Lisa & The Male Model Pt. 4

"Nude only," I quickly answered. "I only do nudes."

Roberto shrugged his shoulders. "That's no problem. When would you like to do me?"

I liked the way he phrased his words. I wondered if he chose them specifically for me, or if it was just a slip of the tongue.

"How about tomorrow night?" I asked. I wanted him back as soon as possible.

Roberto let out a chuckle. "I'm afraid I can't make it that soon! The soonest I can come back is Sunday afternoon, if that's all right with you?"

Sunday was three days away. I didn't know if I could last that long, but it at least gave me time to find a camera and develop some skills.

"That's fine," I found myself saying before I realized it. I was willing to accept anything. I wanted him to return as soon as possible.

"Then it's set then!" Roberto turned to leave. "I'll see you again on Sunday, about 2:00 PM, in the nude."

"Yes," I answered. "Fully nude!"

Roberto walked out the door and shut it.

Third Session

I could hardly stand the wait. It was even worse than last time and almost too much for me. For three days I had to patiently wait for him to return.

Immediately after, when I awoke the next morning, I thought it was a dream. I thought perhaps I imagined the entire episode. But a few minutes later I walked into my studio and noticed the pictures. On the canvas stood a drawing of the biggest cock I had ever seen. Standing along the walls, there were three others. I put them up soon after he left the last time. I looked at them and realized Roberto was for real. I had indeed seen him nude and in the erect state.

The impatience got worse as I dragged myself through the weekend. I couldn't sleep. Roberto was all I could think about. His cock kept entering my mind, and in my mind I kept imagining it entering my body. All day Friday and then again on Saturday I wondered about what kind of pictures he would allow me to take. I wondered how provocative he would pose.

I kept myself busy by preparing for his arrival. The first order of business was to get a few good cameras. I already owned a camera, but it was a small instamatic. I knew it wouldn't do. Roberto probably thought I was a semi-professional photographer. I therefore needed at least a semi- professional camera.

Luckily, I knew two people who were very helpful. They both practiced photography as a hobby, and I discovered photo-hobbyist really get into their craft. I only had to mention that I was interested in buying a good camera and was told more than I wanted to know. One even offered to loan me a camera. He told me to give it a try for a week. I had to ask the other, but she also gave me a camera to try out. Afterwards, I had a crazy idea about how to thank her. Since she was female, I thought about "thanking" her with a few good shots of Roberto. It was a naughty thought, just like all the other thoughts in my mind, but I did not discount it as completely preposterous.

My second priority was to get myself ready physically. What I mean is, I had to figure out what to wear. It naturally had to be something sexy. It had to be sexy enough to get him hard again.

It was more difficult than I thought. I had trouble deciding on what to wear at first. There were two sundresses in the closet that did an excellent job at showing lots of boob and cleavage, but they were fancy, flowery outfits. I didn't think they would look right for a photographer. I also had a small piece of negligee an old boyfriend once gave me, but I couldn't wear that either. I had to at least try to play the part.

My first attempt at a solution was to go to the local discount store to find something bland, yet sexy. It naturally had to be sexier than what I wore before, but it also had to look like something I would casually wear around the house. I figured a revealing blouse would be perfect. I could either buy it in a size too small or wash it in hot water to make it shrink.

By the time I got to the third store, I was about to give up. I could not find anything sexier than the previous session, which made me realize how provocative I had been. It was then when I had a truly naughty idea. As I walked towards the dressing room at the store, a rack of two piece bikinis caught my eye.

I've never owned a bikini swimsuit before. The thought of owning one never seriously entered my mind. Two piece bikinis were for girls with small figures. For someone like me, a one piece-bathing suite was more appropriate. But the thought of wearing a sexy bikini in front of Roberto almost was enough to give me an orgasm while I shifted my fingers through the selection on the rack.

It took me awhile to find one. It was difficult to find one in my size, which didn't surprise me any. They don't make many two piece bikinis for big titted women. Most women with a double-D bra size are simply not interested in wearing a two piece outfit in public. I had to go to five stores before I found what I wanted. At each one, I noticed the sales girls look at me rather strangely when I told them what I wanted. They made me feel like an under age drinker in an adult's bar.

I now stood in my bedroom wearing the two-piece bikini outfit I finally found. Looking down at myself, it was hard to believe I was really doing this. I couldn't believe how wantonly slutty and horny I had become. The bikini was so small I could see more boob than fabric.

The top was white and did not cover much. It was smaller than any bra I owned, and certainly smaller than anything I dared to wear out in public before. It was only big enough to offer the bare minimum of cover. Despite its small size, however, it did a surprisingly good job at giving support. It lifted and supported just like any bra would have done, heaving my big tits up into the air and causing them to just barely touch one another in the center of my chest. The cups were only big enough to cover the lower portion of each breast, and then only the center portion. I noticed each breast was left exposed both on top and on both sides. I think they left about a half of me bare.

The panty was a matching set, white as well, but not nearly as revealing as the top. For some strange reason, I always felt a lot more uncomfortable about exposing my sex over by boobs. I suppose it was because I couldn't help but expose my boobs. They were so big, it was unavoidable. But my sex and ass were another matter. The panty was plenty big enough to cover everything in front and left only a small hint of ass-cheek bare in the rear. Holding it up were two bow ties, one on each thigh. The top was also held up by bow ties, one around the back of my neck and the other in the middle of my back. I suppose it truly was a string bikini.

To add an element of realism to the encounter, I made sure it was hot in the house. In what I thought was an absolutely brilliant move, I switched off the circuit breaker to the air conditioner. I planned to tell him the AC was broken. I had put on the bikini in an attempt to stay cool. It was now almost 90 degrees inside even with all the windows open.

I seemed to have everything covered, yet I still couldn't believe what I was doing and what a nasty girl I had become. All I could think about as I waited on the living room couch was his big cock. I wanted to see it so bad. I wanted to show him my little bikini and make him sweat over my big boobs. And given the small size of the bikini and the big size of my tits, he was going to sweat quite a bit.

As I sat waiting for him, I wondered what it would be like. I had never taken photographs of a nude man before. All my work was in paintings and drawings. Photography was a very different art form from drawing. Instead of taking minutes to draw an image on a canvas, a picture took a mere instant. It was much quicker and I would be able to take a lot more pictures. I didn't even know how many pictures I should take, but at least I made sure I had plenty of film. The lady at the checkout counter looked at me rather strange when I laid the ten rolls on the counter. Each was a thirty-six-exposure roll, so there was enough film to take three hundred sixty pictures. I figured that would be more than enough.

I hoped Roberto was again going to show me his full self. I figured he would, especially when I wore my bikini, but I really didn't know. The more I thought about it, the more I began to worry. He might be a lot shyer in front of a camera, I thought to myself. It was one thing for your likeness to be transferred to canvas, but quite another for it to be transferred to film. A canvas was only an approximation. Film would show the real thing.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

I jumped. It was too early for Roberto. I worried some neighbor or a salesman was at the door, so I quickly put on a robe.

I jumped again when I looked through the peephole in the door. It was Roberto! I was estatic.

Without thinking, I quickly took the robe back off again and threw it behind the couch. The bikini looked even smaller than before. I couldn't believe what I nasty young girl I was. A moment's hesitation drifted through my body, but then I thought of his cock and took a deep breath. I opened the door.

"Hello again," He spoke as he saw me. "Hope you don't mind that I'm a little early? I was doing a few errands and got done sooner than I expected."

"That's fine," I almost choked on my own words as I opened the door fully. "I was just waiting around anyway."

He froze and looked at me. I noticed his eyes widen as he saw me. Clearly, he was surprised. I hoped he was impressed too.

I tried not to play the act and refused to show any reaction myself. "You'll have to excuse me, but my air conditioner is broken and I couldn't get anyone to come fix it until Monday," I quickly spoke my prepared lines. "I had to slip into something to keep me cool."

"Well, you certainly look as though you are keeping plenty cool," Roberto emphasized.

I noticed his eyes travel up and down my sexy body. I think I blushed at his words.

"I hope you don't mind?" I tried to recover. "I thought about calling and offering to cancel on account of the broken air conditioner, but I figured you didn't need to worry much about the heat."

"You mean my nudity would keep me cool?" He rephrased it more bluntly.

"Yes," I think I blushed again. "If you want to put it that way."

We exchanged a few other pleasantries, and then I went off to get my camera. I was anxious to get started, and Roberto almost seemed just as anxious too.

We started with a few clothed and partially clothed pictures. I asked Roberto if it was OK for me to photograph him getting undressed, and he said it was fine. I was pleasantly surprised when he started getting undressed in a very erotic fashion. He took off his cloths as though he was a striptease artist on the stage, quickly removing his outer clothing at first and then slowing down for his shorts and underwear. I followed him along and took the opposite tactic with the cameras. I didn't take many pictures at first, but by the time he was down to his underwear I was snapping like crazy. It felt surprisingly erotic to be taking pictures of a man undressing himself.

Soon, he was naked and I found myself taking pictures of his cock. I was disappointed to see it flaccid, but it was what I expected - at least at first.

Despite its small size, it still felt very erotic to be taking pictures of it. I again saw that he was very well hung. My imagination had not exaggerated his size. I used up the first two roles of film right away.

"Do you want me to remain in this state?" Roberto asked as I was loading new film on the kitchen table. "Or would you prefer it to be like last Thursday?"

I dropped one of the rolls. He didn't come right out and say it, but I was pretty sure of what he meant. My dreams were coming true.

"That's fine for now," I tried to speak as calmly as I could. "Let me take a few more like this, and then we'll try a couple of different poses."

The first few pictures were of Roberto in the standing position. A couple of pictures later he was lying down, and after a couple more he laid on his side. I got really turned on again when he lay on his side to accent the size of his cock. I loved the way it hung down across his thigh and practically touched the fabric of the couch, even in its flaccid state!

I wanted it. I wanted it bad. I not only wanted to see it hard; I wanted to experience it too. "It sure is getting hot in here," I spoke as I shot the third roll of film.

"Yes, it certainly is," Roberto looked directly back at me and spoke in a very sexy voice. I could tell he was looking directly at my chest.

A few seconds later, I could tell it another way too. I could tell where his eyes were pointed, for as he lay sideways on the couch, the tip of his dick began to rise off of the fabric.

"Are you ready to take pictures of me in the fully erect state?" He asked.

"Yes!" I spoke with a little more excitement than I wanted. His bluntness surprised me. "What I mean is, yes. Please, make yourself full if you would like."

I couldn't believe it. Here was a well-endowed young man laying on my couch and allowing me to take his picture in the nude. And he was becoming hard and giving me an erection.

"Yes, that's perfect," I found myself saying without thinking. "I mean, that's fine."

He got hard rather rapidly. First six inches and then seven. I think he hardened even more rapidly than the last time. I wondered if he jacked himself off during the time in-between, and then hoped that he saved it all for me. I pictured myself grabbing his cock and jacking it off for him. A cock of his size would be a lot of fun to jack off.

It was eight inches when I finished the third roll and a full nine-and-a-half by the time I finished the fourth. It was time to load the cameras again. Roberto came over to the table and stood at the corner. I noticed him stand up close, right up against the table's edge. Since it was a standard table and a little less than waist high, his tool extended across the top, as if on display. It was very erotic and made it very difficult to load the film. What made it worse was that we talked at the same time, mostly talking about his cock.

"Would you like to get some side profiles?" He asked. "Most girls like me in the side profile. They say it makes me look bigger."

"I think that would be nice," I agreed.

"Unless you think it might make me look too big," He countered. "Some girls think it makes me look a bit unnatural."

"Oh no!" I quickly disagreed. "I don't think it makes you unnatural at all. I like them big."

Roberto smiled.

I think I turned red. "I mean, I don't think it looks unnatural when it's big," I tried to correct myself.

"I think your first statement was more correct," Roberto offered. "You do like them big, don't you Linda?"

I'm certain I turned red by this time. "Yes," I said quietly, feeling very embarrassed. A big man was asking if I liked them big. It was a very strange experience.

"Tell me Linda," Roberto thankfully went on. "Have you ever been fucked by a man as big a me?"

I practically dropped the camera. "Well, um. . ."

I didn't know quite what to say.

"Let me help you with that," Roberto walked around to hold the camera for me. Our hands touched. His big cock was only inches away. It pointed up and over the top of the table, stopping only inches away from my fingers were I was trying to load the film.

At the same time, I felt his arm brush up against the side of my big boob. My boobs were too big to be contained on my little chest. They pushed slightly outward, to the side. We stood so close they pushed right into his arm. I don't know if it was by accident or if he did it on purpose. I didn't even know if he was aware that his upper arm was touching me. But it didn't matter. Nevertheless, it felt wildly erotic. I thought about making my own hand slip and "accidentally" brush up against his cock. I considered it, but I was too shy to try.

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you Linda," He apologized as he helped. "That's not a typical question that I guy asks to a girl."

"No, I guess not," I had to say something.

"No it's not typical?" He questioned. "Or no, you've never been fucked by a man as big as me?"

"No, I mean both," I said shyly. "I mean I've never experienced a man as big as you."

There! I said it. I finally said it. I felt relieved.

"Interesting," Roberto spoke back as we finished both cameras and he backed away. "That's very interesting because it means you are probably very tight. I would probably have a very difficult time penetrating you?"

I could hardly breath. He asked me in the form of a question, so I said, "Yes," quietly agreeing. "You probably would."

"Especially when I'm deep," He went on. "I'm sure the entire length of your joy hole would be a very tight fit, but I bet the end would be really tight. You know, the end, the portion where I would hit virgin territory."

I stumbled and almost fell over from the sound of his words. He was speaking very casual, sounding almost disinterested, but he was saying such dirty things. I couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like to have him inside me. He was probably right about me being tight. His words about "virgin territory" were probably also true. I'm sure Roberto was very experienced when it came to sex. Given the size of his cock, I'm sure he had intercourse with a lot of women. I figured he was capable of giving a girl an excellent fuck.

"Well, how would you like me to pose it next?" He asked after both cameras were loaded with film again. He had done most of the loading. My hands were shaking too much to load the film with all the excitement.

It took me a moment to return to my senses. I was incredibly aroused and felt very horny. I desperately wanted to find out exactly how tight I really was.

"Well, um," was all I could manage.

"How about some prisoner shots?" He suggested as he walked to the corner of the room. "Pretend I'm your sex slave and you are taking my picture."

His words sent a wave of ecstasy through my body. The thought of Roberto as my sex slave was almost too erotic to hold in my mind. It immediately created all sorts of naughty thoughts. I considered all the things I could do to him if he really were my sex slave.

In the corner of the room, there was a chandelier. It hung from the ceiling by a short chain. Roberto stood below it and grabbed the chain. It didn't take much to imagine him as a sex slave.

"Oh, please Linda," He added to the realism. "Oh, please let me go. Please unshackle me Linda! I can't take any more."

My heart skipped a beat, and I quickly began to take pictures. This was better than I ever expected. He hung his head to the side in make-believe. He looked like he really was shackled from the ceiling, and I found myself wanting to tie him up.

"Oh please Linda!" He cried out again. "I'll never disobey you again."

I took pictures like crazy. I had to take pictures just to keep myself sane. The hormones were running through my blood like crazy. I kept thinking about what it would be like if he really were my sex slave. I thought about shackling him down and teasing his big cock. I would tease it all night long, and then I would tie him down to the bed and ride on top of him. I then wondered what it would be like to ride on his big cock like a bucking bronco.

To be continued...