Aunt's Lingerie Party Chapters 1-4


**This story DOES go off-topic towards it's later stages, but the strong CFNM themes in it are just to good not to post!**

One Friday night during my senior year of high school, shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I drove to a nearby university, to attend a concert with a friend who was a freshman there. After the concert I was starting the long drive home, when I got the urge to drive past my Aunt Valerie's house. I was half-considering stopping in, but it was pretty late, and Aunt Valerie had two young kids. But when I approached her house, there were a number of cars in the driveway and in the street. I recognized several of the cars as belonging to other family members.

My mom came from a big family. What this did for me was to give me five aunts in their thirties and forties that I've lusted for since hitting puberty - my mom's three sisters, and her two brothers' wives. I enjoy young girls my own age, but these were mature, "real" women, whom I got to spend holidays and vacations with. So these women became my main fuck fantasies. I used to jerk off looking at their pictures in our family photo albums. I looked forward to hugging them hello and goodbye. I would occasionally get to see them in their nightgowns and bathing suits, which, unfortunately, were mostly very conservative. Most of the time I saw them was when they were wearing casual, even frumpy, clothes around the house or on vacations. But sometimes I'd see them at church or a wedding where they would dress nice and fix their hair and stuff.

They came in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Aunt Gail, my uncle's wife, was a pretty, petite brunette. She had dark brown shoulder-length hair surrounding her small nose and brown eyes. She was probably about 5'3" with a slender body that she kept in great shape. From the looks of her hard thighs, she must run a lot. Her tits were quite small, but her trim waist, flat stomach, and great ass made up for them. She had a soft-spoken voice and a reserved manner.

With Gail at the smaller end of the size scale, two of my mom's sisters, Aunt Kathy and Aunt Kim, were in the middle. They were both blondes, Kathy being the oldest of the aunts, and Kim being the youngest. Kathy had a slender body and kind of a classy air to her, real elegant body language. She had nice legs that she somehow always kept tan, a pretty face, a fairly slender body, and straight shoulder-length blonde hair. Her tits were also pretty small and the rest of her was in pretty fair shape for a woman in her late forties.

Kim was slightly curvier. She had short blonde hair, and wore oval wire-rimmed glasses. Her tits were B cups (I peeked at one of her bras) and she was a little shorter than Kathy.

On the larger side of the scale were Val and Linda. Val, my mom's middle sister, was about 5' 6" tall (the same height as me) with long, full, blonde hair, and a voluptuous figure. Her ass wasn't great, but her larger tits (38C) made her a favorite for my fantasies.

Linda, my older uncle's wife, was The Big One, my number one favorite. She was a very tall (5' 10"), busty brunette. One of the oldest, now in her mid forties, I could still count on her pretty face, long legs, and big tits (40C) to give me a woody every time I thought of her. She was outwardly friendly, but a conservative dresser, a religious churchgoer, Sunday school teacher and church choir singer, and rarely drank when the other relatives did.

With all of those cars of my relatives at Val's house, and a lot of lights on in the windows, it seemed the natural course to stop in and say hello. As I parked the car on the street and walked toward the door, two women that I didn't recognize came out the front door and headed for a car. They were both carrying colorful shopping bags.

Through the glass storm door I saw Aunt Linda sitting on a chair in the family room at the back end of the house. So I walked right in.

I walked down the hall to the family room. Sitting in chairs and on the sofa were Aunt Valerie, Aunt Linda, Aunt Gail, and Aunt Kim. Just the four of them, talking, with drinks all over the tables, and bags and boxes scattered around. Linda spotted me first. She gave me a surprised look, and then exclaimed, "Jeremy!"

The others looked at me, surprised at first, but then they all smiled and greeted me. Aunt Val approached first and gave me a hug. I buried my face in her long blonde hair, as Val pressed her big tits into my chest. She hugged me longer than usual, then pulled back and asked me how I was and what I was doing here. While I explained why I was in the neighborhood, Val looked at me with a strange smile and glazed look. It appeared to me that she's been drinking quite a bit.

My other three aunts stood and hugged me. They also appeared a little tipsy. "What's going on here?" I asked.

"I'm hosting a lingerie party," replied Val.

"A what?"

"A lingerie party. It's sort of like a Tupperware party. You've heard of those haven't you?"

"Uh, yeah. Someone hosts a party and everyone gets together and buys kitchen items and stuff from a saleslady, right?"

"Right," said Val. "Only tonight she sold lingerie. The salesperson brought over a ton of sexy lingerie, and we got to buy some. I sent Uncle Phil and the kids to Phil's brother's house for the night. The salesperson already left, and a couple of my girlfriends went home, so it's just the five of us left."

"Five?" I asked, seeing only four women. "Is someone else here?"

"Oh, yeah," said Aunt Linda, "Kathy is in the bathroom, trying on one of the outfits she bought."

"Hey," blurted the intoxicated Val. "Don't tell Kathy that Jeremy's here. Let her come out in her lingerie. That'll shock her."

The others giggled and agreed, and Val led me around the corner to the darkened living room. I sat on the living room couch, where I could still see the family room. A few minutes later, I heard Kathy's voice, and saw her walk into the family room. My slender blonde aunt was wearing some really sexy lingerie. I didn't know how to describe it, but Kathy did. "This is the camisole with the boy shorts!" she proudly exclaimed.

"I've heard them called booty pants," said Kim.

Booty pants! That's what they're called. The kind of bottoms I've seen the black chicks wear on the sleazier rap videos on the Beta Channel. They're sort of a cross between panties and hot pants - not cut high at all on the sides, but they are on the bottom. Kathy was between the light and me, so I couldn't see how much of my aunt's ass was hanging out the bottom. But what I could see from this angle is the silhouette of her tits with the light shining from the other side of them. Her smaller tits had sort of a cone shape as she stood sideways from me, sloping down a touch, and her nipples poked through the thin, clingy material.

"Is my ass hanging out of this thing?" asked Aunt Kathy, unaware that I was there. "My nipples are poking right through it. There's no crotch liner, so you can see my pubic hair. Maybe I should shave like the young girls do. And it's sucking right up into my pussy slit. Feels sort of good, actually."

My other aunts giggled, knowing I could hear. But they let Kathy continue.

"What do you think a pizza delivery boy would do if I greeted him in this? I'm afraid that if I let a young guy see me like this, he'd run away instead of wanting to screw me."

The others laughed louder. "Why don't you ask Jeremy?"

Kathy turned to where they were looking, and I stood up and walked into the family room. The other aunts laughed as Kathy's jaw dropped. But she made no attempt to cover up. Kathy gave the others a dirty look, and then smiled at me. Even half dressed, Kathy gave me a hug. "I'm so embarrassed! I didn't know you were here!"

"Obviously not," I quipped.

When the laughter died down, Kathy looked down at herself. And in good light, close up, I looked down at her, too. I couldn't help myself. Kathy's tits were jutting out of the flimsy fabric, with nothing to support them. Her nipples poked through obviously. The camisole ended above her navel, and her booty pants started many inches below it. I looked at her bare midriff, a little rounded, but not bad for a near-fifty-year-old. Looking down further, the booty pants looked like they were painted over her pussy. I could see the whole shape of her protruding mound easily. The pants were so tight that they really were being sucked up into her pussy lips. Below that, her bare, tanned legs looked nice. Somehow Aunt Kathy always had tanned legs. Nice legs for her age, too.

"Well," Kathy asked, "What do you think?" Kathy turned around and let me glimpse at the back. More than half of her ass was hanging out of the bottom of the booty pants. Above her tan legs was the obvious tan line and the color change of her white ass curving out. It was no teenaged ass, it had some meat to it, but right then it looked real inviting.

I was surrounded by adult family members, and still a little self-conscious. I didn't want to say that she looked soooo hot, but I had to say something complimentary. So I stammered out the first stupid thing that came to mind. "Uh, I like it."

Kathy looked at me with a little sexy grin, her eyes glistening at me, crinkling the lines around her eyes. Then she looked at the others. "OK, you embarrassed me. The rest of you said that you'd try on your sleepwear."

"OK, I'll try on mine," said Kim. She grabbed a sack from the floor, and marched into the bathroom. The rest of the women picked up their various drinks - Val a beer, Linda and Gail wine coolers, and Kathy a mixed drink.

"Jeremy, do you want a beer?" asked Val. I was surprised that she'd offer her under aged nephew a beer.

"Uh, I have to drive home tonight."

"Oh, it's too late!" said Val. "Why don't you spend the night here? The other four are. It'll be just the six of us. We'll find room for you."

This was too good to be true - my hot, drunk aunt asking me to spend the night with just her and my other drunk aunts. I tried not to sound too excited when I said, "Well, OK."

Aunt Val called my mom and told her where I was and that I would be spending the night. As soon as Val hung up the phone, she handed me a beer. "Don't tell anybody I gave you that. We have rules on nights like this. Anything that happens tonight stays within the group." I sipped the beer and put it on the table. I needed to relax, but I wanted to stay focused so I could remember every detail. Just then Kim came out of the bathroom.

Kim walked through the room like she was a model on a runway, smiling and turning around, and describing her outfit. Aunt Val had turned on some music to help the effect. "This is a lavender mesh teddy with a thong," narrated Aunt Kim. Her outfit was even more revealing than Kathy's outfit! Her "teddy" was shaped sort of like a bathing suit, and made of almost sheer fabric! When the light was right I could see right through the top. Kim's round tits were bigger than Kathy's, a nice handful. They sloped just a little, and were capped with eraser-sized pink nipples and quarter-sized nipples. The bottom part was pulled tight over her pussy, and they were cut like a thong in back. I gawked at her bare ass as she turned around. Not a bad ass for an aunt.

All the other women complimented Kim on how nice it looked, and I shyly agreed with them, not taking my eyes off of her.

When Aunt Kim was done with her show, Val said, "My turn," and entered the bathroom. I sipped my beer as Kathy stood next to me and put her arm around me. She put her right hand on my right hip, and held her drink with her left hand. I slid my left arm around her, and placed it on her bare side just above her booty pants. Kathy talks a lot even when she's completely sober, and she was babbling about something to me, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was mostly looking down at Kathy and Kim's barely-covered bodies, and enjoying holding Kathy's bare flesh in my left hand.

Val sauntered out of the bathroom doing her modeling imitation, pushing her big chest out and shaking her long blonde hair. She was wearing a white cotton thing that was sort of a little robe. It was real short; barely going below her waist in back, and in the front was tied closed by a single tie between her tits that left a two inch-wide gap between the globes. Quite a bit of her big tits were visible on top, and when she turned sideways I could even see the very bottom of her right tit a little. The braless boobs swayed and jiggled as she walked. Her nipples also protruded thought the fabric. Val was wearing a white satin thong. Her ass was sorta big, but it looked nicer and more rounded than I would have expected. Her bare white butt cheeks alternately rose and fell and jiggled as she walked back and forth right in front of me. Her fleshy thighs jiggled, and even that excited me. I was torn between staring at so much of those tits that I've wanted to see for so long, and staring at her almost completely bare ass. Val looked right at me, smiling, as she posed.

As Val continued her show, and Kathy held me tight with her right arm, Kim was standing next to me, just slightly in front of me. My right arm was at my side, and before I realized it, the back of my right hand was bumping into Kim's bare ass. I left it there, feeling her smooth ass flesh against the back of my hand. I thought Kim would move away when she realized what was touching her, but when she looked back and saw my hand, she pressed back harder into it.

The shyer Aunt Gail was then coaxed into trying on her outfit. She sauntered out quietly, but looked right at me with a little smile as she modeled a "teddy." Her teddy wasn't as see-through as Kim's - it was an elegant deep green satin material. But it was tight over her pussy mound, and cut like a thong in back, revealing a great firm ass for a late-thirties mom. Still, it jiggled when she walked, and I had a hard time taking my eyes off of it. There was one problem with the outfit. Gail had really tiny titties, and the top was too big, and gapped open so I could see her whole right tit as she paraded by me. I have to confess that this was not the first time I'd seen Aunt Gail's tit. I discovered early that she wears stiff, padded bras, and when she leans over I've seen her pink nipple a couple of times, giving me great jack-off material. But her nipples were always soft then, and in her teddy, her nipples looked hard and very long.

I was wearing fairly loose pants with boxers, and my hardon was sticking out a bit. I worried about showing it too much, but nobody said anything, and I wasn't about to leave the room.

Kim's ass was still pressing into the back of my hand, and I pressed harder into it. Then Kim turned toward me, and asked, "Are you enjoying the fashion show?" When she turned, she pressed her crotch into the back of my hand. She leaned her hips into me, and the back of my hand could make out the shape of her pussy mound rubbing against it. When she turned back to watch Gail, I turned my hand around and palmed her bare ass cheek. Again she leaned back into it, and I gave the half-globe a gentle squeeze.

Kathy, while talking to Val, lowered her hand from my hip down to my ass. At first her fingers lightly touched my butt, and then she got bolder and placed her palm over my cheek, the same way I was palming Kim. I then lowered my hand down over her booty pants. I slid it down her lacy material over the top half of her ass, and then rested it on the bare flesh of the bottom half of her cheek.

So as The Big One, Linda, walked out of the bathroom, I was squeezing two of my mom's sister's bare butt cheeks. Now there was no controlling my hardon. Any of my aunts that looked would have seen my slacks tenting out.

"This is called a Baby Doll," said Linda as she walked through the room. The big busty brunette was wearing a sheer red "baby doll," that was hemmed just below her crotch. The only other thing she was wearing was a pair of red satin thongs. Her big hanging tits swayed back and forth as she walked. Not only could I see the outline of her tits through it, I could also easily make out the silhouette of her surprisingly large and very dark areolas. She walked past me, and though covered by the sheer baby doll, I could make out the shape of her otherwise bare butt.

Val, the only one of my mom's sisters whose ass I wasn't currently squeezing, was standing in front of me, and moved back into me. Maybe she had noticed my hardon, but deliberate or not, she backed her thong-clad ass right into my hard cock. She pressed back into my unit as I thrust forward slightly. Man, was that a great feeling, goosing my cock into her crack between her big fleshy buns!

Aunt Linda stood in front of me, looking at me and smiling, posing in her red teddy, thrusting her big jugs towards me, and I instinctively squeezed Kim's and Kathy's asses harder, and rubbed my cock up and down into Val's ass crack. Gail was sitting on a chair just to the left of me, leaning forward just enough that I could see her bare tit. I stopped rubbing my cock into Val before I climaxed.

Throughout the "fashion show," Val had been keeping the women well supplied with liquor. I hadn't touched my beer, mostly because I didn't want to take my hands off of my aunts' butts. Now Val broke off and got the women another drink, and then Kathy started a conversation with Gail. Linda, The Big One, was standing in front of me, talking to me about school and things. But there seemed to me to be serious sexual tension, as the taller woman stood in front of me with her nearly-nude tits right in my face. I tried to look into her inebriated eyes as she talked to me, but I couldn't help looking down at her big hangers. She almost certainly must have caught me looking. My pants were tenting straight out, and I thought I caught her looking down at my crotch.

Val returned, stuck her face right into mine, and rubbed her tits into my shoulder as she talked to Linda and me. She reached around and blatantly squeezed my ass. I put my arm around her as we talked, and soon had my hand on her big bare ass.

Kathy was leaning over the table in front of me, displaying her ass sticking out of her booty pants. Val noticed it too, and said something about all of the women's asses hanging out. "Who has to best booty here?" she shouted out. "I know it's not me. Let's have a booty contest! Line up and let Jeremy be the judge."

Val made all of the girls line up in front of me, and turn their backs to me. "What do you think, Jason, do we have decent booties for a bunch of old ladies?" I stared at all five of my aunts' nearly bare asses - Kathy in her booty pants, the others in thongs, Linda and Val lifting up their tops to allow full butt exposure. They were all looking back and smiling at me. The older ladies wouldn't make too many calendars with their ample buns, but it was an exhilarating pose for me. Gail's ass looked the best, followed by Kim, then Kathy, then maybe Linda, with Val "bringing up the rear."

"Shake 'em, girls," ordered Val, and on command, they all shook their butts while giggling and smiling at me. I just grinned at the wobbling buns.

"Should we try on our other outfits?" Val asked the women.

"Other outfits?" I asked.

"Yeah, the REAL naughty ones," replied Kathy.

"The saleswoman said if we bought one outfit, we could get a second outfit at half-off. So we all got a second outfit." Said Kim. "We got some really sleazy stuff."

"Oh, I don't know about modeling those," said a reluctant Linda.

"Hey, Jeremy should model something!" Interrupted Val, momentarily changing the subject. "You should wear a guy's thong!"

I didn't really like that idea. I'm a little guy, and don't have a great body. I don't know about my dick, but I'm really slender, and may not impress anyone with a skimpy outfit. Still the women had all seen me in bathing suits before on vacation.

Kathy said, "He can wear the one I bought for Craig." Craig was her husband. He was a pretty small guy, too, though not as skinny as me.

The others all said, "Yeah, Jeremy should try that on!"

"Oh, I don't know," I stammered. But these horny, half-clad women could talk me into anything right now.

We'll try on our naughty stuff if you put on a thong," proposed Val.

"Yeah," the others all said, even Gail and Linda.

My mind was trying to imagine what could be naughtier than what they were currently wearing, and the thought was keeping my dick hard. "OK, then."

Kathy excitedly rummaged through a bag until she pulled out the tiniest garment. It looked like a red satin jock strap. She handed it to me, and I headed for the bathroom. "But you all have to put on your other outfits," I called back.

"We will," answered Kathy. I hurriedly stripped naked in Aunt Val's bathroom, watching my hard cock spring straight out. I pulled up the little thong, and gingerly stuffed my hardon into it. I looked in the mirror. I really have a pretty skinny body, and started to get self-conscious, but at least the bulge in front looked fairly impressive. My butt was bare, and stray pubes were sticking out of the sides and top of the front. I kicked my clothes into the corner, exhaled, and opened the door. As I entered the family room, the women erupted in cheers, howls, and whistles. All except for Kim who I could see already changing in the darkened living room. I watched her silhouette pull off her teddy, and could see the outline of her naked tits. Then I got distracted by the other women ogling me.




Val disappeared into the bathroom to change, and Kathy joined Kim in the darkened living room. That left me in the family room with Gail and Linda, the two that had been the most reserved up to this point. But suddenly, with my appearance in a thong, Linda seemed to morph into another woman. She walked around me, staring at my near-naked body, and let out a loud, long squeal. "Ooooooweeeeii!" She placed her hands on my shoulders. She tall woman stood to the right side of me, rubbing her left hand over my back and shoulders, and her right hand over my bare chest. I've never had a girl or woman show any interest in my chest before, but Linda was acting like I was some bodybuilder. She pressed her tits into my shoulder, and pressed her bare right thigh into my hip.

Gail wasn't nearly as exuberant, but she approached me from my left, and also massaged my shoulders, looking down at my crotch. She just sort of purred in my left ear while she pressed her crotch into my left thigh.

I put my arms around both aunts, and rubbed their bare backs. That's when Linda moved her left hand down my spine, and massaged my bare butt. Gail saw her do it, and when I just smiled, she moved her right hand down over my ass also. Both women squealed and giggled as they squeezed my butt. So I felt confident enough to lower both of my hands down over their bare butts. Gail had the best ass by far, much smaller and firmer, but I also enjoyed grabbing a handful of Linda's bare butt flesh.

Gail dropped her left hand off of my chest, and as she brought it down, she grazed my hard cock sticking out. I wasn't sure that it was deliberate, but I suspected it was.

We were groping each other's asses when Aunt Kim entered the room. She was wearing a white bra and panties set with matching white stockings and garters. But the most striking thing about this outfit was its "peek-a-boo" bra. Her bare white tits and pink nipples were sticking right out of the big holes in the middle of the cups! I was looking right at my Aunt Kim's bare tits! Kim proceeded to do the modeling bit while looking at me - walking back and forth, posing, smiling at me. Her eraser-sized nipples were sticking out. I noticed she had on white shoes with spiked heels, as well as the tiniest white satin thong panties. It was so ridiculously tiny that her dark blonde pussy hair was sticking out of the sides and top of it. That may sound gross to some people, but I've always wanted to see my aunts' pussy hair, and now I was getting to see at least some of it. While even Linda and Gail "oohed" and "ahhed" Kim's kinky underwear, Linda commented, "Uh, I guess we should have brought a package of razors with us," which gave Kim and Gail a laugh.

Kim's erotic outfit and show had momentarily distracted me from the fact that my favorite aunt's big, nearly naked tits were rubbing into my shoulder. I moved my hand off her ass and moved it up her side, under her baby doll top. It climbed her bare waist, but I moved slowly from here. I'd gotten away with pinching some butts, but still wasn't completely confident enough to reach up and feel a tit in a crowd. But I wanted to so bad, I was starting to go for it. I teased the side of Linda's left tit with my fingertips just a little.

Just then Kathy entered the room. She was wearing a pink bra, panty, hose, and garter set. The bra and panty were completely see-through in front. Her medium-sized areolas on her smallish tits were clearly visible, almost like there was no fabric there. Her cone-shaped tits hung down just a little with almost no support from the cups. The front of her panties were as small as Kim's, and Aunt Kathy was exposing as much pubic hair at the top and sides as Kim. But it didn't matter much, since her whole pussy could be seen through the sheer panty crotch. Her pussy hair was mated down by the material, but completely visible. Aunt Kathy posed, twirled, smiled at me, and showed me her completely bare ass, with only the top little string and triangle of material showing in back. I noticed that Kathy must only wear one-piece bathing suits, because as tan as her arms and legs were, her whole torso, from her cleavage to her stomach and ass, where pale white. Her spiked heels and stockings made her legs look so fine.

All I could do is grin and say, "That's just great! Just terrific!" Kim, Kathy, and Gail were commenting on her outfit, when I remembered Linda again, and started to move my hand further onto the side of her big tit. I was still trying not to let the others see my hand there, and still being cautious with Linda, but I glanced over at her, and she had a big grin on her face, so I looked away and let my thumb find her nipple. Linda arched her back as I squeezed her big tit momentarily, and subtly massaged it at sort of an awkward angle.

"Linda!" yelled Kim. Linda jumped back, and straightened up, like she'd been caught.

"Huh?" Linda said.

"Go get changed!" Demanded Kim.

"Oh," said Linda. She glanced at me. "OK." Linda found her bag of garments, and headed off into the bathroom. Gail also disappeared, into the living room.

"Here I come!" Yelled Val, emerging from the bathroom. We all looked her way as the busty blonde sauntered into the room. She was wearing a red corset that was attached to two strapless bra cups. But the cups didn't cover much at all. "Here's my corset and shelf bra!"

Aunt Val's "shelf bra" pushed her tits up from the bottom, but covered none of the top half. Her two dark-pink areolas were poking out of the top. Her tits were pushed way, way up, practically to her collarbone. Val had a very dark, freckled chest, but her white boobs were so pale that the flesh almost looked transparent. While her spotted chest and shoulders obviously spent a lot of time out in the sun, it appeared that her two big puppies had never seen the light of day. Her cleavage jiggled as she walked, and heaved as she breathed. The bottom of the corset ended just a couple of inches above where Val's red string thongs started. Like her two sisters, Val sported similar-colored and thickness pubic hair spilling out. They were a hairy family, which was just fine with me. There was a string right at the front of her crotch. "It's an open crotch with a string tie," she explained. Frankly, with her flowing blonde hair, pushed-up red corset, red hose exposing the tops of her meaty thighs, my forty-something aunt looked like a bad imitation of a cheap prostitute. I loved it, and told her so when she asked me.

Aunt Val approached me, grabbed my head with both of her hands, and roughly pulled my face down into her chest. My face was buried in her tits, and she shook her chest back and forth while my nose burrowed into her cleavage. I was still a little embarrassed doing this in front of the others, but I couldn't help myself, and put both hands on her sides, and nuzzled my cheeks into her tits. Her nipples popped completely out of her shelf bra, and I felt my chin grazing her hard nipples. I moved my hands down and grabbed both of her big bare ass cheeks, and squeezed them tight, until her flesh was oozing out between my fingers. The other laughed and squealed at our obscene behavior.

Gail now entered the room. The petite medium-dark-haired, quiet woman was wearing a lavender bra, panties, hose, and garter set. Her bra had "peek-a-boo" cups similar to Kim's. The bra was squeezing out Gail's tiny titties, and her pink nipples were sticking out a good inch or so. And her thong panties, they were crotchless! My pretty aunt's brown patch of pubic hair was on complete display for me as she strutted towards me. She threw out her pelvis, put her right hand on her hip, twirled around, and walked away from me, showing me her beautiful ass that I'd just been groping.

In the meantime, Val, Kathy, and Kim were all crowded around me, all quite drunk and giddy. All three were looking gorgeous in a sleazy way, in their kinky underwear and their own earrings and jewelry, and their hair and makeup were still looking fresh. Val and Kim were hanging on my arms, groping my ass. They were both rubbing their pussies into my thighs, and Kim was pressing her exposed nipple into my arm.

Val looked down at my bulging thong, and asked, "What have you got in there, a flashlight?" This made it bulge even more. It was sticking out so far that it stretched out the skimpy thong, and some of my balls and pubic hair were hanging out the sides. Val brazenly reached down and palmed my cock over the silk thong, rubbing it and squeezing it. Kim also reached down and grabbed me, and her and Val's hands briefly fought over my silk-clad crotch. Val grabbed the right side of my thong, Kim grabbed the other side, and they started tugging it down, exposing more pubic hair. They pulled the front out, and my cock sprang out into the open, sticking straight out in a horizontal line. Kathy squealed when she noticed it, and Val and Kim started gently tugging on it.

"I'm coming out!" I heard a drunk, gleeful Linda call from the bathroom. I watched with anticipation as she slowly sauntered out. Linda was wearing a black leather bondage outfit. It was shaped like a teddy, like a one-piece bathing suit, except that it was held up by a piece of leather running up her cleavage and tied around her neck with silver studs. And there was nothing covering her tits. Oh, there appeared to be some sort of small shelf that was giving her big jugs support and pushing them up a little. But basically, they were just sitting up there exposed in all of their monumental glory. And they were lovely. Her big areolas were a dark brown, and her nipples were long, fat, and hard. Her breast skin was white and near flawless that I could see. Her outfit was cut high at the crotch, the fabric covering her pussy only being about two inches wide, exposing plenty of even-colored brown, long, pubic hair at each side. There were two silver snaps just above the crotch. Linda's black hose were attached to her leather teddy. Linda's big bare tits jiggled and shook as she walked, but the shelf contained them just enough so that they didn't sway much.

Linda strutted by me, looked down at my exposed cock, and smiled at me as she walked away. Her ass was completely bare. Her butt cheeks shook and jiggled, alternately rising and falling with each step. I don't think Linda's gait was as elegant as Kathy's or Gail's, but I had to wonder if, in her youth, with, the proper training, she could have been a model with those long legs and big tits. Or maybe a porn star.

Linda stood in front of me, and started dancing to the music. I stood there watching her, my cock out and aiming at her, as Kim and Val gave me a hand job. I watched The Big One's tits jiggle all over the place as she did a drunken white-woman-soccer-mom sort of dance. She danced just inches from me, looking right into my eyes, and smiling. Then she took my hands in hers. I was afraid she might want me to dance with her, which I'm not good at. But instead she placed both of my hands right on her big tits, and thrust her chest out. I kneaded both of the monsters, right there in front of my other four hooting and laughing aunts. I lifted the puppies off their shelf and squeezed and jiggled them like I was alone with them, alternately gently massaging and stroking them, and roughly tugging and grabbing them. Linda threw her head back and moaned.

Now I felt like an Amazon River cow in a piranha attack. Except these piranhas were attacking with soft lips, fingers, and other body parts. It was a polite, quiet attack, but there was some jockeying for position.

Aunt Kathy was standing behind me, to my left. She was blowing in my ear and nibbling on my earlobe. When her kissing moved over onto my cheek, I turned and made eye contact with her. She then planted her lips on mine and passionately kissed me. She moved her tongue into my mouth and encircled it around my tongue. Linda got distracted and backed away, and I reached out, not wanting to let go of her chest. But there were plenty of other tits around. I reached to my immediate left to find Kim's medium-sized tit sticking out of her peek-a-boo bra, and fondled it. With Kathy just behind Kim and me, I turned my torso a bit, reached up with my right hand, and found Kathy's smaller tit, feeling it over the sheer fabric of her bra, toying with her hard nipple. Kathy momentarily came up for air, and Kim stuck her face in and planted her lips on mine. Then I alternately French kissed Kim and Kathy, and fondled both of their tits. Kathy may have been the more passionate kisser, with a swirling tongue, but Kim's rapid-fire flitting of her tongue on mine was a nice feel. I reached inside of Kathy's bra, and pulled the flimsy thing down below her left tit, and fondled her bare tittie.

Val was still stroking my cock, and rubbing her thigh and crotch against my right leg. I reached right and grabbed her big tit, pulling it completely out of her shelf bra. I alternated feeling the tits of the three sisters. Their tits were all different sizes, but their nipple and areola colors were the same, with their areolas all a proportional size to their tit size. Val got into the kissing game, too, and I alternated kissing the three mature sisters.

Gail must have been feeling left out, because suddenly she appeared in front of me, and forced her face into mine and kissed me. I took the opportunity to feel her little titties sticking out of her bra. Aunt Gail might be the prettiest of the five. There were a number of times during the night that it just hit me what I was doing, and this was one of those times. "I'm making out with my gorgeous aunt, and feeling her tits!" I thought.

I had my hands full with all of the great tits around me, but as I glanced down, I saw Aunt Gail's pretty brown muff on display in her crotch-less panties. I slid my right hand down her bare stomach, and grabbed a handful of fur. I rubbed her protruding pussy mound. The puffy hair-covered mound arched towards me. Gail's petite hand battled Kim's and Val's for position on my cock. I slid my left hand down Kim's body, and rubbed her pussy over her little thong. Kim pulled the material aside for me, and I grabbed another handful of a hairy puss. I rubbed Kim and Gail's pussies up and down in unison. Then both of my middle fingers combed through the forest until they found their slits. I grazed the entrances a couple of times and found them moist. Both women spread their legs wider as I slid my middle fingers into their warm, lubricated pussies.

Someone had turned off the music, and there were basically two sounds in the room. Some of the women were giggling - Linda, mostly, a high-pitched giggle and voice, like a thrilled, giddy schoolgirl. Most of the others, certainly Kathy and Val, were more into serious moaning and sighing as I touched them.




In the mass of flesh and lingerie surrounding me, Kim dropped down to her knees. She leaned her face into my crotch, and planted her soft lips on my dick head. She softly, slowly, and deftly sucked on my throbbing organ. In the meantime, I had slid my left hand down inside of Aunt Kathy's panty bottoms, and rubbed her pussy. And when Gail had moved back to give Kim room, my finger slid out of her. Val grabbed my hand, led it to her crotch, and rubbed it over her pussy. I felt the string that was holding her panty crotch closed, and pulled on it. I worked my fingers into the slit in the fabric, and rubbed her pussy mound. Val and her sister Kathy had the same hairy, coarse, thick patch of dark blonde pussy hair, as did Kim. I rubbed the furry sisters for a bit, and then slid fingers into their steamy hot wet snatches.

Gail whimpered when she realized she'd lost use of my finger in her pussy, "Oh, it felt so goood! I want more, Jeremy!" she begged. Linda was behind me, pressing her big tits into my back, rubbing her leather-covered crotch into my ass. She dropped to her knees, and kissed my bare ass.

My knees were getting rubbery from all the excitement, and I was being pulled a little bit. But I didn't want to break off and move, fearing that would end everything. Then Val suggested, "Let's get down on the carpet and continue." I pulled away from all the hands, lips and pussies, and sat down in the middle of the soft family room carpet. Kim lied down between my legs, and stretched her mouth over my cock again. I lay back, and the pixie-like, limber Aunt Gail squatted over me, and lowered her crotch down on my head. Looking up, I saw the fur-surrounded pink slit landing on my face. Gail's smooth thighs engulfed my cheeks as her juicy slit hit my lips. I stuck my tongue up into the tasty twat and licked in circles. Gail shivered and moaned. Val sat to my left, and Linda to my right. I reached up and felt the tits of my two most-endowed aunts.

Eventually both of my hands went to Val and Linda's crotches. I worked my left hand back into Val's open-crotched panty. After rubbing Linda's leather-clad puss for the first time, and playing with the long pubes sticking out of each side of her crotch cover, Linda hurriedly reached down and forcefully unsnapped the two snaps just above her crotch, and exposed her whole big hairy pussy. Her fur was about the same color as Gail's and possibly even harrier than the three sisters. Her patch sprung way out from her body, and I eagerly combed my fingers through her forest. I rubbed her mound for a bit, before sliding a finger into her wet slit.

Linda and Val were slowly moaning and panting, but Gail was squealing, and writhing on my face as I licked up into her pussy. She was slapping her thighs against my ears and wiggling her butt on my chin. "OoooooOOOOOOOOH!!!" "EEEEE, AHHHHH!"

Kim looked up from sucking my cock, and said, "Gail, if you came, I want some of that."

"Ohh, I came, but I think I might come again!" panted my Aunt Gail.

"Don't be selfish, let me have a turn, please!" begged Kim. Kim stood up and practically pushed her sister-in-law off my face. Gail reluctantly got off, and I saw Kim's nice thighs and hairy hairy pussy approaching my face. As it landed, I heard Gail whine, "Oooh, I wanna cum again."

Kathy replaced her younger sister between my legs and sucked my cock. Kim's thighs are nice and smooth, but a little less firm than Gail's. She slapped her thighs repeatedly against my cheeks like a bird flapping its wings. Kathy sucked slower than Kim, using her tongue a little more along the shaft. Val and Linda were moaning and wrapping their thighs around my hand as I fingered them.

Kim didn't last long on my face. "I want to fuck!" She announced. "Kathy, let me have that big hard cock. You can let him eat you out."

"Sure!" agreed Kathy, and the two sisters traded places. I couldn't believe it, my aunt wanted to fuck me! I was just about to fuck! For the first time!

Kim straddled my torso, lowered herself down, and aimed her pussy at my erect cock. Her lips found the head, and she slowly forced it into her. After that, she slid down the shaft. I could feel her lubed-up canal sliding along my cock as she settled in on top of me. She had swallowed up the whole unit, and after settling in, started sliding up and down on it. It felt even better than I had ever imagined it would.

Before Kathy blocked my view, I noticed that Gail was sitting down on my right side, just below Linda. Gail had her legs spread, and was rubbing her own clit. She really did want to orgasm again!

Once Kim was settled in on my torso, Kathy spread her legs around me, and slowly dropped down on my face. Overall she had great legs, but the oldest sister's thighs were just a little flabbier. I didn't mind. I loved the moving flesh resting against me. I licked up into the blonde with gusto.

I felt someone moving my right foot, and then felt something hairy touching it. I stopped eating Kathy long enough to look down. Gail had taken my right foot and was rubbing my sole along her pussy mound.

If I could have a still picture from any moment in my life, this would be the one. When I looked down, what I saw was that I was servicing the pussies of my five aunts, all at one time. All five of the older lingerie-clad women had their eyes closed and their mouths open, moaning, panting, and whimpering. Kim was sliding her pussy up and down my cock. Kathy's panties were off I was licking up into her wet pussy. Val was getting finger fucked by me while she squeezed both of her own tits and pulled on her nipples. Linda was holding her left tit up to her mouth, and was licking and sucking her own long nipple, as I fingered her. Gail had her legs spread wide and was rubbing my foot over her pussy. That was a sight I'll never forget, or ever match.

It was also enough to almost make me blow my wad. I don't know how I hung in this long. It must have just been the strangeness of the situation. I fucked up rapidly into Kim and with the same rhythm I licked Kathy, diddled Val and Linda's clits where they had placed my finger, and even wiggled my big toe on Gail's clit. All five were virtually moving in unison, and for the most part panting and whimpering and squealing in unison. It was a strange, wild sound.

Kim clamped down hard on my torso, and gyrated all over the place, and I shot my jizz up into her. Suddenly all around me, from all angles, older women were screaming and spazzing. As if in chorus, they all let out one last wild high-pitched scream, and then relaxed, panting.

When all of my aunts had fallen off of me, I got up off the carpet and crashed on to the couch. Gail and Linda followed me over to the couch, and sat on either side of me, Gail on my left and Linda on my right, leaning against me and pressing their hose-clad thighs against my bare thighs. I put my hands on their thighs, and casually massaged them over their coarse hose. My cock was still standing straight out, occasionally coming to life with little spasms. With her head on my shoulder, Aunt Gail reached out with her left hand, and stroked my cock. I guess she was game for more action, as I was. I moved my hands up off Gail and Linda's hose and onto their bare thighs above it. I was looking down at both of their brown pussies. Linda leaned over and started making out with me. I slid my hands up over both of their pussies, and fingered them. I fucked one of my aunts tonight, I wondered if I could get another one to fuck me.

Gail leaned over, put her face down by my crotch, and wrapped her pretty lips around my dick head. She slowly slurped up and down on it while sitting next to me. It was hard for me to reach her pussy now, so I tugged on her hanging nipples as she sucked me, while making out with Linda. Eventually I let go of Gail's titties and put my left hand on The Big One's jugs, massaging them. I briefly put both arms around Linda as we French kissed. She wasn't one of the better kissers of the group, but she was passionate about it. I felt both of her pale bare tits, which were still surrounded by her leather outfit. After tugging on her long fat nipples and marveling at her big dark areolas close-up, I sank my head onto her chest, and kissed and sucked both of the big puppies. I kissed and licked between them, burying my face in her cleavage, then kissed and licked them all over, before moving to her left nipple, taking the hard thing into my mouth.

Gail moved down onto the carpet, kneeling between my legs, and sucked me off more. Kathy took her place on the couch next to me on my left. So I alternately made out with Kathy and Linda, the two oldest of my aunts. I tried putting my arms around them and sat up straight, and they sunk down so my hands could reach down onto their chest. I now had my left hand on Kathy's little left tit, and my right hand on Linda's large right tit. I had to reach into Kathy's pink see-through bra to get to it. Kathy put her hands to her chest and unfastened and opened her front hook bra, and both of her tits flew out. I jiggled the smaller tit and pulled on her pink-brown nipple while rolling Linda's big tit.

Gail's sucking was doing its job, although I think Kim was the better cocksucker. I placed both hands on Kathy's and Linda's hose-clad thighs again, ran them up over their exposed flesh, and back over their pussies. Both of my aunts spread their legs wide for me. I fingered both of them, and eventually worked a second, then a third, finger in each of the dripping wet holes.

Gail suddenly got off of her knees, turned her back to me, and lowered her open-crotched bottom onto my pulsating cock. Staring at her ass, I could see her pussy hair between her legs, and her pink slit lowering down on my shaft. She settled in on my lap, leaning forward with her back arched, her legs spread wide. Then she started bending her knees and slid her bottom up and down my cock. This isn't how I had envisioned fucking Aunt Gail, but it was wild watching her work out on me while I fingered the other two.

Val then climbed onto the couch right between Linda and Gail, and stood on the cushions facing me, with her feet planted on either side of me. Staring me in the face was Val's open-crotched panties with the untied string hanging down, gapped open several inches, giving me a view of Val's pink slit surrounded by a thick mixture of light brown and blonde pubic hair. Val spread her legs and bent her knees slightly, and pressed her pussy into my face. I used my nose and lips to work through the forest of curly hairs until my tongue finally had a free shot at her pussy lips. I licked up and down while trying to get a rhythm with humping Gail and fingering Kathy and Linda.

Kim took a page from Gail's book, and sat on the carpet in front of Gail, spread her legs, and placed my foot on her pussy. This led to some delicacy on my part, because I needed leverage from my feet to thrust up into Gail, but I didn't want to put too much weight on Kim's crotch. But we got it balanced, and it felt sort of nice having Kim's thick mat of fir rubbing along the bottom of my right foot.

Gail now was the loudest and hardest worker, with the others adding their sighs and whimpers. Val's bare thigh flesh was pressed against my cheeks, but I occasionally got a little rub of the top of her hose, too. Once again I was satisfying all five of my aunt's pussies.

Gail was using her muscular thighs to bounce up and down rapidly on my lap, causing the whole couch to shake. Both Kathy and Linda had taken my hands, and moved them up to that little nub above their slits that I presumed was their clit. I diddled the nubs with my middle fingers, and that seemed to really drive them wild. They were both moaning and thrusting their hips up. I decided to see if Val liked that, so I moved my tongue up to her clit, and licked it. "Oh, YES, Jeremy!" she blurted. She was gyrating her hips over my face. I had to work to keep my tongue on her.

Gail gyrated rapidly on my lap. I had never heard her raise her voice much above a whisper in my life, and now she was squealing and crying out. "Ahh! Ahh! WhooooooOOO!"

Val was nearly matching her in volume. "WhhaaaAAAA! HUUUGGH!" Kathy let out quieter, lower pitched grunts. Linda had a higher pitched squeal.

Gail climaxed first, but I came seconds after she did. After resting on my cock for a minute, she climbed off and lay down on the carpet. Val immediately backed away from my face, straddled my lap, and slid her pussy down over my cock. She was now fucking me while facing me, her big red hose-clad thighs wrapped around me. As she bounced on my cock, I was slumped back into the couch a little, and my blonde aunt's tits, which were still hanging out the top of her red corset, were jiggling in my face. I leaned forward and sucked on her bouncing white tits and pink nipples.

"Oh, Jeremy, oh, honey!" panted Kathy.

"Jeremy, that's so good!" squealed Linda.

"Fuck me, Jeremy, fuck me hard, you young stud!" grunted Val.

Soon it was another chorus of grunts, squeals, and outright bellowing from the four remaining aunts whose pussies I was currently servicing. "OHH! UUUGGGG! AhhhhHHHH! Woooooaaaa!!!" Aunt Val bounced so hard on my lap that her tit flew out of my mouth, and I sat back and watched them rapidly bobble all over the place. That fine image was the final straw, and I came in her pussy. Linda and Kathy were wiggling their bottoms all over and squeezing their thighs around my fingers, but I did my best to keep after their clits until they finished their orgasms.

A few minutes after Val climbed off my lap, my spent cock was lying on my leg semi-hard. Linda reached over and stroked it with her right hand. Having had three massive orgasms and cumming a gallon, I was pretty spent. But I started playing with Aunt Linda's tits again and with her smooth hand job, I got hard again quickly. Then Linda climbed between my legs, and started to suck my dirty cock. Her mouth was stretched wide around it, her brown hair falling onto my thighs and tickling them. God, these ladies didn't have any aversions to sucking cock!

Aunt Kathy was still sitting to my left. She leaned forward, ignored the smeared pussy juice all over my lips, nose and chin, and made out with me. I put my arms around her and played with her tits, then her pussy. She took a breath, and whispered into my ear, "Please fuck me, Jeremy, please. Oh, I want you so bad."

"I want you, too, Aunt Kathy," I whispered.

Linda came up for air. Aunt Val took over for Linda, and became the last of my five aunts to suck my cock.

Aunt Kathy turned her back to me and knelt on the couch, with her elbows on the left armrest. She presented herself to me, sticking her ass in the air, showing me the pussy hair between her legs. She was naked except for her pink hose and garters, dangling earrings, necklace, and wedding ring. Her blonde hair was hanging down. "C'mon, Jeremy," she called. Val looked at her, and released my cock from her mouth. I got up on my knees on the couch, and knelt behind Aunt Kathy's bare ass. I took a minute to line myself up, and to massage her protruding white butt. I laid my cock on top of her ass, and slid it along her crack. Then I took my unit in my hand, and aimed the head between her legs, found her pussy slit with my other hand, and worked it in.

Kathy moaned as I entered her, and she pressed back into me. I pumped slowly as I got my rhythm and balance right. I could feel Kathy's cunt muscles contracting and expanding around my dick. We made a slapping noise when my pelvis and her butt met. "Ooh," purred Kathy. I reached around and felt her little titties that were hanging down.

Kathy and I got into a nice rhythm. Her twat was a little wider, and I learned to alternately slide my cock along her left pussy wall, and then her right, to get friction. We were in a groove, but nowhere close to cumming, it seemed.

"Do you want to feel MY tits while you do her?" asked Kim. Kim crawled over to Kathy's right side, and shook her tits in my face. She had taken off her bra, and was now topless. I reached over with my right hand and felt her nice tits.

"You can feel me, too," said Val, and came around to Kathy's left side, leaned over, and let her tits dangle down for me. I grabbed one with my left hand. Linda and Gail gathered around, too, and I had my choice of what tits, and other body parts, I wanted to fondle while I fucked Aunt Kathy. I felt like a kid in a tittie store; there were so many things on display that I'd wanted for so long. I may have gotten a little grabby for the ladies, but I was having a blast, and they had a few giggles, too. I tried some combination of things that I particularly enjoyed; I fondled the two biggest pairs of tits, Linda's and Val's, for a bit. Then I went for Linda's tit with my favorite ass, Gail's. I nibbled on Kim's B cup tits for a bit, then sucked Gail's whole tit, long hard nipple and all, taking the whole thing into my mouth at once.

"Uhh, Uhh, Ohhh, Jeremy," Kathy moaned. "UUUH!" I started to step up my rhythm, and soon I was slapping fast and hard into her like a jackhammer. I loved the way her mature white ass made multiple ripples like a rock hitting water each time I slammed into it. "Uhhnng! HuuGGGhh! she grunted in a husky voice.

Our piston-like banging did its job, and as Kathy broke rhythm and gyrated her ass all over, I felt my orgasm start. Kathy's sudden jerking caught me by surprise, and my cock fell out of her pussy. Before I could get it back in, I shot white jism all over her ass, and back, and hose-clad thighs. We both collapsed on the carpet.

Having just fucked four of my aunts, I was spent. My balls ached and my cock finally started to shrivel up. I sat on the carpet with my back resting against the couch. I looked around the room at my five aunts. Their nice new sexy lingerie was covered in sweat and jizm. Seams had been stretched and popped, fabric had been snagged, and hose had big long runs. I guess maybe I'd ruined some fun for my five uncles. The women began to remove what was left of their outfits and hose. They all stood up and stripped completely naked in front of me.

I looked over the five older women. They didn't look at the top of their game like they did just a little while ago. They were drunk and a little bleary-eyed. Their hair was messed up badly. Their makeup was smeared and running and caked, and they had circles around their eyes. Without the flattering outfits, the nearly middle aged moms looked their age. Breasts hung down. Scars and stretch marks were visible. Faces were wrinkled and jowlly. I still loved them all.

I watched Aunt Linda strip off her kinky leather outfit and hose, and sit on the couch naked just next to where I sat on the carpet. She was the only aunt that I hadn't fucked. She was also the only aunt whose pussy I hadn't eaten. Even if I were too pooped to fuck her, I sure would love a chance to bury my face in that big woman's hairy muffin. Linda saw me looking up at her, and smiled. As if she read my mind, she lifted her left leg, and threw it over my head. I was now looking right up at her pussy with her legs spread around me.

I reached up and stroked her long, smooth, naked thigh. I reached further and hovered my palm just above her pussy mound. Not close enough to touch it, but just close enough to tickle her thick patch of pubic hair. She purred just enough to let me know she liked it, and spread her legs wider. I got on my knees, leaned over, and kissed and sucked on the inside of her beautiful, long, fleshy thighs. Aunt Linda put her hands on my head, and ran her fingers through my hair.

I put my hands under her thighs, and pulled her toward me. Linda scooted her butt closer to the edge of the couch. I leaned forward, and burrowed into her pussy hair until I cleared a path to her moist pussy lips. I licked back and forth, up and down, in and out. She arched her back and pressed her hips forward. I felt her thighs on my ears. I took my time; I was in no hurry to leave this place.

But Aunt Linda pushed my head back and stopped me. Was she done for the night?

"Jeremy, will you fuck me?" My religious, conservative Aunt Linda was the last person in the world that I expected to hear that word from in any context. I looked down at my limp cock. "Let me get YOU ready," she said.

I climbed up onto the couch next to her, unsure what she had in mind. She gave my semi-limp cock a couple of strokes while I played with her tits. Then she climbed off the couch and kneeled between my legs. She leaned her body inward, and let her big mammaries dangle over my crotch. She stuck her elbows out, grabbed her own breasts, and squeezed them around my cock. She arched her back, and bounced up and down on her knees, and tit fucked me.

I looked down in amazement. My cock head kept disappearing and reappearing from the top of her cleavage. I bucked up and down to give more friction. I got real stiff, real fast, watching my aunt do that to me.

My other aunts were watching, too. "I wish I could do that," lamented the small-titted Aunt Kathy, and Gail and Kim said the same thing.

Aunt Linda had already told me what she wanted. She wanted to fuck me. "I'm ready, Aunt Linda," I told the buxom woman.

Linda let go of her tits, lied on her back on the couch with her legs spread, and held out her arms to invite me in. I got on my knees between her long legs. I had fucked four women to this point in my life, but had never fucked missionary style. It took me a while to get the position and the angle right. I lied on Aunt Linda, and slid my cock into her wet pussy. I planted my elbows on either side of her, and laid on her. She wrapped her arms around me, as well as her legs, and let me find a rhythm. I could hear her panting in my ear as our nude sweating bodies pressed together. I pumped harder and harder. Linda moaned louder and louder, in a higher and higher pitch.

I didn't know anything about technique, but I had speed. I fucked fast and furious, feeling my balls slapping into Linda. It was a good thing Aunt Linda was dripping wet. I planted my feet and knees as well as I could for leverage. We were getting wild and loud.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhh, oOOOOOEEEEEEEYYY!" Aunt Linda's wails were echoing off the walls. "WoooooooooooooooOOOOO!! "WOOOOOOOO!"

There'd been a couple of times when I was able to jerk off four times in one day, if I was horny and had some good material to work with. Tonight I was on my fifth ejaculation attempt, and had great "material" to work with, but I didn't know if I could cum or not. I'd hate to give up in the middle of fucking the woman I most wanted in the world. But the other four women were sympathetic and sat around encouraging me. They also seemed to enjoy watching us get it on.

Val knelt in front of me and jiggled her own tits to entice me. "Want to watch me play with myself?" she asked. She didn't wait for a reply. She spread her legs and fingered her own pussy. Gail sat nearby and watched Val intently. Val noticed Gail watching her. "Want to watch two women?" Val reached over and grabbed one of Gail's tits. Gail recoiled and gave her sister-in-law a startled look, then looked over at her other sisters-in-law.

"Oh, let her touch you, Gail," said Kim. "No one's gonna tell." This time when Val reached out, Gail let her fondle her tit and play with her long nipple. When Val leaned over and tried to kiss Gail, she pulled back again. But the second time, when Val gently grabbed Gail by the hair and pulled her closer, Gail let Val kiss her lightly on the lips. Slowly, Val opened her mouth and kissed harder.

Gail was reluctant at first, then tentative, and then finally completely gave in. Her tongue emerged to meet Val's and they French kissed as Val fondled Gail. Gail reached out and felt Val's tits. "Um, so that's what big ones feel like," she moaned.

Aunt Linda is about four inches taller than me, and my head was lying on her chest. I could feel her tits pressing up into me, just below my chin. Linda was all I needed to enjoy myself - the other women's antics were just eye candy at this point. But I couldn't help looking up to see Val and Gail playing with each other's pussies. And Val was holding her tit out, and rubbing her nipple against Gail's. Kim and Kathy were diddling their own clits, watching both Linda and me, and Val and Gail. The two sisters gave each other a little look, then each fingered the other one, while sitting up on their knees.

In order to pump even faster and harder, I pushed myself up on my hands. I looked down at Linda. Her big white tits were shaking and bobbling like nothing I'd ever seen before. I didn't know breasts could do that. Whatever direction Aunt Linda was moving, her tits were moving the opposite way. It was an amazing, wild, erotic, dirty sight.

I glanced over at the others. Gail and Val were lying on the carpet, with Gail lying on top of Val backwards, in what every school kid knows as a "69" position, licking each other's pussies. Kim and Kathy were lying on their sides, fingering each other, watching Gail and Val, and Linda and Me.

Linda pulled me back down and dug her fingers into my back. She was hollering in my ear, and squeezing me with her thighs. "OOOOOhhhhhhh JJeerrrEEEEMMMMYYYYY!" The Big One thrashed from side to side and almost threw me off of her. I hung on tight, and felt the tickling friction on my cock head that told me I was about to come.

From the other four I just heard muffled moans and whimpers, getting faster and louder.

"Jerrreeemyyyy! I'm CUmmINNG! UNNG! HUUGGG! HUUUUHHHGG!" screamed Linda. I shot a load into her as she threw my little body this way and that. Finally she bucked me completely off of the couch.

The others had all finished their activity, too, and we all laid there resting for quite a while. Finally everybody got up and got drinks, went to the bathroom, and stuff, but nobody got dressed. Aunt Val asked where everybody wanted to sleep.

"I want to sleep with Jeremy!" said Kim.

"No, I want to spend the night with Jeremy," said Linda.

Everybody wanted to sleep with me, so it was decided that we would all sleep on the family room floor like a slumber party. Val brought down a bunch of sleeping bags and blankets and pillows, and we laid out together on the floor, and I spent the night there, with the TV on, sleeping naked with my five aunts.

Somewhere during the night, Kathy whispered to me, "You should come and visit me some day. When Uncle Craig is at work. Just the two of us."

And not long after that, I was up getting a beer from the refrigerator. Aunt Val was heading for the bathroom. She stopped and talked to me, with her hair matted and her face smeared with cum. "You know, Uncle Don travels a lot. Maybe you can stop by some time when the kids are in school. I'll call in sick. Just the two of us, all day!"

And while lying in a sleeping bag, Linda whispered, "I was thinking. Maybe sometime I can tell Uncle Nick that I'm traveling to visit my mother, but really we can get a motel room, just the two of us!"

And later, when I rolled over towards a naked Aunt Gail, she whispered, "Jeremy, you know I don't live far from here. I'm all alone all day when the kids are in school and Uncle Jim is at work."

And still later, Aunt Kim said, "I'll give you my work email address. You can write me there, and maybe arrange to get together alone sometime. We can learn a lot together."

So it looks like I'm going to be kept busy visiting my five aunts for a while.