Hung Jury Chapter 1


Ethan couldn't remember being so sore after hockey practice. The only thing he could figure was his muscles had to get used to the work again after the layoff he had for his sprained knee. It felt good, though, to finally be back on the ice again.

The shower helped. The hot water soothed his muscles and made them feel much less tight. For the rest of the night he had no plans but to finish up his homework and watch the basketball game on tv.

Someone knocked on the door while he was drying his hair. He came out of the bathroom with the towel around his waist like a kilt. Who the hell could that be?

He opened the door, standing behind it to hide that he was wearing just a towel. In the hallway, two attractive young girls smiled at him. One was holding a clipboard.

"Hi. Are you Jason Roberts?" the one with the clipboard said.

She was a cute brunette with a round face and high cheekbones. Her bright smile showed straight, even teeth. She wore khaki shorts and a short white top that showed off the deeply tanned skin of her legs and mid riff.

The other girl had reddish blonde hair, pale skin with freckles, and a seductive, oval face. She wore faded jeans that hung low on her hips and a halter that showed off her deep cleavage. When she smiled at him, it felt like she knew something about him he didn't even know himself.

"No, he's my roommate. I think he's at a class right now."

"Oh," the brunette said.

Both of their smiles fell and he suddenly felt sorry for their disappointment.

"What's your name?" the redhead said.

"Ethan McCullen. What's your's?"

She perked up and smiled again.

"I'm Michelle. This is Tanya," she said, nodding to her friend with the dark hair.

"Hi," Ethan said.

Tanya was looking at him in a thoughtful way that made him feel a bit uncomfortable. He felt completely naked in her gaze. He hoped he wasn't blushing.

"Ethan McCullen. Don't you play hockey?" Tanya said.

"Yeah," he said.

His eyes narrowed. Was she going to gush all over him like some girls did to the hockey players? He always hated that.

Tanya leaned to Michelle and whispered something in her ear. Michelle looked thoughtful for a moment, then grinned.

"Ok," Michelle said.

Tanya looked at him again.

"We have a special, personal request to make. Can we come in?" she said.

Ethan shrugged. He didn't mind having company for a few minutes.

"Sure. Let me just put some clothes on," he said, and opened the door.

"That won't be necessary," Michelle said.

Ethan stopped and turned back to them, his eyebrows arched.

"Why not?"

Michelle waited for Tanya to close the door. She turned back to Ethan, holding the clipboard in front of her.

"We're here to measure you," Tanya said.

Ethan's brow furrowed. Now he was confused.

"Measure me?"

He suddenly got the feeling he had made a mistake letting them into the apartment. He decided to go through with it for a little bit to see what they were up to before he kicked them out.

Tanya looked at Michelle.

"We're from the Theta Chi Epsilon sorority," Michelle began. "My sisters and I are carrying out a sorority tradition. Every two years we conduct a survey of all the eligible men on campus."

Ethan glanced at the clipboard in Tanya's hands. "What survey?"

Tanya cleared her throat. Both girls were blushing.

"We're looking fo the, well, the most well endowed man on campus," Tanya said.

There was a tense silence between the three of them while Ethan tried to decide if they were for real.

"And you want to measure me?" he said.

Michelle took a tape measure out of her purse. "If you don't mind."

Ethan finally smiled. The girls smiled, too.

"You're kidding, right?" he said.

"No, we're not," Tanya said. She took a digital camera from her purse. "We'd also like to get a picture, if we could."

Ethan laughed and sat down. This was too much to believe. The girls sat on the old sofa across from him. He stared at them. Did someone put them up to this as a joke?

"Have you measured anyone before me?"

"Yes. Two today," Tanya said, checking her clipboard.

"They were very well hung. Both were over eight inches long," Michelle said.

"We're only interested in men who are over eight inches long," Tanya explained.

"Yesterday a couple of other girls found a guy with a ten incher," Michelle said with wide, excited eyes.

"We haven't been so lucky."

Ethan laughed and this time the girls looked confused.

"What makes you think Rick fits into that category?"

They both shrugged.

"We have no way of knowing for sure," Michelle said. "We can only go on guesses and rumors and word of mouth from girls he's gone out with."

Ethan nodded. He had seen his roommate naked once, but he didn't have an erection. He didn't believe Rick would measure up to their minimum requirements, though.

However, he was intrigued by the idea of their survey. He was also sure that what he had was nothing like what they were expecting. He still wasn't sure if he wanted to participate, but suddenly he couldn't wait to show them what he had. The idea aroused him, and his erection started to grow. He held his legs together. He didn't want the girls to see what he had before he was ready to show it to them.

"Is there a prize for the girls who find the biggest one?" he said.

"Well, sort of. We're gonna hold a raffle, and the winner gets to go on a date with the guy with the biggest ... dick," she said, and blushed.

"Kind of like a bachelor auction?"

"Exactly. Except we're calling it the Hung Jury. The winner will be named the Judge. Are you interested?" Michelle said.

"I might be. What do you want me to do?"

The girls looked at each other.

"Well, first we have to make sure your, you know, your penis, fits the requirements for the survey," Tanya said.

Ethan couldn't help grinning at her discomfort. He sat up, listening attentively.

"Your penis is longer than eight inches, isn't it?" Michelle said.

"I think so. I'm pretty sure."

The girls looked excited and Ethan had to keep himself from laughing. He was enjoying setting them up and didn't want to spoil the surprise.

"Good. Then all we have to do is measure it and take a quick photograph," Tanya said. "Just one thing. It's important for you to know that we're not here to have sex. Girls have gotten pregnant in the past, so we just made a rule against it."

"I understand," Ethan said.

He tried not to look disappointed. He was hoping to go to bed with both of them.

Tanya sat on the edge of the sofa, checking the the camera. She seemed very nervous. If she had been this nervous with the other guys they measured, this must have been pretty difficult for her.

He sat up. "Should I show it to you now?"

The girls were both sitting on the edge of the bed, watching him.

"Sure, that would be fine," Tanya said evenly.

The room was suddenly very quiet. Ethan let his legs fall apart and pulled the towel away like the curtain of a theater stage. His penis had grown very hard and rose up on its own.

He looked at the girls. Their mouths had fallen open and they stared at his cock with eyes as wide as saucers. Ethan grinned.

"Oh my God. I think that's bigger than eight inches," Tanya said in a whisper.

Michelle's shock wore off quickly. She got up and crossed the room with the tape measure. Ethan sat back. Michelle knelt beside the chair and put her hand around the shaft. He sighed. Her hand was warm and soft. They might not be allowed to have sex with him, but he wanted to enjoy this as much as he could.

"I think you're gonna win first prize," Michelle said in a breathy voice.

She spooled out a length of the tape measure and held it against the length of his pole.

"How long is he?" Tanya said.

She held the pen up, ready to jot down his dimensions. Her eyes had a distant, glazed look.

Michelle turned to her friend with her mouth hanging open.

"Twelve inches," she said, her voice weak.

"Twelve inches?" Tanya said.

Michelle nodded. Tanya jotted it down. Ethan nodded, too. Twelve inches was exactly right.

Michelle wrapped the tape measure around the shaft and read off the dimensions. Tanya recorded them, as well, then got up with the camera.

"Do you mind if we take a picture?" she said.

Ethan opened his mouth to protest, then changed his mind.

"No, I don't mind," he said.

The girls were smiling again, giggling. It was obvious they believed they had found their winner, and he was glad he could help them out.

"Get your hand away. I can't get a good shot with your hand on it," Tanya said, holding the camera up.

Michelle took her hand away, giggling. Tanya took a picture from the side. The camera's flash made him blink.

"Perfect," Tanya said.

Michelle put her hand around his shaft again and moved it slowly up and down. Tanya put the camera back in her purse.

"I guess we're done here. Thanks for helping us," she said.

Michelle was still on her knees beside Ethan, stroking his cock.

"Yes, thank you," she said.

She was breathing hard. Her chest heaved, pushing her heavy breasts against her thin top. She leaned forward and gave the head of his cock a wet kiss.

"Michelle! You're not supposed to do that," Tanya said.

"Sorry. I couldn't help myself. It just feels so good," Michelle said.

She removed her hand from his cock, and looked terribly guilty. She looked up at her friend from her knees with sad eyes.

"We could get kicked out of the sorority for that."

"I don't care," Michelle said, and sighed.

She turned to Ethan's cock, opened her mouth wide, and closed her lips over the head. Ethan groaned.

Tanya stared at her. She put down the clipboard and knelt beside her friend.

"Let me have some of that," she said.

Michelle took his cock out of her mouth and held it for Tanya. She licked around the shaft a few times and put it in her mouth, bobbing her head. Ethan laid his head back and groaned. He couldn't believe his luck. Now, if only Rick would stay out long enough for them to get into his bed.

Tanya passed his penis back to Michelle and she sucked him hard, moving her head up and down rapidly. Ethan squeezed the arms of the chair. She was moving her small hand up and down the shaft at the same time, and Tanya had her hand around another part, pumping just as hard.

Michelle took it out to let Tanya suck some more, and she licked along the shaft and down to his balls. Both girls giggled like they were sharing a forbidden treat. They looked at him out of the corners of their eyes and kissed each other, their tongues coming out of their mouths and licking in mid air.

"Let's get on the bed," Ethan said.

His cock felt like it was going to burst, and when it did, he wanted it to be inside one of these girls.

"Not so fast," Tanya said, and stood up. "I think you can do something for us right here."

She removed her clothes. Her tits were not as big as Michelle's, but she had a slender, lithe, tanned body. She lifted her leg over his legs and squatted. Her pink pussy lips hovered inches over the head of his cock. They seemed to part on their own, begging for it to push them apart.

"Could you help me out, please," Tanya said, looking over her shoulder at her friend.

"Sure," Michelle giggled.

She put her hand around Ethan's penis and guided it to Tanya's hole. Tanya moaned and lowered herself on it. The head of his cock pushed into her warm, tight hole.

"Oh God," Tanya groaned. "It's so big."

It sunk into her slowly. Ethan took some of her weight in his hands, holding her by her slender waist. She put her hands on his shoulders, arching her back and pushing her tits toward his face. He licked her nipples. Tanya whimpered.

"Does it hurt?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah," Tanya groaned between clenched teeth.

"Let me try," Michelle said. She stood up and removed her halter top.

"Not yet," Tanya said. "You can have him when I'm done."

"But I had him first. You didn't even want to do it," Michelle said.

She dropped the halter and pulled the cups of her bra away from her tits. Ethan looked around Tanya with one off her nipples between his teeth. His eyes widened. Michelle's boobs were big and round and beautiful. Her pink nipples were hard points at the tips.

"Do you like them?" she said, shaking her shoulders to make them jiggle.

"They're beautiful," Ethan said.

He reached up and squeezed one.

Tanya was moving up and down on his lap. He wanted to cum inside her. He wanted to cum on her face and watch her lick it off her lips and he wanted to cum on Michelle's tits and watch her rub it in her fingers.

The door opened and they froze. The door opened. Tanya turned to look over her shoulder. Ethan leaned out to look around her. His roommate Rick was standing in the doorway, with a pretty girl. Their mouths were hanging open.

"Oops. Sorry, dude," Rick said.

He turned to go back out the door, but his girlfriend stepped forward, her hands on her hips.

"Tanya? Michelle? What the hell is going on here?" she said.

"Nothing," Michelle said with a tone of guilt in her voice.

Tanya lifted herself from Ethan's lap. His cock dropped from her pussy.

"We came to measure Jason Roberts, but he wasn't here. So we measured Ethan instead."

She bent over to pick up her clothes.

Ethan started to say something. The look on Rick's girlfriend's face stopped him. She was red like she was going to explode. However, she was staring at his penis.

"Who is she?" Ethan said.

"I'm Melinda Dolinski," she said before the girls could answer. "Michelle and Tanya are with my sorority, and they are breaking the rules."

Tanya and Michelle put on their clothes quietly. They looked very sad. Ethan wanted to say something, maybe tell Melinda it was his idea. He grabbed the towel to cover himself and tried to stand up. Tanya put her hand on his shoulder.

"We gotta go. It was nice seeing you," she said, and walked away.

"Yeah, it was nice," Michelle said, and followed Tanya to the door.

Melinda said something to Rick and made sure the girls went out.

Rick shrugged.

"Sorry, dude," he said, and left, closing the door.

Ethan sighed. What the hell just happened?