and firm his ass cheeks were. I thought, this is God’s reward to me for all of the studying I have done over the last four years ! Jesus, you could crack a walnut with his ass cheeks.

I could see him getting in to it too, smiling the whole time I was doing it. Well, I didn't want to seem like I was only doing it to squeeze his ass, so I started rubbing some lotion on the back of his legs and inner thighs. In the process of doing this, his legs got a little wider apart and he lifted his ass up slightly. This put his ass at an angle where I could check out the backside of his ball sack and his tight little pink anus. Well, I've never seen a man's anus before, let alone, in the bright sunlight. I was certainly getting an education that afternoon, that's for sure. ( If my friends could only see what I’m seeing, I thought ).

Eventually, I gave in to temptation and I got back to rubbing lotion on his ass cheeks again. I noticed that when ever I got close to his anus he would push his ass slightly upwards, as to say, yes, go there, and rub it in there. So I concentrated all of my efforts on rubbing up and down his ass crack, like in a wiping motion across his anus. I could tell that this was driving him crazy. Well, after several minutes of me rubbing lotion on his anus, he slowly turned back over. His eyes stayed closed, but his dick was sticking straight up, bigger than it was before, presenting a rock hard erection that could cut glass. ( obviously from me rubbing on his ass ).

Not wanting to squander this unbelievable opportunity, I started rubbing lotion on his chest, neck, and shoulders. I slowly worked my way down to his flat stomach, brushing up against the tip of his hard-on, which laid back, hovering over his lower belly. And again, with my courage, compliments of Bud Light, I rubbed his belly, underneath his penis, making the head of it move back and forth, touching the top of my little hand.

He obviously wanted me to touch it, because he soon grabbed my wrist and started moving my hand towards it. I gently pulled away, but kept rubbing lotion on his lower stomach, even rubbing it on his upper leg, brushing up against his ball sack. (I know, I know, I'm such a tease).
Well, I guess he couldn't take it anymore and quietly asked me if I would stroke it, since it was my fault he had a raging hard-on. I said I would, but only if he showed me how guys "do it" first. He said, do what ?. I said, you know what, jerk off !. He shook his head in amazement and said that I sounded like his old girlfriend.
Whenever she got on her period and he wanted to have sex, instead of the usual blow job / hand job stuff, she would sometimes ask him to jerk off for her, because she loved watching him do that. He asked me why is it such a big deal for us girls to watch guys do that ?. I told him that it was something we knew that all guys did, but it is such a deep, dark secret, so mysterious and fascinating. ( and admittedly, it’s so damn erotic for us girls to watch ).

He asked me if I had ever seen a guy do that. I told him that a few of my college friends and I had seen a guy through a window in his dorm room once, masturbating to a porno on his TV. We just happened to be walking by at night in this alley and saw him going at it. My friends and I started laughing so loud that he heard us and looked up and saw a female audience cheering him on.

He got up holding dick and ran out of the room. So Bobby then said, well, I guess you’ve never seen a guy finish jerking off, right ? I said, well, no, not exactly. So he heaved a big sigh and grabbed the shaft of his penis and started slowly stroking. I got up and grabbed the bottle of baby oil that I had on the table and walked back over to him. I leaned over and dripped some oil on his erection for lubrication. I could look down now, getting a great view of his hand stroking his big hard-on.
Leaning down, I put my hand around the back of his neck and kissed his cheek, as to say, thank you for giving me this show. Thank you for allowing me to see what all guys do in secret, and what us girls just love to watch. He said it would be easier for him if he sat up on his knees, leaning back. (that's how he usually did it for his ex-girlfriend).

I told him to go to the edge of the pool and jerk it off into the water, so we wouldn't have to clean it up off of the patio. He agreed and walked over to the pool, spread out his towel, kneeling on the edge, with his penis hanging out over the water. This would give me a great ring side seat if I got in the water, I thought. So I got in the pool and stood to the side of him. As I was climbing in to the water, I just couldn't believe that this was about to happen.

It was like an out-of-body experience, having a birds-eye view of fully naked Bobby masturbating in the sun for my smiling enjoyment. Any of my girlfriends would have given their left arm to see this. I couldn't keep from grinning as I stood in the pool, to one side of him, almost eye level with his ball sack, as he leaned back and started to slowly jerk on his cock again. I had turned the radio off so I could concentrate on Bobby's show. As I took in the view, I asked him if he could do it a little faster, jerk it a little faster for me baby, come on Bobby, that’s it.
He was obeying my commands and I was in hog heaven, knowing I was controlling him. Soon all you could hear was his hand slapping up against his swinging ball sack with the lotion on it. He was pumping it like there was no tomorrow now. His balls were swinging forward and backwards to the motion of his strokes. I could see from being so close to his dick that he was getting close.

His dark pink head was now engorged and looked like it was about ready to burst. Every once in awhile, he would look down and smile at me, checking to see if I was enjoying his show. (like what girl wouldn't). I would just smile back and slowly nod my head up and down as to be telling him that he looks great pleasuring himself, and to just relax and let it go.

Then I did something that, to this day, I still can't believe I did. I must of got caught up in the moment or something, because as I was standing in the pool, watching him masturbate, I reached around and started to grope his butt cheek and even run my fingers up and down his ass crack, still watching him jerk off. This sent him into overdrive, because he started breathing very deep and slowly rocking back and forth. With lotion on my fingers, I easily worked my middle finger in to his anus.

I had heard about this from other girls in college that a lot of guys love this when getting a hand or blow job. I could slip my lubricated finger in all the way to the second knuckle, and all he could do was writhe and moan, swaying back and forth, like he was fucking the air. Within about 90 seconds of me finger fucking his asshole, twisting it in as deep as I could and pulling it almost all of the way out, he then jerked his head back, and a stream of white cream shot out and landed in the pool at least 2 feet out. My jaw dropped as I thought to myself, good lord, what a load he had in him !

And it just kept spurting out, one after the other. I reached my other arm out in front of Bobby and caught a few squirts in my open hand, still keeping my middle finger on my other hand deep in his anus. Every time I shoved my finger in, another squirt would shoot out. I couldn’t believe the control I had over him.

After the last squirt shot out, I just shook my head in amazement and told him that that was incredible. I've never seen so much cum shoot out of a guy. He said it must have been from all of my teasing. I said it also might have something to do with where my finger still is. He blushed and said that it did feel awesome and that his ex-girlfriend used to do that to him too. I made a circular movement inside his anus with my finger and said, oh, so you’ve had other girls finger you too, huh?. Again, he just blushed, knowing I was still fingering and exploring his anus. I told him that my girlfriends had informed me how to finger a guy to give him stronger orgasms. He said that some guys don’t like it because they feel embarrassed about it afterwards. (idiots)

He suddenly sat on his butt and laid down on his back on the pool deck with his legs bent up and folded, like a women in the gyno position. I had to remove my finger when he did this, but I could tell he didn’t want me to stop fingering him. So I asked him if he wanted me to massage his prostate. He just grinned and said, well sure, but do you know how to do that ?. I grinned back at him and got up and moved to the other side and knelt down next to him.

But this time, I first stuck my index finger in his mouth to get it lubed. I held the back of his head while I pushed my finger in and out of his mouth. Then I looked deep into his eyes as I slid my wet finger in to his warm anus again. I could tell that even though he was finished cumming, the sensation was almost too much for him. He quivered as I slowly slide my feminine, little wet finger in and out of his anus.

I pushed my finger in as far as it would go, searching for his prostate. I moved it around, pushing it deeper and deeper, with him lying back moaning with his eyes closed. Again, I had to pinch myself. Here I was fingering one of the hottest guys in my high school class. I thought that maybe if I used two fingers instead of one, I might be able to reach it. So I moved in between his legs that were still wide open and slowly pushed the other finger in, allowing his anus muscle to slowly adapt to the wider intrusion. I could feel his anus muscle tightening, and then relaxing around my fingers. I think back now and remember how very warm and moist it was inside of him. How beautiful his little pink hole was, with little blonde fuzz that covered the back of his ball sack.

So now I had both my index and my middle finger deep inside of Bobby, and he continued to quiver as I pushed deeper and deeper. I noticed him groaning slightly with pleasure every time I pushed both fingers in to him. So I continued to double finger-fuck the boy for all he was worth. I was in a dream. It was almost more than I could take. After a few minutes, I told him that I wasn’t having any luck finding his prostate and that maybe he needed to get up on his hands and knees, with his ass in the air, so I can get a better angle at it.

So he slowly rolled over face down, got on his hands and knees, sticking his ass in the air and putting his face on the pool deck. If anybody came home now, we would have obviously died of embarrassment. I positioned myself behind him and put oil back on my fingers again. I looked at the back of my house where I could see our reflection in the glass of the sliding glass door. I couldn’t believe it was me, fingering Bobby like a girl, with his sweet ass sticking up in the air. I put one of my hands on his ass cheeks to hold him steady. I told him to bear down, as I would probably be going deeper than any girl had gone before. He lowered his back, spread his legs even wider and said, “I’m yours, give it to me”.

I shoved my fingers in as fast as I could, hoping to at least touch his prostate, but still found nothing. He moaned out loud as my two fingers went in way deep in to his anus, all the way up to the last knuckle. I kept it in this deep, pushing them in as hard as I could. I even opened up my fingers and moved them around, trying to search for it, but no luck. With him in this position, I couldn’t help myself, so I used my other hand to caress his penis that hung down like a cow’s udder. And he giggled like a little girl when I tickled his empty ball sack.

When I pulled my fingers out, his anus remained slightly open about an inch in diameter, so I could peek in to Bobby’s body. He knew what I was doing back there too, as I looked into his opening. I couldn’t believe a guy would let a shy, college girl do these things to him, making him so vulnerable. I just stared in to his hole and shook my head in amazement. His ass cheeks flinched as I blew my breath in to it, seeing if I could make his hole twitch at me. ( I know, I know, quit teasing the poor boy )

Since he seemed to like it when I got aggressive, I slid my two fingers deep in to him again, and then I grabbed up his ball sack and made a little parcel package in my grip and gave it a tug. This caused him to tighten his anus muscle around my two fingers. I liked the feel of that, so I did it again. Repetitiously pulling back on his ball sack with one hand while I double finger-fucked his anus with the other hand. This action of me pulling his ball sack back at the same time shoving my fingers in to him as deep as they would go would cause him to tighten his sphincter muscle around my little fingers. I just thought this was simply awesome ! Pull and push, pull and push, I was loving it !

This went on for what seemed like forever. This boy sure liked a girl to yank on his balls and finger him deep. I would jerk back on his ball sack which would push my fingers in to him deeper with each movement. I increased the rhythm, faster and faster. Suddenly, and without warning, he starts bucking like a bronco and cum starts shooting out of his semi-erect penis again, squirting down on to his towel. Jesus, he came twice in less than 30 minutes !

He fell forward and collapsed, but I continue to slide my fingers in and out, remembering that it helps in getting all of his cum out. I noticed that his anus looked really red from my finger work, so I grabbed my opened can of Bud Light and let some cold beer trickle out on to his anus to cool it off. He flinched his butt cheeks and said, hey, that’s cold ! I laughed and said, well, isn’t the first time I’ve seen your ass drunk. I sure hope you can sit down tomorrow.

So I slowly pulled my fingers out of his ass and gave his ass cheek one last squeeze. I told him that my fingers aren’t long enough for me to massage his prostate, but it sure was fun looking for it, ( and watching him cum again ). I got back into the pool to cool off and waded over in front of him. He turned over on his back, still close to the edge of the pool and bent his legs up and open again. I couldn’t help but stare at his puckering anus. It really looked a little sore from all of my finger work. Later, I would giggle to myself, knowing I had fingered him like a prom queen. My girlfriends are never going to believe this !

I then pulled myself out of the pool and sat down next to him. He was now sitting up on the edge of the pool, drinking the rest of his beer. I thanked him for jerking off for me, as it had been a fantasy of mine for a very long time. I could tell he was exhausted. After all, I’ve had him running around naked, drinking beer in the sun, then jerking off for what seemed like at least 15 minutes, then last, but not least, letting me finger him deep for at least 30 minutes until he came again.

WOW ! Most people would say he’d had a quite an afternoon!

He eventually got up and walked back to the lounge chair and laid face down, with his penis sticking down through the straps of the chair, leaking cum, and with his asshole leaking oil and beer down his crack. I took it all in as I stood up, staring down at his muscular ass, glistening in the sun. A feeling of girl power came over me, realizing that if I could get Bobby to perform for me, what are the possibilities with other boys ?. I just stood there thinking, I am sooooo glad I didn't go to Ft. Lauderdale.