Lisa & The Male Model Pt. 5

Roberto next moved to the doorway and did a similar presentation. He pointed the tips of his arms and legs to the four corners of the doorway as if they were somehow tied. It made me feel even more excited this way because his legs were spread open and I could see his balls. I went to my knees and took almost the entire roll of film looking up from below. He even had a big set of nuts! Everything about Roberto was impressive. I knew these pictures would bring me hours of pleasure.

Roberto again helped me load the next two rolls of film. Like before, he stood right up beside me. His erect cock again pointed up over the side and his arm pressed into my right boob. I was a little calmer and stayed more in control this time. I think I was actually starting to get accustomed to his big cock. Until, that is, we started talking again.

"I hope you don't mind me saying this," Roberto spoke. "But you really have an excellent set of tits."

I smiled and quietly thanked him.

"They look very firm for there size," He continued. "And that bikini of yours does an excellent job of showing them off. It looks like you have an C cup bra on a set of D cup tits."

I smiled again. "Actually," I decided to tell him. "They are double Ds."

I don't know why I told him. A woman's cup size is a very personnel thing. I guess I felt obligated to tell him my size since he was so willing to let me know his.

"Sorry," He apologized. "But I don't have much experience with big titted girls. It's been quite a while since I've held a pair of double Ds in my hands."

As he spoke, his elbow pressed harder into the side of my breast. It pressed hard enough against my boob to make it touch the other.

"Oh, I'm sorry," He apologized again. "I hope I didn't hurt anything."

Suddenly, I felt him touch me again. This time it was his fingers. He bought up his hand and touched the side of my breast.

"I hope I didn't hurt anything of importance," He lightly rubbed up and down against the exposed, outside portion of my boob. He rubbed it gently, as though he was rubbing a bruised elbow or sprained knee; except it was my breast. I couldn't believe it! And I couldn't believe I was letting him do it.

"That's all right," I accepted his apology. "You didn't hurt anything."

"Yes," He agreed. "It feels just fine. In fact, it feels perfect."

"Thank you," I continued to allow him to feel me. His fingers made my tits tingle. It was as though they were full of electricity and were sending an electric shock through my body, except the shock came from my sex hormones.

"Nice and firm," He spoke. "I bet you're tits are probably used to a lot of abuse. You're boyfriend must go crazy on them."

"Actually," I decided to tell him told him. "I don't have a boyfriend right now."

"Oh no!" He said in surprise as though I had just announced a death in the family. "You mean you don't have a boyfriend to nurse on these big melons of yours?"

I shook my head. I couldn't speak after hearing him talk about nursing on my boobs. An image immediately formed in my mind of his lips puckered up against my nipples. I tried to drive it away, but was only marginally successful.

"And you don't have a boyfriend to drive his big cock up into that tight little pussy of yours every night either, do you?"

"No," I managed to get out.

"That's too bad," Roberto spoke, squeezing his fingers into my breast a little harder now. "I figured a girl with such a pretty face and a big set of knockers would have lots of boyfriends."

"We broke up two months ago," I half-lied. We did break up, but we later got back together again. In fact, we had sex just two nights ago, but I didn't want Roberto to know.

I also didn't want him to know that the sex was primarily because of him. For a change of pace, I went to my boyfriend's place to satisfy my burning desires. It usually just the opposite, with him wanting to drive over to see me. He went to a different school and lived across the state, about a 2 hours drive away, and he was the one who was usually desperate for sex. I usually resisted, naturally, saying I had too much work or giving some other cheap excuse. That was one of the reasons we broke up. I wasn't sure if he loved me or just loved my big tits.

This past weekend, however, it was just the opposite. I was the one begging and he was the one trying to make excuses. He had finals and needed the time to study, but he finally relented. I drove over to his place and stayed the night. It was some of the wildest, most passionate sex we ever had. Little did he know that I imagined myself having sex with Roberto the entire time.

"So you've been eight weeks without a good fuck," Roberto said.

I nodded my head. His hand was now migrating towards the center of my breast. My entire left boob was practically in the palm of his hand, or at least as much of it that would fit. It was too big for him to encompass it all.

"That means you're even tighter now," He spoke next. "I mean, when a girl doesn't get fucked on a regular basis, she tends to tighten up. Her twat starts to get tighter and tighter with every passing day."

He squeezed tighter and tighter as he spoke. I could feel my hard nipples rub against the palm of his hand, but I made no move to stop him. I liked it.

"Do you think you could take it all?" His hand suddenly left and he looked down at himself. "What I mean is, look at it and try to imagine it penetrating all the way up your cunt. Do you think my cock would bottom out inside your twat?"

"It might," I choked as I looked at it. He nicely gave me a side profile so I could see its entire length.

"I sometimes do, you know," He spoke. "I mean, sometimes I bottom out inside a girl's twat because my tool is simply too long, especially when I fuck short girls like you."

"I've never had anyone as big as you are," I started to become braver and talked a little more. "I've never had a man so long, or even so wide before."

Roberto looked up to me in surprise. "Do you think that I might not be able to get it in? Are you saying that you don't think your pussy is wide enough?"

"No," I shook my head. "I'm sure it would fit inside. Only the length might be a problem."

Roberto looked down at himself and then back up into my eyes. "I agree!" He spoke. "Because a twat can always be spread. Yours would have to be spread open quite a bit Linda; I mean, in order to accommodate my size, but I'm sure I could get it in, don't you think?"

"Yes," I quietly agreed.

"But look at its length again," Roberto went on and modeled his cock for me some more. "Try to imagine what it would feel like inside you. Imagine it penetrating up your pussy, plowing into you like a long, thick screw. Do you think I would be able to screw it all the way up your tight little pussy?"

I couldn't take it any more. I was tiered of the teasing. If he wasn't going to ask me, then I was going to ask him.

"I'm not sure," I spoke as bravely as I could. "But there is one way we could find out."

"And how's that?" Roberto asked with a smile.

I took a hard swallow. "You could try," I hesitated. "I mean, you could try to fuck me," I finally said it.

I expected him to jump at the chance. I figured he was as anxious as me, but he didn't. Instead, Roberto casually looked up to the ceiling. He seemed to only consider it.

"That is an interesting idea Linda," He mentioned calmly. "That is, if you wouldn't mind. Would you like me to fuck you Linda?"

He looked directly into my eyes.

I shook my head to indicate I agreed.

"Say it out loud," He ordered me.

"I want you to fuck me," I spoke without thinking.

Roberto looked up at the ceiling again. He seemed to think about it some ore. I knew he was expressing tremendous self-control, or at least I assumed so.

"I don't know," He spoke almost disinterested. "You sound like you don't really mean it."

"But I do," I retaliated. "I really do want to fuck. Please fuck me," I spoke without thinking. "I mean, I've never been fucked by such a big man before. I would really like to experience it."

I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. I never actually asked a man to fuck me before, even my boyfriend or in play. And now I was asking a near stranger. I tried to picture what I looked like, but the only thing I could see was a whore. I realized that I probably sounded like some kind of horny slut standing on the street corner in the bad section of town, propositioning myself for money. The small bikini only added to the effect.

"And it's been eight weeks!" I added without thinking. I tried to get him to feel sorry for me.

"That is a long time," He answered. "I suppose I could, but we have all this film to use up first. How about if I take a few pictures of you?"

He looked down at my chest.

So did I. I wondered what he meant, but deep down I already knew.

"Do you mean you want to take a picture of me like this?" I had to ask.

"That would be a good start," He said hesitantly. "But actually I was thinking about less. I mean, I allowed you to take pictures of me in the bare."

I gasped! It was worse than I thought. He didn't just want to take a picture of me in a bikini, he wanted me to wear even less. He wanted me to bare myself so he could take my picture.

"Come on," He tempted me. "It'll be fun. And don't worry about the pictures. I'll leave the film right here with you. It will be up to you to print it or not."

"I don't know," I felt trapped. From the way he asked me, it sounded like he was setting my bare breasts as a condition to sex, but I couldn't be sure. Usually, it was the opposite way around. It was amazing what I could get men to do sometimes as a condition to fucking me. Of course, I never came right out and gave specific conditions, and neither did Roberto. He just hinted at it, just like I used to do. It felt strange to have the tables turned.

It also excited me. Just as I used to excite my boyfriends, now Roberto was exciting me. It sounded so demeaning and so naughty to let a guy take pictures of my tits just so I could have his cock, but it felt exciting at the same time. It made me even hornier than I already was.

"Come on," He tempted. "I let you take my picture."

"But I'm not a model like you," I argued.

"But you should be! With such a pretty face and those big tits, you would make the perfect model." He told me.

I blushed and thought about it some more. He said that I could keep the film, which meant I could throw it away after he got done. I would never allow anyone to actually see the pictures.

"Please!" He tried a different tactic. "I really want to, and it will be a lot of fun. And it will be your camera and your film. No one will ever get to see the pictures if you don't want them to. You could develop them here in your darkroom, although I wouldn't mind if you mailed me a few copies."

I didn't have a darkroom and could not develop the pictures myself. If I wanted pictures, I would have to send them to a photo lab. That meant other men were almost certainly going to see them. But I didn't say anything about that to Roberto. He thought I was at least a semi-professional photographer.

"I don't know," I said again. "I've never allowed anyone to take topless pictures of me before."

"Please," He said again as he picked up one of the cameras and held it to his eye. "It's actually quite fun. Just let me take one roll of film."

I heard the camera shutter click.

"I let you take pictures of my big cock. Come on and let me take pictures of those big tits of yours."

I decided to go ahead. I reached around back to untie the strap of my bikini top. There was no turning back now. My hands were shaking so much I was having trouble undoing the simple bow tie.

"Would you like me to help?" Roberto asked.

I stopped and turned around. It sounded like fun. "Yes, please," I accepted. It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

Roberto had no problems untying my bikini strap. He seemed perfectly calm and acted as though he was almost in a hurry. Only a few seconds after he started, I felt the support of the bikini leave me. He undid the strap going around to the middle of my back. My big boobs suddenly came free and protruded below the now useless cups, being held up by the simple little string going behind my neck. For a moment, I thought about covering them, but then decided it was better to keep my hands at my side.

"Nice and firm," He complimented me as he came around to take a look for himself. "You certainly have a big set of tits Linda. They're really big and sexy, but I guess you can already see the evidence of what I think."

He looked down at his own erect cock, and I looked down along with him. I certainly could see the evidence. I knew exactly what was on his mind.

Then he looked back up at me. The cups of my bikini still hung down by the shoulder straps, but my boobs didn't have any support. The cups of the bikini never seemed so small before. They seemed to cover only a miniscule amount of breast in the center. About the only thing they did cover were my nipples, but Roberto soon remedied that problem too.

"Just relax," He tried to calm me as he took a step closer and brought his hands up to my chest. I instinctively took a step back, but then tried to take his advice as I saw him grab hold of the bottom of my bikini cups. He lifted them up, lifting them over my boobs and then over my head.

"Nice and big, just like your tits," Roberto complimented.

I knew what he was referring to. He was complimenting me on the size of my nipples.

"Oh yes, very impressive," He went on to leave no doubt in my mind. "Not only a big set of tits, but big nipples too. Oh Linda, you have a very impressive set of knockers."

A second later the cups of the bikini were replaced by his hands. He lifted the bikini top all the way up and over my head. Then he threw it to the side and took hold of my boobs. I didn't expect it and jumped, but his hands felt good. Roberto touched my boobs from below and pushed them up. He held my boobs, one in each hand.

"Oh God!" I cried out involuntarily as he then began to manipulate my boobs. He handled my boobs as though he was giving a massage, except in this case it was a chest massage. He first lifted my boobs up to give them support as a bra would otherwise have done, and then he pushed them together to give cleavage down the center of my chest.

Men have always enjoyed feeling my boobs because of their size, but I think I enjoyed Roberto's manipulations even more than he did. Perhaps it was because I was already so horny or maybe because of his big cock, but in any case, he was very good and seemed to know exactly what to do to get me most excited.

He next sank his fingers deep inside and then moved and manipulated my boobs all over. He treated my tits as though they were mere playthings, placed on my chest for his personal pleasure. Roberto made me feel as though my tits were a set of sex toys.

The last part was the best, when he used a single finger to tease at my nipples. He first orbited his fingers all around to make them hard, and then dived into the center for the kill. I felt as though I was about to have an orgasm.

Then, as suddenly as his hands touched my boobs, they left me. He backed up and began to take pictures.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," I voiced my thoughts out loud.

"There's nothing to it," Roberto told me. "See how easy it is!"

"I still can't believe I'm doing this," I said again, as the camera continued to click away. I could hear him taking pictures of my now exposed boobs.

"Oh! Very nice," He complimented as he photographed my now topless body. "What a big set of knockers."

I didn't bother to cover myself with my hands. I kept myself totally exposed, topless, and allowed him to photograph me. I heard the shutter click again and again. He told me to smile and not to look so tense. I tried to listen, but I don't know how successful I was.

Next, Roberto asked me to clasps my hands behind my back so he could have a more unencumbered view.

I did as I was told. As a result, I pushed out my chest so it looked even bigger, and he took even more pictures. I don't know why I obeyed him. I just did it as though I was his slave! My boobs were already big enough. I didn't need to make them bigger.

"Now play with them," He told me next. "Play with them like I did. Put your hands underneath and support your tits from below."

I again did as I was told, but without knowing the reason why. I put one hand under each breast and pushed them up. I supported them like a bra. At the same time, I couldn't help but rub my thumb across my nipples. I first felt my nipples by accident and noticed they were very hard. I couldn't help but want to play with them more and rubbed my thumbs against them. I was too horny not to resist. I needed to be fucked so bad.

"Push them together," He told me and I again obeyed. I pushed in from the side and felt my tits brush up against one another.

"Excellent," Roberto complimented. "Excellent cleavage!"

I pushed my tits together some more as he took more pictures. It felt exciting. I never had anyone take pictures of my bare tits before. I was surprised by the excitement of the experience.

"Now remove your hands and lay down on the couch."

He continued to take pictures of my topless body. First, he had me lay down flat on the couch so that my tits lay flat. Next, he had me turn over to the side and took pictures of my tits hanging to one the side. My hands, of course, were well clear of my chest the whole time. He was careful to give the camera lens an unencumbered view.

"What a big set of knockers," He said as he photographed. "Look at those things move around," He spoke at one point.

For the last set of pictures, he told me get on the floor and to lay down flat. He lay down too, directly in front of me, with the camera pointed to the top of my head.

"Now, smile for the camera and raise up your head."

I knew these would be the sexiest pictures of all. As I lifted myself, I could feel my boobs becoming exposed. I knew he was able to look straight down my front. It was like bending over in front of a guy while wearing a low cut dress, except this guy had a camera and I wasn't wearing a dress. For a brief moment, I thought about resisting, but then figured it was no big deal. After he took so many pictures, I figured a few more would be of no harm.

I failed to notice how he tempted me. He did it slowly, one step at a time, pushing me just a little bit further with each increasingly provocative pose. I did, however, notice him grab the second camera, and remembered his earlier words about only wanting to take a single roll of film.

"Lift yourself a little higher," He tempted one last time. "Lift yourself to your hands and knees."

To my surprise, I did so. I went to all fours; like a dog in heat. I allowed Roberto to take pictures of my tits hanging straight down from my chest, in my most provocative pose yet. I couldn't believe what a whore I was.