Nicholas' CFNM Doctor Adventure

Nicholas Taylor hadn’t been to visit his doctor in over two years, but when he began to notice
that his testicles were larger and heavier than normal he began to become concerned.

Reluctantly, he set up an appointment for 3:00 PM on a Thursday afternoon. By the time Thursday
morning rolled around, his balls were twice their normal size, about the size of two plums.

His normal doctor, Dr. Hart, was no longer a member of the health clinic covered by his insurance
so he agreed to switch to his replacement, Dr. Vasquez.

Nicholas arrived at the waiting room about 15 minutes early, giving him plenty of time to browse a
copy of Car and Driver that he found in the lobby magazine.

The receptionist slid a glass partition to one side and told Nicholas "Dr. Vasquez will see you

The receptionist let him down a hallway and to an examination room where he was instructed to wait
for Dr. Vasquez.

Dr. Vasquez, as it turned out was a beautiful Latino woman in her mid thirties. She had wavy black
hair, warm brown eyes and most notably, two large breasts pushed together, forming a deep line of
cleavage in the front of her crisp white uniform.

"Hello Mr. Taylor, I am Dr. Vasquez", she greeted him and extended her hand. While shaking her
hand, Nicholas had a difficult time keeping eye contact with her, his distracted by her breasts, and
tried pitifully to not stare at them.

"Please take off your shirt and let me take a listen to your heart", she instructed. As he
unbuttoned and removed his shirt he noticed the Doctor admiring his physique. He was not an overly
muscular man, but he made a point to work out as often as possible and kept his body fit and lean.

She warmed the stethoscope in her hand before placing the metal end to his chest. "Sounds good,
now hold out your arm and let me take your blood pressure."

She wrapped the cuff around his biceps and inflated it. While her eyes were diverted, Nicholas ran
his eyes up and down the curves of her lean body, she was a knockout, he thought, firm round ass,
thin waist and those huge tits! He gaze was lost in the deep valley of the flesh that plunged
into the deep V of her neckline.

"105 over 70, looks like your in fine shape" she explained. "What seems to be the trouble?"

Slightly embarrassed, and not prepared to be explaining his condition to a female, he hesitated
and then replied, "It's my testicles, they have been swelling for the past two weeks".

"Any discomfort, tenderness or difficulty during urination?"

"No, I feel perfectly normal"

"Let's have a look, shall we? Please take off your shorts and underwear."

"All the way off?"

"Mr. Taylor, I am a doctor, I promise that this wouldn’t be the first time to see a male patient
in the nude."

Nicholas did as he was instructed. After disrobing, he stood in front of the doctor completely

She looked at his body from top to bottom and smiled, "You are quite blessed," she said.

"Excuse me?"

"With a large penis, I mean." replied the doctor. She pulled a chair in front of him and sat down,
putting her face right in front of his penis. "I don't think I've ever seen one quite as big as
yours" she said as she reached out and held his large organ with one hand and lifted it up so that
she could get a better look at his testes.

Although he desperately tried to not let it happen, Nicholas felt his penis begin to stiffen in
her small hands. With her other hand she began to manipulate his balls, first one and then the other
occasionally asking if what she was doing caused any discomfort.

"Any pain when I do this?"

"Actually," he admitted. "It feels just fine." His erection began to grow as she fondled his

She looked up at him and smiled. "Seems like you are responding quite normally to my stimulus,
that's a good sign" she tightened her fingers around his shaft and gave it a good squeeze. His penis,
now almost fully erect pulsed in her grasp. "Does it hurt when I squeeze it like that?" She

"No, it feels nice, actually"

"Very good. Have you had any difficulty during sex, any problems ejaculating?" She was stroking
his now fully erect penis rubbing her thumb on the sensitive area on the underside of the head.

"Honestly I'm not sure, my girlfriend and I broke up, so I haven’t had sex in about three weeks"

She released his organ. It was very stiff and pointed straight at her face; she admired its size
and estimated it to be about 10 and a half inches long.

"Aha" the doctor said. "That's more than likely the problem."

"What is?"

"What has probably happened is that you have gone for several weeks without ejaculation and the
buildup of semen has caused your testicles to swell to their current size." She diagnosed. "All you
need is to climax a few times and you should be as good as new."

"I see."

"If it's OK with you, I’d like to collect a sperm sample so that the lab can run a few test."
The Doctor said matter-of-factly.

"It's just a precaution, just to make sure that it's not something serious". She reassured him.

Just then there was a knock on the door. "Pardon me for just a moment", the Doctor said and stood
up to see who was knocking.

Nicholas could see in to the hallway that a group of about seven or eight young women (probably in
their late teens) were gathered and in listening to the conversation between Dr. Vasquez and a
woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform.

One of the young ladies caught a glimpse of Nicholas standing in the middle of the examination
room, his still-hard penis standing at attention. The girl began to giggle and nudged the girl
standing next to her; her friend's jaw dropped open when she saw the size of Nicholas' member. "Oh my
god," she whispered.

Nicholas tried to listen to what the two women were saying, but couldn’t make much of it out.
Their conversation paused, and he heard Dr. Vasquez say, "It sounds fine with me, let me check with
my patient". She walked toward him, leaving the door wide open, giving the group in the hallway a
full view of his naked body.

"This is a class of college freshman nursing students who are taking a tour of our clinic. The
nurse leading the tour has asked if it would be OK for them to observe the rest of my examination."
The doctor explained.

"Would you mind letting them watch? It would mean a lot to the girls." She glanced back towards
the hallway to the small crowd, now gawking and snickering. "I think a few of them are quite
impressed with what they see."

"You mean, let them watch while I give you a sperm sample?"

"You won't have to do a thing but stand there like a soldier, I'll do all the work, I promise" The
Doctor said in a very reassuring tone.

"I guess there's no harm in it." Nicholas replied.

"Great! I'll let them in."

One by one, the young female students filed into the room forming into a semi-circle around the
nude patient. They were all smiling and pointing at the naked man in front of them. The nurse closed
the door behind them.

Nicholas began to blush; his penis began to soften. It now pointed down at about a 45-degree angle
towards the floor. He couldn’t remember being quite this embarrassed before. As it became more
flaccid, the girls stared and giggled.

"OK ladies, that's enough - remember that nudity is commonplace to professionals in the medical
field," The nurse said in a stern tone. "If you can't keep your composure, I'll have to ask you to
wait outside"

"Thank you, nurse." Dr. Vasquez remarked. "My name is Celeste Vasquez, I am a Doctor specializing
in urology. The patient in front of you is Nicholas Taylor and has been kind enough to allow your
class to observe what is normally a very private examination. I'm sure he would appreciate your
most professional behavior"

I have diagnosed Mr. Taylor with a unusually large buildup of sperm in his testicles." She
announced. "In order to make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with him, I am going to collect a
sample of semen from his penis, which we will send to the lab for testing."

"In order to collect the sample I will first need to lubricate the penis and masturbate it until
he ejaculates into this specimen cup." She held out a glass about the size of a jelly jar so that
everyone in the room could see it. "Because it has been a while since Mr. Taylor has climaxed, I am
anticipating a large quantity of ejaculate. Normally a specimen jar this large is not required,
but we won't take any chances."

"Are there any questions, so far?" The nurse asked

A rather petite oriental girl hesitantly raised her hand. When the nurse acknowledged her she
asked: "I have never seen a penis this large before, is it supposed to be that big, I mean, compared
to an average man's?"

Dr. Vasquez replied, "Excellent question. The average is about six-and-half inches long, Mr.
Taylor's penis is considerably larger than that, although I’m not sure by how much." She looked up at
Nicolas and asked with a smile, "Would it be OK if we measured you?"

"By all means. Do anything you want." he replied

"Very well then," she looked at the oriental girl, "What is your name young lady?"


"Would you like to do the honors, Jasmine?" she asked as she held out a tape measure.

"If it's alright." She looked for confirmation from the nurse, who nodded. She took the tape and
walked over to stand in front of Nicholas. His penis was beginning to pulse as the thought of being
measured exited him.

The student nurse knelt down in front of him. She placed one end of the tape at the base of the
shaft and extended the tape until it reached the tip of the head. His penis was mostly soft, but it
was beginning to stiffen. "It's growing!" the student exclaimed. "It's about 8 and a half, no
nine, wait a minute, make that ten."

Nicholas' penis continued to lengthen, as it became increasingly more erect. Dr. Vasquez placed
her index finger on the base of the organ and tapped it gently: "Wrap your fingers around the base
right here". The young student did as she was told. "Now make a tight fist and pull the penis
towards you a few times."

The oriental girl looked up at Nicholas, "Is it OK with you Mr. Taylor?"

"You’d better do as the good doctor asks." Nicholas replied.

The student wrapped her tiny fingers around the base and slowly began massaging his shaft. "His
penis is getting even bigger!" she announced.

When Dr. Vasquez was convinced that it was as erect as it could get, she instructed the student to
take her measurement again.

"Eleven quarter" The Asian student reported. "Almost twice as big as the average one,
right Dr. Vasquez?"

"Excellent, Jasmine, you may return to your place with the group, thank you." The Doctor said.

Take a good look ladies," Dr Vasquez announced, "It is very unlikely that you will see a more
beautiful specimen of the male penis. Notice how it gently bobs up and down in perfect time with his
heartbeat? If you wanted to, you could check his heart rate from across the room."

A few of the students giggled at the Doctors' remark.

Now that the patient is fully erect, the next step is to lubricate and begin masturbating the
penis." Dr. Vasquez explained. "Some of you may have boyfriends, and have done this before, but for
the benefit of those who have not, I will demonstrate the proper techniques, explaining what I am
doing as I go. As she said this she pulled open a sliding drawer and pulled out a large tube of KY
jelly. "I find that water based petroleum jellies like this one, seem to work the best". She
pointed the tube at the head of the organ, and squeezed as she applied a generous portion from the tip
to the base. "Always use a liberal amount, it makes your job easier and it feels good to the
recipient. Most men like a variety of strokes. You can move yours hands quickly like this... or squeeze
the penis tightly with both hands and stroke the entire length of it this way." The Doctor
demonstrated both methods. Nicholas closed his eyes and tilted his head back. "The best advice I can give
to each of you is to talk to your patient and make sure that what you are doing is bringing him

While holding the penis in both hands, she began stroking him with a twisting motion, each hand
moving in a different direction. "How does this feel?" she asked. Nicholas opened his eyes so that
he could watch what the gorgeous Doctor was doing to his penis. His knees began to shake and he
managed to let a few words escape. "...Oh god that feels GREAT!"

Dr. Vasquez squeezed another generous portion of lubricant in to her hands and continued stoking
his large member. She changed her cadence several times, alternated from a one- to a two-handed
grip, and added more lubricant periodically.

The masturbation continued for about 20 minutes when Dr. Vasquez sensed that he might be
approaching ejaculation. "I want to point out that there several signs that indicate that your patient is
ready to come. First of all, you will notice that his breathing is irritate, his pulse is racing,
his abdominal muscled are flexed.

You will also feel his penis expand several times in your hands; these are the muscular
contractions that force the sperm down the shaft of the penis and out of the tip. I’ll need a volunteer".
The doctor said as she increased the speed of her penis-massage. " I need someone to hold the
specimen jar while he shoots his sperm."

Two of the girls raised their hands, A buxom redhead and a blonde with a slim build. Dr. Vasquez
chose the redhead. "It's right there on the counter, bring it here and insert his penis into the
mouth of the jar.

Nicholas began to shudder, his hips began to thrust out of his control, he sensed that his orgasm
his inevitable, this was the point of no return. "You'll probably want to hurry up with that jar,
I think I'm about to come!"

The redhead grabbed the jar and turned around to face Nicholas. She moved the jar upward towards
his penis but she wasn't quite fast enough. The first shot of sperm was a big one. It blasted from
the tip and splattered all over her right breast, causing her to shriek. Dr. Vasquez adjusted her
aim, and pointed the spasming dick towards the jar, this time she found her mark.

"There we go, a nice big load of cum" the doctor said as she watched the penis flex and squirt
thick white sperm in to the glass container. "Most men are able to complete their ejaculation in
about four big squirts, and several smaller ones, producing anywhere from one teaspoon to about one
tablespoon of semen. She continued to stroke Nicholas' penis, and it continued to spasm and spurt
thick milky fluid."

As you can see, our patient here is anything but average. He has flexed his penis and given us
about 10 big squirts, and I don't think he is near finishing, are you, Mr. Taylor?"

"Ahhhhh...not yet..oh god, there's.....there's more.... more cum!"

The jar was about a third full, and Nicholas' penis was still blasting sperm in regular squirts.
"That's a good boy," the Doctor said, " you simply had too much cum inside your balls, and we need
to make sure we get it all out."

"As your doctor, I am ordering you to cum as much as possible, Nicholas. I want to see you fill
this jar for me, will you do that?" She used her hands to milk him for everything he was worth.

"I'll try..." He mumbled. "More cum...still to shoot.. aahhhhhh!

Nicholas was losing control of his orgasm. Sperm had been spewing out of him for almost a full
minute, the jar was about two-thirds full. It seemed for a while to everyone in the room that he
might not be able to stop shooting the sticky fluid.

"I've never seen anything like this in my whole life" Dr. Vasquez announced as she pulled in the
big phallus. "He must have given us at least 35 big squirts of semen by now.

"The redhead holding the jar was in total disbelief, "Oh, my god, he’s still squirting!" She

After one more big spurt, the orgasm began to subside. The jets of cum became smaller and less
forceful. The jar was filled to the rim, and Nicholas was covered in sweat, his legs shaking.

When he was finished ejaculating, Nicholas collapsed on the examination table, unable to move or

"You OK?" the redhead asked. Nicholas nodded his head and then closed his eyes.

The Doctor took the semen-filled container and held it up for all of the students to see. "There
is enough sperm in this jar to impregnate each of you ladies ten times over." she announced.
"Pretty amazing don't you think?"

"Are there any questions?" the nurse asked the group. The oriental girl raised her hand. "Is Mr.
Taylor going to be allright?""He's probably a little dehydrated and ready for a nap, but otherwise
he'll be fine." Dr. Vasquez replied. I might keep him overnight and run a few more 'tests', and by
tomorrow he'll be as good as new."

"Well, thank you for your time. I'm sure all of us will remember this experience for quite a
while," the nurse said as she ushered the young female students back into the hallway. "We'll be on our
way, thanks again." She said and closed the door behind her.

Nicholas had fallen asleep on his back. Dr. Vasquez walked over to the examination table and
traced the length of his now soft penis with the tip of her finger. "You are quite a specimen, aren't
you?" She said as she watched his organ pulse twice and then begin to stiffen...