Lisa & The Male Model Pt. 2

His next pose was standing with his back towards me and his face looking over his shoulders. I could no longer see his dick, but I was almost just as excited by his ass. It was taut yet fluid, clenching beautifully whenever he moved one of his legs. I found my breathing becoming increasingly hard. My heart was beating faster.

For the third pose he again faced me, this time lying down on his side on the couch. This made his dick look even bigger. To my surprise, it was the sexiest pose yet. Instead of staying between his legs, his organ fell to the side. It extended out from the middle of his body and pointed downward, almost long enough to touch the fabric of the couch. I was in shock. Clearly, this was no ordinary male organ. Roberto had a monster. He had a real whopper of a cock.

At 10:00, I decided we both needed a short break, I think me more than him. He wrapped himself in his robe, grabbed a water bottle from his bag and stepped out into the courtyard. Meanwhile, I tried to regain my composure as I looked at the three drawings I did so far. They weren't very good, but I didn't care. It was difficult to draw with your hands shaking and your heart beating like crazy. I was still as excited and light-headed when he returned.

It was time for a few longer poses where I could get into additional detail. I asked him to do a sitting pose first. He graciously took off his robe and did what he was told, just like a proper servant would do for his master. As soon as I saw him in his full frontal nudity, I suddenly had this crazy, erotic idea go through my head. I thought about really being a master with Roberto as my real servant. It would be fantastic if I could order him to do whatever I wanted, but I tried to put the idea out of my mind. The idea was too erotic to consider.

I began again. I started with my fourth drawing of Roberto. This was the first drawing where I drew his dick. I started with his face and upper torso, and then moved down to his waist and his big organ in the middle. I had never drawn a man's dick before and found it very exhilarating. I couldn't help but want to draw it in the erect position, extended up into the air an incredibly long distance, like half the way up to his chest. Needless to say, it was difficult to keep my concentration.

For the last drawing, I asked him to do a semi- reclining pose. I liked it when he lay on his side before but thought it too awkward to draw him twice in the same position. So I tried to get as close as possible, asking him to sit up against one arm of the couch at an angle. He did so, but he did not quite understand what I wanted. I really wanted his left leg to be a little further over the side and a little more bent. He started to move his leg in the wrong direction, so I instinctively reached out. As I did, my hand lightly touched the inside of his thigh and brushed against his dick. I did not try to touch him on purpose. It was an accident - or at least it wasn't a conscious accident. As far as my unconscious was concerned, perhaps it was going for it the whole time. In any case, the touch of his dick sent a quivering thrill through my arm, like an electric shock. At exactly the same moment, his dick jumped to life.

Embarrassed but excited, I stepped back, cleared my throat and said "Yes that'll be fine, I think."

I realized I was smiling, and then noticed Roberto look up at me and smile too. Our eyes met. I think he knew what I was thinking. The heart inside my chest began to pound like crazy and my hands began to shake, but I tried to ignore it. I went back to the canvas and began painting.

Then I noticed Roberto's organ jerk upwards again. It seemed to be starting to get aroused and inflated a little bit more. The heart inside my chest beat even faster. The image of his erect cock again formed in my mind.

There was no doubt about it. He really was a very well endowed young man. He became a little harder but ignored it. He didn't seem to notice, so I tried to ignore it too. It was impossible, of course, so I tried to at least act as though I didn't notice it and kept drawing. I kept drawing because I didn't know what else to do.

I wanted to see it erect so bad I was almost willing to go up and adjust his legs again, but it soon stopped. It reached a plateau, and then began to soften again. Gradually, after about a minute or so, his cock started to go back to normal. I began to come off my plateau at the same time.

It made me disappointed, but I was not surprised. It would have been nice to see it inflate some more, but I was happy with what I already saw. I think he had inflated his dick to only half-size, but it was enough to make it about five inches long. Clearly, his cock had much further to go and it was already at the size of a normal man. In comparison to other male organs I've seen, Roberto was very impressive is size. He had to have a ten-inch cock and it looked plenty wide too.

Unfortunately, 11 o'clock came all too quickly. The two hours were up and I was feeling disappointed. I wanted to reach out and move his leg again. I wanted to brush my arm against his penis once more and see it inflate a second time, but that would have been too forward. I was not a slut, although I have to admit that I was starting to get very hot and horny.

"I didn't realize it was so late!" He said with surprise after I told him that we were done. "But I suppose it's kind of hard to tell the time when you don't wear a watch; or anything else for that matter."

I paid him the $60.00 and asked when he could come back.

"Thursday morning, if you would like?" He replied.

"Excellent!" I said with glee. "I would really like to start again with some more drawings. I think we got off to a very good start."

Roberto smiled at me and then went behind the screen to put his cloths back on again. A wave of disappointment came over me as I saw his ass disappear behind the screen.

Second Session

I couldn't wait for Thursday morning to come around. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. Two full days of waiting almost killed me. The first night I had erotic dreams about him. The following night I had trouble sleeping because I was so anxious. Roberto made me more aroused than any other man I ever met before, and I hardly knew him. We never even went out on a date or had a meaningful conversation. He was nearly a stranger, yet I still wanted him.

Of course, I knew the reason for the attraction. It was his cock. I never met a man with such a big cock before. I desperately wanted to see him naked and to draw him one more time. I also wanted to see how big he really was.

The idea came to me during the first drawing session, while he was still in the room. It entered my mind as I was doing my last drawing; right after he became partially erect. It was a very naughty idea. At the time, I pushed it to the back of my mind. It was one of those thoughts you naturally put aside, but I couldn't help but think about it a lot more since then. Now, I couldn't get it out of my head.

The idea was obvious. If I wanted to see how big Roberto really was, I needed to get him aroused. And if I wanted to get him aroused, I had to show him my boobs.

I knew I could do it because I often did it unintentionally. It happened mostly to young teenage boys. I would be wearing a low cut blouse and accidentally bend over in front of them. Or sometimes it happened just by wearing something tight across my chest. It was as if they had never seen a girl with such a big chest before. I would notice the front of their pants begin to swell and be able to tell what was happening inside.

The thought of doing the same thing to Roberto sent a hot wave of excitement through my body. Instead of seeing the outline of his excitement through his pants, I would be able to witness the real thing. And instead of seeing a normal hard-on, I would be able to see an eight or perhaps even a ten incher. All I had to do was wear a tight blouse with a low neckline. I just had to expose my cleavage and show him a hint of tit. And if that didn't work, I could bend over in front of him or maybe could brush up against his dick like before. It was almost too exciting to think about.

The idea was wicked and naughty, I knew, but I couldn't help it. It made me excited just to think about it.

I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered if my intentions were too obvious. I wore a tight blouse and a very short pair of shorts. The blouse was old and well worn, the kind you hide in the bottom of the dresser out of fear of accidentally forgetting you have it on while opening the front door to a dirty old salesman. The neckline came down in a deep, plunging style, displaying the upper portion of my swelling breasts and several inches of cleavage. It was white in color and fit rather tightly across my chest, enough to give Roberto a nice view of the outline of the bra underneath. In the right conditions - like maybe in the bright sunlight of the backyard - it would be nearly transparent and he would be able to see my full cleavage. I had intended to give the blouse away to goodwill or some other charity some day, but never quite got around to it.

As I looked at myself, I wondered if it might be too much. I worried that Roberto might guess my intentions and decide not to model for me. After all, he was an art student and understood that sex and the art of drawing a nude model were two very different subjects. He might think I was some dirty old woman. He could simply walk out on me.

But then I remembered the smile he wore with his partial erection. He didn't seem to mind showing off to me before. He actually looked as though he rather enjoyed it. I hoped he would enjoy it again. I looked at myself closer.

The blouse left little to the imagination. He would easily be able to see the size of my chest. I purposely wore a conservative, full button down blouse during the first drawing session out of the embarrassment of drawing a nude man. I'm sure he was able to see that I had large breasts by the size of my large buldge, but he was not able to see the slightest hint of boob. This time was just the opposite. The blouse wasn't only small, but it was also well worn after too many washings. One of the seams on the shoulder already was coming apart. The rest of them looked like they were about split open. In fact, it looked like if I took a deep breath it might set off an explosion. Every seam on the blouse might suddenly fail all at once, blasting it into a dozen strips of shrapnel and leaving me in only a bra.

To complete the ensemble, I decided to also wear my shortest pair of shorts. I am a short girl with short legs, so I do not have sexy long legs. But I wanted to show them off as much as possible. I therefore picked out a tight set of shorts, tight enough to display the outline of my ass. They also had a slit up the side to show a hint of skin along my thigh. The shorts were not nearly as sexy as the blouse, but then I didn't have long and sexy legs anyway. It would have to do.

The doorbell rang.

I jumped and felt a moment of hesitation. Maybe I should wait for a few more drawings sessions, I thought to myself. Maybe I should wait until I at least get to know the guy. But I couldn't wait. Two days were bad enough. I couldn't wait an entire week. Even if he turned around and walked out on me, it was worth it I might be able to rescue the situation by telling him that I didn't realize what I was wearing. It was just some old thing I liked to wear around the house. Luckily, the weather was cooperating and it was a hot and humid day. Considering the temperature, it would not be unusual for a woman to wear such an outfit around the house.

The doorbell rang again. I took a deep breath and walked out of the bedroom. I was still hesitant, but I went to open the door anyway.

I could see it in Roberto's eyes as soon as he saw me. He starred. His eyes seemed to almost bulge out of his skull. I noticed them pointing directly down to my chest.

"Hi Roberto!" I attempted to break his lock on me. "Sorry I kept you waiting, but I was out back doing some spring cleaning. It sure is hot outside."

"It sure is!" He answered with his eyes still on my chest.

"I know you have classes, so why don't we get started right away?" I let him back to the sunroom.

"Do you want to start from where we left off yesterday?" He seemed to break out of his trance as soon as I turned around.

"Whatever you feel comfortable with," I offered. "I would like to get some more poses of you laying on your side."

Roberto went behind the folding screen as I got out my pencils and easel.

I couldn't believe my luck! He noticed my chest yet didn't turn to leave. He came right in the front door despite my near nudity. I think I maybe even excited him already. I wondered if his cock was already growing. I hoped it was! I could easily imagine him walking around from the back of the screen with an erection pointed up at attention from between his legs.

Roberto came out from behind the screen. He did not take long to undress. He soon stood before me with only a robe around his body.

I, at the same time, stood with my nearly transparent blouse and shorts around my own body. I knew he was able to see the outline of my bra cups underneath. I knew he was able to make out my ample cleavage.

"Do you want me to start out on the couch?" He asked.

"That would be fine," I accepted. "Just lay down naturally, similar to Tuesday. I'd like a simple drawing first, just to get myself in the mood."

Roberto hesitated for a moment, and then bared himself once more.

I was disappointed. He was flaccid, and he remained flaccid. Apparently, he was able to take his attention away from my sparsely clad body and big boobs. Or else - and I didn't even want to think about this - but maybe he was gay. It would be just my luck! I find I guy with an eight incher, and he turns out to be gay. It was certainly possible, I knew. There always seemed to be a rather large number of gay artists. I never understood exactly why, but certainly hoped it wasn't true of Roberto.

There was also the possibility he just had sex. I didn't know if he had a girlfriend. I also didn't know how sexually active he was. Given his size, I suspected he both had a steady girlfriend and a few "friends" on the side. His last sexual encounter may have been only an hour ago, in which case my sexy blouse was a waist of time. It was difficult to know and I couldn't just come right out and ask him. There was nothing I could do but worry about it.

I started to draw. If he did just have sex, my only alternative was to start drawing with what I had It was a consequence I had to live with.

It still felt very exciting to draw him, even in his flaccid state. I purposely asked him to lie on his side so I could again see his dick lying across his thigh. I think it was his sexiest pose yet. I loved the way his dong practically touched the fabric of the couch. I had a good time drawing it. I made sure I captured every detail.

No matter what the cause, he stayed flaccid for the twenty-five minutes or so, until I finished the first pose. I desperately hoped his last opportunity for sex was at least the night before. Even better, I hoped he didn't have any since the weekend.

We didn't talk much at first. I think I was too anxious to talk. I was also quite tired because I hadn't slept well the previous night.

The second pose was of Roberto sitting on the stool. He sat down and looked to the side. I mostly notice his dick almost disappear between his legs. "Could you maybe," I started ask, but then stopped.

"Could I what?" He questioned.

I wasn't sure how to say what I wanted. "Could you maybe, well, just open your legs just a tad."

To my surprise, he did not object and nicely opened his legs for me. And he didn't just open them a tad, but actually opened them quite wide. He allowed me to see his full glory in the center. I distinctly noticed the tip of his dick lying against the hard surface of the stool.

"That's perfect!" I happily accepted. "Hold it just like that!" His cock was on full display. I could see everything.

During this second drawing, we started a conversation. He asked me about how many drawings I had sold, and I told him that I didn't keep track. It was now somewhere around 60 or 80 I guessed.

The conversation gradually turned to music and concerts we recently attended. It turned out that both of us like the same kind of music, new age, although his tastes were somewhat more rounded and he also liked classical.

The conversation then turned to our social life, and he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I answered him truthfully and told him there was no one I was seeing at the time, and then I asked him about a girlfriend.

To my delight, Roberto said he didn't have anyone either. There was a girl who he was very serious about, but they broke up about a month before. He also said he was still affected by the breakup and hadn't dated since.

I felt a little sorry for him, but couldn't help but feel ecstatic at the same time. A month! I kept thinking to myself. Assuming he was being honest with me, which might be a big assumption, he was without sex for a month. I also felt sorry for the poor girl who could no longer enjoy his big dong.

Getting a little bolder for the third pose, I asked Roberto if he would again sit facing me, but this time if he could face me with his arms behind his back.

"Do you want me to keep my legs spread open?"

I tried to be professional, but found it difficult to think about anything but his cock. "I guess so," I shrugged my shoulders. "Why not?"

I think he spread his legs apart even further.

"Just wait!" I couldn't help myself. "How about moving your body slightly to the side, but keep your face pointed directly at me?"

Getting even bolder, I walked up and placed my hand on his knee. At the same time, I made sure to bend over so my cleavage stuck out right in front of his face. I pushed on his knee and turned him slightly to the right. Then, thinking I had nothing to loose, I placed my left hand on his right knee.

I pushed on it and suddenly realized what I was doing. I had Roberto's knees in my hands, one in each hand, and I was spreading his legs open wide.

"That's perfect!" I quickly let his leg go. "I hope the pose doesn't make you uncomfortable."

"I'm fine," He answered. "I feel a bit stretched, but I'm fine."

I walked back to the easel and quickly began drawing. He was perfect. From the side, I could see everything. He was turned slightly to the right now, which meant I had a good view of the length of his dick. I also had an excellent view of his nut sack. It sat on the hard surface of the table and was pushed upward, almost as though he was showing off his balls. I noticed even his nuts were big, although I wasn't sure. I never paid much attention to a man's nuts before. I've always been much more interested in their shafts.

I began drawing and thought I noticed it begin to inflate. I wasn't sure, but quickly took advantage of the situation and went down to draw it. I began the drawing of his dick.

It definitely was a little longer than before, but not by much. It was about the same as when I saw it two days ago. I think my cleavage did it to him, or perhaps it was my hands spreading open his legs. In either case, Roberto didn't seem to notice. He simply sat on the stool as though nothing was out of the ordinary.

To be continued...