The Modeling Gig


I started working for a modeling agency when I needed a few bucks. They specialized in general modeling work, but there was a preference box on the application labeled "exotic assignments." Needing work, I checked all the boxes.

A few months later the agency called me with a request that I meet them in person to talk about a job. When I got there, they explained that there was an opportunity for a nude job that was a bit offbeat. I had taken nude jobs before for art classes, and those were mostly hum-drum routine sessions.

In fact, the art class sessions were boring except for the one time that an older woman in the class slipped me her phone number. I met her later and fucked the daylights out of her. I don't think she'd had a sizeable man inside her for a long time. When my full eleven inches got puffy and hard, she just about keeled over with excitement. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige her.

This time the agency told me that the customer was a high-end teaching salon that taught grooming and personal care, including hair cutting, makeovers, exercise and tanning and various other personal styling issues. My job would be to serve as a model for what they called a "carpet and drapes" training seminar. Evidently this particular seminar came up twice a year, and my agency was their source for models.

To my puzzled look, the agent filled me in. "Carpet and drapes refers to matching hair color and design, you know, do I need to say more?"

"Well, uh..." I was still dumb.

"OK, here's the picture. They do the hair on your head and the hair around your cock. Got it now?"

"Jeez," I responded, "you mean they really have classes to teach that?"

"Sure, and they're one our best customers. The job pays more than the standard rate." "You interested?"

"I guess. I mean, sure. What do I need to know?"

"Just show up at this time," and he handed me an assignment sheet, "and be sure you've bathed and are squeaky clean. They like fit good-looking models like you. They'll tell you what to do once you're there."

I left the office with the assignment sheet in my hand and a question mark over my head. But as I thought about it, I started to get into the idea. In fact by the time I got home my cock had been leaking cum just thinking about this class. So I took matters into my own hands and let fly a big load.

Four days later I showed up at the salon-school at the appointed hour. The school was in a rather upscale suburb where I wouldn't have expected something so avant-garde to be going on behind closed doors. It was an evening class since many of their students also had day jobs. Some took classes just as refresher courses while others were there to get a certificate.

I showed the receptionist my paperwork, and she said, "Oh good, we've been expecting you." "Sometimes models don't show up, so it's always a relief when you do arrive." "I'll let them know you're here."

In a few minutes a woman in a smock with her name, Sarah, embroidered over one breast introduced herself as the teacher for the night's class. She explained that this was a special elective course with five students. It was offered as short one-session seminar whenever there was enough demand.

Sarah explained that this was an unusual class in that it involved more body exposure than usual, and they used professional models because volunteers had proven to be too much of a liability for complaints.

Sarah looked at my hair and said, "We'll start with a hair cut and style." "I'll let the students evaluate your hair and decide among themselves the best look for your facial structure." "After that we'll take a short break before we get the second part." "Just follow my directions and everything should work out fine." "We should be finished by eleven o'clock." "Any questions?"

I nodded and said, "I'm good."

I followed Sarah into the classroom. There were several stylist stations with all the look of a hair salon. The only things different was a small classroom section with student chairs and a marker board and various charts. There was a system for video and image projections. And, of most concern to me, there were five students.

Of the five, there were four women and one male. The women ranged in age from what appeared to be early twenties to thirties with one who was clearly older, maybe in her fifties. The lone man seemed to be in his thirties. All were attractive in their own way. I seldom meet a woman who is not attractive to me in some way or another. The male student was slightly built and sort of mousy looking.

I noticed a seminar outline and notebooks on the desks. Sarah said that after an afternoon of discussion theory, they were now ready to work on a real model.

"Alright, let's get started." "Our model here, excuse me, what is your name?"

"James," I spoke.

"OK, James will serve as the model of this first night. Next time, tomorrow night, we will have a female model for you to practice on."

Gee, I hadn't been aware of another model showing up the next night. But it didn't make any different to me. I was just trying to size up how this class would be taught.

"James, sit I the chair." And I did.

"Class, look at James and let's talk about an appropriate cut for his hair."

Luckily, I had let my hair grow up for several months, so they would have many options for how to style it. After some discussion they got to work first with a shampoo – oh god, was that relaxing!

Then they took turns snipping and brushing while Sarah offered suggestions now and then. In about half an hour I was done, and it looked great.

"Now, class, let's take a fifteen minute break."

Class members shuffled around. Some got a drink or popped out for a smoke. I just sat and looked magazines.

Finally one of the students spoke to me, "Hi, my name is Shoshana." She had jet black hair clipped short, and she was very lovely.

I held out my hand, "Hello, James here." "How long have you been a student?"

"Me? Actually I own a salon on the southside, but I come here for refresher courses." "This one was intriguing."

"I'll bet," I replied.

"I decided to take the class because, believe it or not, I've had requests for this sort of thing, but I've always declined to try it." "So I figured, why not see what I can learn and maybe I'll do it for the right clients."

"The 'right' clients?" I asked.

"Well, think about it – I'd have to be sure they were legitimate and not into doing this because they were crazy or something."

"Yeah, I guess I see your point."

"Anyway, if there's good money in it, I'm willing to add it to my services." "I mean, we already do bikini waxes and they're routine nowadays."

"Do many men get waxed?"

"You'd be surprised. Not quite but almost half my waxing business is on men." "They mostly want unsightly hair removed from the chest of back." "Rarely do I get a man who wants a bikini wax, but I've done a few."

"Really? Do they wear a bikini?" I asked.

"Oh sure."

"Does the process hurt much?"

"Not if it's done right." "I can make it hurt if I think the guy is just doing it for his jollies."

I cringed and said, "Yikes!" And Shoshana laughed.

Just then Sarah clapped and called the class back to attention. "OK, let's get going." "Mr. James, if we can have you go behind the screen and undress please."

My agency had told me what to wear, and Sarah knew what to expect. I went behind the screen and got undressed completely, then I slipped on a banana sling. I have several for the modeling business. This one was a long nylon tube for my cock and a pouch for my balls, held on by two small bands that went around my legs and buttocks. The nylon is very stretchy in order to accommodate my cock at all possible sizes.

I chose one in basic black for this occasion. As usual, the process of stuffing my dick inside the little stocking sleeve caused me to get a partial erection, but I knew it would subside by the time I was out with the class. This always happens in the art classes.

I wrapped towel around my waist and re-entered the room.

"James, come over here and let's evaluate the haircut and your body type."

I stood where I was directed, and the class made comments about my physique and the cut of my hair while Sarah made notes on the board.

"OK, James, you can drop the towel and we'll get to work."

Down came the towel and the class could see my pubic hair growing wild and untamed bunched over the top of my nylon-encased schlong. I noted that almost everyone's facial expressions changed as they intently stared between my legs. I was dangling down a bit, but not embarrassingly so.




"James," ordered Sarah, "over here in the chair if you please."

There was a special chair for this job. It was sort of like a regular stylist's but it leaned back very far, sort of like for a shampoo. Immediately I was reclined back to a near flat position with my flagpole flopped to one side.

"Class, how do you recommend that we shape James' pubic hair? First, shall we color it?"

Color? I hadn't thought about that possibility, but I just remained calm and waited for them to take action.

"Well, his hair is a really nice salt and pepper gray, but his hair down there is sort of brownish and blah," said one of the students.

"OK," said Sarah, "how will we handle this problem?"

It all sounded so professional as they looked intently at my exposed flesh and talked about coloring my pubes. Maybe the clinical nature of the scene kept my cock at low tide.

Coloring agents were applied by one of the students who dabbed my little forest with goo from a little wooden paddle. Then another student worked the goo into the hairs, and I began to feel a nice buzz.

What a job! I could do this for ages!

Just then I felt the stinging sensation from the gel. Whoa, it was strong. They noticed me squirm and asked if I was all right. I told them it stung, and they asked me to hold on for another few minutes while the dye worked.

Finally a nice warm wet towel wiped away the gel, and I was left with jet-black locks. Actually, it looked kind of nice.

After a more thorough rinse and blow dry, they were read to snip and shape.

Sarah took the lead and asked the class for suggestions about the final "look" they wanted to achieve. There was some debate about shaving it into a wedge or a vee-shape or just trimming it short. The guy suggested that I be shaved from the bottom up an inch or so to leave a space between my pubic jungle and my "moving parts."

In a few minutes the class decided to incorporate several of the ideas. But Sarah noticed that my flopper was going to be in the way.

"Here," she said to me as she took my full cock in her hand, "I'll hold this thing out of the way while you all work."

Oh my god, Sarah's hand fully encompassed my tool as she held it downward directly between my slightly spread legs. By now I had been leaking, and even though there is some absorbency in the tip of the sling I was sure that the wetness was showing and that Sarah could feel it.

Was this normal procedure for her to feel me up like this? I didn't care – I was in heaven with her touch on my penis while her lovely students used their little clippers and combs to primp me.

To my surprise, Sarah pulsed her handhold every so often and even got into a rhythm that was making me hard. I could feel it happening. I could feel my cock grow and lengthen as Sarah squeezed me just slightly then released. Squeeze. Release. She kept doing this and I wondered what she was up to.

In about fifteen minutes the students had finished and were wiping me with a moist towel to tidy up their work.

Sarah released my nylon-covered pointer, and my almost fully erect cock flew up and slapped against my stomach.

The class watched in silence.

"Let's get some photos for the scrapbook," said Sarah as she reached for her digital camera.

I hadn't been informed about this part. But I just lay there with my cock levitating at a twenty-degree angle over my torso and waiting for a classroom of eager students to snap my picture. If anything I was getting harder and longer and wetter. And I was sure they all were taking in the sight of my pleasure and discomfort.

I lay there for what seemed like a long time while Sarah took several pictures. Then she said out loud, "Class, what do you think, shall we ask Mr. James to remove the little covering so we can truly evaluate the success of our work?"

They all cheered a big, "Yes!"

And without asking me, Sarah did the honors. I raised my hips while she peeled down the little sling to expose me inch by inch. Pulling downward caused my pointy flesh pole to stick downward again while she gave the class a show. She intentionally slowed down as the black nylon was peeled downward.

At the last second she pulled quickly and once again my peter flew one hundred and eighty degrees and slapped against my stomach muscles before bouncing up and standing and an angle and swaying slightly.

I couldn't believe what happened next.

"Class, let's give James here a round of applause," as they clapped and enjoyed themselves.

"I had asked our modeling studio to send us a specimen like this so we could better appreciate the overall effect. But I had no idea he would be this big."

"Have any of you ever seen a man of this size?"

Only the hand of the one male went up. Ha.

"If you offer this type of service in your salons, you should be prepared for this to happen." "Almost all the time, the men will get an erection." "And the women will become aroused to some degree."

"It's up to you to handle things in whatever way you see fit," Sarah added.

"I would advise that you know your clients well enough and decide ahead of time how you will complete the service."

My head was starting to spin as I watched Sarah had a bottle of styling gel and squeeze a dab into the palm of her hand. She approached me as the others took a step closer.

"Some clients will be embarrassed and want to leave when you're done. Others may lie there like our Mr. James and see what else you might offer in the way of relaxing them."

"Let's just continue to pretend that James is our client, and let's see what he does when we offer a finishing service." With that, Sarah spread the gel along the underside of my shaft and generously oiled my cockhead.
I sucked in a gasp as she complete her first downward stroke. All the time she kept up a banter with her students about previous clients and models she had worked on.

Evidently once a model objected to this part and left in a huff. As she talked she mentioned the female models and clients. The next night they would have a woman as a client, and she said that they would generally do the same with her. Except she would be completely nude for the styling.

Sarah said that the class should examine female clients to observe the look of the labia so that they could better design a look for her pubic tuft. Or perhaps they might recommend a complete shaving of the pubic area. It depended on several factors, including how much space was visible between her legs, the density of existing hair along her vaginal lips, the exposure of inner labia or not, etc.

As Sarah talked she kept up a slow and tortuous treatment of my long dong. I started to squirm a bit, and she noticed.

"Now each of you should practice this procedure as I have been doing." Sarah dropped my dick and put a fresh dab of gel into the palm of one of the female students.

As this stranger began to stroke me, I wondered if I could pace myself long enough for them all to have a turn, even the guy.

One my one they took turns on me. Some used two hands. Some gripped me very gently so that it felt like feathers stroking me. Some gripped hard and squeezed little bubbles of cum out of the top of my pee hole.

If don't know if it was on purpose or not, but the guy was last to do me. He was an expert at teasing and twisting my boner. I lost it as he worked his magic, and the ladies all gathered in a step closer when they heard me gasp deeper.

Just then Sarah interrupted, "Michael, let him go." "Don't satisfy him."

All of a sudden the man dropped my dick. I lay there panting for breath and looking pleadingly for help.

"Show us how you do it," Sarah spoke to me.

She placed more gel in my hands and stared into my eyes, "Do it. Show us how you do it. Show us how you cum."

As I started to stroke myself, Sarah kept up a patter with me, "OK big boy, let it fly, show us something we've never seen before, such a big dick, how does it feel to you? Are you glad you came tonight?"

Jeez, she was tormenting me and I was loving it. She had me performing like I never have for a group. My god, I was trembling as I neared the point of no return.

"If you do a good job for us," Sarah whispered in my ear, "you can come back tomorrow night an help us shave a pussy."

I groaned with pleasure and let loose a torrent of cum. Jet after jet flew out of the end of my flesh hose. The first one splashed on my chin, the next two flew over my head. I aimed my dick around the room and tried my best to hit all my new friends. Finally after thirteen sizeable discharges I started to slow down.

My cock arched over and drooped with fatigue. A small river of cum continued to express from my rubbery pipe. Oh god I was in heaven and exhausted.

"Class dismissed!" barked Sarah. "Good job." "Your certificates will be in the mail soon." "And use your password on our website to see the photos we took tonight."

Sarah tussled my new haircut and smiled at me. "Good job James." "If you're free tomorrow night, come back and help us play with Shoshana."

Shoshana winked at me and patted my flagging penis. "Come back and I'll be here, that is, if my husband Michael here permits me."

I was stunned. This was no design class!!