CFNM In The Office With Secretaries

Anna had been working as a legal secretary for a couple of years when the firm assigned her to work for the biggest jerk she ever met. Peter was a hot shot young attorney and was more demanding and demeaning than Anna dreamed possible. After a few months of long, thankless hours, Anna was seriously considering quitting when she stumbled upon something quite unexpected. She was using her bosses computer, even though he had told her many times not to, her computer had been running painstakingly slow all day. By sheer dumb luck Anna made what would prove to be a very fortuitous typo.

She had meant to type 'CN' into the search box for 'case number' but the phone rang as she was typing and she sloppily mashed the keys. When she hit the 'c' she also grazed the 'f' next to it, and when she hit the 'n' she nudged the adjacent 'm' key. She didn't immediately register her mistake and stared blankly at page after page of search results for 'CFNM' as she jotted down the phone message.

After a moment she realized she made a typo but was perplexed what all these 'CFNM' files were. The contents were password encrypted, all she could see was 'CFNM 1023' and 'CFNM 598' and so on. She looked in the upper left, "2,548 results for 'CFNM'" reported the search box. "What the hell is a CFNM?" She mused out loud.

So she typed in this unfamiliar acronym into google's search box and after a couple of clicks was staring rather dumbfoundedly at a picture of a tanned muscular young man stroking a very large cock in front of five well-dressed, professional looking women sitting on a couch sipping wine. "Clothed female nude male," she read out loud. "Holy Shit."

Anna was now quite interested in getting at the contents of those files but her knowledge of computers was pretty basic. She instantly thought of Jessica, another legal secretary at the firm who fancied herself somewhat of a computer hacker and hated Peter just as much as Anna. After a brief phone call Jessica said, with some excitement, "I'm on my way" and Anna went back to browsing her Google search results.

Jessica arrived before Anna knew it and apparently she did know a thing or two about computers because about an hour later the two secretaries were sitting, mouths agape, looking at image after image of Peter, completely naked, with various, fully clothed females.

"Oh my god, that's Mrs. Kellerman, she's a client." Anna balked. "I can't believe he was stupid enough to leave these files on his work computer, encrypted or not."

"Do you know what this means? These pictures could destroy his career. We finally have that prick by the balls," enthused Jessica.

"You know, I think all the secretaries have been working too damn hard. Its time to have some fun," schemed Anna.

The next morning began like any other for Peter McDonald. He got up early, jogged a few miles, had a protein shake, slipped into a thousand dollar Italian suit and jetted to work in a flashy red Ferrari. He strolled into his 10th floor corner office and barked at Anna, "Do you have last night's dictations?"

"On your desk sir," Anna said coyly.

Peter opened the dictation folder and spilled half of his $5 Starbucks coffee drink all down the front of his expensive suit. He was too stunned to yell, curse, or slam his fist on the desk. In the folder was the picture of himself completely naked and stroking his cock inches from the fully clothed Nancy Kellerman, one of the firms biggest clients and a short handwritten note. Peter knew this picture would ruin his career if the senior partners got a hold of it and wondered how he could have possibly been so careless. He picked up the note, immediately recognizing Anna's handwriting.

"Peter you are by far the biggest prick I have ever worked for. Because of this I was only slightly surprised to see what a big cock you have. I'm sure you know what would happen if I email these pictures to everyone in the firm address book but luckily for you that doesn't have to happen. Here's what does need to happen. In your bottom drawer you'll find a gold sequin thong I left for you. Take off all your clothes and put on that thong. Once you're sitting at your desk wearing nothing but a thong, buzz me in. You've been a prick to half the secretaries on this floor, and today we're going to have some fun."

Peter was stunned. He knew he had little choice but sat there for the better part of an hour in silence trying to think of some way out. Even Peter's brilliant mind could not scheme his way out of this one, his own carelessness (and horniness) had gotten him into this situation and the only way out was to swallow his pride. At least that's what he tried to tell himself. He slipped out of his expensive silk suit until he was standing behind his oversized oak desk, mooning half of downtown, examining that wisp of fabric Anna had generally referred to as a thong. The back was about as thick as dental floss and the front was a tiny triangle no more than a few square inches. He realized it was probably a female thong, but left without any options, slipped it on.

He looked at himself in the full-length mirror opposite his desk and instantly wished he hadn't. The fabric barely covered his penis, even while it was soft and his shaved balls hung out lewdly. He almost lost it right there and put his suit back on but there was a lot at stake. Resigned he sat back at his desk and buzzed Anna. "I'm ready in here," he said with none of his customary confidence.

Peter heard someone coming in the door and suddenly panicked that Anna had tricked him and 3 or 4 of the senior partners were about to walk in his office. He was ever slow slightly relieved when Anna walked in, eyes glued to the half of his body visible from the desk up, grinning wickedly. This small measure of relief quickly dissipated when Anna was followed by Jessica, who was followed by Marjory, Melissa, Sarah, Christine and Donna. Half of the secretaries on the floor, Peter cursed himself again for being so careless.

The ladies were giggling as they filed in, none of them had believed Anna's outlandish story about Peter's CFNM fetish.

"Ok Anna, can you please lock my door," said Peter trying to retain some of his former authority.

"Sure Peter," Anna said sweetly but only pretended to lock the door. "Now get out from behind that desk and shake that hot ass for us, some of us have work to do!" Anna produced a fat stack of one dollar bills and divvied them up between the 7 secretaries. Peter felt himself blushing already.

"Hurry the fuck up Peter, we don't have all day," Anna commanded in her best Peter imitation.

Peter stood up from the desk hesitantly and the instant his barely-there thong came into view the women broke into cheers and catcalls. To Peter they sounded just like a bunch of rowdy guys at a wet t-shirt contest at spring break. He could scarcely believe there was a bustling law office on the other side of the door and was instantly grateful for the soundproof walls. One of the ladies had turned on some music and they were all eyeing him expectantly.

Peter sighed and sauntered bashfully around the desk, starting to dance. Anna stood up and put the first dollar bill in Peter's waistband and then slapped his ass as hard as she could leaving a big red handprint. "Shit," Peter protested but it was drowned out by the secretaries' cheers.

The ladies took Anna's cue and began pinching Peter's ass and sticking dollar bills in his waistband. Before long Anna started pushing the envelope and stuffed a dollar bill down the front of his thong, the back of her hand grazing Peter's dick. This emboldened the ladies even more and in moments they were taking turns stuffing bills down Peter's thong, grabbing his balls, rubbing his ass. Each time the ladies gave him a dollar they were copping more of a feel of his cock until they were literally stroking it several times before pulling their hand out.

Peter was quickly getting hard and there was no way that tiny thong was going to contain his dick. For a couple minutes it was shooting out at some absurd angle and then it flopped all the way out, bringing a new round of cheering. Now the ladies were taking turns tugging on his dick and one even got on her knees and gave it a lick.

"Ok ladies, we have to get back to work soon before someone notices we're missing," said Anna and Peter thought his ordeal must be over. "So Peter if you can just sit on your desk and masturbate for us, we'll be all done here."

Peter felt he should protest, that Anna was really taking this too far, but he was standing there naked in front of seven women and his dick was already hanging out leaking precum. Sheepishly, he hopped on the desk and started rubbing the precum all over the head of his penis. The ladies were going wild, yelling for him to stroke his dick and cum for them, pinching his nipples and playing with his balls.

Peter was pissed off and humiliated but very turned on as well. He could feel an powerful orgasm building quickly. His eyes rolled into the back of his skull has he jacked off feverishly and grunted like a caveman when he came, shooting all over the expensive carpeting.

As his eyes opened and he came back to reality he saw the secretaries all huddled around him giggling. Half of them had camera phones in their hands and Peter could only imagine the pictures they must have captured.

"Ok Peter I think that just about does it. I trust we can count on you to treat your secretaries with a lot more understanding and respect in the future?" said Anna and all seven women filed back out of the office as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.