Lisa & The Male Model Pt. 3

I began to get more and more horny. I wanted to see more. I wanted to be able to draw him long, hard, and erect. And then I realized, why not? Roberto couldn't see the front of the canvas. I could use my imagination and he would never know the difference. I would just have to stop when I was done and throw the canvas to the side, saying I made a mistake.

It was exciting. I never drew a hard cock before, but it was easy to do in my aroused state. I think I exaggerated it even more than it really was. I drew it to be about a foot long and plenty wide too. My drawing was of a thick, long piece of male tube steak.

Roberto continued sitting on the stool in the bare, unaware what I was doing behind the canvas. After five minutes I decided I had enough and took down the canvas, but I still wanted to see some more.

"This isn't working!" I spoke with disgust, making sure he couldn't see the drawing as I removed the paper and rolled it up. "I don't quite have you right."

I figured I had nothing to loose and walked up to him again. I did like the last time, bending down directly in front of his face and placing my hands on his knees. I first pulled his knees together and closed his legs.

"No, that's not right either!" I critiqued the pose and then pushed his legs apart again. This time, I made certain I remained leaned over him for several seconds. He had a long time to eye my bountiful cleavage.

"Look up at me," I told him. "And now look down just a tad." I made sure his eyes were directly focused on the opening of my blouse. He had no choice but to stair directly at my tits.

"Now keep your eyes on me," I spoke as I walked backwards towards the canvas. I realized I had partially hidden myself behind the canvas before, which might explain his still flaccid state. This time, I made sure my body was more visible. I stood to the left and made sure he had a direct view of the two big bulges in my chest.

"Keep your eyes pointed up in this direction," I made sure he could see. "And keep those knees open."

I immediately noticed it. It was partially inflated, just like it was two days before. I noticed the tip of his cock was now lifted up off the seat of the stool. I think it was even more inflated than before. It was close to five inches long.

"That's perfect!" I began drawing it with earnest.

Then it grew bigger. The tip lifted up off the stool some more and it grew to about six inches in length. I couldn't believe it! He was the same length of most men, and yet he was still relatively flaccid. I wondered if had exaggerated enough in my last drawing.

"Oh, that's very good!" I edged him on. "Keep going! Just a little bit more."

And he did! His cock continued to elongate I stopped drawing to watch it, but kept my hand up to the canvas to make it look as though I was still drawing.

Before I knew it, Roberto was seven inches long and still growing! His shaft began to rise up from between his legs. It now pointed straight out.

And even more incredible, Roberto didn't seem to notice. He simply stayed seated and looked up at me with a blank expression on his face. For a moment, I wondered if had forgotten his nakedness. After all, he wasn't looking down at himself. Maybe he thinks everything is still normal!

It almost jumped up to nine inches. "Oh my God!" I had to say out loud. I know that he heard me, but he still didn't react. He knew what was happening, but his control was unbelievable. He just kept getting harder and harder, and longer and longer.

I think my words made him get hard even faster. His shaft lifted up some more and inflated to about a ten inch length. It now looked to be just about fully erect. It looked rock hard and incredibly long. I wasn't sure, but I think he was at a full erection. I waited for a few seconds longer just to make sure, but he only grew slightly. I suddenly realized I was drawing a male model with a full erection.

I wasn't sure, but I think Roberto nearly had a ten incher. It was almost twice as long as any man I ever saw before. But even with a full erection, he acted as though nothing was out of the ordinary. I think this made it even more arousing for me. Here is a man with a ten-inch cock standing in my house, and he was acting as though nothing is wrong!

I couldn't believe my luck. Although I had planned the whole thing, I thought to myself, why waste this opportunity?

So, I started to draw his erect cock with urgent fury. "Yes, hold it right there," I told him, and he did.

"How is the drawing going?" He asked as I drew the mushroom tip of his big cock.

"Fine," I forced myself to answer. "It's going just fine. Just putting on a few finishing touches."

I drew in a few lines of shading to catch the fullness his mushroomed cock-head, and then told him I was done. Roberto immediately got up and went over to the couch.

"How would you like me to pose next?" He asked as he lay down. "How about this?" He laid down on the couch in a very provocative pose, with one leg up the side of the couch and the other dangling off the end. In the center stood his magnificent erection, standing upright and tall at attention. Roberto gave me a clear, unencumbered view of his size. He looked even longer now when I could see it from the side.

"That's perfect," I answered as I quickly began drawing again. This time, I started with his cock. I began drawing his cock and balls, and the small area around his waist. I did not bother with his face or other bodily features. The only thing I was interested in was his sexual instrument.

I never realized how exciting it would be to draw a man's dick, especially a big man. As I looked at it to gather the details, I noticed he was starting to cumm. "That's very nice," I had to compliment.

A line of wet pre-cumm traveled down from the tip of his cock to his stomach. I decided to include it into the drawing.

Incredibly, he stayed hard the entire time. It was now going on twenty minutes. He remained at an erection the entire time, even though no one touched or physically stimulated him in any way. I knew the only stimulation he was receiving was through my chest and the rest of my body. I wondered what kind of fantasies he was imagining about my body to keep himself hard. Is he squeezing my big tits? I asked myself. Or is he now imagining himself fucking me? I wondered, as I thought about it myself. All my past boyfriends were normal sized. I never had more than six inches inside me before. I thought about Roberto's cock and wondered what it would be like to have such a big shaft pushed up into my belly. The thought of it was making me wet.

"Do you want me to make any changes in the pose?" He asked to interrupt my little fantasy.

"No! You're perfect!" I said with more enthusiasm than I wanted. "I mean, stay frozen. Stay exactly the way you are."

"You mean full?" He asked to my astonishment.

I didn't know quite what to say. I never had a model ask me if I wanted him to remain at a full erection. It felt very embarrassing.

"Yes," I answered before I knew the words were out of my mouth. "Yes, I mean to stay full," I tried to correct myself but only made it worse.

"That's no problem," He answered simply. "As long as I can look back at the artist, I can stay full for as long as you desire."

I blushed with embarrassment, and then realized how much more embarrassed he was feeling. At least I was wearing something. He was stark naked! And even worse, he had well-endowed sexual features and a full hard-on!

"You like it, don't you?" Roberto asked after about a minute more.

I knew exactly what he was talking about. "Yes," I had no choice but to say as I was drawing it. "You are very impressive."

"Then can I ask what portion of my body you are drawing right now?"

I felt embarrassed. I didn't want to answer, but I think he already saw the uneasiness in my expression. So I decided to answer truthfully. "Well, your penis," I said shyly.

"Let me see," He quickly stood up and walk towards me.

I immediately felt a rush of embarrassment. I had never intended him to see my drawing. I suddenly realized the entire canvas was filled with his big cock. It was the only part of him I was drawing. I wanted to cover it up and did not want him to see, but it was too late.

"Very nice," He complimented as he looked at it. "I can see you have quite an eye for detail. I can also see that you have been examining me very closely to capture such exquisite detail."

I felt utterly humiliated. "I'm sorry," I tried to apologize. I expected him to tear up the drawing and go storming out of the room.

Instead, he looked back at me confused. "Sorry for what?" He said simply, and then went back over to the couch.

I suddenly realized that he didn't mind me drawing his long shaft. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it. I smiled with relief and went back to draw in the final details.

As soon as I was done with the second drawing, Roberto was all ready for the third. "How about this?" He stood up and gave me a side profile. Then he took his finger and pressed it down on the backside of his hard-on so that it pointed straight out of his body.

"Oh my God!" I found myself saying out loud. His cock looked even longer when it pointed straight out. It looked to be about a foot long.

"What did you say?" He asked as he let go and his cock again returned to its normal position.

"No, I mean that was perfect," I said. "Give me that same pose."

"You mean like this," He gave me a side profile again, but did not touch himself.

"No, I mean what you just did before," I corrected.

He looked back at me confused. "I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. Could you show me?"

My heart skipped a beat and I almost forgot to breathe. I knew what he wanted, and I wanted to do it myself.

"I mean like this," I spoke as I stepped forward and went to my knees. I stopped only inches from his long shaft and placed my finger on its backside just as he had done a few seconds earlier.

His cock visibly twitched for me as I pressed down. It felt very hard and was very ridged. I found it necessary to place quite a bit of pressure on it to get it to point straight out from his body.

"Like this," I instructed as I handled his magnificent tool. "I want to see it pointed out perpendicular like this. Make it look like a handle, like it is a convenient handle for a woman to grab onto and lead you around with."

I couldn't believe what I had just said, but Roberto understood. He pushed down on his shaft as I went back to my drawing board.

"Tell me," I asked as I drew. I was getting braver. "If you don't mind me asking, how long is it?"

"How long do you think it is?" He immediately answered with a question.

Roberto took me by surprise. I didn't expect him to request an estimate. I wanted to say it was the longest I had ever seen, but I held back.

"I don't know," I answered slyly.

"Come on, take a guess," He tempted me.

I didn't know what to say. It looked like it was nearly ten inches long, but I figured my heightened state of arousal probably added another two inches. "About eight," I fought my embarrassment and answered him.

He smiled back and I immediately knew that I had not underestimated. "Maybe nine," I quickly added.

"Nine inches?" He answered in the form of a question. "Tell me Linda, do you have a ruler anywhere handy.

My heart skipped a beat. I couldn't believe it. This well endowed young man was going to show me exactly how long he was.

"Yes," I answered without thinking. I indeed had a ruler. Like any good artist, I used it occasionally to make sure I captured the proper perspective.

"Why don't you get it," He proposed. "And measure me yourself."

The pencil I held in my hand sent a dark black mark across the page just before it dropped to the floor. He not only wanted to show me his measurements; he wanted me to take them myself. "Maybe later," I answered shyly but excitedly. It was all I could say.

I bent down to pick up the pencil and thought about it some more. I never took a man's measurements, not even the measurements of a normal man. I pictured myself holding a ruler along the side of Roberto's manhood and couldn't resist the temptation.

"Actually, maybe I should," I changed my mind. "I mean, it would help to make the drawing, well, more accurate."

"Then go ahead," He offered himself to me.

I quickly went into my box of art supplies and took out a ruler. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was going to measure the length of a guy's dick, and this was a guy with a really long dick.

Roberto presented himself very calmly as I faced him with the ruler. He no longer touched himself or pointed his dick straight out. Instead, his erection was in its natural state, pointed up at attention.

"Go ahead and take as many measurements as you want," He offered.

I went down to my knees and touched his member. It again jumped in response. I noticed it was even wetter than before. I made the tip of his cock straight out again and noticed it was soaked with his juices. I then held the ruler along its side.

"How long?" He asked.

"Just wait," I wasn't done yet. Given the opportunity, I had to take advantage of it. First I measured the length of one side and then I measured the other. I also took care the measure the top and bottom even though I knew they would be the same.

"Almost ten inches," I finally concluded. "It's very impressive!"

"That's what they all say," He answered almost in a laugh. "All the women tell me I'm impressive, especially after I give them a good fuck."

"Fuck?" I said without thinking.

"Yea, they all like getting fucked by a whopper," He answered casually. "They all like the way it spreads their twats apart and penetrates them so deep. Every woman likes a deep penetration."

I still held his cock in my hand. As he spoke, I imagined it penetrating me. It was capable of screwing into me farther than any man had ever gone before. And it also looked abnormally thick and wide. I wondered how much it would spread me apart.

"Have you ever met a girl who wasn't able to take it all?" I had to ask.

"Not so far," He immediately answered. "I've had trouble before. I sometimes have to really work at it to make it fit, but I've always been able to get it all the way in. It usually happens only to the short, petite ones." He paused for a moment and then added. "Like yourself, for instance."

I jumped back. My hand left his hard-on and it bounced back up.

He backed up as well. "Well, how would you like me to model next?" He casually asked. "How about the couch again."

I was left kneeling on the floor with the ruler in my hand. I wasn't sure quite what to do. From the way he talked about sex and let me measure his length, I expected him to come on to me. I expected him to at least try to kiss me or more probably fondle my breasts like any other man would. I would have let him, of course. I would have allowed him to go all the way with me. But he didn't even try. He acted as though nothing was out of the ordinary.

I wondered if he was playing with me. I wondered if he was trying to tease me and get me all hot and bothered. I figured he was, and I figured he wanted me to come on to him. But I never came on to a guy before. I never had to come on to a guy. My big tits did all the talking for me.

"How about this?"

I woke up from my daydream and saw him lying on the couch. He lay down on his side like before, just the way I liked it, except now his big cock stood straight out. It was so hard, it didn't sag down and it didn't touch the fabric of the couch at all. He was certainly very hard.

"Yes, that would be fine," I didn't know what else to say. I got back up and went back to the easel. By now, my hands were shaking. I could hardly hold the pensile steady. Despite the incredible desire I felt, I drew him anyway. I started again with his dick.

I didn't know what to do myself, so I figured the best course of action was to just act natural. I thought I was maybe caught up in some kind of sexy game he liked to play. I also figured that if I waited long enough, he would eventually make the first move. After all, I could see that he was aroused. He couldn't stay that aroused for long. He would eventually have to do something.

The drawing seemed to take forever. I just kept drawing and waiting for him to do something, but he just lay there almost like a stone. And best of all, he kept his cock as hard as a stone too. I imagined myself going up and asking him to fuck me. I wanted to; I desperately wanted it. I fantasized him saying yes and stripping off my clothing, and then laying me on the couch where he now laid. I fantasized what it would be like to feel someone so big inside me.

"It's about time for me to be going," Roberto wisely spoke up. "Are you about done?"

"Just about," I answered, not quite believing what was happening. How could he leave me? How could any man with such a long hard-on want to leave without getting any satisfaction? He must have had a continuous erection for the past hour. How could a man with an erection for that long simply get up and leave? I knew he was horny and I suspected he wanted to fuck me nearly as much as I wanted to fuck him in return.

"I've already been modeling longer than I expected," He told me. "I really need to get to class."

"Don't go," I found myself almost pleading with him. "I'll pay for the extra time," I offered.

I came very close to offering him money for sex, but I couldn't quite do it. I was supposed to be a good girl, and good girls did not come out and ask men to fuck them.

"Sorry, but I really must," He started to get up. "But I am willing to come back for another session if you wish."

He stood up and walked back to the screens. I still couldn't believe it. He was getting up to leave, and I don't think it was a tease. I watched as he slipped his underwear up and over his long shaft. His magnificent hard-on suddenly disappeared from my sight.

"But I can come back?" He phrased as a question.

"I'd like that!" I was so confused. I felt like I was in a dream. I would have to wait, but I would have agreed to anything at the time.

"Do you do any photography too?"

It took me a moment to realize that he was asking me a question.

"Um, yea. Some," I stumbled over my own words.

"Well, I'll also pose for photographs as well as drawings," Roberto informed me. "If you're interested, that is?"

"Yes!" I said with a little more excitement than I realized. "I mean, yes, I've been looking for a male model to take some pictures of."

I lied to him. I hadn't been looking for a male model at all; not for photographs anyway. I didn't even own a decent camera. But I thought about taking his picture in the nude and was willing to do anything. I lied for the opportunity to take a picture of a well endowed, good looking young man in the nude.

"Good!" Roberto replied with interest. "Tell me, in your photography work, do you also work exclusively nudes. Or do you also take pictures of clothed models?"

To be continued...