The Boys are Caught Peeping

I'm taking a suggestion from a CFNM reader that I am going to try out for this story. He suggested that I just post the entire story in full, instead of breaking it up into parts. Since this story is a bit lengthy, as all Charles Petersunn stories are, I figured that I would make this little announcement. I'm also wondering if people are digging the stories here, and if there's any kinds that you'd rather see. Just leave a comment! Thanks!


Emma's parents were out of town and she would have the house all to herself. Emma was 18. It was time for her to be on her own. However, a lot of the students at Templeton College still lived with their parents. It was a very conservative college, and many of the parents sent their children there precisely because of its strict discipline and its discouragement of inappropriate fraternization.

Emma, however, was even a bit more insecure than the average girl her age, or even the average Templeton girl. Emma didn't like staying in that big house all by herself, so she asked her parents if it would be okay if she had a friend sleep over while they were out of town. They didn't mind. She was, after all, all grown up and could be trusted. Besides, they liked Terrie, Emmas's best friend, and they knew that Terrie was a good girl who would not cause any trouble. They made it clear, though, that there must be no alcohol. When they had been Emma's age, the legal drinking age had been 18, but now it was 21. They felt a bit hypocritical about enforcing a rule that they had not themselves had to obey, but enforcement was particularly important when Emma's friends were in the house.

Once they left, Emma somehow (or perhaps naturally) expanded the guest list to include Tina and Bonnie as well. She knew, or perhaps more accurately assumed, that her parents wouldn't mind if a couple more of her friends came over. In any case, they were all 18 years old. They could govern their own lives, although it was true that it was her parents' house and not Emma's. As long as she was staying there her parents felt that they still had the right, no, the responsibility, to help her make the best decisions. But, if "the kids" behaved themselves, didn't drink, or didn't break anything, her parents really wouldn't mind. It would be fine. The girls would at least not have any boys over.

There would, of course, be lots of talking about boys. Emma was very curious about boys, particularly after her experience in Miss Bixley's class (see "Modeling underwear for the girls"), but she wasn't dating anyone. There was this boy in the Chess Club she liked (Bobby; see Chapters 9 and 14 of The Lessons) but he didn't seem to be particularly interested in girls, or at least not her in particular. She actually considered inviting in him over while her parents were out of town. That would certainly be a rather bold first date. What would he think? What would he expect?

Actually, she hoped that he would in fact think and expect the obvious. She had seriously considered asking him over, but eventually decided against it. The fact that her heart pounded as she imagined approaching him should have told her that she wasn't ready for that. And, consider the embarrassment if he said no! How could she live with the fact that people would know that she actually asked a boy to come over to her house, for obvious reasons, and he turned her down? What guy would want a girl who was that desperate and that rejected?

She couldn't really understand why he didn't seem interested in her. Emma was very cute. She had long wavy brown hair, pretty blue eyes, fluttering lashes, and the rosiest of cheeks that even had the sweetest of dimples when she smiled. It was true that her breasts were quite small, but her friends would say that they fit her well. She was rather diminutive in height, less than five feet. She also had a little perky bottom. She was not at all happy about the size of her breasts, but she was very happy with, perhaps even a little bit proud of, her firm fanny. She would even admire it in the mirror, imagining how guys might like to look at it. She wondered a lot about whether Bobby would like it. She knew that he would be disappointed with her breasts. She couldn't blame him for that, but he would have to like the rest of her figure, at least she surely hoped that he would.

In fact, a couple of times she had even tried to flirt with him using her derriere. Girls did it with their breasts, why not then try with your bottom? She would find any sort of reason for bending over in front of him, and then look back to see if she could catch him stealing a glance. However, she felt awfully silly doing this. And, more importantly, it didn't seem to work. By the time she looked back he would be looking off in some other direction, as if he hadn't noticed her at all.

Bobby, however, had indeed noticed, and he even liked a great deal of what he saw. The truth of the matter was that he did have a thing for her. He hadn't told anyone though, not even his friends, Ron and Chris. But, he didn't have to tell them. They largely suspected it. He talked about her a lot. He asked telling questions (e.g., "Have you seen her with anyone?" and "Do you know if she's dating someone?"). He even felt bad looking at her butt like she was some sort of a sex object. Before she could notice his lascivious glance at the tight, tender curves of her sweet apple fanny, he would look away, flushed with guilt and confusion.

It really wasn't her body that attracted Bobby to Emma. There was in fact something about her personality that Bob found so very appealing. Perhaps it was her shyness? He was himself quite shy. When it came to asserting himself with a girl face-to-face, for an actual date, well, he got rather tongue tied. When he was talking to Emma, about homework, chess, politics, or other things that weren't personal, stuff just rolled off his tongue. He felt so comfortable with her. He just enjoyed being around her. But, he couldn't get himself to take the next step and actually ask her out on a date.

Emma was, in any case, looking forward to the slumber party. It would be fun. They were going to make s'mores, listen to records, play Trivial Pursuits and Truth or Dare, maybe even watch a horror movie (she really wanted to see The Ring; she had never seen it yet and was too scared to watch it alone), and certainly they would talk about boys. She was in fact planning on talking to her friends specifically about Bobby. They knew she liked him. Perhaps they could help her figure out how to get his attention. Tina and Bonnie were very experienced with boys, at least in comparison to her. Tina was even dating a graduate student, Gordon (see Chapter 18). Rumor had it that she had done quite a bit of stuff with guys.

There were boys who were also looking forward to the party. The girls ostensibly intended to keep it a secret, but lots of people found out about it, including Ron from the Chess Club. Boys had a way of finding out about slumber parties. It was as if there was a scent within the air. Actually, it was due to the fact that the girls talked incessantly about it. In any case, the boys knew what it meant: girls playing around in pajamas, perhaps even nighties, pillow fights, and maybe even some kissing games! There was no way they were going to miss this.

Chris and Ron planned their strategy. Bob, however, was very reluctant about becoming involved, and the reason was obvious to Ron and Chris. The fact that he was actually ambivalent about doing this was itself telling. It would seem to Ron and Chris that Bob would normally be very enthusiastic about such an escapade. It was true that he had not joined them in their revenge against Miss Harding (see The Lessons, Chapter14) but that was simply because he had missed the moment of opportunity. He later wanted to know all of the details, and clearly enjoyed hearing about it, enjoying it at least vicariously. No, there must be some special reason for being so ambivalent about joining this particular adventure, and it wasn't hard to figure out that it was because of his feelings for Emma.

Robert did eventually acquiesce. He did so in part because he didn't want to be left out. It was clear that Ron and Chris shared quite a bond in their "dalliance" with Miss Harding. If he did not join in he would run the risk of drifting to the periphery, becoming an outsider, even losing the trust and interest of his best friends. How could he explain declining to do something that would so clearly be one of the biggest experiences of their lives; well, at least the high point for whatever time passed until they topped it with something else.

The boys decided to come over around 10PM. They figured that by then the girls would probably be in their PJs, or even nighties, or better yet, undies. They debated about whether to get there sooner so they could see them change into their night clothes, but they wanted it to be good and dark so that they wouldn't be seen.

Ron had checked Emma's house in advance. It wasn't that easy to do, but it was the kind of assignment that he liked. He felt like a real cat burglar, skulking around the suburban neighborhood at night, trying to find Emma's bedroom. Fortunately, it was on the first floor. And, to top it off, it faced the back yard, which was ringed with bushes, even an overgrown Honeysuckle shrub right against the house. It was really unlikely that any neighbor would notice them. It was perfect for peeping, at least it seemed to them.

Their hearts were pounding as they snuck across the park that bordered Emma's backyard. There was no reason to sneak. There was nothing wrong with being in the park at night, but they knew what they were up to if nobody else would. And, it added to the fun to be skulking about. It made it all the more exciting.

When they got to her window, they were duly rewarded. Emma's bedroom had a lace curtain that they could very easily see through. If they kept their heads down, they would be unlikely to be seen themselves.

And, their eyes widened in delight at what was displayed before them. The four girls were sitting in a circle on Emma's large double bed and were indeed dressed for bed. Emma was wearing her favorite light blue bunny PJs: flannel with lots of little bunnies hopping all over the place. She knew they were silly, but the girls had agreed to wear their favorite night clothes. It was part of the fun.

Terrie was wearing a pink cotton PJ blouse with little white daisies and matching panty bottoms that had ruffled, elastic hems that clung to her thighs. Tina was wearing full pants PJs, with which all the girls were very impressed as they were made of silk. Bonnie was wearing what she normally wore: a large plaid cotton shirt that she had gotten from her father's closet many years ago. It felt really comfortable. She wore nothing else. Actually, that wasn't true. It just looked that way. She wasn't wearing a bra, none of the girls were, but Bonnie was wearing panties. You just couldn't tell with the shirt covering them.

The boys ogled to their hearts' delight. They slapped each other on the back, poked and pointed, and basked in their good fortune: four pretty girls all dressed for bed, right there in front of them. They whispered their observations, wishes, and fantasies to each other. "Look at those knockers on Bonnie!" "Man, she's big." "No way is she wearing a bra." "They're wiggling all over the place." "Think there will be a pillow fight?" "Maybe Bonnie will bend over to pick up something?" "You think she's got anything on under that?"

They did lament not coming over sooner. The girls had probably changed right in that room. Imagine seeing that! Well, next time they will be better prepared. But, for the moment, they enjoyed what they got.

Ron and Chris were careful not to comment on Emma. They knew that would bother Bob. In fact, Bob was feeling quite guilty, and he knew he didn't like having Ron and Chris see Emma in her pajamas. Well, at least they weren't seeing anything else.

But, their fortune would soon take another turn.

The girls began to talk about their own development. "Bonnie, I'm so jealous that yours grew out so big."

"They're not that large," Bonnie modestly responded, although she was indeed very proud of them and knew that they were by far the largest in the room. "And, besides, they can be a nuisance sometimes."

"Oh, yea," Terrie retorted, "a really big problem." Emma and Tina laughed at that. "That's the kind of problem I would like to have. I've seen how the boys look at you."

Bonnie protested further. "The size of your boobs is not the only thing a guy notices." There was a moment of silence as they all appreciated a total disbelief in her statement; then came a gale of laughter.

When they recovered Bonnie continued her argument. "Really Terrie, yours are plenty big enough."

"Oh, I don't know."

Tina had a brainstorm. "Let's compare them!"

If the boys did not already have hard-ons, they rapidly developed them now. Ron even had his hand down into his pants pocket, trying to surreptitiously play with himself. If any one of them looked to the side they certainly would have known what he was doing. But, there is an etiquette among boys in circumstances like this; an understanding that did not need to be discussed or even acknowledged. None of them would look at each other now. Whatever each one might want to do, would be his own private business. Besides, who wanted to take his eyes away from the window at this point?

The girls were themselves a little excited at the idea. At least, there was a lot of self-conscious giggling and nervous clutching of pajama tops. Terrie, however, was balking at the proposal.

"I can't do that, girls," she protested.

"C'mon," Tina prodded, "It'll be fun, and we'll all see how pretty they are."

Terrie hesitated to reply.

"Oh let's do!" Emma chimed in. Bobby's eyes widened at Emma's enthusiasm, and now he too reached down to his crotch, although part of him wanted to suggest that they all leave before it went further.

"I don't know," Terrie continued to balk. Bonnie could tell that there was something in particular that was bothering her. She leaned over, placed a hand on her leg and asked, "We're all friends here, Terrie, what's wrong?"

Terrie again hesitated to explain herself, but then took a deep breath and said, "I just don't like mine. They look funny."

The boys could not understand how a boob could look funny, but they were curious to find out.

Bonnie smiled reassuringly, "I'm sure that's not true, Terrie. I bet they're the prettiest boobies amongst us all."

"Oh yes," chimed in Tina, "Wait till you see mine. I think they're the smallest of them all."

Even Bonnie offered her own reason to feel self-conscious, "Heck, mine might be the biggest, but I've got this ugly mole on one of them."

The boys knew that no way would it in fact be ugly. It would have to be a pretty big and disgusting mole to mar the sight of Bonnie's naked big boobs. Ron even had the crazy thought of yelling out that he knew that it would be just fine; at least let them be the judge. But, he did have enough control of his impulses to at least restrain himself in that regard.

The girls, however, may in fact have been less restrained than Ron. Tina stated quite playfully but firmly, "C'mon Terrie, show us your tits."

"Tina!" Terrie exclaimed, not just in protest over the demand, but the way that she put it. The girls did not normally refer to their breasts as "tits," but clearly Tina, and the others, were feeling a little disinhibited this evening.

Bonnie joined in. "Yes, do it Terrie, show us, let's see those bubbies."

All of them, even Terrie, laughed at that word. This was really so silly, showing off your breasts to your friends, like you were some stripper. But, that's what also made it so fun. You could pretend to be a lascivious exotic dancer, yet not really pay the cost of actually being one. I mean, you were just doing this for your friends, and they were girlfriends at that. It was just good, clean, girlie, sort of fun.

"Take it off, Terrie," Tina demanded, still very friendly, but also more demanding.

Bonnie joined in, "Yes, take it off, take it all of."

And, they were all then chiming in, even Emma, cheering together, "Take it off, take it off, take it off," like they were at some football game, or more accurately, a burlesque house, chanting for the dancer to strip.

Terrie was bent offer laughing, her hand to her mouth. She didn't know what to do. A part of her didn't really want to do it. A part of her was in fact very, really very, embarrassed about her breasts. She quite honestly didn't want to show them to anyone, even to her good friends. But, these were also indeed her friends, and another part of her wanted to show her breasts to someone, and if not her very breast, um best, of friends, than to whom?

The boys wanted to join in on this chant. They were certainly chanting in their heads, as well as doing other things as well. They knew though that the girls wouldn't like either one of these things, so they kept their thoughts to themselves as they kept their hands to themselves. The latter was frankly very easy to do.

Terrie finally said, "Alright! Shut up!" Everybody instantly got quiet. Ronnie clutched hard on his equally hard cock.

Terrie pretended to give them a hard, angry scowl. "I'll do it. But," she paused, "Each of you has to do the same thing. I won't be the only one." Ronnie nodded his approval at the requirement. Terrie got off the bed. Her face went beet red. She couldn't believe that she was actually going to do this. She was actually going to take off her daisy flannel top to show her naked boobies to her friends. This was so embarrassing, or at least so potentially embarrassing. But, then again, this is what you did at a slumber party. It was all in good fun, assuming that the girls would not be mean.

The girls let out tremendous cheers and applause of support. They in fact admired Terrie for doing this, for being the first one. There was a part of all of them that wanted to do this, to show their titties to each other, to compare them, to admire them. Maybe even to feel them? What would it be like to feel their friends' titties? They certainly enjoyed feeling their own.

All of the boys had to stop playing with themselves. The feel of their hands working on their cocks, and the thought of what they were about to see, well, it was becoming too much. Frankly, it would have been nice to be able to jerk off right away, and to then do it a second time. The second time would last much longer, like savoring a fine meal, but none of them were, as yet, so comfortable with what they were doing that they would actually pull their cocks from their pants and jerk off onto the side of the house. None of them had willingly jerked off in front of each other before (see Chapter 9). This was apparently something that "normal" guys don't do. Well, they were paying the cost of that inhibition right now. They would have to leave their cocks in their pants, and none of them was willing to cum inside their pants, leaving an obvious big wet stain for everyone to see. So, each of them stopped. They would have to pace themselves, particularly if it meant being able to jerk off while Terrie, and goodness, all of the other girls, were showing them their naked titties.

Terrie stood up, moved to the foot of the bed, and undid her daisy PJ top. She didn't do it in any particularly provocative manner. She felt more embarrassed than exotic, but, it was still plenty titillating, for the boys and for the girls, who were watching intently as each button, one after the other, was undone.

When she had them all undone, Terrie looked to the side, looked down, grimaced with embarrassment but still with a big smile on her face, and pulled off the blouse.

The boys could not see what she was so bothered about. In fact, Ron instantly squeezed hard on his cock just below the head. Not to stimulate himself, but instead to try to control himself. He was frankly worried that he would cum right in his pants just at the sight of Terrie's naked tits.

They were not the most perfectly shaped breasts. They were more oblong than round in shape. They also pointed a bit to the left and right. The nipples were not riding up on the top but were instead pointing out. Tina had to assume that this is what Terrie was self-conscious about. She didn't want to ask, cause if she was wrong then she might just be perceived as suggesting something else that was apparently wrong, at least to Terrie. It was always amazing how each girl could list 5, no 10, no 20, specific things wrong with her body, yet, objectively, 90% of them, maybe even 100%, of these apparent blemishes and flaws, were at best trivial and inconsequential. In any case, Tina said, "Wow, Terrie, what are you talking about. They're gorgeous."

Emma agreed. "They're lovely, Terrie. Really. Geeez. They're so much better than mine." They were certainly bigger than Emma's. She also liked how the nipples pointed out, rather than up.

Bonnie, with the mole, noticed that "You're skin is so white, so smooth, so perfect." Terrie did not appear to have one single blemish, unlike her own "scarred" breast. Terrie's skin was indeed flawlessly creamy and lustrous.

Terrie felt very embarrassed about standing in front of them with her pajama blouse pulled open while they stared at her misshapen boobs, but, then again, it was so nice to hear this flattery. Perhaps it was all a bunch of lies, things said just to make her feel better, but at least some of it might be true, and, even if much of it wasn't, it was still nice to hear it. Nevertheless, in her embarrassed modesty she replied, "Oh shut up now. They're the worst ones here and you know it."

Tina retorted, with considerable confidence because it was so clearly true. "How can you say that? Have you seen anyone else's?"

"What about yours?" Terrie replied, a question that was so obviously well timed that it hardly warranted saying.

"Oh yes!" exclaimed Bonnie, in part liking the fact that Tina had clearly made the mistake of sticking her own head out to be chopped off, or more accurately, sticking her tits out to be exposed. "Your turn next, Tina!" Terrie returned to the bed, the boys following every wiggle and jiggle of her boobs as she climbed onto and sat back down on the bed. All three girls clapped their hands, demanding that Tina be the next to strip off her top.

The boys could not have imagined anything better. Well, that really wasn't at all true, even remotely close. They had imagined a lot more than this, and in fact quite vividly imagined a lot more as they closed their eyes at night waiting for this evening to come, as they came in their own hands fantasizing about the girls doing all sorts of things. But, even falling considerably short of their wildest fantasies, this was really, really cool, cause this was for real. Here was Terrie, letting her naked jugs dangle openly in front of them. And, there was nothing about them that seemed even remotely unattractive, at least to them. At this point, they would have done anything to have the opportunity to cop just a little feel. The way they hung they would likely be so soft, so pliant, so squishy. But, they were confined to just beating off.

Yet, there was more to cum, as Tina also began to undo her silk pajama tops. There was simply no way that any one of the boys figured he could last through the evening without cumming in his pants. Each was trying to think of some excuse for a wet stain. Or, maybe they could get it out of their pants without one of the other two noticing? Ronnie, on the far right, considered turning a bit to the right, so that he could hide from view his hard, naked cock as he removed it from his pants. That might work. He shifted his position so that he was turned a bit away from the other two boys.

Tina complained but she graciously removed her top. The boys all swallowed. Even the girls were impressed. Her breasts were not large. Perhaps they should be described as titties rather than breasts. But, they were so deliciously well shaped. They were both very nicely rounded breasts. These were aptly described as "peaches." They were two round little melons, with nipples that were nicely centered, poking up, front and center on each one. Even the nips were themselves cute. Two little perky points, pointing up to the sky.

"You see?" Explained Tina, "They're awfully small, and I think one is even smaller than the other."

The girls stared dumfounded. What the heck was she talking about?

No, Emma noticed, now she could see it. It took awhile. If Tina had not drawn her attention to it she probably would not have noticed. But, now that she did look closely, the left one did appear to be a bit bigger than the right one. She said, "What the heck are you talking about!? I don't see it!"

"Look," Tina tried to explain, grasping each one with her hands, holding them up for better inspection, and perhaps trying to accentuate their different size by contrasting them to each of her hands, which were, of course, the same size.

By now Bonnie and Terrie could see what she meant as well. But, frankly, they quite honestly did not see it as any significant sort of problem. Terrie would certainly trade her oblong breasts for perfectly round ones any day, even if one of them was a bit larger than the other. "I still don't see it," Terrie asserted.

"You really can't see it?" Tina asked, wanting more confirmation that it wasn't really noticeable. It really wasn't terribly noticeable and, if asked, she would have to admit that Gordie had never seemed to notice, or at least had never said anything about it (see The Lessons, Chapter 18).

The boys really wanted to chime in now. My goodness, thought Bobby, if Tina thinks that the fact that one is a bit, and really just a very little bit, smaller than the other was anything remotely a meaningful concern, well, he had no chance of getting a girl as attractive as Emma. He could identify 35 things wrong with his own body. Heck, he could list 7 things wrong with his own penis, not the least of which was its size. He wanted so much to reassure Tina, although, frankly, his means of doing so might not be what she was seeking.

"No way," Terrie said. "They look the same to me. Which one is bigger?"

Tina suddenly felt quite self-conscious over the fact that she was holding up her naked boobies for her friends to inspect. She let go of them. They wiggled a bit, but not much. The girls did notice that, particularly Bonnie. "Geez Tina, they're so firm. I wish mine were like that."

Tina smiled mischievously, seizing the opportunity to get herself out of the spotlight. "Well, let's see them."

Bonnie recognized her mistake, although by now both she and Emma knew that their turn would soon come.

"Oh yes!" Emma gleefully exclaimed, let's see those big knockers!" She giggled at her sudden use of such profane language.

"Emma!" Bonnie complained. "Don't talk like that."

"Well, that's what boys call them," she retorted.

"Yes, and you're not a boy. They are not knockers."

"Well, what do you call them. Hooters? Juggies?"

All the girls squealed with laughter at that, even Bonnie. They started to yell out different names. "Bongers!" "Headlights." Boobs!" "Chubbas." "Tits!" "Puppies!" "Snugglepups!" "Bazongas?" That one just got a quizzical look from Terrie.

The boys were lost in confused delight, listening to the girls yell out different names and watching the "snugglepups" of Terrie and Tina bounce and jiggle as the girls laughed. They weren't sure which set they preferred. Both were equally appealing for their own special reasons. It was like they were at a fruit stand with quite a difficult choice of which melons to enjoy.

"Mushmellons, Coconuts, Cantaloupes, Peaches, Apples, Tomatoes. Pumpkins." There didn't seem to be any round fruit that didn't apply. "Spongecakes!" "Mammaries." "Milk Shakes!" "SweaterBunnies." "Woofers?" "Floaters." "Funbags!" That one got a big laugh. "Bosoms." Terrie and Bonnie hissed at that one. "Bubbies!" Tina really liked that name, even when Bonnie said it earlier. She got up and started to jump up and down on the bed, repeatedly squealing "Bubbie bouncing, bubbie bouncing, bubbie bouncing!" The girls laughed hysterically at the sight, as her little titties were indeed doing just that.

Under the cover of the noise Ronnie slowly unzipped his pants and removed his hard cock. He figured that as long as he kept his body half turned to the right, the other two guys would never notice. In any case, all of them watched with considerable pleasure as Tina's titties bounced and Terrie's boobs flopped and wiggled.

When the girls were finally finished with their display of their command of the English language, Bonnie willfully stood up and unbuttoned her large cotton plaid shirt. She smiled broadly as she unbuttoned. She was now actually looking forward to this. She had mentioned the blemish to let her friends know that she did not consider them necessarily to be the best, let alone a whole lot better than the others. But, she knew being the largest did go a long way, and she had certainly experienced a few boys giving them considerable admiration. It wasn't that she was intending on lording them over her friends. But, she looked forward to getting the well deserved compliments of her friends. Being modest didn't mean that you had to deny a truly attractive feature of your body.

When all of the buttons were undone, she dramatically opened the shirt like she was on a stage, drawing the curtains to display a wondrous attraction. She stood very straight, and proudly thrust out her chest.

And, she had good reason to be proud. They were undoubtedly, by any standard, the best of the three sets so far. First, they were indeed quite large. And, they were impressively firm for their size. Youth did have its advantages. They stood out from her chest as impressive hillocks, capped with a nicely round areola and peaked by the most perky of nipples that pointed up in the air with equal pride.

The girls were in fact momentarily stunned. "Wow," was all Terrie could muster. "Golly, Bonnie," Tina admitted, "They really are wonderful."

"Yea," Emma added. "They're beautiful."

Bonnie flushed with the unanimous adulation of her friends. She knew her breasts were nice, but it was really good to hear this from her friends. Their opinions met a lot to her.

"Yea, but you can see that mole. Isn't it ugly?"

She did indeed have a mole high up on her left breast. It did stand out in contrast to the white skin of the sloping "bubbie." But, even for the girls it did not diminish their attractiveness. "Oh yeah," Emma said sarcastically, "You're right. I don't think any boy is going to like them."

"Shut up!" Bonnie replied. She knew though that Emma was teasing her.

And it certainly wasn't true that the mole diminished their appeal to the boys peeping through the window. If anything, the mole enhanced their appeal. To them it was more like a beauty mark, something that made them uniquely fetching. They also liked the fact that they now knew a special secret about Bonnie's boobs

The picture was even further enhanced by the fact that as she drew open the shirt, she revealed her panties as well. They were quite sexy, even provocative, panties. Bonnie knew that there was a chance that her friends would see her in her panties at some point during a pajama party, particularly because she went to bed wearing only a shirt and panties. So, she chose carefully. She was wearing stretch pink lace boy short panties. The floral lace and mesh blend was quite sheer, with adequate stretch to fit most sizes. They were cut low with a waistband of stretch lace elastic, and the legs were cut high up the cheeks with sewn in elastic.

The boys' eyes traveled back and forth between her huge breasts that were so fully exposed and the soft little mound rising out from and so nicely outlined within her tight lace panties. They really couldn't settle, although their interest was actually the entire gestalt, which was far bigger than the sum of the parts.

Bonnie had the breasts of their bedtime fantasies. Each imagined what he might do with them. Chris in particular thought about sliding his erect cock in and out of them as Bonnie held them firmly wrapped around his hard stiffness, as he himself now wrapped his own hand around his stiff dick, at least as best he could through his pants pocket. He wished he had cut a hole in his pocket so he could get a better grip. He would have to remember to do that the next time.

Ron was now very glad that he had taken his cock all the way out of his pants. He was fully enjoying himself, although being careful to pace his stroking so that he would not cum too soon.

His desire escalated as Tina came up to Bonnie and grasped each of her breasts in her hands. Bonnie did not back away, nor even flinch. The boys were shocked.

"Golly," Tina observed, "They're so firm. How can they be so firm when they're this big?"

Bonnie just shrugged as she watched Tina feel, actually fondle, her large soft breasts. She could also feel her breathing increase with the pleasure of another's hands on her boobs. She would play with them quite a bit when she masturbated at home, but it was quite another thing to have someone else, particularly another girl, squeeze, stroke, and caress them. Her nipples noticeably stiffened. She hoped that Tina wouldn't notice, although at the same time hoping that Tina might also tweak or pinch them. She was somewhat surprised that she was so comfortable with another woman handling her naked breasts in such an intimate manner. She knew she wasn't gay, or at least didn't think that she was. She definitely like guys, and certainly enjoyed it when they played with her tits. Tina's little hands though did have their own particular, feminine appeal. They were smaller, softer, more sweet in their exploration. An involuntary soft moan escaped her lips.

"Whoa, I think Bonnie really likes that, Tina," Terrie teased.

Tina quickly let go, and both blushed at being caught at what they were doing. Tina had to admit to herself that she was surprised at how much she had been enjoying her exploration of the softness and fullness of Bonnie's breasts, and was disappointed that she couldn't continue.

The boys were perhaps even more disappointed. "Rats," Ronnie whispered. "No fooling," Chris whispered back. Ronnie was now getting real close to cumming. He just wanted to find the right moment. He worried that the sound of his cum splatting against the side of the house would be heard by Bob and Chris. But, still, he was also in no hurry. He could see that this show could go on for quite some time.

Bonnie felt a little flustered. Once Tina let go she realized how much her face was flushed and her heart was racing. She felt a need to get herself away from the girls for a second to calm down. "Emma, is it all right if I have another soda?"

"Golly, sure Bonnie. You don't have to ask. In fact, bring back a few so we can share."

Bonnie took off for the kitchen.

There was one girl left: Emma. Bob could feel his cock swelling harder with the anticipation of Emma undressing, but he also wondered if perhaps he should get Ron and Bob out of there before Emma's titties were revealed. He whispered quietly, "Maybe we should split before we get caught?"

"No way!" Ron replied. There was no telling where this evening would go.

Chris fully agreed. "I'm not leaving now," he asserted. Bobby might be interested in Emma, but she wasn't his girlfriend yet and, besides, knowing how wimpy Bobby had been so far with her, it seemed unlikely she would ever be. "Okay now, Emma, it's your turn," Terrie asserted.

Emma was largely willing to do it. She liked her titties, as she liked to call them, but Bonnie was certainly a hard act to follow. Hers were about the same size as Tina's. Perhaps even smaller. She slowly got off the bed.

The boys eyes followed Tina's wiggling titties as she returned to the bed.

When Emma got to the position at the foot of the bed she hesitated. "Maybe I should wait for Bonnie," she suggested.

That actually was a reasonable suggestion, but neither Terrie or Tina would be put off. They were themselves sitting on the bed with their own boobs fully out in the open. It was time for Emma to put out as well.

"Heck," Tina in fact suggested, "I think the hostess should take off everything."

Bobby's eyes widened in shock. "C'mon guys," he whispered, even more loudly, "We really need to get out of here."

"Shush!" scolded Ronnie.

"Oh yes!" Terrie agreed with Tina, sitting up with glee, her jugs again bouncing around to the delight of the boys.

"Everything, you want me to take off everything?" Emma admired the maturity and experience of Tina. She had been looking forward to learning things from her at the party, but with that experience also came more daring and adventure than she had expected.

"Well sure," Tina replied, "It's your party."

Emma did not understand how that made any sense.

"And, besides, there's another part we can compare." Tina herself flushed with embarrassment as soon as she said it, but she was glad she did.

Emma's eyes widened with shock, as did Terrie's. "You want us to compare each other's thingies?"

"Thingies?" Tina retorted, "You call it your 'thingie'?"

"Well, no, no, I don't call it that."

"Well then, what do you call it?"

"My vagina. I call it my vagina."

"Yea right, I'm sure you do," Tina retorted sarcastically.

"Well then, what do you call it?" Emma challenged. She did successfully turn the tables to put Tina on the spot, at least momentarily, and all of this discussion was nicely delaying any removal of her clothes.

Tina, however, was not about to be beaten at her own game. She would not be bluffed. "Cupcake," she asserted, raising her chin defiantly in triumph. The girls howled in laughter, but Tina didn't mind. She considered 'cupcake' to be a very endearing and sweet name for it (see Chapter 18). "I also call it my 'cunnie.'"

Ron struggled to hold on. He wanted to cum at the first sight of one of their "cunnies," or whatever else they wanted to call them. But, hearing the girls talk about their "cupcakes" and "cunnies" was itself so arousing.

Terrie as well had to chuckle at the word "cunnie." "'Cunnie'? Really? Did you get that out of some old dirty book of your father's?" Emma now laughed as well.

Tina defended herself. "'Cunnie' is a perfectly fine name for it. It sure is better than 'cunt,' 'cooch,' or 'fur pie.'" They all squealed in response to those names.

Tina added a few others: "How about 'Honeypot,' or 'Bikini Biskit' or 'Sloppy Joe'?" They howled in protest at that one. She offered more: "Bearded clam? Beaver? Nookie? Money Box?" They applauded that one. "Muff? Flower? Poontang? Kooter? Love Muffin?" Terrie and Emma wondered how she could so easily come up with so many names, but it was a fun game.

Terrie admitted, "I like to call it my 'cookie.'" The girls laughed and giggled with approval.




"Okay," Tina turned to Emma, doing her best to talk through her laughing. "Let's see your 'cookie.'"

"Oh my goodness," Emma responded. She knew that they would be doing some playful things, perhaps even naughty things. But, she figured it would be little more than a Truth or Dare game that would at most become a bit suggestive. Certainly never really going this far. Nevertheless, she knew it would be fun to compare their thingies (this really was her word and she liked it). She removed her bunny PJ top.

Bobby couldn't look away. He knew he would feel guilty later, but he couldn't take his eyes off of them. He was actually seeing Emma's naked titties. They were perhaps the smallest of the bunch. He checked Tina's again for comparison. Yes, Emma's were notably smaller, but he considered Emma's to be the prettiest, the sexiest, certainly the most adorable of the breasts. They were simply the most darling little titties, so perfectly white, round, and perky. If Tina's titties were peaches, Emma's could be Kiwis.

Tina felt emboldened. "Can you wiggle them for us?"

Emma blushed but did as she was told. She shook her shoulders to and fro, causing her little boobies to jiggle and shake. Terrie and Tina laughed and applauded.

"Hurry up, Bonnie!" Terrie yelled out. "You're missing quite a show!"

Emma instinctively covered them, feeling self-conscious over the fact that she was indeed putting on a little strip show.

"Okay now, Emma, off with the bottoms."

"Oh my," Emma responded, feeling even more self-conscious at the thought of removing everything, showing them everything; in fact, in particular, showing them her thingie. She turned her back to them. She at least had to do that.

"No laughing," she demanded. Tina and Terrie covered their mouths. They sorely wanted to laugh, but they would be nice.

"Not a word," Tina agreed.

Emma then slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and PJ pants. She wasn't about to drag this out by first just removing her bottoms followed by her panties. She took a deep breath, bent over, and slid both her panties and the flannel bottoms off her bottom, down her thighs, and to her ankles.

Bobby forgot about his friends, at least momentarily, at the sight of Emma's white round, bottom. He recalled the many times she had bent over in front of him in a class, or hallway. It seemed at least to him many times. And, he recalled how often he wondered what she would look like naked. And, now, he was in fact seeing her fully naked tushy. How could he not look? He squeezed hard on his stiff cock. Emma's bottom was so cute, so pretty. She had the most delicate round little orb, split down the middle by the sweetest looking crack, which then ran to the most feminine, delicate crack of all: the slit of her 'thingie,' the word that Bobby would himself use from now on.

They all had a very good view of Emma's cunnie from behind, at least for the brief moment that she was bent over: curved rises of tasty flesh pressing out from between her thighs. Ronnie increased the intensity of the jerking of his cock. There was no doubt in his mind that he would cum as soon as Emma turned around. The sight right now would easily do the trick. At this point, he was not at all worried about the noise he might make. The slapping noise of his hand on his cock would be evident to Bob and Chris, if they were paying any attention at all to what was going on around them.

Emma stood back up, stepped out of her panties and PJs. Her firm fanny barely jiggled. She was right. She did indeed have a really fantastic tush. Standing up, it was just a cute little round bubble. Before she turned around, she made sure that they had a very clear understanding. "Alright now, if I do this, each of you have to do it too!"

Terrie had a moment of doubt about this. Tina, however, was looking forward to it. Bonnie may have the biggest breasts, but she felt that she might have the prettiest cunnie. It was a truly sweet pussy. She had very little hair. It was more like peach fuzz that provided only a dusting of the mound. Her slit traversed the center, a tender fissure that was both innocent in appearance and yet deeply erotic. Gordon really loved it a lot. "We all agree," Tina replied, somehow now speaking for all of them. "I'll even be the next one."

'Hurry up, Emma' Ron said to himself. He was planning on cumming as soon he saw Emma, and then even a second time when the girls got to the last of their cunts. However, perhaps by then these girls might even think of something else to do?

Chris, standing to the left of Bobby, was now developing the same plan as Ron. He was considering turning a bit to the left and pulling his dick out as well. Yes, he had to do it. This was just too much. He carefully, quietly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, and he was very glad he did. It felt so much better in the open, not constrained or chaffed by his underwear as he rubbed up and down the shaft. Now he could freely, comfortably jerk himself off. Well, not that comfortably as he had to use his left hand to keep it hidden from the other two guys.

Emma turned around, but kept one hand covering her titties, the other covering her thingie. Just this sight alone was really hot. There was something about a girl trying to hide her nakedness with just her hands. She did hide all the best stuff. Out of sight were her nipples and her cunnie. But, a good part of her breasts were still open to view, as well as all of the rest of her lovely white, curved skin, making it so clear how naked she really was; and the expression of reluctance, embarrassment, and self-consciousness was so endearing, so arousing. She was now essentially naked; it was only a matter of dropping her hands. She knew that she would, but there was one last moment of hesitation.

At the sight of her embarrassed, self-conscious expression, Bobby dropped down, off of his tip toes, so that he wouldn't see. He desperately wanted to look, to actually see her thingie. But, this had gone too far. He turned to Ron. "C'mon guys, let's go. This isn't right."

Ronnie brushed him off. "Just one more second," although he fully intended to stay for at least another hour.

Emma slowly pulled her hands away; first from her titties, the luscious little white Kiwis coming back into view. Her adorable nipples now all at attention. And, then, she pulled her other hand away to reveal her most intimate part, her vagina, her cunnie, her "thingie."

She had quite a bit of curly coverage, but it was a rather delicate growth and was largely ineffective in hiding from view the feminine slit of Bobby's precious Emma.

"I'm not staying any longer guys. I gotta go," Bobby declared, no longer taking part.

At the sight of Emma's slit, Ron erupted with a sudden gush of cum that splat hard against the vinyl siding. He closed his eyes in relief and rapture as his orgasm swept over him and his dick shot load after load against the house. He gazed dumbly at Emma's cunt as a satisfied groan escaped his lips.

Bob saw what he was doing. He was a bit disgusted, seeing a guy cum like that, and felt all the worse knowing that it was at the sight of Emma's naked body. Even Chris could hear the sound of the gism splatting against the house. He knew what it was, although he was frankly relieved as he was well on the way to a climax himself.

Ron was himself lost in the waves of pleasure sweeping over him as his dick gushed sticky white gobs of cum against the house. His eyes glazed over, but were still partially open as he basked in the view of Emma's delicate crevice as he continued to stroke hard on his dick to maximize the power of his spurting.

"What the hell are you doing Ronnie!" Bonnie yelled. Bobby turned around instantly at the sound of Bonnie's loud, angry voice. Chris did not. He, just as instantly, took off running.

Ron might have run as well, but there was perhaps little point, as Bonnie had recognized him and, besides, he was bent over, trying ineffectively to stop and hide his cock through the last few spurts of his ejaculation.

Emma, Terrie, and Tina also heard Bonnie's voice. Actually, the next door neighbor would have heard her yell as well. Tina grabbed her top to cover herself, Terrie clasped hers shut, and both dashed to the window. Emma scrambled back into her PJs.

As soon as Terrie and Tina pulled back the curtains, they could see the backs of the heads of Ronnie and Bobby, and beyond them was Bonnie, standing quite authoritatively with her hands on her hips. Her cotton night shirt was now all buttoned up. She perhaps could have looked more compelling if she had put on some shoes or pants. Her commanding demeanor was undermined somewhat by the fact that she was still naked outside of her shirt and panties, but that did not diminish the fact that she clearly had the upper hand.

When Bonnie had been heading to the kitchen she thought she had heard a noise in the back yard, a voice. She had in fact heard the voice of Ron exclaiming "Shush." He was not actually hard to hear, as the family room window was open and Emma's bedroom was the next room over.

Bonnie had carefully, quietly, opened up the back door and peered out. The three boys were not easy to see, as her eyes were not yet adjusted to the dark, but she could at least make out the figure of three guys. The tops of their heads were quite visible, as they were washed by the light as they were peaking over the windowsill into Emma's room. Bonnie blushed at the realization that they had probably earlier seen her own naked breasts. Her first thought was to yell at them, but she knew that they would just run away. She thought she recognized the voice of Ronnie, one of the guys in the chess club, but she wanted to know for sure who they were.

She decided to confront them. If it was Ronnie she knew that she could control him or, at least, Ronnie and any of friends would not in fact be a threat to her.

Fortunately, the light in the family room was turned off. She had not yet been seen herself. She carefully shut the door. She didn't want to go out the back door, as they might notice her out of the corner of their eyes. She ran back into the kitchen, out the kitchen door into the garage, and then through the back door of the garage to circle around the backyard to sneak up on them from behind.

By the time she got behind and up close to them, her eyes had grown accustomed to the dark. She could clearly see that it was indeed Ronnie, with his friends Bobby and Chris. She was very unhappy to see Bobby there. She thought that Bobby liked Emma, or at least she knew that Emma liked him. Emma would not be happy about this.

In fact, Bonnie could also clearly see what Ronnie was doing. He was actually jerking off, right out there in the open backyard while watching her friends undress inside! Just as she recognized this fact, his dick started splashing its cum against the side of the house. She at first froze. The sight of a guy cumming like this was quite a shock. But, the surprise quickly dissipated and she yelled out at him.

The boys realized how much trouble they were in, and how bad this could be. Bobby and Ron considered running as well, but at this point there was no point.

Bobby spoke up first, "Golly, Bonnie, geeez, I'm so sorry. We're so sorry. We were just passing by, I mean we just got here." Ronnie quickly joined in. They both tossed out a barrage of excuses, explanations, and apologies, hoping one would stick.

But, none did. Bonnie just stood there and shook her head, rejecting each in turn. "Do you boys realize that I could have you arrested for this? You don't know that this is in fact a really serious sex crime? I could have you put on a sex offenders list tomorrow. You will be kicked out of Templeton. You will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your lives."

This, quite obviously, panicked the boys even further. They said that they had not intended on actually hurting anyone. They were just peeking, and they didn't see much, really they hadn't seen hardly anything. They pleaded with Bonnie not to tell their parents, not the Templeton Student Disciplinary Board (Mr. Harrington would surely have them expelled), and certainly not the police. All of these options were frankly horrifying. Again, they really didn't mean to harm anyone, and nobody would have been upset about it if they hadn't been caught.

"That doesn't matter, you stupid twerps," Bonnie replied. It bothered her all the more that they were clearly lying about not seeing anything. She really got upset when she realized that Ronnie might have even been masturbating when he was looking at her.

By now Emma had joined the two other girls at the window. Once she saw Bobby her heart fell and her anxiety and embarrassment rose. "And, besides," Bonnie spoke, "Somebody was indeed hurt. You have hurt all four of us! You have violated our privacy." She turned to face Bobby specifically. "Bobby, I am especially angry at you. You know how Emma feels about you. How could you do this to her?"

This was the first time he actually heard from someone who would know that Emma did in fact feel something for him. But, this wasn't quite the way he had wanted to find out about it. He felt terrible. "Really, really, Bonnie, I am so sorry." He just wanted at this point to leave to sulk and to feel sorry for himself. He knew that he had ruined any chances with Emma, and perhaps with all women, once this got out.

"Well, you should be."

The boys continued to plead for mercy. They would do anything to avoid having any of this get out.

And, that gave Bonnie an idea; actually, more of an inspiration. However, she should not be the only one to make this decision. The three other girls should obviously be involved. The three girls may in fact want to turn them over to the authorities. Emma certainly might, and that would be fine with her. They deserved it.

"I think all four us should decide what happens to you guys. You get your things back in your pants and follow me." Only Ron had his cock out and he had clearly already put it back, but Bonnie wanted to let them know who was boss.

She hurriedly led them back into the house and down the hall to the bedroom. They followed her like two nervous, guilty boys caught looking at girls getting naked, all of which was precisely the case.

The three other girls were standing by the bedroom window. By the time they arrived all of the girls had gotten back into their pajamas. As the boys entered the room they realized that they would have felt more comfortable about this if they had been given more time to change back into their street clothes, or even had gone to the front hallway to retrieve a jacket or coat. Once they saw the boys they grabbed blankets, curtains, or anything else to further cover themselves. After all, they were still in their jammies.

"Look what I have here, girls," Bonnie exclaimed, like a proud hunter who had captured some rather choice game. "Do you know what these boys were doing?"

She didn't have to explain. They all knew. The boys in fact instantly began to once again loudly proclaim their remorse and shame, pleading for forgiveness. They hoped as well to obtain at least some understanding, but the girls would not budge. They were justifiably outraged at what the boys had done. None of them would have taken off her clothes if she knew that a boy was watching through the window.

Actually, that really wasn't true. Tina in fact privately enjoyed the fact that they apparently had a secret audience. She couldn't help smiling at the thought that they were turning on the boys. She remembered how she first flirted with Gordon when she was working as Mr. Peters' teaching assistant (see The Lessons, Chapter 3). There was a part of her that in fact wished that Bonnie hadn't caught them. She could see that the evening of exhibitionistic fun was now likely to end. How could she talk Emma or Terrie into getting naked now, even after the boys left or were taken away? She wished that she was the one who had discovered them. She was not particularly close to Bobby, Ronnie, or Chris. These were not the boys she would have chosen to be peeking through a window at her (she wished that she had invited Gordon over). But, she would have handled it differently than Bonnie. Well, any such options or opportunities were now lost.

Emma was probably the most upset. She did really like Bobby and she was hurt by the fact that he was peeking through her window. It's not that she would have minded taking her clothes off for him. If she had not had the slumber party, it was conceivable that she would have by now been naked with Bobby, if, as well, she had gotten up the courage to ask him over. She now wished so much she had. This was definitely not the way she would have imagined her first time being naked for Bobby. She did want to like him, but now she was quite upset and angry.

Bobby focused his apologies on Emma. He spoke directly to her. "Emma, really, I am so, so sorry. I did a terrible thing. I know. I would never want to hurt you."

"Then why would you do something like that?"

There wasn't any good answer for that, other than admitting that he wanted to see her naked. "I don't have any good reason, any excuse."

"Well," Bonnie asked, "What should we do with these rapscallions?"

Terrie suggested, peeking out from behind a curtain, "Well, we certainly should tell their parents, and the Student Disciplinary Board?"

Bonnie replied, "Yes, we could do that. I agree. Any one of those things."

"Oh no!" Ron exclaimed in fright. Any one of those options was horrible, as each of them would in fact lead to the other, and ultimately perhaps then to the police. "Please, is there anything we can do, anything?"

Bobby didn't say anything. He knew what they did was terribly wrong and he should face the punishment. He said quietly to Emma, "Do what you will. I don't deserve you."

Emma was momentarily confused. 'He said he doesn't deserve me? What does he mean? Did he want to deserve me?'.

Bonnie spoke up, "Well girls, I suppose we could provide our own means of punishment."

Tina didn't know what Bonnie had in mind, but she could imagine a number of possibilities. It wasn't everyday that you had a couple of boys under your thumb. Maybe the evening's fun wasn't lost after all?

Ronnie leaped at the opportunity. "Yes, we'll do it. What do you want us to do?" Anything, absolutely anything, was better than the alternative.

Bonnie was running through all sorts of possibilities. "Well, alright then. You say you'll do anything?"

"Absolutely!" Ronnie willingly exclaimed.

"Well," Bonnie suggested, "I suppose that if Ronnie got to see us all naked, it would only be right that we get to see him as well."

"Oh yes!" Tina chimed. Now Tina was glad that Bonnie found them. This was even better than before.

Terrie's eyes widened with surprise. They were going to have Ronnie get naked, right in front of them?

Ron groaned with displeasure. Anything beat the alternative, but he hadn't really thought it would be something like that. Bobby also didn't like the idea, particularly having to do something like that in front of Emma's friends, with Emma right there. But, he knew he deserved it. It depressed him largely because it would serve to further emphasize how low he was in the eyes of Emma.

Bonnie demanded, "Alright then, Ronnie, let's see your little man."

Tina and Terrie giggled at her belittling remark.

Ronnie looked down to the floor, unable to look any of them in the eyes. He slowly, reluctantly, undid his slacks and pulled them down, along with his underwear. He began to step out of them but Bonnie admonished him, "No, no, a dirty little boy has to keep his pants and panties at his ankles." Ron blushed with embarrassment, but offered no complaint or resistance. He stood back up straight.

Tina and Terrie cheered at the sight. Even Emma had to smile. All of the anxiety and nervousness had effectively wilted Ron to his smallest possible size, which wasn't too big in the first place. Bonnie chortled, "My goodness, it looks like a little peanut," which drew out considerable laughter from Tina and Terrie.

Terrie felt emboldened at the sight of the peeping Ronnie with his pants at his ankles, standing there with his little penis all curled up, like it was shrinking away in fright, which was quite accurately the case. She moved out from behind the curtain to get a better view. Ronnie stole a glance at her, still dressed in her daisy pajamas. Now in the bedroom with her he could see the movement of her "funny shaped" breasts beneath the material as she went back to sit on the bed. However, he didn't take any chances at getting caught peeping again. He kept his face turned down toward the floor.

"Why don't you tell the girls what you were doing with your pee pee when I caught you," Bonnie suggested, erupting another burst of laughter.

Ron could hardly protest being required to confess. Goodness, if they had turned him over to the authorities, he would probably have to do it over and over, and perhaps in front of quite a few people. He said quietly, "I was, um, masturbating."

"Eeeeeew," squealed Terrie. Emma covered her mouth. Tina giggled.

Bonnie wouldn't let him off that easily. "Is that what you really call it little boy?"

Ron sighed. "No," he admitted.

"Well then, what do you call it?"

Ron finally raised his eyes. He looked at Bonnie pleadingly, but answered, "Jerking off." Terrie had to laugh at that; even Emma smiled. It was disgusting to think of him doing that while he was peeping at them, but making him talk like he was a bad little boy went a long way toward taking out the sting. Now he just sounded silly doing it.

The girls again played their name game, this time at Ronnie's expense. "Pounding the pud, heh Ronnie?" "Choking the turkey?" "Tugging the chicken?" "Slapping the salami?" "Spanking the pony?" "Milking the snake?" "Banging your drum?" "Cranking the shaft?" "Polishing the wand?" "Tickling the pickle?" "Tossing the midget?" "Boxing the clown?" "Trolling the one-eyed walleye?" "Making the bald man cry?" "Visiting old faithful?" "Priming the pump?" "Dating mother Palm and her five dancing daughters?" "Doing the five digit disco?" "Yanking the chain?" Actually, the last one was from Terrie, and they corrected her error.

Tina was enjoying it so much that she dropped the blanket she had been using to hide herself. Ron stole a glance at her silk pajamas. It was safe to look, given the fact that the girls were so absorbed in their game, but he again did not look for long.

The name calling and laughter ended with Bonnie's next suggestion, which was more of an instruction than a request. "Why don't you show the girls what you mean."

"Right now. In front of you?"

"Why not? Would you have looked away if one us was doing it?"

Terrie blushed at the thought of Ronnie watching her diddle. She wondered, 'Bonnie wasn't thinking that we were going to do that, was she?' Emma couldn't believe that Bonnie was even talking about it so openly.

"Now, get to wacking your wanker," she commanded.

Ronnie did as he was told, but it was difficult. He would have thought that having a bunch of girls in their pajamas watching him masturbate would be an instant turn on, but it hadn't been much earlier that he had cum once already and it didn't help that the girls kept laughing, pointing, and making derogatory remarks: "You don't seem to be much of a man, Ronnie." "Maybe this is as big as it ever gets?" "Do you always have this problem?"

"Maybe he needs a little inspiration?" suggested Tina.

The other girls looked at her with surprise, and wonder. 'What was she suggesting?'

It didn't take long to find out. Tina moved to the end of the bed so that she was sitting over the edge, right in front of Ronnie. She smiled up at him as she slowly undid the buttons on her silk top.

"Tina, what are you doing?" protested Terrie. The girls were rather shocked.

Tina, however, felt quite differently about it. Perhaps it was all the play before the boys were discovered, but she wanted to have some fun with this as well. After all, the boys had already seen her. And, they weren't particularly bad boys. In fact, these were the boys in the Chess Club. They don't come any more harmless than that. Why not have some fun with them. Besides, she didn't plan to actually show him anything.

When her top was all unbuttoned she leaned back in the bed. The blouse opened up a bit, enough to provide quite a bit of tease, but not so far as to reveal much of her breasts. "Does this help, Ronnie?" It did indeed. The silk top draped nicely across her breasts. Their plush round, soft curves were delectable. Ron could even see a soft white rise of her breasts, and through the smooth, silky fabric the hard tips of her nipples. Not only was she providing a delectable flirtation, but just the fact that she was doing it willingly, right in front of him, was perhaps even more enticing. His penis began to respond.

Emma had looked at Bobby as soon as Tina started to unbutton her blouse. Unlike Ronnie, Bobby looked away. He had made that mistake once already this evening, he was not about to do it again.

"It's working, Tina!" Terrie exclaimed. Terrie watched closely and intently as Ron's dick swelled and lengthened.

Even Ron was getting into it. There was something definitely appealing about having four pretty girls stare at your cock as you got it harder and harder. They seemed to be fascinated by it. From feeling ashamed and embarrassed, he was now feeling some pride as his cock got bigger and harder.

When it was fully erect he even let go so that they could admire its magnificent stiffness. He thought it was pretty impressive, and it was indeed to Terrie. This was the first hard one that she had seen.

Actually, it wasn't that large at all. Bonnie and Tina had already seen a few, and they recognized that Ronnie was on the smaller side. Emma had only seen one, but it was a lot bigger than this one (see "Modeling Underwear for the Girls"). In any case, Bonnie had no intention of making it this easy for Ronnie. She reminded the girls that it was Ronnie who had in fact jerked off onto the side of the house. They then needed no further inducement to punish him further.

Tina had a suggestion. "Ronnie, you have to do it wearing one of Emma's panties."

"Perfect!" Bonnie agreed.

But, "No way," Emma said. She was not about to have one of the guys who was peeping into her house put his things inside one of her panties. She would have to throw it away afterward. She had to admit that the thought was a bit appealing for Bobby, although not for punishment. She thought it might in fact just be kind of cute and fun to have Bobby wear her panties. She could even put on his briefs at the same time. Wouldn't it be fun to then wear them to school, like trading rings but even more special, more secret and personal.

Bonnie reached under her cotton shirt to provide her own panties. Ron's eyes widened as he watched her wiggle her bottom as she pulled them down. He squeezed his cock as she held them up for him to see. Bobby again looked away.

She handed them over to Ronnie. Frankly, he was finding it to be rather pleasing, rather than punishing, to be standing naked in front a bunch of girls in their pajamas, one of them now wearing only a shirt, handing him the panties she had been wearing just seconds ago. But, he was now being asked, being told, to put on the panties.

He did as he was told. He stepped out of his underwear and slacks, and stepped into the panties.

The girls giggled as he bent over, his cock waving in the air like a fishing rod in the wind as he struggled to pull the tight pink lace panties up his thighs.

Bonnie said, "Boy short panties seem most appropriate for such a little boy, don't you think girls?" The girls broke out in open laughter once he had them on. He did look ridiculous in them. His cock was squished against his thighs and his testicles looked terribly uncomfortable, being squeezed by stretch fabric that was cut for a much smaller fit. He now looked anything but masculine.

Terrie joined in the fun. "Does the little ickle diddums like his squidgy widgy?" All of the girls broke out in uproarious laughter over that. They had no real idea precisely what she was saying, but it sounded pretty darn funny. Even Emma had to laugh, although she felt a bit bad when she heard Bobby sigh deeply next to her. He was wondering what would be in store for him.

Bonnie chimed in. "Maybe wittle ickle diddums would like to put on a woverly baby dwess so that he don't catch cold?"

Tina added, "Perhaps ickle diddums would like to suckle Aunt Tina so his pee pee can grow up to be big and strong."

The girls did not hold back.

"I wish we had some pampers for ickle diddums so that when his tootsie wootsie goes squirtsie wurtsie he won't make a big wetsie messie on the floor."

The girls' treatment of Ronnie could not appear to be more infantalizing, but what they did not appreciate was that he was actually enjoying it. Since that first evening with his mother (see Chapter 16), Ronnie and his mother had been exploring a number of different games, one of which was him dressing up as a little boy and, at one time, even in a little girl outfit. She would bath, clean, and milk him as she fondled his stiff cock. For quite obvious reasons he had not, and would not, tell any of his friends about this. But, what they were doing now wasn't terribly deviant from what he had already done with his mother.

As they teased him he closed his eyes, ostensibly in shame and embarrassment, but in fact to bask in the sexual infantalizing. He even rubbed and stroked his cock through the panties. It wasn't long before the head of his cock was poking out over the top of the panties. "My goodness, " exclaimed Tina, "Ronnie's naughty popsey has poked his wittle head out." Terrie covered her mouth and giggled at the sight of the round purple bulb sticking out over the pink lacy panties.

Ronnie, however, didn't mind at all. He just closed his eyes, listened to the sweet voices of the girls, treating him like a very little girl, and continued to play his fingers up and down the shaft.

Tina had another suggestion. "Maybe we should dress up Ronnie's popsey wotsie in its own wittle outfit."

"Oh let's do!" exclaimed Terrie.

Tina again slid down to the foot of the bed, reached out, and pulled down Ron's panties so that his hard erect cock popped fully out. It now looked actually a bit bigger than before, more masculine perhaps, despite the panties, although perhaps even because of them: a "big" hard cock contrasting with the sexy, lacy panties. Terrie wondered what it would be like to feel it. Emma wondered if Bobby's would be this big.

Bonnie went over to Emma's vanity table and retrieved a couple of pink daisy scrunchies. While she was there she noticed a few pink ribbons as well. She brought them over to Ronnie. Tina and Bonnie dressed up Ronnie's genitals like it was a little doll. Tina stretched the two butterfly hair scrunchies down onto the stem of his cock and snapped them into place. She then carefully moved them up and down the shaft to see how they looked at various heights, turning them around and around the shaft to see how they looked the prettiest. She took her time, in fact quite a bit of time, all the time taking the opportunity to feel, caress, and stroke with her fingers Ronnie's hard, swollen cock.

Ronnie was loving it. It was all very humiliating, at least it looked that way to Bobby, but the feel of Tina's fingers feeling and stroking his cock, more than made up for the girlish dressing. Besides, to him the little game was kind of fun. He even got a few peeks inside Tina's pajama top while she worked on fitting him with the scrunchies. His dick swelled with each glimpse of a naked tittie.

At the same time, Bonnie was carefully tying a pink ribbon bow around his testicles. Like Tina, she also took the opportunity to feel, squeeze, and bounce his little hairy balls. This only made it all the better for Ronnie. He didn't have just one girl playing with his stuff, there was in fact two girls handling him. What boy wouldn't enjoy this?

When they were done they leaned back to consider their handiwork. His cock was cute with the scrunchies above the bow tie. But, it needed more. Bonnie moved the scrunchies down his shaft to the base, to make room for another pink bow that she tied just below the crown.

This was a big improvement to his outfit. It was like he was wearing a giant pink bow tie just below his swollen red head.

Tina ran the tip of her finger around and around the smooth head of his swollen cock. "I think his pretty red crown looks so much better with his smart pink bow." Bonnie giggled, but Ronnie groaned with pleasure at the feel of her finger, tracing its way over every slope, rise, and curve of the head of his cock. "What do you think, Terrie?" she asked, trying to draw her into the game.

"Oh, Oh!" she exclaimed. She crawled off the bed, giving Ronnie a nice view of her daisy jammie covered bottom. She dashed to her purse and took out her red lipstick. "I think Ronnie needs some color." She sat back on her haunches. "Come over here Ronnie and I'll give you a nice make over."

"Excellent idea, Terrie," Tina approved. The girls giggled as Ronnie clumsily strode over to Terrie, the movement of his thighs somewhat constrained by the tightly clinging lace panties, and his ribbon and scrunchie adorned cock waving in the air like an industrial crane all adorned for the holidays.

Emma though was herself a bit ambivalent. On the one hand, she had to admit that she was enjoying this. Her original aspiration for her slumber party was to talk about boys and even sex. It had now gone well beyond that, to the point of having boy toys with which to play. This would clearly be the best slumber party of the year! However, she was also quite worried about Bobby. She knew his punishment was approaching. Much as she was upset with him over peeking in her room, she did not really want to humiliate him in front of her friends.

When Ronnie arrived in front of Terrie his sweetly adorned but hard, swollen cock was pointing right at her face. If not for its feminine accessories she would probably have felt rather intimidated. She had never been this close to a hard, engorged cock before. She blushed furiously at the sight of the rich red bulb waving just inches away from her eyes.

She timidly reached out to grab hold of the stem to keep it still so she could apply the lipstick. She was surprised at how stiff it felt. It looked sort of like a big fleshy hot dog, yet it felt like a hard steel shaft. Before she applied the lipstick she pushed down the scrunchies and rode her fist up and down the stem to explore its feel and size.

"Be careful, Terrie" Tina warned. "Ronnie's little gun just might go off."

"Oh!" Terrie yipped, momentarily letting go. She hadn't thought about that, and it wasn't an unrealistic problem. Ronnie knew he was very close. He was in fact hoping that Terrie would stroke him just a bit more. It would be pretty cool to cum while a girl jerked him off. This would be no punishment at all. Having her stroke him was certainly a far better outcome than he had originally feared.

Terrie took hold of the shaft again, this time more cautiously. As she held it gingerly with her left hand, she applied the red lipstick up, down, and all around the crown, giggling as she went. This felt very erotic to Ron. The tube of lipstick seemed to be smoother, softer, than a finger.

"Let me see it!" Tina said.

Ronnie turned around and walked in short, awkward steps back to Tina. Bonnie laughed heartily. Terrie climbed back onto the bed to get a good look at her effort at cock make-up.

When Ronnie arrived, Tina said, "My, you're just such pretty little girl now, Ronnie." She reached out and grasped hold of his cock and, intentionally, rode her fist up and down the shaft. "I think your mummy would be so proud of how pretty you look."

Ronnie thought that might in fact be very true.

Tina though let go. She said with a mischievous grin, "Okay, Ronnie, you show us how your little girl can get all excited in her new outfit."

Ronnie resumed his stroking. He now did it with a vengeance and fury. The girls were squealing with delight, egging him on. Emma and Terrie were fascinated by the sight. Ronnie's face looked like he was in some sort of severe pain, and his contortions were comical, leaning forward and backward as he pounded heavily on his cock, all draped with ribbons and scrunchies. The bulb, already a deep red, but now so much more luscious with the lipstick.

Bonnie and Tina knew what was coming, literally. "Oh my," Tina said playfully, as she slid back on the bed to get out of the way. Terrie knew as well, in principle, what would happen, but now she would actually see it for real.

And they sure did. Ron leaned back and thrust out his hips as he felt the moment of inevitability sweep over him. He aimed his cock up in the air as the first glob of white cum gushed out the brightened red head. The eyes of the girls opened wide as they watched the white rope shoot out, rise up in the air, curve at its peak, and then race down onto the bedspread. "Eeeeeew" Terrie squealed, Tina applauded, Bonnie smiled, and Emma just watched with wonder as Ronnie spurted wad after wad through the air. He gasped, groaned, and grunted as he continued to pull on his cock, blasting hot gobs of cum into the air and onto the bed in front of Tina and Terrie.

Tina was clapping. Terrie had her hands up, trying to protect herself from loose spray.

Ron felt like he was some sort of professional stripper, entertaining a girl's pajama party by jerking off for her friends, with all of them royally impressed by the power of his cock and the strength of his cum. It was a fantasy he could not possibly imagine ever coming true, yet now it had, and it was a climax he would remember for a long time.

When he was done, he felt a little light-headed, like he might even faint, gasping and panting for breath. He squeezed out the last few drops into his hand, trying to be careful not to get any onto the rug.

Emma appreciated his consideration, but that did not help her bedspread, already splattered with his cum. It's just so amazing what messes boys will make, and they never seem to even notice that they're doing it. "I need to get some wash cloths," she suggested.

"Oh, yeah, I'm sorry," he said. He was sincerely apologetic. "I'll clean it up." And, he did, as soon as he removed the scrunchies and ribbons. Emma considered letting him keep them. She certainly wouldn't use them herself anymore, but she didn't really want him to leave with any of her things. As he pulled his shorts and pants back up, Emma brought in a few wet wash cloths for him to clean up the bed spread, as best he could. Emma though knew that she would take the bedspread in for cleaning, no matter how good of a job he did.

When he was done, Bonnie said he could go, and that he would not have to fear hearing about this again. They would keep quiet about what they did to him, as long as he kept quiet about what he had done earlier. The girls knew that Chris's turn would come later.

Once he left, Bonnie said, "Alright, Bobby's turn."

Tina's eyes lit up at the thought of a fresh toy. "Yea, what was he doing when you caught him?"

"Actually," Bonnie had to admit, "He had dropped down below the window by the time I arrived."

"He had?" Emma asked. She turned to Bobby. "Why did you do that?"




Bobby looked at Emma. "I felt bad. It was when you were going to show your, um, you know. I didn't want to stay, to look, anymore."

Bobby was stumbling over his words, but he said enough to make Emma feel much better. What he had done was wrong, but at some point, an important point, he had stopped. He had stopped for her.

"Well, what shall we do with this last one?" Bonnie asked. She was now out of immediate ideas herself, although she knew it wouldn't take long to think of something else, something that would top even what they put Ronnie through. 'Maybe something involving a feminine douche?' she wondered.

"It should be Emma's decision," Terrie suggested.

Bonnie realized that Terrie was right about that. Bobby was the boy that Emma had feelings for and, on top of that, it was after all Emma's house, as well as her party.

Bobby waited for Emma's decision.

Emma did not really want to put Bobby through anything like what had happened to Ronnie. As far as she was concerned, he did not deserve as much as was done to Ronnie. He had done considerably less, and had even stopped. Perhaps most importantly, despite all that he had done, it was still her Bobby. On the other hand, he should do something to atone. She turned to him.

"You know, you did let your friends see me."

"Yes, I know," he admitted.

She tried to make an excuse for him, "But I doubt you could have pulled them away."

"No, but I could have called out to you, to warn you."

He was right about that. Emma was actually hoping to find some way of getting him out of this, but his admission of guilt ended any hope of that.

She reiterated, reluctantly, Bonnie's original charge to Ronnie. "Well, if you were going to let them see me, then I will let them see you. That seems only fair."

"Oh yes," Tina agreed. Terrie smiled as well. They couldn't wait to see another boy show them his thing. Bonnie, however, was not entirely satisfied. "Is that really enough? Frankly, I bet if we had asked the boys to show us their penises they would have all been happy to do so."

There was a lot of truth to that. Most boys would probably enjoy showing off their erections to a group of slumber party girls.

Emma, however, stood up for Bobby. "Yes, well, I think Bobby has learned his lesson, just watching what happened to Ronnie."

Bobby, however, did feel a sincere remorse. "No, Emma, I think Bonnie is right."

All of the girls looked at Bobby with surprise. They hadn't expected that from any one of the boys.

"What I did was wrong and I want to do something to make up for it. Frankly, I can't think of anything that would make up for it, but I want to do something."

The girls were impressed, even Bonnie. Emma was feeling better and better about Bobby. She really wasn't mad at him anymore. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that if she had been alone in her bedroom, undressing, and knew that Bobby was standing outside the window, she might even have used the opportunity as an excuse to let him see her. It would have been a very nice way of letting him see her without actually having to admit to him that she wanted to do it. If she caught him at it, when she was alone, she wouldn't be surprised if she might have even let him crawl through the bedroom window, as long as he was willing to take something off himself.

Bonnie asked, "What do you suggest, Bobby?"

Bobby took a deep breath. He knew there was one thing that would be terribly embarrassing, even humiliating, to do. Actually, there could be lots of things that would be humiliating. But, he did have one suggestion, at least as a start. He said it very quietly, as even saying it was a little demeaning. "I could be spanked."

Bonnie, Terrie, and Tina roared their approval. That was an excellent idea!

"Alright then," Bonnie said, again taking charge, "Stand at the foot of the bed and drop those trousers."

Bobby did as he was told. He understood what was expected. He moved to the foot of the bed, undid his slacks, and pulled down both his trousers and underwear. He then leaned forward and gripped the top of the bed's base board, bracing himself for the punishment to come.

The girls gathered around. Bobby did provide an endearing sight. Whereas before the girls were the object of his lascivious pleasure, he was now submissively presenting himself for their amusement.

Bobby wasn't a particularly big guy; his bottom was more cute than masculine. Tina pointed at his two little testicles hanging within their bag of skin between his thighs. Terrie covered her mouth as she giggled at the sight. Tina wanted to touch them, but she was concerned that it might trouble Emma.

Bonnie said, "I suggest that each of us get 25 hard smacks. Terrie, you can go first."

"Oh my gosh," Terrie exclaimed. She got into position beside his left cheek. This boy did not look very scary now.

"Give him 25 good ones," Bonnie commanded.

Terrie looked to Emma, to be sure that it was alright with her. Emma nodded her acceptance..

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. The girls started laughing as they heard bare hand hit fanny flesh. Terrie was herself giggling as she spanked Bobby. They were not, however, particularly hard spanks. They stung Bobby a bit, but it was evident from the absence of any grimace on his face that it was not a terribly severe punishment. In fact, Bonnie stopped her after about 15 spanks.

"Make the last ones good ones, Terrie."

Terrie was flush with excitement. She was having fun spanking a guy's bare tush. His butt felt soft and squishy, and she liked how it wiggled and shook with each smack. "Okay." She warned Bobby. "Hold on tight, Bobby."

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The last ten came down hard. Bobby gripped equally hard on the bed's wood frame, and he now did indeed grimace. Terrie herself squealed with the stinging of her own hand. She shook it in the air to try to cool it off. Bobby's bottom developed a mild red glow.

Tina volunteered to be next. She got into the position vacated by Terrie. "Maybe I should hold onto him so that he won't move or try to escape." She began to reach underneath to grasp hold of his testicles.

"No!" Emma protested.

They were all a bit surprised at the vehemence of Emma's tone, but Tina quickly realized her mistake. "Oops, sorry Emma. I wasn't thinking. You really should do that."

Terrie and Bonnie loudly approved. They knew how much Emma liked Bobby, what better way than this to bring them together. Well, there was, of course, better ways of bringing them together, but this was at least a nice, innocent way of helping her cross the threshold with Bobby.

Emma liked the idea a lot, but was very nervous about it. She had never touched a guy there before. She would love to touch Bobby there, but she certainly didn't want it to be in a way that he would find embarrassing. She got on his right side, reached under, but stopped before she actually felt him.

Bobby saw her hesitation and said, "It's alright, Emma. I don't mind."

Emma reached further underneath and grasped his limp penis and testicles in her hand. The girls cheered her courage.

Emma flushed with embarrassment and excitement. She couldn't believe it. She was actually holding a guy's penis and testicles in her hand, and they were Bobby's! They felt so soft, vulnerable, and tender. She could fit his whole package within her little fist. She considered dropping to her knees so that she could see them as well, but she felt too self-conscious about that. Besides, this way was kind of fun too. It was like the Halloween game where you reach into a bag and try to guess what it was you were touching. She explored all of his parts with her palm and fingers.

Bobby closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure. He couldn't believe his good luck. Yes, he was being punished in a very embarrassing fashion, but there was hardly anything more pleasing to him than to have Emma playing with his dick and balls. Her fingers felt so delicate, so innocent, so affectionate, as they felt all around his penis, up and down the shaft, exploring the shape of the head, and gently squeezing and cupping his balls.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! began the spanking by Tina. Bobby squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth as the hard smacks of Tina rained down on his tender tush. He even twitched and jumped as she delivered the hard blows.

"Hold on Emma!" Bonnie encouraged. Emma did have difficulty keeping a firm grip. She didn't want to hold him so hard that she hurt him, so she avoided his balls and focused her effort on getting a strong hold of his penis. As he squirmed and jumped his cock naturally moved in and out of her fist, as if she was actually jerking him off.

It didn't take long for him to respond. The feel of any pretty girl's hand holding onto his penis would induce an erection in Bobby, but this was also the sweet, affectionate hand of Emma. He could feel himself swelling despite the fact that his butt was being severely smacked by Tina.

When she was done, both Tina and Bobby had to catch their breath. Emma took the opportunity to concentrate on her manipulation of his penis. She could tell that he was getting an erection, and she was ecstatic that it was actually her doing it to him, for him. She had imagined at night playing with him as she played with herself. She would in fact like to play with herself right now as she was manipulating his growing penis, but there was no way that she could do that in front of the girls. She knew, however, that she would remember this evening for some time to come. It was so cool to feel him grow, swell, and become hard in her little hand.

Bobby was at first worried that Emma would get upset with his growing hardness, but the fact that she responded by fondling, squeezing, and stroking him even further made it clear that not only did she not disapprove, she appeared to be enjoying it. He did though look back at her to be sure, an expression of concern and apology on his face. She responded with a reassuring smile, and an affectionate squeeze.

The girls did not, at first, notice what was happening underneath Bobby. They were too struck by how red his butt had gotten. His ass was now a strong apple red.

"Alright now," Bonnie asserted. "My turn." She took the place of Tina and without warning or hesitation laid down 25 quite severe spanks. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! They rained down with a fury that shocked everyone. Emma even let go of Bobby's erect cock and brought her hand to her mouth with surprise. Bobby cringed and squirmed under the abuse, his butt stinging in pain. It was not too much pain that he could not endure it. It was not even enough to make him cry, although he had cried a lot when he was spanked as a child. He did though cry out. "YEEOOW!" "That hurts!" "Easy!" he repeatedly protested, but Bonnie did not let up until all 25 were firmly delivered.

When she was done she stepped back to admire her handiwork. Bobby's ass was now a deep cherry red. Bonnie was proud. Terrie and Tina were quiet. They didn't know what to say. That was indeed a tough spanking.

Bonnie broke the silence. "The last ones are for you, Emma." She stepped back so Emma could have her turn.

Emma, however, went to her vanity mirror.

"A hairbrush?" Bonnie suggested. "That would be a fine way to end it."

But Emma picked up instead her hand lotion. She squeezed a large dab into the palm of her right hand. "This will help the sting," she offered.

Bobby stood up straight and said, "No. I don't need it." He did not want to be babied. He would not even reach back to soothe the redness himself.

The girls then saw his erection, although now about half mast with the severe swats he received from Bonnie.

Tina suggested, "I bet you can use the lotion for someplace else."

Bobby turned in surprise to Tina, as Emma flushed with self-consciousness as she realized Tina's suggestion.

It was not what Bonnie would have preferred, but she did not object. This was, after all, Emma's party.

Emma's heart was fluttering. What a thought. Tina's boldness was now quite appealing. She wanted to do it. She would do it.

She sat down at the foot of the bed, looked affectionately into the eyes of Bobby, and drew him over to her with her left hand. She spread her legs to make room for him. Keeping her eyes fixed on his, she applied the lotion to his cock, carefully and tenderly working it into his skin.

Bobby's full erection quickly returned. Her hand felt so stimulating and intense, saturated with the thick, slippery lubrication. Her strokes slid smoothly up and down his stiff cock. It was even making squishing, slurping noises. And, she looked so cute doing it, dressed only in her bunny PJs. "Oh Emma, can I try it too?" Terrie asked.

Bonnie and Tina looked at each other. They would not themselves had made such a request. They doubted that Emma would want one of them to touch Bobby's cock. But, Terrie's naivete and enthusiasm had gotten the best of her.

Emma hesitated, but, as her mother always said, the good hostess doesn't deny a guest a simple pleasure, even when it is bit self-serving, and Terrie was her best friend. "Sure, if you want." She picked up the lotion. "Here, first put some of this on your palm."

Terrie was ecstatic. This had fast become the best slumber party she had ever been to. She had been looking forward to just talking about guys, what they had, what their penises did, but tonight she was even playing with their penises.

She grinned as she grasped hold of Bobby's erect cock. It felt so hard, so stiff, so strong. She knew that Bonnie and Tina had done this before. She had been a bit jealous, but now it was her turn and she was making the most of it. She gripped him hard and gaily slid her hand rapidly up and down the shaft.

Bobby clenched his eyes shut, losing himself in the intense pleasure of Terrie's urgent stroking.

"Whoa!" Bonnie warned. "You keep that up and Bobby's going to shoot, and that should be Emma's honor."

"Oh yeah, sorry," Terrie apologized. "Here, you can have him back."

Emma smiled in appreciation at Bonnie.

Bonnie winked in response. Not to be outdone by Tina in making bold proposals, she added, "You know, Emma, boys like it when you put your lips on them."

"Bonnie!" Emma protested, blushing furiously. She would be lying if she said that the thought of kissing him there had not crossed her own mind, but she wasn't about to do it in front of her friends.

"C'mon, Emma," Tina chided her, "Won't you let us see you do it? I've never seen another girl do it before, and you are my best friend."

"Yea, well, I've never even done it myself," Emma admitted.

Everyone already figured that was true. Tina encouraged her. "That's what will make it so cool! We can see you do it for the first time."

"Oh yes, please, Emma," Terrie pleaded. "I can't do that in front of you guys. My goodness, you wouldn't do it."

Tina though said, "I'll do it," knowing full well that Emma wouldn't let her.

"No, let me do it," Terrie volunteered. "I want to try it."

Bonnie was on the bed laughing hysterically. "My goodness, girls, we're suppose to be punishing this boy and you are arguing over who gets to give him a blow job?"

"Shut up, Bonnie!" Emma complained. Calling it a "blow job" made it all the more difficult to do.

Tina offered a compromise. "Just give it a little kiss, Emma. We won't tell anyone." She turned to Bobby. "You won't tell anyone, will you Bobby?"

Bobby was actually dumfounded at where the conversation had gone. Ron and Chris had speculated that maybe they might catch the girls practicing oral sex on bananas or cucumbers. Now they were in fact suggesting to practice on him? He was just worried that he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. Emma was no longer stroking his cock, but just her hand gripping him while the girls tried to convince her to put her mouth on him would probably be enough to put him over the edge. "I won't tell anyone, I promise."

Emma looked up into his eyes, trying to see if she could tell whether or not he was being honest.

He looked back down to her. "Honest, Emma, I won't tell a soul." Looking into her eyes, he knew he wouldn't, couldn't, violate her trust.

Emma believed him. She smiled and playfully threatened him, "If you do, we'll have to give you another spanking." Emma picked up a wet hand towel she had draped over a bed pole in case there was a need for any further emergency cleaning. She sat down on the edge of the bed right in front of Bobby and carefully wiped off the lotion along most of his cock. She didn't think the lotion would taste so good. As she cleaned him off, the head of his cock seemed to look bigger and bigger, so red and swollen. She wondered if it really was bigger, or whether it just seemed more threatening, more fearsome, now that she was going to place her mouth on it.

Terrie moved up real close on the left side of Bobby to get a good view. She was frankly quite jealous of Emma. She really would have done it. She always wondered what it would be like, and doing it with all her friends around at a slumber party seemed like a safe, innocent way to give it a try. Well, at least she would be able to watch Emma's first time.

"Okay," Emma said quietly, reluctantly. "I'll do it, but nobody better laugh."

Bobby could feel her breath on the head of his cock, intermittent soft breezes of cool air wafting across his skin. He felt like urging her on. He really couldn't last too much longer, but he figured that if he said anything like that it might just spook her. He looked down in time to see Emma lower her face the last couple of inches and, then, he felt her lips touch the tip of his dick.

"Oh my gosh!" squealed Terrie, putting her hand to her own mouth as she saw Emma's lips touch Bobby's penis. Tina and Bonnie couldn't help themselves. They just had to laugh. It wasn't really clear though whether it was at Emma so gingerly placing her lips on Bobby's cock, or Terrie's shock at the sight of it.

Emma pulled right away. "You guys!" she protested. "You promised."

Bonnie apologized through her laughter. "I know, I know. We're sorry. We weren't laughing at you, we were laughing at Terrie. She just looked like she saw you biting the head off."

Bobby didn't like that allusion, but it did help reassure Emma. Terrie, however, was not herself amused. "Well, geeez, guys, she put her lips right on it."

"Well, wasn't that what I was suppose to do?"

"I know, yea, I'm sorry. I'll be quiet. I promise. C'mon, do it again."

Bonnie added, "And, this time, get the whole thing in."

Emma stared at the penis head and giggled. She couldn't believe she was going to do this in front of her friends. She looked up at Bobby. "Would you like me to do it Bobby?"

Everyone knew the answer to that, but it was always nice to hear. Bobby enthusiastically nodded his head.

"Say the magic word, Bobby," she teased. Her dimples were so cute when she smiled.

Bobby's cock swelled with anticipation. "Please, Emma, please very much."

Tina added, "Maybe Bobby can return the favor afterward."

Emma looked down and flushed with embarrassment. She didn't say anything but she turned to Tina, her mouth opened wide in shock. 'No way!' she thought.

Bobby said quietly, "I wouldn't mind."

Terrie's heart pounded with excitement, Emma's with affection.

Emma opened her mouth up wide in a big open circle, and then lowered her face down onto Bobby's erect cock.

Terrie's hand went to her mouth as the head of Bobby's cock disappeared into Emma's mouth. Tina and Bonnie smiled with approval, and even a bit of jealousy. Tina would be calling Gordon to come over as soon as she got home the next day.

Bobby groaned with pleasure as he felt Emma's lips wrap tightly around the shaft of his cock, just below the crown. "Oh!" he exclaimed, as he felt Emma's little tongue begin exploring the soft curves of his plum.

Emma kept her lips tightly clenched on the stem as she licked and lapped at the head of Bobby's cock. She was surprised at how it tasted. She had expected it to taste really bad. It didn't even smell bad, although perhaps that was due in great part to some of the lotion still being on the shaft. She stroked it with her right hand as she licked and sucked on the head. She even tenderly fondled his balls with the tips of the fingers of her other hand.

All three girls did keep silent now. They knew what a personal moment this was, and how privileged they were to be witnesses to it. They didn't want to disturb, to ruin, this first time for Emma and Bobby.

Bobby placed his hands on Emma's shoulders. He could feel his legs weaken. He had never felt such an intense pleasure before. He had masturbated many times, but never had it ever felt remotely this good. Emma's sweet tender fingers were all over him, exploring and fondling his balls and shaft. And, her innocent, pretty mouth was wrapped tightly on his cock, her tongue playfully dancing across the head.

Emma then began to move her face up and down the shaft. Stroking and caressing the shaft with her lips as she continued to lick and tickle the tip of his cock with her tongue.

Bobby felt the intense surge, "Emma, stop," he warned. He even pushed at her shoulders with his hands, but she pushed back. She knew what was going to happen and she didn't want to pull away. "Wait!" he warned more urgently, and then he felt the first load rush through his shaft and explode out of the head of his cock. "Oh no!" he gasped.

Emma, however, smiled to herself as she felt the thick, hot wad of cum splash into her mouth. She was proud to take it in her mouth. She was showing Bobby what she would do for him, and showing her friends what she could do as a girl. After all, it was her party.

Bobby, however, had quite a lot cum built up. Unlike Ronnie, this was the first time he would cum this evening, and he unleashed quite a torrent of gism into her mouth. Wads and gobs gushed past her lips.

She tried to swallow it all but it was coming in too thick and fast to get down. Her eyes widened with surprise at how fast her mouth was filling with the sticky, thick, viscous goo. She wasn't too sure what she should now in fact do, but she knew she had to think fast. Perhaps she had bit, or sucked, off more than she could swallow? She tried to swallow again but choked and gagged as the muck caught in her throat.

His cock slipped from her mouth as she coughed, leaving for a moment a white rope of cum connecting her lips to his cock. As it broke, a few more spurts shot more weakly from his cock and splatted against her lips and cheek. She didn't try to avoid them. Instead, she just lifted her face up to Bobby and gave him a dimpled smile as the last couple of splashes landed on her face.

When he was done, she squeezed out the remaining drops onto her pajamas. The girls cheered and applauded. They were amazed and they were impressed. Emma certainly knew how to entertain her guests.

Bobby was, of course, even more appreciative. Emma never looked more appealing, more sweet, more loving to him than now, her lips and cheeks littered with drops and streaks of white, sticky gism.

Emma continued to try to swallow, but she knew that she would probably need a drink to help wash it down. She turned to Bonnie for a cola. Bonnie yipped, "Oops! Sorry," and dashed off to the kitchen. In the meantime, Bobby leaned down and said, "Kiss me."

Emma frantically shook her head. She knew her lips would taste bad and she didn't want their first kiss to be spoiled.

Bobby however cupped her chin in his hand and tenderly kissed her, and for quite some time at that.

Terrie sighed at his evident affection for her.

When Bonnie returned their sticky lips parted. Emma took a drink of cola and said, "My turn now."

Bobby was invited to stay. They decided that they wanted to play a few more games with him, and perhaps they should call up Chris.



Anonymous said...

hi, such a good story, got me going from the start, thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

As the story unfolded, both Ronnie and Bobby enjoyed a intense ejaculation. Needless to say, the story allowed me to experience the same thing. Thanks for providing the material to get me off.