Cosplay, Chapters 10 - 11, by Charles Petersunn


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He was indeed enjoying it. Very much so, in fact. If she asked, he would not admit to it, but it was good fun. He so much liked a girl's nipples. He didn't really know why. Perhaps it was some sort of mother thing, something to do when he was breast feeding as an infant, but that hardly mattered now. What he did know now was that it was really quite a bit of fun pulling, twisting, turning, and tweaking nipples, and it was pretty darn cool to have these two stiff ones, attached to a couple of pretty darned huge boobs.

He gave them one last good pull, stretching out her breasts as far as they would go and then let go, watching them jiggle and wiggle like a couple of water balloons as they bobbled back into their settled position. The nipples were now standing up rather perky and tall on each breast. "Is this about as large as they get?"

Madeline looked down at them. Actually, they were in fact pretty large right now. "Well, I guess so," she replied, feeling a little disappointed that he wasn't impressed with their size. She sometimes wondered if her nipples would appear larger if they were on smaller breasts. "Aren't they about as big as any other girl's nipples?" She was a bit concerned that perhaps they weren't. As a psychologist researching nipple extension, he probably had collected considerable data on the subject, and so perhaps he knew.

"Well, it is surprising how much nipples do in fact vary in length and size, before and after stimulation. Some women feel that their nipples are too large, some feel they are too small. Pre-stimulation, average length is about .27 inches."

Typical of a psychologist, he didn't really answer her question.

He took his eyes off her nipples to look her in the eyes to say, "For a man, it's about .22 inches." He turned his attention back to hers. "I could of course implement an additional form of stimulation. I would like to be certain that I have obtained an estimate of maximal extension." Without waiting for an answer he leaned forward to slip an erect nipple in between his lips, and began to softly explore and massage it with his lips, occasionally bringing his tongue into play, lapping and flicking away at her nip as he kissed and caressed it with his lips.

"Doctor," she whispered.

He brought up his hands, massaging her left breast with his right hand as he suckled her nipple, using his other hand to work on the nipple of her right breast. Yes, he thought, this did have a connotation of a child suckling his mother's teat, as she was terribly large, but it was also so wonderfully sexual. He momentarily let go of her left breast with his hand to reach down and adjust his erection. He was taking a bit of a chance in doing so, but her breasts were so large that he doubted she could see the movement of his hand. In any case, it was really quite necessary to do something about his cock. Tight briefs were good for hiding erections, but they weren't good for allowing growth and freedom of movement.

Madeline did not notice what he was doing with his right hand. Her eyes were half closed in pleasure. Her only reaction was to softly groan her displeasure at the removal of his hand. She wondered, who was seducing whom?

After shifting his cock he pulled back to take a measurement. It was now a bit difficult as her breast was rising and falling. "Yes, yes," he said, "it is indeed a bit bigger."

"Oh, I'm so glad," Madeline replied, a bit breathlessly. She felt better about it now.

He looked over to her other breast. "I do, though, need to stimulate the other one in a comparable fashion. It's important in any study not to have the findings biased by any one nipple. There would be no way I could publish the results if they were confined to just the left breast."

Madeline softly replied, "That's alright doctor, I understand," and even brought her own hands to his head to help guide him to his next experimental investigation.

He sucked, suckled, licked, and lapped her other nipple for awhile, all the while keeping the left erect with his fingers. Madeline's breasts were rising and falling with her arousal, her excitement. When he was finished with the right breast he again took a measurement. "Yes, yes, they are both quite impressive in length now. I believe we are ready to proceed to the next level of investigation."

Madeline's eyes opened in surprise, and concern. "The next level?" She had originally agreed to do anything, and at the moment she might in fact agree to do just about anything, but she was naturally a bit apprehensive.

"Yes, if you wouldn't mind, lift up your bottom so that I can remove your panties."

"Oh my gracious, my panties?"

"Yes, yes. It's all part of the study."

Hadn't she heard that before? But, before she could protest further his hands were reaching up under her skirt. She braced herself on the table with her own hands and lifted up her bottom. "Oh my," was all she could muster as she felt his hands slide up her little bottom to reach the back waistband of her panties. He deftly took hold and slipped them down, again allowing his fingers to explore the soft, smooth skin of her derriere as he pulled them past her cheeks and then down her thighs.

"Let's get them all the way off."

"Yes sir," she meekly replied, watching as he squatted down to slip her white cotton panties over her ankles and off her feet. She was feeling really quite confused. Normally she would be in control, she would be in charge of the game, if this was a game. At the moment she was really unsure what it was, but she did know that her pussy was feeling very needy, very wanting, desiring of attention. The story telling with Dr. Lowenstein, and the nipple tweaking by Dr. Venkman, had both taken quite a toll. She watched as he carefully laid her panties on his briefcase.

He considered putting them in his briefcase. They would make a nice souvenir, but he sorely doubted that she would fail to object to that. He knew that he was pushing his luck to have taken it this far, but this was such a cooperative, willing, even submissive experimental subject. It had been awhile since he had one this compliant, this willing. "Alright then," he said, "Lift up your skirt so that we can proceed."

"Yes sir," she quietly responded. She could feel her face flush with embarrassment, and excited arousal, as she lifted up her skirt to show to him, this psychologist, her young coed pussy.

When her femininity came into view, he did smile broadly. He could not help himself. The sight was so wonderfully enchanting. "You're shaved!"

"Yes sir," she replied. "Is that okay?"

"It's actually fantastic. It helps tremendously with the observation and measurements." It was also extremely pleasing to the eye, which at the moment was his primary concern. "Now, slide that beautiful little honey pot to the edge of the table so that I can get a closer look."

Madeline smiled. It was perhaps rather unprofessional of him to refer to it as a 'honey pot,' but it was now clear that he definitely was not indifferent to her attractiveness, her appeal, her nakedness. She couldn't really tell for sure, though, as her line of vision to the most telltale sign of his interest was blocked, but he was now at least being complimentary. A girl doesn't like exposing herself to a man only to be treated with disinterest and indifference, even if it is a psychologist conducting an experiment. In fact, it was all the more pleasing that she was apparently having such an effect on him, as he probably had seen quite a few cunnies in his research, and hers was a 'beautiful little honey pot.' It was apparently her special appeal, her particular attractiveness, her honey pot, that made him lose his professional dispassion, at least momentarily. She proudly slid her bottom to the edge of the table.

Her perception was confirmed when he slipped his head under her upraised skirt and got a closer look. "Oh yes," he said after carefully studying the girl's cunnie. He pulled his head back out from beneath her skirt and, looking up to her, said, "You know, I really shouldn't say this as it does violate the methodological protocol, but I really must tell you that this is the most attractive little pussy I have seen to date."

Madeline's eyes widened with delight and pride, and she grinned so very proudly. "Doctor, really, well, that's so nice." She couldn't help adding a little flirtation. "Now, don't you flatter the subject, it's liable to turn my head."

He smiled and got back beneath her skirt. "Alright then, as before, whenever you feel a flick or flitter, just say the first thing that comes to mind." He then proceeded to periodically tweak and flick her clit.

"Oh!" was her first response, but she again got into the groove, responding with more revealing, insightful, and informative associations than she had even responded to the nipple tweaking, yipping and gasping "doctor," "more," "yes," "nice," and then "penis," "yearn," "psychologist," "costume," "boyfriend," "cosplay," "nurse," "elevator girl," "maid," "secretary," "scientist," "psychologist," "cock," "fuck," "now," "please," "please," and "please."

He carefully took his measurements, his tape becoming rather moist in the process. He then extricated himself from her skirt and indicated, "Alright then, we need to conduct a few more probes and we will be finished."

"Yes sir," Madeline gasped, feeling quite flushed, her naked breasts heaving with arousal. She kept her eyes averted from his, feeling a little embarrassed over the fact that he surely must have observed, and felt, her cunnie awash with moisture.

Dr. Venkman picked up her panties and held them in his hand as he fumbled around for something in his brief case. He appeared to pull it out but she couldn't really see what it was as the object was hidden by her panties.

"Now, you can release your skirt for this next experimental manipulation."

"Yes sir," she complied, letting her skirt fall back onto her lap, his hands well hidden beneath her skirt. She leaned back and then did her best to take a good grip of the table as she felt his fingers feeling around her cunnie. She suddenly felt the device slip up into her cunt.

It wasn't hard to get it inside, as she was by now so thoroughly engorged and even sloppy wet. She gasped with further arousal as she felt the warm, slick, probe slip in and then explore around and around.

Dr. Venkman explained, "I will continue to flicker your clit with my thumb as I work the probe around and around inside your vagina. It's quite flexible, as you can feel, and remarkably sensitive to signs of lubrication, vaginal swelling and contraction. Do you indeed feel it, Madeline?"

"Oh yes sir, I do, yes, indeed," she gasped, her bottom now instinctively shifting and squirming on the table as the doctor probed and explored her cunnie with this very unusual, if not provocative, device.

It felt very strangely like a finger. And, it didn't help that he continued to rub and massage her clit at the same time. Actually, it helped a great deal if the goal was to in fact bring her to an orgasm, which was beginning to be the actuality, if not the goal. She even began to openly thrust her pelvis against the probe, her bulbous boobs bouncing and jiggling with new abandon.

"Yes, that's very helpful, Madeline. Keep up those thrusts. Any gyration or squirming that you do will in fact be very helpful in obtaining the most accurate measurements."

"Yes, doctor," she gasped. "I'll try. I'll really try."

To the uneducated eye, the naive layperson, it would appear that the doctor was fingering this coed on the laboratory table. It really didn't appear any different from that at all, and it also appeared that she was about to climax. "Doctor, please," she gasped, "I think I'm about to..."

He suddenly pulled the probe from her vagina and as quickly slipped it back into his briefcase. She tried to see what it was, but it continued to remain hidden behind her panties. Perspiration was now evident on her breasts, which were rapidly rising and falling with her gasping breaths. Her nipples continued to stand tall and stiff on her heaving white breasts.

The psychologist used the panties to clean the girl's moisture from his finger. "Alright then, one last manipulation. Here, let me help you off the table."

Madeline did appreciate that, as she probably would have slipped and fallen. She didn't even feel self-conscious about the fact that her breasts wobbled and bobbled so much with her movement. She leaned on the doctor, as her feet felt so unsteady and uncertain, her naked breasts pressing against him, her nipples poking into his chest.

"I know you're a bit tired, but we have just a bit more to do."

She was a lot more than tired.

"We just have this one last experimental manipulation to accomplish, just a bit more assessment." He slid the stool away from the table with his foot. "If you would just bend over this stool, please."

This time she didn't even raise a question, let alone protest. She submissively bent over the stool, resting her elbows on the seat.

"Now, for this last manipulation, I want you to get a firm grip on the seat of the stool."

She did as she was instructed.

He flipped her skirt up over her back, revealing to his eyes her soft, round, white, girlish bottom, and pink, wet, swollen slit.

Madeline did raise her head in surprise and wonder at that, and turned her face back to him. "Doctor, what are you going to do?"

"Now, honey, it's important that you remain blind to this condition. In some cases I have used a placebo for this part of the study, and it's very, very, very important for you to be blind as to the condition, whether I am in fact using the experimental probe or the placebo. If you do become aware, all of the data I've collected, all of the time, energy, and effort you have put into this study, will be wasted. So, please, keep your eyes directed forward and, no matter what happens, don't look back."

'No matter what happens' sounded a little ominous. But, it wasn't like he had done anything harmful or hurtful so far. She knew she would be safe with the psychologist, and, besides, it did feel rather sexy to be showing him her naked bottom. Her breasts were undoubtedly her best feature, but she felt that she had a pretty good fanny as well. She instinctively gave him a little wiggle. What else would you do when you're poking your little naked derriere at a handsome young psychologist?

Dr. Venkman smiled broadly with appreciation. There was something so lovely about a young lady's upturned bottom. It spoke of so much innocence and youth, yet it was also so provocative, presenting itself in such an animalistic manner, just asking to be mounted, and this was such a very pretty perky bottom. Her bottom must be as cute and petite as her boobs were luscious and large.

Dr. Venkman fumbled around in his briefcase with one hand, pretending to be searching for something, while at the same time unzipping his pants and extracting his cock with the other. Once it was released into the stark light of the room he announced, "Yes, yes, here's what I was looking for."

He stepped up to the girl's upraised bottom and positioned his hard, swollen cock at the equally wet and engorged cunt. "Now hold still, Madeline. It's a very sensitive device and any sudden movement at this point might damage some of the sensors."

"Yes sir," she demurely replied, her mind now delirious with arousal. She so hoped that the probe was the experimental one. If it was anything like the one he had used on her earlier, it would not be long before she climaxed.

He had told her not to look back, but she did raise her head and open up her eyes in surprise as she felt the probe touch her most intimate feminine part. She immediately wondered if this was the real probe or just the placebo. It sure did feel real. In fact, it felt just like a man's cock. It wasn't like she hadn't felt one of these there before, and she instantly recognized it, or so she thought. If this was the placebo, it was an awfully good one.


"Don't look back, Madeline," he warned her. "I'm inserting it right now. It's quite bigger and stiffer than the last probe. There's also a camera on the end, as well as some sensors, for observation and measurement. This way we can obtain a precise calculation of the extent of swelling, engorgement, and fluidation." He pushed in. It was a tight fit, although not as tight as some of the others had been, perhaps because this one was so thoroughly aroused and lubricated. But, it sure felt as good as all of the others. In fact, it seemed to feel better than most, perhaps again because it was so aroused and lubricated. Her cunt seemed to twitch and quiver with delight at the penetration of his cock.

"Doctor," she gasped. "I've got to say, I mean, un, unh." It was a bit difficult for her to speak, as the probe was now sliding in and out of her, just like a big, hard, thick cock, and she sorely enjoyed that, and very much needed one at this point. "It's, unh, feels, so much like, like."

"Like a man's erect penis?"

"Yes," she gasped, grateful that he said it for her. "And, a really big one at that," she added.

He smiled with gratitude at that unsolicited compliment. In appreciation, he shoved himself in deeper and reached underneath to rub and massage her clit, being very careful though not to go all the way in, to touch her bottom with his body, to reveal to her that it was in fact his cock.

He explained as he did so, "That's intentional. We want the examination, the manipulation, to feel like a natural experience. One that is not too foreign or intrusive."

This cunt felt so, so good wrapped around his cock. She even seemed to be gripping it, massaging it with her cunt muscles, grasping and squeezing it with her cunt. It was frankly hard to speak and he knew that he would not last long. "So, the probe, and the placebo," he gasped, "are both shaped like a man's penis," he explained, as he reached underneath her to again pinch and flick her clit.

"Oh yes, yes, I see," she sighed, and felt, and so grateful and appreciative as well for the attention he was giving her clitoris. Not all of her cosplay partners played with her clit while they fucked her. Leave it to a psychologist to know what he was doing when it came to fucking a girl, at least that was how it felt. She responded by humping back at him as he, or, well, his probe, pushed forward.

"No! No!" He gasped, pulling back as she thrust her butt back at him. "Keep still, keep perfectly still." If she humped him, she would surely bump against him.

Madeline groaned in disappointment, but it was also rather nice. Remaining passive further confirmed that he was in control, that this was his show, his game, his cosplay. It was kind of nice being the recipient, after have been the perpetrator so many previous times. She remained still, other than the instinctive, involuntary shuddering, shivering, and trembling of her cunt.

"Yes, excellent," he replied, remaining for the moment perfectly still himself, gauging whether it was in fact safe to continue.

It was a bit odd to have his cock lodged in this so very nicely tight, wet, quivering pussy, yet refrain from fucking her silly. It was though actually rather nice, simply enjoying the moment. His parents had always said that he worked much too hard, that he needed to stop and smell the roses. He therefore did indeed pause for awhile, enjoying not just the lovely feminine scent of this girl's flower, but also the sight of her upraised bottom, and the feel of her cunt's tight grip on his cock. Sex wasn't just a pumping piston plowing pussies. It was also the tender, warm, affectionate, and loving embrace, that he now did indeed feel from her cunt, cuddling, hugging, gripping, and squeezing his stiff dick. It felt like he could feel individual muscles within her cunt, working him like one of those artificial vaginas that included pulsations and surges, not that he had any familiarity with them. Actually, it really did feel a lot better than any artificial one. He recognized now that this was really a very special girl.




He leaned forward again, reached around and beneath her to grasp her clit with his thumb and finger, and resumed the stroking of his cock, slowly moving in and out of her tight, tender twat, smiling with intense bliss at the feel of this lovely cunt, clenching so hard on him, so clearly yearning for him to fuck her harder.

Screwing the girl so slowly brought a new pleasure to the act. It was like when he watched a movie in slow motion; he noticed so much more detail. Or, when he turned down the volume of a record, he listened more closely, more intently, as he was doing now, feeling her cunt more intently, more closely, noticing so much more detail. This was one certainly for the memory books. He made a mental note to film future sessions. It would have indeed been rather nice to have a record of this.

Madeline had already been so very close, and the more subtle, slower, softer stroking that her slit was now receiving did not diminish her pleasure, her arousal, at all. On the contrary, it only thrust her over the edge. She passed being close, she was on the verge, the precipice, and about to fall off. "Grab my boobs, doctor! Please, grab them and squeeze them!"

He did as she requested, letting go of her clit and using both hands to grab onto those humongously hanging globes, gripping, squeezing, pawing, and mauling them, as his cock softly, teasingly, tenderly probed her cunt.

It was too much for Madeline and her body suddenly shivered, shook, and shuddered as her orgasm swept through. "Oh, doctor," she quietly gasped.

Dr. Venkman felt his subject's orgasm through his cock, as it was suddenly engulfed by her cunt's convulsive spasms, and he gave himself over to his own climax, feeling that wonderful surge of energy, that primal primitive force, engulf his body and then shoot forth from his loins, up his shaft, and explode out his dick, into Madeline's cunt. He quickly provide a lame excuse. "Gonna release now the probe's fluid, right now, inside, man, unh," he groaned as he felt himself gush forth into her cunt.

Madeline gasped as she felt the probe releasing, injecting its fluid deep inside her. The timing couldn't have been better, as it felt just like a cock spitting its load into her cunt, a very fitting accompaniment to her own orgasmic release. She whimpered with deep satisfaction as she gripped tightly on the probe with the muscles of her twitching cunt and let herself be carried away by the finest primitive pleasure of life.

Dr. Venkman's eyes were half-closed with his own lost reverie in the throes of his throbbing, spewing cock. He grabbed tightly onto the young lady's swinging, pendulous breasts, not only for pleasure but also to steady himself, as his legs were giving away, his mind was feeling faint, as his entire body was absorbed in the engulfing waves of release and relief.

As she felt the final twitches of the probe, and the final convulsions of her own release, Madeline sighed deeply and relaxed, and then suddenly, with her relaxation, her physical resignation, she slipped off the stool, losing her balance with the weight of the doctor upon her.

"Oh my goodness!" She squealed, as she fell to the floor, the probe slipping out of her cunt with a sloppy slurp. "Doctor!" she yelled, as she turned back to try to grab him, as he tried as well to reach for her, and then, her eyes widened with surprise, recognition, of what the probe really was.

It was kind of hard not to recognize, as the doctor's hard cock was sticking out of his pants, spitting out a couple of final spurts, that landed on her skirt and leg.

"Oh my gosh! Doctor Venkman. Your penis, it's your penis!"

He quickly covered himself, but it was rather obviously too late. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He knew he was in trouble, big trouble. What could he do? What could he possibly do?

A part of Madeline, though, was not entirely surprised, or even really shocked. She had been suspecting throughout, or at least at some point, that something was not right, but a part of her hadn't really minded, being herself caught up in her play, her arousal, as the subject. And, how could she really be offended? How could she object? Was it any different than what she had done so many times herself? In fact, a part of her was frankly impressed that she had been fooled. Well, not entirely fooled, she would often subsequently remind him.

Sitting on the floor she covered her breasts as best she could and clamping her thighs shut. She asked, "Are you even a doctor, a psychologist?"

He couldn't lie now, not anymore. At this point it was best, and only right, that he be entirely truthful. "No, no, not really." He hesitated, "Actually, in fact, not at all."

"What then are you?"

"Just a guy, a student." He confessed. She at least deserved that. "I, well, I play these games. I dress up in different costumes and stuff and pretend like I'm someone else."

Madeline smiled.

He was surprised. She's smiling?

It was indeed a perfect match, and Madeline soon quit her sessions with Dr. Lowenstein. She no longer needed them. She had found her companion, her fellow, her soul mate, someone who shared her values, her interests, her identity.

Madeline and Bill (that was his real name) soon developed a partnership in cosplay, working together to develop really wonderful games. They particularly enjoyed their newlywed cosplay, switching partners with older couples they would meet in vacation spots, which did they in fact first enact on their actual honeymoon in Hawaii.