British Girls Get CFNM Entertainment Pt. 1


A couple of months ago, a bunch of girlfriends and I were messing about in an internet chat room. It was one of those adult chat rooms in which people make various confessions about their sex lives under the least likely of pseudonyms – how they get off, what they did to their neighbour the other day, the kind of underwear they go to work in, and so forth. It was all pretty dull and predictable until we came across the following more direct address:

Message posted by:} Dick Force } 20.05.02

To all you sexy women out there!

Do you live in the Derby area? Would you and your women friends like me to strip naked for you? Would you like to see me with an erection? Would you like to see me jerk off? Would you like to see me come? My 'performances' for groups of liberated women leave nothing to the imagination. I'm a twenty-eight-year-old guy with a decent body and fair-sized dick and would just love to 'come' and entertain you. Absolutely no charge. I do this for pleasure (yours and mine).

E-mail me at the address below if interested…

It seemed too good to be true. We live in Derby and we all love looking at pictures of naked men – preferably with a hard-on. The thought of seeing a guy shoot his load live in front of us had us catching our breath. Of course, we didn't believe the guy, but we decided to e-mail him anyway, just for a laugh. This is the message we sent:

To: Dick Force
From: Girls Like It Hot
Date: 20.05.02
Re: Your 'Performance' Message

Hi Dick!

Were you serious? We're a bunch of (6) horny girls who'd love to see you strip and jerk off live in front of us. Would you really do it? And for free? We're hot just thinking about it. Please please please reply to this e-mail if you really mean what you say.

The Insatiables! (AKA Girls Like It Hot)

P.S. We live in Derby.

To our amazement, we received a reply the next day. This is it:

To: The Insatiables
From: Dick Force
Date: 21.05.02
Re: Your Response to my Performance Message

Hi Girls!

Of course I was serious! I'd love to perform for you. I have to warn you, though. My strip is very revealing. No nook or cranny is left unrevealed. And I do get an erection. And I do jerk off. And I most certainly do ejaculate. Please don't go any further if you're going to be offended, because what I do is for real. Anyway, if you are really interested, let me know your address (private residence only) and when you'd like me to 'come'. Weekends are usually no problem.

Dick Force (AKA Mind Your Own Business!)

We answered immediately, asking if he could 'come' the following Sunday. We suggested two o'clock in the afternoon at my friend Jo's place. I'd wanted to invite him to my place, but I live in a small semi with paper-thin walls and I was worried about the neighbours. Jo, on the other hand, lives in a flat above a shoe shop which is closed on Sundays, so that privacy and any natural raucousness wouldn't be a problem. We sent the address and a map. Dick e-mailed back his agreement.

The following Sunday, we all gathered at Jo's place for lunch at 12.30. Although it was still May, it was blisteringly hot and the room was sweltering. We ate salad and drank a couple of beers. We were all incredibly excited, and although we talked eagerly about the performance to 'come', the time inevitably dragged. Finally, two o'clock came – but no Dick. Ten minutes passed. Still nothing. Slowly, the minutes ticked by, and then it was 2.30. We resigned ourselves to the fact that he wasn't 'coming'. He'd conned us or chickened out. Jo slipped out to the local newsagents and came back with a women's porno mag, but it was useless. Pages of guys with grins and limp dicks. Even so, we tried to make the best of it, gamely discussing what these 'studs' might look like mid jerk-off.

Suddenly, just before three, the doorbell rang. We looked at each other. No one moved. The doorbell rang again. Jo went out into the hallway. We heard her open the door. A man's voice penetrated the silence of the room.

'Hi! Are you Jo?'

Jo's answer was inaudible. And then we heard the man's voice again.

'That's right. Pleased to meet you.'

The front door closed. Muffled footsteps. Jo came into the room. A man followed her.

'This is Dick,' mumbled Jo.

'Sorry I'm so late,' Dick said to us all. 'I got hopelessly lost. Sorry.'

He was about six foot tall and quite good-looking. Short hair. Sexy smile. Okay chest. Slim hips. He was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, a plastic bag in his hand.

We introduced ourselves, and then Dick asked if he could take a shower. He'd been barbecued in his car, he explained. Jo showed him to the bathroom and we sheepishly drew the curtains in his absence. We painstakingly turned on all the lights – the bleak but aptly named 'strip' light overhead (rented flats!), the many silvered spotlamps that Jo'd accumulated, even the desk lamp. Jo returned.

'Good idea,' she said, surveying the illuminations, 'but I think we'll move these a little.'

And with that, she blatantly angled the spotlamps so that they bathed the area opposite the window in light.

'That can be the stage,' she explained, waving vaguely towards the brightest part of the room.

After about ten minutes, Dick returned. He was wearing a clean T-shirt and a pair of denim cut-offs. He looked at the lighting arrangements.

'I see,' he laughed.

We settled ourselves on sofas and armchairs. Dick placed a dining-chair 'centre stage'. He asked Jo if he could play a CD. Of course, she agreed.

Dick went over to the CD player and paused.

'Is everybody ready?' he asked.

We all assured him that we were.

He put on a CD. Rhythmic dance music filled the room…

Dick advanced to the centre of the room. He danced seductively. He turned his back to us and danced with his butt. His ass was pert and firm. He turned to face us. Slowly, he raised his T-shirt above his head. His hairy chest was well-toned. He dropped the T-shirt on the chair and danced, his hips rippling and thrusting. He rubbed his dick through his cut-offs. And then he turned his back to us again and slowly bent over the dining-chair. He wiggled his butt lasciviously. Brazenly, he fondled his buttocks.

He stood up and faced us again. He unbelted and unbuttoned his cut-offs and slowly lowered the zip. He pulled the flaps apart and revealed the tiny red pouch of his briefs, which clung to his dick like a glove. He turned round and slowly lowered his cut-offs. The briefs turned out to be a thong. His beautiful firm buttocks were slowly revealed.

Dick faced us and waggled his hips. He thrust his thong pouch back and forth. Lingeringly, he touched himself – his chest, his nipples, his stomach, his pouch. He turned round and fondled his butt cheeks. He stood with his feet apart and slowly bent over the chair. The full length of his understrap was deliciously revealed, together with his balls in the base of the pouch. He slipped his hand through from the front and cupped his balls.

Facing us again, he slowly lowered his thong. We all sat forward in anticipation. Slowly, the length of his prick was revealed, and then he was totally naked. He stepped out of his thong. His prick was limp, but the blood had clearly begun to enter it. He looked fantastic. His pubic hair had been cut short at the base of his prick, and his balls and shaft were clean shaven. He walked up to us in turn and swung his dick back and forth and from side to side, his hands on his hips. He returned to the chair and bent over it. Slowly, he pulled his ass cheeks wide apart, revealing his anal sphincter clearly. He left it exposed for some time, allowing us to feast our eyes.

He removed the belt from his cut-offs and fastened it round his waist. He took his T-shirt from the chair and tucked it into his belt. It hung down in front of his prick. He slipped his hand inside it and adjusted himself. He clasped his hands behind his head and made great pelvic thrusts, so that his dick flapped against the T-shirt, causing it to jerk about. Suddenly, he snatched the T-shirt away and his prick was revealed once more. He'd pulled back the foreskin, and his glans was fully exposed. He walked up to each of us in turn once more and swung his dick about. It looked longer than before. He returned to 'centre stage' and danced. The music came to an end.

The second track was slower. Gently, he tapped at his prick and balls. Slowly, his penis began to rise. Finally, it was fully erect. We gasped our pleasure at the sight. Egged on by our appreciation, Dick came up to us again and displayed his erection at close range. The room was stifling, and sweat was pouring down his neck and chest. A musky odour wafted in front of us. He danced around us with his erection, the tip of his prick almost slapping our cheeks. Suddenly, he stood in front of me and turned round. He bent over and pulled his butt cheeks apart. His sphincter winked at me, inches from my nose. His balls were tight in his hairless scrotum. He offered the same view to the rest of the girls, then returned to 'centre stage' and continued to dance fully erect.

When the third track started, Dick began to jerk off. Slowly at first, his rhythm gradually got faster. Then he stopped and pinched his glans. A drop of seminal fluid seeped out. He pinched the ridge round the edge of his glans and massaged the cleft with his fingertip. Lowering his hand, he fondled his balls. Then he pulled on his shaft, very slowly, up, down, up, down. His glans bulged, dark purple. Now he jerked off with his finger and thumb, now with his fist. He came right up to us and jerked off a mere six inches from our eyes.

He returned to the chair and sat down. He pressed the area beneath his scrotum with the fingers of his left hand and pulled on his prick with his right thumb and forefinger. He was sweating wildly. He squeezed more seminal fluid from his tip and massaged it into his glans, which glistened in the spotlamps. Again he jerked off with his thumb and forefinger, his nostrils dilated, his cheeks flushed. On and on he went, his feet twitching, his back arched.

After about five minutes, he pulled himself more frantically. Faster and faster he masturbated, until his hand was a blur. And then he gasped and stopped. There was a delicious pause, and then he grunted loudly and semen came spurting from his prick. It shot up in the air and cascaded down onto his hand. Spurt after spurt pumped up and fell back on his penis and hand. Finally, he was spent.

He beckoned us up to the chair. We didn't wait to be asked twice. We sat on the floor within inches of him and watched as his erection slowly subsided, his penis jerking regularly in its descent. We looked at the sperm on his hand and shaft. It trickled down here and there. At last, his prick was post tumescent.

Dick asked us if we wanted him to clean himself up or remain as he was. We urged him to remain as he was. He took a towel from his bag and spread it out on the floor. He sat down on the towel and then lay down on his back. His prick rolled wetly onto his upper thigh. We looked down at him in delight. He asked us what position we would like him in. We told him to lie on his front. He did so. His pert little ass was a delight to behold. Unable to resist, I reached down and patted it. His only comment was 'Feel free'. I fondled his butt for a minute.

Jo asked him to get on all fours. He happily complied. Jo got down behind him and pulled his knees wide apart. Brazenly, she parted his buttocks and contemplated his neatly puckered anus. We all crowded round. His prick and balls hung down between his legs. A last droplet of sperm still clung to his tip. Jo gently cupped his balls in the palm of her hand then ran her middle finger up his butt crack. Unbelievably, she tapped at his anus. Dick gasped. We took turns fondling and lightly spanking his butt.

Katie told him to lie on his back. He did so. She took hold of his wrist and wiped his cum-festooned hand across his abdomen. The sperm matted his hairs. Katie rolled him onto his side. His prick flopped down against his thigh, the last droplet of sperm oozing onto his thigh flesh. We sat down and chatted to him. We asked him how often he masturbated and where. Jo slipped out of the room.

Paula asked Dick to sit on her lap. He was happy to oblige. The tip of his prick nestled against her skirt, leaving a tiny sticky white blob of cum. Paula massaged the sperm into his abdomen and fondled the tops of his thighs.

Jo came back into the room, bearing a slim vibrator and a tube of lubricant. We wondered if she was about to strip off and pleasure herself. She whispered something in Dick's ear. He smiled, stood up and walked to the towel. He knelt down on the towel and lowered his chest to the floor. He butt stuck up cheekily in the air. He shuffled his knees wide apart. Again, his anus was fully revealed.

Jo coated the vibrator liberally with lubricant. Without so much as batting an eyelid, she walked over to Dick and knelt behind him. She ran the vibrator up and down his crack. Then she placed the tip against his ass hole. We couldn't believe our eyes. And yes, slowly, she inched that vibrator up his anus. Dick gasped.

Once the vibrator was deep inside, Jo switched it on. Dick shuddered and groaned. Very very slowly, Jo moved the vibrator back and forth inside Dick's anus. His sphincter seemed to suck at the metal. We all got down onto the floor to enjoy the best possible view. I noticed that fluid was dribbling from Dick's flaccid prick. Slowly, almost like a spider's thread, it dropped in a skein to the towel. Jo went on pleasuring Dick for about five minutes, then withdrew the vibrator and switched it off. We stared in wonder at Dick's anus, which remained slightly open after the vibrator's withdrawal.

I could barely control myself. I grabbed Dick's wrist and pulled him up from the floor. He stood up. I dragged him to the sofa and sat down. Firmly, I pulled him across my lap. He willingly lay across me. Unable to resist, I gave his right buttock a sharp smack. The flesh quivered as a loud crack filled the room. I paused, expecting to get an earful. Nothing. A little pink patch appeared on Dick's buttock. Experimentally, I gave a similar smack to his left buttock. Again, no protest. Happily spurred on, I spanked him very slowly but very hard. He wriggled occasionally, but said nothing. I must have spanked him at least thirty times until his buttocks turned bright red and my hand hurt. I offered him to Jennifer, who gamely meted out the same treatment. Each of us in turn gave him a thorough spanking until his breathing became long and deep.

Finally, we sat him on the sofa and asked him if he'd ever been spanked before.

'No,' he said, 'but…'

He fell silent.

We urged him to go on. At first, he demurred, but in the end, to our amazement, he confessed that he sometimes spanked himself.

Jo disappeared into the hallway and returned with a long-handled clothes brush.

'Show us,' she said.

At first, Dick didn't move, but then he took the clothes brush and walked over to the desk. We were breathless with anticipation. I couldn't quite believe that he would go ahead with it. Dick rested the palm of his left hand on the desk and bent over slightly. He raised the clothes brush high in the air and paused. Suddenly, he brought the brush down. It thwacked into his right buttock with a deafening crack. Then he paddled his left buttock, equally hard. Pausing between each blow, he administered six of the best to each buttock. Every time the brush came down, his buttocks quivered deliciously. Finally, his cheeks were almost purple.

He returned to the sofa and gingerly sat down. Jo poured us all a glass of wine. We chatted for a while. Dick explained why he loved to spank and paddle himself – the stinging, the heat, the boundaries of ecstasy and pain. I thought I was going to faint.

'I want to be spanked. I want to be spanked,' I suddenly blurted out.

Everyone laughed.

I looked yearningly at Dick, but he turned me down, simply saying that it wouldn't be right. I guessed what he meant. He was here to be exposed and played with, not to take control.

Abby eyed me coyly. 'I don't mind doing it if you don't,' she somewhat ungrammatically said.

'But she mustn't remove any clothes,' Jo insisted.

'She doesn't need to,' Abby replied.

Almost in a dream, I walked over to Abby. I looked at her, half reluctant, then lowered myself across her lap. I didn't say a word. Abby silently pulled my skirt up about my waist. I was wearing tiny striped tanga briefs. She grabbed the fabric and pulled it up between my butt cheeks. I gasped. Abby spanked me firmly, now on this buttock, now on that. I wriggled about. And Dick was right. The stinging sensation was delicious.

Abby was obviously getting into it. 'Pass me the clothes brush,' she said.

Instinctively, I covered my buttocks with my hands, but Abby wasn't having any of it. She grabbed both my wrists in her left hand and held them against my back. Then I felt the clothes brush crash down. Again and again she paddled me, until my ass cheeks felt practically on fire. I squirmed about in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

When I got back up again, I noticed that Dick was partially erect. I drew everyone's attention to the fact. We lay him on his back on the sofa and took it in turns to fondle his prick. Soon, he was fully erect once more. I coated my palm in lubricant and grabbed his rod. I masturbated him furiously. His legs thrashed about. Each of us took hold of him in turn. Because he'd already come, he lasted about half an hour, and we all had umpteen goes at pumping away at his prick. Sometimes we squeezed and massaged his glans. Sometimes we fondled his balls. But mostly, we jerked him off like things possessed.

Again and again, we covered his prick with lubricant so that we could pump him with maximum force. He went wild with ecstasy, moaning and swearing, his body consumed with spasms. Halfway through all this, Katie suddenly lifted his knees to his chest and wildly fondled and pinched his ass. She got Abby to hold his knees against his chest, while Jo and I pulled his butt cheeks apart. Our eyes were inches from his sphincter. Abby squirted half a tube of lubricant over it. Dick wriggled at the coldness of it. Slowly, Abby inserted her finger into his hole until it was buried up to the knuckle.

'I'm pulling against his prostate gland,' she genially informed us.

Dick was moaning with pleasure.

Slowly, Abby fucked his hole with her finger, and then withdrew. We thought she'd finished, but this time she inserted two fingers, wiggling them about as they slipped in. I gaped as Dick's sphincter sucked and squelched right in front of my eyes. She massaged him for about five minutes, slowly but firmly, before she finally removed her hand.

We then took it in turns to jerk him off again, now slowly and rhythmically, now very fast. We stood him up and pumped him. We sat him down and pumped him. We pumped him lying on his back. When it came round to my turn again, I decided to investigate his glans. I squeezed it and pinched it. I ran my fingertips round and under the ridge. I pleasured the most sensitive part of his penis until I thought he was about to explode. Then I massaged his shaft with unbelievable fury. He let out a powerful groan and I stopped, just as a fresh load of sperm gushed out of his hole – less than before, of course, but more than I expected. It dribbled over my hand.

I transferred my hand to Dick's mouth.

'Lick it off,' I said.

He did so.

'Show me,' I said.

He opened his mouth. His sperm lay deliciously on his tongue.

'Now swallow it down,' I said.

He swallowed.

'Show!' I said.

He opened his mouth. The sperm had disappeared.

Slowly, his erection subsided.