Lisa & The Male Model Pt. 6 - Final Chapter

"Now for your panties," Roberto said next. "Let me get a picture of that tight little pussy of yours.

I gasped in disbelief. I didn't realize he wanted me to take off my panties too. I didn't know he wanted to take pictures totally in the nude.

I stood up and lowered my hands to my waist. I put my fingers around the strap of my panty, but then stopped. "I can't," I said. "Please, not my pussy. Don't take pictures of my pussy."

Roberto, to my surprise, accepted my excuse. "That's all right Linda," He spoke in a very soothing voice. "If you don't want me to, I won't. I'm already on the second role of film anyway."

He took a few more pictures of me from the side and then asked me to stand underneath the chandelier just like he did twenty minutes before. I couldn't reach the chain, but he took the last few frames of film of me trying.

"Thank you Linda," He graciously thanked me when he was done. "That was fun. How did you like it?"

"Strange," I answered shyly. I didn't know what to say. "It was exciting and kind-of erotic, but a little strange."

"It was exciting for me too," Roberto answered. "As you can see."

He looked down at his own waist. I looked down along with him. His cock looked hard as a rock and glistened in its own wetness. He had been cumming like crazy.

"Those big tits of yours are driving me crazy," He spoke the truth. "As you can see, I'm lubed up rather well. I should have no trouble driving it into that tight little pussy of yours, provided you are still interested?"

I certainly was, and nodded my head to indicate a yes.

"Good!" He spoke gratefully. "I hope you are as wet as I am," He came closer. "Let's check Linda! Let me check out your hole."

I heard his words but didn't believe them. He was so direct and so crude. I knew what "hole" he was talking about, but I still didn't quite believe it. I stood frozen in shock as Roberto walked towards me and took me by the shoulders.

He pulled me in close. Our lips met and he gave me a deep passionate kiss. At the same time, I felt his hard, wet cock rub against my belly. It was an incredibly erotic sensation.

Then it got even more erotic. His right hand moved down off my shoulder and began heading for my chest. I knew what he wanted, and I wanted to give it to him. While still in a kiss, he took my boob in his hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Nice big tits," Roberto complimented me on the size of my boobs, and then locked his lips onto mine again.

He didn't stay on my boob for long. His hand quickly continued, moving down towards my waist. My boob was like a convenient rest stop on the way down to what he really wanted. I have to admit that I really wanted it too.

It did not take him very long. Soon, I felt him on my waist. I felt his hand on my thigh, playing with the straps of my panty, slipping underneath the thin fabric. He pulled one side of my panty down my thigh. I felt myself becoming partially exposed and could almost picture myself nearly naked with his hand roaming all around.

"How wet are you Linda?" Roberto asked in a loud whisper as he pulled back. "How wet is your hole?"

"Very!" I answered excitedly, and this time I kissed him. I wanted it so bad.

At the same time I felt him give it to me. He gave me want I wanted with his finger. He did not bother feeling around and teasing my pussy at all. He grabbed me between the legs and stuck his finger directly inside. I cried out with a loud moan in desperation.

"Wow!" Roberto said back to me. "You're right! You really have a wet hole, and so tight too!"

I kissed his lips as he fingered my pussy. And then he fingered me some more. His finger began riding inside me, moving all over. He was very talented. I had never been so expertly finger fucked before. I was in heaven.

"Oh, what an excellent pussy!" Roberto complimented as he felt me inside. "It's even tighter than I imagined. I don't think I'll ever be able to fit inside."

The way he talked about my pussy made it even more erotic. I never had a man talk so dirty to me before. And he spoke so calmly, as though I was a possession instead of a person. It was as though my body was a piece of merchandise he wanted to buy and he was taking it out for a test drive. I wondered how many women he had sex with before, and figured it was in the hundreds. I desperately wanted to be the next.

"Can we fuck now?" I couldn't stand it any more. "Please Roberto, can you fuck me now? I have to feel you inside me."

"Fuck you?" He asked as though he didn't know the definition of the word.

"Yes!" I cried out. "Please! I can't stand it any more! I need it; I need to be fucked!"

"Are you certain about that?" Roberto asked as he jabbed his finger up my cunt at the same time. This time it seemed wider. I think he used a second finger.

"Yes!" I cried out in a scream. "Oh God! I need it so bad!"

"I don't know," He replied as he jabbed up again.

Now I knew for certain. He had two fingers inside me at once. I could feel them both. And it felt like the entire length of his finger was inside.

"Please!" I pleaded. "I need it so bad. I'll do anything. Just fuck me!"

"Anything?" He asked back curiously. "Would that include more pictures?"

"Yes!" I immediately answered. "You can take pictures of me without my panty." I was willing to do practically anything by this time. "I'll pose nude for you if you want." I didn't care any more if my nude body was on film or not.

"That would be a good start," He spoke. "But what about video? Would you be willing to let me take video of you too?"

I didn't grasp his words at first, but then it was hard to think clearly with two fingers of a man playing around inside my cunt. I think he was trying to find my g-spot, but I think my entire cunt was my g-spot. And his suggestion about making a videotape made me even more excited.

"You want to videotape me?" I asked.

"Well, actually," Roberto stabbed even further up inside me now. "I want to video tape both of us."

"Videotape!" I said out loud in shock, now suddenly realizing he wanted to put me on film.

"Now you have it!" Roberto confirmed my worse suspicions. "Let's make an X-rated video. Remember before when I told you about how sexy it would be to put your big tits on film. Let's do it!"

I slowly started to comprehend his meaning. "You mean a sex video?" I asked.

I felt trapped. I wanted to let him fuck me so bad, but I wasn't sure about letting him videotape me too. Fucking in front of a camera felt so naughty, but it was exciting at the same time.

"Come on Linda!" He pleaded with me. "It would make such a sexy video. Just thing, a small, sexy girl like you getting fucked by a tool as big as mine."

He backed up and showed himself to me. At the same time, his fingers left my cunt and I suddenly felt a great emptiness. As I looked down at his monstrous cock, I desperately wanted it to take the place of his fingers.

"You can keep the video and erase it afterwards," He offered. "Or you can put it in your safety deposit box. I don't care. I just want to sit down with you at least once and watch it together."

I thought about the rolls of film and wondered if he really would allow me to keep the tape. I wasn't sure. The only thing I knew for certain was that I wanted to feel the length of him inside me.

"OK," I finally said out loud. He never actually said that taping was a prerequisite to fucking me, but I still wanted it.

"OK what?" He asked.

"OK, you can video tape us," I agreed. "I'll help you make an X-rated video, as long as I get to keep the tape."

The next thing I knew, I was laying naked on the floor of my painting studio. Roberto started to finger my cunt some more. He was an excellent finger fucker. He said he wanted to thank me for the acceptance of the camera with his fingers.

My panties were lying on the floor in the next room. As a result, I was completely naked. My wanton twat was open for all to see and his fingers to use. And he did use it! Roberto gave a great finger job. I could tell he was very experienced when it came to the art of sex. He knew all the right places to touch me.

It didn't take him long to set up the video camera. It was in his bag, along with a small, expandable tripod. He set it down on a chair and pointed the lens at my naked body.

Next, he fondled my big tits. He had me sit up as he adjusted the camera. Then he kneeled in back of me and played with my tits from behind. He did it just like the last time, except this time was better. I think the camera added to the excitement.

A few minutes later he lifted me by the waist and carried me into the kitchen. I realized he not only had big muscles, he was strong too. He lifted me as though I was a little girl.

Once in the kitchen, he laid me down flat on my back on the kitchen table with my legs spread open wide over the side. Then he went back to get the camera and soon returned with the eyepiece up to his eye. Roberto played the roll of a cameraman, taking pictures of me lying on the table.

He now stood on the far side of the room and took pictures of my open legs and open cunt. He took pictures for a long time, alternatively moving closer and then backing away. He stopped filming and took a few pictures with the still camera for a short while, saying he wanted to use up the rest of the film, but it didn't take long before he switched back to the video camera. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

"Now, how would you like to try it," He stopped filming after what seemed like fifteen minutes of continuous picture taking. "Would you like to see how deep I can penetrate your cunt Linda?"

I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything in response.

"Of course, I'll be careful," He gently reached out for my chest. "I first need to check you out a little bit more with my fingers. I need to make sure you are wide enough. I then need to get your juices flowing so I don't hurt you. I need to get your juices flowing nice and good before I drill it in."

"Yes!" I said out loud. I spoke without even realizing it. His cock was taking over. My pussy was taking over my body.

"Yes what?" He questioned.

"Yes, I want to try it," I responded. "Drill it into me!"

"Are you sure?" He asked, as if I had any doubt.

Fourth Session

I watched the video and couldn't believe it. I saw a picture of myself bent over the kitchen table with my ass sticking up into the air. My chest was bare and my tits hung down almost obscenely from my chest. I never realized my boobs looked so big when I bent over. What made it worse were the position of my hands and the angle of the camera. Roberto held my arms behind me, pulling on them, lifting my head and upper chest up off the table. My nipples occasionally touched the cold surface of the table, which I still remembered clearly in my mind and could now see on the television. The affect of the constant nipple teasing kept them hard and erect.

Even worse, my waist was bare and there was a stiff shaft pointed up at the tight little opening. "Now just relax Linda," I heard Roberto talk to me through speakers of the television set. "Before we start with the serious fucking, I need to widen you out. I'm going to start fucking you with a nice, slow penetration. If you think I am too big for your tight little twat, just say so and I'll stop."

The camera filmed me from the side and showed everything. Roberto had set it on the kitchen counter and pointed it towards the subject of interest, namely my naked body. My heartbeat like crazy as I watched, just as my heart beat like crazy when I was being filmed an hour before. I couldn't believe I had gone through with it. Two hours ago I was afraid to show him my naked boobs, and now I was the star of an X-rated video. I couldn't believe it.

But how could I resist when he had such a big cock?

On the television screen, Roberto stood behind me with his long dick upright and at attention. It was so big; it looked almost as obscene as my plunging boobs. I couldn't believe I had taken it all.

In real life, Roberto sat on the couch along side and watched the show along with me. He put his arm around my sparsely clad body and held me in a hug. I again wore my tiny bikini bra around my large melons, but that was all. My waist remained bare and my pussy lay exposed.

"This is the best part," Roberto said as he squeezed me tight with his arm around my shoulders.

"No! No!" I suddenly heard myself say on the videotape. "Oh no! Oh no! I can feel it, and it feels so big!"

Memories flooded into my head as I remembered what it felt like when he first penetrated me. It was even wider than I expected. I remembered feeling as though my cunt was being pulled apart and a steal shaft was being shoved in-between.

"Oh no! My pussy!" I was shocked hear myself speak from the television. "Oh my pussy! I can't open it any farther!"

"Just a little more," Roberto said in reply. "You can do it! The head is almost in!"

"Oh God!" I nearly screamed through the speaker. "Just the head! Not just the head! No! Oh my God! I've never been opened so far in my life."

"Just relax," Roberto spoke some more. "This is the hard part. As soon as I get the head in, the rest will easily follow. Just relax that tight little pussy of yours and let me in. Only eight more inches to go."

"Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck!" I heard myself say. "You're too big for me." I remembered Roberto's words but not my own. I couldn't believe I had been so vocal. I didn't realize I talked so openly about being violated.

"That's what they all say at first," Roberto answered my objection. "But don't worry! You'll stretch out plenty."

I not only talked, but I could hear myself moaning and panting as well. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck!" I cried between breaths. "How far now? Are you almost in?"

"Relax Linda. Now it gets easier."

"Oh Roberto, is that really me?" I asked in real life to the man sitting along side me. "Why didn't you tell me to shut up?"

"Because I liked your vocalizations," He answered. "Don't you see, they were perfect for the camera."

They certainly were, I thought to myself.

His leg brushed up against my bare thigh, reminding me that I wasn't wearing any clothing below my chest. I remembered I was bottomless. Roberto asked me to stay that way. He said that if I left my lower half exposed it might get him excited enough to fuck me again. I naturally agreed.

Roberto was also bottomless. He was topless too. He didn't have a single piece of clothing on his entire body. I could look down and admire his dick as much as I wanted. It was no longer hard, but it was still impressive. His bare thigh brushed up against mine, making me want see his cock hard again.

I remembered what it felt like when it really happened. Roberto was correct in his prediction. As soon as the head penetrated, the next few inches of his shaft went in much easier. I could both see it and remember it very clearly. I still remembered the feeling of his cock plowing deeper and deeper into my body. I remembered feeling every inch. Most of it went in easy, except for the last two inches.

"Oh God!" I said on the television screen, and then repeated it live. "Oh Roberto! You're too big for me. I'll never be able to take it all."

"How does it feel?" Roberto asked on the screen.

"Oh God! It feels like I've got the trunk of a tree screwed up my twat," I answered.

Roberto laughed both on the television screen and in real life. "What I mean is, does it hurt at all? Do you want me to go further?"

"Go further," I cried out. "Fuck me! Fuck me all the way!"

"Are you sure?" He asked again. "I think I'm about to hit virgin territory. I don't want to hurt you."

"You're not hurting me," I cried out again. "Just fuck me! I want to feel you so bad!"

I suddenly felt a squeezing around my shoulder. "Hey Linda, who is that girl on the television screen?" Roberto jokingly asked. "She sure is a horny little bitch!"

I glanced up at him in embarrassment. It felt very humiliating to see myself in such a promiscuous mood, but it also felt exciting at the same time. I wasn't sure how to feel.

"Oh God!" My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by my own recorded voice. "Oh God, you're so big!"

"Am I hurting you?" He asked.

"No! Keep pushing! Shove it in further!"

I couldn't believe my own words. I felt the sudden urge to get up and run away, but Roberto held me down tight. I couldn't believe I could be so promiscuous. I had to look away.

"No Linda, this is when it really gets good," Roberto spoke from beside me. "Keep watching. This is where I start pumping!"

He turned up the volume and I could hear myself moaning even louder. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" I was saying with each thrust. "It's so big! Oh god, it's so big."

He began fucking me, and I mean really fucking! He started with slow, deliberate thrusts, as if he was afraid of hurting me if he wen too fast. I was able to see his waist push tight against my ass every time he went in. Obviously, he was going all the way in. I was taking every inch of his monster.

I almost shriveled in my seat. As I watched on the screen, I clearly remembered what it felt like in real life. I could almost feel it happening to me now.

"Oh God! Look at me!" I spoke out loud.

"Yes, look at you," Roberto agreed. "I don't believe a short girl like you was able to take it all."

He began to fuck faster. I heard myself crying out and moaning as he did so. I heard myself over the loudspeaker on the television set, and then heard myself in real life. I could almost feel it going in as I watched. I knew what was about to happen.

"And I don't believe those big tits of yours Linda!" Roberto went on to say. "Look at those things move!"

I looked and could see they really did move. My big tits still hung straight down from my body, and as he fucked me in and out they began moving back and forth. I looked like a wanton slut.

Then I screamed and I suddenly remembered. I let out a scream, and Roberto answered with a powerful thrust deep into my hole. I had an orgasm.

It was the most intense, powerful orgasm I ever had. Normally, I don't get orgasms. If I do, they only come after many minutes of fucking. This one was quick and sudden. He had only screwed for a few seconds, perhaps a minute total. And even worse, it was so wonton and slutty. I had never screamed from an orgasm before, but there I was on tape.

"Wow!" Roberto spoke from beside me. "Now that was some good acting."

Of course, it was really no acting at all. It was the real thing. And it wasn't over yet.

Roberto began fucking me some more, except this time he let go of my arms. He let my tits drop to the table and my face lay on its side. I looked away from the camera at first, but he told me to move my head the other way. I obeyed, and now was able to look into my own eyes. I could see the sweat and utter exhaustion on my face.

Roberto also told me to keep my hands behind my back, which I also did. As a result, my boobs remained partially exposed. I could see them pressed tight down against the table, squeezed and pointed out to the side as though too big to be contained. I wished I didn't have such big boobs.

Roberto was still behind me with his shaft buried deep inside. He now took hold of my thighs and pushed me back and forth as he fucked. I saw the side of my face brush up and down against the surface of the table, and my boobs swayed back and forth.

He plowed his tree trunk of a cock in and out of my tiny little body. I still couldn't believe I had taken it all, but I could still almost feel it inside me. I was definitely wider now than I was just an hour before. Roberto said he would ream me out, and I know he did.

"Want to go at it again?" I heard a voice whispering in my ear.

I wasn't sure what I heard. I wasn't sure if I heard someone speak from the television or if the words came from Roberto sitting along side me. But then I glanced over and saw his big cock standing upright in the seat. I never even noticed it inflating. Suddenly, it was just there. Roberto was again erect. And he was smiling at me.

"Do you mean?" I started to ask.

"You only have to ask for it," Roberto interrupted.

I glanced at the screen and saw myself being pounded. I saw Roberto pull his cock almost all the way out of me hole and then shove it back in again. I let out a load moan with every stroke, which I also heard clearly, and saw my plunging tits sway back and forth with the same time.

"Roberto," I glanced at his big cock and then looked up at his face. "Could you fuck me again? Please! Please, I would really like it if you could fuck me again!"

"I guess I could be persuaded," He answered. "Just let me find a new tape to put in the recorder."

I wondered how many tapes I would fill.

The End